PhotobucketI cannot believe that the official campaign for Barack Obama put this video on YouTube to show off the candidate. 1) His language and behavior on this video are juvenile, and 2) He flips off Hillary Clinton in the video.

I cannot recall hearing such whining in my life from the mouth of a major candidate. This man is incapable of withstanding criticism or handling difficult questions. He is not only defensive and inept in his excuses, but he is also petulant — and then he delivers “below the belt” attacks on Hillary Clinton, while condemning such tactics. Which is it, Barack? Are you for or against attack tactics? Or does it only work one way? And is that because YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH, mister (to quote Jack Nicholson, a Hillary Clinton supporter).

See, this is the problem I’ve always had with Barack Obama compared to Hillary Clinton or John Edwards. Obama is not a “buck stops here” kind of leader (whereas Clinton and Edwards clearly are). Obama can’t take the heat, and he can’t take the jabs. He wimps out and then he whines. It was plain, last night in the Philadelphia debate, that he can’t take the pressure of bruising questions. And it’s even worse in his rally speech here today, where he tries to pin the blame on everyone, from the debate moderators to Hillary, rather than on his own pathetic performance last night.

Further — as you’ll see below in a short clip, just below this longer video — he flipped off Hillary in a “street” sort of way. But it is undeniable — I have asked several people to confirm — that he indeed did give Hillary the finger, and it’s clear from the audience reaction that he did so.

And here’s the short clip that shows Obama giving Hillary the finger:


  1. The Chicago Tribune‘s blog, Swampland has the video up, and notes: “And that’s the part of the videotape, courtesy of Fox News, where viewers need to pay some attention to the hand that Obama raised to his face, and the finger with which he scratched it.”
  2. The same video is also up at the Baltimore Sun‘s site. That video, at both newspaper sites, provides a clearer angle of Obama’s finger as he makes the gesture. We are working to get that video up at YouTube.
  3. The L.A. Times blog, Top of the Ticket, has video and this headline: “Barack Obama makes a one-fingered gesture while speaking of Hillary Clinton.” (Read the LAT story.)
  4. ABC News has video but doesn’t point out the gesture he’s making — however you can see two women behind him, to your left, who “get” what he’s doing, and laugh and whisper about the gesture.
  5. Taylor Marsh writes, “Obama Gives Clinton the Finger?.”
  6. Memeorandum lists more blogs linking to the Tribune story.

See also: Red State blog’s “Talk about no class: Barack Obama gives Hillary the middle finger“:

After losing the debate tonight, Obama gave Hillary the finger today. I don’t know if he intended to do that hand gesture in his pause while talking about Hillary, but it is obvious the crowd thought it was an intentional raising of the middle finger. …

(Thanks for the link, Lyn.)

Someone I know and respect, who’s both a highly successful businessman and a streetwise person, says definitively that Obama was giving Hillary the finger.

This is conduct unbecoming a presidential candidate.

This is Barack Obama’s “Macaca Moment.”

If the MSM ever covers this, Barack Obama is through.

He SHOULD be through for his inability to handle tough questions and for wimping out. He should be through for his associations with terrorists and shady businessmen and a taxpayer-bilking slumlord. He should be through for his 20-year association with a minister who hates America. He should be through for his and his wife’s lack of pride in being Americans. He should be through for his racist remarks about “typical white people” and smalltown white people who “cling” to guns and religion.

By god, if the Democratic party is stupid enough to nominate this not-ready-for-prime-time candidate who can’t take the heat, they deserve to lose in November.

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