As you’ve already seen, Ani has written a fascinating account of Hillary’s many activities on Friday, and later I posted all the ways that you can sign up for daily updates on all of Hillary’s movements and announcement on the innumerables issues she is working on worldwide to try to repair and reinvigorate a positive attitude towards the United States worldwide.

Here are some more actions taken by Hillary in the short time — only since Thursday — when she was able to go up to the seventh floor of the State Department and take charge officially of her office as Secretary of State:

  • Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton Meets Afghan Women Lawyers.” (Ani is writing this story up in detail.)

  • making-peace-sObama’s Mideast envoy to hold talks in Ankara

    ANKARA – US President Obama plans to dispatch his Middle East envoy to the region in an effort to revive Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking. George Mitchell is also expected to meet Foreign Minister Babacan in Ankara next week.

    George Mitchell, the special envoy of the U.S. administration, will hold talks in Ankara next week to discuss ways to ensure a durable and sustainable cease-fire in Gaza after Israel’s deadly offensive.

    “I talked with Hillary Clinton (U.S. Secretary of State) late Saturday. She said she had ordered Mitchell to visit Turkey during his regional tour and expressed the importance she gave to a meeting between myself and Mitchell,” Turkey’s foreign minister, Ali Babacan, told reporters yesterday before his departure to Brussels where he will meet European Union ministers to discuss the Gaza peace. …

This is not the first time that Secretary Clinton has worked with George Mitchell, the exceptional diplomat. There was Ireland in the late 1990s.

Also below: Beijing issued a warning to Secretary Clinton as soon as she took office:

CAPTION: Former Sen. George Mitchell, right, is applauded by then first lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Prime Minister of Ireland Bertie Ahern, left, after receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House for his work in the Northern Ireland peace process in this March 17, 1999 file photo.

Clinton's Experience


ALSO of note from the UK’s The Scotsman newspaper, “Obama unveils details of $825bn plan to ease crisis“:


Ties between the US, the world’s biggest economy, and China, with bulging exports and foreign exchange reserves, showed signs of strain yesterday. China’s central bank said US accusations that it was manipulating the yuan currency were misleading, a day after Beijing cautioned incoming secretary of state Hillary Clinton to tread carefully.

Hillary’s involvement with the Chinese, on all subjects, will definitely be an aspect of her top-tier and position above all other the departments and agencies of government: Her oversight and influence will touch on the policies of Treasury, Defense, Energy, Agriculture, and on and on.

And we all remember Hillary’s accusations that China was manipulating the yen. I wonder what she can do, as Secretary of State, to influence the modus operandi of the Chinese who, let’s be frank here, are doing it to squeeze the U.S. every way they can.

I just wish more Americans made more of an effort to buy U.S.-made products. It takes extra time to find those products, and sometimes they’re a bit more expensive, but they’re also usually much better products.

When I think that almost all garlic and apple juice (YES, apple juice!) is imported from China, it makes me sick. I grew up in a rural area, and vividly recall the manufacturing plants nearby that made fruit juices –I suppose almost all of those are gone these days.

What company in the U.S. can compete when China is making and exporting 80% of all apple juice sold in the U.S.? (And I hope to god that nobody drinks or gives apple juice to their children, unless you buy it from a local farmer who makes his own. That locally-made juice is so much tastier anyway.)

It’s also true of garlic and ginger. My favorite local grocery store has a very difficult time finding ginger not from China. They’ve found outlets of ginger grown in Hawaii, and sell that. Their customers, several employees have told me, ask them constantly if certain products come from China, and they told me that their customers are demanding U.S.-grown produce! Luckily, I can buy garlic grown by local farmers, and garlic is easy to grow one’s self.



This video composite of CNN’s reports on Hillary was put up yesterday:

NOTE: I’ve gotten some reports from State, and am scanning the site for more information to share asap.

  • bargal

    Secretary Clinton has so far carried out well the assignments meted out to her by President Obama. President Obama’s plans to restore America’s international reputation, put into action by Secretary Clinton, will hopefully bear fruit.

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  • warehouse553

    I don’t trust President Select Obama. His true agenda was to get Hillary out of the Senate to marganalize her power and influence. Caroline Kennedy was then suppose to be groomed to take Hillary’s place in 2016 but that plan fell apart with the appointment of Gillibrand.

    What’s Obama’s plan now!

    • Strawberrybitch

      He’s winging it, can’t you tell? What was that line from the latest Batman movie? The Joker says that he’s just a dog that chases cars, he wouldn’t know what to do with one if he caught it. Obama caught himself the presidency, he has no clue what to do now. He’ll just order reviews and studies and pass laws that won’t take effect for a year or more. Gitmo, Iraq, California emissions. I just get this feeling that he’s frozen with fear right now.

  • bargal

    I think it’s wonderful that Secretary Clinton is doing so well in her position in President Obama’s cabinet. President Obama must be very pleased that so far his choice of Secretary seems to have been a good one. She’s doing her country and president proud.

    • warehouse553

      Hillary should be President.

  • tek

    It seems to me that if Americans were better informed about what China is up to, and if the government encouraged Americans to ramp down the cheap consumerism in favor of saving our country, maybe we could stand up to China. Why can’t we produce our own goods that would be high quality and then maybe Americans wouldn’t mind spending a little more because they wouldn’t have replace them all the time and wouldn’t have to worry about getting poisoned by China’s toxic materials?

  • susan h

    Obama will take all credit and Hillary will be forced to take all blame. But for now, she is making us proud. I hope and pray Obama does not force Hillary into some very bad situations and her credibility is tarnished. She is a woman of strength, valor, intelligence, commitment, dedication, and excellence. America and the world is fortunate to have such a wonderful individual as our Secretary of State. She is a great listener and will do good things on the world stage.

    • drillnow#2008

      we all know values of Hillary, and no metter what happend, if She would be blame for Obama failure or not, WE ALL KNOW ABOUT HILLARY AND NO ONE SHOULD HAVE A SUCH POWER AGAIN AND TRASH HER AS THEY DID IN LAST PRIMARIES. All we have to do, just get behind Hillary with more power and willing to put Her were She belongs in first place. But for now, just stop panicking and give Obama chance to prove that He will be the President He told US HE WILL BE??? As Bill Clinton said” just calm down” and pay attention…….

  • Interested party

    I’m beginning to think with the three-legged stool episode and incident related above, that Obama is slightly envious of his new Secretary of State.

    On another note, while having Clinton as president would have been my first choice, cleaning-up the State department will be a full time (and necessary) job in itself. This is a position where hard work, tact and intelligence can pay-off for the country as well as Hillary herself. Unfortunately while the foreign policy is a need of re-working, domestic problems are its equal or better. Even someone with clear and effective objectives will likely see results only a long time out. If policies are wrong, we will never see the light.

    In any case, I’m happy H. Clinton is in and running business of State and there is a need to examine problems and trumpet successes, which makes these posts important.

  • layercake

    Great write-up Susan! It was good to see a phtoto of Clinton giving pointers to her replacement in the Senate, Kirsten Gillibrand in the NYT today.

  • wodiej

    Hillary will eat Obama’s lunch as SOS…Rock on girl….

  • I’m a Linda too

    And today Hillary Clinton names Stern, from Clinton Administration, to be her Special Envoy for Climate Change.

  • Kathleen Wynne

    I don’t know if any of you noticed, but during the press conference before Hillary introduced Mitchell and Holbroke, she received another warm reception from the state department attendees and obama’s made a funny face at the reception for Hillary, as if ONLY he is worthy of adulation!

    There should be a video of the event, so, please go back and watch obama during that reception for Hillary.

  • Linda C.

    Obama is going to be tied to domestic policy. I really don’t think there is a substantive difference between Clinton and Obama on foreign policy since they are all Clinton people.

    I have a difficult time with Obama assigning Hillary Clinton line by line tasks as if she can’t think for herself. Of course Hillary Clinton meeting with Afghani women lawyers was all Obama’s idea . Appointing George Mitchell was all Obama’s idea. What Hillary Clinton wears that day was all Obama’s idea. Women are just a blank slate, an empty vessel, waiting for some man to fill them so that they will become whole. Sheesh

    • Peggy Sue

      “Of course Hillary Clinton meeting with Afghani women lawyers was all Obama’s idea . Appointing George Mitchell was all Obama’s idea. What Hillary Clinton wears that day was all Obama’s idea. Women are just a blank slate, an empty vessel, waiting for some man to fill them so that they will become whole. Sheesh”

      Well said, Linda C.

      And there’s a vast difference between “stalking” the SoS and keeping our eyes wide open, having a genuine interest in what she and the State Department is doing. And if we admire her and Obama juice drinkers find that uncomfortable?


  • C.S.

    bargal, there is nothing “stalking” about having an open public discussion of foreign affairs in a democracy or keeping an eye on Our public servants. And “the jobs” weren’t assigned to her by the secretive and mysterious Soertoro, aka Obama. He nominated her for Secretary of State and the Legislative Branch of government approved the appointment before she received the authority to do any job. She can negotiate, Soertoro/Obama can make treaties with the Advice and Consent of the Senate. as ratified in Article 1, Section 8 and Article II Section 2. Presidential powers are really limited by checks and balances.

    Sounds like you may have a problem with the admiration expressed for a Secretary of State who is already outshining Mr. Soertoro/Obama (still don’t know his legal name)

  • bargal

    Does the secretary know you folks are stalking her as she tries to do the jobs the president’s assigned her?

    • IndyRobin

      Don’t worry … Hillary will protect the world while while Obama eats his waffles.

      Relapse … my bad

      • oowawa

        Relapse … my bad

        Aha! This is interesting! I’ll stay tuned . . .

    • wodiej

      did you know the local psych ward is stalking you to put you back in your padded room? We told them you were at another kool aid party…..

  • Adrienne in CA

    I’ll always be grateful to George Mitchell for standing up for Hillary when her personal contribution, as First Lady, in the Northern Ireland peace process was being trivialized. Of course, mainstream media ignored Mitchell’s defense of her, as they ignored so many others who tried to set the record straight, but bless every one of them who tried nonetheless.


  • Seattle Moss

    Susan..Thanks for the history lesson. Rusk became SOS two months after I was born.The longest serving SOS in history.

  • An old memory: In high school I won a trip. We went to the U.S. State Department and I loved it because I was such a news nerd. Dean Rusk was the Secretary of State then. I remember wandering by myself all over the building and walking right into his office! Not much security back then! Holy cow!

  • Strawberrybitch

    Does that woman ever sleep? Holy crow. She’s got 20 years on me and she can run me into the ground. Oh and China has no idea who they’re dealing with…damn I wish she was president just so she could eat their lunch. Sadly, I don’t think Barky is clever enough to handle them.

    • Seattle Moss

      Hillary looks rejuvenated and full of life. Looks like she’s off the fast food too.
      I’m so proud of her!!

      • Strawberrybitch

        SM, she’s one of those amazing people that thrives off of hard work. I honestly can not remember her taking a long vacation, can you? Now barky and Bush…

        • Seattle Moss

          The two candidates I never voted for..
          Bush and Obama…
          I can always see a loser a mile away.

          • DawnellesOUTOFHERE


            WORD!! 😉

    • HILLARY IS MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Hot Librarian

    I see China as a block for Clinton. She is already marginalised by geithner’s remarks & Obama’s anti trade rants.

    The ME -anybody can get some thing written up & laud it as an advance. Anything is an advance if its not bombing people (suicide + IDF included here ).

    • Seattle Moss

      Very scary of Gaitner to do this..A shot across the bow of protectionism against China

      Keep it up and we will see a 90% decline in the dollar because the Chinese will call in their money.
      I also hear the rumblings here and abroad of trade restrictions which like the Smoot Hartley tariff act caused and prolonged the great depression.

      • elise

        The Chinese use nuance so it’s hard to understand what the underlying message is here. Hillary probably understands that as well as anyone and if she doesn’t, she has enough sense to discuss problems with China experts. Anyone whose favorite music is JayZ couldn’t possibly appreciate subtlety. Geithner is challenging China and he hasn’t yet been confirmed. That isn’t a good omen and I really hope the senate will think long and hard about this man. I love this part because it’s clear Turkey’s foreign minister feels comfortable speaking with Hillary.

        “I talked with Hillary Clinton (U.S. Secretary of State) late Saturday. She said she had ordered Mitchell to visit Turkey during his regional tour and expressed the importance she gave to a meeting between myself and Mitchell,” Turkey’s foreign minister, Ali Babacan, told reporters yesterday before his departure to Brussels where he will meet European Union ministers to discuss the Gaza peace.

        • Gary McGowan

          UK’s The Scotsman newspaper, linked at bottom of Susan’s report above, also uses “nuance”:

          The exchange suggests a testy start to relations between the Obama administration and Beijing…

          Su’s [Su Ning, a vice governor of the People’s Bank of China] swipe at Geithner…

          Actually, the Chinese are quite capable of, and have been, speaking quite directly. Many, possibly most, of their financial leadership, is U.S. or English educated at the graduate level. I wouldn’t put too much stock in that ‘nuanced’ stereotype regarding them.

          Hillary would probably prefer this direct mode in exchange of views. I don’t think she will be making accusations of “testy” and “taking a swipe at.” She is more of a “tell me what’s on your mind” kind of person, as we know. These newspapers aren’t much help.

        • Mercedes

          “The Chinese use nuance….”. This statement sounds like it is coming from somebody who is well-informed if not experienced in international affairs. It strikes a cord with me because, as a country bumpkin, I never appreciated Oriental cultures until I joined Netflix and started watching Chinese movies. I love them. They can even make conflict look like a ballet in the form of martial arts. If the Chinese get shut down on trade maybe they should try flooding the world market with some of their delightful films. The Chinese also seem to be very thorough…so to any Chinese subjects reading this blog, keep making those great films and work with Hillary. I think she knows nuance too.

        • Mel’s Bar

          Actually, I respected Geithner’s move, I thought it was bold, and needed.

        • drillnow#2008

          it is about time to tell China to slow down, and USA to start up!!!!be as USA should, and to LEAD!!!
          Remember Wallmart slogans years ego!!!”We are selling “ONLY MADE IN USA” OUR own people are selling US to China, we loosing job because of China, we loosing health and OUR kids are in dengerous times. Our medicine is made in China, and we are getting sicker because of China. Time to stop this and start opening factories HERE in USA and to compete with a cheep product from China (and other countries as Mexico) and so dengerous to US. I hear that OUR Government pays to farmers a big time for not farming??? but China is feeding US with their polluted product!!!FDA is not controlling China product, 700 billions were stolen from US , and now some Bank is purchasing an airplain-Jet for 50 millions at the same time laying off thousands of people!!!

  • Seattle Moss

    As much as I have zero faith in Obama’s ability to make the right decisions in foreign policy, I gain solace in the fact that Hillary is there as the firewall against disaster for this country
    Will it be enough..

    • DawnellesOUTOFHERE

      Hi Susan & Seattle Moss

      (sorry I missed most of the show last night)

      before I go

      I must say what EVER HILLARY is or does

      at this point (for me)


      HE will get all the credit with the MSM thus the world will only hear (or read) it that way


      NOT YET

      sorry HILLARY it should have been YOU

      I just can’t stand that you are HIS SOS



      I swear I believe the poles will flip if we don’t get it right soon!!!

      • destardi


        She’d doing it for our country.

        uhbama sucks, but you have to see the glass half full.

      • Seattle Moss


        (sorry I missed most of the show last night)

        I hope you didn’t miss the part when I was on. The first 15 minutes of LD’s show.
        I had a good time and will call in to other shows.