I hope the folks at Barack’s party tonight enjoy themselves because the worm has turned and he is painted into a corner of his own making.  If Barack, after playing the race card, had garnered more than 50% of the white vote he would have reason to celebrate.  Why?  Because his victory was not dependent on black voters.  But that is not the story line.  Barack is the candidate of black voters and that won’t win him much in the rest of the country.

Perhaps it should be phrased this way–Barack, no se puede.  Yes boys and girls, the largest and fastest growning ethnic minority in the United States is Latino not African American.  And Latinos no son locos por Obama (they are not wild about Obama).  That was a reality he bumped up against in Nevada and it is one that will clobber him come Super Tuesday.  But for tonight, Oborgs, party hearty.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
  • neil

    When was the last time ANY Democrat had the support of 50%+ of white voters in the general election? Face it, black voters count!

  • Independent

    The Latinos love Ted Kennedy and he just went Obama as did Caroline K. What a heavy endorsement. Bill Clinton playing the race card is Obama’s best friend.

    “This election is about You.” ~ Billary Clinton= LOL

    Too bad, I liked Bill. He is blowing it big time.

    • LandOLincoln

      “Independent” my achin’ back. You lot are scared to death of both Clintons, which is why your party and your lapdog media are pushing Obama so enthusiastically–and why you’re all pretending it’s the Clintons “playing the race card.”

      • Independent

        The last time I voted Dem or Pub was 1972 when I was young and dumb. Since them I have made sure my vote was in some other column that says I think BOTH Party’s Suck.If you were smart you would do the same. Congress does not care what you think after they have gotten your vote. If you think government works for You then You are a fool.

  • CK

    Looks like the Kennedy family will endorse Barack.
    ( Except for the one who wants to be senator from NY he had endorsed Hillary ).
    Lieberman endorses McCain, and Hillary and the mainstream dems were so nice to him in CT when he should have gone into the crapper of history.
    Gov. Sebelius will endorse him too ( superb female veep candidate )
    Is Gore next? Oh how sharper than a serpent’s tooth is the stiletto of revenge served cold.
    The one place where the inhabitants should know the strengths and weaknesses of Barack and Hillary would be the US Senate. Barack is grabbing a pile of dem endorsements from there.

  • Ron Cowin

    I think the reference to the King of Epirus (Pyrrhus) might be a bit premature. Better to wait for Feb. 5th. Twenty+ states will provide a better picture of what is going on. Five are hardly representative of much of the country. We might not even pick a nominee before the convention. As for the schism between blacks and hispanics, I can recall reading such articles several decades ago. (Probably in the NY Times Sunday Magazine.) If you want to avoid a fight over the crumbs, then get a bigger pie. More slices to share.

    One question about the Republicans. Which would be more humiliating for Rudy: ending up with no convention delegates, or a small handful- about half a dozen? Under those conditions, I would enjoy seeing his name placed in nomination.

  • Mr.Murder


  • Mr.Murder

    Seeing how all of Obama;s own finance scandals deal with shady characters, he’s probabyl glad to talk about race instead.

    Not like he’s inexperienced campaigning that trait.

  • Linda


    These statistics show a far different story than is being told in the MSM…please report this….

  • Gary Morrison

    It’s unfortunate that Larry has added his name to the the media who see elections as a (blood) sport or a “horse race”. they are more interested in the controversy than on the fact that we are choosing our next Preisident. Personalities are nothing but facades. Records, legislation, positions and programs are what is important. Yes, change is a nebulous word. But concrete proposals and positions are key to decision making. Hillary is from the Democratic Leadership Council. They are middle of the road. mReal change cannot come from the middle. Particualrly when the previous administration has taken us so far to the right. To correct, the pendelum must swing farther to tleft than Hillary is willing to take us. Obama is charismatic and a fabulous speaker, but, program-wise John Edwards is the candidate that will take us on the path to correction of the damage George Bushcheney has done to the american people.

  • elizabeth

    Obama nausea.
    Those are the words I’ve used in two personal notes to larry. I thank both Larry and Susan for their work exposing the truth behind Obama.
    The fact is that the Clinton’s are not behind the anti Obama rant, check out Obama’s OWN HOME TOWN PAPERS!It is right there for anyone to read. Also, thanks to both Larry and Susan, they have let us know that ABC’s Brian Ross is also on the case.
    I do not hate BO, what I do hate is the un balanced and obvious place of blame onto the Clintons. I also hate the lack of VETTING, regarding his resume’ or lack thereof.
    I am an Edwards supporter, I would love for him to get the national attention that he deserves, it is obvious now that this is not going to happen. A sorry reality for us all.
    What is the REAL appeal of Barack? I have yet to hear one person give me tangibles. Just vague references to his speeches. A good orator does not a president make. Have we learned nothing?

    • Steve Fuller

      I normally appreciate both the subject matter and insight at No Quarter, but the anti-Obama “National Inquirer” type rants are a bit much. I am not an Obama supporter and agree with the general sentiments of Larry & Susan about Obama’s qualifications.

      But the root problem is the media’s obsession with Obama & McCain, not Obama. In this case they should be ranting about the messenger, not the candidate. Don’t try to change people’s mind about the candidates, but about using their judgment instead of following the herd. Or to be fair, point out McCain’s inconsistencies in relation to press coverage also.

  • justsomeone

    Mr Murder, Have you spent much time in the South? I’d be suprised if you had. Many of the major cities are run by African Americans & have a large % of very diverse internationals. The days of rabid KKK racist types having influence is over. As far as state flags go & the Stars & Bars in particuliar, there are some Southerns who just plain do not appreciate being dictated to by Yankees & view it as a States Rights issue, as opposed to some nostalgic lament to re-enact slavery. It’s difficult to try & explain “heritage”. Maybe Jim Webb did it best in his eloquent writings about the Confederate Memorial. Don’t get me wrong I understand how some Republicans exploited the issue. Flags, gay rights, race, 2nd Amendment rights etc, all the wedge issues seem to take on a life of their own, but hey that’s politics.

    • just: surely you dont believe that rabid KKK types dont have political power in the south today? that is a totally naive conclusion that ignores the southern strategy of the republican party and the influence of the fundies in southern politics. what can be said, is the expression of racism has changed over the years. i can give you numerous examples of how the southern experience is still rife with hate for minorities and uppity outsiders. just to name one: new orleans/katrina which even transcends just southerners.

  • kenoshaMarge

    I do not so much dislike Obama as I have been totally under whelmed by him. But then I see candidates as what they are; i.e. politicians. Thus I take whatever they say with the proverbial grain of salt. I found Obama to be a silver-tongued lightweight. Hillary is one tough and one VERY smart lady and I like all 3 of those things being an old feminist from way back. But still John Edwards was my first choice as I saw him as the most natural populist. So for me it was Edwards, Clinton, Dodd, Richardson, Kucinich, Obama and Gravel. What with Edwards’ campaign being on life support I was leaning towards Senator Clinton. Then New Hampshire happened and all hell broke loose. The media and many, if not most, of the liberal blogs went nuts. The Clinton bashing went on and on and got dirtier, nastier by the minute. One of my favorite liberal blogs, BuzzFlash has a headline right now that says “Bill Clinton, from Big Dog to Junkyard Dog”. Needless to say they are no longer one of my favorites and have seen the last contribution from me they will ever get.

    My point is that while I wasn’t impressed with Obama I didn’t actively dislike him. Now I do. It may be unfair to dislike him for the swarming vitriol that has been unleashed at the Clintons but life’s unfair. I know one thing, I will not vote for Obama if he gets the nomination. For what he, his supporters,and his surrogates have done to the Clintons they can all go to hell.

  • Mr.Murder

    GOP protests brandished confederate flags for canddiates of favored bigots in that state.

    It was a reverse spin. People get offended by stuff and decided to vote enough to show people where Carolina stands in this day and age.

    For all of the plurality of candidate preferences on display for the day, the part preference was clearly to one side.

    How ironic that Huckabee’s dirty tricks either slime the Clintons, or inspire their greatest opposition.

  • Cee

    Bob h,

    You bring up an interesting question. Considing the massive turnout in Iowa and yesterday, if Barak isn’t the nominee, will those people sit on their hands?

    I tend to think so.

  • bob h

    The only thing I found remarkable about SC is the way blacks are coming out of the woodwork to vote because of Obama. They will still be there to vote for Vice Presidential candidate Obama.

  • I don’t recall reading any words of substance from any of the candidates thus far. All change, change, change. This article in the NYT’s Maz. sums up what we need in a President. I’d vote for a hairy dog if I thought it could address the problems outlined in this:


  • S.Markom

    If Barack, after playing the race card . .

    What??? You must be the last person on Earth other than the Clintons who actually believe that it was the Clintons who initiated the race card.

    Tha sheer magnitude of this victory was not just a Black rejection of Clinton if you looked at the exit polls and then look at the endorsements Obama is getting.

    Also, Bill Clinton was a GOP President – his achievements were GOP initiatives he co-opted to save his legacy and not be another Jimmy Carter.

    It is evident that your talking points are straight out of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

    • How old are you? Obviously not old enough to remember Jesse Jackson’s 55% victory in South Carolina. It does cloud your ability to do sound analysis. Obama’s team is tactically inexperienced and naive and are being enabled by a media eager for a new story line. But don’t forget. Obama’s status as the media darling is fickle and fleeting.

      • S.Markom

        Older than you. And Jesse Jackson’s run was 20 years ago and has zero relevance to this time.

        Your 24/7 castigation and slander of Barack Obama is filled with inaccuracies and hyperbole. It can only come out of the Clinton playbook.

        Hillary Clinton claims to have 35 years of experience compared to Obama’s so-called relative lack of experience. Other than being the wife of a governor and of a president how does 1+ terms as a junior Senator translate to 35 years?

        I frankly do not think either one of these two media darlings are qualified to be President and the Democrats that were have all dropped out.

        But if I had to choose I would take Obama over a Clinton.

    • TeakWoodKite

      Bill Clinton was a GOP President ?

      Thats funny coming from someone who believes in the Jack Welsh club for growth supply side econ. Hows that working for ya? Check your stock portfolio lately or are you flush?

      this victory was not just a Black rejection of Clinton
      SAD. Did not Obama say how he admired how Regan got people to vote against there own interest? Exactly how did that happen? CNN is airing an instructive program called “Campaign Killers”. It is nothing less than SyOps.

      • S.Markom

        My stock portfolio is just fine. Down a little over the past month but a hell of a lot better than it was a year and two ago. Unlike the crash in ’99/’00 which bankrupted my and other 401Ks. Supply side eco has been working just fine for people for a few decades now. A heck of alot better than double digit inflation, double digit interest rates, and double digit unemployment.

        How are things working out for you Obama slanderers? How many more prominent Dems are abandoning Billary?

        • TeakWoodKite

          This is slander?
          Did not Obama say how he admired how Regan got people to vote against there own interest?

          Don’t make me laugh! I am being kind.

          Just out of curiosity what’s your take on Obama’s economic policy proposals?

          Supply side eco has been working just fine for people for a few decades now.

          That is only a true statement if by “people” you mean the top 5%, the rest of us troglites are down in the mines with still more arriving everyday.

        • TeakwoodKite

          Just out of curiosity what’s your take on Obama’s economic policy proposals?


  • BernieO

    I think the anger about Obama comes from the fact that Hillary is getting ripped apart by the media who are distorting the facts while Obama’s weakness are being ignored in a big love-fest. The whole South Carolina race turned on the false impression that the Clintons played the race card. Yet it was the media who brought up race to excuse their own disastrous performance in NH. Then Obama’s campaign put out a memo accusing the Clintons of playing the race card by twisting what they have said. Obama then denied this, but later admitted it in the debate. He then said the Clintons had not been playing the race card, but the damage was done since our unprofessional media tools kept on hyping the argument.

    Also so many Democrats who fume over the Democrats in Congress making deals with Republicans and over the Clintons “triangulating”(read compromising with the opposite side) swoon about how Obama is bipartisan and is going to reach out to Republicans. They need to take a course in logic.

    More and more the message from Obama and the media is that any criticism of him is racist. Last night on MSNBC there was actually a big discussion about how when the Clintons said Obama was young and eloquent, they were perceived as using “code words” and were disrespecting him. This kind of whining and playing the race card will definitely turn off white voters and it is not coming from the Clinton camp.

  • I am a huge fan of yours, Larry, but you’re kidding yourself about Obama. Barack did better with white men than HRC in South Carolina; not NY, MI, CA or NJ, but SOUTH CAROLINA. Last night’s performance was the beginning of a snowball downhill through Super Tuesday for Obama. HRC is toast.

    • You missed the point. Obama did not garner a majority of white voters. If he had, then the SC results would have been truly significant. It would have demonstrated he was a genuine candidate with appeal that cut across sex and race. But that didn’t happen. He won like Jesse Jackson. And while an inspiration to black folk in South Carolina and across the US, black ain’t beautiful in national elections.

      The first black president will be a man or woman whose skin color really is a second thought. Imagine, for example, if Tiger Woods, after endowing and managing foundations that have enriched the lives of poor children, turns to politics. Tiger’s color is irrelevant. He’s a man of accomplishment that cannot be challenged.

      Obama’s problem, and I ask it again, what the fuck has he done to merit the adulation as a man of brilliance?

      • Fair point. It will be a mute point in another week or so, but it is a fair point nonetheless.

  • LuigiDaMan

    The point of this post by Larry is:

    The SC vote last night elected President McCain into office. SC, that “freedom lovin'” state (think “Cradle of the Conderacy”) always votes heavily KKK Republican and will do so this year. At best, the SC primary is another nail in the coffin of how Dems pick candidates. It means nothing and hands Sunday Talking Heads more phony ammo to pillor Hillary!

    (Yes, I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it!)

  • boc

    I’ve avoided reading this blog because of how Larry and Susan write about Obama. I’m another reader who will vote for Edwards, but will support whichever Democrat is the nominee. We Democrats enjoy the best field of candidates in this fight, and I see no sense in damaging any of them in order to support one of them. I think Hillary or Obama or Edwards will make a fine president, certainly better than any Republican. I like Edwards because he frames the corporatism issue the best.

  • Larry, You actually make me feel a little better today. I don’t dislike Obama but I know Paul Krugman of the NYTimes and he has been comparing Hillary’s health plan to Obama’s plan and Edwards too and he says that Obama’s is not what he says it is for all the people. Obama has been saying things about Social Security that the Republican talking heads spin all the time. Obama has to know that the republicans want to get rid of SS by privatizing it. Just what we need, look how well Wall St is doing right now. I just returned from a trip outside the US and the dollar has fallen to pathetic proportions. We need a leader who know the difference between getting along and true leadership.

  • CK

    Which latinos?
    The mexican-americans
    The Cuban-Americans
    The Puerto-Ricans
    The various south american spanish?
    The dominican americans?
    The Spanish Americans who predate the whites in the South West and in Florida?
    Latino is not A voting bloc, it is a grouping of people for the convenience of the census, not a standardized political alignment, as they see it. Latinos are divisible more by culture of origin and religion than by skin tone.
    Looking at the latino communities in the USA as being just another bloc to be taken for granted come election day is an egregious mistake. One that any analyst worth his laptop would not make.

  • kenoshaMarge

    If Senator Obama is the great “uniter” he claims to be he will have one hell of a job just to unite his party after this primary, should he win, which I doubt. But if he does, I know that I will not vote for him. I am a John Edwards supporter, but after what Obama and his surrogates have done to the Clintons I will never vote for him. Never!

    We have watched the Clinton-hating media pull every dirty trick in the book on the Clintons for years. Now Obama and his surrogates, plus that dishonest media have tried to portray the Clintons as evil beyond redemption. Frothing at the mouth Republican Clinton haters got nothing on frothing at the mouth liberal Clinton haters. I hope Senator Obama and his supporters are enjoying their victory dance. I suspect it will be a short one. I hope it will be a short one. Cause I sure as hell do not want this year to be the first time I ever failed to vote for a president. If Obama is the candidate, that spot on my ballot will remain blank.

    • shame on you marge … i’m a strong edwards supporter and i dislike how obama and his people are attacking the clintons; but, i will vote for him if he does get the nomination. albeit reluctantly and with more then a little consternation.

      why, first becuase i’m a democrat … i support the party even when i sometimes have reservations. if this means i have to place principles before personalities, so be it, i will do it. secondly, this type of statement seems to me to be more of a threat then anything else. thirdly, even with obama as the candidate … it has to be better then another 4 years of a repig. finally, i have heard too many oborgs make the same type of statement and i have spoken harshly to them about their attitude … not to do so now would make me no better then a repig.

  • suthrnboy

    Oops sorry about that sudden drop off!

    My point is there is something wrong with every person with an ego big enough to think they can lead and handle the reins of this hugh-noxious monstrosity we call the U.S. government. So lets save the invective for the other side. Namely the torture-apologist, no tax and spend, shoe tapping, soldier grinding for profit (I could go on all night cuz its fun!)assholes on the ‘R’ side. O.K?

    • southern boy i believe in principle with what you are proposing … one of the reasons i have refrained from too much invective when voicing my reservations about barak. this being said, it does not mean i wont ask tough questions to him and his supporters. if y’all feel this is being unfair … well i disagree.

      btw, you said in an earlier post continuing to questions obama could create a divide so deep that we might be might no be able to build a bridge back to the progressive wing of the democratic party. i really have to disagree with this statement inasmuch as i’m one of the progressives who are far from sold on the progressive bona fides of obama. in fact, i have to rate hillary as being more progressive then he is … and of course my man, edwards, is the most progressive populsit in the race. if you can show me where barak has demonstrated his populist beliefs with talk and action please do so … i would be happy to reconsider. you might also speak to his positions on: social security, unions, media and election reform and health care.

  • suthrnboy

    I tried to reply directly to a few posts but got some weird hidden form field error message by Brian.

    Susan–Thanks for your hard work. I didn’t know about the server switch.

    I am a displaced Tar Heel living in inner city Chicago, Pilsen to be exact. Pilsen is the Mexican immigrant neighborhood of Chi-town and I am the only white guy (that I know of)for two blocks. Larry’s contention that Hispanics will not come out to vote for Obama worries me as well. I have not heard the derogatory form of the N-word used more often anywhere than here since moving from the South. Hopefully these worries are misplaced.
    Living in Chicago allows me to read the conservative Chicago Tribune newspaper every day of the week. They have had their gloved finger up the Obama/Rezko colon for more than two years and not found nary a polyp. In fact they are due to endorse Obama (and McCain) in tomorrows (todays) edition. There simply is no “there” there. Perhaps “yet” would be appropriate but we can only know what are known knowns, yes?

    Voting ‘Present’ in Illinois state politics is a traditional technique used for time immemorial to imply a pol’s acceptance of a bill except for a few caveats. It’s like saying “I would have sex with you if either of us had a condom, but its late and all the stores are closed, so lets talk again soon”, or something like that;)

    As for experience, many Illinoisians like to point out the last time an inexperienced native son was president (with less political experience than Obama has now), he handled the Civil War pretty well.

    My point is

  • Teddys_Freudian_Slip

    Teddy Kennedy calls Barack Obama, Osama bin Laden:


  • Mr.Murder

    Oprah had a program in praise of the New Deal the other night.

    Nice surrogate selling point for a guy who appears ready to restructure Social Security…

    There’s little surprise at where his strongest support is coming from. People here admit to me as much their motivations for voting is that he’s black.

    He’d have to change much of his current selling to convince me otherwise. He lost voters in the crossover support he was supposed to have gained as well.

    The electoral map has been tweaked and gerrymandered to new levels in the past two decades. The Gingirch hijacking of Congress occurred by going after Governors seats first. There you could shape the voting precints better and mitigate the elctoral numbers of Democrats.

    Dems are a majority party, two third of the declared major party voters in America. The districts get bottle necked to limit that influence.

    The gains made may not be enough to offset the unlevel playing field, and we’ve learned before you can’t operate from the assumptions of a close race being yours. Diebold sees to that.

    Whoever it is needs to be able to build a big enough lead to win, and the places he’s winning are places that are purple. States that still voted for Dems more in Primary and Caucus seasons past and then flipped on the day that mattered most.

    Finally, I’ve yet to really see the uniting talk I hear of be attached to policy of meaning. If anything, the worst President ever this era, is pushing people to the other side.

    You’ll need more than that to run against their narrative. It can be done, but it should be done by someone who takes on the full frontal fire of the GOP and has done so. Obama got a free pass for that, Alan Keyes as proof he can win a big race?

    There’s some ways he could flip some of the narrative, we’re not there yet, but if he goes that far let’s just say the rust on his armour will be under a microscope.

    This is going to be brokered. It’s going to be based on the swing vote of a certain third place person, provided he treads water for funding.

    Larry’s correct, this has become a paradigm, the vote itself reflects much of that if you look at the internal results of this turnout. You know the saying about playing with fire…

  • Cee

    I found some of the information

    Governor Deval Patrick received support of 87% of Hispanic voters. Want to guess his support among whites and blacks?
    From a Survey USA poll conducted 1 month and a half before the Governor elections in Massachusetts.

    Patrick(D): 63%
    Healy (R): 26%

    Patrick (D): 74%
    Healy (R): 26%

    Patrick (D): 87%
    Healy (R): 7%

    On a city level (and a huge city that is–NYC), data shows that a huge Hispanic majority backed mayor Dinkins over white Rudolph Giuliani. Twice.

    • BernieO

      Yes Hispanics vote for Democrats, white or black. In a choice between two Democrats, they favor Hillary.

  • Cee


    That was in 1988.

    I heard that Duval Patrick was elected by a sizable portion of the Latino community.

    You don’t give people enough credit.

    • Cee, I’d be grateful if you’d look at my post a couple posts down, and provide rebuttals to the concerns raised by the Boston media consultant, a Democrat who wrote an op-ed for the Boston Globe. I think he raises some very important concerns about Mr. Obama — including one that doesn’t get mentioned often enough, which is that he has never had a tough race against a Republican. His Senate win was a joke against Alan Keyes, a true nutjob. Does he have the readiness to take on a tough Republican opposition? But don’t answer that here — go and read his other questions, and please respond.

      • Cee


        I don’t see the Globe op-ed you’re talking about.
        I think Obama can handle any attacks from the GOP.
        I thank the Clinton campaign for the rendering he has just endured.

    • Nellie


      First of all let me say, I admire you coming here and to me that means you are open to learning. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here almost every day. I admire anyone who keeps an open mind.

      Now, I know Deval Patrick and Obama is NO Deval Patrick.

      First of all Patrick literally went stumping door to door and built up a solid grass roots organization from zero. Obama “Hides Out” on stages. Patrick had solid plans and proposals BEFORE he started campaigning. Obama offers “Hope”! Patrick was head of the DoJ Civil Rights Division under Clinton, and did a “heck of a great job”. Many initiatives, now destroyed by Bush, were Patricks.

      I went to an event to check Patrick out. His speeches on the radio sounded too good to be true – and his speaking ability is about the equivalent of Obama’s. As my father used to say, “if it seems too good to be true – its ususally bad”. So I wanted to essentially see, touch, feel, and test the product in person. I was stunned – he actually IS what he comes across as! Oh, and Patrick events are FREE – Obama charges.

      There were probably about 75 people at the event. Barney Frank was there also. Unlike Obama, who needs a teleprompter to speak – Patrick spoke extemporaniously.

      What really impressed me, was that Patrick and his staff were the LAST to leave the event. He let everyone ask questions – and hard ones at that- and he answered without hesitation. If he didn’t have an answer, he took your name and address down on a little pocket pad. I got my answer on paying for health plans in a 2 page letter less than 10 days later. Obama on the other hand, has his staff pick out select “safe’ people to a ask questions. He and his staff are among the FIRST out the door, and he mingles only as a rock star would with his groupies on the way out. He does not answer questions that are not scripted.

      Call his DC office and ask a quesstion and you can tell the staff has scripted answers. I did last week on FISA. The scripted respones were: “Senator Obama is trying to re-arrange his schedule” Or, “Senator Obama is doing his best to come back to DC”. I changed the question to “is his schedular there and could you ask them what Senator Obama’s plans are?” One of the same two scripted responses. Change question to Which is more important Constitution or Campaign Event. Same Scripted answer. Polite – but Robotic and uniformative as hell.

      Deval Patrick does a two hour call in show every month on Boston NPR. He also responds quickly to calls to office about questions/concerns.

      I have an aging aunt in Mass so I am well versed on Deval Patrick. In fact one of his staff, who lives in the next town from my aunt, still invites me to to events where Patrick will be.

      Patrick is 100 times more the leader and he can actually “communicate with” not just “talk at” or “speechify”.

      Cee, I am neither a Clinton or Obama Supporter. Would you do me a favor? Just Read these four links as if you are just starting research about people you barely know Okay?

      Funding for Clinton and Obama http://nymag.com/news/politics/30634/

      Obama’s demeanor with Money Supporters

      Comparison of funding for candidates. If you click on name you can see which industries/groups fund:

      Comparison of Economic Packages of ALL Candidates:

      Then email me at stefanikn@gmail.com and let me know what you learned as well as what you think. AS a former professor, I really care deeply about learning and thinking.

      Most of us here don’t HATE Obama the person. What is scary is the complete lack of VETTING done, and the media making it a two person race based on personality, or “ginned” up conflicts instead of FACTS and ISSUES that will impact all of us and our families. For me, its like being in an Orwellian nightmare, where there is a constant stream of Rush Limbaugh, or Fox TV running this garbage as NEWS – kind of like being surrounded by National Inquirer 24 hours a day.

      • nellie i just love your last paragraph:

        Most of us here don’t HATE Obama the person. What is scary is the complete lack of VETTING done, and the media making it a two person race based on personality, or “ginned” up conflicts instead of FACTS and ISSUES that will impact all of us and our families. For me, its like being in an Orwellian nightmare, where there is a constant stream of Rush Limbaugh, or Fox TV running this garbage as NEWS – kind of like being surrounded by National Inquirer 24 hours a day.

        i couldnt agree more … i find most the edwards and clinton supporters able to put principles before personality where the oborgs (thanks larry) dont show this ability yet.

        • TeakWoodKite

          Call his DC office and ask a question and you can tell the staff has scripted answers. I did last week on FISA.

          The Judicuary Substitute went down 60 34 on a motion to table. As Rove said the Dems are going to be “creatively” beat over the head with the way they vote on it.

          Obama makes no bones about going after Independents and “Disaffected” Repubs on the Sunday spin cycle. It apears he is attemting to use Reguns campaign strategy, just coming from the Dem’s side. When the primaries are over those “Disaffected” folks are going to “pick up the pieces and go home”, despite the compression of the center left-right.

          Nellie: might I inquire at to what you disipline you taught?

      • Cee


        I found this blog after hearing Larry on a national talk radio show. I respect his views (and others who post here) even when we don’t agree which is more often lately.
        No matter.

        I’ll read all of the articles and get back to you.
        I’ll tell you now…on the issues that are the most important to me, I don’t see much light between Clinton and Obama. That troubles me. Still, I’ve made my choice. Obama is it.

        I brought up Patrick because of what I learned about his attracting Latino voters.
        I think Barak can do the same. I also believe that Patrick supports Obama.
        I just checked. He does.

        For Obama, support from a kindred political spirit


        For me, its like being in an Orwellian nightmare, where there is a constant stream of Rush Limbaugh, or Fox TV running this garbage as NEWS – kind of like being surrounded by National Inquirer 24 hours a day.

        Imagine what it will be like with another Clinton administration.

  • Just remember that Jesse Jackson won the South Carolina Democratic Primary in 1988 with 54% of the vote. How’d he do in the 1988 election?

    • MufsMom

      That was a caucus, Larry, held after the eventual nominee had the necessary delegates. It was lightly contested, at best.

  • “conSWERVative Rethuglican” ????

    “Bushevik” ????

    The political naive must answer for the death of the language.

    It must be the writer’s strike……..

  • Montag

    Yeah, I’m afraid that Larry and Susan are in danger of becoming like the fanatical Bushevik “Kool-Aid Drinkers” they rightly despise. Also, I’m afraid this blog is becoming too much like the proverbial “Mainstream Media,” for whom the issues are nothing and the personalities are everything. By all means support Hillary if you want, but don’t make a FETISH out of it. Sure, Obama’s green, but so have been a lot of previous Presidential candidates. The Joke is that true statesmen like Henry Clay and William Jennings Bryan never got more than a WHIFF of the White House, leaving the office to lesser men.

    • LuigiDaMan

      If you don’t want a “whiff” of the White House than elect Obama. You will be handing victory to the Repupublicans. Hope you like four years of President McCain!

  • TeakWoodKite

    It is amazing to me that “judgement” is being used as a moniker of Obama’s bonifides and how quickly it is ignored by the “Audacity of Hope” crowd. Since I have not heard it mentioned here, Obama is playing the Lieberman gambit. I heard him on the radio relaying an exchange with a young republican voter who whispered “I support you Obama.” Obama’s response was “That’s great, but why are we whispering?”

    Pssssssst Obama, your healthcare commercial just said you were “going to cut cost and cover everybody”. If you believe that, then take a look what happened in the Senate this last week on FISA. The rethugs won’t even allow amendments from either side a vote. To survive in DC you have to have your ears to the tracks listening for the last train out and not be tied to them while doing so.

    “Struggling with our own doughts?” you say Obama? NOPE.

    • Jess Wonderin

      Exactly – when BO rolled out I was one ready to fall in love, even with no clear solutions platform except “Change” . . . but the whinny, “why can’t we be friends” approach just doesn’t help to accept “present” as a political statement and the continued lack of solid proposals. We need an ass kicking MF with the street smarts and guts to take back America – first choice would be Edwards, close Hillary . . . but actually ANY Democrat.

      My idea of happiness is a line of rusty Chevy sedans packed with dough faced unemployed Regent Graduates chugging out of Washington in a blizzard with a trunk full of lobbyists on January 22, 2009 . . .

      • TeakWoodKite

        Yea, I figure after they got done with the sand they threw in Fitzgerald’s face they used the rest on the Beltway roads. Now the Chevy sedans are so rusted out you can see the road through the floorboards.

  • snabby

    suthrnboy, you couldn’t have said it better.

    I am not a supporter of either of these candidates. I will likely vote for Edwards when I get the chance, although none of these candidates really do enough for me in terms of moving things in the progressive direction.

    And I will almost certainly vote for and actively support the Democratic nominee, whoever it happens to be.

    This blog has been a favorite of mine since the Scooter Libby trial, maybe before. I really appreciated the great insights.

    But now, I hardly want to come here, for all the Hilary shilling and bashing of others. It’s sad, really. You’re wasting your authority.

    • Did you look at the other posts on the site this week that don’t deal with the Democratic primary? There are several. We didn’t post as many this week because we changed servers, and we couldn’t post new items for almost two days. We try very hard to provide variety which, by the way, takes a lot of time and effort.

      • TeakWoodKite

        You do a damn good job. Thanks for that.

      • kenoshaMarge

        Susan, they don’t want balance, they want you to slobber, non-stop over Obama and bash Clinton just like most of the other liberal blogs are doing.

      • Nellie

        And you do an absolutely stellar job in providng well researched NEWS and in depth adult discussions. Thanks to all of you.

      • snabby

        I did read them, and will continue. What concerns me is that there seem here to be HRC talking points (e.g., Jackson’s SC “win” in 1988) spewed verbatim without regard to the truth. (In that specific case, Jackson’s win was in a caucus, not a primary, and the nomination was already sewn up, so it was symbolic; for the Clintons to have used that to try to negate Obama’s win last night is disingenuous at best.)

        You do a great job here, and I appreciate it, and I am no Obama supporter, but I look for truth, not spin.

      • Ron Cowin

        SusanUnPC: not only do you know about politics, which is impressive, but you understand computers. For someone who majored in poly sci back in the 60’s, frankly, I’m more impressed with the computer stuff. New servers are good, I think.

  • suthrnboy

    The analysis of Mr. Johnson and his co-bloggers has been a favorite of mine (lurking, not commenting) since the inception of NOQUARTER. But lately, whenever I want to read some seriously overbearing, in tone and number of posts, Obama hatred, I come visit this site. Larry and Susan are off the cuff in their disgust of this Democratic candidate. Which side are you guys on anyway? Apparently its not the Democratic or Republican side but the Hillary side. Maybe, Mr. Johnson, you shouldn’t change your current party affliliation. The hatred and holier-than-thou judgements such as what has been posted on this site about Obama are better suited on the conSWERVative Rethuglican side, not the nearly all-inclusive progressive Democratic side. FTR, I am an Obama supporter who admires Hillary Clinton greatly. She had my vote until Obama entered the race. I will vote for whoever becomes the Democratic nominee.
    Maybe you could tone it down some and not lose a long time reader. Maybe you don’t care what I think and will continue the unbridled criticism of Mr. Obama. But rest assured, if you all continue your current tone and he gets the nomination, your bridges in the progressive community will be burned.

    • kenoshaMarge

      Maybe you should have contined lurking if this is the best you can do. Hatred and unbridled criticism? Where you been pal? For weeks on end the media and MOST liberal blogs have been swooning over Obama and portraying Hilary and Bill Clinton as evil incarnate. You object to there being one blog where that isn’t so? You object because criticism of Obama is acting like a Republican? What the hell do you call the non-stop Clinton bashing? I know one thing after the past few weeks, because of what Obama and his surrogates have done to the Clintons I will never, ever, vote for him. Take you self-righteous drivel and go over to Zsa Zsa Huffington’s Place. She slobbers over Obama non-stop.

    • LuigiDaMan

      Hey southern boy, You’re right, if I want to hear any anti-Clinton rhetoric, all I have to do is turn on the TV and watch Tweety, CNN & Fake News do their thing. This may be the only site that dares to be pro-Hillary.

    • simon

      Obama initiated a campaign, using republican hate techniques.

      Republican hate techniques are harmful to our country, period.

      Obama is a lightweight, not qualified to be President.

      As the republicans are now making their move, in regard to bringing forward McCain as the “stable, mature candidate” (compared to all that democratic, ahem, hate,) Hillary needs to understand Obama is simply not a contender, not her presidential equal, to counter.

      She should be gracious, understanding politics are still blood sport, but she should intellectually KNOW Obama isn’t qualified.

      And he’s not.

      He was fed a strategy of hate, he used it, and McCain is on the news today, receiving the endorsement of the FL gov., both republicans looking dapper and stable, compared to the exhaustion and confusion (cut to) Obama is exhibiting.

      Clinton isn’t receiving the coverage, because of the south carolina loss —

      So thanks.

    • mostest

      and if Hillary gets the nomination…Dailykos bridges in the progressive movement is lookwise “burned.” The kids at the KOS are losing their MINDS!

      • TeakwoodKite

        I listen to Brad Friedman state that he was getting reamed by both sides (and he mentioned KOS) for getting all bent of shape when it came the request to COUNT the vote in NH…

        Decent Folks that I have talked to who are inclined to vote for the big O have a deep need to be excused from the past; which is prolog. Poo Poo rezko says a liberal talking head… I’m just doing this for ratings ’cause the savior message is SO important to my ratings…

  • Gloria

    Seems to me many are forgetting way back when during the time of Oprah in SC and the huge stadium rallies…
    There was much discussion of how she spoke…she dropped her billionaire speech and launched into “Southern preacher” mode, totally out of her usual speech (not a movie role). Many wondered about his “act” and whether THIS was playing a race card!! Remember??? Didn’t this really start the ball rolling??

    • Nellie

      Good Points. I’d almost forgotten about Oprah becoming what we Yankess call a “Tent Preacher” – because when I grew up the “revivalists” all worked out of tents.

    • NYC Voter

      I’ve often thought about that being the beginning. Or when Michele Obama said Black people would wake up. Oprah said that “they are telling us it’s not his turn, what if I had waited when people told me to wait my turn” something like that including where would you be if you waited your turn.

  • Betfair and Intrade had Obama favored over Clinton by more than 15 to 1. That is pretty damned close to dead certain. (Hillary is still favored 2 to 1 to get the nomination.)

    Therefore, Barack Obama must lead Clinton by a landslide, say at least 20 points, if this is to be seen as another Iowa moment.

    The converse is that if he wins by 10 points or less, it may be viewed by the flacks as a loss.

    If the media conglomerates had souls, they would be seen to be fickle.

  • bj


    I’ve read your blog for some time and really appreciate your political perception and your willingness to speak the truth. Keep up the great work.

    B in SC