The Boston Globe is reporting that Elizabeth Edwards prefers Hillary’s health care plan over Obama’s, and that she thinks that there’s no problem if the nominating process goes to the convention. These statements are raising eyebrows with Hillary supporters, particularly since Obama supporter John Kerry said Hillary’s health care plan was a “non-starter” in the senate, and the desire of Pelosi, Dean, Leahy and others to end the nominating process by June, if not earlier.

Interviewed by the television program “Good Morning America”, Mrs. Edwards said:

“You need that universality in order to get the cost savings,” Edwards said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “I just have more confidence in Senator Clinton’s policy than Senator Obama’s on this particular issue.”

But Elizabeth Edwards, an outspoken advocate on healthcare issues, did say she prefers Clinton’s reform plan to reach the estimated 47 million American without healthcare coverage.

Late last month, Senator Kerry spoke about the politics of universal health care:

“Let me just tell you that Hillary Clinton’s plan in the United States Senate is a nonstarter, because it starts with a mandate that is unachievable in the Senate in what we need to do”

Kerry’s statements confirm what Hillary has been saying for months: Obama does not support universal health care.

Hillary’s spokesman, Howard Wolfson responded to Kerry by saying:

“We don’t believe that health care legislation that covers every American is a nonstarter; in fact, we believe it is essential to ensuring that every American gets the health care they need.”

For the last several weeks, Mrs. Edwards has become increasingly vocal in the health care debate:

“Sen. Clinton’s plan is a great plan” that closely resembles John Edwards’ proposal, she said. Clinton’s plan mandates that every American be insured. Elizabeth Edwards said only universal healthcare would resolve one of the problems plaguing the healthcare system — its soaring cost.

Elizabeth Edwards praise of Hillary’s healthcare plan and the fact that Mrs. Edwards “said that she wouldn’t be upset if the nomination battle went all the way to the August national convention and that Clinton and Obama would be a great joint ticket,” has Hillary supporters wondering if an endorsement by John or Elizabeth could happen before the critical May 6 Democratic primary in North Carolina. Regardless of what the Edwards do in Democratic nomination fight, Mrs. Edwards statements demonstrate that Hillary is the true progressive choice for president.


Originally posted at Bud White’s World.

  • Healthcare Assistance

    Interesting points rendered!

  • Alien

    A close relative of similar age /situation to Mrs Edwards has breast cancer & is waiting to have a PET scan after the cat & bone scans to determine if operating is a possibility . This will be her 3rd surgical ntervention -but will be risky. She has been on vert trad chemotherapy plus 2 years of herceptin. If operating is not possible her life may be prolonged by TYKERB.

    My point here is that in our national insurance scheme the herceptin & tykerb -2 extremely expensive drugs are free.

  • fred heidrick

    i saw it on tv and i hope john edwards give hillary his 200 eletoral votes. but not to soon because that tricky obama will find a way to counter them

    that raskel rabbit

  • Karen

    PS The other thing that I forgot – Keith tried to imply that the long nomination process is hurting the
    debate on real issues like health care and she
    said, there would be plenty of time to discuss this after the primaries are over.

  • Karen

    Elizabeth Edwards was just on Olbermann. I saw her
    as I was scrolling through and stopped to listen since I no longer watch him.
    She said that she is not endorsing a candidate but
    will speak out when a candidate shares the views
    she has. Keith tried to push her into endorsing but
    she was pretty emphatic she wasn’t going to but
    she did a great job of advocating Hillary’s position on health care.

  • Carolyn

    This is fantastic news! As I watch CNN with Campbell Brown (ugh) as it engages in it’s usual pro-Obama slant, I would laugh if it wasn’t so disturbing. The media should NOT have so much power to manipulate and twists facts in a way that distorts the truth. It is as if we are in the Soviet Union again with it’s propoganda media controlling the truth or lack thereof. I hope and pray that John Edwards will come out and endorse Hillary Clinton so that at least one important democrat has some common sense and is immune from the Obama hypnosis.

  • llilytoo

    This is really like an Edwards endorsement….or pretty damn close! If you give a hang about Heath Care , you have to go with Hill. When I heard Kerry say it was a non starter, I needed a doctor! I was about to throw up! JESUS these lay down elite Dems….oh it’s a non starter? So let’s not even try

    • PMS

      When I heard Kerry say it was a non starter, I needed a doctor!

      He would know, wouldn’t he. The Repubs go “BOO!” and he pulls into his shell.

  • alibe

    The more they attack Hillary, the more I ask why. Why does the MSM hate Hillary? Since when has the MSM favored anybody decent? Hence, if the MSM loves Obama, he is a not a decent candidate. And if they hate Hillary, she must be great. Not that that is the only criteria, but the media attacking her so visciously does give her big time “cred” in my mind.

    • Uppity

      Why does the MSM hate Hillary?

      Mostly, the males, especially the gross ones like Matthews and Cafferty, think their pee pees will fall of if a woman becomes president. As for the women, I could do hours on the self-loathing thing. There’s an old Chesler book called Woman’s Inhumanity to Woman that kind of fills the bill.

      • TeakwoodKite

        Fear and Loathing in Male Ego Land?

        Yes MS. President…Has a great ring.

      • wry

        Uppity, is that Phyllis Chesler? I worked with her on a campaign 19 years ago here in NY. She’s a good role model for feminist women. She doesn’t knife other women in the back. I was in awe of her because she was so accomplished.

    • llilytoo

      Another reason the MSM and thier corp. paymasters hate Hill now more than ever, is a Hillary Clinton presidency will turn back the tide of privatization that has been eating away at good government for 8 years. She will get government to work and will there for raise people’s expectations about what thier government can do for them.

      This will take billions from the corps and keep democracy funtioning & they don’t want that.

  • Catriley

    I so admire Elizabeth and John. I’m so sorry that the political world and the MSM makes it impossible for the best candidates to succeed. By all rights it should be Edwards and Clinton right now in the race. I’m thrilled that Elizabeth is ignorning the politics and just stating her opinion on the health care plans.

    You have to admire John Edwards for not jumping on the “pick me for VP” bandwagon that is happening over at Obama’s campaign… as they line up behind him, and not one even questioning the idea of a president with scant credentials and a VP of impressive experience. I mean.. didn’t we just suffer through 7 years of that???

  • Lyn

    I first got behind Senator Clinton because of UHC.My 19yo son was born with Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) and has had 7 heart surgeries so far. We are blessed to have good jobs with good insurnace, but even then sometimes have been rough. The scarey part for me is when he is 23 he can’t be on our plan and like many adults with CHD getting insurance with pre-existing conditions is next to impossible unless thru work, either they get refused or the price is so high … My DS had a cardiac MRI this spring the hospital wrote our insurance number wrong(we got it fixed) so he got the bill the MRI, just the MRI not to read it was 14,000 who has THAT kind of money laying around? AFTER I picked her for UHC the more I looked at her the more I liked, In the beginning I would have been happy with BO, but when I looked into him, wright,rezko auchi, ayers there is NO way I could ever support him.
    Thank God Elizabeth is speaking about.

  • blobert

    God bless this wonderful woman.
    Healthcare is one main reason why I am fighting for Clinton.
    My kid has been chain smoking for almost 20 years and
    cannot afford health insurance.

    Obama Trolls are going to be saturating her with emails.

    • Uppity

      Yeah they are kind that way. Email the bitch with incurable cancer and give her a piece of their minds!

  • jwrjr

    I preferred Edwards. Clinton is an acceptable substitute. Obama is not an acceptable substitute.

    • Uppity

      Thanks for that jw. I was just thinking if it were Clinton vs. Edwards instead of Clinton vs. Obama I wouldn’t be so hopping mad. Obama is the bottom of the lot far as I’m concerned. He hasn’t let me down with my expectations either. He is exactly the Deceiver I thought he would be after I heard him at his first Jim Jones rally.

      For one thing, Edwards isn’t a slime ball like Obama is. It would have been a fair fight and no bullshit. I would have followed Edwards if he won the primary. For another, that Miserable Michelle can’t hold a candle to Elizabeth, not only in brains, but in attitude. I just want to smack her face every time she opens her mouth.

      • jwrjr

        As I am from NC, I am somewhat biased. I have always thought that the media hatred of both Clintons was, to put it very diplomatically, unjustified. Even when the Democrats had the full slate of candidates, Obama was my last choice. Not because he is 1/2 AA (that is only relevant because he made it so), but because he is unqualified for the position. (The SCOTUS elected somebody equally qualified 8 years ago. See where it got us?) And Obama (with his supporters) has done something I would have thought impossible. He/they have taken ‘unqualified’ and made the situation worse.

  • kenoshaMarge

    If Elizabeth wasn’t so sick I would have thought her a better candidate than John. Just as I believe that Hillary will be a better President than Bill.

    I do hope that the Edwards don’t endorse anyone. This endorsement of Clinton’s Health Care program helps Clinton without the Edwards actually having to support anyone completely. A few crumbs for both candidates. Smart woman, Elizabeth. And smart man John, for marrying her.

    • Marjorie

      kenoshamarge-I would have voted for Elizabeth before John, but I am happiest with Hillary.

      • kenoshaMarge


        I was a John Edwards supporter who came rather tepidly to favor Hillary Clinton.

        As the attacks got nastier and the lies more egregious I began taking a closer look at her. The more I looked the better I liked her. And the more she stood up to attacks coming from the Right, Most of Left Blogostan, Democratic Leadership and Democrats who had promised to support her and then didn’t the more I liked her.

        Now I think she’s the best of all the candidates and that includes John Edwards. She’s incredibly strong. She’s smart. She’s gonna make one hell of a president if she gets the chance.

        And this is all thanks to the pinheads that attacked her. Because I doubt I would have taken as close a look as I did if the unfairness and the misogynistic attacks hadn’t pysted me off & got those old feminist juices flowing.

        I wonder how many other women they have not only driven to support her, but have driven to support her with real passion. Damn short sighted of them, but then the whole bunch hasn’t 1/2 her brains or class on her worst day.

  • Uppity

    Bless that woman’s heart.

    I could have lived with Edwards. Obama is no Edwards.

    • JoeySky

      I think if Edwards took up the poverty czar and did well, it would increase his profile and record and he might be on his path to 45th president.

  • JoeySky

    I always love the Edwards. They are the kind of people that won’t be hesitate to say “don’t give me crap”.