“The one thing his voters can count on is that they will ultimately be disappointed.” Der Spiegel has it exactly right.

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  • I am an editor of http://www.stop-obama.org

    And I am offended by the suggestion that we are racist.

    I am offended, not least because even a cursory look at our staff makes it apparently clear that out of five men and women, we’ve one white guy, whose Jewish at that.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t have minorities and majorities at our site. We don’t subscribe to the very notion. Its nonsense which you can take back to the 20th century.

    But the same can’t be said about Obama, no matter how often his media lapdogs repeat it. How blind must you be to ignore the way those very same lapdogs repeat and repeat and repeat “the first african-american”. On the one hand, he’s just a good guy, on the other, he is “the first african-americna”.

    We at Stop Obama take issue with this. And we damn right should. We don’t want want the first Woman President, the first Mormon President, the First Greenfaced president. We want a damn good president!

    We maintain Obama is too much the “First african american president”. Hell, I personally prefer Jessy Jackson to this phony Obama. Jackson never his race to manipulate media coverage!

    Obama, no doubt did, does, and apparently will continue to use his identity for political purposes.

    Have any of you read his books?! Have any of you listened to his messages, or his advisers talking about his appeal?

    And then you have the gall to question our integrity?!

    Give us all a break!

    We may not succeed in discussing this issue with the utmost care. At least we discuss it. You’ve all been browbeaten into silence.

    We are talking about it because we believe Obama’s ability to use race to his political advantage is a dangerous threat to the very liberalism at heart of the Democratic party. We have all the right, as Democrats, to take Obama to task on this.

    Give us a break, and read our material before passing slurring us. Very little of what we do is racial. And even if it were all racial, does that matter? Does it somehow mean were all black sheep?

    I want to hear answers.

    Jamal McCoy

    • John Witherspoon

      Sorry, I assumed the people above knew what they were talking about, which proved, as it always has, to be untrue. It’s not a racist site!

    • John Witherspoon

      But, jesse jackson did use his race in politics…

  • Obama is a charlatan and he is laughing all the way. He has hosed so many people…the weak-minded. He is some odd combination of Tony Robbins and Jesse Jackson…a motivator who can whip a crowd into an emotional frenzy. He is nothing more.

    My soul bristles at the sound of his voice. This is a cult movement. I hope people wake up. I’ve seen a scarier place than we have now if he is elected.

    First Dubya…now this. People all over the world are wondering what drugs Americans are taking that have led to mass disengagement of brain cells.

    I want change too but not the kind he would bring. Very scary people…that this has gone this far

    And it is also the fault of the media for giving him a free ride and not applying pressure to him. They refuse to ask tough questions for fear of being labeled a racist. Because the Obama campaign and pundicks engaged in group think throw down a race card every time Obama is asked a hard questions or backed into a corner. That shit has to stop. Support for him from all segments of the weak minded have voted for him proving that race is NOT an issue.

    This election I am not FOR anyone because they all suck. But I am ANTI-OBAMA 100%.

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  • justsomeone

    I assure you’all I not faintin’, weepin’ or wailin’, nor am I smitten. I just can’t condone fining people or garnishing their wages because they don’t have health insurance. I prefer regulating the insurers. I’m not faintin’, weepin’ or obcessing on Obama. I’ve just had enough of NAFTAesque job exportation & am willing to take a chance that MAYBE Obamas’ talking about this issue will catch on with those spineless Dems in DC & a handful of Repubs (the ones that aren’t neo cons) & maybe it can be slowed down a little bit. & yes if I have to listen to campaign slogans, better “Hope & CHANGE” than a deluge of personal assasination charges that only encourage all of us to try & out snark each other. BTW I like Denzel Washington, so don’t mess with him.

    • Mike Howell

      justsomeone –

      Did you miss the video below? It’s from this site. Obama said he’d help the machinists. He was their legislator.

      Instead he took over $100.000.00 from their enemy and sold them out. The Crown family paid him off. Maytag went to Mexico and the machinists got the shaft.

      Obama lied to them. He deceived them. He made no effort for them, but he still mentions their plight in his secondhand speeches. He still uses them.

      Even if you have no heart; you could still use your head. What makes you so special that he won’t sell you out too? I’m certain that he doesn’t care about me.


    • ginaswo

      your comment on mandatory coverage makes no sense
      Obama is for mandatory coverage of children
      so why is it okay for them and not for adults too?

    • Nellie


      In NH Obama was FOR ‘Free Trade’

      His Words: “I believe in the Free Market. I believe in Capitalism. I believe in Free Trade. I am not worried about us being able to compete anywhere on earth with American workers”

      You can watch a video clip of Obama extolling the virtues of Free Trade which includes NAFTA


      Oh, and Obama opposed an amendment that would have prevented the weakening of laws that protect against unfair trade practices. (Hillary supported the amendment.) And Senator Obama’s vote was the deciding vote, as there were exactly 60 Nays to reject the amendment.

      “To prohibit weakening any law that provides safeguards from unfair foreign trade practices.”

      Obama (D-IL), Nay
      Clinton (D-NY), Yea

      Obama also likes “Fast Track Authority” which allows a president to make deals without the approval of Congress.

      http://www.senate.gov/legislative/LIS/ro ll_call_lists/roll_call_vote_cfm.cfm?con gress=109&session=1&vote=00232

      Is anyone else as sick of this guys serial lying as I am?

      • TeakwoodKite


      • John Witherspoon

        You meant “guy’s.” Its not a plural ‘s’ its a possessive ‘s’. English professor my ass.

  • John Witherspoon

    oh, and lest you forget, Brother Malcolm was right, the government was bamboozling blacks. Maybe you don’t remember (even though you are all probably older than me(maybe its the dementia setting in early)) but Malcolm was around during the actual civil rights movement, you know, when we still overtly oppressed black people.

    • Mike Howell

      John Witherspoon –

      I never oppressed black people. Most of the people voting for Barack Hussein Obama are 20 years old. They weren’t oppressed either.

      Malcolm X got shot by a black muslim. Muslims and blacks have killed each other for centuries and show no signs of letting up.

      Kawanza is a holiday made up by a felon who had a rival black muslim group (US) that tried to annihilate the Black Panthers because they weren’t violent enough.

      Thousands and thousands of white people fought and died to end slavery in the United States.

      Barack Hussein Obama sold his people out the first chance he got. He let them freeze. He got a mansion.

      I’m sick of the victimhood. Will black people stop the killing in their neighborhoods?

      Not with Obama’s pay to play!

      • John Witherspoon

        white people have been shooting each other for years too. when was the last time a school shooting was carried out by a black guy? oh wait, never… Who’s the last black serial killer you heard of, oh wait, there aren’t any. You sir, are a racist piece of shit, and i hope you choke on you wife’s oversized, black dick fucked, pussy!

        • chris

          oh, how proud your mother must be of your sexist racist rants. what a hypocrite! You want to point the finger at someone and call them a racist, or bait me with sexist comments, and then write this crap! You are quite a work of art John Witherspoon.

        • kenoshaMarge

          here we go again, Racism = bad
          Sexism = fine and dandy

          Spare us your outrage with race until you have the same outrage over other kinds of discrimination. Just another hypocrite pretending to be a decent human being.

          • John Witherspoon

            Where was I sexist? Please provide examples.

        • Nellie

          That’s it Buddy!

          Go back to Daily Obama’s church at the Orange Place. Your gutter language is not acceptable and way out of bounds. This is an intelligent ADULT site – not for aging adolescents with a limited and filthy vocabulary!

          • John Witherspoon

            Actually, Larry doesn’t mind if you fucking swear here. While I don’t claim to be an English professor, you are missing a comma in that first sentence, as in: “That’s it, Buddy!” Also, who is this “Buddy?” Whats this orange place?

          • John Witherspoon

            Also, I believe the word you were looking for is ‘vulgarity’. The term “gutter language” is, for lack of a better word, just vulgar.

        • TeakwoodKite

          You sir, are a racist piece of shit, and i hope you choke on you wife’s oversized, black dick fucked, pussy!

          Yup, racism is alive and well. Sad and John what’s your favorite word??? Pathetic?

          Go listen to Chris Rock or something…

          Mike Howell: What sorry uncalled for trash.

        • rjj

          Witherspoon is one of Obama’s brownshirts.

          No, honeydear, brownshirt is not a veiled reference to race.

          • Simon

            No, honeydear, brownshirt is not a veiled reference to race.

            It USED to be reference to stink’in right wing troll.

            • John Witherspoon

              Yes, but clearly you people are all to the right of me, so that argument falls on its face.

  • John Witherspoon

    Wow, you guys are dumber than rocks. I learned the word “allusion” in the 8th grade:

    al·lu·sion (ə-lōō’zhən) Pronunciation Key

    1. The act of alluding; indirect reference: Without naming names, the candidate criticized the national leaders by allusion.
    2. An instance of indirect reference: an allusion to classical mythology in a poem. See Usage Note at allude.

    And then you gotta go and link to KKK sites to make your point. If you hate Obama so much, just vote for McCain in the primary. You people are pathetic.

    Let me paraphrase someone else without crediting them:

    We have met the enemy, and it is you.

    • Nellie


      As an English professor, I absolutely MUST correct your misconception and misuse of the word in context.

      I do not beleive anyone is referring to ‘Allude’ meaining indirect reference.

      They are discussing ILLUSION – perhaps you need to look it up! Read the entire thought to get the context.

      By the way John, your use of the word ‘DUMB’ – the French adage aptly applies here:

      ‘Qui accuse, s’accuse’

      • John Witherspoon

        where do you teach? liberty university? Obama is making an allusion to Malcolm X’s famous speech. I have a hard time believing an English professor is going to wrongly apply an apostrophe to the name “Soros.” But, hey, those who can’t do…

  • Bees

    Great video. I’ve been sharing it with my friends.

    Obama and Eliot Spitzer also seem to have a lot in common. David Axelrod apparently used his ‘magic’ of hope and change for Spitzer’s campaign as well. It’s all so phony.

  • Bob

    Or, maybe, Dems have been loosing for so long that some of us fear and hate the thought of actually winning. You attribute all kinds of hatred to Obama and his followers while spewing bile of your own. What’s up with that?

    • Mike Howell

      What’s to win if you lose your soul in the process?

  • John

    The only folks who are supporting BHO are folks who’ve never been conned. “Hey sucka, gimme a quarter.”

  • yttik

    I also share your totally unfounded suspicion. It sure doesn’t seem like the Dems are running this campaign. Everything that’s happening looks like a total set up.

    • DisenfranchisedVoter

      Lol at this video. I hope it garners some honors on youtube.
      I am suspicious about Obama’s campaign but I won’t go as far as saying that it is a set up with Rove or some other top Republican.
      I would suspect that it is a set up within the Democratic Party with people like John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, former Clinton staff etc. who decided a while back that they did not want to see Hillary Clinton win so they gave Obama their donors list and helped him establish a winning campaign staff and a list of top endorsements.
      As I’ve said numerous times to my friends, Obama is the liberal version of George W. Bush. He is just a puppet with a ton of people pulling the strings behind the curtains.

  • Lorelynn

    My totally unfounded suspicion is that Rove left the White House to run Obama’s campaign. As a Rove ploy, it makes perfect sense.

    • TeakWoodKite

      My totally unfounded suspicion
      Do you think Obama actually took Rove up on his offer? “I’ll help you with Obama in the primary and your on your own in the General.” ?

      It could account for the rebuplican cross -overs.
      (I know; tinhat 🙂

  • bayathena


    • John Witherspoon

      Oh Noes, Soros! seriously, you guys are the ace of spades. WTF? OMG look out your window, theres a silent black helicopter! Quick, get out the tin foil!

      • Nellie


        Here’s a link to when Obama sold himself to Soro’s and the Financial Estwablishment in December 2006. Please note George Soro’s is sitting to the right of the stairs in the picture at the top of the article.


        • John Witherspoon

          who is soro? i thought we were talking about George Soros? George Soros is a good liberal. WTF are you talking about? Only a dirt bag republican shill complains about association with George Soros.

  • Gloria

    This is my big question: Who is behind this guy, from, what is it, 2005 when he said he’d be running? WHO IS PULLING HIS STRINGS?????

    • Simon

      This is my big question: Who is behind this guy, from, what is it, 2005 when he said he’d be running? WHO IS PULLING HIS STRINGS?????

      Follow the money, and then find out who is pulling their strings….

  • ces

    The sad part is that Obama has to read the cards. And read the cards. And…

    • Sha

      Did you notice that? He looks down on prhases that should be easy to deliver.

      Kind of like George W. who can’t speak a sentence longer than four words at a time!

  • So who is the better Malcom X Impersonator, Obama or Denzel?

    Anyway, I think Morpheus is a better speechmaker than Obama.

  • TeakWoodKite

    G’day SusanUnPc. I apologize, but I am confused about the attribution of this clip? Where did it come from and who created it?

    • I have no clue. It was put up at YouTube, and a Hillary pal discovered it. If she hadn’t, I would have. I’m always over there searching for videos, usually without much luck. There are a lot more pro-Obama videos there.

      • TeakWoodKite

        OH…Thanks. Denzel is such a good actor.

  • rjj

    Thus speaks The Changeling.

    Too bad. The fucking maudlinist-sentimentalist assholes of the Democratic Party have restored momentum to Karl Rove’s Permanent Majority project.

    • Simon

      Too bad. The fucking maudlinist-sentimentalist assholes of the Democratic Party have restored momentum to Karl Rove’s Permanent Majority project


      I was thinking that, too, but, again, with a weakened virus, so to speak.

      We arent’ seeing any dazzling republicans, their ideas are unworkable, and they will continue to kill their party.

      I think an enabled John Edwards, or another like him, is the real future of this country.

      And Clinton certainly, I think I have seen change in her since the campaign started, maybe more empathy with what is really happening in people’s lives, like the Maytag devastation, as opposed to Mark Penn’s micro trends.

      Bill did help with NAFTA, but it was supposed to be tweaked, too, adjusted as unworkable elements were thrown out.

      Didn’t happen under “take all you want cheney.”

      (“Cheney in the kitchen stealing everything we got” — John Fogerty, Long Dark Night)

  • Dormaphaea

    Great video. Only complaint is I had to watch all the silliness. Again.

    But pretty much puts it in a nutshell.

  • Jesus Reyes

    He is the well posed candidate in every regard. Googling his image is instructive. It’s a professional portfolio. No candidate is running on issues. If you want to know what the issues are, google the last few articles by Ralph Nadar. This campaign season is only a reality show and Hillary is being voted off the island. It’s not that Obama is without a program, it’s just a program that you cant speak. He is a product of U of Chicago, Leo Strauss-Neo Conservatives, Milton Friedman-Neo Liberalism. He is a product of Columbia, Brezinski-Global Empire. This man is well prepped and well developed and has powerful people behind him. They know what the program is and you can believe that it is a “day one” program. There is no learning curve.

    • Sha

      Amazing inasmuch as Obama supporters have vilified the Clintons as being only out for themselves and power hungry.

      I wish someone would do an comparison of the Obamas versus the Clinton’s career trajectories…there is no doubt in my mind that the Obamas used the Clintons as role models….but today they demean that whole existence.

      Like Janus…two-faced and false.

      • Hey, you’re quoting that Machinists Union president without attribution! (I’m teasing you.) (For others, see the post just below with the unbelievably great video of that prez knockin’ our socks off.)

        • Sha

          Sorry!!! But that is where I saw/heard it today and my jaw dropped to the floor.

          That factual stuff about the Maytag plant should be broadcast far and wide. What a hypocrite! I mean, Obama is taking bows for that speech, isn’t he?

    • Simon

      Clinton is.

      Already, she has enacted the student loan laws, reforming an industry that would have devastated our best and brightest for years.

      A kid in debt 80,000 right out of college, with a bachelor’s, from a public university, paying usury interest rates, will never buy a new car, a new house, or establish himself, and god forbid he get sick, or default, the bankruptcy laws being so draconian. So, what are you working for? Not much.

      So right there, Clinton gets it, the need for the government to insure Americans can HOPE, knowing if things go wrong, tomorrow will always be better, protecting Americans against those who would exploit them, mercilessly.

      We are an equal society, this idea of a two tiered culture, those connected, those not, kills American democracy.

      That lousy customer service, the high oil prices, the dirty air, poisoned food, that’s what you get when you have government by lobbyist, Obama is simply a trojan to continue this system.

      Obama is owned, owned, and IMO, weak minded.

      Why the hell would anyone want 4 more years of Bush?

      And then the Rezko filth, aye…

      Do they really think everything will be OK, after Bush?

      This is just ONE instance where she has enacted a law that will benefit America’s future.

      Did you really like the last 8 years?

      Any ivy league bachelors degree cost, at minimum, 200,000,now.

    • Last night I ran across an old NYT article on his “mysterious” days at Columbia University. He won’t talk about those days. He can’t remember the names of his friends. He doesn’t want to talk about his financial mgmt job. And his books skip over his days at Columbia and in NYC — almost as if they didn’t exist. And on and on. It was weird.

      • Sha

        Do you have a link? Any list of his “classmates” during that time?

      • Frostback

        I just tonight read that article and found it weird that he would leave that formative stage of his life cloudy.

      • Nellie

        Do you have the link?

  • ebonyscrews

    Hell of a video. should become very popular and get mass-plays in the coming weeks. The unmasking has begun.

    • Simon

      Hell of a video. should become very popular and get mass-plays in the coming weeks

      Well, I hope people start to wake up to the LIE this campaign is, the script of Jesus Joins the Black Panthers, uniting the terrorits of the world, from the Syrian Hezbollah, to the old guy Weather Underground…

      What strange company to keep, what do they speak of?

    • Truly. It’ll go “viral.”

      Hell, I’ve watched it three times, and I never do that. But it’s that well-done.

  • Sha

    I’m sorry…all I can say is OH. MY. GOD.

    Where are Obama supporters’ heads?

  • salo


    An amateur imitates, a professional steals.

    • Isn’t it clever. I wish I had video-making knowhow. What a hoot. But that’s VERY hard work too. It takes a hell of a lot of time to piece all of that together, and so cleverly. It really shows what a SHELL GAME this all is by the Obama campaign and Axelrod/clients.

      • salo

        strikes me as very new agey sorts of talking Points and Slogans when you cluster them together. If only he’d ripped off a bit of Marx, or Bevan…i’d have been a happy camper.

        • Sha

          I apologize to raise the issue, but it’s also racist – the “them versus us” meme when you link them altogether. In some respects (forgive me!) the same as white supremacists in the ’50’s.

          Do Hill and Bill still have a stable of AA’s who would come together – without fear – to reiterate the Clintons’ long and positive AA support…or has that train left the station?

          • There is a racist game being played.

            I spotted a diary at MyDD that introduced this new site that gets into that — not sure how effectively, but it’s up there:

            • Sha

              I saw that link/diary but was afraid to click on it if it was really white supremacist. I don’t want to encourage that behavior although the Obama campaign has done its best to encourage it.

              • Yes. I didn’t stay there long enough to discern where it’s coming from but felt some unease too.

          • DaleA

            They do, and their black supporters have been speaking out on their behalf. Just gets lost in the outcry about Obama. Jesse Jackson Sr., who supports Obama, has also spoken out about the Clintons’ good faith.

          • Robin

            Unsure as to why you think its racist. Is it because of the Malcome X ripoff he’s using?
            The us V them has nothing to do with race and everything to do with political juxtaposition between the two candidates.

            BO is “borrowing” speeches, yet this is being reduced down to Hillary being racist?

            I don’t get it.

        • votermom

          Didn’t want to scare the moneybag contingent.

      • MessyMarcy

        I wish one of these talented people would now make a video taking clips of Dubya when he was running and juxtapose them with clips showing Obama is running the same campaign and has the same lack of qualifications Bush had. Both based their campaigns on “change.” Both proclaim themselves a “uniter.” Faces of people in the audience for both have the look of people in some sort of quasi-religious movement than at a political rally; and both candidates strut around the stage basking in the adulation of these poor chumps. There appears to be only one real difference: Bush only thinks he was appointed by God, while Obama thinks he is God.

        How can people not see the similarities between Bush and Obama? The appeal of both is based on “likability” (or at least the media tell us they are likable; I’ve not seen that quality in either man myself). Both are woefully short on any actual accomplishments. It’s not like Bush has been out of office so long that people could have forgotten the disaster that results when someone is elected on the basis of personality rather than ability. How can the Democratic Party be on the verge of electing a Bush clone our nominee? The mind doesn’t just “boggle,” I think it may explode.

        • Amae

          My instincts told me Bush was an inexperienced fake. No one listened. I have the same instincts about BO, My family is now listening, but they are not enough to turn the tide. BO must be stopped. I am a political junkie and I read almost everything. There is too much in BO’s past to allow him to run this nation. He is an inexperienced fake. The Whitehouse would become home to Southside Chicago thugs and thieves. Sorry Chicago. I don’t have power. If I did, I would be pursuing every possible legal roadblock imaginable. Someone PLEASE stop him.

    • Simon

      Maybe they thought they could intimidate McCain supporters with a flash back to the days of rage, and the Black Panthers.

      ‘Bama don’t take no shit…

      • Gloria

        Funny to see those 60’s faces from a guy who told the Las Vegas Sun that he isn’t “invested” in the 60s….except when fooling people, I guess….

        What a SHAM!!!

        • Simon

          I also think it plays into the idea of covert racism, again, as mentioned above, the us v them meme.

          Divide and conquer, I was going to say Obama does it better then Rove, but he doesn’t.

          I detest this guy for choosing to use Rove’s methods, it is a betrayal of everything democrats are supposed to stand for, it is a betrayal of everything American, and Obama doesn’t give it a second thought.

          Those idiots can not understand how the deliberate division of the American people, the use of hate, hurts our country. Our laws, our Constitution, fight against this, ultimately to secure US survival, and then a jerk like Obama, or Rove, Americans, come along and use HATE to get elected, not understanding, at all, the greater implications.

          If you don’t respect the Constitution, if you don’t understand or respect the philosophical infrastructure upon which this great, though sometimes flawed, country was built, you don’t belong in the Presidency.

          And Clinton could take on McCain about the use of torture.