Just curious.

I’ve just discovered the Shakespeare’s Sister blog. It’s very snarky. Here’s a snappy sample: “Apparently not satisfied that he has yet convinced America that he is too stupid to be president, Huckabee issued a response this morning to Bush’s SOTU address, which contained the following passage”:

And we must reaffirm Second Amendment rights, even as must redouble our efforts toward the protection of Life, from conception to natural death. To secure those vital freedoms, must work toward a judiciary that no longer legislates from the bench, but rather, interprets the Constitution and the law.

“Back to the old ‘activist judges’ chestnut, I see. Let me … allow my friend John Rogers to point out why the whole activist-judges/legislate-from-the-bench piffle is complete rubbish”:

… when the Supreme Court struck down the bans against interracial marriage in 1968 through Virginia vs. Loving, SEVENTY-TWO PERCENT of Americans were against interracial marriage. As a matter of fact, approval of interracial marriage in the US didn’t cross the positive threshold until – sweet God – 1991.

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And will the one-state wonder (Huckabee) keep soldiering on?

  • justsomeone

    I could give you alot of other examples of people without health insurance who would fall into Clinton’s “fine” catagory. If you recall from the last Dem debate Obama said, ” Hillary thinks some people just don’t want to spend $$$ on health insurance, I think it’s because they can’t afford it”. I believe I’m adressing a valid issue & there are no takers, why? Defend your canidate’s position.

  • justsomeone

    I don’t give up easy. Why won’t any of you Clinton supporters respond to your canidate’s position on what she tries to pass off as universal health care? Or are you waiting until tomorrow nights debates to she if Obama brings it up again? I have a neighbor who is female, 54yrs old & a few yrs ago had a stroke. She has no health insurance. She & her husband have a small business. Quotes she has received for insurance exceed $1500 a mo premium just for her. Sure Hillary could crunch the gross numbers of my friends business & decide to fine her for not being covered. She & her husband have a mortgage on their home & still owe on business euiptment. They work really hard. She is paying all of her own medical out of pocket. $1,500 a month just for her is unafforable for them. So since Hillary is always right I assume you all think it would be a better world to saddle my friend with a fine. Is my assumption correct?

  • Ivy

    I’d support hillary. Love her smile and her confidence. She always has a positive attitude and that is what makes her outstanding. Everytime I signed in the site ***mixedfriends.com*** and some men were talking her and said she is attractive.

  • CK

    Ah the memories,
    Just a few short months ago there were 11 candidates for the republican nomination and 9(?) for the dems.
    As of today the choices have been narrowed to 4 for the republicans and 3 for the dems.
    McCain, Romney, Huckabee, Paul
    Obama, Clinton, Gravel.
    The winnowing of the wheat from the chaff.
    McCain and Paul and Gravel are from the pre baby boomer generation.
    Clinton, Huckabee and Romney true baby boomers
    Obama born 1961 post baby boom, very end of the baby boomers whichever fits the frame.
    I think I will continue to support the tortise in the stroll to the conventions.

  • mudkitty

    RE: Post – an activist judge is any judge that a rightwinger disagrees with.

  • justsomeone

    Since this is an open thread: I hate these early primaries!!! I hate them. The pollsters & the MSM are picking the nominees. Even though it’s only January & the election isn’t until Nov in a few days the primary races will, for all practical purposes, be over. The thought of listening to McCain/Clinton or Romney/Clinton go at it for another 9 more months is a bummer, especially as the economy unwinds or maybe crashes.

  • justsomeone

    Why is everyone raggin’ on Mitt? He taught HRC everything she’s shoveling about her so called universal health care plan, especially the part about fineing people who don’t just pony up their bucks to the insurance giants. Why pay your mortgage or rent when you can keep “investing” in escalating health care costs & controls. Hell, why buy food, no one will fine you if you don’t? You people have no sense of gratitude.

  • TeakWoodKite

    I heard on the Tube abc 7, just now That Obama’s camp called the vote in Florida “meanless”. Anyone from Florida feel like your vote was “meaningless”? Sure there were no delegates, but if I lived in that state and I voted for Obama and then I was told what I did was meaningless? When Hillary wants the folks of that state to be “heard” at the convention? Way to go Axlerod you pinhead.

    • teak, less then an hour after the polls closed oborgs charged hillary had cheated and campaigned in florida. she apparently attended a thank you rally after it was all said and done. i guess this was the reason obama flew out of nevada before the polls closed; it would have been unseeming for him to thank his supporters. (sic)
      these same commentors were remiss in pointing out that obamawas the only candidate to run tv ads in the state. i’m sure he only did this because of the corrupt and divisive clinton machine!

      • TeakWoodKite

        I don’t recall who on MSNBC brought it up very recently, but the look on the guys face was like the producers was screeming in his ear, “Noooo stooop! Facts can’t be mentioned on this show.”

  • TrishB

    Shakesville aka Shakespeare’s Sister is a wonderful site. They’re pro-feminist more than anything else. Many of the main bloggers are pro-Obama, but they get the issues of how HRC is being attacked in the media. Oh, and I love the snark.

  • Sometime-CIA-Defender

    What, no images? Here’s a link to the accompanying picture.

  • Sometime-CIA-Defender

    Got this gem from the GOP today and wanted to share:


    Meet Maxine, the newest member of the Republican National Committee.

    Embroidered with the official logo of the RNC, Maxine proudly shows off her allegiance to the Republican Party’s principles of lower taxes, a strong national defense, limited government and personal responsibility.

    Maxine is a wonderful plush toy available for a limited time to our most loyal supporters like you. She is sure to be snapped up quickly. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Maxine makes a great gift for that special Republican in your life.

    We’ll send you Maxine today with your special contribution of at least $35.

    Your contribution will immediately be put to work. The RNC is leading the way to ensure our Republican candidates have the early resources they need to build strong, effective campaigns to defeat the Democrats this November.

    And for a very limited time, you can still get Max the elephant with a special contribution to the RNC. Click here to order both Maxine and Max today.

    I hope you will take advantage of this special offer. Thank you for your continuing commitment to our Party and our cause this critical election year.

    Best Wishes,


    The GOP: We’re all warm, fluffy and pink now.

  • Ever since I read about the way Romney abused his dog I find him loathesome — and then some.

    • Sometime-CIA-Defender

      I suspect that Romney, like my old mayor, is a psychopath. But that’s just my first impression. 🙂

    • Fred C. Dobbs

      The MSM proobably covered up that he had the MAID sit on the roof of the station wagon and hold the dog throughout the trip.

      • Just as long as she was a brown person, that’s alright.


    Giuliani will endorse McCain tomorrow in California.

    • So that gives McCain a total of, what, three more votes? Rudy’s, Judy’s and Bernie’s.

      The only New York mayor McCain wants in his corner is Bloomberg, with all those $$$ billions to finance a GE campaign.

      • Fred C. Dobbs

        My odds are 5 to 3 that Bloomberg emerges from the Republican convention as the brokered candidate.

  • To the more sensitive readers here: Yes, the title of my post is blatantly sexist.