Most recently, ABC’s Jake Tapper has revealed a clip of then Illinois state senator in 2001 Barack Obama stating:
“The proof in the pudding is looking at the treatment of the other Bush nominees,” Obama said. “I mean for the most part, I for example do not agree with a missile defense system, but I dont think that soon-to-be-Secretary Rumsfeld is in any way out of the mainstream of American political life. And I would argue that the same would be true for the vast majority of the Bush nominees, and I give him credit for that.”
The proof in the pudding, Mr. Obama? 

Much has been written of former SecDef Donald Rumsfeld – his arrogance, his far too numerous deadly and costly mistakes in Iraq. His shabby treatment of Gen. Eric Shinseki who was proved right in his request for more troops and his subsequent dimissal of Shinseki, despite Gen. Shinseki being correct. Or Rumsfeld’s stating that we knew where the WMD were – outside of Tikrit. And readers here at No Quarter may recall the post of Larry’s via Pat Lang’sSic Semper Tyrannis of the email exchange between Joe Galloway and Rumsfeld mouth piece and under secretary Larry DaRita.
And if someone asked me to say something positive about the man, I would say when the
Pentagon was attacked on 9/11, Rumsfeld’s tending to victims showed action and he exhibited courage by going back inside the burning building multiple times. 
However, what also comes to my mind was his despicable act of auto penning next of kin letters of those who had been killed in action.
The president, of whom I am no fan of at least never did that. 
Would Rumsfeld have continued to auto pen the KIA letters had he not been caught? I believe so. Hasn’t character or a lack of it been described as what we do when nobody sees us?
Rumsfeld said: “I wrote and approved the now more than 1,000 letters sent to family members and next of kin of each of the servicemen and women killed in military action. While I have not individually signed each one, in the interest of ensuring expeditious contact with grieving family members, I have directed that in the future I sign each letter.”
It was the late Col. David Hackworth, a soldier’s soldier, who uncovered Rumsfeld’s disgusting secret.
Contrast that with Sen. Clinton supporter and advisor,  Ret. Gen. Wesley Clark…
In 1995, during the negotiation process, Clark and Holbrooke’s diplomatic convoy was ambushed on a road by landmines and small arms fire, after Milosevic refused them safe passage. One of their jeeps crashed down a ravine and killed its passengers. Risking his life, Clark, then a 50 yr old man and 3-star general, rapelled down the ravine to search for survivors, admist enemy gunfire. He stayed with the burning jeep until help arrived, saving the wedding band of a dead soldier to personally return it to the soldier’s widow. 
No disrespect to Sen. Kennedy (and his niece Caroline, daughter of JFK) who has dedicated much of his life to service and his recent endorsement of Sen. Obama is something Camp Obama is rightfully proud of but I’ll take Wes Clark anyday.

Now in fairness to Sen. Obama, Rumsfeld sailed through his confirmation but his supporters never fail to remind us how prescient Obama was because of his opposition to Iraq. Sen. Obama constantly reminds us of his superior judgement while blasting away at Sen. Clinton’s. We are finding out more and more that Sen. Obama has made less than astute calculations of judgement and perhaps his precious prescience and his most excellent judgement is not as spotless as he and his followers would have us believe.
And when you claim to an agent of change – whose judgement is beyond reproach,  I say to you sir, the proof is indeed in the pudding

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  • Sandy

    Wow, thank you, Wethornet, didn’t go over to Counterpunch yet today (it’s one I read every day.) So sorry to hear this! Wishing him well!

    Hillary was brilliant last night. Line I loved best was when asked about the fact MIT runs as a CEO….and she isn’t…..she said Georgie was touted as the first CEO President and MBA. And look what that’s amounted to. Brought down the house! Keep up the great work, Hillary!

    And, don’t let the bastards get you down!

    • Taters

      Sandy, I agree, that was a zinger.

  • wethornet



    Many of us here know & love Ray McGovern. Some first hand experience, some from his writings on the net.

    He has an article up on Counterpunch. Had a recent health scare. Grape fruit sized blob that the Docs removed. He’s on the mend, (& as insightful & feisty as ever).

    Ray’s faith is very important to him. And that shows clearly in his essay.

    What a mensch.

    • Cee


      I’ve been wondering how you’ve been. Glad to see you speaking up.

      • wethornet

        Thanks for noticing Cee.

        I’ve had my ongoing chronic health stuff. Haven’t had the energy of late to post.

        I’m in a good place/good space these past few days. And the forecast for the next few days is good. I am also going to make some major changes that will help my body.

        There’s some Latin phrase I came across recently. Don’t have it at my fingertips, (the Latin), but it is roughly: As long as I breathe, I fight.


  • Kathleen

    Is there a problem with

    Justin Raimando’s latest on “Deadly Hubris” is a must read. It is about dead Iraqi’s.

  • Kathleen

    Not many people talking about the dead in Iraq. Most Americans are happy to stay in the bubble. Not Justin
    Deadly Hubris
    A million Iraqis dead – for what?

  • kenoshaMarge

    MoveOn.Org just endorsed Obama. I just unsubscribed from MoveOn.Org. I am beginning to think it doesn’t matter what anyone says about Obama because people are acting like it’s a vote for American Idol instead of something as important as the presidency.

    I know, inside, that ANY online vote doesn’t mean much because many, if not most, of the Hillary Blue Hair Brigade, do not use a computer. Most of the people I talk to at the Senior Center do not have, nor want, a computer. I am the exception in the group.

    A lot of the women, who always vote by the way, are really honked off about the Clinton bashing. They are also damned mad about the way many of the Obama supporters are talking as if older voters suddenly don’t matter. Older women have been the backbone of BOTH parties for generations. Making them mad might not be a real good idea.

    • ellag

      You are so right. I hear the same thing. There is much support for Clinton..
      Obama wants to forget the 20th century but not me. I remeber how dangerous are men who make great speeches and move crowds of glassy eyed followers. The gang in Obamaland are marching goose step in the kool-aide line.

      • Nellie

        WOW! My thoughts put much more eloquently – Thank You!

      • Nellie


        Exactly what I am thinking – but stated more eloquently. Thank You.

      • Cee

        LOL! Jim Jones or Hitler?

        • kenoshaMarge

          More Jim than Adolph, donchathink?

    • Kathleen

      The “hope and change” Obamarama mantra is working

    • Anne

      Here’s a little context on the MoveOn vote: the 280,528 votes cast represented only 8.7665% of MoveOn’s 3.2 million membership. I received an e-mail asking for my vote – but didn’t; apparently 91.2335% – or 2,919,472 members declined to vote, as well (or get so much of this kind of mail they just ignored it).

    • Kathy

      The blue haired ladies have husbands who are voting for Hillary too. I hope to God this silent group will come through and blow Obama out of the water.

      • kenoshaMarge

        Amen Kathy, amen. And watching Chris Matthew’s head explode on national television would just be an added bonus.

  • Let’s also not forget that while Obama said nice things about Rumsfeld, Hillary Clinton ACTUALLY VOTED TO CONFIRM HIM. Did you really not do the 10 seconds’ worth of Googling it would’ve taken to find that out?

  • Kathleen
  • Are you kidding me? You’re writing for a Web site run by a guy who once said terrorism wasn’t a big threat to the U.S. — two months before 9/11. Now you want to rip Obama a new one for actually having some nice things to say about Rumsfeld two years before the Iraq war started?

    Obama didn’t even say that Rumsfeld would be a brilliant military tactician; he only said that Rumsfeld was a fairly mainstream candidate. Surely you can do better than this.

    • ritamary

      The guy who runs this website is not running for president.

    • Taters

      Right, it was Larry’s fault Bush paid no attention to the Bin Laden determined to strike in US pdb.

  • taters

    Rumsfeld was a signatory advocating the removal of SH in the 1998 PNAC “Open Letter to Pres. Clinton’

    check out the sigs – the usual supects..

    • Kathleen

      Have spent weeks on that website reading almost everything from top to bottom. Certainly helps one understand what the agenda is.

    • Kathleen

      Read “The Price of Loyalty” Have not seen your name before do you come here much?

  • Kathleen
    • TeakwoodKite

      I have wondering what boat anchor do this. Funny if the cable was being “spliced” for a tap and somebody screwed it up. I have read about efforts to tap other undersea cables, true those where cooper, but what good is an imagination if you don’t let it out of the disipline cage once in awhile?

    • Cee


      Some accident, ey?

      DUBAI (Zawya Dow Jones)–A third undersea fibre optic cable running through the Suez to Sri Lanka was cut Friday, said a Flag official.

      Third undersea Internet cable cut in Mideast
      Iran is back online but… its traffic is now passing through the UK and US, the latter controlling the 13 primary routers. Can you say wiretap?

      What are the odds? Who benefits? Let’s see. Iranian rapprochement:
      “Recent months have brought signs of a growing rapprochement between Iran and Egypt.”

      What nation would not like this and has subs which could cut the cables? Why do it? Payback as over the net business is badly damaged. Or is this a setup for more? Note the internet is working just fine in Israel.

      • TeakWoodKite

        I have a good friend who was a submariner and he laughed at me like I was crazy when I told him I thought these cabled had been spliced. What would you think if your comm’s were being swept up and put that together with the deal struck in the Senate over FISA using the Spector Whitehouse “solution” and can someone say “the fix is in” and the war’s begun.

  • Good Post Taters..
    Since you all know I don’t post any deep insiteful political prose here I don’t worry much about any backlash i may garner..
    First off.. Obama is supposed to really be a good baller.. ideal build for a wing man..reminds me of Prince of the pistons..wouldn’t you agree Taters?
    And you guys thought i was going to be pulled into the Clinton vs. Obama question. hahaha
    one on one on the court..I’m taking the Big O every time..
    I thought the debate was pretty good last night..
    I like em both really..But i didn’t see all of the debate because i kept changing it back to the Celtics game.. Does that make me a bad person? 🙂

    • Kathleen

      No not a bad person just an American!

      Obama actually impressed me by bringing up diplomacy with Iran. He also brought up the 4 million Iraqi refugees. The two of them did not bring up poverty issues anywhere close to how often Edwards has in the past.

      Still not one mention of one of the most critical issues in the middle east the Israeli Palestinian conflict. So what else is new you may say…that still does not make ignoring this issue acceptable!

      • Cee


        Some things have to wait until after the election.

        • Kathleen

          Why would you think that Obama, or Clinton would deal with this conflict any differently than Bush or Clinton. Clinton blamed Arafat for the failings of the Peace Talk along with Dennis Ross and the MSM. Barak was no closer to signing that agreement than Afafat…yet the MSM hung Arafat out to dry.

    • Taters

      I don’t know Hoosier Hoops, checking out a hoops game as opposed to the debate?? While maybe not quite putting you in the official “bad guy” category you may be considered as a “person of interest.”
      We should have started a movement – to draft Dave Bing for POTUS.
      Both candidates came across well last night.

  • Kathleen

    In Ron Susskind’s book “The Price of Loyalty” former Secretary of the Treasury states that at the very first Bush cabinet meetings Wolfowitz and Cheney were all about attack Iraq Iraq Iraq. O’Neil indicates that Rumsfeld was not on the bus at this time.

    Since then Rumsfeld sure screwed up and so many have payed with their lives.

    Thanks for the stories about Gen Wesley Clark. Everything I have ever heard this guy say is impressive. The fact that he stands for diplomacy with Iran, he has made honest comments having to do with the Israeli lobby (and has taken a thumpin for speaking the truth). Hillary may be afraid to take him on as VP because the Lobby does not like Clark.

    • Taters

      I must confess I haven’t read it Kathleen. I always meant to. I’ve read sections that were made available. The Paul O’Neal stuff is pretty priceless.

  • Mr.Murder

    Caps discourage new investment but make it likely the original contracts mature.

    Split the difference, slow the acceleration by reducing obligation, interest can still reflect value. The money still likely floats to other sectors, the fact interest can even measure in to incremental amounts will continue to contract foreign capital.

  • justsomeone

    Mr Murder, I didn’t see your comment when I typed mine. Hope you’re right, that there is reason to the madness.

  • Mr.Murder

    BTW, I’m against a total rate freeze.

    Big money would stridently oppose it, and we need it at this time draw any foreign capital.

    More than likely we will see them impose a two tiered system with loopholes at the top.

    People will find ways to simply forgo payments and still bring it down, gravity is a law only broken by the force of thrust, something that requires fuel to do.

    We’re at peak oil so the fundamental basis for a market recovery is moot.

    I’d say you have to leverage this stuff.

    Apply a sliding scale and cap formula to the items.
    If they want to keep interest wherever they plan, attach a qualifier, return the bankruptcy laws.

    That will force them to accede other methods of refinance aimed the homeowners way. Extend the payment plane, cap short term interest, adjust the monthly payments, put basis target quarters in across the swath of loans an institution oversees, etc.

    A cap plan can have limited flexibility so it becomes a regional selling point. This helps banks in an area stay competitive and work together to ease downward pressure on returns.

    You can lose everything at once on the big boards, or agree to help Joe average meet ends by redrawing short term payments.

    In the meantime, raise wages in two ways so the market can hold its end of the lending agreement.

    Raise minimum wage, give family owned small firms some waivers for people whose livelihood is their stake in the business.

    This should apply to small caps only, not every local McDonald’s or Exxon, etc.

    A minimum wage raise can accompany a slight tax rebate in gains, as President Clinton formerly established. The gain in overall taxable revenue offset the gains reduction to a good extent. He can tell you how to get this set to where a surplus results, in smaller but more efficient means.

    Retable the working pay scale to match the raise increase. Pay overtime out at 36.5, then 34, then 32 hours weekly. The phased transition lets business stay competitive. Again small business exemptions can be applied. Larger firms will expand payroll to meet these means, thereby helping smooth payer based packages of investment and health care.

    Productivity went up and wages diminished. Such dishonesty in the social contract will never stand the test of time. It’s time we dramatically increase pay to reflect this productivity increase.

    I’d suggest no cap on interest for reasons stated prior, instead make it to a point that short term crunches can be mitigated. The times money changes category to be put within the economy may have slowed, but it will be reflected in ways that show continued activity in other sectors.

    For instance, the way retail sales have slowed at this time, we need to insure those markets tread water in terms of how well they can move overhead and inventory.

    If there is a cap it should be on fuel prices during peak oil. The Clinton White House managed the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to levels that it helped to reduce market growth strains at a record time. Each .01 difference in our oil barrel price takes a billion from the economy.

    However, she still needs to meet ground on Obama’s assertion of talking with all countries, included those we perceive to be antagonists. It’s my opinion that rivals like Chavez and Castro can be acclimated to help us expand the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

    This then gives us new ways of using diplomatic levers abroad. Cuba can work with us to help Taiwan in time. Such a strategic shift could notify China that we’re regionally engaged and applying the brakes to their expansion. They need to be met with containment policy to new levels. This policy has worked before and will do so again. The ability to continue market share in products Cuba could compete with here in America by redirecting eastward would cede some opposition from engagement, especially in the tobacco lobby, etc.

    Deterrence has a two fold use. One to balance the pressure on second world places facing the challenge of growth, climate, energy and food demands. We need to be the country helping in these areas as best able so we shape favorable outcomes for all parties.
    The other for a rapid response to the terror and narco interdiction efforts that result from warfare, or failed state outcomes, resulting from western ambitions or regional despotism.

    Redraw the emphasis abroad to stay ahead of emerging state problems, and set into place prior positions of containment around the most powerful spheres of influence. Flip the levers on those we previously embargoed, and use them to enact containment in larger terms outside of their own hemisphere.

    • Nellie


  • justsomeone

    Hillary says, No foreclosures for 5 yrs. Cool. no evictions, how about no property tax? Who cares if that’s what pays for the schools, roads, police, fire… Everything will be free. Except for health care. No mortgages, no rent. Sounds like fun. Who cares if the seller needs the $$$$$? Everything is contingent on the buyer’s ability to pay. With this economic reasoning whoever can scam their way into a mansion can stay for 5 yrs. & party. Don’t you just luv the stuff these people say to their base during the primaries? I’m sure you all will sort it out. Goodnight.

  • Mr.Murder

    Understand why Hillary talked aboput a rate freeze,
    if she does not start there, we’ll end up near to where the GOP wants, with more tax breaks for the rich.

    It’s an understanding we have to give ground on the fiscal issue, then start as far away from them as possible and move them to you by increments.

  • justsomeone

    If Warren Buffet & Bill Gates want to pay more taxes, Who’s stopping them???? They can take all that they have & give it to Uncle Sam, just don’t tell me I have to. When Obama references Buffet & the tax code what he’s sayin is he’s going to raise tax on cap gains. Let’s have no investment income, let’s all just pee away every dime we get the day we get it, no saving of any kind. It could be fun.

  • Mr.Murder

    Gen. Clark was overqualified to be President, so he was not put on the ticket.

    Remember that Sen.Obama had to dance a conservative step to get votes in southern Illinois, what we can call ‘Hastert Country,’ if you dare tread through the realm of inelegant visuals.

    The soft white underbelly of the GOP voting base is in and of itself a trap. The way items are framed for debate, it’s easy to get lost in the terrain or anti terror talk that is little more than the steam and smoke of bravado.

    It’s like the beach head at Anzio. Trying to stake a spot in the crossfire of their most experienced pols, surrendering position on a per item basis, digging in where’s the no suitable spot to do so…

    …only to retreat again and call your own guns on the ground you squandered blood for.

    You’re better to beat that kind of insurgency with the classic tactic of defining the traditional stand you’ve always had, reinforcing that strong spot, establishing a mission and rules of engagement that leave you room to adjust sight and avoid circular firing squads.

    Then as they come out from their own position you are at advantage and stand to gain from their lack of cover. You’ve not emerged too far from the reinforcement of your most successful fortress, and can now take the middle ground, ably to resupply and bring new forces forward in ways that win over the local support against a common foe.

    The best way to do so at this time is to highlight the failures of the GOP when they were the majority party. Democrats gave Bush authorization, as many emerged from the fog of 9-11 trusting in the institution of the highest office, out of a sense of desperation coupled with trust.

    America united behind the Republicans and gave up the middle ground. They won back Congress as Karl Rove told Republicans to “run on the war” and once in that position of trust they robbed that sense of unity.

    Shutting down debate on the floor so Legislators were left no way of assuring advance outside of sending through earmarks.

    Using signing statements and Executive directives to wantonly ignore the public will and further undermine any sense of unity.

    Continually claiming any reasoned critic or skeptic was in a traitor.

    All of this on the heels of PNAC’s cataclysmic fulfillment of justification for empire.

    There’s no middle ground anymore. That got flooded under deficits, truth always the first casualty of war, we’ve now placed the world’s greatest military to its breaking point.

    You want middle ground, I’ll show where it’s at:

    The 9th ward.

    That’s at home.

    You want middle ground overseas?

    How about Taiwan, Kashmir, Gaza, Kosovo, all of central Africa. The entire green zone and Baghdad outskirts?

    Bush hasn’t made a single gain, at best the State Dept has simply conceded items or maintained loose footing before having to withdraw or act, at times unilaterally.

    There’s no such thing as middle ground right now.

  • justsomeone

    bama-baron, cool, hope you feel better now. How about you tell me what both Obama & Hillary define as “poor” & “middle class”. Here’s a clue: 50K in NYC is not the same as 50K in Memphis. & for whatever it’s worth I don’t buy into all of Ron Paul’s game either. What’s an “elite”? gimme the dollar amount. Or is it just someone that’s not on the debt treadmill? Surely it can’t be any of those limo libs, that produce major films or make 200mil smilin’ for the camera, like the crowd at the debates tonight.

  • justsomeone

    Teakwoodkite, I’ve read (can’t recall where) that under “family unity” every illegal, once documented may bring 56 family members. Anybody know anything about this? It sounds outrageous, but what’s been going on is pretty outrageous. I recently sent a gift to someone to celebrate their obtaining US citizenship. They were really happy & proud. I contrast that attitude with that of the crowd that hangs out at a local convenience store; many of them sport t-shirts that say “You can’t deport all of us” & b.s. about Atzlan. Oh if you aren’t hip to Atzlan, check it out.

    • TeakWoodKite

      They were really happy & proud. As I am for them.

      Atzlan, check it out.
      I have seen it.

  • just … take a minute and find a towel and wipe the spittle off your screen. ok … is that better? now let me humbly state my opinion … your anti hillary screed was pathetic but what was even worse was the fact you actually think the ron paul version of walter mitty has anything to do with anything.
    you bemoan the nanny society which must mean you support a governmental system that protects the very few elites who rape and plunder the common assets of this country. i find it utterly amazing that anyone could buy into this type of thinking unless of course they were one of the elites. show me where hillary or obama has said anything about increasing taxes on the middle class and the poor … show me.
    finally, since when have republicans or libertarians cared one iota about the elderly. dont confuse a pie in the sky tax cut as being true empathy … it is a bogus ploy at best. they would just as soon as the elderly and the infirm die lest their lives interfer with the GNP.

  • justsomeone

    Taters, thank you, as soon as I figure out who my canidate is I’ll extend my good wishes.

    • Taters

      justsomeone – thanks for the response and good for you. I appreciate you honestly expressing your point of view and for being a straight shooter.

  • justsomeone

    Hillary said she wants to keep the interest rates right where they are for 5 years! The woman has no concept of economics & no fear of inflation. No sense saving money, just keep buying. Not only does she want to be the Pres, now she wants to nationalize the banks, co opt the Federal Reserve. Scary. Ron Paul is looking better by the minute. HRC really wants to run a full blown nanny government (“From each according to their ability to each according to their need”) & Obama is only slightly more freedom loving. He seems to be a little more humble, says he won’t fill his cabinet with rubber stamps. I think she’ll run her cabinet like a tyrant. He atleast pays some lip service to cutting taxes on seniors making less than 50k a yr, she’ll tax every dime out of the older generations while limiting their ability to earn interest income. I don’t believe she’ll only set taxes at what they were in the 90’s. They both slobber over illeagle immigrants, like citizens are chopped liver.

    • TeakWoodKite

      Global economies require a labor force that is globally oppressed and subjugated. Why is nationalism a dirty word you ask? A human being is a creature of the Planet Earth.

      An American (pick a country) confronting the reality that laws are not enforced and intentionally violated then see our government seek to grant a Privilege reserved for a US person of a valid legal status and expose it’s citizens to a increased national security risk is a serious issue.

      I will say this nonsense about “bringing them out of the shadows” drives me nuts. All due repect, that is saying we are blind to our surroundings. In what “shadow” do you hide 20 million people?

      I don’t have solution unless we, in saying we are a nation of laws, really make that a true statement.

      • teak what confounds me the most is: the people who are screaming the loudest about illegal immigrants often insist that the rule of law must be enforced. subsequently, as american security is discussed, these same people loudly insist that telecoms must be given immunity … the hell with the rule of the law and the constiution.

        like you, i dont have the answers but i do recognize a load of bullshit when it is being handed out.

        • TeakWoodKite

          I have had this issue bouncing around my head like dice in a Yachted cup for a long time. National security is what drives my thinking, but one has to acknowledge the Halls of Ellis Island have millions of stories of those who came to these lands with nothing more than the shirts on their backs and a determination no different than those that came from any other route.

          “Barak Obama; He makes us believe in ourselves again” the TV ad said. Video shows Obama walking a stage with people arms streched out hailing a prophet. (uug, gag me)

          Hillary Clinton “…the stakes are to high, the future to important, we can turn our economy around and bring a new age of prosperity…I approve this message because the stakes have never been higher”.
          The TV ad said. Video shows of different people at work.

          I wonder which companies are doing these ads.

    • Taters

      Uh okay justsomeone – good luck to your candidate.

    • simon

      The world economy is hyper inflated, like the manic phase of bi-polar disorder, they just don’t know when to stop.

      Too many greedy, stupid people.

      How would you suggest bringing the various economic threads into alignment?

      The idea of consumerism is also subject to the law of diminishing return, after awhile, it’s just no fun, too many cheap goods, not enough quality, and it’s become boring, failing to capture the American imagination.

      So Americans want something new, something that will challenge their minds.

      But low rate small business loans, and green development, that could be our TVA…

  • TeakWoodKite

    For Music Lessons? Taters how much do you charge for learning to play the blues?

    • Taters

      No charge if someone loves ’em enough, TK.

      • TeakWoodKite

        Priceless 🙂

  • me

    how much is hillary paying you again?

  • TeakWoodKite

    Taters: just as I finish reading your thoughtful post, Obama is saying….

    “Understand who we are talking about here.”

    “If people are gaming the sytem…”
    “Ted Kennedy said he confident we will have univeral health care following my plan.

    The SR officer core has been purged and Wes Clark was the first to get the boot from CNN when raising the flag when seeing the “enemy” slip away on the road to Bagdad, being dismissed as an “armchair general”.

  • I’m so glad that Barack gets that Rumself IS a mainstream kinda guy! Woohoo!

    So much for those crabby people who said he’s one of the worst, if not the worst, defense secretary in history.

  • Thinker

    Taters, glad to see you’ve written a political piece now. There is always more to a bluesman than meets the eye;)

    I once described your incumbant Administration as being made up of “grandiose car boot salesmen”.

    However, you may have missed Obama’s point. It was, you don’t need to vote us in, just vote them out.

    Sound politics, shudder

  • Holly

    What are you complaining about- Rummy is old news. His campaign website is “powered by Hope and supporters like you

    Isn’t that all we need?

    I don’t see the problem.


    • Fred C. Dobbs

      “‘Hope’ is not a part of any plan.” – Infantry adage

      • Taters

        That’s pretty powerful Fred.

        • Fred C. Dobbs

          Some of the most powerful/useful things I learned in this life I learned from semi-literate yahoos who imparted their knowledge with screams, kicks and threats in places whose names began with, “Fort,” “Camp,” and, “Firebase.”

      • simon

        Well, hope isnt enough, there has to be a workable plan, too.

    • Taters

      Holly – you are wicked. 😉

      • simon

        I often wondered WHY Cheney, and the neocon crowd, felt they could fight the CIA, and the Pentagon, and win?

        The US is a superpower, who maintains that status? It certainly isn’t anyone from their administration.

        How in the world did men that ignorant gain the whitehouse, other than cheating?

        I guess it’s the old agage about being to dumb to know how dumb you really are…

        • simon

          adage, and too dumb, speaking as a dumb person, myself…


  • RalphB

    As an Independent who leans democrat, and is so tired of republicans in power that it makes me sick, if Obama is the nominee I’ll vote for McCain in a minute. I could not stomach pulling the lever for the asshat Obama.

    At least with McCain I can respect him, if not agree with all his policies, and I know what to expect. If the republican nominee is not McCain, I just won’t vote this time around.

    • TeakWoodKite

      I am looking beyond which Democratic person gets elected if I must, to the Surpreme Court. John McCain said at the debate last night his heros are Alito and Roberts. “Strict constructionist” judges
      he said.
      Given that the this Congress is a sleep at the wheel and we are “ruled” by signing statement, like decrees from the kings of old, what about the other issues of Democrat vs. Republican?

      To my of thinking, If Hillary gets in then we can focus on the root problems with out educating a president. I know Hillary Clinton understands if you say “I will hit the ground running” then no “honeymoon” will she have.

      If Obama gets elected, by “some miricle” and survives the four horseman, then he will be on a curve, but if Ted can co-opt him, so it will be that other interests will seek to as well. Obama loves his poker games I hear.

      Pick 3 US Supreme court justices by a Democrat.
      Pick 3 US Supreme court justices by a Republican.

      Tell me what you see?

      • simon

        I do not trust Obama to pick rational supreme court justices.

        I question his true political leanings, I feel he will comply with whomever holds the purse strings, and it ain’t Ted.

        • TeakWoodKite

          Obama has most the liberal rating so taking into account that selecting Supremes “is like a box of chocolate; you never know what you’ll get”. I really think that either Dem candidate, Obama, Harvard constitutional law and Hillary law degree from Yale (are there women in the skull and bones?) would by default make choices much different than our Mitt or Johnny would. At least John had the good sense not to insult Justice Sandra Day O’Conner as Mitt did.

          Still, I agree with your point that Obama has been made to act in ways that defy common sense.

          • simon

            Obama’s credentials strike me as window dressing, I rely more on his actions to determine his motivations.

            The inability to risk, ie the “present” votes on controversial issues (part. abortion), and his begrudging “no” vote on Alito’s nomination tell me he is not a liberal, his “rating” appears manipulated, and should be taken in context. Like statistics, Obama’s numbers can be read to confirm belief, as opposed to offering an objective snapshot. Deliberate manipulation to present a false image, in other words, with an eye toward future political office.

            Much like Bush and Cheney deliberately manipulate govt statistics, Obama also ineptly creates false statistical images. Look past the facile, no one buys it, instinctively, one understands something is wrong, it’s simply a matter of proper articulation.

          • JerseyJeffersonian


            I’m not sure where you are getting the idea that Obama is the “most liberal”. Perhaps from the National Journal? Before you sign off on that, check out this post from Crooks and Liars:


            The NJ’s rating may be more in the nature of a “push poll”, designed to lead you down the primrose path.

        • Nellie

          These guys hold the purse strings

      • Kathleen


      • Kathleen

        Yes! Supreme court judges. Do not want “bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran” McCain to choose!

        Honestly Obama impressed me last night, even though he has done far too much fence sitting for me. I really liked when he brought up the 4 million IRaqi refugees that no one wants to talk about.

        Did anyone bring up raising the minimum wage again?

  • MPinSC

    I do not and still don’t trust his judgement. He has not demonstrated any ability to take a stand on anything at all, and I still have no idea who is behind the scenes pulling all the strings with this guy.

    • Marjorie

      By “this guy” I am assuming you mean Obama. I don’t know who is behind the scenes, but the media appears to be behind Obama. Chuck Todd appeared on Keith Oberman last night [1/31] saying that if McCain received the Republican nomination, Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have a chance at winning the presidency. Only Obama could successfully challenge McCain.
      I chalk Todd’s comment up to misogyny. It certainly was not astute political analysis.

  • BernieO

    Wes Clark was dismissed by the mainstream media for not being a good politician. These are the same clowns who excoriate the Clintons for being good politicians.

    • Taters

      It took a moment for him to get his sea legs but great point, Bernie.