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Jeralyn Nails Obama for “Vote-Stealing” [Update]

Update: See the “Obama campaign’s ‘James Baker’ solution,” a MyDD diary by TeresaINPennsylvania.

In her new story at TalkLeft, “Obama Proposes 50/50 Michigan Split: Just Say No,” Jeralyn hammers Obama as well as his latest e-mail to supporters. (Later in her post, she also addresses the writing of Obamabot Jonathan Singer, a rather biased front-page writer at MyDD — unlike MyDD‘s other FP writers Jerome Armstrong and Todd Beeton.)

A few weeks ago I wrote a long post on why Barack Obama’s suggestion that he and Hillary split the Michigan delegates 50/50 was tanatamount to vote-stealing: … [DON'T MISS her excerpts from that March 14th post.]

Jeralyn adds, “Obama is still pushing this unfair solution. My DD has a copy of the e-mail his campaign sent out today”:

“Senator Obama firmly believes that the Michigan delegation should be seated in Denver. A 50/50 split of the delegates is an eminently fair solution, especially since originally Senator Clinton herself said the Michigan primary wouldn’t ‘count for anything.’ It’s now up to the Clinton campaign: they can agree to a fair resolution or they can continue trying to score political points and change the rules. It’s time to move forward. Senator Clinton should accept an equitable solution that allows Michigan to participate fully in the convention,” said Obama campaign manager David Plouffe.

“Hillary’s campaign provided this response, before receiving the Obama e-mail,” Jeralyn continues:

“The issues and voters of Michigan are too important to be dismissed. Close to 600,000 Michiganians cast ballots in January and these votes cannot be ignored. We urge the DNC’s Rules and Bylaws Committee to take all necessary steps to ensure the voices of the people of Michigan are heard and its delegates are seated at the Democratic convention this summer. Already, over 100,000 people have signed our petition calling on the DNC to seat the delegates from Michigan and Florida. We urge Senator Obama to join our efforts to ensure that the votes of the people of Michigan and Florida are counted.”

Read all of Jeralyn’s “Obama Proposes 50/50 Michigan Split: Just Say No.”

And here’s the image she put up to conclude her post:

Jeralyn, you’re great.

  • Tone

    There was no legitimate vote so there are no votes to steal. All the voting is tainted by the process.

    some 15% of Obama voters voted for CLinton
    some 27% of Edwards voters did the same
    some unknown number voted in the GOP primary and now can’t vote (even in a once proposed revote)though they would have voted in the DEM primarary if it counted.
    some 70% of blacks voted uncommited (and we know who they vote for)
    young people voted uncommitted in large numbers

    Looking at the result, the exit polling, and the polling available at the time, 50/50 is quite reasonable in terms of support level.

    “Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds that Hillary Clinton would attract 41% of the Primary Vote while Barack Obama would earn an identical 41%”

    The MI legislature should have had the stones to pass the revote. IT would have been challenged in court becuase the proposal did not return voters to equal status. Indy, GOP and DEMS who chose to vote in the GOP primary because they knew the DEM MI contest did not count cannot revote.

    Also the cost of the election needed to be pickeed up by the state or the party else it was also heading to court.

    While I understand the partisan lines drawn, HIllary would not get more delegates than Obama in MI. But she can make political points with it I suppose on her way to losing the nomination.

  • pm317

    Why have elections, primary or otherwise. Let us have a 50/50 split in all states. How absurd is that? This is similar to his surrogate Daschle saying resolve FL and MI in such a way that it does not change the overall outcome. These people should be ridiculed and vilified for trying to make fools out of us.

  • barh

    What I don’t get is, two states moved up their primary dates with NO penalties whatsoever. The whole thing makes absolutely no sense and I just love all the points that Jeralyn and BTD always makes about this kind of stuff.

  • truthteller2007

    Not only is Jonathan Singer untalented; he is an Obamabot. Why is he granted access to the front page of MyDD? Nothing he writes is original. In fact, he simply regurgitates emails he receives from operatives. Obamabot Jonathan Singer should be removed from the front page of MyDD.

  • Kip Taylor

    Is it possible that Sen. O and his team truly believe that the end they wish is justified by their means of achievement? How sad that neither one can stand behind their campaign records and lord it over the other. Obama is calling the coin after he sees it and Hillary is too busy dodging snipers to notice.

  • Justice MH

    Why not just impose the 50% rule like the GOP rules have. The Democrats have just about the same rules and penalties.

    Take away 50% of delegates in FL and MI. Then give Hillary her majority based on 55% she won, and give Obama 40% uncomm. delegates. In flordia, same formula.

    In my view, Obama doesn’t deserve delegates in MI, he took his name off on purpose, but keep it fair, and give him 50% of the 40% uncommitt vote of delegates.

    Now that’s fair and simple, according to DNC rules that is.

    Obama needs to stop hiding behind selective rules from the DNC.

    • Andy

      But you forget that the Rep. have winner takes all rules so a 50% penalty isn’t as bad as it’d be for Dem. where everything is “proportional”. And in FL the Rep. legislature was also involved so it’s more complicated and the voters don’t deserve to be punished.

    • pm317

      Obama does not want the popular vote in FL recognized. It will wipe out his lead. He is running a cowardly campaign — it is ironic that the AA community worked so hard for voting rights and now here is an AA candidate who is refusing to count votes — may be his Kenyan heritage makes him blind to all the AA trials and tribulations in this country. But he still gets 90% of their support. I don’t think it is in their self-interest to give him that kind of support.

  • http://speaktruth speaktruth

    It’s the same as not counting votes at all.
    Each vote cancels out other side’s vote. No net gain for Hillary who is ahead.

    • pm317

      It is worse. It is giving Obama votes he did not earn.

  • http://speaktruth speaktruth

    Reminds me of the things I’d try with my little sister when we’d play Monopoly.

    Even when she was seven she wasn’t buying it.

  • kenoshaMarge

    Didn’t know that people’s votes were a commodity to be traded around. That would seem to be dishonest, don’t ya think? And if people’s votes are passed around by the DNC without their consent, that would seem to be both dishonest and illegal. What do the precious “roolz” have to say about that? Anything in them thar “roolz” about screwing the voters?

    Obama doesn’t want a re-vote or the votes from FL and MI to count until AFTER he’s been anointed. Then he will graciously allow the voice of the people to be heard. When it doesn’t matter. Guess he doesn’t care if some people, that really are honest Democrats, get pyst.

    Can’t understand, for the life of me, why any Democrat, why any progressive, why any American would be in favor of disenfranchising American voters. But then I have witnessed so-called Democrats willing to excuse any behavior so long as the “One” benefits. And to think that I used to believe that Republicans were the lowest form of human life. My bad.

    • Andy

      That’s what HRC said in the Roland interview: why does the DNC want to behave like Reps… Count the votes; the people’s votes!!

  • ybnormal

    Out of the “FL+MI=50/50″ arguments I’ve heard, I’ve yet to hear one that is legitimately based in any known system of logic.

    Best case scenario is that it’s a wash, which begs the question, how is it an improvement over not counting them at all?

    Worst case scenario is that in relative terms as a percentage, it decreases the shortage of pledged delegates for Obama to a greater degree than for Clinton.

    The only logic I can find is the logical fallacy of the straw-man. Obama wants to say, ’50/50 is even, therefore it’s fair, therefore if you (Clinton) are not for it, then you are unfair.’

    None of this has anything to do with actual votes of actual voters, which was the whole purpose of voting in the first place.

    What a crock. Both Obama and the DNC need to brush up on remedial arithmetic.

    • Barb

      “Worst case scenario is that in relative terms as a percentage, it decreases the shortage of pledged delegates for Obama to a greater degree than for Clinton.”

      Could MI reject the 50/50 proposal and just go with zero delegates?

    • Kathy

      I don’t feel the DNC has the right to tell me my vote doesn’t count. I am not a child, this isn’t kindergarten, and I am not going to be punished for something I had no control over.

      I live in Florida. My husband and I went to vote in the primary that was held in Florida for Florida residents.
      We both voted for Hillary, and I do not want my vote split or thrown out. I want Hillary to have my vote. I am sure the other democrats who voted for Hillary that day want Hillary to have their votes. What could be more simple? Those who voted for Obama should go to Obama. What could be more simple?

      Whose idea was it to monkey around with Florida’s democratic votes. You don’t touch citizens’ votes. A vote in America is sacred. That is all a citizen has that can’t be taken away.

      • Nellie

        Donna Brazile’s bright idea.

  • Fmr Dem not voting Obama ( formerly known as ces)

    .1. There were no Rules that said anyone HAD to pull their names off the ballot in MI.
    a. Obama did that himself.
    b. He spent money in MI telling people to vote for the “Uncommitted” spot.
    c. Talking about Clinton making a prediction that MI wouldn’t count for anything is a far cry saying the votes shouldn’t count. Double standard, anyone?
    Verdict: HC 1 : BO 0

    2. The rules did say that there wasn’t to be campaigning in FL, but…
    a. Obama let ad dollars be spent on ads to be run in markets that included, by default, FL.
    b. Clinton did not spend ads on anything to would run in FL.
    c. She did not step foot on FL soil until polls were close and still kicked his ass.

    Verdict: HC 2 : BO 0

    3. The rules allows for recounts, but other screwed up rules allow for Repugs and Obama partisans to block state funded recounts.
    a. Clinton offers up the money (via private donors) for the recounts.
    b. Obama doesn’t want to follow those rules.
    Verdict: HC 3 : BO 0

    4. If the ‘Rule’s is to be that the SuperDelegates vote with their state, then:
    a. Kerry must vote for Clinton
    b. Richardson must vote for Clinton
    c. Dodd must vote for Clinton (??)
    Verdict: HC 4 : BO 0

    5. Actively asked for the DFAD vote.
    Verdict: HC 5 : BO 0

    6. Caucuses
    Verdict: HC 6 : BO 0
    Now, tell me again who is playing Fair?

    • John

      Excellent post, except you forgot that Obama held a press conference in Florida, against the rules governing campaigning there.

      As for who the Superdelegates should vote for- we haven’t heard much about them “following the popular vote in their states” for quite some time now, have we? Nowadays it’s “who won the most contests, who won the most delegates, who won the most TOTAL popular votes…” and we are NEVER told what would happen if one candidate does not win all three. Clearly, the only rule that matters is “Obama wins.”

  • sister of ye

    I have a proposal for Sen. Obama. I’ll take his wallet. When he wants it back, I’ll say, let’s compromise – I keep half and I’ll give you half. We’ll both be happy. Deal?

    I think it’s safe to guess he wouldn’t agree to that. Then he can keep his hands off our MI votes that weren’t cast for him because he wanted someone else’s (IA and NH) more.

    • simon

      I also hope the perception, and the reality, is of Clinton advocating for the democratic voters in MI and FL, against Obama, Brazile and Dean.

      In this manner, should she win the nomination, the backlash will be far less detrimental in the GE, in fact, it may even boomerang in her favor.

      Everyday this drags on, it hurts Obama more and more in the GE, should he even last until August.

    • Nellie

      Bad Deal for you – Obama doesn’t have cash and his credit cards are always maxed out.

      In other words, Michelle holds the finances because Obama cannot manage it.

  • vee

    A 50-50 split of delegates would represent the DNC voting in MI and FL, not the people of those states.

  • myiq2xu

    Somebody needs to tell Obama that we’re Democrats.

    We believe in democracy.

    If Obama doesn’t agree to seat the FL/MI delegates or to allow revotes, he is going to get beat in November like Dukakis.

    It’s called “legitimacy.”

  • Uppity

    He’s even more afraid of a re-vote. He would do worse. Florida and Michigan know he’s the pipe wrench in that plan. All they had to do was watch those two grinning idiots, his co-chairs on the michigan senate, snickering on TV about how the bill to revote didn’t go up for a vote. One of them even had the arrogance to snear and say, “It’s great to be in the lead”. Barack has a serious problem here. The people of Florida and Michigan will not stop and they will bring him down for this.

    They keep calling for Hillary to quit. It’s a panic move. They know there is plenty to be revealed about this con man. The myth of Barack Obama is about to implode on way or another. I applaud the people of Michigan and Florida for not taking this fascist crap lying down.

  • Andy

    Here is in a nut shell Obama’s formula:

    Vote stealing + disenfranchisement + caucus cheating = Obama’s strategy to win.

  • apolitik

    I think it’s funny that you mention Singer as an Obamabot so freely here. I got trollrated over at mydd for questioning his judgment on this issue yesterday. When you read his posts you can see how they stand in STARK contrast to Jerome’s and Todd’s.

    • truthteller2007

      Singer has been an Obamabot for some time.

    • ybnormal

      “…Singer as an Obamabot so freely here. I got trollrated over at mydd for questioning his judgment…”

      Welcome to blogging circa 2008. Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug.