From Brad Friedman, the Bradblog: FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds will tell all—and face charges if necessary—to any major television network that will let her.

She’s prepared to name names, including those of two ‘well-known’ Congress members involved in criminal corruption.

The ‘most gagged person in U.S. history’ tells the Brad Blog she’s now exhausted all other channels…

Attention CBS 60 Minutes: we’ve got a huge scoop for you. If you want it.

Remember the exclusive story you aired on Sibel Edmonds, originally on October 27th, 2002, when she was not allowed to tell you everything that she heard while serving as an FBI translator after 9/11 because she was gagged by the rarely-invoked “States Secret Privilege”? Well, she’s still gagged. In fact, as the ACLU first described her, she’s “the most gagged person in the history of the United States of America.”

But if you’ll sit down and talk with her for an unedited interview, she has now told The BRAD BLOG during an exclusive interview, she will now tell you everything she knows.

Everything she hasn’t been allowed to tell since 2002, about the criminal penetration of the FBI where she worked, and at the Departments of State and Defense; everything she heard concerning the corruption and illegal activities of several well-known members of Congress; everything she’s aware of concerning information omitted and/or covered up in relation to 9/11. All of the information gleaned from her time listening to and translating wire-taps made prior to 9/11 at the FBI.

Here’s a handy bullet-point list, as we ran it in March of 2006, for reference, of what she’s now willing to tell you about.

“People say, ‘why doesn’t she just come forward and spill the beans?’ I have gone all the way to the Supreme Court and was shut down, I went to Congress and now consider that shut down,” she told The BRAD BLOG last week when we spoke with her for comments in relation to our story on former House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s original attempt to move a resolution through the U.S. House in 2000 declaring the 1915 massacre of 1.5 million ethnic Armenians in Turkey as “genocide.”

“Here’s my promise to the American Public: If anyone of the major networks — ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, FOX — promise to air the entire segment, without editing, I promise to tell them everything that I know,” about everything mentioned above, she told us.

“I can tell the American public exactly what it is, and what it is that they are covering up,” she continued. “I’m not compromising ongoing investigations,” Edmonds explained, because “they’ve all been shut down since.” [Read the rest here.]

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  • apishapa

    I think she should have Brave New Films, Robert Greenwald produce a documentary and put it out free on UTube. It would get worldwide distribution immediately, would most likely be seen by more people, and she would be able to ensure that what she had to say was represented truthfully. With any of the MSM, you will get editing whether they promise otherwise of not. She will probably be arrested in the studio. And Bush will call her a big, fat liar (like she cares about that).

  • PrchrLady

    May be off topic a bit here, but want to share with you this: Valerie Plame wins Wings of Justice
    Award from BuzzFlash this week, for her courageous stand against the bush cabal… way to go!!!

  • ybnormal

    Just to play devil’s advocate for a moment, and to be honest I don’t actually know a lot of this woman, other than what I read in news reports;

    There’s a sound to this story as if it’s as much or more than we hoped we could know. So, maybe someone’s already asked and got an answer to the question; is this a case of – if it sounds too good to be true, then maybe it is?

  • oldtree

    still waiting for the nooz to call?
    guess they have more to lose than to gain by using the freedom of the press

  • 99

    She already has gotten her story out. It was about Turkish agents infiltrating the FBI. It was about drugs and arms being smuggled through Turkey with the apparent knowledge and participation of people in our government. She did a movie about it called “Kill The Messenger” and it was up on Google Video for a while. Phil Giraldi knows all about it.

    I think she is just really frustrated that no one wants to touch her story with a ten-foot pole, and won’t stop trying to force people, America, to look at the ugly facts. We have enough ugly facts to make us spontaneously combust already, and the only purpose all her flapping is serving, now, is to draw attention to herself, her courage, her patriotism, her cute ass.

    She definitely should just have written a tell all book (with a ghost writer) and called it a day. Every three months or so there is a fresh thrust from her camp and it ALWAYS amounts to bubkes.

    • sheerahkahn

      “I think she is just really frustrated that no one wants to touch her story with a ten-foot pole, and won’t stop trying to force people, America, to look at the ugly facts. We have enough ugly facts to make us spontaneously combust already…”

      I’ll second the cuteness part, but the reality is that yes her info is out, but I think 99 hits it, we got enough “outrage” that its fatiguing the audience…that and the media doesn’t want to shoot itself in it’s own foot with this story.

  • lol her life isn’t in danger. you guys are really too caught up in the blogosphere. take a break.

    • PrchrLady

      talk about ignorant… Lester, too many whistleblowers have gone silent, or been shut up some way. many by nefarious means. what planet do you live on? she could be in very real danger, just as several others have died or dissapeared, this would be in my mind to remember…

      • Lester probably missed the part about the Wilsons receiving death threats, the brave soldier [forget his name] who blew the whistle on Abu Ghraib receiving death threats…on and on.

        In fact, wasn’t it last month that a 12-year-old kid was receiving death threats for supporting SCHIP?

        Sibel may have received death threats too, and now she’s risking prison by offering to come forward.

        Just a few trivial things….

        • Centrocitta

          Somebody used to threaten me too when Yahoo had their message boards up. The last thing this person posted to me in a threatening manner was, “I don’t need a greencard to come and find you”.

          Of course, I have an Italian passport as well as an American one and after all that has gone down in Italy since 2003, I have confidence that the Italian authorities are keeping a watchful eye.

  • Delia

    I think Sibel should get her story out in the public somewhere, somehow, and above all, damn fast. Otherwise, her life is in danger.

  • sheerahkahn

    Ah, Sibel, Sibel, Sibel,
    You are so much more closer to the spirit of what it is to be an American than any boob in the Government…and the unfortunate thing is none of the networks will agree for you’re tell all interview except the national enquirer.
    You see Sibel, the problem is that the Networks have a horse in the Republican race, lets call it a feeding slot that they do not want to shut. They have a…oh whats a good economic term for what the networks have…hmm, oh yeah…lets call it this…The networks are invested in keeping the status quo.
    They probably see you as a financial disaster, and if there is one thing that speaks louder than words in networks and government it is money.

  • Donovan Fraser

    I pray for her safety, God knows us sheilded Americans don’t like the unvarnished truth. The media will probably put it’s collective fingers in it’s own ears and hum to block out whatever she has to say, that or run OJ on a 24 hour loop. After all Jack Nicholson had it right when he said ” you can’t handle the truth”.
    the truth is probably shameful and God knows we don’t need acurate information to base our desisions on.
    Tune to FOXNEWS for further commentary on how Seibel is a left wing commie/lesbian/god hater/ Un patriotic witch who eats her young. Then let’s hope she speaks and says to the gaggers “fuck you!” I will not be silent BECAUSE this is America.
    “Damn the torpedo’s”

  • mudkitty

    I hope she has body guards.

  • Centrocitta

    …..after she and her lawyers were shut out of her appeal, and thought the most sensible thing for her to do was just write the book that she evidently had in her head, and stay in Europe until the crap blew over…..


  • Centrocitta

    I have very good reason to believe that others, i.e., private citizens, would have gone public by now if they wern’t living outside the USA.

  • Mr.Murder

    “Dickerson quit the FBI and now lives in Belgium. She declined to be interviewed, but she told The Chicago Tribune that the allegations against her are preposterous and ludicrous. Grassley says he’s disturbed by what the Dickerson incident says about internal security at the FBI.”


    Novak’s print megaphone? Irony abounds.

    • camera guy

      Actually, Novak’s in the Sun-Times.

      • Mr.Murder

        Thanks you Centrcitta, my apology, wrong Chicago paper…

  • Mr.Murder

    Preznit gimme turkee?(long running online joke)

    Sibel Edmonds will not talk about plastic turkey photo ops either.

    Tom DeLay’s jet set lobby party where his daughter took champagne baths with NaftaSib clients who were supporters of Milosevic… they funnel back through Preston Gates to the DC lobby circuit and have ties to the Russian Navy with a Black Sea fleet refueling contract(Putin has his cut). This goes back to the event during the Bosnia-Kosovo campaign where Russian interests acted beyond the scope of coalition plans to take larger stake in the outcome before Wes Clark made certain the no fly zone would be enforced to the fullest measure.

    Yeah stuff went back a way with that, Edmonds could dot the GOP eyes hard and heavy on that. DeLay lobby using ties with Congress to undercut the Commander at the time, through third parties acting in violation of orders for their agreed coalition.

    Turkey’s role prewar, or the oil-stan pipeline deals, the cash sent as bribes prior to 9-11 to buy off the Taliban and the Northern Alliance(with the intent of being laundered back to the USA and EU for electioneering).

    Human trafficking to and from the Mid East…

    Contra-style setups regarding the Opium Trail along the spice roads…

    INC and Chalabi fronting false items repeatedly…

    Putin plausibly setting up some missing well head penetrators from Poland through a KBR/Halliburton connection, destined for Nigeria, their being used as a mistaken dirty bomb pretext…

    Outing the mole on AQ Khan but denying Edmonds a voice at the same time entirely disarms the supposed Security card they play on her.

    The markets probably reflected a lot of activity with this as well. Morgan Stanley brokered the Unocal buyout by Chevron. Sixteen billion buyout, both stocks fell, nobody showed a profit on a transaction? Isn’t that a bit sketchy? How’s Morgan Stanley looking on the ARM fiasco these days?

    So many different items, all of them worthy of Impeachment.

    “According to a report in today’s New York Times, President George W Bush has decided he needs a special group to supervise the reconstruction of Iraq. According to The Times, it will be known as the Iraq Stabilisation Group and it will be headed by Condoleeza Rice. Lateline talks to retired US Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner, who now teaches on a range of issues regarding war and logistics.”

    “Col. Gardiner
    , I think, gives the benefit of too many doubts to people who deserve none of them. To me, his work just reinforces a fundamental truth: The war is not a series of discreet scandals (Yellowcake, Wilsongate, Halliburton, etc.) but rather a single, monstrous, unified scandal — probably the greatest criminal conspiracy in the history of the United States. And it’s still ongoing.”

    Various scandals(Plame, Edmonds, Kwiatkowski) connect back to an overall regional/resource market approach, one that has essentially become global.

    Don’t forget that the original ENRON stock balloon was filled with hot air from the oil stans deals, and Enron jets flew to Dade county to help GOP staffers run a riot.

    The. Dots. Connect.

    Edmonds can bury them all.

    • Thinker

      Thankyou MrM for giving me some prospective.

  • Dee Loralei

    I used to follow her story but the blogger got fed up and quit blogging 6 months ago or so. I’ve been hoping to learn more since then. Maybe KO will take it on. Would be a major coup.

    Anyway, here’s the address if you’re interested in some more background.

  • Fred C. Dobbs

    Have any publishers refused her story yet? She’s clearly accomplished enough and has had the time to write a book about this. UK publishers have undertaken this sort of project in the past.

    Palast writes and produces documentary films in the UK, out of the grasp of the US justice system. It seems unlikely that she would not be familiar with his work.

    Why the need for US network coverage? The truth is the truth, and the BBC can cover it in English (as can the English service of Deutche Welle and Der Spiegel).


    • I was talking to someone about this point not long after she and her lawyers were shut out of her appeal, and thought the most sensible thing for her to do was just write the book that she evidently had in her head, and stay in Europe until the crap blew over.

      But, she strikes me as being quite enamored of her new country, has a lot of education here and is pretty well invested in her life in this country. So, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and continue to think, for now, that she’s being guided by a strong sense of patriotism for her adopted country.

      As for insisting on taking this to the networks, she’s likely as aware of the timidity of the networks for this sort of story–and for the jam it could get them into. There may be some perverse intent on her part to show them for what they are, as I have my doubts that any of the broadcast networks will agree to her terms.

      If they don’t, I hope she has the good sense to ask Bill Moyers for a couple of hours of his time.

    • Centrocitta

      Al Jazeera in English could cover it well also. The entire EU gets Al Jazeera in English programming.

    • Shirin

      God, I hope she does not hook up with Greg Palast. His often questionable credibility, and his tendency to weave big stories out of insufficient information would not be helpful.

  • Thinker

    My concern, Leslie, and it appears that you have served up some good news. My concern on matters that whistle blowers expose is why they were invloved in the first place. I cannot understand how or, more importantly, why some folks have a polar conscience shift.

    I keep on bringing up the analogy of Hitler’s evil henchmen, but blaming or whistle blowing after the fact seems to be where the problem is. I don’t know if this woman is going to confirm that 911 was a cooperation between the US and Israel after intelligence sought from Oklahoma. For me it will be interesting to see whether she is yet another smokescreen of misinformation for the sheeple to wallow in. But I make no judgement and I will keep ’em peeled on this one.

    Thankyou for keeping me informed.

    • Thinker,
      Sibel Edmonds continually tried to raise her concerns while at the FBI. They fired her after she’d only worked there a few months for her efforts. She’s been trying to go public with her story ever since then: Talking to Congress, the media and taking her case all the way to the Supreme Court, which refused to hear her.

      The DOJ placed a gag on her, citing the state secrets privilege. Believe they even retroactively classified her Congressional testimony and the 60 Minutes show, which Bradblog mentions.

      Regarding other whistleblowers, it’s really difficult to risk all: your job, your income, your reputation to go against your government, especially the vindictive Bushies. Just look at how the Wilsons have been treated. Not everyone is strong enough. It’s not an easy decision to make. So thank god for the few who are brave enough to come forward. Bless them!

      • This administration plays as dirty with whistleblowers as it does with CIA NOCs. Remember how they treated Bunnatine Greeebhouse.

        Sibel Edmonds has big courage.

        • …not GreeBhouse, GreeNhouse dammit.

      • Thinker

        Fair comment