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“Being Free”

I was reflecting on something Oprah Winfrey said about Barack Obama at a rally in California:

 “Being free means you get to think for yourself and you get to decide for yourself”.

 One does not have to search very hard to realize the 2008 American Presidential Elections are far from free. Information regarding each of the candidates has been meticulously filtered and “purified” by the news media and celebrity pundits. We are seeing and hearing only what the media wants us to. Given the mainstream media is controlled by Republican interests, making an informed decision is difficult at best. Asking people to “vote with their heart” is as misleading as the emotionally manipulative information bombarding the undecided American who just wants to make a sound decision.

 Freedom of thought and choice disintegrates when manipulated information is presented as fact. Expecting voters to make an informed and free decision requires unfiltered and unmanaged reporting. The word for what we have experienced, particularly in the last two months, is “manipulation”. One does not have to be a media expert to recognize the clear slant towards Barack Obama and against Hillary Clinton.

 For several months, the administration controlling the mainstream news and analytical programming, as well as the televised debates, have worked assiduously to doctor reality with the goal of influencing voters. The 2008 Elections have become a shell game. At first glance, it may seem easy to turn over the correct shell and discover the right choice.

However, in these elections, the “con-artist” running the shell game is no better than the establishment creating the illusion of impartial and professional journalism. Just as a pedestrian may be conned into believing they can pick the shell covering the money-winning ball, the media deceives. Instead of objective and factual based information, the media has wielded their own informal, though more powerful, campaign promoting Barack Obama as the “people’s” choice and censoring anything to the contrary.
The First Amendment of the United States Bill of Rights gives people the freedom of speech. However, openly expressing one’s views, only to later suffer a barrage of insults and, in several cases, death threats – for example Tavis Smiley – hardly upholds this constitutional right. This reaction to independent thought is more reminiscent of the staged elections that have been held by Saddam Hussein and like-minded dictatorial leaders. The people under those regimes have the right to pick whom ever they want as long as their choice is the “right” choice. Nothing else is permitted. This is not freedom. The American people have been manipulated, coerced, and even threatened, to make the “right” choice in this 2008 election: Barack Obama.

In closing, this year is not the first time I have been alarmed by Oprah Winfrey’s over indulgent influence on American well-being. I first worried about her delusional grandeur when she came to New York to speak to Americans in the days following the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks. She was one of the keynote speakers, along with President Bush, and the former Mayor Giuliani, at a rally with the sole purpose of healing and lifting the American people. A media personality lifted to national leadership? Now we see her exploiting her role by anointing a candidate in a blatant, oversized attempt to influence instead of inform. What free choice exists here? Are we to accept her benediction as the correct selection? Is it not enough that Oprah Winfrey tells the people what books to read; now she feels at liberty to tell everyone who to vote for?

The American voters have been fed mostly positives about Barack Obama and negatives about Hillary Clinton. By every method possible, Americans have been unconsciously raped of their ability to think and choose freely by those who have abused their national trust and social positions. Americans should demand to receive professional, ethical, and unbiased journalism now. The media shell game must be truthfully declared what it actually has become – a most elaborate scam. Freedom of Choice is not a game. While Freedom of Speech is a Constitutional Right, in the United States, Freedom of Choice is not. This unacceptable omission cannot undermine the existence of a free election. American voters deserve better.

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  • fred heidrick

    the concervatives complain about the left wing media, when has any left wing group ever obtained enought money to have a telivision network? i only heard of one station with low power and i havent hear of it since.the telivision net works are definitly under republican controle and can make the debates sound like any thing they want

    i just saw wanda sikes,on leno and she was spouting the same line i hear on yahoo answers from the obamians on [wich hillary will show up to day,the crying hillary or the buitchy one] ether they are all that brain washed that they are all repeating them selves or they have [talking points] they have to adhear to to get the message out.

    the powers that be, wants him to win so that they can ether [humiliate him in office] or they know that he will fold against the republican barage to come.

    are the [INDEPENTS VOTERS] realy [REPUBLICAN PLANTS] to inflat the ralys to make him [inevitable] and [the right choice]?. speculation,but i woulnt put it past them ,remembering the dirty tricks they pulled in florida and ohio .good artical

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  • foxx


    Current media aren’t reformable. How can we create our own, that will not be marginal?

  • Dr.Carolyn

    I am appreciating everyone’s comments. I sincerely hope that Americans reclaim their constitutional rights. My heart becomes heavy when I read them to myself and can honestly say that so many of them, especially the First Amendment, have been shattered. I think of the spirit that those words were initially written in and then reflect on how those words have since been abused.

    I urge anyone who agrees that their rights are being infringed to vocally protest. Do more than NOT vote for Barack Obama. If I could vote, I would vote for Senator Clinton (reasons why in my previous blog posted here a few weeks ago). I am sure there is a class action law suit here that would reform the public’s opinion on mass media and the so called “free elections”.

  • fafnir

    The Obamamedia’s old-school race-bating machine is very effective The Clinton campaign dare not name it, nor speak out to defend Hillary’s brave, principled supporters for fear of wrongly being accused again of playing the “race card.”

    No, there is nothing free about competing in a straightjacket against your opponent.

  • Andy

    I am definitely doing sth. wrong b/c my posts appear twice…. Aggrrr sorry for the spam….

  • Steven B.

    Just imagine what will happen if Obama DOES become president, and you try and object or complain about him or his policies:

    1) you’ll be called a racist.
    2) you’ll be attached by Obama-maniacs.
    3) you’ll have Secret Service knocking on your door.
    4) an amendment will be added that states “Thou shall not take his Oneness Obama’ name in vain.”

    Anyone remember that “1984″ spoof video from earlier in the campaign promoted by Obama’s campaign?

  • Kat

    Last year, after many years of dealing with bureaucracy/waiting/working to keep my status, I finally got my citizenship. My heart was filled with joy and pride when I raised my hand to swear an oath of allegiance to this land of liberty. But I never thought my first presidential election will end up like this. It’s very sad to me, personally.

    • SusanUnPC

      I apologize, Kat. We’re trying.

    • TeakWoodKite

      Kat may I convey mine as well. Many millions of people are speaking through SusanUnPc. Know that you are NOT alone.

  • rwc

    Obama wouldn’t be considered presidential material if he were white or a female. Not to mention if any white or woman had his baggage he’d be considered radioactive and hence unsupportable as a presidential contender.

  • Mark

    Thank GOD! This is exactly what has happened and to top it off republicans are voting for Obama in droves as they have been encouraged to do by their party AND by Dick Morris right on FOX *cough* “news”

    They know they can beat him later or they would not be doing it at all. So those who are not voting Clinton are going to be responsible for getting another republican in the White House. Obama despite all this media hype is still neck and neck with her. Take away the republicans AND those voters who feel Clinton had her campaign ruined by the MSM and republicans, who will NOT vote Obama in the general and you got one thing. Hail to John McCain.

    It’s been so bad that even Obama took a free pass on the entire thing and played “I got 99 problems but, a bitch ain’t one” as his “victory” song in Iowa and then refused to apologize.

    She’s vetted, she’s qualified, she can do the job and that’s what scares the crap out of the republicans. With Obama we have no earthly idea what we will get. The media sold us mr. “likable” GWB the same way.

    The DNC was so stupid to not put these two on the same ticket giving them an unbeatable way to go against the republicans and a possible shot at 16 years in the White House.

    As it is now, if people do not wake up and find out their own facts and vote smart we can hang on for another republican ride.

  • yttik

    I went to my caucus with a 77 yr old black woman and she got shouted down and subjected to a few whispers of “racist” from young white people, no less. It’s bad manners, but it’s also ironic. Let’s terrorize an old woman until she’s “free” to support The One?

    People have stolen the Hillary signs out of my yard and frankily I’m a bit nervous to go to my county convention. This is not democracy the way I remember it.

    This election sure doesn’t feel like freedom to me. It feels like mob politics.

    • chad

      You are going to go to the county convention tho…right?

      • TeakWoodKite

        yttik …? Please go?

    • Percy

      Obama made one rhetoric promis which he actually followed up with action. After NH he promised Chicago Politics…..and he delivered the dirty Chicago politics…..

  • Uday and Qusay

    John Lewis looked liked he was threatened. Not only with a primary challenger.

    It was a bit creepy. The man’s dignity was stripped from him.

    • SusanUnPC

      Truly. Here is a troubling story via Mark Halperin — the pressure, fomented a lot by the media, is terrible:

      Black Superdelegates Pledge to Stand Up to Threats, “Uncle Tom” Smears

      Feeling renewed pressure since Lewis’ switch to Obama, some of Clinton’s black supporters — who have said they are being “targeted, harassed and threatened” to flip by voters, groups — are pushing back.

      California Rep. Diane E. Watson: “I can hold the ground. … I would lose my seat over my principles.”


      • Andy

        Good for her ! Bravo Ms Watson. I admire that and
        I am dissapointed someone of Lewis stature wouldn’t/couldn’t? do the same. Unless of course he is truly conviced Obama is best (which I doubt from his comments about the switch).

        • SusanUnPC

          Yes. There was definitely something very dark going on there. He was not happy about it.

          His seat has to be safe. What else did they threaten him with? Perhaps we’ll find out someday.

          • Andy

            Well…if the Nation of Islam is behind Obama’s run (with the “if” I am trying to be “fair” …)
            I bet they threatened him, I mean “he, his family, etc.”. Did you read (watch?) last night’s interview of Hillary Clinton on the News Hour with Judy Woodruff ? She was very sharp.


          • Andy

            Well…if the Nation of Islam is behind Obama’s run (with the “if” I am trying to be “fair” …)
            I bet they threatened him, I mean “he and/or his family” …

            Did you read (watch?) last night’s interview of Hillary Clinton on the News Hour with Judy Woodruff ? She was very sharp.


          • ChrisXP

            His seat isn’t safe. In GA politics, the Republican and Democrat parties can and do work together to unseat opponents. If Lewis didn’t tow the line, the Democrat party will make a deal with the Republican party to oust him.

            Had the local Dem party mailing fliers to support a Republican state representative in 2004, even though he was being investigated for helping a repeating pedophile (just isn’t done here) get off the hook, for example.

            Same double dealings can ensue for Lewis, in the backyard of the GA GOP machine.

            It’s a dirty secret both parties don’t want to talk about (and one of many reasons why I refuse to be a party member knowing this crap).

          • barbh

            I think I read something about Jesse Jackson Jr. threatening to run someone against him if he didn’t use his super delegate vote for BO. And lo and behold he made good on his threat.

    • TeakWoodKite

      And his Constitutional rights and sworn obligations. That will be lost on most but not all.

      Thanks Dr Carolyn. Once again the underbelly of the snake is exposed and I have come to the conclusion you must be one damn good Doctor.

  • Oh Really

    Wow. I thought this was supposed to be a no nonsense site. Turns out it’s just a full-time “I-hate-Obama-and-so-should-you” site.


    • alexei

      Again, no substantive rebuttal, just attack the site and messenger. You Obama followers are pretty predictable. No analysis, just empty ridicule.

    • Percy

      Which part of what was written is not true? It is exactly the way it is….yoiu can see it because your head is stuck.