UPDATES: MSNBC video above (sans her far more important remarks to the BBC about Obama’s real Iraq policy) and story (which also fails to mention Power’s comments on Iraq). Below the fold, video of Power’s remarks on Iraq, and Facthub rebuttals. Hillary says, ““I think Senator Obama did the right thing but I think it is important to look at what she and his other advisers say behind closed doors…”

samanthapower.jpgOriginal: Here’s another precious moment from the “Obama Amateur Hour” (so reminiscent of the “wink, wink, nod, nod” and embarrassingly amateurish nature of Obama’s NAFTA-gate).

Via The Page/Time‘s headline story, “Power Shocker II: Adviser Pulls Back on Obama Iraq Pledge“:

Foreign policy confidant and TIME contributor tells yet another overseas interviewer that troop withdrawals might not come as fast as promised: “He will, of course, not rely on some plan that he’s crafted as a presidential candidate or a U.S. Senator.”

“You can’t make a commitment in March 2008 about what circumstances will be like in January of 2009. . . . So to think – it would be the height of ideology to sort of say, ‘Well, I said it, therefore I’m going to impose it on whatever reality greets me.’”

Watch BBC interview here.

It brings to mind, for me, the Commander In Chief issue, and the readiness of Obama’s staff. Yes, she has resigned, but not before uttering those soon-to-be infamous words about, wink-wink, the truthiness about Iraq …


Power Says Obama Iraq Plan Is Only A ‘Best Case Scenario’

KEY POINT: “Sen. Obama has repeatedly criticized Hillary for not having a “firm” and “clear” withdrawal deadline …” A SAMPLE:

Sen. Obama: ‘Why we would try [Hillary’s] approach as opposed to simply setting a timetable for withdrawal strikes me as a convoluted approach to the problem.’ “Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to introduce an amendment repealing the congressional authorization for the war. It would require the president to seek new authority from Congress if he wanted to continue operations past Oct. 11, 2007, five years after initial authorization was given. ‘If you simply repeal the language, then presumably you’d have to reauthorize something. You’ve got 150,000 troops over there and support personnel,’ Obama told The Associated Press in an interview after a campaign stop in Las Vegas. ‘Why we would try that approach as opposed to simply setting a timetable for withdrawal strikes me as a convoluted approach to the problem,’ he said.” [AP, 7/13/07]

READ more examples and rebuttals.

More from Politico:

For all the chatter about Obama adviser Samantha Power’s calling Clinton a “monster,” another set of remarks made on her book tour in the United Kingdom may be equally threatening to the Obama campaign: Comments in a BBC interview that express a lack of confidence that Obama will be able to carry through his plan to withdraw troops from Iraq within 16 months.

“He will, of course, not rely on some plan that he’s crafted as a presidential candidate or a U.S. Senator,” she said at one point in the interview.

Power downplayed Obama’s commitment to quick withdrawal from Iraq on Hard Talk, a program that often exceeds any of the U.S. talk shows in the rigor of its grillings. She was challenged on Obama’s Iraq plan, as it appears on his website, which says that Obama “will remove one to two combat brigades each month, and have all of our combat brigades out of Iraq within 16 months.”

“What he’s actually said, after meeting with the generals and meeting with intelligence professionals, is that you – at best case scenario – will be able to withdraw one to two combat brigades each month. That’s what they’re telling him. He will revisit it when he becomes president,” Power says.

The host, Stephen Sackur, challenged her:”So what the American public thinks is a commitment to get combat forces out in 16 months isn’t a commitment isn’t it?”

“You can’t make a commitment in March 2008 about what circumstances will be like in January of 2009,” she said. “He will, of course, not rely on some plan that he’s crafted as a presidential candidate or a U.S. Senator. He will rely upon a plan – an operational plan – that he pulls together in consultation with people who are on the ground to whom he doesn’t have daily access now, as a result of not being the president. So to think – it would be the height of ideology to sort of say, ‘Well, I said it, therefore I’m going to impose it on whatever reality greets me.'”

“It’s a best-case scenario,” she said again.

MORE from The Page’s highlights of the Power resignation brouhaha:


“I made inexcusable remarks that are at marked variance from my oft-stated admiration for Senator Clinton….” Read her full statement here.

She also accused Clinton of “deceit” and said she “is stooping to anything.”

Comes after Clinton House supporters call for Obama to drop the foreign policy ace and TIME contributor on media call with reporters.

Listen to the full call — including more on Wolfson’s Ken Starr comments, seating Michigan and Florida delegates and a potential Pennsylvania debate – here.

Issue leads NBC’s “Today” Friday morning. Watch it here.

Obama camp holds 1:30 pm ET media call to discuss “recent developments in the race.”

MORE HERE: “Barack Obama forced to decry adviser’s ‘monster’ remarks of Hillary Clinton,” which enumerates more of Power’s insulting and divisive remarks about Sen. Clinton:

… “Interestingly, the people in her innermost circle seem to not mind her; I think they really love her,” she said.

Power said Clinton has looked desperate in her recent TV appearances.

“You just look at her and think: ergh. But if you are poor and she is telling you some story about how Obama is going to take your job away, maybe it will be more effective. The amount of deceit she has put forward is really unattractive,” she said. …

  • He’s advocating against Jewish everything. ,

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    • B from Bloomington

      Had heard that Brzezinski plans to pick up where he left off. Is that where he left off?

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  • Mike Howell
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  • ChrisXP

    Folks, notice something about the foreign press? They’re slipping in tidbits to help Hillary.

    Maybe they fear O-Bomba more than Hillary, and stressing their own wants covertly.

    It’s within their rights to do so, since they have self-preservation interests (as we of Europe), but it’s r-e-a-l-l-y uncanny this is the second “slip” within 2 weeks.

    Will the foreign press do some more goodness in the next few weeks? Be great to box in O-Bomba to only the local market, so interest elsewhere will be more for Hillary. The Europeans had some good women PMs so they’re not worried about women not being ready at 3am, anyway.

    Could you image anyone claiming Thatcher was a wimp???? They’d call her a capital “B”, but the Iron Lady could’ve withstood Hitler in WWII. The same can be said of Hillary, today.

    • Cee


      What are you reading that gives you encouragement?

      This is totally different.

      The German Fascination
      About Obama

      By Jens Teschke

      Translated By Christiane Thieme


      Germany – NetZeitung – Original Article (German)

      Election campaign in the United States

      The German fascination about Obama

      Germany is eagerly watching the U.S. pre-election campaign. Not one day passes without the “Phenomenon Obama” being discussed in the media. But would an Obama also be possible in Germany? Jens Teschke lets his mind wander.

      A black man stands in a gigantic stadium and enthusiastically encourages the crowd with “Yes, we can!” Thousands of people are screaming in fascination, the media are thrilled. Right now, Barack Obama is the “Savior”, the “Hope Pope”, and the “Messiah” in the U.S. election campaign. Germany is watching, and the German media are passionately joining in the excitement.

      As if of any value, surveys already ask: Who would you vote for? The result: The Germans support Obama.

      Thus, it is not surprising that we admiringly look at the U.S. election campaign. After all, this is how a democracy is supposed to work: with election meetings, with emotions, with pathos. If there happens to be no Soccer World Cup in Germany, emotions are rare. I personally wish for more positive emotions in the election year 2009. Considering the problematic demographic data, the economic challenges, and the tarnished market economy image, I wish for candidates that entrain us, carry us along, and express their ideas clearly. I want a little more Obama, and a little less Merkel-Beck.

      • ChrisXP

        Thus, it is not surprising that we admiringly look at the U.S. election campaign. After all, this is how a democracy is supposed to work: with election meetings, with emotions, with pathos. If there happens to be no Soccer World Cup in Germany, emotions are rare. I personally wish for more positive emotions in the election year 2009.

        Coming from Germany, after two world wars….ah….NO WAY! They brought to the world these O-Bomba types to begin with, no wonder that commentator would love yet another EMOTIONAL election!!

        That’s how HITLER came to power!!!!!!

    • Cee


      You probably missed this foreign article too

      I’m sure you missed this foreign article too

      blockquote>Hillary Clinton’s weapon: the kitchen sink
      In politics the most determined person gets the top job – and Ms Clinton is really desperate
      Gerard Baker
      Last week, with commendable honesty, Hillary Clinton’s campaign announced that in a frantic push to save their candidate from defeat at the hands of Barack Obama, they were going to throw everything including the “kitchen sink” at him.

      It was derided at the time as merely a sign of the desperation that 11 straight primary defeats and a host of premature political obituaries had wrought. But it turned out to be both an accurate forecast of the next phase of the campaign and a description of one of the most brilliant tactical manoeuvres since Nelson sailed straight for the Franco-Spanish line at Trafalgar.

      In the last days before this week’s critical Texas and Ohio primaries, Mrs Clinton hit Mr Obama not only with the sink, but with most of the plumbing, the countertops and a couple of heavy duty appliances for good measure.

      First, in Ohio, she turned a minor spat over a questionable Obama campaign leaflet into a great stain on his personal honour: “Shame on you, Barack Obama!” she cried, “Shame on you!” Then she compared him to George Bush, saying the country had seen the “tragic consequences” of electing a president with no foreign policy experience.

      Last weekend she threw in the tar brush too. In an interview with CBS, she was asked whether she thought Mr Obama (middle name Hussein) might actually be a secret Muslim. To which she replied: “No, no. There is nothing to base that on – as far as I know.”

      Not subtle. It echoed some of the earlier remarks that Clinton officials have deployed about Mr Obama’s acknowledgement of youthful drug abuse. It was a bit like saying: “I have no reason to believe he is a mass murderer and a rapist. He insists that he isn’t and I take him at his word.”

      • Samantha

        Last weekend she threw in the tar brush too. In an interview with CBS, she was asked whether she thought Mr Obama (middle name Hussein) might actually be a secret Muslim. To which she replied: “No, no. There is nothing to base that on – as far as I know.”

        Where do you get this shit? That is neither the actual question nor the actual answer.

        The interviewer – the guy with the terrible skin – had already chastised an Ohio voter regarding what the interviewer deemed to be Obama’s religion.

        But Barack Obama claims that he never was Muslim… even though he prayed to Allah as a kid.

        And his current spiritual advisor celebrates and honors Louis Farrakhan with the Nation of Islam.

        An interviewer asking Hillary Clinton about Barack Obama’s religious designation is an ass.

        How the hell would she know for sure with his Muslim history, Farrakhan honoring Church and Muslim relatives? Like the rest of us, she can only take him at his ever-changing word.

  • ChrisXP

    O-Bomba is bombing out folks. 😀

    Patience is a virtue, especially in politics. Wait it out, and let the negatives stick. Soon enough O-Bomba’s negatives will equal or be worse than Hillary’s.

    And no amount of rah-rah is going to cover it up! 🙂

    I just hope his campaign implodes before the PA primary, because then the super-delegates will see who’s the best candidate, and switch wholesale. With them switching, the pressure will be reversed back on O-Bomba to quit. He won’t carry the DEEP purple states, nor have enough super-delegates to secure the nomination, anyway.

    Fight to win, Dems. Fight to win. Unity will come when the president is in power (then it’s churning butter time!).

  • ebonyscrews

    I’m sure glad Powers resigned in time for the evening news. Loose lips sink ships–and so does being a nasty, bitter, sore-losing, jealous bitch. Got me, Sam?

    That was for you, Hillary. 😉

  • hillarysmygirl

    Obama’s foreign policies (or lack thereof) are scary…but what do I know? Apparently, as a Hillary supporter, I’m just a poor, uneducated, illiterate, old Latina woman who can only read the word “Clinton” on any given ballot and that’s the only reason I voted for her. Dismiss me if you must, but there are a lot of us educated women (and men) who feel safer with the thought of Hillary in the White House!

    • Mike Howell

      hillarysmygirl –

      Smart is sexy and I’ll admit – I love poor uneducated illiterate old Latina women. After all – some uneducated women sure are smart!

    • Patti

      According to Chris Matthews, I am one of those rural upstate New Yorkers who felt sorry for her.. You know the ones, voted into the Senate because of what her husband did…

      Or those damn women over 40, who just wont let go of the notion of having a female President..

      His campaign and supporters, are romper room at best.

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  • DisenfranchisedVoter

    Great commentary on what is going on with Samantha Powers and why the MI and FL delegates must be seated:

  • OxyCon

    More Obama amateur hour:

    Obama Adviser: I ‘Strongly’ Believe Telecoms ‘Should Be Granted Immunity’
    Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) has consistently spoken out and voted against granting retroactive immunity for telecoms…


  • justsomeone

    Try to understand a work in progress. As the geo political situations come into clearer focus sometimes the characters at play have to be redefined based on their individual strengths & weaknesses.

  • justsomeone

    Dr. Samanatha Powers needs to focus on real genocides not imaginary ones. All parties benefit from her exit. It was more than her off the cuff remarks to the media, it’s really better this way.

  • Tim Ryder

    With his handling of the Powers matter Obama failed a test. Once she had apologized he should have stood by her. Leadership 101.

  • justsomeone

    my bad writing…I mean Malley’s exit. That guy scares me.

  • justsomeone

    Samantha Power will go on & work on her passion of stopping genocide. I hope she teams up with George Clooney & focuses on Darfur. Her dismissel clears the way for Dennis Ross to step to the forefront of the team where he belongs. Now if only Robert Malley would say or do something to bring about his exit maybe I could sleep better at night.

  • Mel

    Obama given any press conf yet, or is everyone at Camp Obama still playing the the McDonald’s playground?

    • ces

      They’re probably still stuck in the ‘tubes’.

  • fribbles

    The wheels are coming off the bus, and only after a couple weeks of mildly adversarial press. BO had a chance to make his case that he could take the 3 a.m. call, and I can’t tell you how many Obama supporters said to me that he’ll load up with stellar advisors to make up for his inexperience.

    It only took one week for that slender thread to snap.

    Then everything that he’s about–New Politics, the hope canard, the “I’m above the dirty muck” has taken a serious beating. I think people are doing a ‘rut-rwo, Shaggy’ this guy ain’t what he said he was.

    I don’t know how he can persuade new voters to come to his side after this. His only hope is the SD’s.

    He’s about one more mistake away from being abandoned by his so-called educated Dem base. He just needs to give them a reason to bolt. I’m sure he’ll do it.

    Be interesting to see what happens in WY. They may hate Hillary there, but unless I’m missing something, I don’t really see what his appeal would be to western libertarian Dems.

  • Sometime-CIA-Defender

    Open Thread Time:

    Yet another GOP elephant, this time in green!


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    Give Paddy as a gift this St. Patrick’s Day to your favorite Republican friend, child or grandchild, or keep him for yourself. Thank you for your continuing commitment to our Party and our cause.


    Director, RNC Membership Service


  • Fleaflicker

    If anyone is a monster it is Samantha Power.

    This latest smear from the Obama camp is truly reflective of exactly how they feel about Hillary and those of us supporting her. The lie apology and all the decries in the world will not hide the fact that the Obama campaign is falling apart at the seams and doing so publicly. It is a perfect example of how empty the rhetoric is once you look behind the curtain and expose the fallacy of hop Obama speaks about so forcefully. And how dangerous it would be to allow this hopemonger to grab the reigns of the presidency.

    • TeakWoodKite

      Folow follow Follow…follow the yellowbrick road….We’re off to see the wizard…..

      Beware of “where the dogs off society howl…”

  • Mike Howell

    Barack Obama couldn’t care less that his Ann Coulter wannabe trash talked Senator Clinton.

    It’s her getting press for calling white Americans “Archie Bunkers” that caused her resignation.

  • Mel

    How does that song go for Obama?

    We’ve lost that lovin feelin

    ohhh that lovin feelin

    now it’s gone, gone, gone

  • Kat

    Please spread:

    Do you [H]ope for [R]eal [C]hange?
    Vote for [H]illary [R]odham [C]linton!

    • Andy

      That’s great!! Very creative Kat.

    • I am ashamed. When I heard kitchen sink, I thought ‘toilet’ and ‘flush the B(arack) movement’. I’ll try to be less frustrated and more creative from here on out.

      • TeakWoodKite

        Homer has it down…oops I mean Thoreau.

        I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself, than be crowded on a velvet cushion. (Henry David Thoreau, Walden, 1854)

        Homer: mmmm pumkinssss

        • That makes me want some pumpkin pie.

  • Mel

    Bet any money that had the people from Congress not come out today over this issue and denounce Powers and Obama’s lacking of action on his rhetoric, Power would still be a part of the campaing at this time!

    The only reason Obama made this move, which would only have had any substance to it is if he immediately distanced himself from her last night when it first came to light is Obama’s fear of the Super Delegates retalliation!

    So let’s see now on the math:

    Empty words + Empty Chairman + Empty suit + Empty action = Obama!

    • Simon

      It is my belief the Republicans were just waiting for Rezko, and intended to DESTROY Obama, and the democrats, with it.

      Hands down.

      The insipid democratic leaders should be on their hands and knees thanking Clinton, for keeping their hopes alive, in regard to the Presidency.

      • Eurogirl70

        The scary thing thought is that I don’t think, for some in the Democratic Party, winning the Presidency matters to them. In fact, maintaining their own positions within the Democratic Party structure is far more important to them in my estimation. They are like the executives in the airline industry; incompetent boobs who would never be able to find such lucrative jobs outside the industry due to their incompetence!

        It is far more lucrative then for some “muck mucks” in the Democratic Party to maintain the party as being always on the outside, looking in. They know that with Hillary Clinton as President, competence is not just prized, it is a requirement. They know that their days are numbered. Last year Kos even made reference to this, that is before he got sucked into the vortex of his own hype…and the hype that is the Obama candidancy!

      • ChrisXP

        It is my belief the Republicans were just waiting for Rezko, and intended to DESTROY Obama, and the democrats, with it.

        Don’t believe they want to touch the Rezko case. They have THEIR OWN members stuck in it’s mud.

        Not good material to sling around, without it hitting McCain right back.

  • TeakwoodKite

    Obama stole an opportunity for the Clinton…

    That’s funny Cee,. If words matter he should be talking about “hiding the bone” or a “boneheaded move” don’t ya think?

    TGIF 🙂 Do have good one.

    • Cee


      She said it was boneheaded in her apology.
      Obama made her pay for it.
      He’s a better person than I am.

      Next line of attack?

      You have a good weekend too!! 🙂

      • ces

        Next line of attack?

        Well, let’s just wait and see what’s on the TelePrompTer today?

        • Cee

          The media is starting to return fire on Clinton.

          What are they hiding?

          Federal archivists at the Clinton Presidential Library are blocking the release of hundreds of pages of White House papers on pardons that the former president approved, including clemency for fugitive commodities trader Marc Rich.

          That archivists’ decision, based on guidance provided by Bill Clinton that restricts the disclosure of advice he received from aides, prevents public scrutiny of documents that would shed light on how he decided which pardons to approve from among hundreds of requests.


          • Rob Gard

            CEE— Its Bill’s damned library, not hers. And 41 has restricted document releases from his library as well, and when 43 gets his own library, nothing at all will be released and no one permitted to look at the book (My Pet Goat ?) or any other papers until they have an accident with the thermostat, and the heater kicks on uncontrollably until all of the crayon written presidential documents print becomes illegible.

            • ChrisXP

              Its Bill’s damned library, not hers.


              O-Bomba want’s it to show that Hillary didn’t do much than host teas (and get whatever intel about Bill to smear her with).

              Wonder who is more negative now????

              Anything released will have to have Bill’s approval, as Hillary was the First Lady, not the president — and that’s presidential material that must be vetted for release, due to security concerns.

              Count on some being released along with Hillary’s 1040. But don’t count on getting everything ever (as no presidential library releases everything).

            • Cee


              You see that Bruce Lindsay is playing games.
              Her surrogates crossed a line by bringing up someone in the Weather Underground who served on a board with Obama.
              Bill Clinton pardoned several of the those people so this and anything else in those records is fair game.
              Release them so we can see how many times Scotter Libby asked for the pardon of someone ANDrelease the tax returns like they demanded of Rick Lazio.
              We aren’t going to accept a midnight April 15 document dump either.

          • ces

            Another 10¢ for Cee. Cha ching!

            • TeakWoodKite

              Where is is the Guiness, is what I want to know.

          • TeresaINPa

            this isn’t going to work kiddo. The american people know that you are talking about empthy right wing smears with this stuff. If they didn’t care 10 years ago when this was all proved to be nothing then why would they care now? And why is it that Obama and his supporters all sound like freepers?

            • Cee


              Yes it is. Americans are quite interested in what favors Bill and Hillary will owe the sheiks in Dubia for donations to the Clinton foundation.

          • Mike Howell

            Who the hell cares? It was Bill Clinton and his advisors having private discussions while being vetted by Ken Starr and a Republican Congress.

      • Simon

        He’s a better person than I am

        Yes, yes he is.

        And smarter, too.

  • barbh

    Whole thing reminds me of all the “resignations” in the Bush administration. What, she’s not going to resign to “spend more time with my family”.

    BTW, interesting that she said that Obama would meet with generals, etc. She stole that line straight from Sen. Clinton – never heard him get that specific about withdrawal before. Even his campaign operatives plagerize.

    • Simon

      BTW, interesting that she said that Obama would meet with generals,

      Which generals, other than Powell?

      Who the hell would take that clown, Obama, seriously?

      He’s a joke, to everybody but the amateurs who think defense, and the Presidency, is a reality TV show.

      • Mike Howell

        Simon –

        Powell is the worst of the Bush regime. His son at the FCC stinks too, but after he put his gold seal of approval on the war in Iraq it was all over for U.S.

  • Nellie

    It now seems as if the base question should be “Exactly WHAT does he telling the truth about?”

    Is everything he says just “Campaign Rhetoric” to Obama?

  • Blue State Girl

    I knew he wouldn’t have the guts to fire her yesterday after the story hit. She’d have to fall on her sword so he wouldn’t have to say “you’re fired.”

  • fribbles

    Hmmm, so the idiot woman FP expert “resigns” but the idiot male Goolsbee creates an international incident, loses Ohio for BO, and somehow keeps his job?

    Sheesh. Take note, Susan Rice. Your job could be next in the sexist Obama campaign.

  • Cee

    Obama stole an opportunity for the Clinton camp to bitch and he showed the public that his words mean something.

    ABC News reminds us:

    In December, Obama said he had “been very clear to my campaign. I do not want to see research that is involved in trying to tear people down personally. If I find out that somebody is doing that, they will be fired. And I have been absolutely crystal clear about this, and I have been clear about this for a very long time.”

    • fribbles

      Your problem is that Obama didn’t have enough class to fire her, he let her resign.

      No b*lls, he.

      • Cee

        LOL! You are desperate. LOL!

        Of course she was fired.

        • Simon

          Of course she was fired.

          The why didn’t he take a public stand, and decry her remarks?

          Because he doesn’t like that “white lady,” (Clinton — he cannot be seen coming to her defense.)

          Ask Chris Rock, another prize in that camp.

          They’re so amateur.

        • TeakWoodKite

          And you know this how? Because you were “reminded” or you got a call at 03:00 am?

          Why can’t the JR. Senator from Illinois do a Donald and say, “Your Fired!” ?

      • RIgso

        Obama is weak, Hillary would have kept such a person and said BAH!!! to Obama, shes still running this thing, if it werent for CUAUCESES! she’d also be winning.

    • ces

      …he showed the public that his words mean something.

      If his words meant something–to his own staff–she wouldn’t have ever opened her trap in the first place.

      3AM: The phone rings. Prez Obama takes the call. Then calls his team…who promptly blames it on Clinton, holds a rally where they chant (oh, they’re not a cult, so nevermind), he reuses an old speech, they cha..speechify some more where calls the foreign antagonist a “monster” (hey, who left their trip notes on the teleprompter!! again!!!), who (the antagonist remember) then pushes a little red button.

      Whoops. I meant to hit the green one.

      Pres. Obama wipes his brow, “Wow, I’m glad I was present for that one.”

      Michelle turns to him and says, “It’s Ok, snookems, we don’t need that city’s power station anymore, you have that new nuclear deal all ready to go.”

      Cue the curtains!

      • Mike Howell

        The rest of his staffers are Nation of Islam as far as anyone knows.

        • Andy

          Are they really? I certainly don’t want them anywhere near nor inside WH (!)

    • Mel

      Well if that is true Cee, which it is not, just more rhetoric, or does this not count at all?

      Michelle Obama injects race card in the statments made by Bill Clinton on Obama’s speech and subsiquent stances on the Iraq war as “fairy tales” to which Michelle Obama retorts, “is it a fairy tale for a black man to be President?” So is Michelle fired?

      Or this one:

      News leaks in SC that the Obama campaign circulated memos on how to introduce race into the statements made by Hillary Clinton as to MLK?

      Obama fire anyone over that?

      Did Obama fire Powers, no the Obama campaign simply did its usual twists and turns last night instead of doing following the Obama Gospel of firing!

    • Mike Howell

      Cee –

      And the race memo Barack Obama’s camp threw-up in S.C.? Those folks are where now?

      Oh yeah, still talking trash and lying for Barack Obama.

    • TeresaINPa

      oh good grief, CYA is not proof that your words mean something. If his words meant something he wouldn’t have lied about NAFTA and pulling troops from Iraq.

  • Christ, is Brzezinski Obama’s only foreign policy advisor now?

    • Maybe his cousin can help Obama. Obama just loved his cousin’s energy plan, and voted for it (Hillary voted no).

    • Xeno

      Obama denied that Brzezinski is one of his senior advisors a couple of weeks ago. He threw the old man under the bus when he started getting heat over Brzezinski’s stance on Israel. Obama claimed that he only had lunch with Brzezinski and emailed him “three times”. Quite a thorough slap-down issued to someone who has been a big supporter (not to mention all of the slobbering praise heaped upon Obama by his airhead daughter).


      • Mike Howell

        Xeno –

        I wonder what that means in Obama speak?

        If “barely know Rezko” has turned into 20 years best friend set him up in Daley machine and helped get him a mansion and

        “My campaign is about unity and no low blows” = race baiting and blaming Bill Clinton who is a true friend to African Americans – don’t get me started on his Powers advisor who likens white voters to Archie Bunker and

        “Community Organizer” = screw poor black people – they can freeze in February in unheated buildings, so long as me & Michelle get a mansion

        Obama’s publicly distancing himself from Farrakhan and Brzezinski might actually mean he’s kicking them out of the guest wing in his ill-gotten mansion.

        • TeakWoodKite

          Penny bet Henry Kissenger calls Senator Obama in his sleep.

  • http://hillbuzz.blogspot.com/2008/03/monster-march-monday-money-bomb.html#links

    If Obama has based his whole campaign on being about hope and change and a new kind of politics, then where does he stand today? Pejoratives and expletives sure don’t sound like change to me. They sound like bittnerness that comes out of losing Ohio on Tuesday, and with it the nomination. What the medis isn’t pressing right now is the fact that once Obama lost Ohio, by double digits, he also lost the blue collar voters the Democrat needs to beat McCain. No amount of caucus victories in red states can overcome losing Ohio: and no successful presidential candidate has won the White House without winning the Ohio primary.

    • sm

      So who is the successful primary winner in Ohio? Hilary or McCain? White women pushed Hil over the top sprinkled with a fear based 4 day blitz camaign. It ain’t over yet folks.

      • alexei

        Fear based – you mean Obama’s Harry and Louise mailers on healthcare and his lying about Nafta? Or, may be his talk on the campaign trail about Afghanistan but not even convening one meeting of the subcommittee that oversees NATO and Afghanistan? Oh, may be it is about his running away from semi tough questioning in a press conference (just like GW Bush). Or yet, it might be about how he lied about helping those Maytag workers keep their jobs while receiving big campaign money from the owners? Or may be it’s his ties with slumlord Rezko and cohorts like Auchi. Or, or, or … the list continues on and on.

        The unity/hope/one trick pony guy is being outed.

      • TeresaINPa

        excuse me? You seem to be saying that if it were not for white women Clinton would lose. I hate to tell you this Skippy, but we are the majority of the democratic party and I am not afraid of anything. Keep your sexist ageist crap to yourself.

      • Simon

        White women pushed Hil over the top sprinkled with a fear based 4 day blitz camaign

        Are world crisis real, or just a distant movie?

        Terrorists kill, Auchi was a party to a murderous kook. Danger is very real, and men like Bush and Obama increase the chances of terror, by empowering men like Auchi.

        I don’t trust Obama’s judgement, and you write as if you don’t really grasp the greater dynamics, the reality the rest of the world faces.

        This is more than a political football game.

        Bush thinks like that, so does Obama…

        What a bunch of morons, same coin, different sides, the kos’ and the Hewitt’s.

    • TeresaINPa

      what cracks me up is when the media says “oh this is so not who he is blah blah blah….” but it is exactly who he is.

  • rwc

    Powers is clearly incompetent and has no clue when to hold her tongue.

    I guess team Obama never heard about staying on message and the old adage of “loose lips sink ships” or this case a political campaign.

    • Rob Gard

      Powers may have really screwed up in a political sense, but what she has said in her follow-up actually makes some sense. I would be the height of bush-league insanity for any president to ignore the changing facts on the ground in 2009 in order to simply look resolute about something promissed in 2007. Perhaps the promise should not have been so unequivocal at the time it was made. To do otherwise would really be “bushian”. This was one “wink-wink” that should have been kept behind the curtain, and that was the mistake here. That being said, I would still trust Hillary’s intellect, instincts, and judgment a whole lot more than Obama’s when it comes to properly extracating the United States from the Iraq debacle. She will also need to consult with the brightest military and diplomatic minds, but at least she will be able to fully understand, appreciate, and analyze the options being presented to her AT THAT TIME.

      • TeresaINPa

        the problem I have is that his supporters believe him and think he is someone he is not. They idolize him for the very things he does NOT mean and also uses these things to beat up on Clinton for. This is why he reminds me of George Bush and why I have to turn the TV when he comes on.
        Thug is the word that comes to mind over and over when I think of him and how he is running his campaign and who he is.

      • Simon

        would be the height of bush-league insanity for any president to ignore the changing facts on the ground in 2009 in order to simply look resolute about something promissed in 2007

        Obama sold himself, falsely, as being anti-war.

        He then went on to pass every war appropriation bill presented.

        Then he promised to get the troops out of Iraq, attacking Clinton on her position.

        Now he is reneging on that promise, too.

        So, Obama doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing, and should have studied the issues, before he let Axelrod write his speeches.

    • Fred C. Dobbs

      If Obama can’t control Power’s mouth or Michelle’s mouth or that bilious brother-in-law’s mouth, how is he going to run the Executive Branch?

      New Obama Campaign Song:

      Someone’s talking now now, kumbayah;
      Someone’s f***ing up, kumbayah.
      We look ludicrous, kumbayah.
      Blame Whitey! kumbayah!

      • TeakWoodKite

        Blame WhiteyOprah! kumbayah!

        PS I invite people to add names, like graffitti on the old, barely red, No 7 to Shea Staduim.

  • MarkL

    I guess it’s time to demand Clinton open her tax returns!
    This time I really mean it!

    • Simon

      I guess it’s time to demand Clinton open her tax returns!

      I believe she said she would, as of April 15th, which is reasonable.

      Again, if something is smelly, it will be noted.

      But Obama can take his weak Rovian attempts to spin and smear, (those of a dumb guy, with zing), and shove it.

      No wants another Bush, didn’t the Obama supporters cringe when Obama walked away from the press, on Monday?

      Just like Bush.

      Same Middle Eastern money guys as Bush, and everything.

      • TeresaINPa

        I feel so ignorant today. What middle eastern money guys do they have in common.

    • Xeno

      It’s time to race-bait! AGAIN!

      If you look back over the course of the campaign, it becomes clear that the Obama camp plays the race card every time the going gets tough. Just the last three weeks will demonstrate this fact.

      – When Obama’s people figured out that he wouldn’t do well in Texas and Ohio, they ginned up the bogus Somali picture controversy.

      – After his stunning losses on Tuesday, his surrogates and blog toadies came up with the phony video-darkening controversy.

      Of course, both of these mini-dramas centered on allegations that the Clinton campaign was trying to make Obama seem “blacker” or tie him to Black people. Tie it all together with Obama’s contention that racist whites are responsible for his losses this week, and you have a clear pattern.

      They are going to reach the point of diminishing returns on this strategy soon, if they haven’t already.

  • AF

    Wow – so W.O.R.M. is actually a policy coming directly from the Obama campaign.

    • TeresaINPa

      what is WORM?