Last night, following Obama’s disastrous performance in the Philadelphia debate, I flipped over to MSNBC (only for a second), and saw an undeniably pleased look on Howard Wolfson’s face — like a cat who’d just swallowed a canary (peep, peep, screech, gulp). I knew then that Wolfson would be firing up his team for an early morning conference call. Sure enough, he did. And the full audio of the 10:00 a.m. EST call is below the fold.

First, you have to see the hysterical reaction of in-the-KoolAid-tank-for-Obama David Corn, a “journalist” (except-for-his-Obama-mania) for The Nation. It’s Corn’s original, histrionic variation of “Leave Barack Obama Alone!“:

[L]efty journalist David Corn, sounding somewhat agitated, told Wolfson and Singer, “I don’t understand why you’re making this an issue” and brought up the cases of two Weather Underground criminals who were pardoned by Bill Clinton. “Did Sen. Clinton think that was the wrong thing to do when he pardoned these two terrorists?” Corn asked.

“I am not aware, perhaps you are, of Linda Evans or Susan Rosenberg — of either of them hosting a political event for Sen. Clinton at their homes,” Wolfson answered.

That’s not what I asked!” Corn interrupted.

“I appreciate your passionately-held feelings on this race and on this issue,” Wolfson continued. [Ah yes, the ironic understatement. Good one, Howard.] “But when you get to ask a question, I get to answer it.” … continued below

“Fair enough,” Corn said.

“The difference here is that Bill Ayers hosted an event for Sen. Obama when he was running for state senate…This is not somebody that Sen. Obama would just run into on the street. This is somebody who hosted an event for him at his home in a political context. We’re not talking about whether Sen. Obama ran into somebody at an ice cream store in Hyde Park…”

“Bill Ayers is unrepentant of what he did. He is unrepentant about what he did in the 60s and early 70s. That is a difference, of course, with Linda Evans and Susan Rosenberg…If Sen. Obama is not able to answer the questions last night…I think it is absolutely reasonable to ask him for a fuller accounting of why Bill Ayers hosted him at his home for a political event.”

Now, here is the full audio of this morning’s call. It’s always fascinating — if that’s the right word — to listen in on the media’s questions:


P.S. Corn incorrectly said that President Clinton “pardoned” two WU terrorists. 1) President Clinton “commuted” their sentence; he did not pardon either, and 2) Hillary Clinton, as First Lady, had no part in the pardoning process about which we are aware. I believe the process for commutations and pardons begins in the Department of Justice, in an office that sifts through an enormous volume of requests, winnows down that list, and then presents, to each president, a short list of those believed to merit consideration. Those DOJ lists are then reviewed by each president’s aides before the president sees a list. (At least that is my understanding of the process.)

P.P.S. David Corn did remarkable reporting on Valerie Plame Wilson and on the trial of Scooter Libby, and I will always respect him for that work. It’s just that today — and on television recently when I’ve seen him as a commentator — that he seems a bit overwrought about Barack Obama’s candidacy. And I wonder why he is acting that way.

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  • Great and well said. He should tell this to Bill Maher and get it rolling. jmho

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  • There is a history of white leftists trying to co-opt ‘black power.’ Novelist Richard Wright wrote about it in ‘The God That Failed.’ It’s one of those “complexities of race” that “we’ve never really worked through” (from Obama’s race speech). Today, we see Obama’s white left-wing supporters, like Chris Bowers, ‘crying race’ on fellow whites right and left — consistent with that history.

    Given the history of manipulation between white radicals and ‘black power’, many Americans will have questions — just questions — which Obama should just answer. But I guess Obama wasn’t serious about ‘working through’ all those ‘complexities of race.’

  • The conference call tape doesn’t seem to be working. Is it my computer – or could it be those Obama hackers again?

    It probably looks bad for the “objective and unbiased” press to be so in the tank for

    I am so sick of the Obama people – and frightened. What would it be like for all us independent thinkers under an Obama presidency?

  • bamboozled

    It’s confirmed. The Republicans are 100% certain after his debate performance – he’s the guy they want to run against.
    Never mind what the working class wants…

  • bamboozled

    It’s confirmed. The Republican are 100% certain after his debate performance – he’s the guy they want to run against.
    Never mind what the working class wants…

  • Ugo

    Again, they claimed, that Sen. Clinton is doing everything win. Is that a crime, no. Sh in it to win, it is not a game. By the way is Obama not doing the same, if not, why is he spending all that money for?.

    I believe in Sen. Hillary Clinton, she is simply the best

  • Ugo

    Thank you for taking the time to give such an indept information about what out there. I came to the point the I believe that the media, most of them any way do not have the gut to ask Sen. Obama a hard question.

    They the media are critcising the debate moderator for the good job they did, I also believe that they the journalist should learn something from both of them.

    Sen. Clinton have all the information on her website, is ether the journalists are too lazy to read the information, or they have already made up their mind what they want to write about.

    Why does everybody blame Obama’s problem on Sen. Clinton?

    Thank for your love for Sen. Clinton.

  • typical.white.person

    Barack demands such politeness during the debates, he reminds me of Chip ‘n Dale, the cartoon chipmunks that were soooo polite to each other, they wouls always say:

    “after you…” “no, I insist, after you!”

  • jwrjr

    When it comes to alienating voters, BHO is his own worst enemy. (We here are not even close to second.) Leave the poor, sweet, innocent anointed one alone? Hell no. The country and maybe the Dem party can still be saved from him.

  • Cath

    Obama’s gesture bothers me — whether conscious or not, I think the gesture and his accompanying sarcastic comment say quite a bit about this candidate. I’m surprised he didn’t finish off with a smirk. He’s not as wonderful as he believes he is (but I’ll still hold my nose and vote for him over McCain if he’s the nominee).

    But the crowd’s hooting and hollering reaction bothered me even more. No class whatsoever.

    I used to think more of Barack Obama, but that has changed.

  • We certainly need to make sure that video of Barack giving the finger becomes as viral as possible. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was intentional and he knew he was playing to his crowd to boot. Only true Obamabots could see it any other way. There’s also another video somewhere where it shows it even more clearly that it was intentional.

  • Janicen

    Thanks for putting up the conference call. That was extremely interesting.

  • ghost2
  • katmandu

    The shouts of “unfair” from the Obama camp about questions like the Ayers one seem silly. Dan Balz at the Washington Post said this is the type of questioning Barack can expect from now in:

    Lynn Sweet at the Chicago Sun-Times said much the same thing:

    Of course I don’t know why those two papers have been so soft on Obama.

  • Mel

    The one thing that tends to be over looked from last nights campaign debate by everyone, Obama stated clearly months ago that I have better judgement on Day One

    Judement for lack of a better word is defined by actions, that is why Judges preside over courts of law, contests and and associations. To have supeiour Judgement is a defining of a persons character!

    The people asking us to judge who is the best person to be POTUS requires them to prove to we the people their claims as to why they should be POTUS! Obama chose Superior Judgement as his strength to lead America!

    Last night there was two parts to the debate, the person and the platforms, unfortunately, many people were taken aback at the revelations of Obama which is a direct link to his Judgement upon which he claims to have superior abilities! Obama also stumps upon Transparency of cadidates and yet when asked about his relationships and his words and his beliefs, he is less than forthcoming! A person who circles around an answer instead of directly answering them shows a need of hiding something and that is what was left with in Obama’s answers last night!

    We deserve to know Obama’s stances on guns, bitter people and home grown anti-American values. This defines a POTUS’s actions in the White House!

    The POTUS defines policy and unless a candidate for POTUS is defined as a person, how can anyone justly make a judgement upon the person asking the people to allow him/her to set policies which will impact everyones daily lives?

  • ginaswo

    did you see Barry give the ole finger to Hill today

    watch how he carefully does it until the crowd gets it

    well between this and brushing off his shoulder I sure am feeling the love hope and unity, I’m sure all we Hill supporters will just run to Barry with open arms for a GE..
    are they serious?!?

    • ghost2


    • LikeH2O

      There is no mistaking that gesture. Creep. Liar.
      Sexist. Baby.

  • alibe

    Obama is just a big baby. He claims he has international experience because he lived abroad. However, he lived in Indonesia with his Mother and step-father, an oil executive when he was 5 to 10 years old. He had a tough time over there. He never was able to get the language. He whined and cried to go back home and live with his grandparents. Then when he was living in Hawaii, he whined because his mother was not there with him. I still think he is a cry baby and can’t take the heat. He thinks he should just be annointed. He is so arrogant and defensive. An empty suit pretending he has great oratorical skills and everyone should not question him about anything because he is “The One”. Too much like Bush being chosen by God.

    • ChrisXP

      An empty suit pretending he has great oratorical skills

      His oratorical skills are nothing more than imitating the syntax and delivery of a preacher. All Obama is when he speaks is some preacher before a congregation.

      I find it really ironic, since Atheists h-a-t-e religious indoctrination (let alone mixing church and State), but they’re eating it up like fast food and asking for more french fries.

      Obama’s a fake. He’s not even a Manchurian candidate, he’s some fantasy in his own mind, and trying to project it on anyone stupid enough to be engrossed by his MLK, Jr’s imitation.

      • ginamc

        So well said. Someone should tell this to Bill Maher.

  • Talktruth

    We can haz more debates :-J?

  • Salo

    Corn helped get Gray Davis recalled btw.

    He along with Arianna, Bill Bradley and some other fauxgressives got us Arnold for Governor.

  • raymo

    Twisted Panties Memo! LOL

  • PMS

    That’s from TPM (Twisted Panties Memo)?

    Thanks, TPWKJM!

    • Weird, huh. Usually, Mark Halperin or Politico has those audios posted but I couldn’t find today’s audio at either of those sites. So I searched Google Web, and stumbled upon the TPM audio. Go figure.