So who is Bill Ayers, you ask? Nobody in particular if you are an Obama Fan. I mean Obama Rocks!!!! Yes We Can!! I mean all Ayers was is just the leader of the terrorist group the Weather Underground in the ’70s. Ohhhhhhhhhh pooh pooh, Obama fans say! That’s a longggggg time ago!!! Barack was 8 years old! Ayers is a nice guy now! He hasn’t blown anything up lately or anything! Stop bothering our Messiah! All Ayers did was bomb a few buildings, right? Let’s give him another chance! I mean so what if he helped Barack with his campaigns. Lay off the guy!


I won’t lay off the guy. Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn (now married to Ayers) were two of the most infamous domestic terrorists ever to be allowed to continue to walk the earth in America, thanks to a screw up in the surveillance. But that didn’t stop Ayers from bragging on what he did.

“i don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough”
–Bill Ayers, September 11, 2001
No regrets for a love of explosives

Let’s talk about the little ole silly things Ayers and Dohrn did:

Weatherman, AKA Weather Underground Organization, was a violent U.S Radical Left group. They called themselves a revolutionary organization whose purpose was to carry out a series of attacks to overthrow of the Government of the United States.

The Weather Underground believed that militancy was far better than nonviolent protests. Their goal was to thwart the US Government using guerrilla warfare to achieve a revolution. They wrote a “Declaration of a State of War” against the United States government.

So what exactly DID Obama’s friend, campaign ally and Woods Foundation Colleague and his wife do?

For starters, the Weather Underground claimed credit for a bombing in Chicago, which they referred to as a “kickoff” of what they called their “Days Of Rage”. Their book. entitled, “Prairie Free”, strongly called for a unified Communist Party.

The Weather Underground blew up several Chicago Police cars at that time as well.

Next, these slime balls held a “war council” to firm up plans to remain underground and commit acts of sabotage against the US Government. They bombed several police cars in Berkley. Then they detonated a bomb at the San Francisco Police Department, during which one officer was killed and several others were injured. When 36 sticks of dynamite were discovered at a police precinct in Detroit, Bill Ayers just happened to be in town.

Later, several of the Underground’s own members died when they accidentally blew up their own bomb factory in New York. No loss. The bomb was intended to be used at an officer’s dance at Fort Dix. The bomb they were going to use was packed with nails for maximum damage. Fortunately those nails ended up stuck in their own miserable dead asses instead. Then another bomb factory was discovered in Chicago’s North side. Their weapons cache was also discovered in an apartment in Chicago’s South side. Then they blew up the National Guard building in DC.

Nice people huh? Would you go to their house?

While they continued to hide from indictments, Bernardine Dohrn issued a “Declaration of A State Of War”.

They claimed credit for the explosion of the San Francisco Hall of Justice, which never occurred. Later, an undetonated explosive device was discovered on the premises. Then the NY City Police headquarters was bombed. Then they bombed the Presidio Army Base in San Francisco in honor of the anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

Think I am done talking about the Underground yet? Nope.

They then helped Timothy Leary escape from prison, and bombed the Marin County courthouse. After that they bombed the Queens Traffic Court building. They bombed the Harvard Center For International Affairs. A few of them fled to Cuba, where I hope to God they still reside if they aren’t dead.

Next, they bombed the US Capital. Another of their bomb factories was discovered in San Francisco. Then they bombed the office of California Prisons, The New York Department of Corrections in Albany, NY, and William Bundy’s office at MIT Research Center.

Nope. I’m not done yet. This stuff was all in a day’s work for Bernardine and Bill.

They bombed the Pentagon.

They bombed the 103 Police Precinct in New York.

Then they bombed the ITT buildings in both New York and Rome, Italy.

They bombed the Department of Health, Education and Welfare.

They bombed the Office of California of Attorney General.

They bombed Gulf’s Pittsburgh headquarters.

Then they bombed the Anaconda headquarters.

They bombed the State Department.

They bombed the Banco De Ponce in Puerto Rico as well as the Kennekot Corporation.

They also committed the Brinks Robbery in conjunction with the Black Liberation Army.

So, let me ask you: If you had any judgment at all, and if you billed yourself as a “Uniter,” would you go to Bill Ayers’ home and be on the Woods Fund with him for years? Would you take a political contribution from him and let him introduce you around? Would you mind if your sister brought Bill Ayers home to meet the family?

Think about it. I’ll wait.

While you are waiting, here’s a little video to introduce you to the fear and misery these bastards generated with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn at the helm. Then tell me that this is just another “boneheaded” affiliation that Obama made for himself–or that he just “didn’t know”. Or that because it is 40 years later, and on 911 of all days, Ayers said “I feel we didn’t do enough” that you would want to be caught standing next to him. Perhaps, since Ayers and Dohrn “didn’t do enough,” these two crazies would like to make up for lost time.

Hyper Educated Uppity Woman

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  • repsac3

    Larry, my respect for you is gone…

    If I wanted to engage in this kinda character assassination & guilt by association, I’d be a ROVEr Republican.

  • Ron from S.F.

    I am confused and befuddled. I thought the Vietnam War ended decades ago (they won). For young people, we might as well be talking about the Peloponnesian War and why Athenians don’t like Spartans. I think ChrisXP is wrong. A terrorist can rehabilitate himself. Abbie Hoffman did it. Tom Hayden got elected to Congress. I am a Vietnam veteran and didn’t end up a baby-killer. We had a draft and 50,000 dead – more than twelve times what we have had in Iraq. When you can be pulled out of school, given a rifle and sent to ‘Nam, it tended to radicalize people. Not all of us got as many deferments as Dick Cheney. Or a safe job with the Texas Air National Guard. With the publication of the Pentagon Papers, we knew we couldn’t believe the government. But very few radicals continued such activities once the war was over. We all returned to our middle class lives.

    • lifelong dem leaving party

      hayden et al didn’t say in 2001 that they regretted not setting more bombs.

    • Ayers did not rehabilitate himself. He has publicly said he wouldn’t rule out more. He shows not only no remorse, but thinks he should have done more.

      Yes, it was decades ago but that doesn’t change who he is and what he did. How many of use would want to know him if we knew what he did? Would you bring him home to the family? Would any of us want our sisters or brothers to hang out with him?

  • ChrisXP

    Obama fans say! That’s a longggggg time ago!!! Barack was 8 years old! Ayers is a nice guy now! He hasn’t blown anything up lately or anything!

    Once a terrorist, always a terrorist.

    The mindset that rationalized killing anyone (because bombs in PUBLIC PLACES will harm anything in it’s path), is one of absolute extremism — “My way, or the highway.”

    Like with pedophilia, once it’s “hardwired” there’s no treatment to cure the disease.

    Terrorists are but angry tykes who, instead of picking up their marbles to take home, they wish to destroy them along with anyone else on the playground.

    It becomes a life long ideology. If they remain in public, they implant a new generation with seeds of their hate — takes no rocket science to deduct the real reason Ayers is a professor, after all. He must have disciples.

    The rising disciple of Ayers, is Obama.

    But in the same discussion about the Weather Underground, pardoning convicted felons of their crimes to kill Americans on their own soil as some political “solution”, is an insult to not only those who could’ve died, to the oath of office a president takes — to defend the Constitution from it’s enemies.

    This issue highlights what America dislikes with a passion about the Far-Left, and the excusing mentality that still exists in the Democrat party (and never coming to terms of it’s most radical and ugly past, that 40+ year-old generation remembers). If America is constantly reminded that the Democrat party is full of home grown terrorists (past and present), you can guarantee the brass ring of the presidency will be as relusive as meeting God Himself.

    This isn’t a chess game. When Democrats trade talking points to condemn one Weather Underground terrorist, but excusing the pardoning of two Weather Underground terrorists via Bill Clinton, they explain in detail the schizophrenic nature of the double-speak that Americans dislike with a passion — let alone telling the public how a excuses the Law of the land for political trinkets.

    We all live under one law of the land. Political parties that use terrorism as an excuse to change the Law, have zero business being a part of the government they hate so much to kill the very voters they are suppose to represent.

    Now instead of blaming Bush or 1001 stupid BS tactics of brain dead partisans, think of how to repair the damage, as once the GOP hammers this home, you can kiss the 2008 election goodbye. Get used to 2000 and 2004 all over again.

    Pick your poison. If you drink the wrong one, it’s no one else’s fault but the suicidal leadership that decided KOOK-Aide was more important to drink, than tap water.

  • Shibam8p