What a bunch of Orwellian fascists. Here’s the message waiting for me when I checked in tonight:


Okay Mr. Kos. Here’s a word for you: GO FUCK YOURSELF.  (Actually, that’s three words.  My bad.)

This wannabee poseur and his gang of Animal Farm pig imitators have lost touch with reality.

About a month ago I had an exchange with Markos concerning troll rating Susan Hu (SusanUnPC), who had the audacity to try to defend one of my posts. He said (and I can’t give you the exact quote until I get back to my puter in Maryland) that Susan was being “disciplined” for not allowing the community to punish me for my anti-Obama postings. The little fucking twerp obviously has never read nor understood George Orwell’s Animal Farm. For the cultural illiterates (and I hope there are none on this blog), Orwell described an oppressed society of farm animals who took control of an overbearing farmer’s property. And before you could say, Barack Obama is incompetent, the pigs began punishing the other farm animals. They assumed the worst traits of the humans they vanquished.

Well Markos and crowd. Orwell was right. Fuck you people. I won’t post and I won’t read. But most of all, I won’t apologize. I have nothing to apologize for other than making the false assumption that you clowns gave a shit about freedom of expression or liberty. You guys are John Bolton and Dick Cheney in drag. You are welcome to kiss my ass.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
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  • bennyfrommedford

    Kos is a fucking ugly twerp and I would laugh if I ever saw his dumb fuck face get stomped on

  • Larry:

    to use bad Latin:

    “Illegitimati Non Carborundum”

    (Don’t let the bastards wear you down)

    and a one-finger salute to Markos

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  • A

    The amazing thing is that you give these sites any credibility at all by visiting them.

    They are everything they railed about and more….some of the most corrupt organizations I’ve ever seen.

  • JM

    I did not know Larry’s nor Sue’s history with the DailySlime. I am now a fan for life!

    • Some folks care more about country, than the latest fashion statement.

      Welcome, aboard!

      And really, really, really: FUCK KOS! 🙂

      • JM


        I have been on this site for the past couple of months. I was on here a couple of nights ago (or was it last night?) and read many of your posts. You are on here quite often, I see. I don’t remember how I got here, but I have enjoyed the ride!

        I really didn’t know the history, but I am glad that Larry has his own blog.

  • Gary McGowan

    STUPID ME. I dunno where I got the idea Larry Johnson had said something critical of Joe Wilson (I “remembered” it from the post at the top–there’s nothing of the sort there! Or anywhere I can find. I fucked up and I apologize. (I’m relieved, too, as I like very much everything I’ve seen of Joe Wilson.)

  • Gary McGowan

    I had expected to see that the “diary in question” had been censored/deleted, but it’s there. The warning, and DKos and many of the comments I scanned, are as you say.

    I’ve missed why Larry Johnson is not fond of Joe Wilson. If someone could offer me a link to what Larry has said on that, I’d be appreciative. I hope he too is not destabilizing and stirring up chaos in Africa for the London boys. I can search Google, but a well-chosen link could get me to the heart of the matter. TIA.

  • Gary McGowan

    I left DailyKrap months and months ago, but I think I gotta go back and get me one of those warnings. Used to be one just got trampled into the dust–now we can get a certificate to print and put on the wall! History is being made and I want that for friends and grandkids.

    I’m not going to write something disruptive or dishonest. I’ll just be sincere me and do my best to write factually, non-insultingly, etc… I think that should do it. (Assuming the scouts don’t head me off at the pass; quite an operation they’ve got going over there.)

    Great post, Mr. Johnson (this one; I never saw nor will, I guess, the “post in question.”) Bravo!

  • hector

    If you want to know why markos and americablog are dumping so much and so often on Hillary, go count the responses on any Hillary-related blog on Kos or on Huff post.
    Hillary is making money for them!

  • Ethan

    Everything I wanted to say (but my wife won’t let me use those words.) What will the orangeshirts have for their next act? An online Kristallnacht?

  • Kourian

    Larry: Just read the article and then this. I just want you to know you have our full support and that we’re glad you’re out there. Thank you.

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  • Crystal

    Hi larry,

    I quit writing on kos a while back ’cause I was being censured. It sort of freaked me out that I was being watched all the time without really knowing it. I was reading this blog, really participating, actually at one point donating money, and then one day finding someone actually drawing lines through my sentences really freaked me out. It was a total mind fuck. Everyone on the site is screaming their nuts off about Cheney wiretapping their toilets, but then everyone of them is being censured and told what to think. I was actually reading there today and came across a couple of posts talking about you getting banned and your warning screen, so I had to find it to see if it was anything like I experienced. I didn’t get nearly anything as strong, so I guess I wasn’t considered nearly as great a threat. Oh well.

    • ChrisXP

      Welcome to the FUCK KOS club. 😉

      What scares me the most about DK, isn’t the politics itself (radicals are everywhere), it’s when that site folds, and where those minions will go next.

      Nazis appear tamer.


  • Kos can blow me. Gate keeper sites like his are pathetic. They take a perfectly good opportunity to share infromation, unrestricted like the MSM has become, and they trade it for a shot at getting noticed by political insiders. Like that guy from Think Progress who is now on the Clinton staff.
    Kos just wants a payday, and lets face it; it’s just that kind of self absorbed, “me-first” greed that is keeping journalism in check everywhere else in this country. So why not at The Daily Kos?
    They can’t honestly believe that there are free elections in this country after the past 7 years, can they? Can they be that stupid?
    So they do it too show the insiders that they can be useful to their cause. What a sham.
    I think the Animal Farm reference gives these bastards too much credit. The pigs weren’t doing it to suck-up to the humans; they just became like them to protect their new power. These bastards are calling out the establishment in public, while privately working to get a payday by joining their staff.
    Fuck Kos and the mindless rabble that blindly worship at his alter of masterbatory punditry.
    Kos can blow me, that sell-out piece of shit.
    It’s obvious what he is doing. If Hillary had won 10 in a row, he would be all about how wonderful she was…ie… he is looking for a role in the Obama White House. Duh… and the rabble over there just don’t get it.
    great site Larry.

  • This is my first visit to Larry’s blog. I have heard of him of course. I followed a link from brad blog. I have been to Kos many times and like other posters was dismayed by the rigidity and the need to tow the party line.

    I gave up on them completely after they banned 9/11 truth discussions. I was shocked. After all this is the biggest story in decades there are serious questions by educated intelligent and yes, quite sane people. I post over at Salon all the time, and even though the party line over there is that truthers are nutters, they have never deleted one of my many posts on the subject!

    When Kos banned truther talk they killed free speech at the same time, if it’s an inside job fine, if it was little Binnny Laden that’s okay too, but whatever the truth is we will never know if we cannot even talk about it. I will never forget the language they used when the banned 9/11 discussions. They said they were a “reality based” site.

    Their reality not mine.

    Kos does seem to be doing a good job of dividing the left. Maybe that is his job. “By way of deception we shall do war.” Mossad Motto

    Keep fighting Larry.

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  • sandy

    I’m learning you can question Sen. Obama only at your own risk. Even what I consider innocent questions got me scolded and put in my place.

  • Jim Spriggs

    “Do we have rock solid proof that Barak Obama was really born in Hawaii?”

    How come your post is in bolder type than everyone else’s?

    • melonhead

      he was born in BETHELEM.

  • You’re always welcome at MLW.

  • JoeySky18

    My following comment at Kos was bombard with troll rate. Can you tell me the justification?

    “It is high time that someone throws Obama’s true behavior out in the open”.

    The only reason I could think of is that it was deemed unacceptable because I know to know the truth about Obama.

    Kos represents the oppression of opposite view in political idea. We really go backward to communist area.

  • Matt

    I gave up on Kos years ago when they banned conversation about demanding an actual investigation of 9/11–what the f*ck?–well, then I heard an interview of Kos where he admits to going to the highest level before ‘not joining the CIA’–Kos is a gatekeeper control site–no one should go there–it should be shunned for the feces that it is

    • simon

      highest level before the CIA?

      You mean they gave him a choice, he wasnt forced into a life of servitude to the intelligence communties of America?

      Who’d he have to blow?

  • Lisa B

    My first post on this blog. I don’t blog anymore because you can’t even ask a legitimate question about Obama without being called a right-winger or raciest. Frankly, I’m tired of it. If these people don’t think this stuff isn’t going to come out if he’s elected they are really some stupid idiots. I have many questions about Obama. The first one is this Larry Sinclair. Yes, this guy looks and talks like a nut, but this nut is taking this stuff to court. If they think, the Republicans and the Media won’t be all over this they are fools. If any of this stuff is proven true we can all welcome McCain to the white house in November. People are tired of past drug users holding the highest office in this country. I’m also offended with Obamas remark that people will vote for him, but he’s not so sure they will vote for her. That is a raciest remark if you ask me. What? The blacks won’t vote for her if she wins. What’s up with that? In addition, his voting record isn’t easy to gage because he didn’t vote on so many of them I can’t tell where he stands on a lot of issues. His healthcare isn’t so great either. He supported Joe Lieberman instead of Lamont. That one sealed the deal for me. I just hate what is going on in this country, and I’m worried Obama might be one of those blue dog democrats and that’s not good for any Democrat.

  • Diane

    Huh?? What a strange question. I’d rather have Hillary make her tax returns public than her birth certificate.

    Student’s have to prove citizenship for tuition purposes, if that’s what the bee in you’re bonnet is. I’m pretty sure it was determined before he ever applied to Harvard. Regardless, his Mom was from the heartland of this country. Please leave ‘lil old granny alone.


    • Mike Howell

      Diane –

      Where was his mother born? Was she an army brat or did she move around a lot? Does anyone know where she was throughout his life?

      He wouldn’t necessarily have had to have produced a birth certificate for tuition. What’s the big deal with him producing his birth certificate anyway? And I am not implying that he isn’t a U.S. citizen. I just don’t see the harm.

  • Susan for Hillary

    Do we have rock solid proof that Barak Obama was really born in Hawaii?

    My experience is that it is really a simple task to fake a birth certificate and certainly was simpler before the last couple of years.

    Is there real proof here? The info surrounding his birth seems very sketchy and I was taken by a statement somewhere (probably Chicago papers) that the campaign would NOT make his mother’s mother (maternal grandmother) available at all.

    Certainly the Kenyan family would not have proof. The Obama nightmare could disappear without a whimper – well, there will be a fight, but it could be an easier one.

    I do not have the resources to take on this investigation but wish I did. I would be happy to do any work by phone or internet.

    It seems to me that the Clinton campaign may not have looked here because everyone, just everyone, assumes he is a US citizen by birth. But there are way too many inconsistent dishonest things about Obama and I can’t see him letting a little item like not being born in Hawaii stop him.

    • Jeff Benton


      I have this doubt too. I know that with the intelligence at the service of USA, manipulating a birth certificate to make it look like an ‘official one’ that will grant that Mr. Barak indeed was born in Hawaii, at that ”time” already a state of the union could not be any difficult task to do.

      But Bill Clinton must know ‘something’ if they do not want to use it…we will have to wait. I do know that in England they are investigating “this fact” as suspicious!

      I read this:


      But did you know that…

      -His birth certificate was curiously sequestered in a high security safety-deposit box in Hawaii, presumably to hide this fact. You see, under the Laws of Halacha and the Siniatic Code (as annotated in the Talmud and represented in Deuteronomy chapter 7 of the Bible), the Doctrine of Matrilineal Descent states that the bloodline of Jewish ancestry is passed on through THE MOTHER! Ergo; if the above facts are true, then technically speaking, Barak Obama is a ‘Halachic Jew’…

      -His campaign has amassed a 21 million dollar slush fund. This money is tied to Texas Tejas Security, a MAJOR BACKER OF THE BUSH FAMILY!


      Mr. Barak has admitted that he has borrowed not only “the bright lines to come out as a great articulated man”…hmm…but maybe her mother borrowed a citizenship “with the mystery of OB’s birth certificate”… too with the help of people for whom his stepfather and mother were working for at that time! Imagine if Mr. Barak is not US citizen but an African and as I read in the post above ”a jew”? That is the trasnparency that is beginning to surface as a dark cloud. As a candidate asking the people to allow him to be the president, he must provide all the information required, and a strong resume “of actions” taken by him as a junior senator. To explain what troops he is bringing back from Irak, there are many divisions, and this can prove his lack of knowledge when talking about bringing the troops but not elaborating more, due to the fact that he does not have adquired that information as he should in the best interest in providing “the truth” on what troops, soldiers, brigades. He is like the person who sells snake oil, yes I will approve everything as long as you vote for me.

      This is irresponsible ‘talk’ to a country that demand right now a person with experience, ready to answer not by memorized answers, or borrowed lines from speeches, but based in a deep knowledge for a job as a president” you should demonstrate that on any subject you know in detail what you are talking about.

      No more stuttering…then…pause…and then an evasive answer. That might work with your students or people who just want to listen to ‘beautiful words’, or maybe Mr. Barak’s advisor think that the majority of people who goes to his rallies cannot handle listening or understanding the specifics?

      The country is in a serious deplorable position at the eyes of the USA citizens likewise around the world.

      I know that Mr. Barak knows that if he is not elected now, by the next time, there will be a “latino” or “next Bush” running for president, and Latino community will be larger and more of them with the citizenship required to vote. In the case it is a Latino that is the legacy and retribution the Latino voters will received from the Clintons for the Latino’s loyalty on taking Mrs. Clinton to the White House.

      Just my opinion,


  • VetGirrl

    How f’king refreshing. Yes, it does feel like we have been invaded by Martians and the whole of this country has gone mad.

    I shared this refreshing sentiment with MoveOn, Kerry, Kennedy, Oprah (and any advertiser who sends me anything related to her Empire), HuffPo, Kos and I’ve lost count at this point.

    I gave up on Air America almost a year ago. It started with that Big Moron Ed, a guy who prides himself on being honest about his show being there for the money, that’s all … in that good ‘ole boy fashion and his Hillary Bashing that turned into bashing of any listener who called him on the obvious hypocrisy.

    Randy Rhodes, what a disappointment. The master of information suddenly went stupid on the Obama details. Again, must be the money, honey. Keep boucin’ dem boobies girl.

    It was no surprise with Stephanie Miller. Low expectations are very liberating. And I forgive them because if I am right, they will always ride the most popular pony at any parade. They can later fart themselves into hilarity apologetically.

    Mr. Obama has been packaged like the latest gadget. A video hero for the five minute attention span society we live in. But he is a victim as he is an opportunist. He, like all great pretenders, will eventually have the curtains fail to reveal that there is no Oz and that the Wizard is not who you think.

    There is time, I hope, that Mr. Obama will be exposed.

    One thing for sure, I will not vote for Obama. I will write in my candidate.

    • simon

      I shared this refreshing sentiment with MoveOn, Kerry, Kennedy, Oprah (and any advertiser who sends me anything related to her Empire), HuffPo, Kos and I’ve lost count at this point.

      Can you imagine an Oprah free nation, an Oprah free media, free of a woman who thinks she’s talented enough to justify a 24/7 network, all about Oprah, free of the woman who posts her picture on every publication she owns, like some multi media banana republican, like the Saddam Hussein of middle aged housewives, Oprah everywhere, Oprah as big brother?

      I can.

      • Tel

        like the Saddam Hussein of middle aged housewives, Oprah everywhere

        Don’t get Oprah’s Book Club confused with Saddam’s Electric Drill Team… on close inspection you will find subtle yet significant differences.

        • simon

          Saddams’ electric drill team, and literary appreciation society.

          Saddam may have been a brute but he wished to appear a cultivated brute.

          You know, you can’t move with Chirac and be ignorant of Baudelaire.

          Did I forget to tell you about the French poetry club for tyrants?

      • Mike Howell

        Simon –

        YES I CAN! Hallelujah! Amen!

  • colleen

    Congratulations, Larry, you’re the one millionth poster to have disturbed the remarkably thin skinned and arrogant morons who police DK. If you don’t take care that moron running Booman Tribune will ban you for your post here.

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  • hrh

    Great post, Larry. But I guess you didn’t read DKos very much because this Animal Farm behavior has been going on there for YEARS now.

    I would say a more accurate description of the place’s mentality is Lord of the Flies.

  • chumley

    Wow, Johnson. Grow the fuck up.

    Honest to Christ, what a whiny little shitstain you’ve become.

  • TeakWoodKite

    Sorry about the OT:
    Does Rezko have any vectors with Mr. Alsammarae?

    Having escaped from a Baghdad jail over the weekend in what he boasted was the “Chicago way,” Mr. Alsammarae, whose whereabouts are unknown, could have been on the way back here.

    Or perhaps he had already arrived, enjoying the serenity of the leafy surroundings of the Covington subdivision, about a half-hour west of Chicago.

    Dennis Brugh, the property manager of the subdivision, where homes range in price from $1.5 million to $4 million, said that whatever trouble Mr. Alsammarae had found in Iraq, here “he was a homeowner in good standing.”


  • lespool

    Good for Larry! My problem with Daily Kos has always been their refusal to acknowledge election fraud — that’s been proven over and over again that it can, will, and does exist when voting machines are owned by a Republican oligopoly that is empowered to count votes and decide winners with no questions asked. — In fact, I hate Daily Kos for such stupidity that they can go fuck themselves as far as I’m concerned, too!

    • Mr.Murder

      I remember quite a lot of people who did post about the voting machines at kos and the owners of those companies, their ties to the policial right.

      He tones down that talk at election time so people can’t nullify wins for Democrats at the primary stage.

      Dkospedia probably has the old items on archive.

  • Frostback

    This Canuck would simply like to make an observation…hope that’s okay…

    As a regular reader (and sporadic poster) at HuffPo since its inception, I am in shock over the current state of affairs there. They’re eating their own, using republican cutlery.

    Just in the past couple of days, I’ve learned, among other things, that Anne Coulter was right in her (faggot) assessment of John Edwards, that Chris Matthews should feel free to attack Hillary at whim, that Gov Richardson helped Hillary steal the NM votes, that the Clinton WH years were horrid, and that if one isn’t on the O-train to nirvana, well, one will end up somewhere a lot less pleasant.

    Who knew?!

  • There’s something “Orwellian” about a site that doesn’t ban you for misinforming/lying/cursing/etc…but for having an opinion they don’t like! It’s the only site around like that, who “disenfranchizes” commentors that actually like the site.

    I don’t like the site, never did, and I consider myself a huge progressive. I don’t consider that site progressive. I don’t know WHAT I consider that site! I don’t hate the site, and I don’t like it. I also never go there, I simply don’t think it’s a good progressive website. And the fact that they consistently ban people who love their site because they don’t like their opinion on a certain matter, that makes me think there’s something very “fishy” going on there!

    • Tel

      Pick any dictator in history, any one you like. They were all working for Progress (with capital “P”), thus they were all “progressive” — in their own minds, and those of the followers. That’s why the whole idea of calling yourself “progressive” is meaningless self justification and stands for nothing at all.

      People are scared to call themselves liberal, so they rally behind a hollow banner instead, and all that guarantees is that every time the “progressives” lose, they lose, and every time they win, they also lose. Why? Because the hollow banner can flutter any direction at any time, for any convenient reason. KOS is just a manifestation of this, but the more people flock to the “progressive” call, the more of the same you will see.


      I’m pro-Obama and anti-Hillary, mostly because of Hillary voting for the Iraq war, and voting to list the Iranian military as terrorists (trying to start another war which none of us need). I don’t think Obama is perfect by any means, but he does represent change, he isn’t afraid of being openly anti-war and standing up to the Republicans. The US sorely needs a change in direction, and I’m sure that Hillary is not going to provide that.

  • framecop

    I agree with you Larry. These Dumbocratic wimps have gotten to the point where any criticism is either sexist, xenophobic, or racist. You can’t even say Barack Hussein Obama’s full name without offending them and getting a WARNING message.

    Okay, if they have such a problem with Obama’s middle name, then maybe they need to ask Obama to CHANGE IT, but considering the fact that he hasn’t in 46 1/2 years on this earth, Barack Hussein Obama must not have much of a problem with it.

    So for those idiots to believe that ever mentioning Obama’s middle name is a bannable offense is the height of stupidity.

    I second you. All of them can go an F*** themselves.

  • No Blood for Hubris

    I hope Kos isn’t a Karl Rove sleeper cell just recently awakened.

  • CDM

    On the Media…

    – “In the front rank will stand organs of an official character. They will always stand guard over our interests, and therefore their influence will be comparatively insignificant.

    – In the second rank will be the semi-official organs, whose part it will be to attack the tepid and indifferent.

    – In the third rank we shall set up our own, to all appearance, opposition, which, in at least one of its organs, will present what looks like the very antipodes to us. Our real opponents at heart will accept opposition as their own and will show us their cards….”

  • bruce

    This also applies to Larry’s posting ‘Establishment man’ that occasioned the Fuck DKos’ response.
    First, the use of the word ‘cult’ is misused to describe the Obama phenonomen; see here:
    Second, the example of how foreign contributions are handled isn’t even handed as it fails to recite the conviction of the chinese/taiwanese person for illegal contributions to Bill Clinton; that probably has more to do with Hillary’s watchfulness than anything.
    Third, hell, ANY person that gets to this stage of the ‘Presidential contest’ is an ‘establishment person’; and THAT is because of the outrageous amounts of money needed to have a campaign; I wish Larry had ranted about that.
    RE ‘Obama’s terrorist ties’:
    “American Terrorism”: Shays Rebellion comes to mind easily but here’s a list to peruse:

    OR is one wants to stick specifically to the word ‘terrorism’ then:

    Note that the ‘Weathermen’ targeted police and military locations, not ‘civilian’ targets and that they came about as a result of the trumped up Vietnam War.

    I agree with Larry Johnson about DKos but it’s really a stretch to critique Obama for association with a ‘terrorist’, especially when Larry does not critique current and past elected officials with the terrorism the U.S. visits on other nations (see ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit Man’).
    It also needs to be noted that Joe Wilson has endorsed Clinton and Larry has close ties with the Wilson’s.
    The ‘real’ issue is the politics of corruption that is endemic to U.S. politics; for instance see here:
    The same Senate Judiciary Committee that was against telecom immunity ‘passed without dissent’ a provision would prevent a small Texas company called DataTreasury from collecting damages from banks for infringing on its patented method for digitally scanning, sending and archiving checks.

    So let’s get ‘honest’ and say it’s ‘Fuck Us’ that those in power are saying.

    • Mr.Murder

      Policeman aren’t civilians in the USA?

      Do you have your papers, comrade?

    • Mike Howell

      bruce –

      The Weathermen were murderers who picked off cops who were merely walking down the street.

      The FBI still teaches agents not to walk side by side because of these murderers. It’s harder to kill both agents/officers at the same time that way.

      If Barack Hussein Obama knowingly keeps a dollar from a terrorist like Ayers he should never be President.

      Something is seriously wrong with people who believe it was or is O.K. to kill police officers.

  • Kos is left wing in the same way that Stalin was, you are now finding out just how much tolearance for free speech that thousands of us lesser bloggers who have been bullied and banned by those amitious little sycophants over at the Daily Kult. There is absolutely no dissent brooked there by Zuniga’s minions who flail away at the delete keys on their laptops as though they are swinging rubber truncheons at any who dare to interfere with their leader’s relentless ambition to one day be close enough to sniff the seat of Queen Hillary’s throne.

    My advise to you Larry (if I may call you that sir) is to use your clout as somebody who really knows what the hell is going on in this country to put out the word on just what a charlatan that Kos is, I refer to “Kurtz’s Law”:

    Anybody who is regularly quoted in the Media Notes column of the Washington Post as a representative of the ‘left’ by notorious mockingbird Howard Kurtz whose detestable treatment of Gary Webb set a new low for ‘journalism’ is NOT representative of the left in this country.

    Mr. Kos has just figured out that rather than crash the gates it is far easier to gain access to the castle by simply having the master install a doggy door.

    By the way Larry, I love your stuff, you can count me as a big fan so just keep it going and beware of orange bellied pit vipers.

    Your friend

    Ed Encho

    • Lorelynn

      The brilliant British poet Alexander Pope once gave the king (I forgot who it was) a dog for his home in Kew as a present. Engraved upon the dog’s silver collar was this:

      I am His Majesty’s dog at Kew.
      Pray tell me, sir, whose dog are you?

      Maybe we should send Kos a dog collar as well?

  • Comrade Rutherford

    Senator Clinton is a double-agent. Her cover is ‘liberal New York Senator’, but her true identity is GOP operative. Her running for Acting President has one primary purpose, to regroup the disillusioned GOP after 8 years of swallowing the lies of the Bush Admin.

    She’s the last person we need. I place Obama at second to last…

  • Didn’t dare.

  • I once wrote a piece called “Markos Moulitsas is a Nappy-Headed Ho.” Didn’t post it on Kos, though, did I?

  • rigs

    Ya, Kos is a freaking MOron who will be proven to be more ireelevant than ever before.

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  • Retired

    Larry quoted Kos as saying: “…that Susan was being ‘disciplined’ for not allowing the community to punish me for my anti-Obama postings.”
    And these are the guys that whine about conservative censorship? Animal Farm, indeed!

    • TeakWoodKite

      Retired, is it possible that by calling a thing by it’s proper name, Mr Johnson has been running a covert operation? LOL. I have allways been intrigued by the co-opting of orginizations. What was radical yesterday is main stream today. Marin and BMW’s
      Some folks are working split shift at the dairy.
      At 3 am I was real glad I could tell my dog to “Get the Cows” rather than do it my self.

  • Thornton Mellon

    The Koz Krowd is getting out of hand. Many’s the diary that posts unsubstantiated things about HRC. But Kos doesn’t ban them. Koz is a pathetic little twirp.

  • Anyone interested in joining a community blog that was formed out of disgust with Daily Kos is invited to check out Political Fleshfeast.

    –peeder (a fully deprogrammed programmer)