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ISIS Starts its Baghdad Attack »

Well, we can see how effective the pinprick US air strikes are in thwarting ISIS/ISIL. USELESS!!

Here’s the headlines and story from 18 September:

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Three suicide car bombs were detonated in the Shi’ite Baghdad neighborhood of Kadhimiya on Thursday followed by 12 mortar rounds fired in from outside the district, killing at least 16 people, security sources said.

The area in northern Baghdad is the site of a major Shi’ite shrine. A mortar round landed near the shrine, the sources said. They added that gunfire was heard in the district.

So, what is happening two weeks later? Read the rest

From Benghazi to Syria to ISIS »

Barack Obama is hoping that most Americans are morons or seized with a terminal case of Alzheimers disease. He and his sycophants are busy making the rounds and saying the most astonishing nonsense. Some of you already have pointed out in comments on other posts some of the more egregious examples, e.g., blaming ISIS on an intelligence failure.

One of the other audacious claims (and it is not made by Obama alone, Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham also are on board) is that Syria’s Bashir Assad is responsible for the rise of ISIS and that we need to take him out in order to get rid of ISIS. This is a lie and smacks of something that Hitler’s propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, might have cooked up.

The rise of ISIS coincided with Obama’s embrace of the Arab Spring coupled with pressure from Saudi Arabia to destabilize other authoritarian regimes it viewed as rivals and/or a nemesis. It also stems from Obama’s domestic campaign strategy to get re-elected by taking credit for ending “wars” and eliminating the threat from Islamic extremists. The central message of Obama’s reelection campaign–Osama is dead and al Qaeda is on the run. Let me connect the dots for you using mostly publicly sources.

Let us start with Obama’s January 2012 State of the Union address. That marked the first rollout of his catch phrase about trouncing the muslim jihadists.

President Obama last night in his State of the Union address signaled what he’ll run on this year, and he’s going to take that message on the road with stops in five battleground states over the next three days. Last night’s speech, focused on economic fairness with the president trying to sound like an optimistic populist. He delivered the speech with the confidence of a president who, in his most complete way yet, took credit for what he believes are his best accomplishments — killing Osama bin Laden, ending the war in Iraq, the auto industry’s turnaround, private-sector job growth (especially in manufacturing), cutting the deficit by more than $2 trillion, and new rules for Wall Street.

He also insisted that “Al Qaeda was on the run.” Read the rest

An ISIS Obama Update »

The following (starting at “Good Morning”) is an excellent compilation of germane news articles covering various facets of the debacle that is Obama’s policy provided in a comment by “JOHN FRANK” in the post, Obama’s Slow Motion Trainwreck. I believe it is worthy of your attention.

After watching the Obama flacks on the Sunday morning talk shows, principally Anthony Blinken, it is now clear that the Obama team is relying on clever words and political spin rather than an actual strategy in confronting ISIS. Example? They insist that unlike George W. Bush, Obama has assembled a massive international coalition. This is laughable. Getting people to sign their names to a petition is one thing. Actually committing military force and resources is a completely different matter. Self-delusion is becoming the hallmark of the Obama administration.

Obama’s biggest problem is that he and his team of children insist this is a counter terrorism strategy and mission. No, it is not. ISIS/ISIL is fielding a force of more than 30,000 fighters. That is a conventional army and must be defeated conventionally, which means “boots” on the ground. Obama’s “no boots” mantra is akin to him insisting that the Sun rises in the West. The persistent repetition of that phrase does not change the reality that the Sun rises in the East. “No Boots” on the ground means No Victory over ISIS/ISIL.

Good morning,

1. In related news: Read the rest

Obama’s Slow Motion Trainwreck »

If judged only by rhetoric and photo ops, Barack Obama is having great success in waging his new war in Iraq. But this is delusional. When you match up actions on the ground with the rhetoric, the picture is not one of success but failure. Take the so-called “international” coalition. A large number of countries agree, in theory, the ISIS/ISIL is bad. Several of these countries have committed combat aircraft to fly missions over Iraq and Syria. But these airstrikes are largely useless–ISIS/ISIL, while operating in some facets like a conventional army, does not hold or occupy the kinds of fixed installations that can be easily destroyed by air power.

If you listened to the press conference with Secretary Hagel and Joint Chiefs Chairman General Dempsey today then you would have heard Dempsey confirm a critical point that I made more than a month ago–ISIS/ISIL cannot be defeated nor destroyed through air power. In fact, Dempsey reiterated it will require a ground force. ISIS/ISIL must be confronted with an army.

Here is where the delusional mindset of the Obama crowd becomes apparent. Obama insists that we will not put US combat forces on the ground. Okay. Who is going to provide the troops? The answer? Nobody knows.

Dempsey expressed hope that Iraq’s government would be able to persuade Iraqi Shias, Kurds and Sunnis to come together to fight ISIS/ISIL. Read the rest

Obama’s True Lies »

So, which is it? ISIS/ISIL, with over 30,000 fanatics under arms, are not as dangerous as the Khorasan Group, which has about 50 people. Seriously? Reminds me of this great scene from True Lies:

Looks like Obama has adopted the Bush fear fantasy in a desperate bid to bolster his sagging domestic political fortune. What next? The “Black Sand Spider of Death?” Read the rest

Barack’s Bullshit, Useless, Illegal Bombing Campaign in Syria »

You cannot make this up. Per the Pentagon briefer today–a three star Army General–we launched a $1.4 million dollar cruise missile to take out a $5,000 antennae array on top of a building in Syria. Yeah, that’s cost effective.

The absurdity of the Obama war will become increasingly apparent in the coming weeks. ISIS/ISIL will continue to advance and, despite the delusional claims of great international support, the US effort will fail to deliver a fatal blow to the muslim extremists now in control of a large swath of Iraq and Syria. Read the rest

Barack Obama’s Children’s Crusade »

We never learn a damn thing. Can you remember all of the excitement and breathless reporting that accompanied the first air strikes in Baghdad way back in March of 2003? Despite all of the political spin and cheerleading bullshit at the time, the actual effect of those air strikes was modest and inconsequential. Here we are again. The White House spin machine is in full gear and insisting the United States has won a great victory with a magnificent international coalition.


Obama has cut a deal with Saudi Arabia–he’s promising to get rid of Bashir Assad in exchange for Saudi political cover in going after ISIS. Don’t believe me, just listen to Obama. He just finished his “address” to the world justifying his latest war crime. He specifically states that:

… we will move forward with our plans, supported by bipartisan majorities in Congress, to ramp up our effort to train and equip the Syrian opposition, who are the best counterweight to ISIL and the Assad regime.

What the hell are we doing? This is a most dangerous time. Not a single person surrounding Obama at the White House has military or intelligence experience of any consequence. Their sole concern is domestic politics and the are oblivious to the international implications of what they are doing. Read the rest

The Complete Hypocrisy of Obama and His Iraq Policy »

Had to bring this up from below (thanks to “John Frank”)

Obama is restarting the war that never really ended. He, with help from Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, Susan Rice and Valerie “Jarrat”, launched a similar crazy military campaign in Libya. How did that turn out? Read the rest

The Nobel Peace Prize Winner Insists on Illegal War »

Just because Congress wants to do something insane and illegal does not mean that the President must be complicit in breaking the law. But Barack Obama is all in with violating international law and engaging in a public act of war against Syria, a country that has not threatened us or attacked us.

Hiding behind the fig leaf of arming “moderate” Islamic rebels, who want to oust Bashir Assad, to fight “radical” Islamic rebels, who also want to get rid of Assad, Obama is actually committing America and her stature to ousting the Syrian leader. If there is such a thing as karma, we are totally screwed.

Rand Paul is one of the few politicians in Washington with the courage and integrity to stand against this madness:

We Americans really need to take a good hard look in the mirror. We are the biggest goddamn hypocrites and bullies in the world. Read the rest

Obama’s Middle East Policy of Chaos, Republicans Join In »

He’s the President and he gets the blame. He has presided over the complete collapse of consensus in America about what is our national interest and what is worth dying for. Just like the fish, which rots from the head, the trouble with the Obama Administration starts in the Oval Office. We have watched the mental gymnastics of Barack Obama over the last six months–first he described ISIS as Junior Varsity and now he believes they are Death Star Storm Troopers. They have been magically transformed in Obama world from humble farmers and bankers to cold blooded religious warriors.

The confusion does not stop there. Susan Rice and John Kerry, for example, have claimed it is not war and then, within hours, reversed themselves and gravely conceded we need to wage war on ISIS. When John Kerry is getting pilloried by Jon Stewart for the newest set of flip flops you know you’ve reached critical mass. The reversals and flips by the Obama team put to shame the work of the Russian and US Olympic gymnastic teams in the last two Olympics.

We have witnessed the equivalent of two Olympics’ worth of floor gymnastics in terms of the political acrobatics going on in Washington.

Obama compounds the problem of trying to decide on a strategy for defeating ISIS by persisting in the foolish, myopic quest to dethrone Syria’s Bashir Assad. But this foolishness also is laid at the feet of many Republicans. Read the rest

The Damn NeoCon Fantasy »

“We Can’t Destroy ISIS Without Destroying Bashar al Assad First.”

There it is in a nutshell. And I do mean “nuts.” These guys are batshit crazy. Hof, the author of this delusional piece, is just another child lost in fantasy land.

He posits that the problems in Syria simply arose because a group of peaceful demonstrators were treated brutally by Bashir Assad’s security forces. But Hof conveniently or willfully ignores the role the Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United States played in promoting the domestic uprising. But they did not stop there. They also helped organize Sunni jihadists and started supplying them with weapons and training.

Hof, whether naive or a liar, asserts the following: Read the rest

The Beheading Skeptics »

There are a number of buffoons around the world who are insisting that James Foley, Stephen Sotloff and David Haines were not actually beheaded. Bullshit.

It is true that the actual beheading is not shown. What you see in the video below is staged. But, if you watch till the end when the body of Foley is shown with his head perched on his back, this is not photoshopped. He was murdered afterwards and a different knife than that shown in the video was used. WARNING–VERY GRAPHIC IMAGE AT THE END.

Many of the deniers are insisting this is a CIA psyops effort designed to force a new war. Read the rest

The Collapse of Consensus »

We have entered treacherous waters when it comes to international security because there is no longer a consensus about US interests and US responsibilities. For those over 55, you can remember fairly vividly the dominant paradigm of anti-communism and the cold war. While we fretted about the specter of a nuclear cloud on the horizon and Soviet first strikes, there was no doubt about the threat and the fundamental policies required to confront that threat.

The collapse of the Berlin Wall–an advance metaphor for the break up of the Soviet Union–in the fall of 1989 ushered in a period of uncertainty about where to focus US military and intelligence resources, but there was still a general commitment to the ideas that the US had a leadership role in the world and that we would rally to the defense of our friends.

That is no longer the case. I have watched with a combination of fascination and horror that wide variety of strategic prescriptions being advance by politicians and pundits on dealing with the threat of ISIS. It is completely fragmented, with one important exception. Read the rest

Too Many Moving Parts, Too Many »

It is axiomatic in the planning “bidness” that a good plan is as simple as possible.  Any well done plan is set within a “universe” of assumptions concerning the situation in which the plan is viable or even needed.  For that reason there must exist among the planners a clear and valid understanding of the environment in which the plan will be executed.  I do not see that lucidity of thought in the Obama government

The various tasks assigned by a plan must be capable of accomplishment and they must not be mutually interfering, i.e., they must not block each other as they are performed.  The tasks in a plan are colloquially referred to by planners as “moving parts.” Another planning axiom holds that the more moving parts there are in a plan, the more probable is failure in execution.

Obama appears to have a mass of moving parts in his campaign plan: Read the rest

Barack Obama Flouts International Law »

Hypocrisy and chutzpah are two sides of the same festering turd patty. And Barack Obama’s turd pancake is gargantuan. It is against international law to invade, unprovoked, another country and to fund and arm an insurgent group. But that’s exactly what Obama is proposing, in public, to do.

If you are going to engage in such activity then you do it using both clandestine and covert methods. The “clandestine” part means that the true sponsor of the activity is concealed. The “covert” part means that the activity itself is kept from the knowledge of the public.

Obama has stepped in it big time and has been rebuffed by both Germany and Great Britain. When you make a public announcement, as Obama did last night, you make it very difficult for Germany, Great Britain and others to pledge public support. This is one more example of the incompetence of Obama and his team.

Apart from creating barriers to our allies, Obama also is giving cover and ammunition to the Russians. Read the rest

Obama’s Ignorant and Dangerous National Security Policies–UPDATE »

Just when you thought President Obama had plumbed the depths of stupidity, he surprises us by plunging into a new chasm as he takes America back to war with Islamic extremists. Having witnessed first hand the weakness and fecklessness of Jimmy Carter, I am in a position to recognize world class incompetence. And on that count, Obama is a Champ.

If you are the coach of a basketball team and are getting ready to play a game, do you announce your defensive strategy (e.g., we will only play zone) and your offensive strategy (we will only shoot three-pointers)? No. Yet, that’s exactly what Obama is going to do tonight. He will tell our enemies too many specifics about what we will do and will not do. How does this differ from basketball? Obama’s flapping gums will cost the lives of military and intelligence personnel in the field. That’s borderline treason.

Next is the treat of watching Obama’s hypocrisy with respect to the principle of carrying out military operations in another country without the permission of that state. Obama and his team have been pretty strident verbally in decrying the actions, real and perceived, by Vladimir Putin and Russia in the Ukraine. We are “OUTRAGED” by Russian support to Ukrainian rebels who are seeking to oust the legitimate government of Ukraine. Yet, Obama now wants to step up arming Syrian rebels seeking to oust the legitimate Government of Bashir Assad and he wants to launch bombing strikes against ISIS/ISIL targets inside Syria. This is nuclear level hypocrisy.

Finally, there is the Curtis LeMay fallacy. Read the rest

The Lynching of Ray Rice »

I realize many of you ladies many not give a hoot about football. However, I do believe you take a dim view on having a big guy punch a women. I suspect many of you are against anyone punching anyone but that’s another subject. Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you have seen some snippet of the tape of Baltimore Ravens running back, Ray Lewis, punching his then girlfriend, now wife, in the puss.

This is none of our damn business. Ray Rice is an asshole for hitting his wife. However, she was not without fault in this incident. But this happened in February for Christ’s sake. He and the women he punched got married and he was put into a program for anger management.

I am sick and tired of the sanctimonious busy bodies that populate journalism and the media. Ray Rice did a bad thing, admitted it and was going about the process of trying to deal with the problem. He has the support of his wife. It would be a different matter if she had not married him and was claiming he hit her every day. But that’s not the case.

This man has just experienced a media lynching. Read the rest

General Scales is Wrong about General McChrystal and ISIS »

Let me state at the outset that I think Bob Scales, a retired Army major general and former commandant of the U.S. Army War College, is a good, honorable man. But he is wrong in his latest analysis suggesting that another recently retired Army General, Stanley McChrystal, is a “prophet.” Another full disclosure re Stan McChrystal–I am a big fan. He does not know me, but I did work with him indirectly during his entire tenure with the Special Ops community. He and I passed each other at his base in Balad in May of 2006–he was headed to the JOC and I was searching for the latrine. We nodded gravely at each other.

I agree with General Scales that McChrystal is a genuine visionary who transformed the Special Operations community and its approach to terrorism. But the SOF approach will not defeat ISIS.

Let’s fist consider General Scales’ position on the matter:

Enter a new prophet, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the former head of the U.S. Special Operations Command. Over the past 20 years, McChrystal and his teams have developed another uniquely American method of war by substituting skill, information and precision for mass, maneuver and weight of shell. We first watched the McChrystal method at work in Afghanistan following the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, when small Special Forces units and the Afghan Northern Alliance teamed to destroy the Taliban using precision strikes delivered from aircraft high overhead.

But the secret of this new method is in people, not technology. McChrystal’s success proves that small units of superbly selected, trained, educated, led and bonded soldiers can kill much larger aggregations of enemy while holding the deaths of friendly forces and innocent civilians to a minimum. . . . Read the rest

Benghazi and the Stand Down Order »

Kudos to Fox, especially reporter Adam Housley, who unearthed the three CIA contractors that have now gone public about what happened when the attack commenced on the US diplomatic facility on 11 September 2012 that housed Ambassador Chris Stevens. They were at the CIA base aka “The Annex” and were ready within minutes to go to the rescue. But the senior CIA officer in charge of the “Base” (known commonly within intelligence circles as “The Chief of Base”) ordered them to stand down.

Here’s the key piece of video:

The Chief of Base most likely was on the phone communicating with the Chief of Station in Tripoli, who in turn, was talking with CIA Watch that handles overseas operations. During the first 20 minutes of the attack it is highly unlikely that the CIA Director was directly involved in any of the decision making.

And, what were the issues that shaped COB “Bob’s” reluctance to respond to the pleas for help from US Diplomat and his Diplomatic Security personnel? Read the rest

Paris on High Alert, But Baghdad the Target »

Something is going on in Paris, at least last night. Police were out in massive numbers surrounding the US Embassy and the British Embassy. No public warning was issued, however.

I happened to be walking with the wife along the Avenue des Champs-Élysées on the Champs Elysee last night heading towards Place de La Concorde. Couple of blocks west of Place de la Concorde we ran into a gauntlet of police. Vehicles parked bumper to bumper. Officers kitted out, some with body armor and automatic weapons.

But the real concern is with the Americans still in Baghdad. The first tell was Obama finally authorizing the deployment last week of an additional 350 troops to the Green Zone. The threat from ISIS is not abating. Chatter is hot and heavy about something happening on the anniversary of 11 September. Read the rest