UPDATE: Peter Daou, Sen. Clinton’s Internet director and a brilliant writer whose essays at Salon I miss terribly, writes a wonderful tribute to the Edwards. (Latest update below the fold.)

This morning at 9AM PST:


This morning at 9AM PST:


This is about showing some class as well as honoring a valiant, great fellow competitor. This is not always about making the campaign all about ME, ME, ME. Making ME feel important, and special. This is about the party too. And about a great man and his family who are suffering today, as are his supporters.

Re Edwards: I will miss John Edwards in this campaign very much. He has been, constantly, my strong second choice. He has been highly influential in the campaigns and debates, in steering conversation to people ordinarily forgotten by politicians.

Via Mark Halperin’s The Page, a Time magazine blog:

  • kenoshaMarge

    I wonder why it is that those that support Obama, even tepidly, always suggest that anyone that supports Hillary Clinton is angling for a job in a Clinton Administration. They never seem to think that is true for those that support Obama. Everyone that supports Obama does it only because they want the person they think will make the best president to win the election. Hillary Clinton supporters only support her out of self-interest. What drivel! Lot of Chris Matthews DNA in that kind of thinking.

  • Thinker

    Of the 2 bad choices up for grabs, I feel Obama offers slightly more hope to the American people and the World. But they are more or less equally bad.

    Mr Dodds it is interesting you call Obama the Bhagwan (or I think you do). The Bhagwan was the oposite of political correctness and confronted mediocrity at every opportunity. While Obama is everything that is attached to political correctness, favour & bias.

    It would take someone of the Bhagwan’s charisma to convince the world to love your enemies. That is something both Clinton & Obama ain’t got. Brace yourselves for plenty a feudin’ to come. There’ll also be plenty of CIA jobs for beggin’, Larry;)

  • kenoshaMarge

    I was a 100% supporter of John Edwards from the gitgo. I was so down yesterday after hearing he was dropping out I just turned off everything, radio, television, and computer and vegged out with a book. I am still sad but am also scared because the the pundits seems to be suggesting that John Edwards will endorse Obama. I cannot believe he would do that? Does anyone have any idea or is this just another one of Wolfie and Tweety’s wet dreams?

    And now that I don’t have John Edwards to support I am 100% in Hillary Clinton’s camp.

    I also wonder why, if people don’t like the fact that this is a pro-Hillary site they keep coming here and complaining about it. I used to visit BuzzFlash every day but since they turned into a ObamaFlash and HillaryBash I don’t go there anymore. They have a right to their opinion, although they also seem to think they have a right to their own “facts” too and I don’t expect them to change for me. So I don’t go there. Why would I? Just to complain? Seems pretty silly to me.

  • Jessie

    I’d support hillary. Love her smile and her confidence. She always has a positive attitude and that is what makes her outstanding. Everytime I signed in the site ***BlackCentury.com*** and some men were talking her and said she is attractive.

  • silver

    I feel sad as well. I always thought the contest would eventually boil down between what I though were the two best candidates, Edwards and Hillary—now that would have been a tough choice. Even though I’m for Hillary, I felt like the country would have been in safe and caring hands with Edwards.

  • Fred C. Dobbs

    For sheer heart, Edwards was the best of the bunch. I don’t think he was electable in the general election for, among other reasons, the taint of Kerry.

    That said, here’s hoping Hillary or the Bhagwan makes him Attorney General. Or SEC HHS. Or, even, Chairman of the SEC.

  • Kathy

    I want to say something to the Edwards people. Please don’t despair. I can’t imagine the democratic winner not appointing him to a post in the administration. He is definitely a superior, knowledgeable, dedicated dem and will be used by the new administration. Just remember everything happens for a reason and his life goals may be realized with his placement somewhere else other than as President. Please don’t despair. Press on and let’s get the dems elected in November.

    • Kathleen

      I wish I believed “everything happens for a reason” but I do not believe this. The WWII holocaust, Genocide after genocide including what is taking place in Iraq and the 4 million Iraqi refugees.

      Not sure what it will take for me to get excited about Hillary the warmonger or Obama the fence sitter.

  • I just spoke to the King County Democrats (WA state) and Edwards is still on the primary ballot for Feb 19, as are Biden, Richardson, Kucinich, and Dodd. It’s a popular vote, with no delegates awarded (our system sucks) so the caucus on Feb. 9, which awards all the delegates, is the only game in town — for those of stronger stuff.

    Today my stuff doesn’t feel too strong.

  • Hope

    Oh dear a Freudian slip: “plunders” – I meant blunders.

  • Hope

    Hillary’s tribute to the Edwards was very gracious indeed and gives her points in the politico/manners department. Maybe she is trying to balance out Bill’s perceived plunders over the past few weeks, although in my book I wouldn’t consider them to be as bombastic as the MSM would expect us all to believe.

    I think Edwards might have had more luck this round had he not been on the ticket with Kerry in 2004.

  • Kathleen

    Hey over at Firedoglake..Emptywheel (Valerie and Joe Wilson have said that Marcy knows more about the Plame case than they do) is liveblogging the Mukasey hearing when it starts again.

    Here is the c-span link to the hearing they are replaying the morning


    Feinstein (who helped bring us Mukasey) Durbin, Feingold, and Kennedy ripped up the Senate carpet this morning.

    • hope4usa

      I emailed Firedoglake about the most recent UK article. Apparently Plame was orginally outed in 2001. No wonder they kept saying she wasn’t NOC….Grossman took care of that.

  • Lukeness

    Aha! Another great reason to vote for Clinton! It took the Obama web people an hour longer to post an Edwards thank you image on their home page! How can he possibly be Commander in Chief with such sloppy inefficient employees!

    It’s hilarious to see what minor things you try to blow out of all proportion.

    • you see luke that is the problem i have with oborgs … they are so quick to dismiss “minor things” when it doesnt reflect well upon their candidate. if you really feel the need to show out … let me suggest you find another day to do so. there are many of us on this blog who are deeply saddened by john’s decision today … i for one, a mean old white guy, shed a tear or two … not for john or myself but for the people he was fighting for. allow us the time and the space to express what we are feeling.

      • I’m an Edwards supporter. I’m incredibly dissapointed he has dropped out and at the very least not stuck around less than a week to see how Super Tuesday panned out. But quibbling over website updates? Come on.

        It took Obama’s camp an HOUR longer to put up a John Edwards tribute therefore it’s HILLARY FOR ME!? Are you guys for real?

        Bama you can have all the time and space you need to express how you’re feeling. I’m just not sure how ticking another box in the “Obama BAD” column over something as trivial as this achieves that. I’d call that reaching.

        Here is hoping Edwards can jump on board with whoever the eventual candidate is (Whether as a Vice Presidential ticket or AG and effect his promised and legitimate change from there.

        • Insulting Edwards’ supporters will not bring them to Obama’s side. Guaranteed.

      • Lukeness

        I’m not an “oborg” but a dedicated and long-time Edwards supporter and I’m now undecided regarding the super Tuesday caucus in my state. But the continual stream of negative posts about Obama on No Quarter just mystify me. If you want me to caucus for Clinton, stick to giving me reasons why she’ll be a great president, not silly comparisons that you think make her look better than Obama. To be honest, you’re making me more likely to caucus for Obama.

    • simon

      Um Obama, the other Bush?

  • Kathleen

    Edwards on C-span now.

    I am sick with sadness

    • Thanks for the C-Span link. He is a class act all the way.

      Pretty sad now.

    • Kathleen, I’m so sorry for you and Shoephone.

      Btw, I put up Steve Clemons’ SOTU response with YOU specifically in mind. Hope you’ll get a chance to watch it. He kept it short, so it’s not a full discussion of Israel/Palestine, but his emphasis on it is important, imho.

      • Kathleen

        Thanks… but really sad for Edwards and his family. When I stood directly in front of him(turning down the chance to stand behind him on the stage) during his talk at the College of Charleston and watching his family (Cate, his mother and father) they were so sincere, so honest looking, so middle class> When I heard Edwards focus again on the issues of poverty, Vets, living wages, equity in education,diplomacy in the middle east, accountability I was reminded so much of Bobby Kennedy’s focus on these issues. I was moved to tears (as I am now) by his sincerity, grit and the conviction of his words and by his commitment to not take lobbyist money. I have been truly unwilling to hold that he is male and white against him.

        I am no longer excited about this race. Obama’s fence sitting and Hillary’ willingness to go along with the warmongers like Lieberman…just do not inspire this 55 year old soccer mom.

        But still willing to repeat the Obama campaign is absolutely playing the “race card” in the south. All you have to do is listen to the Obama adds in the south. Bill Clinton was spot on when he brought this up…the MSM is chickenshit to tackle or challenge this…or they have another agenda.

  • If Edwards will not be on the ballot in WA on Feb 9, I’m not finding much reason to attend the caucus. I’ll still vote in November, but the wind is out of my sails for the caucus.

    Yes, I’m biased, but I deeply believe Democrats are going to regret not supporting Edwards in the early races.

    And I hope Elizabeth is really okay.

    • Kathleen

      Right with you. Can not get excited by either candidate. They both lost me on the Kyl/Lieberman admendment.

      Edwards focused on Poverty

    • JerseyJeffersonian

      Shoephone (and maybe others),

      I am also sorry to see John Edwards withdrawing from the race. To his credit, he has highlighted the continuing, and in some ways worsening, problem of wealth disparities and the pernicious inequities that accompany this. When I was a boy of about 12 years of age, I had the opportunity to travel with my parents to Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador in western South America. During this trip, I was exposed to the real Third World. I saw the truly destitute trying to eke out an existence, and at the same time, I saw the gated compounds of the wealthy with their high walls with broken glass embedded in the mortar at their tops intended to fend off the unwashed. It left an indelible impression on my young mind, and even at that tender age I could see that these countries were not healthy. I see some of the same problems becoming more prevalent and intractable in this country as the years have passed. The corrosive influence of the accentuation of class inequalities will drag us down. Senator Edwards gave voice to this perception, and in ways and with an urgency that I do not hear from HRC or BHO. Sadly, Jesus was probably right to say the the poor will always be with us; but I would imagine that he wasn’t giving us a pass to live heedless of their plight or by our inaction to increase their numbers. I was intending to vote for Edwards in our upcoming primary, and I still may do so to let the surviving candidates know that his message will be ignored at their – and our – peril.

      • JerseyJeffersonian – That was eloquent. Thank you.

  • Kathleen

    It was amazing that John Edwards stayed in the race for this long. The Mainstream Media (MSNBC/General Electric and the Disney Channel) has been stacked up against him from the very beginning not covering him fairly. Edwards has been challenging these corporate folks..they sure do not want him

    One thing we know for sure is that John Edwards steered his rivals towards progressive ideals during this race. Obama has taken on Edwards challenge of lobbyist and Edwards persistent focus on poverty. Hillary is now using the term “this is personal for me” all of the time.

    He was the only candidate who was really willing to challenge powerful lobbyist. (Obama has taken this on, but takes their money) Edwards has been the only candidate who has consistently brought our nations attention to homeless Vets and others who are suffering and sleeping under bridges. He was the only candidate who brought up those who lied the U.S. into an unnecessary and immoral war in Iraq. When I saw him speak in Charleston he brought tears to my eyes with his sincerity, compassion and grit. He so reminds me of Bobby Kennedy not just his looks but more what he says and has decided to focus on.

    Edwards dropping out is a loss for the American public…he is the most compassionate, sincere candidate in the race!

    Just can not figure out Senator Ted Kennedy jumping on the Obamarama machine….based on what? What does one hitch your wagon to with Obama fence sitting?

    • Fred C. Dobbs

      >>> Just can not figure out Senator Ted Kennedy jumping on the Obamarama machine….based on what?

      Simple. Ted lacks the Testicular Fortitude to run for POTUS himself, but he wants to control who DOES get the Democratic nomination.

      If his name were, for instance, Ted JONES, he’d be writing wills and doing real estate closings in Fitchburg, Mass, wouldn’t he?

      • christy kennedy

        Wow. You’re dismissing his entire record of decades of public service because you’re pissed that he endorsed Obama?

        • Fred C. Dobbs

          No, because he likes to play the Spoiler every other Presidentiaal election. Ted Kennedy did at least as much as the Ayatollah and George Hideous Wanker Bush’s behind the scenes maneuvering to defeat Carter in 1980.

          “Ted for Lifeguard!”

    • anatol

      see a very informative and ringing true Steve Clemons’ explanation of Ted Kennedy’s move: http://www.thewashingtonnote.com/archives/002753.php

      A teaser: “This is quite significant but for reasons that may not seem as obvious as the press is promoting.”

  • anon

    you should get a photo of the current Barack home page, “Barack in Denver”

    It is All Barack, All The Time. Or, is there something about Barack you do not understand? Barack, here, Barack, there. Little Barack.

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  • Jay

    The one thing that this website shouldn’t be lecturing anyone on, is “class”: That being said, here is a statement from Obama:

    “John Edwards has spent a lifetime fighting to give voice to the voiceless and hope to the struggling, even when it wasn’t popular to do or covered in the news. At a time when our politics is too focused on who’s up and who’s down, he made a nation focus again on who matters – the New Orleans child without a home, the West Virginia miner without a job, the families who live in that other America that is not seen or heard or talked about by our leaders in Washington.

    “John and Elizabeth Edwards have always believed deeply that we can change this – that two Americans can become one, and that our country can rally around this common purpose. So while his campaign may end today, the cause of their lives endures for all of us who still believe that we can achieve that dream of one America.”

    • chris

      Glad to see this comment. I’ve been taken aback by the rabid tone on this blog vis-a-vis Hillary & Barack. These elections are totally lacking in class and classlessness has spread thru blogs such as this one. Or should I say myopia?

      • TeakwoodKite

        I say one person with class just called it a day.

  • I’m bummed. I hope he gets lots of coverage of his anti-poverty speech today. I hope the remaining candidates take his message to heart and make it part of their campaigns.

    And, uh, I guess I’m an HRC supporter now.

    • Gee, Lisa, I never imagined he’d drop out. I’m very upset about this. He added so much to the campaign, and he was the one other candidate remaining that I can see in the Oval Office.

      (He’s saying it has nothing to do with Elizabeth’s health. I hope that that’s the case.)

      Needless to say, the debate tomorrow night will be very strange without his brilliant points. I’m very sad.

    • simon

      As an Edwards supporter, I took his message to heart.

      Fight for the those without great wealth, against the mediocre and ignorant who would ignore, or abuse them.

      I dislike arrogant, smug, talentless bullies, Washington seems full of them.

  • grtphoto

    I am so sad, AGAIN. Edwards was my number one choice. I won’t hold my nose and vote but I’m very dissapointed. I hope he can find a place in Clinton administration that suits his best qualities.
    I’ve absolutely had it with Obama. Thom Hartamann said it best this morning when he said of BO, and I paraphrase, people are projecting their own issues onto him, making him who they want him to be, a Rorschach test for America.
    I agree, Hillary, good sport on mentioning Edwards on her home page.

    • simon

      I agree with Hartmann but what of the objective corruption, and Obama’s actions in regard to his constituents, and Rezko?

      That isn’t a projection, that’s criminal.

  • MPinSC

    Hillary is always a class act, and I’ve never seen her be snotty and ungracious in victory.

    Good job.