Dear Friends,

We are at a crossroads in the Democratic nominee selection process. The race between Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton is tight, and our votes greatly matter. Our voices matter. It is our responsibility to choose the candidate who will best respect our community and will best represent our community’s interest in both the political sphere and in the public sphere.

After an extensive review of both candidates, it has become clear that Senator Hillary Clinton is the candidate that we should endorse for the Presidential nomination.

Both Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have stated that they support Civil Unions. And their stated positions are fairly similar as for what they would seek to achieve to improve the lives of LGBT Americans. (Besides the fact that Senator Obama has now back-pedaled in his stand to get rid of “don’t ask, don’t tell,” in the military, whereas Senator Clinton has stood fast in her position to get rid of it.)

However, as has often been stated, “the proof is in the pudding.”

Promises are one thing. We have all seen politicans promise the moon and deliver very little. So we have to look at behavior. That is what we can best make our judgment on. In effect, “who walks the walk.”

There are many situations that are very troubling surrounding Senator Obama.

Since we have no substantial political record on which to assess him, we must look at what his behavior has told us.

Has Barack Obama stood up for gay rights when it could have cost him something politically? The answer is no.

Has the Illinois Senator stood by the gay community when others attacked it? The answer is no.

Here is a brief overview of the Senator’s failure to “walk the walk.”

–Donnie McClurkin— In 2007 gospel singer McClurkin was part of Obama’s campaign. McClurkin has said that he’s “in a war against the curse of homosexuality.” And that, “God delivered me from homosexuality.”

In PR manipulation, Obama expressed disagreement with McClurkin’s views but failed to disown him. John Araovsis wrote in AmericaBlog at the time, “This is new. And it’s terribly unnerving. I mean, we’re to believe that the fact that Obama, alone among Democratic candidates, is willing to openly welcome bigots into his campaign makes him the best candidate for voters concerned about civil rights. And the corollary, the worst candiate for someone who cares about civil rights is the candidate who actually stands up against the bigots. So the best way to promote tolerance is to tolerate and embrace intolerance?” He called that logic “wacked.”

–San Francsco Mayor Gavin Newsom— Obama asked that his picture not be taken with Mayor Newsom. According to Former Mayor Willie Brown, Obama conveyed to him that, “he would really appreciate it if he didn’t get his photo taken with my Mayor. He said he would really not like to have his picture taken with Gavin.” This was at a time when the issue of gay marriage was making headlines in California.

Subsequently, Mayor Gavin has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President. Gavin stated that “his conversation with Hillary on civil rights for the LGBT community shared a ‘depth’ and ‘understanding’ that Obama does not share.” Senator Clinton has had her picture taken with Mayor Newsom, she has also appeared with him on camera numerous times.

–Reverend James Meeks— Chicago-based Reverend Meeks is well-known for his virulent anti-gay remarks made both privately and from the pulpit. He is a close friend, a political ally, and Obama has gone to him for spiritual counsel. According to, “Meeks has reportedly blamed ‘Hollywood jews for bringing us Brokeback Mountain’ and actively campaigned to defeat SB3186, an Illinois LGBT nondiscrimination bill.” Obama has neither disowned Meeks, nor stated Meeks’ continued anti-gay remarks are inappropriate.

–The “Blank Spot” on the page— A gay newspaper in Pennsylvania recently ran an interview with Senator Clinton. The newspaper left a large blank area in their paper symbolic of the place where Obama’s interview would have run…. had he bothered to give them an interview. This is just one instance of Obama’s repeated pattern of denying interviews to LGBT newspapers and media outlets.

–Donald Young— In 2007, the choir director of the Trinity United Church of Christ, Donald Young was found murdered. The media services director of the church said in response to the murder, “Young did live an openly gay lifestyle; that was his choice.” This is of course Trinity Church, Obama’s chosen church, home of the Reverend Wright.

–Donna Brazile— It is clear that Donna Brazile’s political commentary continually favors Senator Obama. That is why we include her statement in this discussion of Senator Obama’s credibility in the gay community. In an interview with Joshua Lynsen of the Washington Blade, DNC chair Howard Dean talked about gay delegates. According to Lynsen, “He [Dean] acknowledged a proposal by gay DNC member Garry Shay of California to add gays to the party’s affirmative action guidelines for selecting convention delegates triggered a contentious internal debate. Dean said some influential individuals within the DNC Black Caucus such as Donna Brazile opposed the plan because it was seen as ‘an affront to the civil rights movement.'”

Overview: We as members and supporters of the LGBT community want a candidate who will stand up for us and not tolerate anti-gay behavior and statements. Senator Clinton has consistently stood by our communtiy, given interviews to gay newspapers and media, and not tried to create some weird world where bigotry and hate are valued parts of some nebulous “discussion.”

In fact there is no room for dialogue with those who are intractable in their position of hatred and disdain for LGBT people. Senator Clinton knows this, and it makes us very uncomfortable that Senator Obama does not.

Therefore we ask that you join with us in supporting Senator Hillary Clinton in her journey to become our next President of the United States.

Thank you,


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  • MM

    Obama hangs out with an anti-gay reverend as well.
    see article below

    see other articles at:

  • Milly

    Good luck with the letter, but I don’t know, I wish our efforts together can expose who this man called Sen O. Barack, really is, and it is disgusting just to listen to him talking, stuttering, even when all he says is scripted. Come on, Sen Rodham has been ahead on issues before this caricature of a man claiming he is the ‘one’ who will change and support those without voice… but yes there is the ‘original’ Sen Barack stealing Sen Rodham’s ideas.

    But I am every day proud of the character, tenacity and will that this senator and woman has shown during ‘the storm’, (qualities, strong mind) she is too smart, audacious and astute for this half man and half brain and a too bad actor, even the title Sen Jr. Barack does not fit ‘that empty suit’. And he better stops saying that if he is the candidate, all democrats will come together, and support, oh no way, my vote will be only for Sen Rodham, if the Democrat Party goes to destruction, it was not because of her. I am not loyal to a party that have treated Sen Rodham with such disdain! She will be the ‘commander in chief’! Let’s see if the Do..Do..Dah..Dah. Sen Barack can win without us, the ones loyal to Sen Clinton not to him, not to any party!

    How come, he is in the senate, when a person with those ‘friends and marxist brain wash’ could have been a ‘rejection letter’ to him, if he had applied to be an FBI agent, after a tough background check…now again, how come, he is in politics? Umm…

    For those asking where all that money to support this do…do…da…da..dah… read the following:

    The two faces of Barack Obama


    “To the extent that Obama’s rhetoric arouses popular expectations—and there are indications that it does—these will inevitably be dashed. In all probability, this will happen once the primary season is over and Obama is confronted by the Republican right as well as elements within the Democratic Party itself with the demand that he clarify his program. Should he capture the White House in November, he will head an administration committed to defending the interests of the American oligarchy both at home and abroad.

    “Obama sat down at his computer to exchange emails with Robert Wolf, CEO of UBS America, one of his major Wall Street “bundlers,” responsible for bringing in millions in donations from fellow multi-millionaires to finance what Obama refers to as his “movement.”

    “According to estimates made by the Center for Responsive Politics, 80 percent of the money raised by the Obama campaign last year came from donors affiliated with business, with Wall Street leading the pack. More than half of the money came in the form of donations totaling $2,300 or more.”

    “Perhaps most significant was last month’s little reported endorsement of Obama by Paul Volcker, who was appointed Federal Reserve Board chairman by Democratic President Jimmy Carter in 1979 and remained in charge of the US central bank for nearly seven years under the right-wing Republican administration of Ronald Reagan.

    Volcker was responsible for inaugurating a high-interest-rate regime demanded by the dominant sections of finance capital in the name of the battle against inflation. His monetary policy was inextricably linked to the offensive against the working class begun with the firing of the air traffic controllers and the breaking of the PATCO strike and continued with the shutdown of large sections of basic industry and the unleashing of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s. The ultimate effect of these policies was a vast transfer of wealth from the mass of working people to a narrow financial elite, a process that has continued to this day.

    In a statement announcing his backing for Obama, Volcker noted that he had previously avoided involvement in partisan politics. He said that he was moved to intervene now not “by the current turmoil in markets,” but because of “the breadth and depth of challenges that face our nation at home and abroad.” He added, “Those challenges demand a new leadership and a fresh approach.” Obama’s leadership, he concluded, would be able to “restore needed confidence in our vision, our strength and our purposes right around the world.”

    Larry Kudlow, the right-wing pundit and former Reagan administration economic advisor, commented on the endorsement earlier this month, noting that he had once worked as a speechwriter for Volcker and describing him as “a great American… a classic conservative… a man of fiscal and monetary rectitude.”

    Volcker, Kudlow wrote, “would not have made this endorsement on a whim. Believe me. He never gets involved in these kinds of political decisions.” He concluded by asking: “Is Volcker the new Robert Rubin [the Wall Street insider who directed the Clinton administration’s economic policy]? Is it possible that Mr. Volcker is somehow tutoring Obama? Is it possible that Obama is more financially conservative than originally believed?”

    These are the real relations that are being forged behind the scenes as Obama delivers left phrases from the podium. Those like Volcker see the Illinois senator as a useful vehicle for effecting major changes aimed not at ameliorating the conditions of life for masses of working people, but rather at securing the global interests of American finance capital.”

    In addition to Wolf, Obama stays in regular touch with Warren Buffett, the second-wealthiest individual in America, with a net worth of some $52 billion. Among his leading economic advisors is Austan Goolsbee, a University of Chicago professor and prominent advocate of free market policies.”

  • workingclass artist

    JKFRIZZZZZ….or somebody HIJACKED my moniker…Who knew Latin insults could hurt so much…..I guess I’m honored….Public defacing…

  • I’m not a single issue voter, and I’m more interested in Obama promising change although he was absent in both Senate seats, his ‘new politcs’ that are either old liberal cliches or Clinton retreads, and his promising to unite the country then insulting the red States with Wright and by calling their religion bitter. ‘Change’, ‘hope’, and ‘yes we can’ are more shallow than Bush’s ‘compassionate conservatism’ and Nader’s ‘proportional representation’ put together.
    The Clintons have already fixed the economy once, turned deficit into surplus, created a huge economic boom, and improved nearly every statistic in the book. And they are vastly knowledgeable on just about any issue you can think of. With the problems we face, we’ll need them more than ever.

  • AmyinSC

    Adrienne –

    Well said(I have been writing the same thing over at my blog). Obama is NO friend to the LGBT community. Just today, I got a call from HRC asking for a donation. I asked which candidate they were endorsing, and the woman said they hadn’t decided yet. Had I not been in a big hurry, I would have asked her just what was there to decide!! There is only ONE person running who even comes close to deserving that endorsement, and it is Hillary. She has CONSISTENTLY stood with the LGBT community. And she will do what she says she will do, unlike Mr. Whatever Hillary Says I’ll Say Even Though I Don’t Really Believe It (but it is politically expedient for me to say it)!

    I, too, am extremely disturbed that ANY prominent LGBT people would support Obama. Talk abt voting against your own self interests!

    Thanks again for the great post!

  • DaleA

    Excellent summary, very eloquently stated. Hope you will post this on a number of blogs, particularly MyDd.

    I all I can add is that apparently Obama has no prominent gay supporters in has campaign. And no known gay staffers. His circle seems even more queer free than Bush’s.

  • Reverend Wrong

    According to Lynsen, “He [Dean] acknowledged a proposal by gay DNC member Garry Shay of California to add gays to the party’s affirmative action guidelines for selecting convention delegates triggered a contentious internal debate. Dean said some influential individuals within the DNC Black Caucus such as Donna Brazile opposed the plan because it was seen as ‘an affront to the civil rights movement.’”

    LGBT human rights are not civil rights?

    • Not according to Donna they aren’t. Apparently she doesn’t need those rights so pfffffffft.

  • KittyNC

    Adrienne, you have it the nail on the head. He has run from this issue at every turn. And to take Donny McClukrin with him in SC tells the story in and of itself. Hillary Clinton has marched with the LGBT community since the 1990s as First Lady and has continued her support throughout her Senate Career. Senator Obama has failed this community other than to take money from them without once standing tall for them. Afraid to have a picture taken? I guess those 20 years in Trinity helped him find a very different Jesus than I know.

  • I attended a talk by Hillary when she was first running for the Senate in New York. I asked her if she supported marriage equality. She said that she did not, that she felt marriage was between a man and a woman. She said that she supported civil unions.

    So does Obama.

    You know what? That isn’t good enough from either candidate. I want someone who will take a stand and go all out to slash DOMA. I want someone who will sweat a little over this rather than say oh, yeah, civil unions, fine, no sweat.

    Why do gay men and lesbians think civil unions are good enough for them? Look at New Jersey and how business are getting around the law, or ignoring it. You get zip on the federal level from civil unions.

    What the candidates are really saying is “I support state rights.” You know, state rights, the thing that kept segregation going.

    The only Democratic candidate that was the least bit enlightened on this issue was Dennis Kucinich.

    Hey, if DOMA didn’t exist thanks to Bill Clinton my taxes would have been a lot different this year.

    Don’t tell me that civil unions are an interim step. Baloney. It is politically expedient and HRC, which is in Clinton’s pocket, supports it. Don’t buy the hype.

    • Eurogirl70

      One thing I will say is that in most European countries, gay, lesbian, and straight couples are required by law to have a civil union. The marriage union is something strictly separate and has no legal status. It is the civil union which provides the couple with legal status and benefits under the law. Personally, I think that the govt. should get out of the marriage business as it has by its’ very nature a religious base to it. Speaking as a lesbian I don’t care about whether I am married or not. What I do care about is equal status under the law. I don’t think that marriage, with its’ religious undertones, has provided many a woman with that status over the ages. I simply want my partner and I to have equal status under the law. I frankly like the way they are now doing it in France and Germany. In fact in France, which allows gay and lesbian couples to have equal legal status thru civil unions, many heterosexual couples in France are completely forgoing marriage and instead entering into strictly civil unions;because of their easy nature to create and dissolve. In Germany however, civil unions are required by all couples, and marriage by priest, rabbi, etc… is something outside the realm of the state.

  • Charles Lemos

    Here, here. As a gay man this hits home. I am sending this letter to all my gay and lesbian friends. Thanks.

    • Reverend Wrong

      True progressives like Hillary fight for everyone’s rights. Posers like you-know-who use everyone for their own ambition and greed. Sad that their followers fail to see this. It is up to us to enlighten them.

  • Reverend Wrong

    “Separate but equal” was outlawed. Marginalizing LGBT people to “choice” in my view is the same as “separate but equal.”

  • Tobias

    Obama will do and say anything to get a vote but when it comes to action he’s all talk. Senator Clinton will defend gay rights just has she has defended all human rights. Obama is a proven liar and hypocrite. I live in SF and was married at City Hall. Obama’s slight of Mayor Newsome tells it all. Don’t be fooled vote smart and vote Clinton.

    • Reverend Wrong

      “Don’t be fooled vote smart and vote Clinton.”

      Done deal once already and in November twice.

  • Fred C. Dobbs

    Where the hell is Shirin?

    Dissenting views from good minds are much more interesting than flame wars, name-calling, etc.

  • Bertha

    “That the perception of God who allows slavery, who allows rape, who allows misogyny, who allows sodomy, who allows murder of a people, lynching, that’s not the God of the people being lynched and sodomized and raped, and carried away into a foreign country.”

    Rev. Wright on Moyers’

    It would appear that he lumps gays with slavers, rapists and murderers.

  • Bertha

    “And Obama does not want to take the picture with the mayor of SF, but he will go down there two weeks before a very important primary in PA to raise money.”

    Amanda, Mayor Newsom had taken a very bold stand on same sex marriage at that time and had become a lightening rod for homophobic criticism. At that moment of controversy, the uniter-not-a-divider Obama went out of his way to avoid being photographed with Newsom. When he later went for a fund raiser in SF, that was a closed affair organized by a wealthy supporter (hence the talking down to bitter blue color whites) and had nothing to do with a gay cause. He wants the money but not the causes that SF is proud to support.

  • Patrick Henry

    Confucious also said..”House without toilets is Uncanny…”

    • Dawnelle


    • Reverend Wrong

      Toilets and blogs were invented way after Confucius obviously but they had trolls back then using rice paper?

    • simon, too

      House without toilets is Uncanny…”

      And speaking of, I have to go clean ours…

      “chains, chains of bacteria,
      got a hold of the toilet seat
      ohhhh these chains of bacteria
      they must be cleaned, yeah…”

      With apologies to Goffin King, and other intelligent people….

      • Patrick Henry

        Simon…You Rock.!!.Between you and Kite and a few others here..You couls start a Band..where do you come up with that stuff..??

        Rice paper….Ouch..!

    • Patrick Henry

      Makes it kind of tough for all those people having a “B.M. ” (Barack Movement) right Now…

      Maybe we should check out “Honey Pot” futures..??

  • Reverend Wrong

    Confucius say: troll volume indicative of truth of blog.

  • Bertha

    The Rev. Wright on Moyers’ brought up sodomy specifically, several times, in the context of the “evils” afflicting the US. This was clearly an expression of his hatred of gays. I’m not surprised that it rubbed off onto his disciple.

    • Amanda

      No …. !!! And how does Garcia respond to that?

    • Reverend Wrong

      Thank god Hillary cares for all people equally.

  • Amanda

    With all due respect to the gay community, I believe many of them(hopefully not too many)fall in the category of wine drinkers. Or as they say in the media, Obama voters. So, they have been drinking their share of Kool-Aid. There is no other explanation. And Obama does not want to take the picture with the mayor of SF, but he will go down there two weeks before a very important primary in PA to raise money.

    • simon, too

      That’s probably more indicative of socioeconomic status, than sexuality.

    • Psychodrew

      Many of us are wine-drinkers, no doubt. I have a master’s degree and I am going to start working on my PhD this fall. I speak only for myself when I say that when I see Hillary, I see myself. Her struggle is my struggle. She has been fighting for people like me, people who live on the margins of society, for 35 years. She gets us. She gets me. I value that.

      She has already gone to the mat for me and she will go to the mat for me as president. So I am going to the mat for her now.

  • Patrick

    Very insightful post. One thing that should be added is that Hillary helped defeat the federal marriage amendment, an amendment that for the first time in our Country’s history would have made it constitutinally legal to discriminate. If this had passed we would not be able to legally challenge many of the local and state laws that discriminate. If this had passed, who knows what other kinds of discrimination could have been passed into law.

    • Reverend Wrong

      Thanks for pointing this out!

  • Dawnelle
  • Psychodrew

    I am a 32 year old gay man.

    Honestly, when I see Hillary, I see myself. Her struggle to be accepted as a strong, intelligent woman is my struggle. Do you remember what the GOP did to her in the 90s’? Do you see how the Democrats have scape-goated her (blaming the failure of health care reform and the loss of the Congressional majorities in 1994 on her)? Her struggle is our struggle.

    Whatever you may believe about Barack Obama and the assholes he surrounds himself with, remember this. Hillary knows what it feels like to be seen as a stereotype and not a human being. She knows how it feels to have to work twice as hard to be taken seriously. She knows how it feels to be dismissed. She knows how it feels to be told that we must just accept that we are 3/5 person. Just as Bill was our first black president, Hillary will be our first gay president.

    When Hillary fights back, she fights for all of us. Hillary has been fighting for me for 35 years. I believe in her with all of my heart and soul. I am not going to give up on her because I know that she will never give up on me. Did Hillary stop fighting for us when the “math” looked bad? Did Hilary stop fighting for us when pundits said that Bill’s presidency was over because of the GOP takeover of Congress? Did Hillary stop fighting for us when the GOP humiliated her with the impeachment of her husband?

    When Hillary is our president, she is going to go to the mat for us. So we should be willing to go to the mat for her now. Don’t even think about an Obama presidency for now. Hillary is going to be our nominee. She is going to be our next president. She is going to stand up for us. She is going to make us proud.

    • workingclass artist

      Here Here….Well said Pschodrew….I salute you…

      • Psychodrew

        I’m with Taylor Marsh on this. I’m not even going to think about Obama “winning” the nomination for now. In my mind, Hillary is going to be our next president. I know that she is going to be an amazing president, not just for the gay community, but for the entire country, even those who despise her.

        • simon, too

          I agree, there is simply no way this man can be President, he’s crippled, psychologically.

          • simon, too

            In addition, he’s dumber than a brick.

            • Reverend Wrong

              I’m sure there are many bricks that would take offense!

        • Reverend Wrong

          Thank you your words are inspirational!

    • Adrienne Grey

      Yes, that’s it. Hillary is all of us. And we will win.


  • workingclass artist

    Rev…..I think it’s interesting how the elite have abandoned the masses in all these groups….If I did’nt know better I’d swear this is a classic War of the classes…Almost european in style…These people have turned a deaf ear on all of us…Over coffee they look at eachother and mutter…” Damn, I wish all those _____________ insert category could’nt read….”

    • simon, too

      Less war of the classes, this is still America, without the same cultural class distinctions as the old European monarchies…

      I see them as selfish, corrupt, simple minded, and completely out of touch.

      A throw back to the 80’s.

    • Psychodrew

      They’re taking us for granted. Everybody is so worried about Obama’s college students and Republicans. They think we’ll vote for whomever has “D” next to his name.

      • simon, too

        You’re right, and again, I’m at a loss to explain it, the same way I’m at a loss to explain support for Obama, other than out and out corruption, or blatant stupidity.

        • JKFriz

          Being in the Democratic party must be hard for you these days, given that Hillary is losing by 9 points in the national polls (which include MI and FL, by the way) and has an insurmountable delegate deficit.

          • simon, too

            I have no faith in polls paid for by supporters of Obama.

            You do?

            You buy that simple minded shit, believe in those fairy tales, those hamster di**ed attempts to psy ops the public, psy ops against the people?

            Perhaps that’s why it’s so easy to fool you, I mean, you’re supposed to be a genius troll, right, you get paid for this trash you spew?

            And I’m sorry your feelings are piqued, this is a hard hard business.

            Don’t whine like a girl, but given Clinton is kicking ass here, I guess that comparison is no longer valid.

            Don’t whine like Obama, your candidate.


            • simon, too

              And super delegates can be swayed.

              If the truth about Obama becomes public, he’s out, period, that horse is LAME.

              Keeping Clinton viable, and btw the truth is, given MI and Fl, she is leading, hands down, the polls you site are FIXED, she is the only candidate able to win the big states, even against your guy, McCain, and she is saving the Democratic party.

              But really, Obama represents Pelosi, Dean, and apparently, Hamas, and frankly, I won’t be associated with any of them, weak losers, all.

              And McCain, your guy?

              Might have more class than you, careful or you’ll be played against each other…

              And I know, you don’t get it, you never do.

              Explains the republican losses in Iraq.

              Didn’t Bush make Rove a senior adviser, at one point?


              Yeha, let’s make the PR guy a senior consultant, to plan strategy, for the White house in Iraq?

              What’s he gonna do, spread rumors Sistani is GAY, has a Sunni-Shia love child, is mentally unstable, associated with Christians?


              Oh, wait.

              He did try that…

        • Psychodrew

          They’re just cocky, plain and simple. I just can’t believe this has happened. Maybe I’m naive, but I am just so disappointed. I was so proud when Nancy Pelosi became the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Now, I want to donate money to her opponent in the fall.

  • Dawnelle

    Well Fineman & Russert get a reprieve from me.

    They actually had some fairly decent coverage of Hillary vs. Obama (for a change)

    except for Finemans (actually hilarious) comment about Bill C acting like a

    “Suspender Snapping Precinct Captain”

    (lmao I lost my soda to the screen)

    shortly after I got a picture of Hillary as Mary Poppins serving a spoon full of sugar

    did you see the NC interview? Especially towards the end

  • Reverend Wrong

    Interesting how the far-left loonies have abandoned (LGBT for example) and shamefully used (blacks for example) core constituencies of the Democratic party in order to get The One elected. The ends do not justify the means. These far-left people are idiots. The corporations by way of their Obama puppet will turn on them for certain if is is elected.

  • viv a vis Hillary’s actions being in synch with her words, my trust and my vote is with Hillary ; the lack of respect and consideration from obama’s actions do indeed speak very loudly. it is now being made very clear that obama is not who he’s been saying he is. i won’t be voting for him in the ge. i will be writing in Hillary if need be, particularly if dems don’t count fla and mich.
    as a typical working class college educated lesbian i am insulted by the obama camp’s constant playing of the race card, the obvious classism and mysogyny in the dem elite leadership, and the inanity of the mainstream media and boyblogs.

    Hillary is truly the “rogue” candidate, and i feel very strongly that she will be the next President.

    thanks everyone who blogs for Hillary; you are balm to my heart.

    • …and it’s faith like yours that keep us blogging.

  • Reverend Wrong

    The media services director of the church said in response to the murder, “Young did live an openly gay lifestyle; that was his choice.”

    Choice? I thought that argument went out last decade. In my opinion that false argument is used so people can feel free to continue to discriminate against people born by nature to be LGBT. Would anyone ever choose to become someone knowing they will be discriminated against? I find the language from Obama’s church vile. You can’t welcome people that god made the way they are into your church and at the same time treat them as second class citizens and less than fully equal.

    • Reverend Wrong

      Young did live an openly gay lifestyle

      And that means what? I won’t bother to write more it is obvious how disgusting that is to say about someone who was murdered.

      • JKFriz

        From the aforementioned Washington Blade:

        Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s controversial ex-pastor in Chicago has largely supported gay rights and has welcomed gays into his 8,000-member congregation at Trinity United Church of Christ, according to activists who know him.

        The Rev. Jeremiah Wright, who recently retired as the Trinity Church pastor, has been hit with a firestorm of criticism after news media outlets began airing video recordings of some of his fiery and racially charged sermons, including one in which he blamed U.S. foreign policy for the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

        In a speech in Philadelphia on Tuesday, Obama distanced himself from Wright’s strident political positions but refused to “disown” his pastor of nearly 20 years, reiterating his praise for Wright as his spiritual mentor.

        With Obama competing with rival presidential contender Hillary Clinton for gay votes in the upcoming Pennsylvania primary, revelations of Wright’s controversial sermons have raised questions among some activists about whether Obama’s longtime pastor was among the preachers who delivered fire-and-brimstone sermons attacking homosexuality.

        “Absolutely not,” said Rick Garcia, political director of Equality Illinois, the Chicago-based state gay rights group.

        “Trinity has been among the strongest supporters of LGBT rights,” Garcia said. “I have the highest regard and admiration for Rev. Wright.”

        Sorta deflates the charge here, dontcha think?

        • workingclass artist

          Friz….Are’nt you a little late this morning….I have a specially prepared insult for you…Es mundis excremeti….Now waddle back to GAZA

          • JKFriz

            And I have a special word for you: ellipsis! Use another form of punctuation, sir!

            • workingclass artist

              Friz….Futue te ipsum! Moecha Putida….Now waddle off to GAZA..

              • JKFriz

                I guess GAZA is this week’s “bite your pillow.”

                • workingclass artist

                  Frizzz…semper ubi sub ubi…hope that pillow tastes delish…waddle/mosey/wander off to GAZA…i am totally crazy

            • simon, too

              When your ideas are weak, your punctuation doesn’t impress.

              Secondly, given many people here write prose, or poetry, or are artists or musicians, form experimentation, prose, words used much as the musical note, is not uncommon.

              I know it’s a difficult concept for you to grasp, English as a tonal language,(compared to Chinese, say)the use of implied meaning through pitch, in the written, the written form of language as musical composition, but you’re making yourself look even more stupid, trying to compensate for your lack of understanding by reciting your knowledge of grammar rules, in hopes of shaming others, and saving face.

              The conductor of the New York symphony is now experimenting with the form, I believe, translating spoken Korean to musical form…

              • Fred C. Dobbs

                Could anything be more tiresome than a troll with a copy of Strunk & White?

        • Reverend Wrong

          No, I do not agree. I was replying to the quote. It was a disgusting thing to say in my opinion about some who was just murdered. And half embracing people I don’t agree with, by calling who they are a “choice.”

          • JKFriz

            I repeat:

            “Trinity has been among the strongest supporters of LGBT rights,” Garcia said. “I have the highest regard and admiration for Rev. Wright.”

            That’s fairly unequivocal, in my view.

            • Reverend Wrong

              I stand by what I said and what I was commenting on.

              • JKFriz

                I don’t disagree that the wording of TUCC’s media director was poorly advised.

                But the overwhelming evidence points to a church that’s uniquely progressive on these issues in a community that is often hostile to change.

                • workingclass artist

                  Uniquely progressive in Berlin 1933….Globos meos lambe!..
                  Now waddle back to GAZA….Frizzzz

                • John

                  The “overwhelming evidence” meaning what exactly?

                  I know it’s overwhelming, but maybe you could just provide a few pieces of this evidence?

                  Oh, and since it’s so overwhelming, could you just provide evidence of this church’s progressive activities which predate Obama’s candidacy? Because (and I’m not suggesting anything here) you know how sometimes, people tend to pad the stats a bit after the game has started.

                  • workingclass artist

                    Gladly. From the same article:

                    In one of his sermons of the early 1990s, titled, “Good News for Homosexuals,” Wright told of how he believes God does not limit his love to heterosexuals.

                    “I refuse to limit my God, to lock God into my cultural understandings because culture is fickle,” Wright said. “And culture is often wrong. Culture was wrong about slavery. Culture was wrong about women. Culture was wrong about Africans and Indians, and culture was wrong about Christ,” he said. “I have been the pariah among many of my clergy colleagues who somehow see me as defective or not quite saved because I won’t join them in their homophobic gay bashing and misquoting of scripture.”

                    • JKFriz

                      Sigh…busted myself there, I’m afraid.

                    • workingclass artist

                      Swiped my moniker….The truth hurts…Your candidate is headed for political oblivion…

                    • John

                      Oh good lord, you have GOT to be kidding. Your evidence of strong progressive support for gays is a paragraph of a speech Wright gave?

                      Gee, that’s mighty big of Rev. Wright. And here I assumed you would only be able to come up with planned protests, pressure placed on Illinois legislators for passive of a Civil Unions bill, lame shit like that. But a SPEECH supporting gays- wow, that’s really something. You got me there.

                      Because we all know that words speak more loudly than actions. At least I think it goes something like that.

                    • John

                      Passage, not “passive.”

    • John

      His “choice” was to live an “OPENLY Gay Lifestyle.” Instead of doing what good “disturbed, confused” members of the church do- pretend to be Heterosexual in public, maybe even getting married and having children in the process.

      Didn’t you know that the Correct behavior of Homosexuals is to LIE about their orientation?

      Mr. Young didn’t do that. So, it’s a tragedy that he died and all, but what do you expect? It was his “choice.”

      • Reverend Wrong

        I like how you said this.

  • John

    Obama does not like black people; he uses them, then throws them under the bus when they no longer of value or, worse, become a liability.

    Obama does not like white people; that’s blindingly obvious unless you are a kool-aid drinker. They are “typical whites” who cling to guns and religion and silly stuff like that (when they should be clinging to serious stuff- like their love of Barack Obama.

    Obama does not like gays- he associates with gay-hating preachers and won’t let himself get photographed with Gavin Newsom. Nope, none of those San Francisco Values for him (“San Francisco Values” being coined during the reign of Barack’s favorite President, Ronald Reagan, of course.)

    So who does Barack Obama like? The easy answer is “Barack Obama,” but it’s easy to sense a lot of self-loathing in his writing. So is the answer “nobody?”

    And we should nominate this guy- why exactly?

    • workingclass artist

      Agree…he is a classic misanthrope…..most fascists are…..

    • …because he sent busloads of savages to caucuses to drive the opposition away in fear, thereby securing plenty of delegates.

      …because he disinfranchised Florida and Michigan by blocking their payed-for revotes.

      …because he is the messiah.

      ….because we all want to join his church

      …because he stimulates RECREATE 1968 and that’s exciting for all the spoiled brats my generation raised

      ….because Bill Ayers feels he didn’t “do enough” and doesn’t rule out more

      …because he has endless middle eastern money

      …because, as Louis Farrakhan said, the time for White Rule has to end

      ….because he hates Jews and wants to swtich the direction of the guns and helpl us assimilate with middle easterners, a place where they set women on fire

      ….because he’s Barack Obama and makes great chants up. Well, ok he didn’t make them up, but he did steal them with permission?

      …because he is charismatic, and like so many charismatics in history, they lead their followers straight to hell by the time they figure it out?

      …and the Number One Reason: because Hamas endorsed him

      • workingclass artist

        Uppity you are on a roll…..He does fit 2 of the 3 criteria….OT have you been keeping up on the World food crisis….Failure in the Punjab…Over 70 million hungry estimated…Folks Horde your rice…It’s gettin a little scary….Globally speaking of course….

  • Lucille Arneson

    Very good defense of Hillary Clinton on the subject of gays in general. I find it appalling and strange, as well, that Obama wouldn’t have his picture taken with Mayor Gavin Newsom, because Newsom supports the gay community. We’re talking about a minimum of 10% of the population across the country.

    This letter should be sent to all gay news publications across the country.

    • workingclass artist

      Obamachickenshit… a severe case of Kerry Hangover coupled with his serious case of homophobia…..that’s why he chickened out of the photo op…..What would his uncle say…..

      • simon, too

        The very idea he wouldn’t even have his picture taken with Newsom because he simply represents San Francisco is breathtaking, to be that homophobic, and fearful.

        What people have said the republican party has done to AA’s, Obama has done to gays, but more openly, and with a greater force, that gesture symbolizes his agenda, and his fears.


        • simon, too

          to continue, and I know this hyperbole, but indulge, me, please, Obama’s fear and disdain of gays reminds me of nothing less than Hitler, and the Jews.

          For whatever reason, it is chilling, the bigotry coming from men like Wright, and Meeks.

          • JKFriz

            Do some research, sir!

            The Washington Blade (gay news in DC):

            With Obama competing with rival presidential contender Hillary Clinton for gay votes in the upcoming Pennsylvania primary, revelations of Wright’s controversial sermons have raised questions among some activists about whether Obama’s longtime pastor was among the preachers who delivered fire-and-brimstone sermons attacking homosexuality.

            “Absolutely not,” said Rick Garcia, political director of Equality Illinois, the Chicago-based state gay rights group.

            “Trinity has been among the strongest supporters of LGBT rights,” Garcia said. “I have the highest regard and admiration for Rev. Wright.”

            • simon, too

              Actions speak louder than words.

              Sell it someplace else.

              • JKFriz

                Just sayin’ that your ridiculous Nazi comparison should probably be taken someplace else as well.

                • simon, too

                  Jus’ sayin takin’ in light of Obama’s love pledge to the Middle East (how many gay men has Iran hung this week for the crime of being…gay?) in conjunction with Wright’s frothing nonsense, Meeks, the NOI’s enlightened view toward gay men, and the refusal to be seen with the heterosexual mayor of what is considered to be America’s “gayest” city, in terms of populace, well, it stinks.

                  I said it was hyperbole, but something about Obama is as creepy as hell, and I would venture most of it has to do with his discomfort around homosexual men and women.


                  You’re the genius troll, enlighten us.

                  Too bizarre?


                  Too difficult for you to understand.

    • Psychodrew

      How is he going to unite the country if he is afraid to talk to people? Can somebody PLEASE freaking explain this to me? It took him more than a year to finally appear on Fox News. He won’t debate Hillary. And he has ZERO record of bipartisanship in the Senate.

      I think his behavior with Mayor Newsom has made it clear that not everybody is going to be part of his new governing majority.

  • workingclass artist

    Corp. interests and fashionable liberalism…..methinks……

  • zozosmom

    Thank you for posting this, Larry. This is Obama’s dirty little secret. After throwing women under the bus, Obama is throwing the LGBT community under the bus. Makes you wonder who is next. I still don’t understand why the so-called left progressives are behind this guy.

    • simon, too

      And it’s my impression Obama, and others, are fearful of gay people.

      I would use it against him.

      Disgusting, cowardly behavior, on the part of Dean, and Obama.


      What’s the matter, bama, you get to close to gay men, gay people, and someone might label you?

      And what’s wrong with people thinking you’re gay?

      Nothing, bama, only if you’re insecure about your OWN sexuality, and identity.

      Coward, disgusting coward.

      • simon, too

        This fear of labeling, of social retribution, being left off of the Washington “list” is about the weakest thing I have ever seen.

        I was thinking today, about AG Mukasey, and torture.

        In no way do I think the AG supports torture, I think he is abhorred by it’s practice, and the dingleberrys who insist on it’s legal validity.

        IMO, the AG doesnt have the cojones to stand up to Cheney and co, in part because he’s not willing to take the heat, the career or social consequences. He’s afraid to fight, IOW.

        So, you know, he, IMO, allows himself to be bullied into submission, even though his decisions affect the stabilty, and health, of the United States government. So he’s not right for the position, he doesnt have the courage a true leader needs, he’s no Patrick Fitzgerald.

        Bullied by a bunch of weak, old biddy male moronic Heathers, no less, gossipy little hens.

  • JoeySky

    Great letter Adrienne. I share your view.

    I can’t see the reason that the gay community would support Obama.

    How many times he had dismiss the need of the gay community? He chalked up the gay right to marriage as an unimportant issue during a campaign in Oregon. He insinuated that the issue is not worth for the discussion during an election. At the same time, Sen. Clinton made an open statement recognize the relationship between Ellen & Portia, and will do anything that will install fairness on Federal benefit to a relationship like them.

    Can you imagine Obama invite Ellen & Portia to the state dinner reception? I know that Sen. Clinton will invite them. But I don’t believe Obama will, he already had problem just taking picture with his fund raiser who was gay. But I know that Obama will invite Rev. Wright.

    Obama refused many time to have an open interview with gay publication.

    I believe whole heartedly that Sen. Clinton is genuine in her concern and will advocate for the GLBT right. But I don’t trust that Obama will do the same.

    • JKFriz

      Obama refused many time to have an open interview with gay publication.

      Obama did a long, free-ranging interview with The Advocate earlier this month.

      The specific claim here is that Obama ducked PGN, whose publisher – Mark Segal – has given the max to Hillary this year, which most folks would claim violates basic journalistic ethics to begin with. Mark’s political affiliations have included strong support for Philadelphia State Senator Vince Fumo, who loudly called a colleague a “faggot” in Harrisburg in 2006. It should not be presumed that he speaks for the gay community here.

      • Jay

        I don’t think Obama supporters want to be talking about “journalistic ethics”. Every time their guy gets a tough question, the background of the questioner is examined–instead of reflecting on the TOXIC associations in his own life that cause people to question his judgment and integrity. Most people’s first fundraiser for political office is held by a PTA President or something not a former FBI-most wanted terrorist (Ayres) that bombed police stations and the Pentagon (LOL). What about the journalistic ethics of Jonathan Alter? Chris Matthews? Keith Olbermann? Jack Cafferty? Tim Russert?
        Stop Whining.
        No one buys you BO BS on this site Boy-o

        • JKFriz

          Wait…this site is pro-Hillary? Someone should have TOLD me!

          Anyhow: do you or do you not think that journalists have a responsibility to remain neutral in electoral campaigns?

  • Eurogirl70

    Thank you so much Adrienne for your thoughtful analysis. I have been utterly appalled at the mindless support some prominent members of the LGBT community have given to Senator Obama; Rachel Maddow comes to mind. This man has done nothing but align himself with anti-gay homophobes like Rev. Meeks and Donnie McClurkin. Some in the LGBT community on the left have come to be like their Republican Log Cabin counterparts. Speaking as a lesbian, I do not hand over my support or monies to persons who make me promises behind closed doors but do everything to marginalize me in public. When it came out that Senator Obama had informed former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown that under no circumstances did he want to meet with or have his picture taken with current SF mayor Gavin Newsom, a straight man who supports LGBT rights, that sounded the final death nell. It isn;t what you say you will do. It isn’t what you do when all eyes and cameras are on you. It is what you do when no one else is around or in those quiet pseudo-off camera moments that are the true measure of a person. Obama will say anything. What he does is another matter. I am not willing to take the chance!!

    • workingclass artist

      My theory for what it’s worth…( Squat most likely ) is that Obama is such an empty suit that all these special interest types cannot resist the delusional urge to guide and shape the man into their own image…These power folks are so desperate to retain power they LITERALLY DISCOUNT THEIR OWN VOTING BASE….This is not a mistake the republicans make before an election….This is their pattern after an election….Makes you kinda wonder about the state of Ivy League Liberal Education….Overated ?
      Una salus victis nullam sperare salutem ( The one safety for the vanquished is to abandon hope of safety….Knowing that there is no hope can give one the courage to fight and win….) Clinton will win…..Sanity will prevail….

  • raymo

    Somebody ought to out Donna Brazile right about now.

    I read that in an interview in The Advocate, Obama praised a former gay professor of his at Occidental College by saying, “he didn’t proselytize or anything.” Wow, does Obama also fall for the old stereotype that gays try to recruit people? That’s just ignorant.

    • workingclass artist

      LOL….That is priceless…His professor acted in ATYPICAL GAY BEHAVIOR…
      That is rich….I’ll bet BABY-O was sweatin being alone with his Gay professor…..Why he mighta turned OBAMA GAAAAAAYYYYYY…..Through close proximity…This is shapin u to be a good weekend for Clinton…..The rest of the Oppressed are speakin out……

  • sjc-tx

    Yes maybe we will, as a country, someday catch up with the rest of the western world in our attitudes re “non traditional” relationships… But apparently this isn;t included in BO’s list of hope and changeables….

  • Dr Dene Chabot-Fence

    Just where is all this money for BO coming from….suspect that millions could be following from Oprah who may have access to many hidden vaults. Those millions are just not all from $5.00 bills across the country in my opinion as well as in the opinion of others. Since BO has taken money for years from crooks like Resco, it is not far from any or other sources untold at this time…where is the investigators?

    • The “investigators” are on vacation until they need to help out McCain.

      • jwrjr

        They are not on vacation, but we will not hear from them until McCain needs them.

  • Shainzona

    Thank you for your letter. May we use it in rebuttals on other sites where BO is acclaimed for his LGBT rights…afterall, he mentions “gays” in every speech.

    • workingclass artist

      I know he’s afraid of Wayne Barrett….Wayne has been writing some good stuff for the voice….Always liked his writing whether I agree with him or not….He makes you think and ask questions as good writers should….

  • workingclass artist

    Ehemmm…..I believe Dean the Putz and Donnidiot are named in a descrimination law suit against the DNC brought by a former employee who is gay…..Another fine example of EXCELLENT MANAGEMENT by the Dean team….

  • workingclass artist

    LOL….Uppity…Good post….I thik it was sometime last week and I was at the coffee shop ( a rare treat ) and I happened to pick up the local Gay News and they had that Philly story on the front page….I was laughing so hard I almost lost me expensive cup o coffee…I showed it to my kid and all she could do is drop jaw….Big mistake Barry….Another thing for him to be afraid of….Gay rights will proceed as they should but not probably fast enough for the ativists….Whe compared to the sluggish pace of other rights causes the timeline seems to be of an average….EXCEPTING OF COURSE EQUITY PAY AND ENFORCEMENT FOR WOMEN…..That one has been way too sluggish….I don’t think Teddy and Nancy passin another law is goin to change things much either….I live in a historic gayborhood in my city and my Twin brother is gay…
    BABY-O’s associations are alarming….Our hood was overwhelmingly pro-Clinton…

  • Jeanne Hall

    Thank you for your detailed look at the two candidates’ behavior toward the LGBT community. As we say the proof is in the pudding. Mr O comes up way short as he often does.

  • Are you sure this guy isn’t a Republican? I mean he goes to a whacky church that makes those nutcase evangelicals look tame, hates gays, is bigot, hates women and keeps getting a lot of mysterious money showing up in his coffers.

    • JKFriz

      Obama talks all things LGBT with the Advocate earlier this month:

      And I’d like to see where Hillary defended gay rights in front of a potentially hostile audience. Via Ben Smith:

      Obama’s rally in Beaumont today was the highest-energy of this Texas swing, with a crowd that was about three-quarters black cheering at almost every turn.

      An interesting moment came when he was asked a question about LGBT rights and delivered an answer that seemed to suit the questioner, listing the various attributes — race, gender, etc. — that shouldn’t trigger discrimination, to successive cheers. When he came to saying that gays and lesbians deserve equality, though, the crowd fell silent.

      So he took a different tack:

      “Now I’m a Christian, and I praise Jesus every Sunday,” he said, to a sudden wave of noisy applause and cheers.

      “I hear people saying things that I don’t think are very Christian with respect to people who are gay and lesbian,” he said, and the crowd seemed to come along with him this time.

      The moment reminded me of a conversation I had recently with a senior figure in the national gay rights movement, who noted that Obama’s deference to some black Christian discomfort with homosexuality — his refusal to dump the “ex-gay” gospel singer Donnie McClurkin from a tour — angered some gays and lesbians; but conversely, that his ability to sell gay rights in the black church is unique and appealing.

    • Reverend Wrong

      I think this open letter will get widely circulated and cause damage to Obama’s image which is already suffering badly in my opinion.

    • PamFlorida

      Good question. He never refers to himself as a Democrat. Don’t recall him mentioning the Democratic Party, either. Can’t remember him calling for Party unity.
      Obama seems to focus his attention on recruiting Republicans & Independents.
      There is a lot we don’t know about Obama yet. Everyone wants a CHANGE from the Bush administration. I HOPE he doen’t become the nominee.