This breaks my heart. I was thrilled to see Obama elected to the U.S. Senate in 2004 and to be sworn into that select group of 100 in 2005. I was excited to know that a bright, highly educated, charismatic man would serve his state of Illinois and the American people. I was happy — and followed his new Senate career with hopeful interest — until I began to research his history and found out that he ignored the plight of Chicago’s poorest and most desperate. It was a “deal breaker” for me, as it was for Taters, whose “poignant story I hope that you read last night here at No Quarter.

See Flineo’s other videos. They are unforgettable … unlike the “forgotten people” that Obama has ignored because he was more interested in the money and influence that slumlord Tony Rezko could bring his way. Unlike the forgotten people that Obama was supposed to serve in the Illinois state senate for eight years and, theoretically, to this day as a U.S. Senator.

There’s more about those “forgotten people” here: “[Updates] Irrefutable Proof That Obama’s Own District Was Home to 11 Rezko Foreclosed Properties.”

From that story:

… Tenants were left without heat for five weeks

… A family “boiled water on the stove and draped plastic sheeting across the windows in an effort to keep warm during the city’s bitter winters, as the heating was not working.”

… There was drug selling and prostitution.

… The buildings were filthy and rat- and roach-infested.

… There was urine and feces all around.

… Rubbish piled up uncollected.

… Repeated requests for basic repairs were ignored.

… There were drug dealers all around.

…. People were fighting and getting shot.

… Tenants had to call the city just to get the garbage collected because Rezko and his company ignored their requests for help.

… Rezko moved on — turning away from the TAXPAYER-FUNDED “rehab” projects (he got over $100 million) and all of its tenants — with many buildings boarded up as bills and mortgage payments went unpaid, and Rezko going into the fast-food business.

… And Sen. Barack Obama turned a blind eye.

Instead of calling Tony Rezko and telling him to get his ass moving to clean up his properties and make them safe and inhabitable, Barack Obama called Tony Rezko to get him to help finance the purchase of a $1.65 million mansion.

Instead of getting off by watching a bunch of stoned-acting movie stars and musicians chant his name:

THINK about the fast one that the David Axelrod-run Obama campaign is pulling:

If you need to see more, watch Flineo’s other recent video:

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  • Nancy H. Armstrong

    During the year that more than 800 elderly died from the heat, it was the First Responders (firemen, etc…) that took the voters rolls in Chicago and went door to door to check on the elderly and disabled folks in hopes they could at least save some of them. Many could not afford the air conditioning and the subsequent electric bills to keep themselves alive.

    And Obama calls himself an organizer. If he had odne organizing for anything but political expediency he would have been on the ground with the First Responders as they are now called.

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  • campskunk

    thanks for putting these together, flineo. there are a lot of bad videos out there on political blogs, and it’s refreshing to watch some done by somebody who knows what they’re doing. great content as well as great production.

  • JoeySky

    He’s not ready. He need to learn to take care of his people first before seeking the higher power. Be a good public servant at the senate. Then he will be a good public servant at the White House.

  • Kathleen

    I want a Clinton/Obama ticket. (Obama for the eight after Hillary) I think Susan has even said that she could stand Obama as the VP With Edwards as Attorney General. General Wesley Clark as Secretary of Defense or State, Bill Richardson as head of the EPA.

    Would really like to witness Congressman Kucinich be the Secretary of a Dept of Peace

  • Mechan


    Great presentation..beautiful work, well documented..thanks for putting this together for us..

    Go Hillary 08

  • keystone gal

    I too hope your father is doing better.

    I too agree this process must be waited out. I find it very disturbing that supporters of Obama claim they won’t vote for Hillary if she “steals” the election.

    First, Hillary isn’t capable of that, she is too respectful of everything good this country stands for to “steal” the election!
    Second, this election is not over. Neither Hillary or Obama will be able to collect enough PD’s to get the nomination.
    I realize you know all of this: but this is THE point that isn’t being talked about enough on the MSM.

    That leds to the point of the Superdelegates.

    Superdelegates role is of independent thought. and NO one should dispute that. It’s why we have Supers and it’s what they will do if it comes to it.

    If Obama does have the PD’s and an overwhelming amount of popular votes, I’m sure the Supers will nominate Obama.

    If they both have close numbers of PD and popular votes and the supers must make the ultimate decision for the nominee I as a life time non racist white intellegent woman who makes a higher than normal average (get my point) is certain the Supers will do what’s best for our party.

    • simon

      As much as Obama supporters deride Clinton supporters for saying they’d rather vote for McCain, IMO it is the Obama supporters who will do just that.

      I think their sexism is crippling.

      Did you read what Susan posted from Gen McPike, about a woman crying?

      No wonder we can’t wars if our generals are so fucking stupid they can’t understand the implications of an Obama presidency, on Iraq.

      A fourstar shithead, yes…how bout we try our generals thinking?

      • simon



        Sorry, I was so disgusted after reading that comment, I didnt bother with him, anymore.

        Hard to take America into the 21st century with thinking like that, a moldy oldy boy.

  • Flineo you are an artist beyond compare and I am so glad you are on our side. Please keep up your great work.

  • BlueStateGirl

    Here in DC we have a bunch of Tony Rezkos: Property owners deliberately allowing apartment houses to collapse under the exact same conditions so the tenants would move out and the landlords could convert the buildings into higher-priced condos.

    Dozens of landlords refused to make repairs, forcing families to live in filth — at times without heat, hot water or electricity. Other landlords delivered urgent letters or mass notices demanding that tenants leave.

    Under DC law, tenants have the right to vote whether the owners can convert the building into condos and also requires owners to pay the city a fee on the sale of new condominiums, which would help displaced renters with relocation costs.

    The loophole: The law does not apply to vacant buildings. So property owners have been trying to drive tenants out and when the building becomes vacant, they can convert them.

    It’s an absolute disgrace.

    • AF

      This is happening in the Bay Area too. Mayor Gavin Newsom has railed on the Public Housing authority for this repeatedly.

      • simon

        The property Rezko owned, from what I am seeing, are in areas no one would rehab, certain neighborhoods on the south and west sides of Chicago looking much like bombed out parts of Bhagadad, on a quiet day.

        As a kid, my sister would take me there, as she did volunteer work with the poverty stricken elderly, caring for those similar to whom Obama left to die in the Chicago cold. Whole city blocks destroyed with only one diaplated building remaining, and in the basement of THAT structure, an 85 year old woman, say, living without food and heat, except for what the city agencies, and people like my sister, provided.

        I am hard pressed to explain living conditions of that sort, in modern day America.

        Oh, yeah, the money went into TONY REZKO AND OBAMA’S pockets…

      • TeakWoodKite

        AF they had the same flim flam at SFO for minority contrcting if you recall as well.

  • Steve Fuller

    Oh! My! God! Why didn’t Bill didn’t Stop this from happening or clean these up. I’m really glad Hillary stopped all poverty, homelessness and tenements in New York while she was Senator.

    A Clinton supporter who hasn’t drinken the koolaid.

    • Kathleen

      Funny..and good point

      • simon

        Kthleen, Obama helped Rezko steal money from teh taxpayers, and Rezko took that money and used it for personal gain.

        That’s disgusting.

        Right, Kathleen?

        It was a parasitic action, that in no way compares to the Clinton’s .


        • Kathleen

          That is disgusting and completely unacceptable if completely true (with tons of evidence to back up claims)

          Do you really really think Obama was completely aware of this?

          • simon

            Do you really really think Obama was completely aware of this?

            Yes, I do.

            And what’s worse, I think he didn’t give a shit.

            If Obama is looked at through the pay to play politics of Chicago, it all makes sense.

            Read up on rezko, as his trial is occurring, he is on tape, the whole slimy trail of corruption.

            Also, for another POV, try reading pundita’s guest column on, dated March 13th.

            I believe pundita is an ex federal prosecutor.

          • How could he not be? It was told in the Chicago newspapers and on TV stations! He is LYING when he says he didn’t receive or hear about complaints.

            I am appalled by anyone who is not disgusted by his callous attitude towards the people trying to exist in those deplorable buildings and by his buddy’s theft of over $100 million in taxpayers’ money.

            I am even moreso appalled by people who try to make excuses for him. Believe me, he is perfectly capable of creating his own sorry excuses.

    • AF

      Look at the map in that video of the Rezko properties across Obama’s state senate district.

      We’ve never seen Obama express sympathy or empathy for the people who had to live under those conditions. Have we? Living without heat in Chicago?

      And Obama still lives in that mansion right? He never bothered to distance himself from this “boneheaded” move.

  • Fleaflicker

    These videos by Flineo just totally blew me away. They are more than excellent, they are superb.

    Thank you so much Susan for keeping this catastrophe in the forefront of people’s minds. It perfectly counteracts all of Obama’s talk of hope and new politics. The friends one keeps say a lot about a person. And Obama’s friends aren’t really any kind of friends that normal people need or desire.

  • apishapa

    Worse news from Riverdaughter it sounds like there is a “compromise” in the works in which MI delegates are split, FL delegates are seated but at half the number. This would give Hillary a new gain of 19.

    For some reason there seems to be widespread assumption that Hillary will jump at this really shitty deal, but Obama will may balk. I hope he does.

    I support Hillary Clinton because I think she is an incredibly strong woman. I will be very disappointed if she capitulates on this, even if it is “best for the Party”. Mr. “Reach Across the Aisle” needs to demonstrate his much-touted skiil at working for the good of the citizens of this nation.

    Hillary is famous for being strong. She needs to stay that way. The fact that she truly does care about this nation and the Democratic Party is being used against her by those who don’t.

    • Fred C. Dobbs

      >>> I support Hillary Clinton because I think she is an incredibly strong woman.

      I think she’s tougher than the back wall of a shooting gallery and has a brain the size of an asteroid. Her number of X chromosomes is irrelevant in this context.

      You can show me a half hour, 3-camera Desilu Special montage of her handling snakes on Sunday, and it will not significantly alter this position.

      • Thats a “Hall of Fame” comment, Fred.

    • simon

      Clinton doesn’t play to lose, I’d wait for the other show to drop, it always does.

  • Did you hear?

    “Edward Norton is filming the Obama movie. And, now, Ben Aflack and Matt Damon are running a contest for a 30 second ad spot for Obama. Lovely. White male elite for Obama!”

    I hope Flineo enters the contest. Along with his YouTube compatriots. Of course, Flineo has no chance of winning. But we will show his entry here.

    (And, in case Flineo stops by here, let him know what you think of his videos.)

    • Mostest

      No. “rich white men” you know the ones…they run the country that poor Obama has to live in….in his $1.9 million mansion.. BOO HOO. Maybe Obama should convert his mansion into AFFORDABLE HOUSING.

    • simon

      Perhaps we could run a 527 ad, put together by a consortium of mid east terrorist groups connected to Auchi, for Obama, using 9.11 footage.

      Perhaps Damon could work the better angels of bribery (you know that Lincoln connection, babe), and Obama, explaining how it HELPS Americans to allow corporations to set the legislative agenda, like Tom DeLay did, right, but best to catch Obama before he explodes into a puddle of rage, weakness and confusion.

      I just fail to understand the disconnect here, how otherwise reasonable people could have their heads so far up their asses.

      I’m not asking for empathy, per se, but next time, it could be Matt Damon’s kid, or Affleck’s kid.

      But it’s OK, as long as it’s someone else’s family, right?

      They haven’t even begun to unearth Obama’s relationship to Rezko, and Auchi, every day brings more revelations, through the trial.

      Do we suspend willful belief, buying into a fairy tale, Obama representing something other than a parasite on the people? At least show you can ask the questions, and answer them honestly. The idea Obama is better because he represents less corruption is farcical, he’s just as dirty as Bush, and two, when does it stop? Is it worth a war, what do you expect Obama to do, with that Iraq Auchi, Rezko, Alasammarae IL connection? And given Obama’s history of corruption, more of which is being revealed everyday, people trust this man to end the war?


      Cognitive dissonance, I’ll say…the gravy train still needs real job creation, fatboys, and it ain’t coming from Obama, or even McCain.

      Boy, it sure feels like something is gonna blow, wow.

    • requiemforadancer

      Harvey Weinstein is supporting Clinton, and actually went to bat for her, against Pelosi.

      I was proud.

      And I’m no longer going by the name simon, I’m requiem for a dancer, one who has passed away.

      Sorry, I guess I forgot to tell you.

  • anna shane

    Everything about Rezco stinks. Obama first said he barely knew the man, and it seems every day we find out more about how he’s profited from this association to the detriment of the community he’d sworn to serve. I think Obama should now step out of the race, to me this is worse than a high priced hooker, whether or not it’s against the law. He wants to lock up his nomination before it blows up? It’s blown up now, and I fear there is more to come. With this hanging over him he ought to have never thrown his hat into the ring in the first place. Shame on Barack.

    • abigbman

      And what about the Clinton donor (Asian) Norman Hsu, who embezzled money, and gave it to Clinton and others? This is not a reason for someone to drop out of the race. Further it is laughable to think that one Senator could clean up a neighborhood. If he brought pressure to bear or got money to clean up (earmarks) you would be attacking him for giving money to Rezco. He did not lobby for or support the projects that Rezco got funding from the Bush Administration Housing Department.

      • Kat

        Norman Hsu also held fundraiser for Obama too.

      • Kathleen

        Good points. I just spent the last week in hospitals and a nursing home with my ailing father. Have been talking with Nurses, Aides, Doctors, patients and my family about what is taking place in the Democratic party. This Clinton/Obama rift is widening! If the Democratic party does not get it together and make a decision soon. If Obama and Clinton do not come together and go after McCain together I believe this widening rift will do irreparable damage.

        From what I am hearing people say, the Democrats may lose this race in the fall if they do not stop this fighting and get back to the real issues!

        • It’ll all blow over. If I can come around and not only vote for, but campaign for, John Kerry, as I did in 2004, anything is possible!

          It’s easy to fall for the “the sky is falling” memes — put out almost entirely by the Obama people who want to intimidate people into silence and obedience. But I will not be silenced out of fear. I will speak my mind until a nominee is chosen.

          • Kathleen

            And Obama is winning and that is a fact. The numbers show that Hillary can not catch up.

            The Obama and Clinton teams and cheerleaders are focused on lots of hullabaloo.

            The result could easily be that which ever candidate it is my prediction is they have a damn good chance of losing to McCain.

            • Kathleen, I thought you voted for Clinton in Ohio.

              Knowing your sincere thought processes, I can’t imagine that yours was a “fair weather” vote. Knowing you, it had to have been based on a true conviction that she’s the better candidate and that you’d stick by her side.

              By the way, she faced the same uphill climb then that she does now. Nothing numerically has changed between then and now. But anything can happen. There’s plenty of time left.

              • Kathleen

                I announced at your sight the night of the Ohio primary that I had voted for Edwards after all. I had wrestled with my conscience the morning of the primary.

                I had thought the week before that I would vote for her based on the desire for the debate to continue. (I knew she would win in Ohio from what I was hearing) But I had so hoped that by her staying in the race they would be discussing and debating critical issues.

                All of this Obama/Clinton hysteria is taking away from critical issues and also distracting (just the way the warmongers like it) in their desire to pre-emptively attack Iran.

                Obama and Clinton should get back to focusing on serious issues, pivot together and challenge McCain on the same issues.

                This tacky in fighting will lose voters for both of them.

                • Fleaflicker

                  Well, please take into consideration where these attacks originated. And that is with the Obama campaign almost immediately after losing. In fact Obama’s concession speech was angry. Next thing you know more dirt is smeared.

                  Take what happened here in Ohio after their debate in Texas. Hillary came to Cincinnati and was presented with slanderous campaign literature put out by the Obama campaign. She can’t ignore that. And this following that wonderful moment in the Texas debate where she was so gracious toward Obama, even offering her hand to him. Offering her hand to the man that snubbed her in front of the whole country at the State of the Union address.

                  I share your desire to have this be a campaign about issues and who has the best ideas and who is best equipped to achieve them. But it is political suicide for Hillary not to respond to the attacks waged upon her and to respond with overwhelming force. As much as I don’t like what is happening I understand why it is happening. And I support Hillary’s response.

                • What a waste of a vote — over and out — I’m done discussing any of this with you.

                  • Kathleen

                    Thought you said the candidate had not been selected yet.

                    Sorry I was unable to jump on the bandwagon. Hillary’s 2002 war vote and her Kyl Lieberman vote just did not slide off the back of my memory so easily.

                    • LuigiDaMan

                      As I said before, people: this is the kind of thinking that goes on in Ohio.

                      This is
                      why George Bush was elected twice by the fine, sad, misguided people of Ohio. These people continually vote AGAINST their own self interest. The constantly vote out of fear.

                      The great liberal (and personal friend) Senator Howard Metzenbaum died yesterday. He must have been ashamed of how such a once great liberal and forward thinking populace is now afraid of its own shadow.

                      Will the last Buckeye please blow out the candle?

                    • Mr.Murder

                      Obama declared Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to be terrorist also.

                      Obama cosponsored another bill earlier this year to declare the Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization. But the measure that passed was objectionable, he wrote in the Union Leader, because it included 17 findings about Iran’s participation in the violence in Iraq, and deems avoiding Iranian influence in Iraq “a critical national interest” of the United States.

                      Therefore, he argued, the Bush administration could use the measure to justify an attack on Iran as part of the war already underway in Iraq.

                      Ph, Hillary’s vote was nonbinding, and removed any basis for military justification, placing any action under review and vote from Congress re: attacks on Iran.

                      Obama didn’t show up to vote for it.

                      “It’s unfortunate that Senator Obama is abandoning the politics of hope and embracing the same old attack politics even though one of his earliest and most vigorous supporters has said this was not a vote for war,” spokesman Phil Singer said in a statement yesterday. “If Senator Obama felt so strongly about this resolution, why didn’t he speak out against it or vote against it?”

                      The reason why he didn’t is what Obama himself would call “an okie-doak, a hoodwink, he bamboozled” his own followers.

                      Obamamboozled you, as it were.

            • Fleaflicker

              It really depends on which candidate it is against McCain. I think if it is Hillary she will beat McCain soundly.

              • simon

                I think if it is Hillary she will beat McCain soundly.

                You know, I really hope she gets the nomination, because I’m starting to get a sense of how she can campaign, and win.

            • anna shane

              the problem is that neither can win without super delegates, and the final count may well have her ahead in the popular vote. It would suit Obama for her to drop out over fears he fans, because that’s his only sure way of winning. Whatever he may claim, she has slightly more popular votes than he has right now, and that number is nearly certain to grow. He’s trying to avoid a real recount in Florida and Michigan just to keep that number artifically low.he’s playing the expectations game, but don’t expect him to stop and don’t expect her to give in to bully tactics. That won’t happen, she’s running to win, and she wants the voters to tell her if she wins or it’s time to leave. With the Tony scandal showing Obama’s close ties to him, and whatelse, it’s unlikely the superdelegates will give it to him if he hasn’t the popular vote and if he hasn’t come around to courting mainstream democrats. So, you’ll have to learn to chill. it’s hard, but it’s good practice for life

              • simon

                But, and I think this is right, the super delegates can switch, and MI and FL can tie things up, indefinitely.

                I can see the stupid democratic leaders supporting Obama to the end, NOT understanding , again, how the republicans are playing them.

                My hope is when the Obama plan crashes, Clinton will still be viable, if not the clear winner.

          • Kathleen

            “blow over” will remember your words!

            • Cool. And in the meantime I’ll let you do all the worrying for both of us.

              (If you think this is rough stuff that is oh so not unifying, wait to see what the GOP does to Obama in a general election … if he can’t bear the brunt of this mild stuff now, he won’t survive a general election — which, by the way, will be the first time he’s ever had a real Republican opponent.)

            • simon

              Kathleen, I’m sorry to hear about your father, I hope is doing better. It’s very difficult when a family member is ill, sometimes blogging helps, just speaking to someone.

              Having said that, don’t buy into the math memes, the greater issue is Obama’s corruption, and secondly, as Obama showed, the superdelgates CAN change candidates.

              If Obama is chosen, and I can say this with an almost certainty, he will be slaughtered by McCain in the GE. Any democrat who doesn’t understand the validity of Obama’s crimes is not fit for office, period.

              The delegate count is meaningless, it is simply another method by which certain parties are trying an old psy ops method of intimidation, as Susan mentioned, forcing democrats to make a hasty decision.

              It’s nonsense, don’t buy it, for a second.

              Anyway, I wish you strength at this difficult time.

              • Kathleen

                Thanks for your concern! My father is 81 and has lived a long life. I have watched too many close friends die of cancer (several with small children), don’t know if it is Ohio or what? So many that I hate to say I have adjusted to the life and death issues (well not when some one is young or a person with young children.)

                I am honored to be my fathers side as he deals with knowing death is coming closer. He is a WWII Vet, Teamster and a devoted member to Alcoholics Anonymous. I have had the privilege to be by his side as he examines his conscience at the end of his life and witness him say his good byes, (he helped hundreds into AA) admit his mistakes, say his apologies, share his love and tears. It is a healing time and he is a wise and sober (thank you God) man who is taking this opportunity to deal with his impending death and heal some serious emotional wounds.

                Through this process I discovered that helping tend to the ones you Love as they pass are immeasurable blessings beyond what I could have ever imagined. These blessings have the potential to heal old wounds and open up to what life is about THE LOVE. (sounds corny but ) This Love (I have witnessed it) can permeate a coming passing. .

                I have also learned more than I thought I ever would about our health care system and how fucked up it is. (All five of my close friends who died of cancer chose to die at home). My father who has paid into the health care system for 62 years of his life and only been in the hospital two times in his whole life is being given the run around about coverage etc. Amazing how many people I talked to in the nursing home who have paid mightily into the system and have had to give up their homes, savings and integrity to be taken care of at the end of their lives. FUCKED UP!

                I have also been made fully aware of how many ANGELS ON EARTH there are working in hospitals, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers through this process. Real Angels on Earth. Many of the nurses aides who do from what I can see the bulk of the hard labor (wiping asses etc.) make piss poor wages.

                The one issue that I have complete faith in Hillary on is straightening out our fucked up health care system. I trust Hillary on this one completely

                • simon

                  Thanks for your concern! My father is 81 and has lived a long life

                  I was very close to my father, devastated when he died, I always feel the pain of others, empathy, so to speak, when they are facing this same grief.

                  I’m one of those who still believes in the golden rule, treat others as you ‘d want to be treated.

                  I try anyway.

                  • simon

                    I should have said I remember the grief I felt, sounds kind of kooky, the way I wrote it, sorry…

                    • Kathleen

                      Thanks again. Losing family members is tough no matter what age.

                • CPLUMMER

                  I don’t know what your politics are, and it’s not relevant to what I’d like to say…I feel for you right now in dealing with the pending death of your father…while reading your post and even as I type, tears roll down my cheeks…My own dad was close to death several years ago, and we got to be so very close, working to find him a cure…enough said…I just wish you the best is these last days with your dad…I know you will find peace and will be a blessing to your Dad as it sounds like he has been a blessing to you.

          • Kathleen

            Kerry lost

            • simon

              Or Ohio, like FL, was stolen.

              Don’t put it past the republicans for a second, Ohio was SO corrupt.

              Others say this country swung to the right, I always say, no, this country stayed moderately left, Washington and the other would be elite established their own psychological principality, like Monaco, say, removed from reality.

              I read once, Tony Blair made his decisions in regard to Bush (Iraq) because he calculated America had turned right, and I always thought that was a mistake, the neocons came to Washington, but under a cloud of suspicion.

              And the neocons, like Obama, also were/are living a kind of fairy tale.

          • TeakWoodKite

            I will speak my mind until a nominee is chosen
            And then some..I suspect. You go SusanUnpC.

        • AF

          The worst thing would be to curtail the democratic process, that would widen the rift for sure. The more we let this play out, the more things will calm down and come to a natural conclusion.

          It seems torturous but we need to let this play out.

          • Kathleen

            I hope you, Susan and Simon are right. That this very serious rift that is growing “blows over”. But lets not forget 2000 and 2004.

            Let’s not forget that logic and the facts that the Republican controlled congress and the last seven years of the Bush administration have caused disasters in our nation, in Iraq, so far in Afghanistan and potentially Iran.

            How in the hell could a race between Clinton and McCain or Obama and McCain even be close. The numbers are not making me feel confident about a a win in the fall.

        • AF

          From what I am hearing people say, the Democrats may lose this race in the fall if they do not stop this fighting and get back to the real issues!

          Are those people Republicans? Yeah in their dreams 🙂

          • Kathleen

            Democrats who I heard say that they may vote for McCain in the fall if this in-fighting about what some to be “silly” issues does not stop. I hope Susan and those who believe that this catty in fighting will “blow over”.. are right!

            • simon

              That this very serious rift that is growing “blows over”.

              I don’t have any use for those who support Obama, those who willfully deny his crippled candidacy, his deliberate criminal betrayal of his constituents.

              I can already see how the republicans will play Obama, and easily.

              They have truth on their side this time, no need to lie.

              And if the democratic leaders STILL can’t see this, after 30 years, well, it’s time for a change, a BIG change. The republicans are strategizing with the same old same, and the stupid democrats STILL don’t get it.

              I’m not going to vote for McCain, either, I will write in Edwards.

              Though I’m still interested in HIS story, McCain that is…

        • Susanclare

          Kathleen, what are you proposing? I think if you were really concerned you would be pounding the MSM about their bias in this campaign, This bias has probably had the most impact on Mr. BO’s successes to date. Hillary carries on in spite of. And I say thankfully she has!!!

      • AF

        Did Norman Hsu deny heat and liveable conditions to the poor in Hillary Clinton’s small state senate district?

        Did Hillary Clinton purchase her own home with the help of Norman Hsu at a time when it was public knowledge there was a cloud over Norman Hsu for denying Hillary’s own constituents liveable conditions?

        Because Obama purchased his own home with this man’s help, a home that Obama and his family live in to this day, this really stings.

        • simon

          Did Norman Hsu deny heat and liveable conditions to the poor in Hillary Clinton’s small state senate district?

          Did the Clitnon’s owe Hsu favors, like Obama does Rezko, and Auchi?

          And Mrs Obama gained a 200,000 pay raise after Obama was elected Senator…

          What is it Fitzgerald said about creative bribery?

      • chris

        Actually you should research the difference between the situation related to Norman Hsu and the Clintons compared to Obama and Rezko.

        Norman Hsu is a much different animal that Rekzo. Obama claims by his own voice that he was friends with Rezko, and they had a 17yr relationship in Illinois. Norman Hsu wasn’t someone who had a deeply intertwined relationship and is still viewed as a bit of a mysterious player.

        But who did he donate to?
        Well besides Clinton, Hsu contributed to both Obama and many of his very vocal supporters, take a look:
        Campaign contributions
        Since 2004, other than Hillary Clinton, Norman Hsu has contributed to or raised funds for the following:[6][9]

        Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.)
        Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.)[10]
        Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio)
        Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.)[10]
        Sen. Robert Casey (D-Penn.)[10]
        Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.)
        Rep. Harold Ford, Jr. (D-Tenn.)[11]
        Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.)[11][12]
        Sen. Thomas Harkin (D-Iowa)[11]
        Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) Donated $1,000 to charity.[13]
        ********Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.)[10]
        Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.)[10]
        ********Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.)[10]
        Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.)[11]
        Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.)[11]
        Rep. Doris Matsui (D-Calif.)[10][14] Donated $7,500 to charity.[15]
        Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.)[10]
        ********Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.)[10]; HOPEFUND[10]
        Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.)[11]
        Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.)[11]
        ********Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.)[11]
        Rep. Joseph Sestak (D-Penn.)[11] Donated $1,000 to chairty.[16]
        Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.)[10][17]
        Sen. Mark E. Udall (D-Co.)[11]
        Former presidential candidate Tom Vilsack[11]
        Gov. Jon Corzine (D-N.J.)
        Gov. Edward G. Rendell (D-Penn.)[18]
        Gov. Bill Richardson (D-N.M.)[19]
        Gov. Eliot Spitzer (D-N.Y.)[20]
        Andrew Cuomo for Attorney General (D-N.Y.)[21]
        Thomas Allen (D-Me.) for Senate[11]
        Al Franken (D-Minn.) for Senate[11] Donated $2,600 to charity.[22]
        David Wayne Loebsack (D-Iowa) for Congress[11]
        Committee for a Democratic Majority[11]
        Democratic Campaign Committee of Philadelphia[23]
        Democratic Executive Committee of Florida[10]
        Democratic National Committee Services[10]
        Democratic Party of Wisconsin[10]
        Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee[11][10]
        New York State Committee of the Working Families Party[11]
        New York State Democratic Committee[24]
        New York State Democratic Party[25]
        Tennessee Democratic Party[11]
        EMILY’s List[10]
        Preschool for All[26]
        Pro-Issue 2 (an initiative in Ohio in 2006 to raise the minimum wage).[27]
        Searchlight Leadership Fund[11] (operated by Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.))

        Additionally, the Washington post reported:

        “Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton announced last night that she will return $850,000 in campaign donations solicited by Norman Hsu, severing ties with a top fundraiser who was jailed last week after attempting to flee from criminal charges in California.

        The refunds, among the largest in political history, come after weeks of reports about Hsu’s controversial history and murky business practices. Clinton officials said that the senator, acting out of “an abundance of caution,” had directed the campaign to return donations from about 260 contributors tied to Hsu because of his apparent involvement in an illegal investment scheme.”

        If you have quotes somewhere that show Clinton viewed her relationship to Hsu in the same way Obama is quoted about Rezko, then I need those sources for my records. Thanks.

        • simon

          If you have quotes somewhere that show Clinton viewed her relationship to Hsu in the same way Obama is quoted about Rezko, then I need those sources for my records. Thanks.

          Out of curiosity, you can spin those quotes to the best of your ability.

          What does it have to do with the truth, though?

          Did Clinton accept a house from Hsu?

          You see the point I’m making?

      • BlueStateGirl

        He did not lobby for or support the projects that Rezco got funding from the Bush Administration Housing Department.

        No, it wasn’t HUD:

        As a state senator, Barack Obama wrote letters to city and state officials supporting his political patron Tony Rezko’s successful bid to get more than $14 million from taxpayers to build apartments for senior citizens.

        The deal included $855,000 in development fees for Rezko and his partner, Allison S. Davis, Obama’s former boss, according to records from the project, which was four blocks outside Obama’s state Senate district.

        Obama’s letters, written nearly nine years ago, for the first time show the Democratic presidential hopeful did a political favor for Rezko — a longtime friend, campaign fund-raiser and client of the law firm where Obama worked — who was indicted last fall on federal charges that accuse him of demanding kickbacks from companies seeking state business under Gov. Blagojevich.

        The letters appear to contradict a statement last December from Obama, who told the Chicago Tribune that, in all the years he’s known Rezko, “I’ve never done any favors for him.”

        Would Obama do you a favor if you weren’t one of his constituents and you didn’t give him money?

      • flyarm

        Obama got alot of that Norman Hsu money too..but i guess you missed that eh??????

        Seems all you Obama folks miss the points..Obama lied about Rezko..he also lied about how much money he got from him..

        Hillary gave back the HSU money immediately when she was made aware of took months and months for Obama to donate to charity all the money Rezko gave him to front his campaign..$250,000 worth..but he did it drip by drip..and gave it away in increments!

        and Lied about it to boot!

        but you just keep ignoring Obama’s money from good little sheeple do!!

      • Nancy H. Armstrong

        One Senator, Hillary Clinton has done things for people that we have never heard of. I had a rare opportunity to hear about some of these wonderful people at an “undecided” dinner in Indiana that I was invited to.

        I heard Mr. Lee Beaulac talk about rural America. Senator Hillary Clinton is his senator. As such, he was able to discuss some of the things this one, yes, singular Senator did for the Finger Lakes region of New York. Here is his bio:

        Lee Beaulac is one of the Fannie Mae Foundation’s 2004 James A. Johnson Fellows. He is senior vice president of Housing and Economic Development at Rural Opportunities, Inc. (ROI). On Mr. Beaulac’s watch, ROI has developed and preserved more than 6,000 units of housing and helped more than 2,000 families become first-time home buyers in rural areas of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, and Puerto Rico.

        There were many folks who sold handcrafted items from their own front doors. They did not make much money at it. And they really wanted an avenue for making more money from their American made products.

        Senator Clinton listened to the people and Mr. Beaulac. She made a couple of phone calls, one to the CEO of e-bay. ebay formed a group at their site for these entrepreneurs and now the American made products are sold around the world. As a result of this more than half a billion dollars are now pouring into the area.

        It did not end there though. There are more than 100 wineries in the Finger Lake Region. Out of the clear blue sky they no longer were able to get business loans because banks in the area stopped giving agricultural loans. Again Senator Clinton stepped in and the wineries began to access agricultral loans again. Out of this need for loans a new bank was formed, The Bank of the Finger Lakes. Their mission is to support rural America by providing agricultural loans.

        Please tell me again one senator can’t make things happen.
        Now I will share my story of one senator who has made a difference in my life. I was in a women’s group at a Vet Center in KS. Many things happened at that Vet Center but perhaps the biggest one was the fact I was being abused by a therapist. I was not improving. Many days I came home from that group in tears. Another thing happened in 2004 that caused me to end up at the VA Medical Center in a full blown anxiety attack. I wrote a complaint against the therapist who was at the root of everything and nothing happened.

        I went to Senator Sam Brownbacl’s office. I wrote up the narrative of the goings on for most of 2004. His aide took it and ran with it. A few weeks later, two investigators from other parts of the country came and interviewed me as well as many others including the staff of the Vet Center. In short, the therapist who was at the heart of the my “not” getting well waS FIRED.

        Now tell me again one senator can’t make a difference.

        I just showed you two.

        • requiemforadancer

          Yeah, well, Obama funneled money to Humas, so there!