Below the fold, there’s wild and crazy Barack-on-Babwa / Babwa-on-Barack / Elizabeth-on-Barack / Whoopie-on-Babwa stuff.

But first, let’s hear some serious analysis of the guileful statements by Barack Obama on ABC’s The View yesterday, and Obama’s nagging Rev. Wright problem aggravated by his inability to “tell it like it is.”

Jake Tapper calls out Obama for his campaign’s evasive response to what Obama supposedly meant when he gave this response to Barbara Walters’ question:

"Had the reverend not retired and had he not acknowledged that what he had said had deeply offended people and were inappropriate and mischaracterized what I think is the great character of this country – for all its flaws – then I wouldn’t have felt comfortable staying there at the church,"

Here’s more from Tapper’s story, “Did Obama Say Rev. Wright Acknowledged Offending People?“:

This seemed to imply that Wright had acknowledged that he’d deeply offended people … Right?

Wrong, says the Obama campaign.

"Sen. Obama was clearly saying that were Rev. Wright not retiring, he would need to be assured that the reverend understood why what he had said had deeply offended people and mischaracterized the greatness of this country," says spox Bill Burton.

Okay, except Obama wasn’t "clearly" saying that at all.

Here’s a clear way to say that: ‘Had the reverend not retired I would have confronted him about his remarks. If after that Wright still refused to acknowledge that what he had said [were offensive], inappropriate and mischaracterized what I think is the great character of this country — for all its flaws — then I wouldn’t have felt comfortable staying there at the church.’

For an eloquent man, not his most eloquent moment.

You tell ’em, Jake.


Don’t the hosts of The View sometimes sound just like those temptresses on “hot” line phone call ads that are aired late at night on cable television?

Check out New York magazine’s “Live-Blogging Barack Obama on ‘The View’“:


Barbara: “I shouldn’t say this, but we think you are very sexy-looking.” Ew. No, Barbara, no, you shouldn’t have said that. Whoopi is mortified.


11:26: Obama starts out by saying the reverend is retired, then goes on about his church and how he’s been going for twenty years and didn’t have a research team on Reverend Wright and says that basically the reverend was a victim of his own ignorance and that the church is “a wonderful, welcoming place.… If you went, you would feel right at home.” Whoopi looks skeptical. “You would see people talking about Jesus and mercy and sin and—”
Elizabeth: “And forgiveness!” She is such a teacher’s pet. Whoopi rolls her eyes practically.

11:28: Barbara realizes he hasn’t actually answered her question and tries to pull an answer out of him, but Elizabeth interrupts to gush about how awesome his speech at the Democratic National Convention was and how This Republican was ready to vote for him. “When you talked about One America, it captivated so many, and you transcended party lines,” she says. Blah blah blah blah. Ew, this is embarrassing.
Obama: “It was a pretty good speech.” Laughter! Ha-ha; he’s so charming. Elizabeth finally gets to some point about Reverend Wright and Obama goes into his speech again, which is, by the way, the same speech as he gave in Philadelphia, and the camera pans out, and it’s clear no one cares what he is saying because everyone is staring at his big brown eyes. …


11:40: Okay, she probably doesn’t know she is doing it, but Barbara is looking straight at his crotch.


11:46: So then Barbara asks if Michelle will sit in on cabinet meetings. Obama says no. “She doesn’t have a burning desire to do that,” he explains.
Whoopi: “You know what I have a burning desire to do right now?”
Thankfully, it’s just a commercial break. Swiffers, Kotex, Band-Aids, Ferro Rochers, Clearblue Easy, Caduet for high cholesterol.


Elizabeth has a question she is dying to ask about the economy and, more importantly, her taxes, because apparently she is going broke supporting the other classes. He indicates that his plan on that front will be to make everyone happy. Yay! Applause.
Then it’s time for another set of commercials (the Olive Garden, deli meats). And sad: Obama must go. Wild applause!

Totals :
Swoons: 6 at the home of Daily Intel, 478 in the studio audience
Funny jokes made by Obama: 3
Questions asked: 5
Questions answered: approximately 2 1/2
Wild applause at the littlest thing: 5

SPECIAL THANKS to Patrick Henry for sending me this amusing article. Read it all: “Live-Blogging Barack Obama on ‘The View’.”

Back to the serious question: Does Barack Obama really think he can get away with telling wildly different versions of his relationship with Rev. Wright? The Fox News clips at the top of this story — showing his differing explanations throughout the month of March — illustrate his dissembling perfectly.

And, why — as the pundits often ask — doesn’t Obama simply denounce Rev. Wright’s inflammatory, racist, and hate-filled messages?

Why do you think he doesn’t? (I have my own notions about that, but am curious about yours.)

  • Jack

    And, why — as the pundits often ask — doesn’t Obama simply denounce Rev. Wright’s inflammatory, racist, and hate-filled messages?

    He did denounce them. He just refused to denounce the man. Because he is a Christian. If he had denounced the man, than all his opponents would have said “look, he’s not really a Christian.” Hate the sinner, not the sin.

  • Karen

    So what do you guys think about Hillary’s Bosnia lies? Personally, I think lying repeatedly about your experience in a war zone — some might call that valor theft — is far more damning than attending a church where the pastor gets carried away on occasion.

    • Regency

      Uh, yeah, no. She lied about one time she went into a war zone–which was one more time than Barack has ever convened a meeting on his Subcommittee for European Affairs–but Wright on more than one occasion “got carried away.”

      Seriously, wake up and smell the Swift Boat fuel. No one thinks Bosnia is that big a deal because she copped to it, several times now. He keeps lying, and lying, and lying.

      It ain’t as much the pastor as the lying that’s the problem.

  • Kevin

    Michael Steele???? That’s who’s going to provide “serious analysis of the guileful statements by Barack Obama” and “his inability to “tell it like it is.””

    Too freakin’ funny. Considering Mike’s own past issues w/ guileful statements and inability to tell it like it is – and penchant for also making up incidents. (Take for instance his thoroughly debunked and disproven story about having oreo cookies thrown at him during a speech) – seems to me you could’ve found a better individual to cite.

  • Peachallie

    Obama is a CAMPAIGNER. This year, Democrats are running an image, a smarter, less arrogant one than baby Bush, but still a prolonged campaign commercial. He avoids taking firm stands, smiles & speaks of “HOPE”. Bush claimed “A Charge to Keep” though combat was out of the question for him; Obama claims “change” is needed but doesn’t want to commit to specific changes. He is the third choice for some voters who have seen enough POSES.

  • Five Thirty

    And, why — as the pundits often ask — doesn’t Obama simply denounce Rev. Wright’s inflammatory, racist, and hate-filled messages?

    Why do you think he doesn’t? (I have my own notions about that, but am curious about yours.)

    IMO – Sen Obama’s strategies are Rovian.

  • Five Thirty

    Sen Obama is very sexy and cute. He will be Presidential material some day but not now. Right now he is a million times more intelligent and charming version of Dubya.

    But now we need a mature, practical, experienced, knowlegeable, unflappable, good-humored, kind, person like Senator Clinton, who foreign leaders already know and trust, and who knows about the economy and the financial system, to get us out of the deep hole Republican policies and Republican-Libertarian supply-side fantasies have gotten us into. Senator Clinton’s solutions to today’s problems will be based not upon what *she* wants, but what she knows her fellow Americans want.

  • Bev

    Imagine if an interview with Hillary had started with “We think you’re sexy.” It’s just plain embarrasing, not to mention offensive.

  • hells kitchen

    Well, if he disses Rev. Wright completely, he certainly won’t be able to go back to Trinity UCC, will he?

    But to go back to the basics.

    As a long time church goer, I can say that there is no way that you can be a member of a church for many years and not know the pastor’s fundamental belief system. First of all, if most of his sermons were sweetness and light, then the troubling sermons would have been news to the entire congregation and everyone would have been talking about it. Ergo, everyone at Trinity including the Obamas knew where Rev. Wright stood on a myriad of issues.

    Furthermore, if Obama is not debasing the meaning of “mentor” then it is simply not believable that he could not know of Wright’s thinking from his own relationship with the man.

    This then brings into question his rejection of Wright’s ideas and rhetoric.

  • typical.white.person

    And, why — as the pundits often ask — doesn’t Obama simply denounce Rev. Wright’s inflammatory, racist, and hate-filled messages?

    Why do you think he doesn’t? (I have my own notions about that, but am curious about yours.)

    An alcoholic doesn’t point out another alcoholic’s problem with alcohol, because he then would have to recognize his OWN PROBLEM with alcohol.

    What’s the difference between alcoholism and racism?

    Obama attends a racist church and refuses to pledge allegance to the flag and appears to have deep seated animus towards his ‘white man’s’ country. If he admitted his racist views, he would never be elected. Obama is a fraud.

  • anna shane

    He’s used to having the press give him a pass, and so he isn’t watching what he says and how he says it. fine for now, but later on when they turn on him and/or he has pugs after him, it’ll all come back and then he’ll be, hey, what happened. He should just say that he likes the guy and doesn’t take what he says seriously and that’s that, let the chips fall, it’ll sell or it won’t. The cover up is what makes him look weak.

    • That’s why the neat little summary of clips that Fox News put up, shown in the YouTube at the top of the story, is so important … it shows the various lies he’s told.

  • Obama speak sounds like Bush to me. What did he say? Nothing. His followers just get lost in the gibberish. The guy lies all the time, but his obscuring Bush speak confuses his followers.

  • Betty

    Also he very boldly and cynically used the women of the view. This was a very carefully thought out maneuver. It would be nice if Barbra figured it out and stated on the view that the paster did not apologise. But then the same people wouldn’t be watching and as I said above, you can never catch up with the lie once it is sent on its way.

  • ebonyscrews
  • Betty

    This was a Rovean trick. I know someone did a study of the percent of people who continue to believe a lie no matter how many times it is corrected. How many people still believe Saddam H. had WMDs? Or that Iraq had something to do with 9/11 (my very own niece told me that last fall).

    Obams worded his sentence very carefully for just that reason. So it could be clarified later for anyone who caught it and other people would just take the lie home and make it their own. The story that Wright apologised is out there now, and some will say “whats the big deal, he apologised”.

    • MarkL

      It’s simple cognitive pyschology.
      People believe declarative statements by fiat. That’s how the brain works. Furthermore, if you give a reason for something you’ve done, that is convincing in and of itself, regardless of whether the reason makes sense.

  • After I read this post I had to take a nap. I still feel queasy.

    Barbara Walter’s didn’t really say that, did she? Not that I know much about her, but I assumed that she wouldn’t embarrass her almost 80 year old self (according to Wiki, she was born in 1929).

    It’s not the age thing, really, except that it sounds like she was performing the role of Bimbo. Isn’t that some kind of oxymoron? She isn’t just reinforcing stereotypes, she’s inventing new ones.

    As for as Obama lying–what else is new? The mystery to me is why anyone believes anything he says.

  • Gabriele Droz

    Texas Delegates Shenannigans

    Check this out and pass it along widely:

    • mel

      Amazing to listen to that clip, as Obama always says, you have to do things from the bottom up!

    • TeakWoodKite

      Yikes! Kites! and I was still trying to get over being dumstruck by what ces posted. Holly Crap.


      Comment by ces | 2008-03-29 17:00:05 , A must read.

      • Where is what CES posted?

        • TeakWoodKite

          Comment by ces | 2008-03-29 17:00:05 , A must read.

          SusanUnPC: (Thanks to Chris as well) I am mad as hell,still. I can recall Ces’s posts from prior to the Texas primaries and contrast this with it. errrr I even scraped it for future ref.

          Comment by ces | 2008-03-29 17:00:05
          Sorta OT here, but I’ll add my fresh experience at why Dem’s don’t have a clue.
          I’m in Texas and I just left my county convention early (where they are supposed to seat the precinct delegates, and then vote toward the state delegates).
          I was supposed to be an alternate Clinton delegate for my precinct. The precinct had gone 11 delegates for Obama, and 3 for Clinton.
          After 4 1/2 hours of sitting around waiting to find out if the three regular Clinton delegates had even shown up, I started calling them. (I should have called earlier!) There was no way to check to see if they had showed up and signed in. And you weren’t allowed in the delegate rooms where you precinct was (and those weren’t even labeled at all). The first one had been called by the Obama campaign just this morning and was told that the whole thing had been cancelled. She didn’t bother to show up or call those of us on the alternate list. So now, ‘we’ were down one delegate. The other one I called was here but was in some committee and couldn’t help me find out where our precinct was sitting in the building or how to get elevated to a full delegate.
          I finally just went into one of the rooms where delegates where seated and found the people from my precinct but was told to leave because I was still only an alternate.
          So again, after nearly five hours at this point, I go to get elevated to full delegate. A couple of ladies in full Obama gear told me I needed some form signed by the original delegate saying I would take her place. Without that, I couldn’t do anything.
          And my precinct chair, a big O supporter, was supposed to have been counting the delegates, was also the district chairman or whatever, and he was up on stage talking the whole time. So I wasn’t even allowed in his room to talk to him about having him elevated to delegate.
          But here’s the kicker. After all that sitting around, raging head cold and all, my vote wouldn’t have counted for s. anyway. Why not? Because there’s no split appointments of the county delegates; it’s all or nothing. So for my precinct, those 11 Obama folk’s vote cancel out Clinton’s vote completely.
          I sat and stood around from 10:30am to 3:30pm for absolutely no reason.
          -there were no signs telling you in which room your precinct was sitting.
          -there were no information about how the convention runs.
          -in fact, the people who showed up at 9am (2 1/2 hours early, because delegate sign-in was supposed to start at 10:30am) were asked if they wanted to be on the rules committee that would come up with the rules for the convention being held today! The Democratic party can’t make rules beforehand so people know what the hell we’re doing?!
          -There were only five tables being used for signing in delegate, despite the lines reaching several hundred feet long. They tried to make things by last name, even though each table had the full list. But no effort was made to tell people what was going on. We just had enthusiastic Obama people plastered with buttons and stickers going up to other Obama supporters to try to get them to the front, or get them organized.
          It was a certifiable A1 C.F. with a capital C. It’s as if the Democrats WANT to lose in November.
          I’ll be making sure my affiliation is Independent on Monday.
          And if the National Democratic party do not fully seat MI and FL and do not count their votes, I will not be voting for the senator from Illinois. I’ll wait til the midterms to balance out the Republican presidency.

  • Fleaflicker

    Obama said that Wright acknowledged he had said some things that were inappropriate. But his campaign said that Obama didn’t say that. But there is a video of him saying it. Lying has taken on a whole new meaning.

    • Mel

      Lying has taken on a whole new meaning.

      Thought that happened ovwer the rezko and land deal thing!

      Oh yea, that one is on vacation, soo then thought that happened over the Racism stint in SC before the Obama memo came out!

      Opps, everyone forgave Obama for that one, so then it ACTUALLY was over NAFTA gate, opps, media forgot that one too!

      Ok, so this is the new meaning of it, ok for this week, will wait for the new one next week when Rezko begins singing!

      • Here’s a new one for you, Mel. Please read and report. — Your assignment instructor Susan

        Obama Overstates Kennedys’ Role in Helping His Father.”

        (the problem with this one is that it is hard to distill into a single sentence and, in the scheme of things, not remotely as big as Rezko or Wright, and not nearly as horrible as those people who froze all winter in Rezko’s buildings.)

        — there’s also interesting history in the story about how a brave Kenyan president tried to improve his country. Of course, he was assassinated.

  • Mel

    The key to it all was Hasselbecks question talked about, concerning Imma’s, two points:

    1-Immas was a talk show host, you could flick him off and never listen to him again!

    2-Wright is preaching supposedly the Lord’s words to families and to children, developing and instilling into children’s minds beliefs and conditioning towards their future views!

    On these to simple points there is no if’s and’s or but’s, these connections can lead one down only one path of thought! Obama approved and believes in Wright’s teachings!

    Now combine that with Michelle’s statements about finally believing in her country for the first time in her adult life and that is something that is a belief in the Obama home for her to say that statement!

    Obama is a sly and slick politician to some degree, but when you connect the dots, you tend to get to see the reality of Obama!

  • Pravda and Isvestia have come to HBO.

    Bill Maher got into the agitprop business last night to defuse Obama’s Wright problem.

    He alternated screens of a demonic Muqtada Al-Sadr with Mr. Nice-A-Guy, a fatherly, smiling Jeremiah Wright, you know here is our enemy, here is our friend. The transcript goes like this:

    But, anyway, let me show you a picture of the guy we’re fighting in Iraq. This Muqtada Al-Sadr. Look at that. [photo shown of sinister Sadr] Could you – if this guy wanted to take a picture that suggested the idea of pure evil­[laughter]­could he have found a better picture? So, this is the radical cleric that the Republicans should be afraid of.

    Here is Reverend Wright. [photo of smiling Reverend Wright] Who is Obama’s – nice man. [laughter] Not afraid of this man. Go back to this guy. [Sadr] Afraid! [laughter] The cleric you should be afraid of. [Wright] Not afraid, this man. There you go. [Sadr] Afraid, this man! [laughter] Okay, thank you. I just wanted to make that point.

    • jenn

      Somehow I think the GOP could run a kind of similar ad in certain markets and it would have a good effect. For John McCain.

      Maher treated those 9/11 protesters pretty well when they were in his audience and I recall Bill Clinton going after them when they were heckling him. But Obama sits in his pew quietly, respectfully and listening intently to Wright when he talked about 9/11 (alledgely). Hmmmm….I can do ads for the GOP.

    • TeakWoodKite

      Remarkable wasn’t it? They both have said God Damn America with mal intent. Wait till that one gets turned one 180…on Obama. Uuugly.

      I was interested in what Travis Smiley had to say. He is in a difficult position, in no small part because of Obama.

      • Smiley put himself into an untenable position. His ideal was to reconcile the definition of patriotism by Frederick Douglass with the 70’s hyperbole of Wright’s black Liberation Theology. He made the attempt in a totally unsuited venue, one given more to fart jokes than uninterrupted thoughtful discussion. (Are television and “uninterrupted though full discussion” mutually exclusive?)

        The fact that Obama tossed Wright under the bus with granny did not help much in the construction of his argument.

        BTW, where is Brother Wright now? Not with Brother Hoffa, I hope.

        • TeakWoodKite

          Maybe wondering how many “illegals” are working on his 1.6mil crib.

          • For a man who came to do good he certainly has done well.

    • John

      Maher opened his show by snarking on “the big story of the week”- Hillary’s “Bosnia gaffe.” Yep, that was the “big story” last week, of course.

      Maher said a few months ago that he was supporting Obama because “its time for something completely different.” Setting aside that that is a very stupid reason to support someone for President, I waited for Maher to explain to me why being Black was more Different than being a Woman. He never did, of course.

      And it’s been all Anti-Hillary, all the time, since then. I usually get about ten minutes into his show before I have to turn it off, cursing.

      • The lad has been getting a skosh shrill in the past few weeks, hasn’t he?

        Oh I kid Bill……

        • Mike Howell

          He isn’t funny or clever and he’s ugly. What’s to watch?

  • jenn

    The View is an extremely bad show that makes women look dumb and ignorant. Barbara Walters should be hiding in shame for this product.

    All I can say is Obama’s people must think he is in really bad shape for him to go on that show. I would guess they pretty much think this show is reflective of women in general (which shows in their behavior), but most educated, informed and knowledgeable women don’t tune in.

    What a crapfest.

  • bert

    To answer your question at the end of your post I can think of a few reasons Obama does not just denounce Wright.

    1. It would hurt his political standing in south side Chicago. I read somewhere that every pol has to suck up to Wright if they want to survive politically.

    2. He knows if he does it will show up in Repubican attack ads this fall and used against him for showing poor judgement for 20 years. Proof from his own mouth how green, inexpereinced, gulliable, and lacking in sound judgement he really is.

    3. He really believes in Wright and agrees with his positions.

    Add all of these up and you get reason #4. He will lose the General.

  • Rachel

    I noticed no one ever covered when Barbara asked Obama about the Don Imus/Wright similarity. He hedged, obviously, and didn’t have an answer for that. Seriously, are there no REAL journalists out there that will hound him until he gives a straight answer with no spin??

    My blood pressure goes up just thinking about him.

  • TeakWoodKite

    Once will driving in NYC, I was at a stoplight and what do you know?…there was Whoopi in the crosswalk. Like a tourist I was staring at her…she gave me the same look she had for Obama and flipped me off. I deserved it.

    If it was Obama in the crosswalk I would have flipped him off; and he really deserves it.

    What is telling from even that little clip is his body launguage. He is not good at lying. He could not look up with at the camera with a sraight face.

    David Levinson: You really think you can fly that thing?
    Captain Steven Hiller: You really think you can do all that bullshit you just said?

  • It is amazing that the interview on The View starts with saying the hosts think Obama is sexy. Amazingly disappointing, and amazingly typical reaction to Obama: all show, no substance.

    Questions Surround Obama’s Candidacy:

  • Here’s a fun — and infuriating — diary over at MyDD:

    Obama Communicates, Even Without Words
    by oh puhleeze

    Just stumbled onto this infuriating item in Friday’s NYTimes by Maureen Down pal and fellow Clinton hater Alessandra Stanley.

    It’s about Obama’s The View appearance, and its title “Obama communicates, even without words” raised a red flag immediately. In her first paragraph, Ms. Stanley opines:

    “And if the fluttery response of the show five co-hosts is any harbinger, Mr. Obama will not have any trouble assuaging female voters if Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton drops out of the Democratic race for the White House.”

    NY Times

    There are so many things wrong with this sentence that I had to go take my blood pressure meds. … read all.

    (and i love the diarist’s username)

    • kenoshaMarge


      I watched The View exactly once. So perhaps I’m not being fair to judge it. Maybe they were just having an off day. Maybe somewhere deep inside they aren’t all that vapid.

      But for the most part I find more insightful and intelligent dialogue when I go to the Senior Center. And within our little group, 2 Latina, 1 AA, and 2 pasty white Caucasians we have far more insightful conversations than anything I saw on the view. And that’s with one of us being senile, 1 having the I.Q. of a graham cracker (Poor dear she always was a twit), and the rest of us more concerned most of the time about the price of Metamucil than we are about someone being sexy.

      And when it comes to choosing a President we don’t really worry about sexy. Competent and hard-working is what we want. Get er done Hillary Girl, get er done.

  • bluesky

    Does Obama actually believe that all of us are falling for the bull-crap? He may be able to swindle some of the population, but I’m with Whoopi, and I’m not buying it. There is no way in hell that Obama sat in that church for twenty years, and didn’t know what this man was preaching. My notion is that he believes everything this man is saying about America. We know Michelle Obama believes it. Barack is just a lot better at lying about it. As far as I’m concerned Obama should not be able to step on the White House lawn. Any Presidential candidate who listens to anti-American rantings for twenty years should be banned. I’m going to do everything in my power to keep him from being elected period.

    • Mostest

      My notion is that he believes everything this man is saying about America.

      Me too.

  • MarkL

    Oh come one.. Obama is so special that he has a time machine! That’s how he knew back when he started the campaign that Wright would get in hot water later.

  • mel

    I just posted this elsewhere….lol

    Anyone see Obama on “The View”? Just saw a snip of it and Obama is back at it again, saying if he ever heard Wright say those things and had Wright not been retiring and had Wright not retracted the things he said, Obama said he would have left the church!

    So now a delema again being overlooked! Obama in his Mar 18 speech finally admitted hearing some of Wrights things!

    So which is it, the guy is a pathalogical liar or was his speech by his “Just Words” just that to derail the heat on him again?

    Is this the sort of person the DNC leaders are showing good judgement in backing?

    • mel

      And denouncing Wright as of today will NOT save Obama, as it will show him once again to do all and say all to be elected, which he claims Clinton is the one doing!