Yes, I know it’s Fox. But those are all Obama supporters that Luntz is polling. And it is a problem with a good many of his supporters. Most become enraptured by his oratory, and don’t do a critical analysis and comparison of the candidates.

Even giving a speech against a war in 2002 is not a real accomplishment, especially when you do it in a liberal urban district of Chicago, and your own neck isn’t on the chopping block if you take the wrong vote. (Then, since you’ve joined the U.S. Senate, you’ve gone along with everybody else, and even refused to assist with Senate efforts to end the war. Your voting record is identical to Sen. Clinton’s except that she had the guts to vote against the confirmation of Gen. George Casey to be Chief of Staff for the Army because, Sen. Clinton discovered, he wasn’t taking care of the troops. But that didn’t bother you.) Then there was that appearance on Meet The Press:

In July of `04, Barack Obama, “I’m not privy to Senate intelligence reports. What would I have done? I don’t know,” in terms of how you would have voted on the war. And then this: “There’s not much of a difference between my position on Iraq and George Bush’s position at this stage.” That was July of `04. And this: “I think” there’s “some room for disagreement in that initial decision to vote for authorization of the war.” It doesn’t seem that you are firmly wedded against the war, and that you left some wiggle room that, if you had been in the Senate, you may have voted for it. (”Meet the Press,” 2004, via MyDD, Nov. 11, 2007)

Then there was this brilliant analysis in “Obama Wasn’t Right About Iraq — AGAIN” by ThinkingDem at “I am NOT saying that Obama did not oppose the war. He did. I grant him that. What I am saying is that on the 3 fundamental bases as stated in his speech on October of 2002, his judgment was NOT RIGHT.” Briefly:

(1) “He does not dispute the intelligence that everybody else believed. He does not dispute the causus belli for war. Barack Obama was just as wrong as everybody else.” (See ThinkingDem’s reasoning.)

(2) “Barack Obama was NOT RIGHT about the threat posed by Iraq.” (See ThinkingDem’s reasoning.)

(3) About Obama’s contentions about why we shouldn’t go to war:

[Quoting Obama] “I know that even a successful war against Iraq will require a US occupation of undetermined length, at undetermined cost, with undetermined consequences.”

[ThinkingDem then says] First of all — it still bugs me to no end that Democrats don’t recognize that by framing victory in the language of defeat BEFORE THE WAR BEGAN, Obama was setting himself up to run for Commander in Chief on the pre-ordained failure of the very troops he wants to command. How you people out there don’t see the truly disgusting, shameful, cynical long term political calculation in that phrase makes me fear for the future of the Party.

But let’s put that aside for a moment. Obama agrees that Iraq is a threat. He was wrong about our ability to contain that threat. But even if you put THAT aside, Obama is saying that America should not neutralize threats to our national security if it’s going to take a while, cost a lot and involve a lot of risk. A President Obama would have responded to Pearl Harbor by saying “Screw it, let the Japanese have their fun”. After all, four years of combat? Billions spent? Lots of Dead Americans? Hell, Obama would have responded to 9/11 by doing…nothing. Afghanistan was no threat to us, and of course, 6 years later, we’re still there, for an undetermined future, at an undetermined cost, at an undetermined risk…

Now. I opposed the war in Iraq right up until the moment we crossed the border. Not being a selfish, mindless idiot, I recognized that once we crossed the border, we weren’t leaving until that country could function on its own. …

Read all: “Obama Wasn’t Right About Iraq — AGAIN.”

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  • Ron Cowin

    1. he has convinced a lot of people that he is the second coming of JFK. At least some of those old enough to remember JFK know better.

    2. he is the candidate of change. He changes his socks and underwear on a regular basis, even while campaigning.

    To those geniuses who thought that front-loading the primaries would help the party select a candidate quickly: What were you thinking?

  • jwrjr

    TPM reports that Obama said that everything bad that happened during the bush regime is the fault of the Clintons. This would seem to mean that either a. somebody is exaggerating or b. Obama admires not only Reagan, but karl rove as well. Hopefully ‘A’.

  • “ladies”? “Any challenge to HRC is a flash back to decades ago when the E.R.A. didn’t pass or some other slight.?”


    Oh wait, am I allowed to say that?

  • Cee

    Another accomplishment. The Obama campaign didn’t run to Fox news begging for debates.

    Hillary Clinton’s Bone-Headed Decision To Debate On Fox News
    by KingOneEye
    Tue Feb 05, 2008 at 04:13:02 PM PST
    Fox News is reporting that Hillary Clinton’s campaign has accepted an invitation to participate in a debate on Fox News.

    Oh Great! Hasn’t she read Starve The Beast yet?

    It’s a little difficult to comprehend why Clinton would commit such a flagrant foul. Sure, she has had a relatively cozy relationship with Rupert Murdoch. Sure, she has accepted contributions from him and appeared at fundraisers that he sponsored on her behalf. Sure, her husband signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that opened the door for unprecedented corporate consolidation in the media business, which Fox exploited to its fullest.

    Hmmm. Maybe it’s not that difficult to comprehend, after all.

    • allimom99

      I seem to recall that Obama has already committed the Fox foul by appearing on Fox and Friends. Oh, maybe Chris Matthews would be a less partisan moderator? I was an Edwards supporter and will vote for the nominee, although I don’t really care that much for EITHER of them.

      That being said, I read some pretty unflattering reporting about Obama’s tactics in eliminating his opponents in his state senate race; I believe it was in the Chi. Sun-Times. Sorry I don’t have the link. Also, if you think he’s put Rezko behind him, the trial will begin in a couple of weeks. Of course the MSM will probably sweep coverage of that under the rug, just like all the rude things his staff has said about Hillary. He keeps himself above the fray, but staffers are allowed free rein. Nice.

      That SacBee article creeped me out! Shouldn’t his supporters at least know his actual positions? Rezko, Exelon, Odinga, Auchi, the list goes on. Be clear – he is a POLITICIAN, folks. He and Michelle have been planning this from day one (BTW, what woman in her right mind brings along her fiance to vet a job prospect? I’m guessing Hillary wouldn’t have put up with that!).

      Again, I will support the nominee (unless some nastier thing comes out, then maybe a write-in). I WOULD like to see more one-on-one debates, even on Fox – at least that would let us see how Obama can stand up to the right. Since he’s NEVER had a real opponent befor, it might be good to know what we’re in for. At least we know Hillary can stand up to them and fight – we’re going to need that. Also, her baggage is already out there (referring to his crack today about the GOP “having dirt on her.” WTF is THAT supposed to mean? Do your homework people

  • AF

    Here’s a New Yorker web-only article on this by George Packer: False Idols.

    And here is one from Talking Points Memo: Obama is Not Jesus! Apparently the Obama campaign tells volunteers NOT to talk about Obama’s policy history when asked. “Refer them to his website” they are told. They are only supposed to “share” their “personal story” of how they “came to Barack Obama.” An evangelical approach.

    • Oh, lord. Be sure to read the Sacramento Bee article she links to in the TPM piece.

      I think I’m going to be sick.

  • justsomeone

    BernieO, yeah, it’s a very apt analogy if you ask me. Only too bad the average Hillary voter doesn’t even know the issues…a couple of them called me this morning & weren’t even aware of HRC’s proposed mandates. These were personal aquaintences of mine, who prior to their voting didn’t want to discuss issues.

  • justsomeone

    just wondering, ( R U the same as Jess Wondering?) Most of these ladies wanted a primary coronation of a dynasty queen not a real primary. Any challenge to HRC is a flash back to decades ago when the E.R.A. didn’t pass or some other slight. You’re wasting your time trying to vett them, it’s early & there’s still alot of kool aide in the punch bowl.

    • Just Wondering

      No, different person here.

      I wonder about that. I had a 40-something say to me (nearly a year ago) that it “was time for a female president.”

    • simon

      Yeah, well it is about time chicks got there due, men have called it for too long.

      You’re right, you’re absolutely right.

      Ya know, girls will be boys, and boys will be girls, it’s a mixed up world, it’s a shook up world.

      Except for Lola.

      Lola. Lola Falana. Have you read her book on the art of war?

      Apparently not.

      I’m kidding.

  • ponds

    To Just Wondering:

    Good point. While I think there is room for progressives of all stripes to disagree as to the best candidate, I have been quite disappointed at the tone of the debate here. I have long enjoyed this blogsite, but the vitriolic, profanity-laced invectives being lobbied by Larry and SusanUnPC against those with whom they disagree have reduced the dialogue to O’Reilly levels.

    • Just Wondering

      Ponds, thanks for your response. Their approach (the blog hosts) has been disappointing to me; it’s like watching a train wreck.

      If Obama gets the nomination, they will have no place to go…except to endorse McCain/whoever. They know this.

      • simon

        Well, no it’s the same as with Bush, who watches the corrupt candidate?

        Should we all toady up, betraying our values, if we truly think a candidate is inferior, or will misuse his power?

        I’m speaking for myself, of course.

        Obama will face criticism, why should anyone give him a free ride?

        Do you understand Rezko’s mideast connections?

        What do you think of that, Obama had no knowledge, you’re not even curious to see how far the Aspen roots spread?

        Not everything is about playing the fool, for money.

        • TeakWoodKite

          Obama had no knowledge of Rezko’s mideast connections?
          They might not tell you about it as a state senator from Illinois, but as a US senator would he not get briefed if it was a potential problem?

        • allimom99

          Amen, simon – did you see Peter Hitchens’ piece? Let the games begin!

  • BernieO

    Check this out.On CNN’s American morning today

    “Obama likened Clinton’s health care mandate proposal to eliminating homelessness by requiring everyone buy a house.”

    • simon

      As opposed to Obama’s, where we can all hope for a house, but meanwhile, can more tax dollars be diverted to Tony Rezko’s rehab business?

      Yeah Tony has decided to go to California now, as soon as he gets out of prison, he thinks he can cure Britney Spears.

      Tony and Dr Phil, they’re going to try a new program, something like Scientology, but based on Texas android logicism, though more compassionate — maybe like compassionate conservatism, with real family values, where wealth, and pornography are GOOD for the soul– cutting edge youth programming, drug rehabilitation and pornography. How can it miss?

      Britney will be their Tom Cruise.

      They’re going world wide, now, new book coming out, and everything.

      • barbh

        Whatever illness you referenced earlier as having, send it my way, your too funny today!!! This doddering. toothless, gray haired fool may have to change her depends soon!

    • TeakWoodKite

      That would end homelessness. Wonder

  • rjj

    Applying same rationale to car buying:

    I need to get my kids from here to there which requires long hauls in hazardous weather over very bad roads. I decide to buy the heavily advertised new-to-the-market product with the shiny trim and the pastel interior because it will be a be a morale booster and a nice change – much preferable to the ho-hum functionality of the vehicle with an established safety and performance record.

    • simon

      Obama has a stench of corruption around him, through Rezko.

      This is a very serious concern, and it seems out of mind for most people.

      I’m not even speaking of the housing issue, per se, I’m concerned with Rezko’s mideast connections.

      • barbh

        Unfortunately the majority of people haven’t even heard of the Rezko thing – I think with the trial cranking up they are going to be finding out about it.

        I have talked to six people that I consider intelligent, rational people that lean democratic in voting in the last two weeks, not a single one of them knew anything about Rezko and these are people that read the print media on a regular basis, they knew nothing about it. It’s an incoming volley that hasn’t gotten there yet. It’s going to sink his candidacy and perhaps it should.

        I’m not sure what is worse to me personally – having someone blatantly corrupt (or dumber than a tick full of blood considering his judgment on the Rezko real estate thing) as president or having McCain. I was kind of hoping I wouldn’t have to make that decision. McClatchy is our newspaper here I can’t recall one article on the Rezko thing.

  • Silver

    Well, Just Wondering, you’ve made a very good point with your last comment. Even Michelle Obama has said that she’s not certain she will be able to support Hillary in November if she becomes the nominee, (so much for Obama’s unity theme.) I guess there’s that old saying, “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.” But you’re right, things have gone way too far. Even in my own family, I found myself calling my nephew an “ass” for supporting Obama, and he called me “a mean old hag” for liking Hillary. “Vive la difference”, I guess.

    • Just Wondering

      Silver, thanks for your reply. I think you do understand my concern.

  • Silver

    Just Wondering, you really made me laugh with that “Oops, my bad” comment. If Obama gets the nomination, I’ll have to think about getting myself a double dose of Prozac.

  • Silver

    Ham, I understand your frustration. But I like coming to this blog, because it’s one of just a few blogs that lend Hilllary any support. This blog obviously attracts a huge following of highly intelligent people who are interested in the CIA, military operations and foreign policies that you mention. But in all fairness, the outcome of the election will greatly influence all of the above things mentioned. I’m sure that after the election, the blog will place more emphasis on the subjects that you prefer. I for one, am very grateful to both Susan and Larry for pointing out the differences between the two candidates. I know you prefer Obama, but I’m in the Joe Wilson camp. I just don’t think Obama has had enough experience in foreign affairs. And like Joe says, “We’ve been down that road before.”

    • Just Wondering

      silver, I will re-phrase my question.

      But in all fairness, the outcome of the election will greatly influence all of the above things mentioned. I’m sure that after the election, the blog will place more emphasis on the subjects that you prefer. I for one, am very grateful to both Susan and Larry for pointing out the differences between the two candidates.

      How would it be possible for this blog to support Obama as the Democratic nominee? Postings have gone beyond “pointing out the differences”.

      • simon

        I can’t, or won’t, support someone simply because he is a democrat.

        I am a democrat, I identfy myself as one, but if I feel the democratic candidate isn’t capable, or is horrifically disingenuos, I will take against him just as I would, Bush, say. A corrupt politician is a corrupt politician, democratic or republican.

        And this is the first time I have ever felt this strongly against a democratic frontrunner.

        There is no reason rational discussion can’t be held regarding Obama if he is the candidate. This isn’t Russia, or China, as with Bush, criticism doesnt imply disloyalty, criticism helps keep the candidate from going crazy, with power.

        The President works for the people, not a select wealthy few.

        What are his convictions in regard to freedom? Does he respect the voters, the Constitution? It is still very much relevant, you can’t want to be president because it’s cool, man.

        What’s your mission statement?

        Bush in part failed, and rightly so, because we live in a democracy, the exposure, the analysis of his actions eroded his grab at the unitary executive. Freedom of the press.

  • Just Wondering

    What are the hosts of this blog going to do if Obama is the Democratic nominee, I wonder. Are we going to see a series of threads entitled “Oops! My Bad…” or “We were just kidding! He’s gonna be great!”

    Will you support the Democratic nominee?

    • simon

      Well, you know, I guess I’ll watch Obama, watch how he interacts with his rivals, watch who handles him, his decisions. I find psychology fascinating, why people act the way they do, psychological patterns, for instance.

      I won’t vote for him, but, you know, as an American, it’s my responsibilty to speak up when I think he is not acting in the best interests of my country.

      And yours.

      Like everyone did with Bush, right?

    • liberalbuffet

      Thats what Im wondering. Will they keep trashing Obama if Hillery bombs? That is why I do believe its may be better to keep your trap toned down if she does not, because it you intend to vote GOP if Obama wins, then what does that say about you? Will you support who ever wins or be like the Repubs and stay home?

      • CognitiveDissonance

        Uh, no, it seems to be Obama and his wifey that won’t support Hillary if she wins. Great democrats, aren’t they?

      • simon

        A difference between trashing and criticizing, btw, be careful what you try to feed, or what you think you’re feeding.

        It’s best to understand your reasoning so you dont end up with your pants around your ankles, in the bathroom, with Larry Craig.

        You look kinda stupid, then.

        • TeakWoodKite

          dam popcorn!

      • barbh

        There are of course alternatives to voting GOP, like a write in, a no vote for president and a vote for other races, which I will encourage friends and family who have made it clear they will not vote for someone they are not sure of. I personally would rather cast no vote than cast a vote for a person I feel uncomfortable with, in spite of the supreme court issue. If Obama is the nominee, he will have to work very hard and show me something I have as yet to see from him or his wife, and it would start very simply with exhibiting some humility instead of arrogance and duplicity.

  • Silver

    Liberal Buffet, I can’t believe that you just said Bill Clinton was the best president that we’ve ever had, but you’re tossing the Clintons out because we need a change??!!! I respect your right to your own opinion, but isn’t that a little bit like selling a stock that’s making you a million dollars because the competitor doesn’t like it??? And then buying a worthless junk bond to get the competitors to shut up?? I like Dick Armey’s quote, “Obama doesn’t have to defend anything, because he’s never done anything.”

  • Patrick Henry


    Good Question..Thats why I Voted for a Proven Qualified Presidental Candidate Today…


    • Ahhhh … me too. Even though our vote won’t count! Dammit! We will have to go to that stupid caucus. YUCK.

      • TeakWoodKite

        Bring a whoopie cushion for the mean lady!

        In CA I voted, being an registered independent, for Hillary Clinton.
        All the democratic folks where on my printed paper ballot as if none had dropped out of the race. Barak Obama’s name was first on the ballot and Hillary Clinton’s name was second to last, just above Joe Biden.
        The best part besides voting for a qualified candidate was the sticker you get with “I Voted” on it.

  • Jacek

    I will name a bunch:

    (1) Working for nuclear non-proliferation and securing loose stockpiles of conventional weapons, like shoulder-fired missiles.

    (2) Passing “the strongest ethics legislation to emerge from Congress yet”.

    (3)Passing a bill that created a searchable database of recipients of federal contracts and grants.

    (4) Proposing legislation on avian flu back when most people hadn’t even heard of it.

    (5) Working to make sure that soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan were screened for traumatic brain injury and to prevent homelessness among veterans.

    (6) Fought a proposal by the VA to reexamine all PTSD cases in which full benefits had been awarded.

    (7) Tried to ban no-bid contracts in Katrina reconstruction.

    (8)Introducing legislation to criminalize deceptive political tactics and voter intimidation.

    (9)Introducing a tech plan –

    • simon

      That’s not good enough, what were the circumstances surronding his support?

      Obama doesn’t have a clean reputation, so you have to look for motivation.

      • Jason

        It’s never good enough for you fools…Your cynicism is all too transparent. You need something to complain about as you can never be satisfied.

        • simon

          People said the same about Bush.

          We don’t want another Bush, or Cheney, god forbid.

        • TeakWoodKite

          Except for “Illuminati elitist monks from Xenu”,
          only the dead are satisfied. (good one, Hope)

          Jason: I want more; so so much more, for my fellow human being. Speaking for myself, I ask after 7 years of intentional chaos and mayhem why the hell should I not be cynically transparent? In my view citizens might trade a country run by Raiths for one run by Landru, where the blood feedings continue and those not “of the Body” get screwed? Again? You can call me a fool, goodness knows, who hasn’t been one at one time or another, but what you can’t call me is willing to settle for a mirage ’cause I am NOT satisfied….

  • jenn

    ham, you could always go visit andrew sullivan’s blog. He has all the Obama love and Hillary hate one could ask for.

    • Just Wondering

      jenn, it’s a valid question. It’s not about supporting Obama or Clinton. What happened to this blog? Perhaps supporting Clinton at all costs was the goal all along.

      • simon

        Hmmm, it must be the Alien Nazi neofeminist pot smoking shoe thieves, of the outer hebrides, come to disrupt the Internet.

        That, and the great kosher egg conspiracy.

        • simon

          I apologize, I did not intend to be flip, sometimes an element of the absurd works its in, unintentionally.

        • Hope

          Illuminati elitist monks from Xenu.

          • simon

            Kos is the new scientology.

        • Shirin

          It really IS all the fault of The Jooz, you know.

          Or is that The Ayrabs?

          Oh, hell, what’s the difference anyway?

    • kenoshaMarge

      Or try or Zsa Zsa Huffingon at Obamafing Post. Read all the Trash that is being talked about Clinton on many of the diaries at Daily Kos and on and on…

      Or how about crap at TPM like posting that Clinton people were push polling in California and then saying, oops our bad, seems like that wasn’t happening after all. They know damn well, as we all do that once you say something like that all the little Moonstruck Obama supporters will now quote it as the truth.

      Talkleft and mydd at least try to be fair.

      Guess some people don’t want there to be any place that doesn’t spend all it’s time trashing the Clintons. Or think that because the media and the rightwing nutjobs as well as much of Left Blogostan trash Hillary 24/7 it is too much to ask to have even one blog that not only like her but respects her.

      • Hope

        Marge I can’t do Huffington anymore. Everytime I go there, the Hillary hate-team is out in full force. Today they’ve gone on and on about her latest “coughing fit”. Poor woman can’t even cough.

        • Shirin

          Obama Hate Team (aka No Quarter aka vs Hillary Hate Team (aka A pox on both your houses.

          Neither side is being reasonable or realistic. Both candidates have positives, both candidates have negatives. Neither one is the ant-Christ, and they are closer together on a lot of things than the haters want to admit.

          On balance neither one of them is offering what I am looking for, so I am opting for none of the above, thanks.

  • ham

    What happened to this blog? I get it: No Quarter doesn’t like Obama. Noted, okay? What about all the other stuff that you USED to blog about? Missing nukes, falling spy satellites, CIA stuff, Middle East issues, government lies?

    Every time I check back on here the only thing I see is how terrible Barack Obama is. Got anything else? Here’s hoping.

    • mostest

      Well Ham,
      If you trusted him on that stuff, trust him on this OBAMA aint the one…or “the chosen one” for that matter.

    • Hope

      The truth is sometimes very hard to swallow. Illusions are segregated from the general public here Ham.

    • TeakWoodKite

      Hey ham: To your point. Can’t help but wonder if this election will impact all the topics you mentioned. So for myself

      Harry Reid responding to a question by Sen. Schumer on why the Republicans are holding up a vote on FISA.

      “There have been books written about this…books written on this; how the president has circumvented the laws we passed to have him wiretap. 2-4-08 Senate Floor.

      • TeakWoodKite

        It warms my heart (errr) when the Senate Majority Leader “charges” the president with High Crimes and Misdemeanors but does not call for impeachment.

        Yes I know, the house has to start the ball rolling, but it all flows back to your topics. Bottomline, the next President will be dealing with your concerns and it MATTERS who person that is.

  • gqmartinez

    Didn’t Obama publish a paper in the Harvard Education Review called “Children Under the Law” that is still cited by child advocates? Didn’t Obama improve the Arkansas school system from near the bottom to near the top? Hasn’t Obama been a champion of women’s rights, and by extension children’s rights, for decades and boldy defy a Democratic Administrations attempts to normalize trade relations with China by going to that country and proclaiming that women’s rights were, in fact, human rights? Didn’t Obama help pass CHIP insuring 6 million children? Didn’t Obama help build a vaccination program that essentially vaccinated every child in the country? Isn’t Obama widely recognized as one of the hardest working senators in the chamber? Isn’t Obama…oh wait, that’s Hillary Clinton. My mistake.

    I do believe, however, Obama brought metaphorical tears to my friend’s eyes. So clearly he’s the best suited to be president. Case closed.

    • simon

      Clinton’s health care initial was also a success, just ahead of it’s time.

      So she has already put together a UHC program, something no one else has done.

      • simon


        I’m sorry, I’m having trouble staying focused today, it’s as if I’ve caught this low IQ virus, sort of like a minor cold, except it makes you stupid…

        Fortunately, though, it’s no threat.

  • liberalbuffet

    The thought of hearing the GOP spend the next four freakin years trashing Hillery makes sick! And thats just what the idiots plan to do! Im voting for Obama. Edwards was my pick, but hes out, and this country is sick to death of the shit with the Clintons, Bill was our best president ever!!! But, hey, we need a change people.

    • And you think they won’t trash Obama???? What planet are you on?

      • TeakWoodKite

        Respectfully; Has it occured to you, liberalbuffet, that the bitch slapping is going to be even louder than with Hillary? In the range of bigotry; you think the good ‘ole boy network is EVER going to let a black man run the tables?
        I despise this thought! yet that said, if both are to be trashed why not pick the candidate you feel is most qualified. If that is Obama so be it.
        Just think what a good set of Bose noise cancellation head pones are like in a political sense and the noise won’t bother ya.

    • BernieO

      Yes, they will be sure to lay off him just like they did Gore and Kerry. What planet have you been living on the past fifteen years? There is a well-organized, heavily funded right wing propaganda machine that will do anything to trash Democrats, up to and including accusing them of murder. (Robert Novak still hints that the Clintons had Vince Foster killed.)
      It is not just the Clintons who get this treatment. Have you forgotten that Republicans were able to turn John Kerry’s genuine heroism in Vietnam into an liability? These guys could make Mother Theresa look like Britney Spears if they wanted – and our media would go right along with them for the fun of it. It is time all Democrats wised up and started to fight back. In particular we need to do everything we can to punish the media for going along with this kind of garbage. This is one right wing tactic we need to adopt.

      • simon

        But it is the job of an independent intelligent press to call the right wing propaganda.

        What happened, I know there are still talented reporters out there.

        And now they’re doing the same thing with Obama, and Clinton, as they did with Bush, and Gore.

        What happened to the objective reporter, trained to tell the truth, not reiterate talking points, a plae imitation of work?

        And some of them seem so stupid.

    • barbh

      You have got to be kidding. This is going to be fresh meat. Hillary’s stuff is all so 90s scandal stuff, there’s nothing new there, his is all NEW, fresh and therefore exciting and interesting. His stuff is much better, from admitted cocaine use, to all the made up stuff in his books, plagarizing speeches, a wife who says for the first time in her adult life she is proud of her country (for God sakes she needs to think before she speaks and fire her speechwriter to boot, she said it not once, but twice, going to make a hell of a right wing commercial!!!), an FBI mole that is already talking to reporters and saying that he took notes on how many times politicians met Rezko. It’s going to be the nastiest campaign you have ever seen in your life. By the time the right wing gets through with him, he won’t even be able to spell hope.

      People on this site see it, they get it, they know what’s coming down the pike and the ostriches at Obamas orangeville have their heads so deep in the sand, they won’t know what hit them…

      • dw

        You are so right. As a black man, I am apalled at how easy it was to flip the black vote. This guy shows me nothing. I have to believe that he knows he has no chance at the presidency so he must be a GOP plant. He’ll get paid and of course a book deal. Is there any way one can sue the Dem party for allowing non Dems to vote for our candidate? This country needs Hillary in the worst way!

  • Steve Judd

    Now, I’m not a big fan of the Senator, but in fairness he did work very hard in the Illinois senate for a bill that requires police to videotape confessions of criminals. After some initial opposition, the bill was passed and signed into law. Yay.

    So there’s your Profile In Courage, ok? Now hand the man the nuclear football and the launch codes, please, because he’s gonna be Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces in time of war. Lord watch over us.

    • simon


      And did he receive a campaign donation from Sony, say, from whom the state of Illinois later purchased thirty million dollars of video equipment?

      Sorry, pattern with Obama is he doesn’t make a deal unless he gets something, too.

  • apishapa

    I have been an Edwards supporter. I didn’t know what to do after last week. But then I heard Michelle Obama say she would “think about” supporting Hillary if she wond the nimination. Obama said basically the same thing a couple of weeks ago. SHAME ON THEM!

    It is childish and it pisses me off. We do not need a fair weather democrat running for President. Hillary says she is a Democrat and will support the Democtratic nominee and so will her husband.

    Besides I am sick of all this “we need to reach across and work with Republicans” crap. We need to defeat Republicans and beat them back while we fight tooth and nail to restore the Constitution. Republicans are not going to work with Democrats. If you go sit around a campfire with them, they will stab you in the eye with a flaming marshmallow. I want someone who has a club ready to hit back.
    Hillary knows that going in. SHe has been demonized for years and I think she is ready for war. And that is what this is.

    The Democratic President is in for a fight. Anyone who thinks otherwise is clueless.

    • mostest

      Besides I am sick of all this “we need to reach across and work with Republicans” crap. We need to defeat Republicans and beat them back while we fight tooth and nail to restore the Constitution. Republicans are not going to work with Democrats. If you go sit around a campfire with them, they will stab you in the eye with a flaming marshmallow. I want someone who has a club ready to hit back.
      Hillary knows that going in. SHe has been demonized for years and I think she is ready for war. And that is what this is.

      The Democratic President is in for a fight. Anyone who thinks otherwise is clueless.

      Exactly correct. I wrote this comment a while back:

      The democrats are branded as LOSERS. The only democrat to win since Carter was…let me think Clinton, HELLO. The politics of niceties (one sided that is) is OVER. This country,strike that, the WORLD needs a Democrat in the White House.

      The democratic nominee needs to be a ROUGH candidate ready to rumble (not whin) at the drop of a hat.

      We need a jaw breaker, spine snapper, elbow to the rib, nominee.

      We don’t need a “look but don’t touch” candidate.

      Politics is a contact sport.

      • BernieO

        I would prefer someone who can stick it to them smoothly with a smile on his or her face. Bill Clinton often outsmarted his opponents in this way. Remember how he called their bluff on shutting down the government?

        Does anyone remember Hillary showing up on Crossfire to present Tucker Carlson with a cake in the shape of a shoe? He had been trashing her mercilessly and saying he would eat his shoe if her book “Living History” would sell over a millon copies. It was a wonderful moment. She was gracious and humorous. Tucker was flummoxed and was shown up as the immature brat that he is. He later said he was surprised by how nice she was.
        This is the kind of thing we need to see, a person who can beat them with smarts and class not lower themselves to their level. And contrary to what the media says about the Clintons they have never lowered themselves to the kind of immoral swiftboat-type tactics routinely used by Republicans. No Democrat has.
        That being said, our biggest problem is to figure out how to deal with our incredibly biased media.

        • mostest

          Well said. But the general public, likes to know that their president can be an SOB, if need be.

          And by the way, shutting down the govt that is rough politics, baby. It was classic.

      • TeakWoodKite

        As witnessed in the senate of late. Rethugs are giving Harry the run around. Enough of this crap already. Tick Tick

        Obamas accomplishment…he fooled at lot of people of a . He was right on day one! Day two and three he voted to fund it.

        OT:President Bush issued a veto threat Tuesday
        Where does Obama stand on this?

    • i hear how obama will be able to transcend the politics of partisanship because well he just can … if we all follow him … dont you know. yet, in reality, it doesnt appears he can even transcend the bitterness within the democratic party. he will think about supporting hillary? what the fuck type of thinking is this … he shouldnt even have to consider it for one minute.

      as for you youngsters who obviously dont know much about the democratic party … i would be very careful about pissing off the older set. the gray panthers are just waiting for a good fight and you really dont want to go war with those ol warriors. LOL many a repig has lost to this great group … they have the history of carrying on the fight.

      finally, why should the democratic party give up on partisanship now? why … it makes no sense. we won in 2006 in a highly partisan manner and we can win in 08 in the same way … the spoils will be a veto proof majority… the best way to lose this election is to make nicey nice with the repigs … this country needs a progressive alternative not warmed up moderate gop bullshit.

    • barbh

      Couldn’t agree more, unless their object isn’t to fight at all and they are just Republican lite or a dem disguised in the cloak of hope and change.

    • Ramasan

      Obama’s figured how to fool ’em with fake authenticity, but I don’t think he’ll be able to fake class. You have it or you don’t.

  • People in the video seem attracted to Obama’s celebrity, but who are they?

    Could those same people have named a single achievement of Hillary or McCain?

    What interests me is that young people are currently willing to turn out and vote for Obama beause the excitement he generates is stronger than the apathy we’re used to.

    I think the question is can the movement bubble Obama has created be popped by an s-whistling pasty-faced old fart like McCain?

    I expect he’s going to look like grandpa railing against Rock-and-Roll.

    • simon

      Young people are not the entire voting population.

    • kenoshaMarge

      I don’t like John McCain because I consider him a less than honest, war-mongering hypocrite. I also think that the demands of the office of President are extremely hard on one physically. That said, McCain seems to have stood up to the physical demands of campaigning as well as anyone.

      I don’t like McCain but I like bigotry even less. And calling McCain a pasty-faced old fart sounds like age discrimination to me. Being a pasty-faced old fart myself, I tend to take exception to remarks like that. And I really hate sticking up for people I don’t like just because of principal. But if I don’t, then I’m no better than those I oppose.

      We can all be glad young people are finally taking interest. So what do you want us older voters, who have never missed an election since we were old enough to vote to do? Go sit this one out?

      And by the way, this Grandma was listening to Rock and Roll back before most of the songs I love became “Golden Oldies”. The generation that comdemned Rock and Roll is most died out. Or joined the Republican Party.

      • Hope

        Say it Grandpa! This old Grandma hears ya!

        • Hope

          Sorry Marge! 🙂

      • I would hate to offend anyone with such admirable qualities (i.e. sticking up for people you don’t like on principal), and apologize for using age-denigrating remarks like “old fart”.

      • barbh

        Hope Obama supporters aren’t going to do the excellent job of turning off the older folks as they have this 50ish Hillary supporter and much older parent.

        Lest we forget Ronald Reagan who seems to have gotten some pretty rave reviews from Obamaland was pretty old himself.

    • BernieO

      Why would you expect Obama supporters to know anything about Hillary’s accomplishments if they do not know anything about the accomplishments of the guy they support?

      • I don’t expect the people in the video to know anything about any candidate, which is perhaps why they were trotted out on Fox news by Frank Luntz.

        I would also point out that Sean Hannity does not identify the crowd Luntz is polling as Obama supporters, but as “democratic friends” of Frank Luntz.

  • fiscalliberal

    Excellent question – In addition, MaCain is going to have after Super Tuesday to start moderating his position and start walking from the war. Obama’s campaign has very little concrete in accomplishments. The independent vote will see this along with some Democrats and we will have another George McGovern election again.

  • Silver

    Oh my God! Oh my God!! Hell has indeed frozen over!!! This is the first time I have EVER agreed with Sean Hannity!! First it was Anne Coulter endorsing Hillary, and now THIS!!! Am I in an alternate universe?? Never in my lifetime did I ever think Sean Hannity would make a good point. Give me a plate of crow, and I’ll eat it!! When I saw all of the stuttering Obama fans did when they were unable to name one thing he’s accomplished in his lifetime, I felt so vindicated. All I can say is, these people remind me of a bunch of virgins who end up getting pregnant at port because they believe any line a sailor will tell them.

  • Cee

    What the heck.. I’ll add another.

    Washington, DC – U.S. Senators Russ Feingold (D-WI) and Barack Obama (D-IL) have introduced legislation that would implement extensive changes to lobbying and ethics rules in Congress. The Feingold-Obama bill improves substantially on S. 2349, the lobbying disclosure and ethics bill that the Senate passed in March 2006 and that the Senate will begin considering today. The Senators are committed to restoring the public’s faith that Congress will place its interests ahead of special interests, and look forward to working in a bipartisan fashion to pass meaningful reform.

    • I love that legislation because I love buffets!

      As a big-time lobbyist, I can still do those events. I just have to stand up!

      (As ABC’s Charlie Gibbs kept pointing out to Obama in a debate recently.)

    • BernieO

      This was a really safe thing to do. Voters who threw out Republicans in 2006 made it clear that they were disgusted with the unethical behavior and pandering to special interests, so even Republicans knew they had to enact some kind of ethics reform. There has never been a time when they were more receptive.

  • Cee

    Barack Obama’s move to block a controversial nominee to the Federal Election Commission…

    Obama and Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.) this week put a hold on Senate confirmation proceedings for FEC nominee Hans von Spakovsky, who has been accused of diluting minority voting power during his time as a Justice Department lawyer.

    • simon

      No, this was done earlier by another, Obama latched on.

      I’d like to see risk, I don’t.

      He goes for what is safe, let’s see him have the balls to alienate someone.