Clinton: “When the Going Gets Tough You Can’t Run Away”

(Time magazine’s blog top headline)

“We need a president who is going to be up there fighting every day for the American people and not complain about how much pressure there is, and how hard the questions are.”

THIS is how a mature, seasoned, ready-from-day-one candidate speaks about the difficulties of campaigning.

Via Time magazine’s The Page blog.

From Hillary’s interview today on the Fox 29 morning show in Philadelphia. Read more, including the quotes below:

HRC: We were both asked some pretty tough questions and that’s part of what happens in a debate and in a campaign. And I know he spent all day yesterday complaining about the hard questions he was asked. Being asked tough questions in a debate is nothing like the pressures you face inside the White House.

In fact, when the going gets tough, you just can’t walk away because we’re going to have some very tough decisions that we have to make. I think we need a president who can take whatever comes your way. You have to stand strong; you have to fight for the American people – because it will not be easy to stand up against the special interests.

Q: So you were fine with the debate, did you see any problem with it?

HRC: Well, can I say that I’ve been through, what 23 of these debates? And as I recall, I was asked some pretty tough questions in nearly every one of them.

That goes with the territory, having been inside the White House, I know the pressures inside the White House, I know how hard it is every single day. When the going gets tough you can’t run away. And it’s going to be tough going to deal with these hard problems; getting out of Iraq in the right way, turning the economy around, getting universal health care, ending our dependence on foreign oil.

The special interests are going to be a lot tougher than 90 minutes of questions from two journalists and we need a president who is going to be up there fighting everyday for the American people and not complain about how much pressure there is, and how hard the questions are.

We are digging up more on Barack Obama’s contrasting immaturity and shocking behavior. Stay tuned. Below is a better video than the original YouTube we put up last night. The point is that it is clearer — and an UPDATE from the Chicago Tribune:


UPDATE: From the Chicago Tribune‘s blog, The Swamp:

Clinton: Obama’s ‘walk away” mentality

PHILADELPHIA –The fallout over Wednesday’s debate in Philadelphia continued this morning as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton suggested to a local TV newscast that Sen. Barack Obama’s complaints about his questioning at the event displayed a “walk away” mentality “when the going gets tough.” …

See related news and blog stories at Memeorandum.

Read our first report last night about the shocking behavior of Sen. Obama — not only towards Hillary Clinton but, quite honestly, towards all of us who support her.

This is not the first time Barack Obama has used “street” gestures and language to send a message to his followers.

“The one thing his voters can count on is that they will ultimately be disappointed.”

Der Spiegel had it exactly right.

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  • ModDem

    Okay, so it has come to the point where you are a better Democrat because you support Hillary but hate Obama compared to me who will support either candidate when the November election comes?
    I thought being a Democrat meant supporting the Democratic nominee no matter who they are?
    You do have legit concerns. But I hope you understand that many of the pro-Hillary anti-Obama views are not different than the people at Daily Kos who spout the same hate – only in reverse. Show me some mature Democrats on both sides. We need them to defeat McCain.

  • Taylor Marsh

    I don’t think this is that offensive. I can tell you from first person experience that man can do some amazing things with that finger.

  • Shibam8p

    Obama insulted the small town folks in Penn, that was a low blow to the people… anything is possible.

    I bet Chris thigh will tingle again if saw this Obama’s new gesture.

  • DJ

    This is so deep!

    Geebus. This is why people don’t vote.

    This thread.

  • ModDem

    What facts do you have that Obama doesn’t understand but just talks about when it comes to building a moderate coalition?
    – First he is running a campaign so he has to talk about it. Campaigns are about talk.
    – Second Obama did form a coalition with Sen Coburn a Conservative Republican over a bill regarding oversight of where your Federal dollars go.
    – Third I’m not here to pick a fight. I’m here to say I support whomever the Democratic nominee is. Maybe we can agree to disagree but McCain will not back off from Bush’s policies from what I can tell.

    Next, why are so many so upset with what the Obama supporters say about Hillary? How can you complain of Obama’s thin skin and yet cry over the anti Hillary people? Please realize that a vote for Obama is a vote for Obama – not for Daily Kos or Huffington Post or Keith Olbermann.

    • lifelong dem leaving party

      i do realize that a vote for obama is a vote for obama. that is why i will never vote for obama.

      clear enough?

    • deke

      Took you awhile to get your talking points looked up. He has never taken a position that was a coalition building position. The bill with Coburn was very widely supported. Sometimes building a coalition is about being outspoken and taking leadership. No where in his entire legislative career has he been out front on anything that would be looked upon by his constituency as controversial. His early state senate career was unremarkable and it wasn’t until the leadership of the state senate decided to make him a US Senator did he start to sponsor legislation.
      I have seen the effects personally of self rightous democratic politicians ie Elliot Spitzer and I see the same personality tracts in Obama.
      I don’t think you know what it is to be a Democratic. Go visit Hyde Park and you will understand what coalition building is about.
      I have worked in Democratic politics for 35 years and he is the most arrogant self serving politician running for president I have ever seen come out of the democratic party.

  • DJ

    This is the state of democracy? People calling a clear face scratch flipping the bird? Pathetic.

    Grow up.

    What are those “many angles”? Where are they?

    Oh. Here’s one:


    This is flipping the bird:


    And, for all your diehard Democrats, Newsday is reporting that this flap is a Republican scheme, and they’re promoting it…

    How’s it feel to be a pawn of the GOP?


  • “What’s left are the less educated and enlightened voters – Mrs. Clinton’s core constituency”

    Yeah, rite, all us Clinton supporters iz just so STEW-PID.

    Iff’n we wurn’t so STEW-pid we’d be kewl wid votin fer new change new shiny hope change new new Barry The Prom King.

    • Fred C. Dobbs

      Then our chirrun could, on their Senior Trip to D.C., get to shake they boo-tees to the sounds of The Boss (Springstine) and Quincy Jones over on Pennsylvania Avenue at, “O’s Juke.”

  • Fred C. Dobbs

    Accident or deliberate, the finger business just reinforces Hope-a-Dope’s amateur standing.

    The Obamabots are just miffed because Hilla the Hun has larger testicles than Mister Wonderful.

  • lifelong dem leaving party

    April 18th, 2008 11:54 am ET

    I think that Mrs. Clinton will probably win in PA. That state has suffered from economic downturns for over a decade. As a result, the states best and brightest have left. You may not like what Barack said in San Francisco, but it is true. Pennsylvania has suffered a “brain drain” for 10+ years. What’s left are the less educated and enlightened voters – Mrs. Clinton’s core constituency

    this is a copy of a comment i found on cnn. it clearly demonstrates the obamaites’ disdain for pennsylvanians, a disdain he clearly shares.

    i wonder how pennsylvanians take to being told that the “best and brightest” have left and the state has “brain drain” and “what’s left are the less educated and enlightened voters.”

    wonder why obamaites so love to insult the very people whose votes they’re trying to get.

    • simon, too

      How has Penn suffered a brain drain?

      Really, hasn’t Penn been subjected to the same stresses as the rest of the nation, all victims of Bush and Cheney’s spastic thinking?

      Really, who lost three wars and screwed things up, rationalizing corruption?

      You did, “brains.”

      BTW, the above comment is how Obama supporters think.

      Very specious, see why they make such bad decisions?

      • Fred C. Dobbs

        >>> …Bush and Cheney’s spastic thinking?

        Bush/Cheney “thinking” is an embarassment to assholes, dipshits, morons, sophomoric twits, whiners, megalomaniacs, tyrants and pencil-necked, needle-d*****d weenies everywhere.

        Idi Amin AND Mother Teresa would tell these clowns to fuck off.

        Woody would come out of his coma to write a bad song about them.

        Only cheap dope, free TV and a massively-deficient intellect on the part of the Electorate keep the country from a low-level Revolution.

        But I mean that in a GOOD way…

        “If God didn’t want them sheared, he would not have made them sheep.” Calvera; The Magnificent Seven

    • JM

      It’s just another way of saying “uneducated whites” vot for President Hillary Clinton”.

      “What’s left are the less educated and enlightened voters – Mrs. Clinton’s core constituency” is such a patently stupid thing to say anytime.

  • MessyMarcy

    “don’t hate you try waking up!”

    Please, could we have a coherent troll next time?

  • The women laughing and joking in the background of the bird flipping
    incident gave me a chilling remembrance of videos I have seen with
    white people laughing and jeering while a black man is being lynched,
    or already dead. It is the same disconnection from feelings and
    reality, and the “group think” process of mocking the subject of
    projected rage, watching cruelty unfold before your own eyes. Women
    are still fair game for this treatment, and Hillary has courageously
    withstood these attacks for 17 years.

    • deke

      Great observation

    • JKFriz

      Sooo…I know what folks are gonna say, but this doesn’t strike any of you as a little over-the-top?

      And for the 400th time – Obama did not flip anyone off:

      • simon, too

        Nobody cares what you think, anymore, it’s not like Obama has credibilty.

        Honestly, who is being trolled here?

  • deke

    Oh by the way whats with the vote for the Chaney energy bill and Obama taking out langauge in a bill that would be detrimental to Exelon.

  • ModDem


    McCain was considered by Kerry because McCain was a moderate who Kerry thought could help him get the moderate independent voters.
    But what you are failing to understand is that if McCain wins he will be surrounded by Republicans – many of whom no doubt will be very conservative. If he had been VP with Kerry he would probably been the only Republican in sight – thus neutered.
    Also look at McCain’s statements of late. Does he sound like a moderate anymore? Does staying 100 years in Iraq sound moderate to you? Does his pandering to Christian Conservatives sounds moderate?

    • deke

      Good talking points the 100years in Iraq quote was agree with by Obama. I don’t agree with McCain on this but I understand his argument and he has valid points. What has Obama done in 6 years to get us out of Iraq or to lessen the impact on our soldiers.
      Kerry nominated McCain because he wanted to create a new coalition of moderate voices something Obama doesn’t understand just talks about. If he did create a coalition it would be modeled after his senate mentor Joe Lieberman. McCain has been rebuffing the Christian Conservatives Dobson said McCain hasn’t visited him yet and McCains response was he can come to see me.
      Why don’t you talk about his economic advisors or do you have to consultant with your boss to find out what to say. Asked him about Goolsbee and Weiner.
      When you come to a pro Clinton site try to have some real facts on your side not talking points.

  • Jeff

    “But beyond the bald fact of Reich’s support for Obama, the Clinton campaign should pay heed to the reasoning behind it. In his disgust with Hillary’s increasingly harsh tactics, Reich is hardly alone. Indeed, the feeling seems to be spreading more broadly in the party with every passing day. It’s been clear for some time that Hillary’s attacks on Obama were driving up her negatives. You could certainly argue this might be a price worth paying if those attacks were amping up doubts about him. But it’s hard to see any logic — or even sanity — in the tactic if the result is to drive even people who once regarded Hillary dearly into Obama’s arms.”


    • simon, too

      See above post.

      Honestly, I had discussed this problem with some people, the Obama like academics who know nothing, whole generations of ivy league posers given over to greed, corruption, specious academics, and selfishness, and how to get rid of them, get tehm out of government, encouraging the better ivy leaders, and their academic counterparts from other universities, to sieze the reins, clearing the way for strong leadership, once again, no pigfaces allowed.

      Hooking up with Barry appears to be a masterstroke.

  • Jeff

    Robert Reich Endorsing Obama. Another former Clintonista…


    • simon, too

      And a piece of crap, as I remember, endorses Bush’s old school supply side economics.

      If there was a method to clean out all the ivy league posers, this appears to be it, with Obama, like flies on shit.

      Wow, and it only took one wash.

      I thought it would take years.

  • ModDem

    Pyrrhic victory?
    How do you fix the Supreme Court? If McCain wins he Supreme Court will get more conservative judges and they stay around for years.
    How do you fix the deficit so quickly?

    I don’t see Obama as a Republican. And didn’t Hillary vote for the authorization to go to war? Her actions are not necessarily in line with progressive Democrats either.
    Also let’s not forget that a vote for McCain is not just a vote for one man. It would be a vote for his entire Republican Administration as well as his VP who could one day become president.

    I thought Bill Clinton was a good president and I think Hillary would be just as good. I would vote for her in the General election without hesitation. I ask for unity simply because the idea of a Democratic administration in the White House is more desirable than a Republican administration.

    • Jeff

      “I ask for unity simply because the idea of a Democratic administration in the White House is more desirable than a Republican administration.”

      It’s a very nice sentiment, and the correct way to go. Unfortunately, the vast majority of commenters here are Republicans already.

    • deke

      Do a little research on who is formally advising Obama for the most part they are not from the progessive wing of the democratic party. He was very supportive of Bush’s nominations to the Supreme Court that should give anybody pause to wonder the kind of people he would nominate. Plus he has been getting a awful lot of support from the prolife crowd what is that all about.
      And you still didn’t answer WHY WAS JOHN MCCAIN KERRY’S FIRST CHOICE FOR VP.

      • Jeff

        “He was very supportive of Bush’s nominations to the Supreme Court.”

        With the exception of voting against them.

        • simon, too

          Jeff, you need to look at the reasoning, things arent always what they seem, it’s a bit more complex than you appear to be able to grasp.

          • allimom99

            WRONG – he voted for Roberts. Do your homework. Or isn’t that on Obama’s website for us to just look it up?

    • Amanda

      ModDem, after months of trashing Clinton/s you seem to think that is OK to now “let’s get together, in a sweet harmony”? I’m not saying you did the trashing personally, but I used to read DK, and once in a while I browse the Huff. Enough said.

      Plus, this is not about parties only. I don’t think Obama will make a good president. At this point, if Hillary does not get nominated, I will work to get dems in Congress so that McCain cannot get away with his repug agenda.

    • simon, too

      Supreme court?

      At an extreme, Congress can always override the decisions, and keep any issue at play for as long as the public demands, look at gun control, or abortion.

      There is rumored to be much corruption in terms of this supreme court, what if they were to be investigated, or impeached?

      Flat tire, there is ALWAYS remedy.

      Remember the SC gave us Dred Scott, Plessy V Ferguson, too, we survived.

  • Catriley

    Okay. I’m done with the trolls. They’ve come here and really, it was nice to tussle with them a bit because they’re so damn amusing and predictable. But I’m done engaging them. They’ll get bored, need to take a bathroom break from all the Red Bull they’ve been drinking, and maybe stop to play some hacky sack. I’ll check back later.

    After all.. they’ve proclaimed that: “WE DON’T NEED YOUR VOTE” That’s ays it all, folks. Oh, and the fact that they’ve thrown that word “intervention” around, which makes it clear that the one commenter was correct, it was a coordinated effort today.

    • simon, too

      But they were the ones hurt.

      What if they gave a troll, and no one bit?

      See, the problems with not knowing yourself, or seeing yourself, others can play you like an F board, and you never know.

    • deke

      You are so right I didn’t recognize most of the names. Obama campaign must of had some extra walking around money to through at some college kids to come here and try a lay waste to a pro-Clinton site.

    • ebonyscrews

      My response to them is simple: I’m American before I’m a Democrat, and don’t you be trying to wiggle that unity pony under my nose because I done been smelt that skunk and I want No part of it, Markos & co., and all of their terrorist sympathizing, angry, intolerant, radical loonybins can kiss my Centrist Democrat ass.

  • ebonyscrews

    Well, other than demonstrating that he’s a whining pussy, Snotbox did also show us his numorous side, and what a riot he’d be as a stand-up comic. This line in particular will live in infamy:

    “I’m a hotdog superstar! I ain’t got time for debates. Yeah! No more debates! I don’t want no more debates–you hear me, woman!! Don’t be coming to my part of town asking me for a debate because you ain’t gettin none of this! Not no more!”

  • ModDem

    Either way, both MALE candidates are crippled, like Bush and Cheney.

    Where have you been for 8 years?
    Bush and Cheney got the war they wanted. Nobody stopped them!
    Bush got the Supreme Court to go further to the Right than it has been in 60 years!
    The economy? check
    The environment? check
    Corporate America? check
    I can only conclude that you think the Bush Administration is not too bad. Because, believe me, it has not been ‘crippled’ at all. Bush may have the lowest ratings of any president in our history – but history will show he pretty much carried out his vision.
    With McCain it will continue.
    Vote Democratic. Vote for change.

    • simon, too

      No, Bush and Cheney are sitting on a house of cards.

      Look deeper.
      All the things you have mentioned can be corrected easily, like changing a flat tire.

      No problem, swift!

      But you know, the Constitution still stands, there is no permanent republcian majority, and the population is now starting to beat the trolls.

      Sadly, like most trolls, you fail to see the bigger international picture.

      What’s the goal for the US, for the next thirty years?

      With Russia, and the Middle East, China, Russia?

      See what I mean about a lack of ciritcal thinking skills for republican trolls?

      • simon, too

        Chinese Russian energy alliance, sorry.

    • deke

      What makes you think with Obama it would be any better. He states he will keep the private contractors in Iraq (our biggest source of problems in Iraq), his economic advisors are all disciples of Milton Freedman (godfather of Reaganomics), he votede for Chaney’s oil bill (only norther Dem to do so), he was unresponsive to the plight of the people in his only state legislative district, and he has demonstrated only to work on things that will be to his benefit. I have always voted democratic but I have been fooled to many times by the so called next coming (see Kerry, Dukatis , Dean).

      If McCain was so bad why was he Kerry’s first choice for VP.

  • deke

    It is amazing Obama obviously gave a obscene gesture to
    Clinton and the Obama employees trying to earn their $1.50 per hour are on this site with their smirkey remarks. Clinton represents at least 50% of the democratic party and the Obama idiots are doing their best to alienate them. They don’t try and discuss the issue because they don’t know them so they just come here and call all of us names. They are as dumb as their leader.

  • Amanda

    I’m amazed at Obama’s cult followers calling for “unity” to put a democrat at the WH when at the same time they have done nothing but trash the last two-term most succesfull dem president. If putting a democrat in office is that important, why talk (Obama) about taking advice only from the repug presidents (the Senior) of follow in the footsteps of Reagan and dismissing the progress of the 90’s?

  • If this is nothing going on why has their been a huge troll invasion of this blog? Sure looks like the trolls panties are in knots over this.

    • They are seeing that their beloved Emperor has no clothes.

      He got whipped really badly in that debate. He couldn’t even answer the more issues-based questions. Honestly, I have no clue why anyone would think he’s ready to be President.

      He should have spent more time in the Senate and amassed some experience. Right now, he’s just showing that he’s a spoiled, immature little brat who whines everytime he doesn’t get his way.

      I’m tired of seeing that crap in the White House. I want a strong, competent and confident leader like Hillary. Obama might be okay as VP, but after what he’s been doing lately, I even doubt that.