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Seriously, who wrote the stimulus bill?

Was it Obama? Pelosi? Members of Congress? Harry Reid? Lobbyists?

Who wrote the stimulus bill that was signed Tuesday?

Answer that question, and then click here:

(Editor’s Note: Late last night, Larry Johnson opined on the cartoon brouhaha in “More Sanctimonious Leftist Bullshit.” Little did we know that American Girl In Italy had also done her own RIFF on it. This is great! Read it too!)

This cartoon appeared in the New York Post. Al Sharpton is up in arms calling it racist. What say you?


Mr. Sharpton, who has been a subject in cartoons in The Post, said in a statement on his Web site:

The cartoon in today’s New York Post is troubling at best, given the racist attacks throughout history that have made African-Americans synonymous with monkeys. One has to question whether the cartoonist is making a less than casual inference to this form of racism when, in the cartoon, the police say after shooting a chimpanzee, “now they will have to find someone else to write the stimulus bill.”

Being that the stimulus bill has been the first legislative victory of President Barack Obama (the first African American president) and has become synonymous with him it is not a reach to wonder whether the Post cartoonist was inferring that a monkey wrote it?

Yes, he is inferring a monkey wrote the bill. But, Obama didn’t write the bill. Pelosi did, with the help of members of Congress, and lobbyists. (He was mocking politicians in DC that wrote the bill, much like people called Bush a monkey for eight years!)


Al Sharpton is the one saying Obama is the monkey, not the cartoonist. I would never have put two and two together and assumed the monkey was supposed to be Obama. Obama didn’t write the stimulus bill.

Gov. David A. Paterson, the Rev. Al Sharpton and others expressed concern on Wednesday morning over an editorial cartoon in The New York Post that showed a police officer telling his colleague who just shot a chimpanzee, “They’ll have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill.”

Critics said the cartoon, drawn by Sean Delonas, implicitly compared President Obama with the primate and evoked a history of racist imagery of blacks. The chimpanzee was an apparent reference to the 200-pound pet chimpanzee that was shot dead by a police officer in Stamford, Conn., on Monday evening, after it mauled a friend of his owner.”

“What does shooting a chimpanzee have to do with a stimulus bill?” Mr. Sharpton said. “This raises all the racial stereotypes we are trying to get away from this in this country.” He added: “I’m not speaking on behalf of the president or the chimpanzee. I‘m speaking on behalf of the offended African-American community.”

Has Sharpton just been sitting on the edge of his seat, waiting for a reason to be relevant again? Had Obama written the bill, ok. It would totally be offensive! (even more offensive than comparing Bush to a monkey) But Obama didn’t write it.

In a statement, Col Allan, editor in chief of The Post, denied Mr. Sharpton’s assertion that the cartoon was “racially charged.” Mr. Allan said:

The cartoon is a clear parody of a current news event, to wit the shooting of a violent chimpanzee in Connecticut. It broadly mocks Washington’s efforts to revive the economy. Again, Al Sharpton reveals himself as nothing more than a publicity opportunist.

City Councilman Leroy G. Comrie Jr., a Queens Democrat, called for a boycott of the newspaper. “To run such a violent, racist cartoon is an insult to all New Yorkers,” he said in a statement. “This was an unfortunate incident in which a human being was seriously injured- not an opportunity to sling dangerous rhetoric. It is my belief that The New York Post owes an immediate apology to this city for demonstrating such terrible judgment and insensitivity.”

Now, I will agree that the monkey attack was a horrible incident, and perhaps it is much too soon to be making light of the situation. But, I think calling it racist is off the mark. I can’t imagine they would have been that blatantly stupid. The cartoon was calling Congress a bunch of monkeys. Just like people have done for as long as I can remember.

And like I said, Obama didn’t write the bill. Dumb cartoon? Sure. Racist? If Obama had written the bill, yes. But he didn’t.
What do you say?

Update: Since writing this post, on Wednesday morning, Al Sharpton has organized a protest to shut down the Post. I guess hundreds of people were there. I’m sorry, but to me, THEY are the ones comparing Obama to, and calling him an ape. Sharpton is the one who made this all about Obama and racism.

They want to shut down the New York Post, and throw hundreds of people out of work, because they don’t understand who rote the $800 Billion stimulus bill?

I think Obama needs to step forward and say that this was not about him. He needs to tell them that he did not write the bill. The cartoonist was mocking Congress for authoring what some are calling the greatest generational theft in history. And last time I checked, we can still mock our elected officials.

If Obama had written the bill, I would agree, it was horrible. I don’t like the cartoon anyway, because it is violent, and the poor lady is still in intensive care.

But I think Sharpton is totally wrong on this one.

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  • Fercryinoutloud

    The “Black Community” needs better educated spokespeople. Putting the least educated, most dramatic illiterates at the front is doing them a total injustice.

  • Bufi

    Funny how everyone is rushing to support Obama.

    It’s not our  fault that he looks like a monkey.

    I don’t now about your communist country(*America) but where I live we call a spade, spade.

    Blacks, not only you look like monkeys YOU ARE MONKEYS get over it!


    i could go on and on for days about this cartoon, but i won’t…however, it is one of the most offensive, racist, hateful things i have ever seen!!!

    anyone who tries to say that it is not racist is just plain stupid and most likely a racist themselves!

    i believe whole heartedly in “free speech”, but, sometimes i think we(someone) needs to draw a line….and to present the President of the United States in this way (as a monkey) and even worse…lying dead having been shot (assasinated) by an ignorant and most likely racist cop(yes i know the cop is not real…just a cartoon)…..this kind of thing should be against the law! especially in times like these (since 9/11) when terrorism of any kind is not tolerated in any way!

    Rupert Murdock and the rest of his gang (including FOX…woops, i meant “FIXED” News…should be ashamed and should do something about this or anything like it…but of course they won’t as they continue to condone such things (such as bringing weapons to their “tea party” rallies)! These kinds of things and these types of people really scare me and should also scare the decent people of this country who supported and voted for Barack Obama…where are you now? let your voices be heard so we can drown out the ignorance and hate being spewed by the people mentioned above (along with Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and many members of congress who also condone such things.

  • loric

    Even if President Obama wasn’t the one who actually wrote the bill, he signed it and the bill is linked to him and his presidency. Some of you say you don’t see the racism and think this is being blown out of proportion and that we should take light of it and move on. Obviously, you are not Black or African-American and/or you do not know the plight of our people and all that we’ve had to overcome and are still having to overcome. Ignore it? Please. Ignoring it will only make things worse and open us up as targets even more. Racists would just continue to draw, write, and say whatever they want and then try and play it down and make us think it’s all in our minds. Don’t insult our intelligence. If the cartoonist didn’t want us Blacks or African-Americans to think what we thought…he should never have printed it. Or maybe he should have made one of the police officers Black in order to confuse us even more. Right now…non-white officers are already in hot water with police brutality, both past and present. This cartoon just reinforces that brutality. Even if YOU don’t see the racism, you could at least be sensitvie to the fact that someone ELSE does. We don’t all see alike.

  • jason

    i did an experiment with my children about the cartoon, empiricism, and such.


    While folks may object, pointing out how “ignorant” my children are; the point of using them is to show what a group of minds, without all the baggage, can get out of an image.

    I find it disturbing that people WANT to see racism in everything.

  • Gail

    I saw this cartoon and never saw any racial overtones. My reaction was that a bunch of scatterbrained monkeys on the hill created the stimulus program and it was horrible. I never saw one link to Obama in this cartoon. I find it weird that Rev Al saw racism. I think maybe he sees racism in everything unlike the rest of us!

  • mimi

    My comment won’t post!

  • mimi

    What happened? Why did my comment not post?

  • mimi

    What saddens me is how many of you have forgotten the lessons learned from last year’s election season.

    Wasn’t it how easily the low information masses were manipulated by the biased msm? Have you forgotten so quickly our frustration over the willful ignorance of so many voters?

    If most of you thought about Pelosi, Congress and anyone else but 0bama when you saw that cartoon, then CONGRATULATIONS!

    You are well-informed and there’s not a racist bone in your body.

    However, there are a lot of people out there who aren’t informed. Isn’t that the main reason we don’t have a President Clinton?

    The plain truth is that for most people who are offended, they simply do not associate the Stimulus Package with Pelosi. Call them stupid, but they exist. For a great deal of people, especially AAs, 0bama is the sum of all parts and they are not reading the fine print.

    Racists also still exist. I travel the Internet to non-political sites and just 2 weeks ago on one of these snarky gossip sites, someone made an offensive remark about the singer Usher’s wife who almost died during a plastic surgery procedure. Something to the effect about not understanding why n*igg*rs even bother with plastic surgery since nothing is going to change their simian features. ( I cleaned the comment up.)

    This particular site routinely has racists comments.

    The only good part for me about 0bama’s election is that it reflected that this racist breed is dying out. But stunts like this cartoon help them to vye for a spot on the ‘endangered species’ list. And trying to pretend that this mentality does not still exist also aids in that.

    It’s ironic that for as intelligent as most people here on this blog are, there seems to be a willful determination to block out history and the fact that AAs were dehumanized relentlessly for generations with regard to our physical appearance and the racist slurs calling blacks, monkeys and apes.

    So when you have an ugly event like this wild animal doing what wild animals do, and having to be shot down, it opens a reservoir of analogies that are offensive and just plain uncalled for.

    Yes, 0bama called Palin a ‘pig’ and he certainly has earned this to some extent. As well as for the playing of the race card and labeling the Clintons racists. I certainly believe in ‘turn about being fair play.’

    Personally, I hate the NY Post, so I don’t mind seeing them being jerked around. But right now I don’t feel too kindly to newspapers and the whole msm in general.

    But I think that we should be spared all of this unnecessary outrage. There’s no need for this to go on ad nauseum. Speak your piece, be done with it and move on. Because the truth is that the election of 0bama has moved us into a post-racial era.

    As far as boycotting the NY Post, since I don’t buy newspapers anymore I could care less. To me, any AA who has been buying the NYP is an idiot.

    Unfortunately, a lot of AAs here in NY patronize the paper, for the tabloid news and sports. Let’s see if they stop. But there doesn’t have to be a whole lot of noise about it.

    The focus is supposed to be on the Economy. And I refuse to go for the ‘head fake.’

  • Hermagoras

    Whatever other offenses the cartoon may commit, its first crime is against humor.

  • Scranton4Hillary

    I can tell you who DIDN’T write the stimu-less package– O-bla-dee–O-bla-daa

  • Scranton4Hillary

    Sharpton is an ultimate racist. Where was his outrage when Bill Clinton was being called a racist? He never said a word about how terribly wrong and immoral these racist accusations were towards President Clinton.
    I have never held Rev. Sharpton in high regard. Afterall, what about his judgement regarding the truth and reality of the Tawana Brawley(sp?) false rape charges? He jumped on that bandwagon just to stir a racial pot of hate and vengance.
    The great MLK would be so ashamed of both Sharpton and Obama–two men with insatiable egos and arrogance who crave the spotlight 24/7.

  • Marigat

    Obama needs to tell Sharpton to knock it off, that he isn’t furthering the cause of a civil discourse about race. But of course he won’t, because it is a nice distraction to his economic woes. Just as during the primary, Obama remains silent and lets others dish out the crap to save his own skin, no matter how much damage it causes.

  • DAB

    I believe that having Holder, Clyburn and Sharpton all cry racism at the very beginning of the Obama term does not bode well for America. They are going to create new divisions where none need exist. Why go down that path right now? Just do your jobs and show the world what you are made of and by all means Do Not Protest Too Much! That is the way to end racism once and for all!!!! Complaining and playing the victim just doesn’t cut it anymore…..

  • Julie

    It was pretty obvious who the chimp was suppose to be. Given the history that African Americans have with being referred to in a racist way as monkeys the cartoon is racist. This is very different than calling a white personal a monkey. It also suggests that we should use violence. Shot the President. This cartoon was wrong on so many levels. It does not matter whether you personally do not think the monkey represented Obama. It matters that a lot of other people think it was Obama. It is pretty easy to make the link. All this country needs now is for a major metropolitan newspaper to suggest the president is a monkey and needs to be shot.

    • Steve

      The paper never suggested the president is a monkey. Al Sharpton did.

      When I saw the cartoon, I thought of the dumb@ss congresspeople who wrote the bill and, as mentioned by someone else here, thought about the analogy of giving a million chimps typewriters and eventually they would hammer out Shakespeare, or whatever the analogy was.

      • Julie

        Great you saw something else, but a whole lot of people saw that the monkey represented Obama. That is all that counts. I am no sure why all the NQbots think they have to defend this garbage. This site is turning into nothing more than a right-wing hate site. To bad, it had some value at one time.

        • If people looked at that cartoon, and saw Obama as the chimp, they are either bigoted or stupid.

          Bigoted because they saw a monkey and assumed it was Obama or stupid because they don’t know who wrote the stimulus package.

          I’m not sure why all left wing Obots feel the need to throw the race card over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

          And I’m not sure why left wing loonies think that being a right winger is somehow worse than being a left wing loonie.

          The hate that the Obots threw towards Hillary supporters and McCain/Palin supporters was vile and frankly, is what created the anger many now feel.

    • Ferd Berfle

      Christ, get a grip. If this is all it takes to set people off on a tangent, we’re in deeper trouble than imagined.

  • Judy L. NC

    The cartoon was NOT racist, IMHO. Sharpton is.

    A guy named Marvin called into our afternoon drive time conservative talk radio show yesterday to protest the use of the term “losers” — he said it was racist.

    Frankly, I don’t give a good goddam any more if people think I’m racist or not.

  • Perhaps because I am white, I did not see race in this cartoon. What alarmed me was the introduction of violence into the discourse by showing two policemen shooting the chimp. It also seemed too soon after the horrendous event, when a woman was still lingering between life and death from the chimp attack, to go for a laugh about the event. I wouldn’t think it was funny or clever, even now, to use the 911 attack as source for a cartoon either. Some things are off-base for awhile and some are off-base forever.

  • C.S.

    If Sharpton considers this cartoon depicting Congress as a bunch of chimps racist; what must he think of the gender assassination of women candidates promoted by Soertoro/Obama and his camp followers which still dogs him today. Until I hear equal outrage from him it’s just so much nonsense because what the Obama cult refuses to see is he’s just a man raised in an international white/Muslim environment pretending to share common ground with U.S. African Americans in a get-rich-quick political scam.

    One could almost feel sorry for those taken in by Soertoro/Obama’s creative “backstory” if it wasn’t doing so much damage to our country.

  • JAC

    The cartoon pokes fun at Congress…it is NOT racist.
    geeeez This BS is moving us backwards by at least 20 years, by making racism a focusing point.
    When for the most part, we have as a nation grown up and moved on. Reverse racism is more of a problem now.

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  • AOK

    Whether the cartoonist’s intent was racist or not is debatable. But the Post’s right wing bias was painfully obvious. It was an futile attempt at humor that epically failed.

    • Ferd Berfle

      If Bush can be portrayed as a chimp, so can That One. I’ll bet you didn’t whine about the “Chimpy McFlighsuit” moniker they laid on Bush (and with good reason).

      This is all about political correctness and selective indignation on the part of the worshipers of That One. I ain’t buying it for a New York nanosecond.

  • my sentiments exactly

  • so saddened

    some give sharpton and the other racism-howlers the benefit of the doubt and assume they’re just too stupid to know or understand who wrote the porkulus bill or what the post actually intended.

    i give them no such benefit. i believe they, and especially sharpton, absolutely knew that the cartoon wasn’t about the big zero but chose to pretend it was for the political gains they always get from such behavior. the only way to stop them is to stop letting them win, and the only way to do that is to simply ignore them and to treat those who take them seriously as deserving of sympathy for their mentally challenged state.

    anyway, i think chimps everywhere were insulted by being compared to congress.

  • KevinMorrow

    Al Sharpton is only relevant when he plays the racism card. When racism falls from the spotlight, so will Al Sharpton. However, he wants to remain relevant thus he keeps fanning the flames of hatred and ignorance.

    It matters not who wrote the “Simulus Package” (it simulates an economy) what matters is how do we get our country back. Voting doesn’t produce change nor do protests. Let’s stop bantering about hypotheticals, and start planning for change.

    • jwrjr

      If Sharpton couldn’t complain about racism he would have nothing to say at all.

  • teacherinbrooklyn

    Great essay but as an English teacher I feel compelled to correct you: implied not inferred

    • even as a reference to Sharptons use of inference?

      now you know why i am constantly turning down italians who want me to teach them english. HA

      how the heck can i teach english when i don’t remember it myself…

  • Fran

    I thought it meant that an ape could have written the bill. It could not refer to BO because he did NOT write the bill! Of course, a lot of people may not realize that.

  • Dave

    Sharpton is a racist idiot himself. Its a joke, get a life, it must be terrible going through life looking for something to scream racism about. Sharpton has made a career out of acting that way.

  • I’m a Linda too

    Does he mean historical comments like, um, Obama when referring to his FEMALE opponents and says “You know you can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change” or “I understand that Senator Clinton, periodically when she’s feeling down, launches attacks as a way of trying to boost her appeal.”

    i guess when the Obama team conducts themselves like this, they must try to accuse others of similar conduct even though there was no merit in their wild claims.

  • EWard

    The Al Sharptons of the world can boycott the NY Post. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the rest of the country is realizing that Obama’s economic plans are creating uncertainty and chaos in the country.

    Even the pundits at CNBC noted that there is no economic leadership coming from the WH or Treasury. The dropping numbers of the stock market reflect a rejection of Obama’s fake stimulus written by Congress.

  • cathnealon

    During the campaign SNL did a skit with Todd Palin as an incestuous father–they never offered an apology to the Palins. I’m so sick of this double standard, Sharpton better shut up because this is going to backfire, people are fed up and don’t care who calls them ‘racist’ anymore.

  • obsp

    OK, As my log in states, I am The Official Black Spokes Person (OBSP). This is total bull, I saw the cartoon and thought of Nancy. The Monkey had no Big “A” Mole or Big Ears. Al Sharpton, has to protest something to keep is hair in place and since we have an AA President, what else does he have to protestes. And, by the way, Bambi is not speaking up because he needs to devert attention since in housing bill is dumber than Al Sharpton. He loves this, just like he did in the primaries.

    • wodiej


  • KintheNorthwest

    I thought it was Pelosi. Oh well me bad…Calling a lady a monkey–Is that Sexist…Guess so cause Im a lady. Opps

    • jwrjr

      Calling Pelousy a “monkey” is offensive … to the monkey.

  • elise

    This may backfire on Al. The readers of the Post are not likely to be influenced to boycott the paper based on this complaint. We better get used to at least four years of being called racist.

  • Prem

    I didn’t see any racist comment inferred with that cartoon. I saw the chimp portrayed as Congress as well. Sharpton’s attacks are one of the reasons that perhaps many Americans are “cowards” (a la Eric Holder) about discussing racial issues. One never knows what kind of “blowback” will happen, unfortunately.

  • bill

    Is this the American version of a Mohammed cartoon? I thought it was clear reference the chimp killed in CT after attacking a woman.

  • IndieDogg

    Having referred to Congress trying to write the (currency printing press) stimulus bill as being akin to watching a bunch of monkeys on crack with a erector set (building something that might look interesting, but nothing I’d want to stand on), I hereby cast my vote with the “What the hell is Al “The Mouth” Sharpton up to this time” group.

    And I, for one, never thought the monkey comparisons to GBW were so outrageous; I thought they were more an insult to Alfred E. Newman (for those who get that one). Neither of which are black, as far as we know.

  • termo

    Who wrote the Stimulus Bill?

    1. Alan Smithee

    2. anon

    3. collaborative effort among those seeking to buy votes in the next election.

  • Peggy Sue

    Maybe the mistake the NY Post made was they needed a troop of monkeys for the police to shoot. As I said in response to Larry’s post, I think this is a last ditch effort by the mavens of victimization, the people who claim to find racism in everything.

    It’s a much harder road to trek and greater standard to meet when the POTUS is an African American. Did the NY Post open themselves up for this? Maybe. I’m sure the cartoonist and editors realized the possibility of the Al Sharptons and Jessie Jacksons of the world to start screaming as if their hair was on fire.

    But, the paper did it anyway. I’m glad they did because the predictable reaction, all the faux angst and gnashing of teeth, is absurd. Al Sharpton and his band of merry protestors look foolish at best, and I hope to hell the paper does not fold to silly demands.

    Time to get a new cottage industry, Al. Maybe, a Hopenchange kiosk at the local mall.


    • wodiej

      it’s easier to be a victim than to actually be a productive part of society. After all, being a victim takes much less energy.

      The best and perhaps only good thing that will come out of the first black president, is white people will FINALLY get tired of being spineless wimps and say enough of the racist name calling. Blacks have more opportunities than whites. So if they are not successful, they only need look in the mirror to see why.

      I don’t even see the point of all this…it’s non productive

      • I’m a Linda too

        “it’s easier to be a victim than to actually be a productive part of society. After all, being a victim takes much less energy.”

        Spot on! And, they show they are lazy and looking for easy way out.

  • Anon-o-mouse

    Barack Obama is not a monkey…he’s a snake-oil salesman!

    And furthermore, it seems Sharpton is on a crusade to make people afraid – so afraid of offending AA’s that they will just shut up and sit idly by as the likes of the Chicago crowd have their way.

  • wodiej

    Let’s face it, a commercial about laundry soap would be construed as racist to black people if they thought it would give them sympathy-boo fuckin’ hoo.

    The biggest holders of the race card in the country are the ones accusing others of it.

  • Chicago Joe

    The Democratic Brand Is In Trouble — And It Doesn’t Even Know It Yet
    By John Tantillo
    Marketing Expert

    With pride there is a fall and there’s an even bigger fall if you are proud for all the wrong reasons, especially when those reasons include mistakenly thinking someone else’s accomplishments are your own.
    This is the biggest problem facing the Democratic brand today: taking credit for President Obama’s success.


    This interesting read reveals a lot about why people are under the bus….many Dems included, and why BHO signed that bill in Colorado.

  • Agree. It is racist to hold Obama to a different standard than the rest of Americans. I use the term Americans loosely since we really don’t know IF Obama is American.

    It seems it was okay to be racist and hold Obama to a different standard for producing personal and educational documentation.

    • NoBamaNoWay

      heh. bush was mercilessly compared to a chimp by the likes of al sharpton for 8 years. no double standards.

  • jbjd

    I saw the cartoon and thought about that math puzzle involving countless monkeys and typewriters, and a question whether eventually they could produce Shakespeare. Additionally, this monkey was raised as a human. He could have done as good a job of writing the ‘stimulus’ bill as Nancy Pelosi. My son, who is black – he supported HRC – couldn’t wait to tell me that, our white landlady thought the cartoon was racist. She voted for BO. I called her to point out that the same white liberals who found this cartoon racist voted for BO for POTUS without first investigating whether he was qualified for the job. Not holding BO to the same standard as other candidates BECAUSE he’s black, well, that’s racist.

  • Andy

    AGI: right on! I mean how ABSURD people can get??? This paranoia and exploitation of race has gone too far… I saw the cartoon and for the life in me I couldn’t understand what in there was referencing BO; AT ALL…

    I poste dthis on LJ’s post but let me repeat it here: can you believe the NYPost felt forced to issue an apology? WTH?

  • TexasMirth

    Al Sharpton is the one saying Obama is the monkey, not the cartoonist. I would never have put two and two together and assumed the monkey was supposed to be Obama.

    So true! When is somebody going to address Sharpton’s racism?

  • I didn’t equate the chimp with Obama, but rather the Congress.

    Sharpton is seeing offense where there is none. Sharpton, Jackson, and now the current AG are playing the victim card for blacks.

    It is way beyond the little boy who cried wolf. Backlash from the disgusting and 24/7 meme of everyone who isn’t black is racist is going to be nasty.

  • dnesser

    I took the cartoon as making fun of “Congress”. Obama did not write the stimulus. He didn’t even give Congress an outline of what he wanted….if the monkey was suppose to be Obama, he would’ve had Big Ears.

  • Manu

    Besides, everybody knows Obama is not a chimp, he’s a weasel. Heh.

    • I’m a Linda too

      Excellent point.

      • I’m a Linda too

        Maybe his supporters misunderstood “chump” for “chimp”.

      • imustprotest

        Weasel? No, he’s a skunk.

  • Oh brother. Frankly, I saw that cartoon and thought of congress – not Obama. It takes a certain level of racism to equate an ape with a Black man with by default.

    I didn’t.

    • Andy

      It takes a certain level of racism to equate an ape with a Black man with by default.

      I didn’t

      Sooo true John !! I dind;t either and it took me a while to understand what were they complaining about; I just couldn’t square it with the cartoon…