Well, that didn’t take long. Barack Obama and Supreme Court Justice Roberts mangled and shredded the oath of office. It looks like Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts forgot the words first. The blank look on Barack’s face was not reassuring. Both recovered and President Obama finished the oath.

So what did you think about the speech. It was pedestrian in general but he made a very good point that we are not going to let the fear of terrorism be an excuse for suspending the Constitution. That was very good.

So, do you agree with Asif Mandvi from the Daily Show?

So what did you think?


Robert’s clearly screwed the pooch first. Here’s what he was supposed to say:

Each president recites the following oath, in accordance with Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

He put “faithfully” in the wrong place. Maybe Barack knew something when he voted against Roberts for the job of Chief Justice. Then again all Barack had to do was repeat the words. Too tough?

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
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  • American

    oh dear. too many crackpots on this board.

    • oowawa

      Yep, we’re all just swinging from the chandeliers, having a great time!

    • Ferd Berfle

      If you leave, there’ll be one less.

      Thanks and buh-bye.

  • Nifc KingpinOTT

    Hmmm Now chaps simply going through the majority of these thread comments indicates exactly the kind of problems and difficulties facing the whole world in general. We will never get rid of the past, move forward and prosper, both as a people (human beings) and a planet with negative, bigoted and obviously outdated views and opinions.. Bottom line? Barack Hussein Obama is now the elected President of the USA and leader of the “free world” for likely the next 8 years. Whether you agree or not, his skin colour will not change that fact, neither will the “flubbing” of the presidential oath.. Leave that nonsense behind and see the light folks.. It’s better that way

    • Strawberrybitch


    • Unless he’s impeached or found complicit and guilty in any of the number of lawsuits against him.

      Ya gotta love America, no one is royalty. The sooner the obots and Obama figure that out, the sooner we and the world can get on with the business of living and creating!!!

    • Ferd Berfle

      likely the next 8 years.

      Ever the optimist, you are. I do trust that your baseless prognostication isn’t indicative of the way you go about handling your personal affairs, chap.

      Leave that nonsense behind and see the light folks.. It’s better that way

      Yeah, that light to which you refer is probably his runaway train, manned by frat boys, barreling down the tracks.


    Damn! The msm and Obot blogs are wrong! Obama screwed up first by cutting off Roberts at the beginning. That probably threw Roberts off and made him forget the proper oath and it went downhill from there. The inauguration was more hysterical than historical.

    • truthtelling007

      Sorry, nice try, but no cigar.

      John Robert’s gait in stating the oath and Barack’s opening response were not what caused the second stanza to be messed up. Robert’s has already commented on it, so if you want to argue about MSM and bots, don’t spin like them.

      Robert’s indicated he messed up and apologized to Obama.

      “Obama screwed up first by cutting off Roberts at the beginning. That probably threw Roberts off ”

      Obama repeated what was said, no screw up there. Robert’s paused after “Barack Hussein Obama” and when Obama realized he went on with “do solemnly swear”, Obama repeated it precisely. Then Roberts inverted the phrasing of the oath regarding both “faithfully” being put at the end of the line and saying “execute the office of President to the United States”, when it is President OF The United States”

      Now, I frankly don’t care about the misstatements. Because both have never done this, but for you to put this on one person and alleviate the burden to the other, blaming Obama for Roberts forgiving,…sorry, that’s absurd. Roberts is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. If he’s that short of attention himself, then let it be said for what it is. If it were me, as Roberts, it would have been my mix up and it would have been responsible of me to admit that I misspoke the line. That is the nature of being ‘responsible’.

      • I am just sorry they didn’t practice this together. I mean, come on guys–was it too much to ask?

      • “Because both have never done this…”

        Ahh, TT007… I hadn’t thought about that. It was Chief Justice Roberts’s first time. He had cause to be just as nervous as Obama.

        • oowawa

          Like a virgin–
          Touched for the very first time

          Of course they were a little nervous, bless their hearts.

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  • justsomeone

    Buzz Latte, yeah? I looked at the EXTRA website, that coral sundress with the little boa is hot. Vanity Fair put her on the 10 best dressed list & Vogue has given her feature cover.

    • Wrong page n00b.

      Look again you little obot loser.

      Michelle and her dress both lost. But who cares when she has minions like you!!!

  • Ben_M

    Yuo filthy dirty scum. The President, a consitutional professor, knew the oath back to front, realised “Chief Justice” (read Republican Thug) got it wrong and gave him the chance to correct himself.

    You people are filth. Bunch of bleeding vaginas.

    [ADMINISTRATOR: Ben, what a representative for President Obama you are. He must be SO proud of you. You call us “filthy, dirty scum,” yet yourself use the most vicious, women-hating* language. It’s evident you are experiencing severe problems. I’m sure others have told you that already — including people in “real life.”

    You’re gone from here, but I’m actually more worried about the other people in your life, especially ALL THE WOMEN in your REAL life.

    And, frankly, it’s strange to read such angry language when your candidate has succeeded in becoming president, and one would think you’d be joyful, and sharing that joy with like-minded people, not coming here and attacking us in the most ugly ways.

    *the grown-up word for your condition is misogyny but I was afraid you wouldn’t know the word or its meaning

  • Michelle Obama’s style sucks and sucked.

    This isn’t sour grapes, the rest of the nation thought that she sucked.

    go to Extra website.

    • Seattle Moss

      I’m an admirer of good style and my eyes pop out when I see it.
      Hillary has wonderful style and I love her outfits and color..Class act all the way!!

      Michelle…I don’t get the black widow dress. Very weird! Ominous to say the least.
      I could not get warmed up to her green thing she wore today…Looks like
      Ross dress for less

      • Ellen

        Hillary has style and class?????? LOL!!!! Prior to her senate career, HRC had the WORST taste of anyone – it was a total joke, the way she dressed. god awful. not until she started with the pants suits (suggested by a stylist who was hired to dress her) and many purchased from an LA designer at approx $4000 per suit.

        You may not like what Michelle wears – but to compare her to Hillary is a joke!

        • Seattle Moss

          until she started with the pants suits (suggested by a stylist who was hired to dress her) and many purchased from an LA designer at approx $4000 per suit.

          So you are saying that now Hillary has style
          Like I said I love it!..I’m surprised it only cost $4000…..What ever it takes to look great!
          I have some Armani’s that cost $7000

          The point is that Michelle is deliberately placating to the down and out by wearing crappy dresses.
          I would suggest she wears what compliments her body and not something just for political expediency.

        • So you are you, Ellen? Do you have any expertise or a degree in fashion, because if you do you might want to get your money back from that school.

          If you think Michelle Obama exudes class, what the h3ll does that say about you?

  • justsomeone

    I just went to UTube & listened to Yo-Yo Ma, Itzak Perlman, Anthony McGill & Gabriela Montero again. Outstanding! Bravo! Beautiful! Tight technique & deeply moving. I like Michelle’s clothes, a bit of glitter at high noon to wake up the old W.A.S.P. crowd…Aretha’s hat was Church Lady cool as well, very architectural…Michelle changed into a beautiful suit for the luncheon & I thought she looked elegant, she’s giving a big venue to younger designers & that is change. Sasha & Malia’s outfits were a delight as well, I was surprised to hear they were J Crew. Laura Bush looked timeless & elegant however Michelle is 20 years younger than Laura & I think it’s fab that she plays in such a free spirit way with wardrobe, she’s a risk taker, I like that in fashion. If I wanted to get picky I’d suggest a Jackie O squared stacked heel when lots of walking or standing is in order rather than those skinny little 2″ scaled down pump heels. Elizabeth Alexander’s “Praise Song” presentation was drab beyond belief & the work itself only slightly better, an ode to the mundane with a ‘Dawning of the Age of Aquarius’ post scriptus pieced together ending.

  • athy

    He put “faithfully” in the wrong place. Maybe Barack knew something when he voted against Roberts for the job of Chief Justice. Then again all Barack had to do was repeat the words. Too tough?

    You could be right, however I get the feeling that Barack Obama and Chief Justice Roberts ‘choked’ because they both know how Barack Obama won the election, and Chief Justice Roberts may have extrapolated from Barack Obama’s past what is yet to be with regards to the shredding of our Constitution-the backbone of our republic.

    Both men had a problem with the word ‘faithfully’…

  • I was a bit disappointed in both of them. The whole world was watching–you’d think they’d practice this together for more than 5 minutes (even that much would’ve helped!). Despite Roberts’ flub, Obama should have said the correct words. Oh well, now it’s his job to do these kinds of things the right way.

    I was surprised at the flatness of the speech. This is ‘only’ a string of words, after all–not brain surgery! It was too past and doomy-gloomy oriented: I expected much better in terms of visions for the future.

    And the Elizabeth Alexander poem was, sadly, truly awful. (Old Grumpy Guy needs to do a critique of this!)

    All this plus the booing of Bush reduced the majesty of the event for me. Although I don’t like Obama, I did want the event to be a proud moment in front of the world.

  • EyesOpen

    Shouldn’t the President be able to still recite the correct lines regardless – is he this easily lead astray? We’ve seen this before. In four years there is going to be something very clairvoyant about this little word tangle.

  • Elizabeth

    So is Obama actually president if he didn’t say the exact words as required by the Constitution ?

    • Ferd Berfle

      Even if that were the case, he’d just say those weren’t the words he knew or some such rubbish.

      • Elizabeth

        But isn’t stating your name in the first line customary for delivery of an oath ? It very possibly may not have been Obama’s rush or talk over that set these particular cards in motion.

        Either Roberts flubbed on purpose as an attempted subversion of the new president or it happened spontaneously out of exhaustion, nervousness, etc.
        And it is almost too glaring and high profile an error to chalk up to sheer emotion.

        The legal fallout, if it ever comes to that, will be fascinating to watch.

    • Ellen

      read your constitution – whoever gets the majority electoral votes (December vote) is automatically president of the united states at 12:00 noon eastern time on Jan 20th. NOTHING to do with the oath of office.

      • AMERICA R.I.P.

        With all due respect, maybe you could read YOUR Constitution…Obama’s not eligible. I think that’s more important than arguing over the oath no offense.

  • socalannie

    Funny post, funnier thread! You guys always manage to be far more amusing than the best comedy show, which is one of the reasons why I come here.

    Well gang, even though we didn’t get who we wanted, it looks like we’ll have plenty to laugh about together. Cheers to all my fellow NQers!

  • Tex-Mex Soup

    damn I don’t know, I couldn’t watch the FUBAR taking place but I did watch the snippet just now. Damn can that pugnacious looking wife of his wear any gaudier clothes? She has horrid taste in clothes.

    • socalannie

      Agreed. She has terrible taste.

      • Ferd Berfle

        A couch somewhere is missing its cover.

        • hell scarlett’s curtain dress looked better than that getup.

          • Ferd Berfle

            And it had the advantage of being worn by a very funny lady. I still laugh when I think of that wonderful skit, with curtain rod included.

            • AMERICA R.I.P.

              I can’t find the place that people asked about this…But, yeah, it’s being considered to give MeChelle a SALARY. Can you IMAGINE? It doesn’t get any more stupid than THIS. No First Lady in history has EVER, EVER accepted a SALARY. Man, the Obamas can’t GET their hands out of our pockets.

              For first lady, free work but no free time
              By ANDIE COLLER
              The Politico

              …While the position carries no official duties, the president’s spouse has long been expected to serve as a highly visible goodwill ambassador for the nation, performing a wide range of ceremonial and quasi-diplomatic jobs. The work involved is not insubstantial: Although Hillary Rodham Clinton was accused during her presidential campaign of having inflated her policy efforts as first lady, she wasn’t just at home baking cookies, either.

              Her 11,000-page schedule implies a fair amount of time and energy put in on behalf of her husband and the country.

              Yet because they are presidential spouses, first ladies are expected to volunteer their assistance. So on Jan. 20, Michelle Obama will go from being a high-profile, highly compensated professional to serving as her husband’s full-time, unpaid … helpmeet? Resuming her previous work for the University of Chicago Hospitals would be difficult in her husband’s conflict-averse regime. But giving up her paycheck and re-envisioning herself in the role of hostess in chief will undoubtedly be an adjustment for the Harvard Law grad.

              Without Barack Obama’s books, the Obamas’ 2006 tax returns show that Michelle Obama would have been the hands-down breadwinner in the household, bringing home $316,000, or nearly double Barack Obama’s Senate salary of $165,000. While Laura Bush, a former librarian, had not been employed for quite some time before she became first lady, Hillary Clinton also had the more lucrative job before her husband became president: In 1990, her income from the Rose Law Firm was more than $100,000; her husband’s salary as governor of Arkansas was $35,000, plus a public relations appropriation of $19,000.

              NBC News, otherwise known as the Obama Channel, picked up the story and is planning a major report on the subject for their Nightly News program. They even have a poll question linked to the Politico story: Should the first lady be financially compensated? Vote here.

              One of the commenters on that poll reminds us that the wives of our troops serving overseas sacrifice far more for their country and their family than any First Lady and they are not compensated.

              • You hit on what really burns me about Michelle Obama. (In addition to her role in accepting pay for play, http://hillbuzz.wordpress.com/2009/01/17/michelle-obamas-adventures-in-chicago-pay-to-play-politics/ and her incessant negativity http://michelleobamasuicidewatch.blogspot.com/) I could care less about her clothing, but this talk of a salary–why?–because she “sacrifices” for us??? Every single other first lady in history spoke of the role as an HONOR. Does anyone in this administration know what that word means?

                Even if all she cares about is money, holy cow, does she not realize the cash train they have already boarded just by being in this position? Michelle Obama truly shows her level of class with this issue: zero.

                • Ellen

                  SHE did NOT talk of a salary. this is a stupid report – are you people so DUMB you can’t tell a ‘story’ from reality. No one is asking for a salary for Michelle. Please don’t use lies to enforce your hatred of Obama and his wife.

                  • AMERICA R.I.P.

                    Ellen…I can post a few more articles about this. I can’t believe you BOTS deny this stuff when it’s black and white. I already posted ANOTHER article from CNN about it. How many times can you guys LIE?

                    • Ellen

                      Please show me the articles where Michelle asked for or said anything about wanting or deserving a salary as first lady. Anyone can write these things – you expect me to take something form michelleobama pays to play chicago politics or hillbuz as truthful? you must be joking…those are total trash obama sites and you know it.
                      There is nothing about michelle saying she needed a salary OR anyone close to her seriously saying such things – if there is, please link to it.

                    • Ellen, you are delusional. These facts are everywhere. Get them yourself.

              • Andrew P

                I’m all for compensating this woman if she’ll make herself scarce for the next four years. Could they crank up that Mars mission and send the FLOTUS?

                Mars needs Michelle.

  • mary

    Please someone CORRECT ME! Wouldn’t you say that Obaram should have REPEATED immediately after Roberts “to faithfully execute….” and NOT have waited for Roberts to incorrectly state this. He could have avoided embrrassement for both of them. He knew the words. Rather than that embarrassing lapse on BHO’s part, he should simply have continued the oath. Instead he screwed up not allowing Roberts to finish…I have to watch it again.INCREDIBLE CLIP!!!WHAT’S AN EMPTY SUIT WITHOUT TELEPROMPTER,EH?

  • TexasMirth

    The speech was disappointing. I did, however, like the phrase, “bitter swill.” That’s probably what I’ll remember in years to come. The benediction was insulting, although more poetic than the poem, which I believe mentioned darning a uniform…who in America darns today? Well, maybe I’m just in a critical mood, but I give the whole affair two thumbs down.

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    • mary

      YES! TRULY AMAZING MOMENT IN HISTORY….BARRY’S FIRST SCREWUP AND HE AIN’T IN THE W.H. YET!…couldn’t believe it at first Viewing!.. Watched again as I thought (sorry, Larry!) it was an edited-for-fun FUNNY VIDEO! …UNIMAGINABLE INEPTITUDE…..A taste of things to come!!!Zeus help us all!……

  • NYC
  • JudyR

    Let’s hope it’s like a wedding where if nothing goes wrong, the marriage is doomed. I love Aasif!!

  • NYC

    Last week I saw on Italian TV people from Kenya being interviewed by a TV reporter who asked them what they thought about BHO being a new P of the USA. The immediate response was that they expect him to come to Kenya to see in what conditions they are living now (no houses, only cardboards) after that affair with that guy Mandinga or Pindinga, or whatever his name is, and provide them with decent housing. I almost fell off my chair! They are calling him the President of the World! Geez, poor people…

  • steel magnolia

    That’s what happens when you don’t have a teleprompter!

    • Ferd Berfle

      Mr. Teleprompter is our new shadow government.

  • wodiej

    well now that blacks have their first “black” president, can we get off the victimology 101 and move on or will whites be beaten over the head w this for eternity?

    • Ferd Berfle

      I think we all know the answer to that one. The beatings will continue until their morale improves.

  • oowawa

    “And I now pronounce you man and wife . . . ”

    Uh-Oh! WTF do I do now?

  • NYC

    He certainly did seem to like his own speech a lot from his expression when he was done.

    LOL!!! That’s a good one.

    Obama started his “We are in a BIIIIG DOO-DOO” campaign a week ago, and asking US to be patient. Sure.

  • Chloe

    If you love Obama this is not for you. It’s like when you go on your home team site and there are comments left by their arch enemy, say Red Sox’s & Yankees, so if you don’t mind this is not a site where we are worshipping a man that we as a Country no nothing and I mean nothing about and for the fact alone we have a right to be worried, So if you don’t mind shut the F..K up and go elsewhere. Thank you and remember we are not on Obama’s site leaving him our messages of love, He acts like he’s a Rock STAR and to that i say sir Elvis has left the building.

  • Mandelay

    Maybe he was thrown by hearing the sound of his middle name again?

    • barry bums a ciggie

      is it okay to use his middle name now? I’m confused, is it or is it not racist? good grief.

      • Ferd Berfle

        You mean who-sane?