But, tonight, I’ve been moved. Not beyond words. But by words. Not by deeds and accomplishments. But by rhetoric. (There will be bamboozling, of course, but not to worry!)

I’ve been touched by the “bluesman from Chicago.” I’ve been inspired by the “new synthetic mythology for a new kind of knowledge culture” which, the author writes, “may be the most powerful remobilization of historical and contemporary perspectives since the Popular Front movement of the 1930’s.”

Deeds and accomplishments — like hard work — are so yesterday. It is time to believe. Because, these great minds tell us, that is all we NEED TO DO!

You see, before tonight, I did not know this:

henry_jenkins.jpgIn many ways, [Obama’s] language recalls that of Walt Whitman whose Leaves of Grass sought to develop a synthetic construction of what America was like as a nation, linking together a range of individual experiences, memories, perspectives, sense impressions, to create a vision of the nation as one big organism. . .

A GIANT ORGANISM! That’s what I’ve really been yearning for! And that was written by an M.I.T. professor (and that’s his photo, and he looks very intellectual!), so it must be true.

This is Harry Jenkins, that brilliant professor at M.I.T., who moved me so tonight with his words — words that match, in their clarity and detailed outline for the future of the United States government, foreign affairs, health care, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Department of the Interior, Department of Labor, Justice Department, military services, Pentagon, Congress, 50 governors in 50 states, hundreds of countries with billions of people, two wars, terrorism, the Israeli/Palestinian conflicts, the countries buying up United States companies, the massive credit card debt, the housing crisis, the infrastructure collapse (including, yech, sewers), the Department of Education and all those special needs kids, the college-age kids who can’t afford to go to college, the moms and dads working two minimum-wage jobs, my friend Cheryl and her 700 fellow mill workers who’ve lost their jobs — all that will be swept away, taken care of, CURED I TELL YOU!, by words like these:

In many ways, [Obama’s] language recalls that of Walt Whitman whose Leaves of Grass sought to develop a synthetic construction of what America was like as a nation, linking together a range of individual experiences, memories, perspectives, sense impressions, to create a vision of the nation as one big organism. . . .

Obama is charting a map of the future by mobilizing what is most valuable, most precious in the nation’s past. In doing so, he is constructing a shared mythology which speaks to us across historic divides in our national consciousness. Nothing could be further removed, say, than Edward’s talk of ‘Two Americas.’ In Obama’s version, there are at once many Americas, each self contradictory and refusing to be reduced to stereotypes, and one America, a collective intelligence ready to process all of that diversity and arrive at shared solutions to shared problems. . . .

Think of the speech as a mash-up of JFK, RFK, Ceasar Chavez, and Walt Whitman, delivered with the candences of Martin Luther King. Think of it as thus a new synthetic mythology for a new kind of knowledge culture. [It shows that I haven’t been back to college in a while that I haven’t got a f–king clue what that is, ignorant me.] It may be the most powerful remobilization of historical and contemporary perspectives since the Popular Front movement of the 1930’s. . . . My hope is that Obama’s rhetoric may evoke a similar response in future generations and in that sense, it will be, to use a word Obama likes to talk about, ‘transformative.’

Harry Jenkins, MIT “Obama and the ‘We’ Generation February 18, 2008.

For you naysayers, I give you Stanley Crouch, who won a Genius Award, so it has to be true:

“Out of One, Many Rise to Believe Again”


Opponents want to dismiss that optimism as “false hope” because they think – or pretend to think – that Barack Obama represents no more than a charismatic political slogan that has even less value than one of the worthless products brilliantly hawked around the clock throughout our media.

Barack Obama is actually a bluesman from Chicago whose big stage is not in a nightclub or a concert hall but the huge national podium on which politics are argued. Obama knows that the blues always present the unvarnished problem and provide a solution through the rhythms and tones of engagement. It is, as the writer Albert Murray has observed, a music of confrontation, and it is presented in what amounts to a purification ritual.

Stanley Crouch, NY Daily News February 18, 2008

Obama is a bluesman! He’s creating a “music of confrontation.” And that’s a “purification ritual.”

I get it now!

Don’t you???

Hillary Clinton talks about being Commander in Chief!

Gawd, that’s so yesterday!

(And do you think that Harry Jenkins and Stanley Crouch give a shit about those generals, colonels, and privates in the military? They’re all SO 20th century. The Pentagon? We oughta turn it into a museum! We’ll just talk to people, even our enemies, because that’s all that’s need NOW.)

COME ON, PEOPLE. Reach out and touch him! Touch his words! He’ll cure all that ails you and, wow, the entire world!

Credit must go to the “Is Barack Obama the Messiah?” blog site.

And just ignore these party poopers:

Audiology of Hope 360: Special Topics in Health Care Reform
by RonK Seattle
Wed Feb 20, 2008 at 06:34:51 PM PST

Hounds and FOXes come running in from right field when Obama’s bandwagon cranks up its 120dB dog whistle Wurlitzer. His policy point man is an ivory tower free marketeer (and DLC’s Senior Economist). His Social Security wingman is an avid privatizer.

The third horse in BO’s domestic policy troika is health care maven David Cutler — a technology optimist, of American Exceptionalist bent.

Do other countries do health care better? Irrelevant — we’re different. Expensive? We ought to spend a lot more. Patients Bill of Rights? Dead issue. Single payer? Dissed and dismissed in a single paragraph of his book. Insure the uninsured? Sure, but don’t let that distract us from the real issues. Negotiate drug prices? Careful, you’ll kill the Golden Goose!

Our review of Cutler’s eccentric frame for health care reform not only decrypts Obama’s call to the Right – it unearths the audacious belief system that animates our New Politickers’ across-the-board hope of finessing every clash of interest, and “turning the page” on every hard choice.

Cutler, RonK writes, offers this free-enterprise system:

[Cutler:] “The real reason health-care reform has not succeeded is that it is rooted in a misconception of what health-care reform should accomplish.” … He envisions a system in which everyone could get insurance while free-market incentives would motivate health-care providers to be more effective as well as more efficient. Instead of suppressing the market by rationing care, restraining prices or regulating doctors, he wants to liberate it. … Vouchers are a leap for a Democrat, but the idea is popular with conservatives. … Stuart Butler of the Heritage Foundation prefers Cutler’s universal model. … Cutler’s idea is to preserve the diversity of America’s system while subsidizing people’s access to it — to let the G.E.’s and the HealthPartners of the world, and also the Mercks, continue to innovate.

Read all of RonK’s “Audiology of Hope 360: Special Topics in Health Care Reform.”

We shouldn’t have to worry about his advisers and the specificity of his plans because we can all become one, and solve this all together, happily. The rancour and interest of each group will fall away easily. Everyone will love those plans from those conservative advisers because we’re “all one” now and that is all it takes.

And do forgive RonK. He’s just one of those wonky lefties. So yesterday. Details, details, details.

RonK hasn’t been bamboozled. And, you know, in a way that’s really sad. Come on, man! This is a movement! ‘course, movements used to be about voters’ rights, workers’ rights, decent working conditions, and the end to racial and sexual discrimination. BUT NOW OUR MOVEMENT IS ABOUT ELECTING A GUY WHO WANTS TO BE PREZ! Cuz he’s the cool, bluesy guy. I’m on so on board.


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  • William

    What a great thread, Susan! I’ve got lots of school, too; but I have always just shuddered at that pseudo-philosophical post-modernist blather that comes from many academics. This isn’t literary deconstruction, it’s running a country and trying to help people. The next person who gets her health insurance cut off for being sick will be heartened to know that Obama is part of the mythic concentricity of doing and being, of space and time, or here and there and everywhere.

  • Fred C. Dobbs

    Obama’s rhetoric remionds me of a Firesign Theater line:

    “All for One, and All for One! Let’s hear it for me!!”

    • TeakwoodKite

      And “What are you guys Doing in My Car?” …

    • rjj

      “The first word in Turkish is border

      “All for One …” etc bears repeating. Frequently. Never mind nobody knows who Firesign Theater is/was. Arcane and archaic references add to the mystification.

  • LuigiDaMan

    Obama + McCain = President McCain

  • Marjorie

    Re: the comparison of Obama to Cesar Chavez and the slogan “Si se puede”-Chavez’s goal was to organize the United Farm Workers union to protect Mexican workers wages and health, and he understood unlimited immigration of Mexicans would have undermined that goal; hence, he was instumental in limiting Mexican immigration. He was a pragmatist as well as an activist. He knew he had to be politic and understood the cost of being politic. Se puede with conditions.

    Obama does not have Chavez’s vision or understanding of consequences. Or he knows more than he appears to, and the cost will come if he is elected.

    • Marjorie

      Another thought. Harry Jenkins, MIT, wrote
      “Think of the speech as a mash-up of JFK, RFK, Ceasar Chavez, and Walt Whitman, delivered with the candences of Martin Luther King. Think of it as thus a new synthetic mythology for a new kind of knowledge culture. It may be the most powerful remobilization of historical and contemporary perspectives since the Popular Front movement of the 1930s.”

      The Popular Front movement of the 1930s? I’m confused. Is Obama integrating those ideas? The substance? Or simply utilizing the form? I would say ONLY THE FORM. Is Jenkins essay the end result of an environment of “publish or perish”?

  • Obviously, you haven’t got the memo.

    Resistance is futile. Stand by to be assimilated. Big Brother loves you.
    the Oborg Prime Unit

    • kenoshaMarge

      I thought it was only me that thought of the Borg in connection with the Obamabots. Guess you have to be a Voyager fan.

  • rjj

    Everybody must have seen this.

    The office dork dipshit Matthews starts asking questions NOW?


    But I wish the woman had not interrupted his digging himself into the hole.

    • barbh

      I missed that clip thanks for it. That’s even funnier than the Doyle clip. Of course sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying….

  • votermom

    I think I’ve been touched too.
    Quick, hand me the soap. I need to wash this gunk off.

  • yttik

    I feel like the whole country has turned into a teen age girl. But mom, he’s the one! He’s the most fabulous guy in the world. I know him, I know everything about him, I looked in his eyes! You’re so old school, you just don’t understand.

    Except my teen girls always managed to pull their head out of the clouds and plant at least one toe on the ground. Which was really good because their relationship with “The One” usually lasted about three weeks.

    (No offense to teen age girls, I was one once.)

    • kenoshaMarge

      I was a teenage girl once too. But it’s not supposed to be a permanent state of being.

  • Gloria

    Funny, when I saw a clip of O in the bamboozle video,,,as he skulked around the stage breathing and muttering into the mike…he reminded me of a guy doing standup-comedian ACT!! Really, the stage mannerism was just like that! I have come to the point where I can’t stand to look at the guy…the same reaction I’ve had to Bush all these years. Frauds don’t appeal to me…

    • kenoshaMarge

      Me too. I am (sadly) resigning myself to more years of sitting with my finger on the remote in order to zoom away from the sound of a smarmy and disliked voice.

  • rjj

    It infuriates my daughter when I say that the gay pride (with their rainbow) and the born again (with their silver fish decals) cults are more alike than different.

    • rjj

      this by way of resignation to the fact that we are in another Age of Faith [credulity].

  • Escoffier

    This whole thing is getting weirder by the day. My brother in law, a psychologist and prof, said the most fervent supporters were “easily suggestible” as in easily hypnotized as a way to describe the type of person in Obama’s thrall. He said they were bright, fantasize a lot, and tend to be young or at least immature in some ways. He said they also have high opinions of themselves and easily follow trends. He described other characteristics which I did not understand. He said his department is divided with the Obamarama mania and the old farts like him. This prof in the article is very much like the ones he described.

    • Simon

      He said his department is divided with the Obamarama mania and the old farts like him

      I’m aware of a number of young people rejecting Obama.

      Would have been like the same crowd that rejected Madonna, too.

  • rjj

    I never went carousing in Cambridge because it was a hive of sphinctrescent drones, of which the above is a prime example.

    • Fred C. Dobbs

      >>> “sphinctrescent”

      Wow! New word for me. I have always just referred to such folk as, “pre-Copernican,” but, “sphinctrescent,” much more vivid!

  • kenoshaMarge

    Seems to me these messianic folks are experiencing more of a “giant orgasm” than anything else. But then religious fervor scares the hell out of me and should scare anyone with a ounce of common sense. Which makes my point.

  • wethornet

    Susan, all,

    re: sewers and infrastructure. if you are interested there is great stuff put out by the amer. scty. of civil engineers. asce.

    they have been doing report card every two years for about the last 10 years on 16 key areas in america. sewers, bridges (think minnesota), schools, etc. it is grim.

    we have massively starved our infrastructure.

    we continue to piss away money on the military industrial complex, and piss away our blood and treasure in the sands of the middle east.

    susan, you probably would love it. and thanks for the heads up about the harper’s article; they seem to be putting out good stuff. there is a scott horton i think his name is who does excellent work there. (there is another scott horton who does radio internet interviews with key players for antiwar.com also. no relation. two of the best out there.)

    • Simon

      we have massively starved our infrastructure.

      A by product of corruption, of privatization, why it doesn’t work.

      WE keep our works public because the inevitability of selfishness, and greed, play to the corporation, and no one is held accountable. Who does the work, how does the society invest in itself? It doesn’t, profit as motivation for innovation is a logical fallacy. Without innovation, we fail.

      Profit is a motivator, but it doesn’t work without laws, regulations, and public investment in the outcome.

  • ybnormal

    From the 1931 John Barrymore movie ‘Svengali’


    Svengali: That might be as well to remember. There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
    Svengali: Svengali will go to London himself! Where he will be all alone on a platform. And Princesses. And Countesses. And serene Highnesses will fling him their jewels, and applaud, and invite him to their palaces. And he will take you with him. I never look at them. Ah, we could be so happy. Look at me, in the eyes. Open your eyes.
    Trilby O’Farrell: Oh, I do love you!
    Svengali: Close your eyes.
    Trilby O’Farrell: I love…
    Svengali: Ah, don’t say it! You are beautiful, my manufactured love. But it is only Svengali talking to himself again.

  • Test

  • rosaleen

    oops! I screwed up the formatting there. Sorry.

  • rosaleen

    Remember in the second book of The Lord of the Rings when the Ents have drowned Isengard and trapped Saruman in his tower? And when Gandalf and his company show up, Gandalf tells them what? “Do not listen to him!”

  • TeakWoodKite

    What would Walt say?
    “The whole theory of the universe is directed unerringly to one single individual – namely to You.”

    • Simon

      What would Walt say?
      “The whole theory of the universe is directed unerringly to one single individual – namely to You.”

      Boy, that’s a lot of responsibility, I hope he’s up to it.

      It’s so hard being Jesus.

      • Fred C. Dobbs

        >>> It’s so hard being Jesus.

        Oh, I might dispute that. I pay him well to do the yard. He always seems to have cold cervezas. And when things get a little rocky with the local constabulary, he just says, “No Ingles.”

        Just make sure he’s not around when La Migra makes a sweep…

  • lemonv

    to develop a synthetic construction of what America was like as a nation, linking together a range of individual experiences, memories, perspectives, sense impressions, to create a vision of the nation as one big organism. . .

    Looks like a dictatorship of the worst order, a police state where everybody spies on everybody. Much like East Germany when the country was devided into 2.

    But I guess those young Obamabots were not born yet to remember that.

    • BernieO

      And nobody has bothered to teach them about it either.

      • Simon

        And it failed, too.

      • Fred C. Dobbs

        No. Public Education has been too busy making sure that the little tykes (who have grown into two or three generations of ill-prepared, uncultured, illiterate, innumerate jackasses) don’t have any attentuation of their self-esteem.

        • Fred, did u see that 60 Minutes segment about the young generation, and how companies have to play all these “esteem” games with them to keep them happy and productive? It was just pathetic… they’re are REALLY the ones they’ve been looking for — it’s all about themselves, and getting high off loving’ Obama, and projecting onto him whatever they see that’s so wonderful about themselves.

    • prostratedragon

      As a transfer student at Columbia, Ob might not have been required to take all of the core courses, but I’ll bet he had to demonstrate familiarity with CC material such as Hobbes.

  • Mike Howell

    Susan –

    You and well all of the commenters thus far, are the best! This is literally hysterical. You couldn’t make this shit up!

    I do have a few serious questions though:

    1. Why does the MIT guy grow his beard after his remarkably short chin? Surely he’s smart enough to know that’s not fooling anyone, right?

    2. Does he think that his mancrush is anything other than embarassing? Sure when I was a kid I really liked the Banana Splits, but I was 4 and they wore animal costumes.

    • Mike Howell

      Do you think that the MIT guy who is trying to not so cleverly disguise his chinlessness invented the spray for bald spots?

  • Northwest rain

    Hey where are the Obamabots? They need to send out their W.O.R.M. squad. (WORM= What Obama Really means).

    • Mike Howell

      Northwest rain –

      Way good on your part. Too true unfortunately.

  • Northwest rain

    So Obama is going to hold a UN type conference where all the world’s leaders will meet and be so impressed with Obama’s ENGLISH words that peace will break out all over the world.

    But wait — he’s tried that in Kenya and well that didn’t work out so well.

    Politics doesn’t CHANGE — there will always be politics as usual because human beings are . . . well merely humans.

    By his record it is obvious that Obama hasn’t spent his two years as the Jr. Senator from Illinois learning how the Federal Government works. His fancy words have lead to only two bills enacted — and sort of nothing bills at that.

    Did Mr. Professor at a University realize that Obama cribbed most of his high flying words?

    And here we thought that college was where people are exposed to critical thinking — ah but the Republicans have been trying to get rid of “liberal” professors — so what can we say when it is the college kids who are falling for the con man Obama.

    The “we” generation??

    Oh Susan — please just believe — don’t question — and when you die you will go to heaven and that’s when you will be rewarded. Until then just give give to Obamacon.

    Calling Rev. Moon — someone is stealing your message.

    • Simon

      So Obama is going to hold a UN type conference where all the world’s leaders will meet and be so impressed with Obama’s ENGLISH words that peace will break out all over the world.

      It being Obama, he would probably suggest a “poker game.”

      …wink, wink, nudge, nudge…

      If he’s that dirty under Daley, imagine what he could do with the federal government…

      • Fred C. Dobbs

        First order of business is to have the lyrics to, “Kumbaya,” translated into all those different languages.

        Second task is determining the level of, “the Dash,” going to each sub-Sahara African country’s leader.

        (see N. Monsarrat, Richer Than All His Tribe and The Tribe That Lost Its Head)

  • CognitiveDissonance

    Oops, I thought you said a Giant Orgasm, and I thought “Ah-ha! Finally, someone has explained to me what is wrong with these people.” My bad. 🙂

  • Masslib

    “If Barack Obama were a state, he’d be California!” Scary. I wonder if anyone remembers there are three equal branches of Government. Maybe Bush cured them of that.

    • TeakWoodKite

      Frankly if Obama was California he would be (or doing) the following:

      Cutting education by 50%
      Confronting a $14.5 billion budget deficit.
      Soaring health care cost.
      Decaying roads and levees…
      Unemployment 6.1% up from 5.6% in November 07
      decline in retail jobs for the quarter to 12,200.
      you get the picture.
      I would not want to be California.

      • Masslib

        Unemployment in CA is over 5%? Really? Yikes.

      • Simon

        California, full of fruits and nuts, you know.

        And what you see in the California economy will soon be going nationwide, as it’s usually a harbinger.

        • TeakWoodKite

          Just Like when GW was first elected, he said Californias’ Enron was not the “country’s problem. We know how that turned out being that the winds blow west to east.

  • myiq2xu

    I’ve learned to be leery of emotional appeals. I tend to stop listening right away, which is why I turn off Obama speeches.

    Now it turns out he’s not even using his own words.

    Some people are going to be very disappointed when they discover that their candidate has feet of clay.

    • kenoshaMarge

      They won’t be disappointed because they won’t believe it. They’re like the true Bush Believers that won’t change their minds because if they do they will have to admit that they were a bunch of pinheads that got snookered by a nitwit.

      Thue believers don’t need no damn facts. They can just “believe” and “hope”.

      Jeebus, we are so doomed.

  • Fred C. Dobbs

    I am certain that he will find time in his schedule of healing that halt and the lame to run the executive branch…


    • Mike Howell

      Fred –

      Maybe that’s his Health Care plan. A real laying of hands on approach!

      • Masslib

        Well, that would cut costs, but not so efficient.

        • Mike Howell

          Masslib –

          That’s where the “Pay to Play” comes in.

          Richard Pryor had a bit in a movie where he played a minister who in response to a guy who was really old, but wanted to sing and dance etc. said: “You want an awful lot for 2 dollars!”

          Maybe he’ll use a sliding scale approach depending on how much you donate with finders fees and such included.

      • Hope

        The Messiah Molestation! ACK!

  • Salo

    One giant Wargasm?

    Where do I sign up!

    oh wait.

    • I’m watching last night’s Nightline. A college student is talking — he said that he and all of his friends just get together and talk about HOW MUCH THEY LOVE OBAMA! That’s all that’s needed to cure everything from our health care crisis to those (sorry to mention them again) sewers to those so-yesterday wars and global conflicts!

      “If Barack Obama were a state, he’d be California!”

      That’s what Maria Shriver said!

      (well, ‘cept Hillary clobbered him in California, so you know … but don’t bother with that … it’s a silly big blue state, and they don’t matter … and, uh just feel the LOVE!)

      • Oh those party poopers at Nightline — the next segment is about the economy!

        Oil closed yesterday at $100.01.

        And the U.S. economy lost a net 17,000 jobs last month.

        But don’t worry! Words will take care of all of that! Because we will BELIEVE again!

      • Please forgive my mentioning sewers twice. It’s just that the new Harper’s has an incredibly detailed and totally fascinating long article about the huge sewer crisis in this country. It’s so good I urge you to buy the magazine.

        This one family in New York — they can’t get into the sewage system because the city’s is full — and their septic tank is overflowing all over their back yard. We won’t mention the stench. And city systems nationwide are overwhelmed.

        But all that family needs is WORDS!

        There’ll be no problem with how to dispose of it all, how to prevent it contaminating ground water, how to support new enterprises who have ideas for what to do with it — including shipping it to the Mid-East — and more. That’s just wonky stuff.

        And Seattle doesn’t have to worry about its crumbling viaduct collapsing in an earthquake because rhetoric will take care of ALL of that!

        It’s so easy now. It’s like Ecstasy! Which I’ve never taken, but maybe I should so I can feel this ecstasy ALL the time! George Clooney said that when he walks into a room, you just want to rush to him … actually, I have a different target in mind if I’m ever in that room, but what the hey.

        • Mike Howell


          Gross! And I don’t just mean the sewers. I didn’t realize Clooney was such a nutball.

          I guess there’s a lesson there about actors going off script…

          • Simon

            I guess there’s a lesson there about actors going off script…

            Yeah, well, nobody’s going to do your thinking for you, it is a free country.

            Survival of the fittest, it’s a jungle out there.

        • TeakWoodKite

          including shipping it to the Mid-East
          Beats trading in dollars for all that oil…
          Dam someone actually needs our S—?

        • AF

          I’ll get this month’s Harpers – thanks for the tip on that sewer story. They did an article about Iraq just re-injecting their oil underground because their infrastructure is such a mess, there’s nowhere to keep all the oil.

          • Yup. I couldn’t stop reading it. … the writer keep me dangling, but also finally left me satisfied.

            There are some new companies that have some very smart ideas for what to do. (Uh, after all, it’s been used as fertilizer for millenia.) But their systems totally purify it and change it all into pellets — very fascinating process.

            He also gets into the whole history of what people found “magical” in dung — which reminds of something else. Oops.

          • Gloria

            Baghdad is also an open sewer now….reportedly you can spot the sludge on Google.map.

          • Simon

            I’ll get this month’s Harpers – thanks for the tip on that sewer story. They did an article about Iraq just re-injecting their oil underground because their infrastructure is such a mess, there’s nowhere to keep all the oil.

            Well, the neocons, and certain stinky, war criminal academics, were admirers of Pinochet (which should be the tip off) and the idea of a year zero — keep the populace in so much confusion, fighting for their survival (no food, water, allow the infrastructure to fail) anyway, by allowing basic human needs to go unmet, a constant threat to security, in fact exacerbating the stress levels of the society, as a whole, to torture, the populace will be unable to focus on how their government is being co opted, changed, to consolidate power, and wealth, in the hands of a few. In Iraq,(and America, too, it would seem, remember, we’re speaking RUMSFELD) this was supposed to be Cheney, and the multi national corporations, the honey pot theory — honey being money, in the form of oil, the economy becoming a neocon Shangri-La. The Iraqis begged to differ.

            Sort of like a continual terror threat, in America, right?

            Worked out real well for them, didn’t it?

            Those Straussians are kinda stupid.

            Reminds me of the moron quoted above, only listened to because some stupid admissions officer at MIT had his head up his ass.

            Those academics are clicky, like a bunch of high school girls, the heathers, with about as much academic insight, and relevance.

            That type of Obama academic, as well as the Washington Post reporter, our cultural elite, make Chris Matthews look like a genius. But least Matthews gets it, that other media sleaze takes itself seriously, actually thinking it’s smart, hip, relevant, admired, cutting edge, important, LISTENED TO.

            They’re a joke. In fact, if you need a layer of gas to distract, do you refer to the Washington Post and Obama, now, as opposed to Matthews?

            And they take themselves seriously…


            How much did ya get?

      • kenoshaMarge

        Ooo what a fun game.

        If he was a vegetable would he be a …

        If he was a flower would he be a …

        If he was a bird would he be a …

        Pardon this old misanthrope but I begin to wonder about humanity.

        • Simon

          Pardon this old misanthrope but I begin to wonder about humanity

          Academic kook in a state of flux, listen to him, he’s a joke.

          He doesn’t even get it, part of that formerly elite, dying American empire, irrelevant.

          Who are they speaking to, themselves?

          • Simon

            And speaking of, which universities are producing real talent, those able to see past these pompous, untalented, “it’s a Madonna nation,” gasholes?

            Madonna really tried to take herself seriously as an artist, only able to produce, at best, mediocrity for the masses, only given credibility because she made a lot of money for other mediocrities.

            But it doesn’t lead a nation, it’s garbage, and garbage in, garbage out.

  • Masslib

    These people are in for a HUGE disappointment. It’s the federal government, not the pearly gates, thank god. This is just so surreal and bizarre to me. What a disaster. What a train wreck.

    • Salo
      • Masslib

        Well, don’t you think this sort of fanatical response to a candidate for office is dangerous? I won’t say what it reminds me of.

        • AF

          You don’t have to say it. I know what it reminds me of.

          I know newspapers in the 1980s got angry reader mail when they’d print facts about Reagan that were unflattering to the man. They had to change their coverage to “so-and-so said this about Reagan.”

        • AF

          Oh, and what this reminds me of is not Reagan.

        • rjj

          I have no idea what it reminds you of. By the way, the whole of “Triumph of the Will” is on You Tube.

          • Simon

            It reminds me of a load of self impressed, irrelevant, academic junk.

            What a joke.

            I’m just so happy men this psychologically befuddled, this enraptured by their own lack of skill don’t work for defense.

            My goodness, then we might invade Iraq, and impose of restructuring philosophy of “year zero.”


      • That’s so funny, Salo. I wish Obama would say that. But he wants to be the PREZ, man, you dig?

    • Patrick Henry


      Nice Job Girl..Why..?? Because you and Larry Keep it REAL..You dare to Examine……and Search for the TRUTH..And Investigate and Analyze and Debate
      and Report ..Thats what Journalism is all About..Thats what Analysist and Being a Contrarian is All About..

      You Put in on the Table..so there is Variety to the Menu..and if people Want to..At Least they have a CHOICE..and can Chew on it if they Want to..
      HRight Down to the Bone..which the Dogs can Chew on..

      While the Dinner Guestrs hold a Passionate After dinner discussion over thier favorite Drink..

      Like they do in Europe..

      Thats what I love about No Quarter..Best Guest House in Town..