NOT!!! This is rich – so, rich. Check out this headline (h/t to Will:Bowers): DNC’s Kaine Picks Panel To Reform Democrats’ Entire Nominating Process. Yep, Tim Kaine, the anti-choice, anti-gay, anti-stem cell Chair of the DNC is going to reform the Democratic Nominating Process. And wait until you see just who the great reformers are he has picked:

Good news for Michigan and Florida Democrats. You might not get cut out of the party’s messy primary voting process again in 2012.

Of course, with an incumbent Barack Obama, the Democrats’ presidential-candidate-picking process may be moot:

Assuming the rookie Great Change Agent quickly fills five dozen empty slots at Treasury, fixes the nation’s economy, creates multiple millions of jobs, reforms the country’s entire education system, makes it affordable to ever Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskilly American, creates a thriving green economy, reduces dependence on foreign oil, solves the housing crisis, keeps interest rates low, prevents inflation, avoids an Afghan quagmire, cuts taxes for 95% of Americans, screws over the other 5% and halves the national debt.

Oh, and cleanses the culture of greed and entitlement on every U.S. street including the one named Wall.

Last year’s Democratic primaries were hardfought even bitter affairs, not helped by the initial banning of the results of those important twin states, which denied Hillary Clinton two crucial albeit sneaky victories.

What the hell does THAT mean?? The only one who was SNEAKY in this process was OBAMA!! He’s the one who took his name taken off the ballot, and encouraged others to do so as well, to try and embarrass Clinton out of the win! He’s the ONLY one who campaigned in Florida, and Clinton still won in a landslide. And SHE’S the one who is sneaky? Okay – I see how they are revising history on this one. Because we can’t have anyone better than Precious, can we? Ah, yes, because EVERYONE wanted Obama, apparently – except for the majority who voted for Clinton, but let’s not allow facts to influence the storyline. Ahem.

Back to the article:

And all presided over by another former unsuccessful Democratic presidential candidate, Howard Dean.

Dean is gone now, unceremoniously dumped and denied a Cabinet job by the Obama camp, in favor of parttime chair, Gov. Tim Kaine of Virginia. He”ll take over fulltime next year to earn his D.C. chops and, come 2012, probably replace aging Joe Biden as Obama’s VP who, you may remember, was a senator way back when Obama was a sixth grader. (Although keep your eyes on Missouri’s most Twittering senator.)

But watch out. CNBC announced today that Dean has signed on there as a commentator. Now, all that cable channel needs is some viewers and Dean can be heard to get even on-air.

Oh, yippee. But this is where is gets good:

The 37-member Democratic Change Commission will be headed by Sen. Claire McCaskill (who likes to Twitter) and Rep. James Clyburn, both ardent Obama backers. And Obama’s ex-campaign manager David Plouffe is also on.

The goal, Kaine says, is “to put voters first and ensure that as many people as possible can participate.” A complete list of commission members is below; scroll down or click on the “Read more” line.

The commission, which grows from a convention resolution by Obama last August, will have three goals: chop the number of superdelegates, reform the caucus system and change “the window of time” for caucuses and primaries. Should Iowa and New Hampshire be worried?

The commission’s report is due by next New Years Day.

I’m sorry, but how are the same people who created the problems we had this past Primary going to REFORM it?? You have my back-stabbing, lying, conniving representative, James Clyburn in there, the one who pushed the meme that the Clinton’s were racist. And DAVID PLOUFFE!!!! The man who orchestrated Obama’s campaign, the one in which he engaged massive caucus fraud, and the above mentioned shenanigans.

This is just great. I wonder how they are going to reform it, exactly? Abolish it completely so Precious can forever on out be the Democratic Nominee?? Having these folks on this committee is a whole lot like having the foxes guard the chicken coop. I am not expecting a whole lot of protecting our votes here since this was the tack Plouffe took during the vote controversy: What we’re interested in is a fair resolution; we don’t think it’s fair to seat them fully,” Plouffe said.

“We’re not going to support something that gives her too many delegates. We all last year played by the rules. It was only after the fact when they needed the delegates that they tried to change the rules. I don’t think you can at the 11th hour change the rules that you try to live by because it benefits you.” But Obama’s stance on the issue, like his opponent’s, has just as much to do with politics as principle; the Obama campaign clearly doesn’t want Clinton to close the delegate gap enough that she can possibly convince enough superdelegates to throw their support her way, or give her a chance to claim a victory in the popular vote.

The One was the one who was trying to change things, but the key statement is the first one, “We’re not going to support something that gives her too many delegates.” Never mind that she WON those delegates with OUR votes. And taking lawfully cast and certified votes from one candidate to give to another is so far from any sense of fairness and decency, that I cannot imagine how someone like David Plouffe is going to “reform” the nominating process. All primaries will now be caucuses with ACORN running them? All voting precincts will be staffed with ACORN members, or Obama Army personnel? Only people whose last name beings with “O” and end in “a” can run? Whatever it it, I think they just may have to remove that pesky word from title – you know the one, “Democratic.”

Here’s the rest of the gang:

Membership of the 2009 Democratic Party Commission on Change:

Co-Chairs: Sen. Claire McCaskill, Missouri, and Rep. James Clyburn, South Carolina.

Members: Jeremy Alters, Florida; Jeff Berman, Washington, D.C; Ashley Bliss, Georgia; State Rep. Dan Blue, North Carolina; Bill Carrick, Los Angeles; Mayor Michael Coleman, Columbus, Ohio; Jeff Forbes, Washington; Joan Garry, New Jersey; Kansas state chairman Larry Gates; Adelita Grijalva, Arizona; Rob Hampshire, Pennsylvania; Ned Helms, New Hampshire.

Also on the commission: Alexis Herman, Virginia; Tribal Chairman Ron His Horse Is Thunder, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe; Teamsters Pres. James Hoffa, Michigan; Roseanne Hope, Minnesota; Nevada state senator Steven Horsford; Suzie LeVine, Seattle; UAW CAP Director Dick Long, Michigan; Andres Lopez, Puerto Rico; Patricia Madrid, New Mexico; Debbie Marquez, Colorado; Illinois state senator Iris Martinez; Jennifer McClellan, Virginia; Montana secretary of State Linda McCulloch.

Also: Iowa attorney general Tim Miller; Minyon Moore, Washington; Sunah Park, Pennsylvania; Plouffe, Washington; Rebecca Prozan, California; James Roosevelt, Jr., Massachusetts; Rep. Linda Sanchez, California; Randi Weingarten, New York; Oregon state chair Meredith Wood Smith; Martin Yeung, South Dakota.

  • CG

    thank you RRRAmy. Now that we have some committee names should we start a strategy of fact presentation, ha? Oh that’s right, I think those of us who complained about the undemocratic process got tossed out of our party… But seriously, there are a few names on the list that I don’t recognize. Do you or Will know if all of them are Obamacrats; are there any that are Democrats that believe in democracy?

  • georgiapeach

    They can “claim” whatever they want to. We all know what they did last summer. I’m still a registered Democrat, but I will never be a yellow dog Democrat again.

  • OK, sorry. It did show up…just a little delay.

  • Boy, oh boy. I’m getting a little tired of posting only to have it disappear into never-neverland.

  • It would seem if you truly want “reform” of the election process, you might want to remove the questions regarding candidate’s eligibility for POTUS. The Democrat’s response? Scorn, demean, same ole, same ole.

    Why is it that these reactions always make me feel that they have so much to hide? Otherwise, what’s the harm of putting into place a provision to have concrete evidence provided by every candidate for POTUS regardless of party? It would cost zero and provide a much needed assurance to the voters that their elected officials take the constitution seriously. Wait, what am I saying? They spit on the constitution every day. Well, a woman can dream…

    In the meantime, I’d like to let Rep. Posey know I support his effort.

    U.S. Rep. Bill Posey

    A new member of Congress arrived in Washington to a flood of questions from his constituency about Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president: Was he really born in the United States, and was he qualified under the Constitution’s requirement that the office be occupied only by a “natural born” citizen?

    So U.S. Rep. Bill Posey did what most congressmen would do regarding a subject of grave concern to their voters: He proposed a bill that would require future presidential candidates to document their eligibility. And that has earned him scorn and ridicule.

    “What you should do is stop embarrassing yourself and take the Reynolds Wrap off your head,” MSNBC commentator Keith Olbermann suggested to Posey.

    U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie, D-Hawaii, has gone so far as to suggest that Posey’s judgment is skewed.

    “It’s one thing to try to be responsive to your constituents, no matter how marginal,” Abercrombie told the St. Petersburg Times. “I understand that. But to take it to the point of putting it into a bill — you open yourself up, then, to having your judgment questioned.”

    Abercrombie said legislation generally is to “address common issues or concerns.”

    “The citizenship of someone who has reached the point of running for president of the United States is not really an issue,” Abercrombie said.

    WND has reported on dozens of legal challenges to Obama’s status as a “natural born citizen.” The Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, states, “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”

    Where’s the proof Barack Obama was born in the U.S. or that he fulfills the “natural-born American” clause in the Constitution? If you still want to see it, join more than 340,000 others and sign up now!

    Some of the legal challenges question whether he was actually born in Hawaii, as he insists. If he was born out of the country, Obama’s American mother, the suits contend, was too young at the time of his birth to confer American citizenship to her son under the law at the time.

    Other challenges have focused on Obama’s citizenship through his father, a Kenyan subject to the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom at the time of his birth, thus making him a dual citizen. The cases contend the framers of the Constitution excluded dual citizens from qualifying as natural born.

    Further, others question his citizenship by virtue of his attendance in Indonesian schools during his childhood and question on what passport did he travel to Pakistan three decades ago.

    Adding fuel to the fire is Obama’s persistent refusal to release documents that could provide answers. While his supporters cite an online version of a “Certification of Live Birth” from Hawaii, critics point out the documents actually were issued for children not born in the state.

    “Why’d I do this?” Posey wrote on his blog. “Well, for a number of reasons and the more and more I get called names by leftwing activists, partisan hacks and political operatives for doing it, the more and more I think I did the right thing.”

    He said, “I’ve been called some pretty nasty things. That’s fine. But none of these tolerant people actually want to discuss the issue at hand … whether or not a presidential candidate should have to file these documents with the government.

    “I could easily fill up a page listing all the activities an American needs to show their ID for … everything from playing youth soccer to getting a drivers license, buying cigarettes and alcohol, to opening bank accounts and even playing little league. So I was pretty surprised to find out that to run for president, despite the constitutional requirement and the media scrubbing that goes on, it’s not required for a candidate to file these documents when they submit their statement of candidacy with the FEC,” he said.

    Posey comes from a background of reforming elections. In Florida after the 2000 recounts and lawsuits, he worked to offer solutions. So when he arrived in Washington, the questions raised by voters and his investigation of the constitutional demands led him to his suggestion.

    “I thought I could offer a solution to this question on eligibility,” he wrote. “There’s nothing anyone can do about changing past elections… the president won. All the lawsuits in the world are not going to change that. But if what some folks are worried about – that presidential candidates don’t have to submit to the same documentation that average folks have to submit to – well, then we can change that for the next election.”

    Posey cited an AOL poll that found three-quarters of Americans participating in the survey agreed.

    “I’m willing to discuss this issue with anyone who wants to talk in a rational manner, but I WILL NOT engage in name calling, smear campaigns, or any other venomous activity,” Posey wrote. “For one thing, it’s childish. But on another level, we’re supposed to be able to have a civil debate on the issues in this country.”

    • Ellen

      Annie-your post is a load of rubbish – and full of lies to boot. Please prove that Obama was NOT born in the US – a birth certificate (even if you don’t think it was legitimate, Hawaii says it is) has been provided. you just don’t want to accept it as being so. are you seriously going to spend any further time on this topic? the courts have thrown out every one of these lawsuits re his citizenship. give it up-you are a joke!



        The birth cert for Obama was already established as being uncertified. The hospital he was born at sealed all records, and every court has refused to open them. There has been no verification on his birth records ever provided by any legitimate authority. By the way, there was a video that was circulated on Youtube of Obama admitting to another politician that he was not able to run for president because of this qualification. Guess what, Youtube pulled it off and no one can access it anymore. This president is the dirtiest president since Clinton, and Clinton was filthy.

  • Diana L. C.

    Hey, at this point it doesn’t matter to me what they do to the National Democratic Party–I don’t belong. I’ve put my state Democratic Party chairperson on notice about how unhappy I am with the national party and that if I see even a hint of the kind of crap going on in the state party, they can count on losing my support. So far, we have two Senators accused by Rachel MadCow of being conservadems, and a bunch of latte liberals (I am guessing from Boulder) screaming about it to the party. So I wrote to her to express my opposing position to theirs.

    She did mention all the complaints she heard about the caucuses, so if there are caucuses again–I just won’t participate in any of it. It was a total waste of my time and energy to be bamboozled and hoodwinked by his holy majesty, the Messiah.

  • tek

    RRRA: Thank you for this article. I was just thinking yesterday that one reason I will NEVER like Barack Obama is that he knew MI and FL were getting screwed and it was robbing the Democratic voters of their voice, but even after independent people offered to PAY for the cost of a re-vote in MI and FL he refused because he said those states’ officials could not guarantee him that the “OUTCOME WOULD BE THE SAME!” Turdball. He is a slimy crook.

    By the time Kaine gets done reforming the party, the Republicans will look like angels.

  • trist

    Oh now this IS rich! Reform the DNC voting process=”zoinks! They’re wise to our cheating tactics now, so we have to come up with new ways of cheating they won’t suspect for next time!”

    Oh DNC, I’m glad I dumped ya, and I’ll never look back!

    • graceinpa

      ME TOO!

  • steel magnolia

    Speaking of the unbiased CNN analyst, Queen LaDonna – did anyone see this question in Parade magazine last Sunday? Check out the last sentence. I almost threw up! I’m speechless!

    Q I’m impressed by CNN pundit Donna Brazile. What else is she up to?–Jacqueline Young, Richmond, Va.

    A Brazile, 49–who became the first African-American woman to manage a major Presidential campaign when she ran Al Gore’s 2000 race–is a professor, columnist, and political adviser. “While I was on the platform watching Barack Obama take the oath of office, for the first time in my life I visualized a woman there,” Brazile tells us. “I want to help chart that course.”

    • “While I was on the platform watching Barack Obama take the oath of office, for the first time in my life I visualized a woman there,” Brazile tells us. “I want to help chart that course.”

      Dear God, does that mean she “visualized” herself as POTUS? The thought makes me ill.

    • Queen LaDonna

      Goon? Thug? Paid Pawn? Criminal? Election Thief? Pick any of the above.

      Queen? No, not in this century or beyond.

  • dm

    I would like to see the US go to a strictly federal funded campaign system…eliminate the caucuses…get rid of the supers…don’t know. But between the illegal contributions, the fraud, and the bribing of supers, HRC didn’t have a chance. The deck was stacked, and we all lost.

  • Lyn

    Gee How did they miss adding Donna to the comittee? We all know she wants fair primaries.

  • To number one, I would like to add that all pertinent records of the candidate, including BC, school records, medical records, etc. be PUBLIC information.
    Candidate must meet the requirements set in Constitution without exception.

  • I’mFedUp

    I think if we don’t want to see the voter fraud, thuggery, abuse, threats, lies, intimidation tactics, etc. that the Dems pulled with Hillary and Obama, etc. then we need to get ACORN disbanded and prosecuted under the RICO Act. ACORN had the plan to defraud America down to a literal science in the primary. We can’t have it happen again. And of course they are getting rich and fat off our taxpaying backs in the Porkfest Bill. Wonder where that money is going? To steal another election at any cost. They are criminals, money launderers and belong incarcerated. If ACORN is around there will not be a fair election. Period.

    • PamFlorida

      ACORN and it’s tentacles are funded under one name or another in almost every appropriations bill that passes Congress. This is a fact. They can’t carry out their aggressive activism without taxpayer money. Even under BushCo, ACORN got money from the Repub majority because the RNC underestimated it’s power and they stupidly tossed the Dems what they thought was a bone for votes.

  • Ginger

    RRR, If Kaine is taking ideas…

    1. Candidate must prove eligibility, cough up school records, do a security background check, etc.

    2. I would like to see us go to a National Primary Day. If the GOP won’t go for it, then the DNC should do it on their own. First and second place are the P & VP candidates, respectively. They will have to figure out how to get along since that is what the people want. It also minimizes the media’s input.

    3. Get rid of caucuses and superdelegates.

    4. Each candidate will verify that each state’s ballot has his/her name on it prior to the primary/GE. No rewarding of delegates for purposefully removing one’s name.

    4. Voters must present state photo ID/driver’s license along w/ voter registration card.

    • athena

      I like all those proposals but still not voting for a democrat again for a very long time if ever.

    • CG

      agree, but these reforms don’t stand a chance of seeing the light of day if Obama decides he wants the next 4 years unfortunately. BTW, Ginger, you might be wondering about the h/t Ginger for the Donna Brazile post. I am not trying to shanghai your name but I confused SusanUnPC because my email address includes Ginger, but I post comments here at NQ as CG. Sorry if you were wondering who might be using your name, not my intention.

      • I saw that h/t, too, CG – and when I read that thing abt Brazile in my Parade, I abt threw up! She is SUCH a backstabber, and frankly, she just doesn’t seem that smart to me. HOW did she get so much power??

        And this isn’t really O/T since she shilled SO heavily for Obama during the Primary.

  • Too little too late. The only dem I will consider voting for in 2010 and 2012 is Hillary Clinton. She may be the last dem I ever vote for. The fraud that took place to nominate Obutthead showed that the dems only cared about winning and didn’t give one thought to americans or the country.

    I have been a registered dem since I was eligible to vote. If they think that I’m going to buy Claire McCaskill as fair and unbiased they have another thing coming.

  • trixta

    This is just great. I wonder how they are going to reform it, exactly? Abolish it completely so Precious can forever on out be the Democratic Nominee?? Having these folks on this committee is a whole lot like having the foxes guard the chicken coop.

    Yes, I believe as you that this an attempt at historical revisionism and a ploy to keep REAL reform from the primary process. It is also a cynical ploy intended to convey a “new and improved” message to disaffected Dems who did not vote for BO. If this latter scenario is the case, they are sorely mistaken. There is no way that I will ever trust such Dems and vote Democratic next time around. I think the numbers of Dems who dropped out of the Party and the loss of BO’s popularity is an area of concern for them. So if they are trying to win us back for the upcoming Congressional and GE elections they will be very surprised indeed!

  • I’mFedUp


    The first 100 days of President Obama’s activities

    Obama’s Ninth Week in Office

    Latest Additions to “The List”

    “The List” for 3/24/2009

    At press conference, Obama retreats on three of four stated yearly goals on yearly agenda

    Gitmo Detainees Coming to Virginia, Local Dems Freak

    VIDEO: Obama on cap and trade “I’ll Sign It”

    Obama said that he would push for revenue assumptions of new oil and gas industry taxes, as well as $646 billion generated from an aggressive national carbon cap to curb climate change

    Obama is set to unveil new task force to issue recommendations on how government can find additional sources of tax revenue to narrow the ‘tax gap’

    U.S. dollar falls against euro after U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said he was “quite open” to China’s suggestion of moving toward SDR-linked currency system.

    When on board of Chicago-based charity, Obama helped fund carbon trading exchange that he is now trying to push through Congress

    During Obama’s second news conference, he took no questions from the NY Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal or USA Today.

    Obama defends a budget idea to reduce tax deduction that families can take when they make charitable donations. Says plan is “the right thing to do.”

    Obama State Department turns down offer by El Salvador to renew successful joint drug interdiction program

    65,000 sign online petition protesting Obama’s scheduled commencement address at Notre Dame, citing president’s views that “directly contradict” Roman Catholic teachings.

    House Democratic leaders decide against fast-track budget rules to ram through Obama’s environmental initiative “cap and trade”

    Obama orders end of the Global War on Terror phrase at the Pentagon. Speechwriters and other staff were notified via e-mail to use “Overseas Contingency Operation” instead.

    Obama hopes to assemble a proposal to resolve a trucking dispute with Mexico before he visits the country in mid-April

    Obama’s 3.55-trillion-dollar budget plan will leave the United States with a worse budget deficit than Cuba, Republican Mitch McConnell told reporters.

    ACORN Behind ‘Protests’ At AIG Homes

    The EPA put hundreds of mountaintop coal-mining permits on hold to evaluate projects’ impact on streams and wetlands.

    Treasury Secr. (Obama) Timothy Geithner’s request for government authority over failing non-bank financial firms unprecedented power grab, says House Minority Leader Boehner

    Obama says he hopes “it doesn’t take too long” to convince Congress to approve new authority to oversee financial firms

    Obama, after months of criticizing Wall Street, has been scrambling to woo top bankers and financiers to back its latest bailout plan.

    Lebanese Armed Forces receive shipment of American military vehicles as part of aid package agreed upon between the two countries following visit to Washington

    Obama Justice Department tells San Francisco police not to comment after top officers sign letter accusing Ayers and wife, Dohrn, of being behind 1970 bombing of police station

  • outis

    I never would have thunk it, but not only do we have Obama to thank for selling out this country and our democratic process completely, but in four years he’ll be responsible for three very frightening words: President Jeb Bush.

    • I’m optimistic: President Sarah Palin! 🙂

    • I don’t agree with that! I think the name Bush will be poison for many years to come.

  • imustprotest

    Henhouse meet Fox.

  • I’mFedUp

    Here’s what the President of the EU thinks of Obama’s “Economic Road To Hell” for the US. Nice.

    • Ellen

      One leader spouts his opinion and this is the EU??? Slight exaggeration wouldn’t you say?

  • I’m a Linda too

    Great post.

    Obama administration is really trying to put that whole Communism thing to test, huh?

    • Thanks, Linda, and yes, it would certainly seem so…

      Like many others, I was a registered Dem for 32 yrs, and have really been a Dem my entire life. But the party clearly seems to have lost sight of what the meaning of the word DEMOCRATIC. When votes don’t count, and are completely ignored to prop up the one chosen by the “Elite,” well, it’s take for them to change their name…

  • beachnan

    I have been a registered Democrat for 36 years. I am still registered as one, since I was hoping the Dems would see the light and reform. Oh well, scratch that hope. I will never vote straight party ticket, but I will make my selections based on who I believe is the superior candidate. Obama won because of George Bush. It took people a while to see that Bush was not up to the task. I believe it will not take them as long to see that Obama is not up to the task. People’s patience is running a bit thin these days. Obama cannot change who he is, and he is not a leader and he doesn’t have the experience necessary to be POTUS. Obama, the President, who is running the office as Obama the candidate, is getting old rather quickly. He never had many of our votes,(since Hillary actually had more votes), and the young people who voted for him, are not the most loyal people in the world, and many of the Republicans stayed at home last election. I do believe that events will be such that there is no way Obama will be the Dem candidate 4 years from now. I pray this isn’t just wishful thinking.

  • MrMike

    The Dems will get my vote when the caucuses are eliminated and maybe not even then.

    • JozefAL

      Bear in mind, MrMike, that the GOP ALSO holds caucuses.
      In 2008, before Super Tuesday, of the 10 states making delegate selections, 5 were caucuses (though Louisiana’s was to select district delegates) and 1 was a “convention” (essentially the same as a caucus). Of the 21 Super Tuesday states, 6 were caucuses (Montana’s caucus was special–only party leaders and other pre-credentialed persons were allowed to vote). Following Super Tuesday, 7 states and territories held caucuses.
      Additionally, some states held both caucuses and primaries with different levels of importance. Montana’s caucus, for instance, selected the delegates to the Convention while a later primary was a purely non-binding matter (held several months after the caucus winner–Mitt Romney–had dropped out of the race). Louisiana’s caucus and primary delegate selection process was almost byzantine in its formula (the district-level delegates were chosen at the caucus while at-large delegates were chosen through the primary, but a state convention would be held if nobody won a majority of the primary vote) and Washington selected some of its delegates from the caucus and some from the primary (with some party officers being automatic delegates–“superdelegates”, if you will).
      The major difference, though, between the Democratic nomination process and the GOP process is the GOP’s willingness to go “winner-take-all” or very close to it. McCain, for instance, won less than 43% of the primary vote in California but wound up with 116 of the State’s 119 delegates. In New York, he won just under 50% of the vote but got the State’s total 101 delegates, and in Florida (even with the GOP’s stripping the State of half its delegates), McCain won all 57 delegates at-stake despite winning only 36% of the primary vote.

  • sandi78

    If they continue to have caucuses in any shape or form, forget it. Well, forget it anyway, they have no intention of “reforming” anything, just fixing it so that Obama will win (this time). They disgust me.

  • I’mFedUp

    Great post RRRAmy…But I have to say…they can claim party reform, whatever, but after what these freaks did in the caucuses, after handing us El Fraudamundo, etc. I will never vote for another Dem again. Never. I am licking my chops for 2010 to get rid of these people. They are a disgrace, and certainly are NOT the “party of the people.” If they truly start over – no Clyburn, none of them, then I will reconsider.

    • tek

      This is no doubt some scam to have another fraudulent election in 2012.