Keeping up with the delegate count: Hillary has erased Obama’s delegate pick-ups.

Sometimes money isn’t enough: “Report: Obama Outspent Hillary 2:1 on Ohio Ads, Still Lost,” writes Jeralyn at TalkLeft.

Even Second Graders Know That 30 Is More Than 9: While Obama had a puny cluster of nine flag officers behind him today, Hillary has more than 30 flag officers behind her.

File this under “I was for it before I was against it”: Obama’s Michigan chair says, “[A] mail-in caucus ‘is clearly the wrong path’. ‘We don’t like it one bit. It disenfranchises people who need to participate and there are many questions with regard to security’. Hunter said the Obama campaign will accept nothing but a 50-50 split of Michigan delegates between Clinton and Obama. …” Big Tent Democrat observes:

I guess the Obama MI Co-Chair does not agree with Obama’s previously held positive view on mail in voting, agreeing instead with Obama’s newly minted distaste for mail in voting. Oh and a 50-50 split is the ONLY thing Obama will accept in Michigan. Hope we are clear now on how Obama feels about the will of the people of Florida and Michigan.

Below, “Questions for Senator Obama”:

Lee Feinstein, the Clinton Campaign’s National Security Director, Released the Following Statement

Senator Obama has thus far failed to answer key questions about his qualifications to meet the Commander-in-Chief test. The following are questions that Senator Obama should address:

Will you stand by your definitive commitment to removing all combat brigades from Iraq within 16 months, or will you, as your former advisor said, not rely on “some plan” you “crafted as a presidential candidate or as a US Senator?”

Do you regret that you have never held any substantive hearings on Afghanistan or any other subject, since you became chairman of the subcommittee on European Affairs in January 2007?

Do you agree with General McPeak that you are more qualified to be commander in chief because you don’t “go on television and have crying fits?” Are you prepared to remove General McPeak from your campaign for what is viewed by many as a sexist comment?

Are you still willing to meet separately, without precondition, during the first year of an Obama administration, in Washington or anywhere else, with the leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea? Are there any circumstances in which you would not conduct such meetings?

As voters evaluate you as a potential Commander-in-Chief, do you think it’s legitimate for people to be concerned that you have traveled to only one NATO country, on a brief stopover trip in 2005, and have never traveled to Latin America?

Earlier in the campaign you were asked how you would respond to a terrorist attack on two cities in the United States. You talked about the need for an effective emergency response but were initially unclear about the need for a military response. What do you think that says about your readiness to be Commander-in-Chief?

You publicly broadcast your willingness to attack Pakistan unilaterally, a statement which caused unrest in that country. Recognizing that we need to combat terrorism wherever it exists, do you wish you would have made your comments in a way that didn’t cause unrest?


P.S. “Polls Indicate Serious Trouble for Obama in Pennsylvania and Beyond,” by steve468 at

  • I stopped watching Olbermann last year because, after years of doing the same show in the same format, I could predict everything he was going to say. On top of that, he has a very limited range of guests on. And honestly, has anyone every watched all of one of his endless ‘special comments?’ I can never finish one.

  • idear

    Thank you for explaining who those old guys standing behind Obama (was it just yesterday?)during his presser are/were.

    At first I thought he had borrowed some folks from the McCain campaign who were meeting down the hall in the same hotel, looking for the go-to room, and just found themselves in the wrong place.


  • Cee Hussein


    Donation = tithe thanks to book sales?


  • Larry, I tried to Email you but couldn’t link, anyway,
    my wife just called. Heard on the radio that O’Rielly is blasting Rev. Wright for his racist comments. It was mentioned that Obama had donated $20,000.00+ to that church. I wonder, did the money he received from Rezko that he claims to have given to charity, go to that church alone or was it spread around? How much went to multi-racial charities, if any, or did it go to help just black americans? Hope you can dig up something.

  • Why does Obama think that he’s entitled to 50% of the Michigan delegates? Nobody campaigned there, not Clinton, Edwards or Obama. If he didn’t put his name on the ballot it’s not her fault. But I do recall him Obama)urging voters to either spoil their ballots or write in some other name so that they wouldn’t be counted as a plus for HRC.
    As for Florida, he heavily advertized in the state for two weeks just prior to the polls, (which is the same as campaigning) thereby, disregarding the DNC ruling. For that, he should be disqualified from the states vote. Afterwards he had the audacity to say (grinningly) Oops, it was a little mistake that the cable company made!

    • Cee Hussein


      Hillary said Michigan shouldn’t count.

      In an interview on New Hampshire Public Radio last fall, Clinton explained why she was the only candidate who did not agree to New Hampshire’s request that she take her name off the ballot in Michigan.

      “It’s clear: This election they’re having is not going to count for anything. I personally did not think it made any difference whether or not my name was on the ballot,” she said.

      • Cee, you and I and the whole country know that had Obama won those states, he’d be screaming bloody murder to have them counted, and he would have used the race card to intimidate the DNC to count them, which they most probably would have done. She won the state by 55.3%(328,151) to 40% (235,762) uncommitted. I’m assuming that those were the ballots be would have collected, so let him have those.

        • Cee Hussein


          Can’t accept that Hillary herself said that Michigan doesn’t count, huh?

          Sorry. Her words and now she wants to change the rules in her do ANYTHING to win strategy.

  • Can’t all just get along???

  • What does having flag officers stand behind/beside a candidate really mean (no disrespect to the flag officers)? Votes are going to be gained because of them?

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  • Thrasyboulos

    Hillary and the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy
    The strange case of conservative pundits and their love for Barack Obama
    by Wayne Barrett

  • bert

    look at which web site KO nade his pompous statement – the Daily Kos, the same blog that spread the rumor that Clinton’s campaign darkened Obama’s skin color in a TV ad. That runor has since been debunked abely here and by Fact Check. This is rich, especially since it was the Obama campaign that first played the race card by claining that Clinton’s remark regarding LBJ and the Civil Rights Act was a racist slur on MLK. Say what?????? Even Bill Moyer’s, who was LBJs Chirf of Staff at the time, said he did not see what the fuss what about as Clinton’s staement was true.

    Obama will play the race card as long as he can. He is such a hypocrite.

  • TeakWoodKite

    Oh and a 50-50 split is the ONLY thing Obama will accept in Michigan.

    In my humble opinion, it is up to the voters in that state, campaigns be dammed! Lets have a vote on the rules for a motion to recommit on the amendment…errr. It’s the People stupid not what any campaign thinks other wise you would have but all the other candidates that where running at the time back on the ballot.

    • Cee Hussein


      Why should Obama accept anything? In an NPR interview Hillary said the Michigan votes wouldn’t count.

  • TeakWoodKite

    Oh and a 50-50 split is the ONLY thing Obama will accept in Michigan.

    In my humble opinion, it is up to the voters in that state, campaigns be dammed! Lets have a vote on the rules for a motion to recommit on the amendment…errr. It’s the People stupid not what any campaign thinks other wise you would have but all the other candidates that where running at the time back on the ballot.

  • Fun:

    National Enquirer Smears Obama.

    (It’s good to know that he’s murdered people just like Hillary has.)

    • Donald from Hawaii

      Just wait’ll next week, when they tell us that Michelle serviced Bill in the Oval Office …

      • TeakWoodKite

        “The hell with the mansion in Chicago…now I want 1600″ . I want Rezko to finance that you her me Barak?. Don’t forget to butter away!”

    • Fleaflicker

      From the article.

      The Clintons are legendary for misleading voters with phrases that contain hidden escape hatches.

      Sounds like a phrase right out of the Rove right wing conspiracy play book. Or Arianna Huffington’s memoirs.

  • Fleaflicker

    It disenfranchises people who need to participate

    How does it disenfranchise people that NEED to participate? What the hell does that comment mean? I am really bewildered over this. Who is he talking about? The homeless? Dead people?

    • Donald from Hawaii

      Yep – I’m definitely in the wrong line of work …

  • HC

    Yeah, all those “questions” were horseshit – putting it mildly. Pow.

    • simon

      Yeah, all those “questions” were horseshit – putting it mildly. Pow.

      Well, someone is in a snit.

      Don’t let Hillary get under your skin, really it’s not healthy.

      All that rage…

    • Fleaflicker

      Yeah, the truth is horseshit to a Hopebama follower.

    • Donald from Hawaii

      While I’m a Hillary Clinton supporter, I grudgingly have to agree with you.

      I swear to God, Howard Woolfson’s work product as her communications director is — more often than not — so linear and two-dimensional that his stuff plays like a cartoon, with the Clinton campaign cast as “Wile E. Coyote” to Obama’s “Road Runner.”

      I’m depressed — not so much by the course of the campaign, because it is what it is, but by the evidence that I’m currently in the wrong line of work. I mean, this guy gets paid beaucoup bucks for this crap! I know I could do a better job than Woolfson …

      • AF

        I so hear you Donald. I mean how hard is it to make Hillary look good? I just see the opportunities whiz by.

        • Sam

          You are actually missing what is really going on. The media controls who looks good and who get what storyline and which supporters and analysts gets inerviews etc. Howard Wolfson is actually an excellent communication director, but the media shuts HRC out and does not give her a chance. I mean, honestly, do you really think Obama’s press releases are better than Hill’s? Of course not. The media just chooses whose storyline to run with. And when you cry bloody murder everday and accuse people of being racist, as opposed to, say, talk about why you are good on foreign policy,the media will go with your story line because it is more “exciting.” The media hates Hillary and that makes it impossible for Wolfson to make her look good. That is a fact.

  • Keith is bloviating and belching. How crude.

    • AF

      He has no independence from his fans.

      (The Monterey Herald link in your post isn’t working.)

      • Damn. Copied it from an e-mail I was sent. Here is the story:

        Democrats split delegates
        By STEPHEN OHLEMACHER Associated Press Writer
        Article Last Updated: 03/12/2008 02:40:23 PM PDT
        WASHINGTON—Sen. Barack Obama picked up five more delegates than Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton in Mississippi’s Democratic primary Tuesday.
        But Clinton erased the gain Wednesday after final election results became available from a couple of Super Tuesday contests.
        In Mississippi, Obama won 19 delegates and Clinton 14, according to an analysis of returns by The Associated Press.
        Obama won the primary with more than 60 percent of the vote, according to unofficial returns. But Clinton was able to hold down Obama’s delegate gains by winning one of the state’s four congressional districts. Obama carried the other three.
        Clinton eliminated the gain when she picked up delegates based on final results from the New York primary and the Colorado caucuses, both of which were held Feb. 5. Clinton gained four delegates in Colorado and one delegate in New York.
        The results were delayed in New York because the race for one delegate was too close to call. Clinton won the New York primary, picking up 139 delegates, to 93 for Obama.
        In Colorado, the Democratic Party did not release results by congressional district until this week. Ten delegates had been outstanding; three went to Obama and seven went to Clinton. Obama won the Colorado caucuses, getting 35 delegates, to 20 for Clinton.
        Clinton also picked up three superdelegates Wednesday.

    • simon

      polls indicate serious trouble for Obama?

      I believe it , but I also smell trick, Clinton’s campaign is well informed, so, they’ll be OK.

      And Olbermann?

      I don’t give him a second thought.

      I don’t need to listen to some old overweight white guy bitch incessantly, slowly morphing into a xerox of John Bolton, physically, playing to the other socially and intellectually inept disaffected men, most likely all being opsed by those who are lying to their faces, trying to enrage them, it is simply a boring waste of time.

      What do they call them, agent provocateurs?

      Trolls come in so many flavors, don’t they?

      Don’t let it get under your skin, but obviously, call him out on his trash.

      • simon

        Susan, did you see where Ferraro resigned?

        Hillary didn’t hem and haw, she removed someone whom she felt said something questionable, or offensive, a highly diplomatic, well mannered move on the part of Clinton.

        THAT is leadership, not obstinate defiance, childish behavior masquerading as spine.

        I look forward to intelligent American diplomacy once again, where thinking less akin to a Serbian terrorist is valued.

        And can win.

        Long term, are we making more progress, given how Obama is using the race card?

        • simon

          Long term, are we making more progress, given how Obama is using the race card?

          The next President needs to reestablish trust in the federal government, this is a good start, a civilized, sane control, as opposed to the chaos that FLOWS out of Obama and Bush’s camps…

    • Fleaflicker

      As ever, forgive me for quoting myself.

      What a self important hack. His insincerity makes me wanna hurl!