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Eric Holder and Larry Johnson Talk Terrorism

In honor of Eric Holder taking the oath of office as Attorney General I am posting this blast from the past. I appeared with Mr. Holder and Congresswoman Jane Harman on a special Crossfire held at George Washington University one week after the 9-11 attacks.

Here’s part II:

I like Holder. He is not a hack like Alberto Gonzales. Most importantly, he understands that the U.S. signature on international conventions is important.

  • MrX

    The problem with these two videos is that they are BS. The biggest question is why was there ZERO response until it was too late? Planes were flying willy nilly without anyone taking notice. C’mon! The lack of response should freak people out.

    I’m not a truther, but the official story has more holes than swiss cheese. The funniest part was when I was watching Bush say how they were taken by surprise and then, in the same breath, say that it was bin Laden. Taken by surprise, yet know who did it??? How does that work?

    Then there’s my pet goat, the passport incident, the refusal to release the Pentagon videos, etc.

    This whole scenario is a complete joke.

  • FranSC

    Impressive, Larry! Thank you for giving us some encouraging insight into the new Attorney General Holder, and in the process insight into your specialized knowledge of terrorism.

  • Sassy

    Fortunately, just about anyone is an improvement over Mr. Gonzales!
    Several insiders have leveled criticisms against Mr. Holder, but I am willing to see how he does…if we really know what is being done in our name!

    • drillnow#2008

      so am I, I wam willing to give this man another chance. Gonzales was not OUT man, He betray all possible laws in name of Mr.Bush!!!
      We need someone how will work in name of USA,US, Freedom,safety of USA and again US!!!They are things, that we should not know and is call” TOP SECRET” So, just get use to it and screem when He does wrong, but at Obama for choosing this man, and dose who aprove HIM!!!

  • califlefty

    Ah the “good ol’ days” when a “war on terror” was a phrase that actually meant something and was even safe to say out loud. Did I even her Holder say “You are either for us, or against us”? Why yes indeed (what, no outrage?) This op-ed in today’s WSJ by Daniel Pearl’s father should help us to re-focus the moral imperative of winning this war but I expect the chattering class will find that so un-appealing.

    • Belle Gardens

      If you’re wrong, you lose, if you’re not smart enough, you lose.

      No matter how big you wish your balls or brains were, the smartest people WILL win, in the long run.

      And beware the stupid, untalented narcissist advocating simplistic solutions to complicated problems, right?


  • Diana L. C.

    I found all the comments insightful and right on at the time. I became sad to realize how much different the world today would be if those suggestions had been put into action.

  • Doc99

    Eric Holder had plenty of experience with terrorists. He was instrumental in pardoning the FALN bombers.

  • DCMediagirl

    Fascinating insights, but it has to be said – a most unfortunate mustache my friend.