While Susan et. al. look at the bright side of what happened last night, which in terms of sheer excitement and suspense rivaled Super Tuesday, I’ll be the skunk at the picnic and force all of you nice people to think about the so-called “press” assigned to cover this campaign and the so-called Democratic “party leaders” whose noses are out of joint. Continue reading if you dare.

Larry wrote a while ago that I told him that this is the most poorly covered campaign I’ve ever seen.  The truth is that while I have a tendency to bitch every four years about the egregious bias exhibited by individuals calling themselves “political reporters”, this year really takes the cake.

I’ve attached this absurd AP “analysis” piece for your consideration.  Keep in mind that Ron Fournier is widely revered as one of the good ones.  Talk about defining deviancy down.

What, for example, is this supposed to mean:

Hillary Rodham Clinton slowed Barack Obama’s momentum Tuesday night with a winning formula that has Republicans smiling – and some Democratic leaders hoping to end the race soon.

Which “Democratic leaders” are hoping the race will end soon?  Oh of course, Donna Brazile, the master strategist who led the Gore/Lieberman campaign to resounding victory in 2000, er, I mean, never mind:

“Despite Obama’s impressive victories in February, Clinton’s comeback is based on sowing political seeds of doubt,” said Donna Brazile, a Democratic strategist and one of nearly 800 party leaders known as superdelegates for their ability to determine the nomination. “In order to clinch the nomination, he must anticipate the worst attacks ever.”

So here we have two competing memes merging into one article: It’s Time For Hillary To Go Already and It’s The Meanest Campaign in History.

For God’s sake.

But wait, there’s more:

Consider that a shot across the bow to the Clinton campaign because Brazile – like many other superdelegates – worries that Clinton’s only hope for victory is tearing down Obama and dividing the party. Party chairman Howard Dean recently told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid that he was concerned about the possible impact of a nominating campaign that stretched through the end of the primaries in early June.

What an absolute embarrassment. 

Perhaps I’m rude, but maybe Harry Reid’s and Nancy Pelosi’s time would be better spent rallying fellow Democrats to agree on an Iraq withdrawal plan, but that’s just me.  Yet instead of devoting their attention to the weighty issues they were elected to office to tend to, like Louis in Casablanca they’re shocked, shocked that there’s democracy going on here. Instead of being proud that there is record turnout for the Democratic primaries, they want all this voting to stop so that the party can MOVE ON. The impact? How about interest in the campaign continuing to grow? What is this, Florida 2000? Now “party leaders” want the votes to stop being counted? And here’s my message to Howard Dean: Stop clutching the pearls and bitching to members of Congress and fix the goddamned Florida and Michigan mess already. How about the “possible impact” of that clusterfuck going unresolved until not June, but August? For shame.

Pardon the digression.

The point is that once again we’re seeing Democrats self-immolate in reaction to the media conventional wisdom.  Looking back on it it’s a miracle on the level of Lourdes that Bill Clinton wasn’t thrown under a bus by his party during the Ken Starr debacle (Holy Joe and Jim Moran notwithstanding).

Just as a quick reminder:  Only around 100 delegates separate Clinton from Obama.  We’re not talking 700+ delegates as in the case of Huckabee-McCain. For all intents and purposes, Democratic voters are split down the middle, and the nominating process, as reflected in delegate apportionment, is a statistical dead heat, although if you’re really going to nitpick Hillary would probably be ahead if the Democrats had adopted the winner-take-all model.

So let’s get this straight.  It’s March. The convention is in August.  Each candidate has approximately half the delegates they need for the nomination.  And yet the pressure is mounting on Hillary to drop out.  You could practically feel the disappointment last night when, instead of conceding and handing the nomination to Obama, she vowed to soldier on.  How thoughtless of her not to step aside and allow the Obama coronation to finally take place.  I guess she just doesn’t get itShe’s not following the script

Also please not the irony of “party leaders” and top-notch “strategists” like Donna Brazile bitching about Hillary staying in the race and being mean to Obama while slagging the possibility of the superdelegates deciding the nomination as undemocratic.  What horseshit.

Then there’s the whole “negative campaign” issue.  At least I heard one bit of sanity last night on CNN, provided as usual by Paul Begala, who had the temerity to point out that he’s seen negative campaigns, and this Clinton-Obama matchup, when measured by the gold standard that is the Republican South Carolina primary in 2000 (and the smears directed against Max Cleland and John Kerry), this is a powderpuff fight.

And by the way, were the Democrats to have the gall to band together to convince a viable presidential candidate to drop out of the primary/caucus race only three months in, who exactly would place that call?  Who would be the Barry Goldwater here?  Howard Dean? Chris Matthews? And what possible argument could that person present?  That democracy is bad for the Democratic party? 

Boy am I looking forward to reading your comments.

  • yttik

    These so called Obama “attacks”, the “dirty campaigning” they keep whining about, what strikes me as really obvious is that these aren’t attacks at all. They’re figments of Obama’s imagination.

    That photo in native dress wasn’t an attack, it was something to be proud of, but he fumbled it into an attack.

    Now debunked is an accusation from DailyObama about Hillary darking one of his photos to make him appear blacker. That’s not an attack, everybody already knows he’s a black guy. Talk about racist,DailyObama is implying that Obama must always be portrayed at his lightest possible so people don’t get the wrong idea. The wrong idea? What the hell does that mean?

    And NAFTA and Canada? On the grand scale of political scandals, this doesn’t even rate. Who cares if he reached out to Canada? The problem was his choice of words. The problem is he fumbled the ball when he got caught. He created this scandal by trying to lie and cover up which only encourages the press because they think you’re hiding something. They started tripping over themselves to find the memo, the leaker, hell even parliment was arguing about it.

    Compare that to hillary’s response:.”.the Clinton campaign said that they give the Canadian government “blanket immunity” to reveal who supposedly called them.”

    Case closed. She took the wind out of their sails. To this day we don’t have named person or a memo. That’s how you handle an attack. By taking control and defining the debate.

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  • there was yes a consistant effort to distroy the [rubes] from arkansas .i still believe that the goverment shut down during the clinton presedentcy was a plot to distroy bill clinton. they knew he like women, so they [i believe] payed monica lewinsky …[a modern matah hari] to do her thing with bill to disrtoy him.

    monica lived 20 ft or so from bob dole at the watergate motel.i believe they might have payed her a million dolars to take down the presedient.

    you you could see all the political jurnalist rithing in discontent this morning and last night….being forced to say sonthing good about hillary.CBS and catty coric…who is a hillary suporter,were the only ones not throwing up off stage as hillary won.

    as for the democrats. its like a bike race, they allready chose the winner befor the race, and when one of the riders get a flat tire, they all suround them and start chanting.”THE RACE IS LOST YOU BETER GIVE UP, THE RACE IS LOST YOU BETTER GIVE UP”…WHAT IS THAT? like you said she has the [audasity] not to quit and get out of the way [because they allready picked the winner befor it started]

    finaly i never knew that the news stations had that many black corespondents and reporters.no matter were you turn, ther is a black reporter, coveering the election with a pro obama message.im sure after the election those reporters, will slipp back in to the shadows from wence they came

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  • Did anybody notice that last nights Obama victory speech (NOT!) was held in San Antonio, one of the Texas cities he lost!

    What a bad idea that was…

  • Rob Gard

    dcmediagirl — This was an outstanding and “spot-on” posting, and the “tone” was entirely appropriate, under the circumstances. Thank you!!!

  • CognitiveDissonance

    Something that these petulant party leaders and clueless pundits seem to be missing is this: the longer this primary goes on, the longer the democrats get out their message to every state in this country. The better they reach every single person who is going to vote in November. That never happens when primaries are sewn up in the beginning. When that happens, most states – except the big ones – never see the nominees at all, they never get to hear them speak, they never get to see them ASK for their votes, they never find out exactly where they stand on the issues. I can’t imagine anything better for democrats than for this to continue through all the states left. This is far better than someone winning now and fighting with McCain for the next 8 months.

    So for all those pundits and party leaders wailing and gnashing their teeth – STFU. You are wrong, wrong, wrong. Doing it your way means defeat in November.

    • CogDis:
      Ahh yes, you get it. Howard Dean couldn’t buy this PR for millions of bucks. Every Dem debate is a ratings hit. Election night coverage has been a boon for the cable networks (not Fox though). Voter turnout is high. So what the hell is the problem? So Dems get free advertising through June. What in the world is the downside to that?

  • TeakwoodKite

    Thanks, DCMediagirl, for the reminder not to get to far out with the wins last night. Big ego’s don’t like being wrong. Ms Brazile is in Obama’s camp and she should say so at every appearance, which she does not.

    The most peturbing thing for me is when Senator Clinton (or Bill) get accused of being racist etc. and you look at the “polling” demagraphics being pushed. On Cnn last John King was useing the map screen and saying the “Black vote for Obama” or who voted for who by gender or ethnicity…that might be good internally to the Campaigns, but it drives me nuts when they don’t stick to the issues. The MSM are propagating these divides more than anyone person.

    • CK

      Have any of them asked how many anti-war voters each received? Actually are there any questions being asked re war, economy, south america?
      It is a given that “issues” are the sole property of the republicans, collective identity is the property of the democrats.
      A bit out of date ( uses 2000 data ).

  • AF

    I wonder if some Democrats just hate conflict, period. They really want people to get along and don’t understand that two people have every right to compete for the same position.

    Also it’s counter-intuitive to some that the establishment candidate could actually be the more progressive one. Or that the one who voted for the Iraq war resolution is more likely to get us out of Iraq successfully (without using mercenaries behind.)

  • Kefa

    God bless America……:)

    Who are yapping about the possible damage to the Democratic Party in a protracted and angry fight between HRC and BO, I have this to say. The trouble with Donna Brazile and other party leaders who are using this argument to bolster the chances of BO to secure the nomination for the Dem’s presidential nominee is that the argument is an insult to all who have not yet had their say in the matter through their vote. Ms. Brazile seems to think that what’s good for the party is good for the people. I would suggest that the party represents the people and not the other way around.


  • IndyRobin

    This is the TRUTH about Donna

    Super-delegate-at-Large and DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee member Donna Brazile said:

    “If 795 of my colleagues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party. I feel very strongly about this. … There’s no reason why we should decide this election. I feel very strongly.”

    Interesting, very interesting.

    Why? Because Donna Brazile, speaking at the September 28, 2007, Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 37th Annual Legislative Conference forum on The Future of Black Politics, in which “Panelists talked about the presidential campaign of Senator Barack Obama and what it signals for other black candidates,” said in regards to Super Tuesday

    Over 45% of our delegates will be chosen on that day and if you don’t think that we have political power, just wait until February 5th, 2008, we can determine the next nominee of the Democratic Party. We can also expand the number of African Americans who are holding political power. We can also build upon the success of Barack Obama. … We have enormous political power and its time that we leverage it, and we build upon it, and we expand it…
    No, this is not an exact transcription, although the tape was rewound several times to capture the statement. Listen for yourself. It comes from this archived video from C-SPAN. Download and skip to the second section where Brazile speaks at approximately 13:20 minutes into the video.

  • Mel

    As stated by the Obama campaign, “when we get Obama into a state, and he speaks his message, big leads dwindle and we win has been proven all over the country” Well Barack Obama, your speaking was challenged and denied and denied, then when the proof appears, you twist words to make yourself look good!

    America isn’t completely stupid Sen Obama, they just got a taste of Obama change, unity, transparency and hope the past few days!

    What did America say? You are full of crap!

    So your new meassage of today is “Opponents Negative attacks”

    When a simple valid question was asked of the American people, that is all! You answered it too Sen Obama with:
    “when the phone rings at 3AM who do you want answering it, someone with proven Judgement in making the right decission?”

    Well Senator Obama, your message and your judgement has been tested and exposed the past few days for all of America to see and that did they say?
    Obama, your words are empty rhetoric, please go away!”

  • Iphie

    Okay, here’s my response:

    1) You bring up some very good points, and they need to be kept in mind by both Clinton and her supporters, but

    2) Democratic voters are clearly either ignoring what the likes of Donna Brazile have to say, or they’re hearing it and are responding with a giant repudiation. All of those you’ve mentioned have tried and failed to control the outcome of this election a couple of times now — but the electorate just isn’t playing that game. I don’t think all that many people know who Donna Brazile is — but a whole lot of them know who Tina Fey is, and clearly they found her argument to be the clearer, pithier more resonant one.

    3) One of the keys to Obama’s support, it seems to me, is that he has projected a picture of an easy going, generally pleasant hope-peddler; the problem is, he only seems able to keep that up when he’s doing well. Last night Senator Hopey looked more like Senator Scowly to me, and he doesn’t wear his anger well. When he has to defend himself, he becomes, well defensive. And petulant. And kinda mean. BO’s campaign is all about Brand Obama — he’s not selling us a package of ideas and policies that he knows inside and out, that he’s going to fight for tirelessly — he’s selling himself — remember, He is The One. But when that brand and that image become tarnished, there’s nothing to back it up. I don’t think people want to see an angry or defensive Obama — they like him when they make him feel good — and that doesn’t make anyone feel good.

    4) His image is going to be further tarnished — he can continue to avoid reporter’s questions, but the Rezko trial marches on. He may think he has been unfairly attacked, but I think the questions that are just now being asked of him are questions that most people find reasonable. Best case scenario from his perspective is that he answers the questions fully and thoroughly and people realize that he is a politician like any other, but at least he seems to be forthcoming. Worst case scenario for him (and the likelier one, I think) is that he continues to refuse to come clean, and the facts come out on their own (much like they have with NAFTA-gate) and not only do people come to realize that he is a politician like any other — but that he’s also dishonest.

    Once that happens, the basis for his entire campaign — that he’s some new breed of politician — will come crumbling down. And it seems to be starting, and luckily for us, it is happening before the primary is over and while Hillary is still an option. Which is why it was so important that she do at least as well as needed last night to stay in the race, because I think this whole Obama thing is beginning to unravel.

    Whew — that was longer than I had imagined it would be!

    • PMS

      Last night Senator Hopey looked more like Senator Scowly to me, and he doesn’t wear his anger well. When he has to defend himself, he becomes, well defensive. And petulant. And kinda mean. BO’s campaign is all about Brand Obama — he’s not selling us a package of ideas and policies that he knows inside and out, that he’s going to fight for tirelessly — he’s selling himself — remember, He is The One.

      “O” is the “W” of 2008.

  • Eurogirl70

    Oprah Winfrey has about as much ability of picking a viable presidential candidate as she has for picking “truthful” autobiographies for her book club!

    As for Donna Brazile, it was she who told Al Gore it would be in his best political interest to distance himself from Bill Clinton, rather than using him out on the campaign stump in places like Tennessee and Arkansas. Had Gore not listened to that foolish advice, he would have won both states, and Florida wouldn’t have mattered!

    Why anyone listens to her, Bob Shrum, Mary Beth Cahill (Kennedy’s little gift to Kerry in 2004) is beyond me.

  • CK

    Wonder how many delegates Senator Clinton will garner from Wyoming and Mississippi next week.
    The fun should really be coming between March 11, and April 22 when PA goes to the polls.
    After that, Guam, Indiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon, Montana, S. Dakota and Puerto Rico.
    For the good news, Kucinich defeated the opposition in his district and Ron Paul stomped the neocon thug running against him. Some good grassroots dems won and should have no problem thrashing the rethugs for their congressional districts this fall. When the dust settles, the dems should have actual control of the senate and enough of a margin in the house to work around the DINOS.

    • TeakwoodKite

      Wyoming should be a good show. Lets see what cheap shots and tricks occur…Is Ol’ Mis a caucus state?

      • CK

        Mississippi is a primary state. 33 delegates
        According to the data I found online, Mississippi has 0% hispanic voters, 34% black, and any homebuyer can register at the closing.
        Wyoming is a caucus state 12 delegates. Wyoming’s gov is a dem, he has not endorsed anyone.
        The only caucuses left are Wyoming, Guam and Puerto Rico.

  • Sometime-CIA-Defender

    Again, this is all a dog and pony show. It will be a Clinton-Obama ticket and they will give McCain a reasonably sound beating… I’m thinking 55/45.

    The Clinton “negative campaign” thing is such complete crap. Obama and Edwards were going negative on her when she was behind. It’s just those imbeciles Kerry and Kennedy thinking “well, we can’t POSSIBLY lose this time.” Right. NO SUCCESSFUL PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE SINCE CARTER WITHOUT THE HELP OF A CLINTON! Why, exactly should I be listening to them? Further, why shouldn’t I just see what they do and do the opposite? Randomly choosing a candidate has to be better than their batting average.

    • fribbles

      Yes, this is where it is heading: Clinton/Obama.

      Obama is toast. He knows it, so does everyone else.

      Oh, there will be sitting shiva on Clinton’s political grave, much wailing and rending of hair over the fact that Obama was repudiated by core voters. Cries of delegate math will clutter the airwaves and left blogistan. It will not change the outcome one bit.

      In a few weeks, say, after the polls in PA show the Oborg that he’s getting his ass kicked there, acceptance will reign. The pain will ease, and everyone will come together.

      Just as Hillary said it would.

      • Fred C. Dobbs

        >>> Why, exactly should I be listening to them?

        Well, because they’re from Massachusetts, and EVERYONE in Massachusetts is smarter than you are. Didn’t you know this? Haven’t you paid attention since 1961?

        And you MUST obey Teddy, because he is the now-Crown Prince of now-defunct Camelot, despite being a world-class buffoon and, largely unable to find a bleeding polar bear in the snow, even when sober.

        • PMS

          Well, because they’re from Massachusetts, and EVERYONE in Massachusetts is smarter than you are. Didn’t you know this? Haven’t you paid attention since 1961?

          God, how I wish Lyndon Johnson hadn’t listened to those Wiz-Kids (Whiz?).

          At least he didn’t listen to them when it came to Civil Rights.

          • Fred C. Dobbs

            On my list of sons-of-bitches whose knees I’d like to break with a Louisville Slugger, I included “Whiz Kid” Robert S. McNamara decades ago.

            Unfortunately Westmoreland shuffled off and cheated me of the pleasure.

  • toddy

    tsk, tsk, tsk…with Democrats like Donna Brazile

    anyone can see through Donna’s charade of being an uncommited superdelegate. she uses her perch on CNN
    to tear down Hillary every second of her TV time.

    this is the same Donna that called Bush a hero one year into Hurricane Katrina.
    Bush needed a photo op so he trotted out Mary Landrieu and Donna Brazile for his bipartisan hookum.
    after that Landrieu called him ” slow and reluctant ” and Donna called Bush a hero.
    who is more credible?

    excuse me while i go vomit.

  • Donald from Hawaii

    I still have great regard for both Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean (for the time being, anyway), but to paraphrase my late Aunt Ruth, Donna Brazile and Harry Reid couldn’t find their own asses in broad daylight if you gave them a mirror and illustrated directions.

    • Simon

      In the last issue of Rolling Stone, there was an article about the democratic leadership, and their lack of intent to stop the Iraqi war.

      Essentially, it was all a DELIBERATE press ploy to gain voters, and money, in 2006 and now.

      I have no use for that, I see enough of it from Bush, and Cheney.

      Obama, Dean, Kos equal Bush light, indeed.

      The same media model, but on a smaller scale.

      And then we wonder why we don’t seem to have the brains to solve the middle east explosions.

      It’s because the Bush and Cheney models don’t work, and they’re too stupid to see it.

  • demfromphilly

    Obama was absolutely reputiated by core Democratic demographics yesterday in Ohio. Pennsylvania will be more of the same, only harsher. What is going unaddressed is the cold hard fact that if Obama is the Democratic nominee these same groups will not march in lock step with the party. His appeal is to the “well-to-do” and the “yet to pay taxes” not the blue collar core of the Democratic party.

    • Tim Ryder

      Keep pounding the DNC with this. Obama doesn`t win Democrats.

  • TennesseeDemocrat

    Wasn’t it Donna Brazile who advised Al Gore he didn’t need to campaign in Tennessee? because it was his home state. He narrowly lost and I know for a fact my Mom who was 66 years old at the time didn’t vote for him just because he didn’t campaign in or visit Nashville. Yea, Donna Brazile is a real genius. Tennesse could have been just what he needed… Thanks Donna.

  • John

    Check out the Washington Post letters to the editor section today for more evidence of bias; last week, I wrote a letter refuting the anti-Hillary arguments in Richard Cohen’s latest smear piece, a friend of mine also wrote a letter on the same subject- neither was published. Today, the Post publishes a letter from a Virginia woman who says that Hillary is a disgrace because….she didn’t leave her husband over the Lewinsky “scandal.” Seriously. THIS, the Post deems worthy of space in the Letters section.

    Crap. Pure, unadulterated crap.

  • Thrasyboulos

    Big Media is trying to solve the Bush problem (solution: McCain) via Obama. It’s been said before, but it’s worth repeating. There will be no let up, either from Big Media or from Democrats like Brazile wishing to exploit Big Media’s effort, long range, on behalf of McCain.

    The knee jerk Clinton haters on the left are like poor lambs led to slaughter. Innocent, and stupid.

  • fribbles

    Kerry, Brazille, the Kennedys, everyone who supported Obama (hey, Chris Dodd–doncha wished you waited another week before you foolishly endorsed?) see the political reality, but they haven’t absorbed it yet. Now they have to go cap in hand to the Clintons. AGAIN.


    Claire McCaskill, how’s that crow tasting? Maria Shriver? Christine Grigoire?

    I thought so.

    Try to shiv the Clintons, and they just get stronger.

  • Blue State Girl

    And here’s my message to Howard Dean: Stop clutching the pearls and bitching to members of Congress and fix the goddamned Florida and Michigan mess already.

    It’s not his mess to fix. Howard tried working with Florida Democrats to broker a compromise that would save the situation and what did they do? Told Howard to fuck off. Nice.

    Don’t bitch to me that this is somehow Howard Dean’s fault. This mess was created by the state legislatures of Florida and Michigan, who decided they had to be relevant this year and ended up screwing their constituents.

    • Excuse me, but those delegates will have to be seated at the NATIONAL convention. That means that the NATIONAL PARTY CHAIRMAN needs to resolve this issue one way or another.

      • Fred C. Dobbs

        Credentials Committee at the Convention?

    • And by the way, answer me this: Do you think it’s appropriate for the national party chairman to express “concern” about the nominating campaign going on until June? Hell, if I were Dean I’d be over the moon – tons of publicity, high voter turnout, etc. What’s his problem with that? What’s the big rush to get the nomination sewn up? Look, I like Howard but he’s fucking up here. He needs to fix what needs fixing and butt out of what doesn’t.

  • candymarl

    I’m livid. If Obama were coming from behind, I would want him to stay in the race. I’m one of those that thought Hillary would lose badly last night. She didn’t. She’s earned the right to continue.

    But why is our leadership spouting the “divided Democrats” Republican talking point? That’s just, well, stupid.

  • Ol’Zeb

    Kinda’ makes ya’ nostalgic for the old days when the decisions were (obviously) made by fat old men chewing cigars in smoke-filled back rooms. When the primary “election” was a way to gauge the tastes of the public so as to build the party platform while maintaining an edge over the other party by building the candidate who will toe the party line AND win in the general.

    Now we have a process combining the worst aspects of the TeeVee show Survivor, American Idol, and Big Brother.

    They don’t have Rather and Chancellor to push around any more. Feh.

  • Colleen

    I’m new here having found at last a group of sane and intelligent democrats and independents.

    Fleaflicker, you are so right.
    Yes, our Party has already split into different camps. One camp has the sane folks, the battle tested folks, the folks that know how to protect and defend our country, the folks that know how to produce jobs for all Americans, the folks that support Universal Health Care and the folks that want to put our country back on the right track not just at home but abroad as well. And then there is that elitist camp of thugs that think they are entitled to live by their own rules.

    This is a fight for the very soul of our party. And I don’t know about the rest of you but I am not about to give in or give up and let this horde of insurgent hope anarchists steal our party.

    And to Brazile and all the other so-called leaders that are so concerned about “sowing political seeds of doubt” just stay tuned.

    I’m fighting on for Hillary. I can’t wait until I can vote in Indiana.

    • IndyRobin

      Here Colleen,

      i’m here in Indianapolis. Where are you and do you know of any groups here in Indiana whe we can start working for Hillary?

      • Sam

        Indy, contact Senator Bayh’s campaign office, or his PAC (I am not sure what it is called, but I am sure you can google it). He is a HUGE Clinton supporter. I am sure they can put you in touch.

  • Fleaflicker

    When I listen to hacks like Brazile these days I just want to hurl. The woman has done just exactly what (?) to deserve the title of Democratic leader? Yeah, that Gore campaign was a great demonstration of leadership. I mean, I’m a huge Al Gore fan but the campaign was horrible. His 3 faces of Al during the debates was a nightmare. And lovely Donna includes that on her resume? She always maintains that she is an uncommitted superdelegate. And she has the audacity to say that with a straight face then go on to tear down Hillary every chance she gets. She is Uncommitted in Name Only (UNO). And her threat to quit the party, well I just wish she would leave. I’ll even hold the door for her considering I am a real gentleman.

    And our wonderful Chairman Dean. What an incompetent self important jerk he is. He sat on his fat ass while New Hampshire and South Carolina moved up their primaries and said nothing. Then he let that hack Brazile penalize Florida and Michigan for doing the same. I guess his 50 state strategy is only valid in states that support Hopebama.

    “If these attacks are contrasts based on policy differences, there is no need to stop the race or halt the debate,” Brazile said. “But, if this is more division, more diversion from the issues and more of the same politics of personal destruction, chairman Dean and other should be on standby.”

    Just what does this hack think she is describing? The South Carolina memo was one of the most divisive campaign strategies in modern history. Where was she when it came to denouncing that “politics of personal destruction”???

    Just where were you Donna I’m So Frickin Important and Uncommitted and If You Don’t Do What I Say I’ll Quit The Party Brazile when our party needed a leader? You sat on your fat ass and let Obama and his minions tear down a former President and accuse him of being a racist. A President that did more for African Americans than any President since Johnson. And you kept your big fat mouth quiet when Joe Shuster said a Former First Lady and well respected United States Senator was pimping out her daughter, as if she was a madame and her daughter was a prostitute. Where in the hell were our Democratic leaders then? I know I called the DNC and was assured that Chairman Dean would be issuing a statement. A statement that never came. Words, just words.

    Yes, our Party has already split into different camps. One camp has the sane folks, the battle tested folks, the folks that know how to protect and defend our country, the folks that know how to produce jobs for all Americans, the folks that support Universal Health Care and the folks that want to put our country back on the right track not just at home but abroad as well. And then there is that elitist camp of thugs that think they are entitled to live by their own rules.

    This is a fight for the very soul of our party. And I don’t know about the rest of you but I am not about to give in or give up and let this horde of insurgent hope anarchists steal our party.

    And to Brazile and all the other so-called leaders that are so concerned about “sowing political seeds of doubt” just stay tuned.

    • Tim Ryder

      Obama is completely unacceptable as a Democrat. Let the DNC know your feelings. I have.

      • Simon

        And our wonderful Chairman Dean. What an incompetent self important jerk he is. He sat on his fat ass while New Hampshire and South Carolina moved up their primaries and said nothing. Then he let that hack Brazile penalize Florida and Michigan for doing the same. I guess his 50 state strategy is only valid in states that support Hopebama.

        OK, this helps.

        He can’t, as DNC, push Obama, and maintain professional credibility, he’s a party to criminality, period.

        This is so far above political rancour, that shouldn’t be forgotten.

        Auchi is not a nice man, Auchi is Saddam’s former bag man, and currently the 239th richest man in the world, ill gotten gains.

        Jes bend over and spread ’em, it seems everyone else in Washington, does.

    • mathomas

      I could not say it better. Wow! I will fight with you to defend our party. How did Dean and Brazile get these jobs? What were we thinking? Do they have any knowledge of history? Their leadership is taking our party over a cliff. Let’s fight on, and then fire these ill equipped leaders.

    • Sam

      Dean’s office said that he would be issuing a statement? I had not heard that before, I just assumed he had no intention of standing up for Hill. Way to lie to the voters Dean.

  • OxyCon

    Donna Brazille is so far in the tank for Obama that no one should interview her for anything more than a recipe book and she has no business appearing on television either.
    Did you see her giving Dick Gregory a standing ovation for his anti-white, anti-Bill Clinton tirade at the BSOTU?

    • Andy

      Agreed; why on earth would be think that anything Brazile says is “sound objective reasoning”?
      She is a spokesperson for the Obama Camp; has been for a while.

      All these Obama spinners in the press and party will talk their heads off nonstop and the MSM will air
      all of their remarks. The Clinton camp has to be very very careful to

      (1) Counter each and every one of them forcefully.
      Not let them own the public perception.

      (2) They must to win some of the election/caucuses *before* April 22nd. This is fundamental, I think.
      I agree they need to keep an eye on the big prize (PA) but have to watch out for the pychological effect of another momentum ( a la Potomac Maine Wisconsin). We are on March 5th : there is 6 weeks until April 22nd. The Clinton camp cannot and must not surrender these and create such a vacuum of positive news and wins for her.

      Well at least that’s my impression, for what is worth…

  • yellow dog dem

    Interesting how before the primaries yesterday the media were bleating about how the 3am ad backfired on Hillary because she was too negative and that Obama’s response was brilliant, the picture of Obama in Muslim guard was another dirty trick by Clinton that made her look desperate, and she looked angry at the debate while Obama looked cool. Then she wins and also won back her base and now the media attribute it to the ad that they were sure backfired, along with the Muslim garb (that they are sure that the Clinton campaign leaked) that supposedly made her looked desperate and negative.
    They keep getting proved wrong and yet they still pontificate about how the race is going to look as if they know what they are talking about.

  • kenoshaMarge

    Hillary Clinton being the smart woman that she is, and Bill Clinton being the smart politician that he is, I am sure that they both know what an uphill battle they have.

    But they also have to know that with a Clinton-hating media, a left Blogstan that acts more like a rightwing hit group and a formidable opponent they have still come this far and still have a chance to win. If that don’t say tough and smart I don’t know what the hell does.

    And the silly

    Kitchen Sink

    remarks should be saved for the likes of the N(asty)B(oys)C(lub)over at MSNBC that so moronically, reprehensibly and with so little integrity attacks Hillary while placing a halo on her opponents head. And Rachel Maddow, you are a sad disappointment. I once thought you and KO had integrity. Too bad you traded it for a big paycheck. Or maybe both of you really do hate the Clintons that much. Which still doesn’t mean you have any integrity.

  • William

    Obama cannot win the general election. He cannot win enough votes from working class Democrats. This isn’t going to somehow change if the Democratic Party installs him as its nominee. Then Dean, Brazile and everyone else can watch another awful Fall defeat, and console themselves by saying that McCain was just too strong, that Clinton would have lost, too. However, it would be totally untrue. Clinton would win Ohio, where Obama cannot. She would carry every Kerry state, plus at least Ohio and Arkansas. She is odds-on to win if she is the nominee. But the idiots who run this Party are as usual too stupid to see what’s right in front of their noses.

    Obama has obtained his delegate lead by figuring out how to game caucuses and get 70% of the vote in states where if there were a primary, the results would be far closer. (Look at Washington, where they had both, but only the caucus counted. He won 68-30 in the caucus and got many more delegates. A week later the primary, voted in by ten times more people, came out 50-47). Also, of course, he wins big in southern states where the AA vote of 90% for him give him big wins. However, those states are unwinnable in the Fall, and his strength there is essentially worthless. In every single large state (except for his home state of Illinois), he loses, and by big margins. He is in a sense George McGovern. And Brazile, undoubtedly favoring him for ethnic reasons as well as her dislike of the Clintons, will not admit this. She and others are either too foolish to see the truth in front of their faces, or they don’t care, and would rather just have the cachet of the first AA nominee, even if it costs the Democrats this election and elections to come, since a Latino vote which could be made solidly Democratic for decades will slip away from them for years.

    • Telling it like it is. I love it.

      And, DCMediaGirl, that was a hell of a rant. Wow.

      • I just can’t take it anymore. And I suspect more than a few people agree with me 🙂

        • CAE

          But this also reminds me of the five stages of grief too. The media right now is in denial. What happens when they move on to anger? Will it be nothing more than the same brainless Hillary-bashing OR will they turn their anger on Obama for failing (for the third time) to validate their superiority???

          Thanks for a great diary!

    • Simon

      I would think the strategy would have been on winning the larger states, as those are needed to win the general election.

      McCain will win, if Obama were to get the nomination.

      I was thinking McCain reminds people of Reagan, physically, his age will HELP him.

      Particularly when the Republicans trot out the terror boogeyman.

  • It’sNotMe

    Did you happen to catch John Kerry, Dick Durbin and Claire McCaskill this morning? They all hit the airwaves today and all three spewed the Democratic meme for the day….Hillary ran a mean, negative campaign and Mr. Hope is still ahead in the pledged delegates and there’s no possible way for Hillary to win.

    IT-WAS-SHAMEFUL. I am so disgusted with the DC elites right now I could vomit.

    Hillary should stay in for as long as she wishes. SHE won the states the Democrats MUST WIN in the GE. Not Mr. Hope. Why aren’t the party heads calling for Mr. Hope to drop out? Why only Hillary? It couldn’t be because she’s a female, could it?

    They DC elites must be foaming at the mouth right now. This didn’t play out the way they had it planned. Too sad for them. They just need to deal with it!

    • Frostback

      There was a youngish sen/rep on with msnbc’s (gorgeous) Tamara Hall this morning who expressed the appropriate level of outrage at the suggestion Clinton should drop out.

    • apishapa

      Kerry ran a sissy campaign and lost the election because he refused to fight to win, so of course the idea of some willing to fight to win scares the piss out of him. He bought the nomination with his wife’s money. He needs to shut the hell up.

      And screw Durbin, too and Claire McCaskill. Both have been sucking up to Republicans nonstop. Democrats will not win the election counting on Republicans to cross over and vote for Mr. Happytalk.

      Durbin and McCaskill need to shut the hell up, too. Since when do leaders of the DEMOCRATIC party object to a DEMOCRATIC SELECTION PROCESS?

      • Fred C. Dobbs

        >>> Kerry ran a sissy campaign and lost the election because he refused to fight to win, so of course the idea of some willing to fight to win scares the piss out of him.

        Kerry is intimidated by women with larger balls than his.

        • Simon

          Kerry is intimidated by women with larger balls than his

          That’s Bush, and Cheney.

          Don’t project, you’re in some dicey territory here.

          I was thinking, in the political wars, this is where the republican party loses, every single time.

          But they just are too thick to understand.

          The problems with narcissists, huh?

          • Simon

            Meaning, too, I’m not sure the dc democratic elite are really worth keeping, no great loss.

            Which could actually HELP Clinton, were she to want significant reform.

          • Fred C. Dobbs

            Narcissism is not really a useful skill set.

  • Frostback

    I’m gobsmacked at the rapid abandonment of basic democratic principles by Obama supporters and the media.

    The demand for Clinton to drop out is just surreal.

  • AF

    According to Houston Chronicle Obama last night said he wouldn’t
    a) allow religion to be a wedge (translation: calling me a Muslim is to smear me, sorry Muslims in America) and wouldn’t
    b) allow patriotism to be a bludgeon (translation: I don’t have to love American or know about its presidential history to be president. Translation #2: stop picking on my wife.)

    • Fred C. Dobbs

      >>> Translation #2: stop picking on my wife.

      Then tell her to STFU.

      • Simon

        My goodness, no loyalty to the Constitution?

        Well, if that isn’t Ayers speaking, I don’t know what is.

        WTF does he think he’s dealing with, girly boys?

        It’s as if they’re in a movie, thinking this shit EVEN flies. They can’t accurately assess the dangers they face, how can they even begin to fight, successfully, when they’re this deluded?

        Poor boys.

        • AF

          They can’t accurately assess the dangers they face, how can they even begin to fight, successfully, when they’re this deluded?

          This is why I think he won’t be good for national security. Seriously.

          • Simon

            This is why I think he won’t be good for national security. Seriously.

            Like Bush.

            It’s as if they feel they’re in a movie, no decision, no action has any consequence for them, it’s all pretend.

            Life is scary, I guess it’s how they cope, psychologically.

            But their decisions DO have consequences, maybe that’s why Hillary resonates with those who face adversity in their lives, those who have to fight someone a little tougher than, oh, Arianna Huffington, say.

        • joe

          Chicago machine politicians are not used to anyone questioning their positions or tactics. It is major league group think up there.

          Obama has never had to endure a real race with real opponents, and no he has one, so he starts crying, saying, “this isn’t fair.” What a hypocryte!!

      • CK

        Then tell her to STFU.
        Just like Bill was told to tell Hillary not all that long ago.
        Nothing really changes does it?

  • kenoshaMarge

    Comment OT but check out the poll at Capital News. Who will be the Democratic Nominee is the question.


  • fribbles

    Fear not, the O-bots in the media–Brazile included– are just venting after having their asses caned. Come Friday, even they will see the writing on the wall.

    Party leaders want a tough candidate. So what if Clinton went negative (I personally think she should have gone negative after Super Tuesday 1, but she stayed classy and it cost her). The reality is that negative (or “hardball”) works. Obama can bleat all he wants about it, but the only thing that counts is the result.

    Brazile is only succeeding making herself look like a fool. Cries for Clinton to drop out now seem desperate at best.

    My belief is that after the dust settles, they will have to seat FL and MI because they dare not lose the GE just to placate Obama.

    • Do people pay Donna Brazile? For what? Just asking.

      • Tim Ryder

        Voters, particularly Obama voters, have short memories. Donna Brazile did such a good job in 2000. Didn`t she.

        Same subject – When will Hillary fire Mark Penn?

      • Boo Radly

        I have listened to Ms Brazile trash the Clintons one too many times. I have written to the DNC requesting that (gasp) she be removed – she is trashing a Democratic candidate with RW tp’s and needs to go someplace else – wonder why the BO folks didn’t hire her? Maybe they did.

        • IndyRobin

          I am very intrested in starting an petition with ALL Hillary supporters asking Donna to resign. She is totally biased, wants obama and is willing to manipulate the party to get her way.Please read


          Could you write me back and let me know what you think?

          • mathomas

            I will sign any petition to get Donna to resign. I have sent her emails, and in her replies she has shown her bias. Our democratic leaders are appalling, and they all need to be fired. Do they even get that if Obama wins, there is no way he will win the presidency, and our party will be disgraced? If that day comes, I’ll register as an Independent. I can’t relate to these leaders one bit.

            Hillary gave them all one good kick in the mouth last night, and I hope she gives them a few more. I’m behind her all the way.

            Where do I sign?

            • Simon

              Do they even get that if Obama wins, there is no way he will win the presidency, and our party will be disgraced?

              This, and the absolute REFUSAL to acknowledge the Clinton’s can apparently handle the republican game plan.

              What’s the problem here?

              Envy, I swear.

            • IndyRobin


              Sorry had to take off for awhile. Let me know if you still want to get a petition going. My skills are very limited but willing to do whatever it takes.

              • Andy

                I’ll sign !! Can’t stand her attitude of false objectivity. And she talks much more than what she really knows.
                I find hard to believe she was Al Gore’s campaign manager… (mis-manager?)

                • Andy

                  Or was it Kerry’s …?

  • I regard that piece as optimistic.

    Every American institution for the past decade, the Supreme Court, the Presidency, the Military, the Congress, the Press, has failed us.

    The media is unique in that it has failed us multiple times, the cuddling Bush as the prodigal son in the 2000 election, the Florida recount, the run up to the war and ……..now.

    Fixing the thing would start a putsch of the Time-Warner, Newscorp, Viacom and Disney boards, followed by a breakup of these cartels. That ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

    “Who would be the Barry Goldwater here”

    There are no more Barry Goldwaters.

    • Fred C. Dobbs

      >>> There are no more Barry Goldwaters.

      And, despite his occasional loony remark, (Sell the TVA? What a James Watt/GWB idea!) he was a reasonably honest politician. We are the poorer for his absence.

      BTW, Buckley couldn’t carry his shoes.

      • “We are the poorer for his absence.
        BTW, Buckley couldn’t carry his shoes


  • ChrisXP

    Let me put it this way: the Dem party is already divided. Hillary didn’t cause the division, the division is the grassroots itself.

    It happens whenever a new “progressive” movement comes around. For whatever reason they feel they know better than eons of political history and wiser leaders from the dawn of mankind, and can defy the odds with inspiring words and charismatic leaders! So eager and willing, and uncompromising, they turn the Dem party upside down, as they wish to change it overnight.

    This is the mess the Dem party is in today. One look at Daily Kos will show Dems (and the world) how schizophrenic and chaotic this “coalition” is. They’re at their own throats, forget the GOP!

    So Hillary isn’t the bad guy here. She actually brings some ANTI-PSYCHOTIC medicine to the Democrat party. Keeping the radicals in check, steering them away from burning down businesses and homes and creating O.K. Corrals. If these radicals want to burn the US down, it’ll only be due to their inability to be a concise and rational movement, with a purpose other than carrying torches and screaming, GIMME, GIMME, GIMME!!!!

    They want a rock star. There’s a reason rock stars aren’t politicians. What they got is a charismatic guy that comes around about every 30 years, that inspires, but goes nowhere with the same dreams — as realities are harder to fix with just words.

    Kennedy asked not for a dream, he asked people to WORK for THEIR COUNTRY, and make things WORK. Not fainting at rhetoric, and hoping someone ELSE does the work for them.

  • grannyhelen

    I personally thought O’s speech was a little weak last night. It felt like – oops! – can’t do the victory speech I’ve been carrying around so: cut/paste/delete/insert “John McCain AND Hillary Clinton are both wrong…”

    Heard an interesting thing being floating around – that Fla and Mich may actually do a do-over. THAT would dramatically change the tenor of this race…

  • Diana

    I awoke this morning fresh with the sweet taste of victory on my lips. I grabbed my bowl of cereal and settled in front of my computer, still tingling like Chris Mathews’ leg at an Obama rally.

    Then I was greeted with this charmng piece by Nedra Pickler, the former nemisis of all things fair regarding Democratic candidates but now the darling of the Obama camp:

    Hillary Clinton Won, but is it too late?

    WASHINGTON – Congratulations, Hillary Rodham Clinton. You did what your husband said you had to do and won Ohio and Texas. Now what? >>>

    Pickler managed to negate Hillary’s wins and throw in a pinch of girl-on-girl misogyny to the mix.

    I’m beginning to think that Hillary is becoming the Rodney Dangerfield of politics. No matter what she accomplishes.. it’s ‘no respect, no respect’.

    • Simon

      I’m beginning to think that Hillary is becoming the Rodney Dangerfield of politics. No matter what she accomplishes.. it’s ‘no respect, no respect’

      And this is the point where you just stand back, and watch them drown.

      The don’t get it, do they?

      Poor things.

  • Mel

    First off, where did the negativity begin in this election needs to be addressed!

    Well NH actually, over the teary eye issue and the “fairy tale” issue, both Obama camp and family instigations! Followed by the now exposed memo before SC on how to race bait what Clinton said! Thus the negativity wasn’t a Clinton doing, but a Clinton subject to!

    This is a job interview, one that has timelines, if the DNP wanted to have a decission by March 1st, then why didn’t they compact the primary’s to be done and over with by March 1st! After all, they stripped two of the largest States in the country of delegates for moving things forward did they not?

    Is the DNP saying to the 16 remaining States now, who cares what you think, we want to crown a victor of “Our Choosing”! This is a democracy, not Russia!

    On the failing of Obama in Texas and Ohio to the general population,a simple question was asked as in any job interview and will definately be asked of by the Republicans “who do you want answering the phone at 3AM! Fair question and Obama failed in the publics view! Why?

    Simple answer, he ran and hid from exposures not by Clinton, but by the media! What else was proven, that obama’s stumps of “change” are empty as what followed suit was lies and denials!

    What seems to be lacking here is one major thing, Obama learned from the getgo that caucus’s are an easy express train! Just as he eliminated his opponents in his first bid for State Senator by hitting a weak spot and stacking things in his favor, he did the same starting in Iowa! When confronted by NH where people got to actually speak as during a GE, he lost and began to worry, although many caucus’s were still out there for his tactic to stack would work! Hopefully, Clinton’s back in the game will include serious attention and stacking of the future caucus’s to dispell the Obama sly train!

    After watching Obama last night, one thing was clear, the tone of his speech was not inspiring and his words were of a defeated boy! This a President we want?

  • fiscalliberal

    One might view this as an opportunity for Obama to recover from a problem – gee isn’t that what being president is all about.

    Regarding Canadian NAFTA – his reaction was to deny versus check the facts and respond appropriately. Now he has to respond to the Embassy memo and explain to the Unions about his stand on NAFTA. This cuts off avenues for negotiation later. Hillary said, she checked her campaign, could find no one, but gave the Canadian TV cart blanch to reveal her staffer. NOT REALY GOOD JUDGEMENT ON OBAMA’S PART.

    He spent roughly three to one to close the deal – did not do it. Do you think this does not get the atteneiton of his supporters.

    In South Carolina and Georgia it was made about race. Same thing will happen in Mississippi. Those three states are solid Red states.

    Florida was a fair race and his not accepting the vote is a real problem for him in the General Election. In Michigan he has the record of lecturing the Big Three about gas milage. He withdrew from our race so his supporters could not vote for him. Now he has to deal with the consequences. IS THIS REAL LEADERSHIP in telling me that my first vote did not count.

    Rezko could be a problem. Supper delegates are going to be nervous about that after the RI, OH and TX wins.

    So – as Pat Buchannan said last night. Hillary winning Ohio or Texas would let the air out of the Souflee’. Once the air is out it cannot be raised again

    • Retired

      I am also convinced that “supper delegates” will be worried, but what about the super delegates?

    • Simon

      super delegates?

      I think Obama is the LEAST intelligent of all the candidates, which is really saying something.

      So, you know, I expect to see this oblique attack from camp clueless, another oblique attack, all dressed up and self impressed, and like Bush, at the end of three weeks, Obama’s campaign will be even further behind, too stupid to see it, though.

      I wrote something the other day about Europe having to sit by, watching the republican idiots access US firepower, destroying Iraq.

      But you know, the republicans are idiots, and they fucked up, just like everyone knew they would.

      Same here, with the bamarama.

  • Angelight

    In America politics today, pundits and media reward politicians and say how smart they are when the politician uses Bully tactics and an “Swiftboat” mentality when they tear their opponents down by smear, distortions and lies –“swift boating”. The news media and pundits like to Praise the unscrupulous Politician up instead of disavowing them. The pundits like to say how Brilliant they are; What a Victory they say; what a Comeback Kid; and justify their use of Negative Ads and reward the worst in us — this low and base behavior which should be outgrown as a humanitarian society. How many good and decent men have gone down because they were unfairly swiftboated by their opponents, mischaracaterized by those who have no morals or ethics. Something is wrong with that picture.

    There is nothing brilliant about lies, distortions, peddling fear, swiftboating, and an assassination of one’s character, it’s not a physical killing but a killing just the same, an emotional theft and mental crime. It’s slander and distortion of the worse kind and should not be rewarded or esteemed as characteristics we need to emulate within our society. Do we emulate the school yard bully? Or the thief who steals one’s life’s earnings? It’s Dirty Politics and should be called what it is, a crime. If America is to ever become better than what she is, than we must disavow this kind of tactics because it has no place in Democracy’s arms, no place in a sane and peaceful society.

    Running a country is serious business and it is not a game, it is not acting. It’s the governing of people and their lives and should be taken as a solemn oath and duty. Dirty politics should not be looked up to as a virtue and politicians should not be allowed to swiftboat their opponent, for the sake of gain by any means at any cost.

    There is a Right way to Fight and a Wrong way to Fight. Victory based on lies and cheating should not be condoned. There should be campaign laws about this kind of unscrupulous politicking. It should not be rewarded with the highest office in the land. It should be called what it is a Crime.

    America is only as good as her politicians and leaders.

    Right Wing Canadian Prime Minister Tied to Leak Slurring Obama


    • Diana

      I think a correction should be made to your comment. The term “Swift-boating” applies to things that are untrue. Oh and negative and tear-down campaigning would be South Carolina in 2000. Calling someone on a legitimate issue or questioning their judgement is hardy “swift-boating.” Putting out internal memos on how to spin your opponent as a racist would come close.

      • Simon

        They’re accusing Clinton of Obama’s actions, a moldy oldy, and it goes to show WHY democrats can’t win, using regurgitated republican political strategy, again.

        This election is about exposing men like Auchi, and eliminating the frothy dutch elm diseased elite who enable him.

        I never lose sight of that fact, to elect Obama is to HURT THIS COUNTRY.


        Brazile, and others like her, are speaking out of their ass, as with Bush supporters, she sees the truth, but the idea she was hoodwinked into supporting such a criminal cipher (as Obama) is too difficult, the protective instinct is first denial, and she will stick with that denial, as the truth is too frightening. Their denial is an automatic firewall, comes down just like it.

        But by not facing the truth, they will LOSE the election again.

        Obama is connected to Auchi, and whomever else Auchi beds, Auchi is Saddam’s Baathist former bagamn, Auchi wants direct access to the White House, like he had to 10 Downing.

        Except Auchi had/has a bigger share of Obama, than he did of Blair.

        Auchi is suspected of funding terrorists, who use violence against civilians to “reinforce their message.”

        This is truth, this is real, Auchi already represents a voice that determines the direction of American policy, IN HIS FAVOR, AGAINST THE INTERESTS, AND SAFETY, OF AMERICANS. How can terrorism be fought, when the President says to protect his good buddy, and donor, Auchi?

        I don’t intend to enable Auchi, why the hell are the democrats?

        And if the democratic leaders don’t see that, I have no use for them, at all.

    • BernieO

      This shows just how naive the bipartisan schtick really is. The Obama campaign reached out to confide in a conservative government and – SURPRISE – they ratted him out! I thought Obama’s charm was supposed to stop this kind of thing.

  • T. Barr

    I “mute” the talking heads! Their opinions are based on viewer polls, so why should I waste my time?
    Thanks for the phrase “there’s got to be a morning after” and yes! there is…go Hillary