farr-and-pfle.jpgHere’s a sampling of the thinking of Father Michael Pfleger, who Barack Obama has often cited as a “spiritual adviser” and whose testimonial is on Obama’s official campaign site:

I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit back while you tear down Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright. How dare you. How dare you. How dare you seek to reduce Jeremiah Wright, who’s one of the greatest Biblical scholars this nation has, to a 30-second sound bite and try to demonize him and trivialize him. You cannot do that.

Why does Barack align himself with so many radical religious leaders? Besides Rev. Wright, there are Father Michael Pfleger, closely associated with Wright and Farrakhan, and Rev. James Meeks, also close to Obama’s spiritual advisers. [PHOTO: Father Pfleger together with Louis Farrakhan.]

In a CNN interview aired April 28th, in defense of his close friend Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Fr. Michael Pfleger — whose church is in Chicago’s Southside — said that we must allow Rev. Wright to demonstrate who he “really is”:

Here’s a video sampling of who Fr. Pfleger really is.

As Larry Johnson wrote when he posted this video recently, it “speaks for itself”:

Larry wrote:

And let’s not forget the “Reverend” James Meeks. A homophobe who believes “nigger” is a term of endearment.


Each of these men have been listed by Barack’s campaign as religious advisers. So we are not talking about merely constituents who support Barack. We are talking about people that Barack has invited to be a part of his campaign. Which raises the more important question. Barack says he disagrees with their views. Okay. Then what are they advising him on? Fashion tips? Ethnic cuisine? Movies? And it is only as media attention is focused on their bizarre behavior that Barack’s campaign starts scrambling to erase them from the Obama website.

These clips demonstrate that it ain’t just a black thing. Pfleger looks like your typical white man to me. So we can conclude that saying crazy things from a pulpit is not caused by one’s skin color. It goes to the issue of character. Senator Obama has demonstrated a consistent pattern of reaching out to clergy who occupy the most extreme fringes of Christianity. Why does he do that?

To date, the only reason that Barack Obama hasn’t had to hold press conferences about his longtime relationships with these extremists is that the MSM hasn’t latched on to his associations.

But, the names of these extremists — and their words and the video clips — are being disseminated by the hundreds of thousands in e-mails among the nation’s voters, to both Republicans and Democrats.

Most Democrats who see these videos and hear about these extremists’ beliefs are aghast, and a sufficient minority of Democrats are so shocked that they realize that they cannot vote for Barack Obama in a general election, given these relationships.

All Republicans who see these videos realize one thing: That Barack Obama cannot, and will not, win the presidency, and that John McCain will be POTUS 44.

Unless we somehow get the Democratic leadership to wake the hell up, and realize that — even if they’re still dreamily imagining an Obama candidacy — they have not vetted this man sufficiently, and that they need to take a cold hard look at Obama. Before it’s too late.


Special thanks to V4Hill for securing the Red Lasso video of Fr. Pfleger on Monday’s CNN Situation Room.

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  • William

    Fr. Pfleger at a demonstration seeking to shut down a legal firearms dealer, called on the crowd to kill (“snuff out”) the dealer, mentioning him by name and spelling his surname thus urging an act in violaton of both the law of God and of the state. He was rebuked by his superiors but to my knowledge has not yet apologized to the dealer for calling for his killing.

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  • MarkL

    Look, the fact is that ALL religious leaders can be seen raving fruitcakes, looking at it objectively—that is if they believe any of the shit they preach.
    The only difference is that some kinds of lunacy are socially acceptable and some aren’t. Sorry, Obama!!

  • orionATL

    look, these guys work in tough neighborhoods.

    they do what they can,

    and they don’t do all that bad for themselves,either.

    but the notion that these are “the bad guys” which the corporate media are peddling,

    does not go down well with me.

    if i were the rev, and his colleagues

    i would consider barack obama as a JUDAS.

    a disciple who came to learn, stayed, and finally betrayed.

    can there be any doubt that this is the way these pastors look at senator obama.

    senator obama is a famous man. these guys are still down in southside, preaching.

    it would be really smart of highly educated american liberals,

    not to mention dumb-assed, low-iq reporters, teeveee commentators, and print columnists,

    if they gave these preachers some credit for doing what they have done, and for all the years they have done it.

    have you committed yourself similarly?.

  • CeeHussein

    Why does Barack align himself with so many radical religious leaders?

    For the same reason that Ed Rendell and Michael Bloomberg have.

    They aren’t stupid and realize they have to reach out to everyone to get things done.

  • Talktruth

    More good news. Current headline at http://www.abcnews.com:

    Obama’s Negatives Rise, Clinton Tops McCain in New Poll

    It looks like some numbers we’ve seen. The big news is that it’s on ABC’s front page.

    Here’s a nice snippet:

    Since their last poll four weeks ago, unfavorable views of Obama have risen 10% — from 24% a month ago to 34% at present. Obama’s woes also appear to know few demographic bounds — unfavorable views of Obama have risen among women, whites, independents and Democrats, according to CBS News and the New York Times.


    Hillary Rising!

  • rwc

    “…Jeremiah Wright, who’s one of the greatest Biblical scholars this nation has…”

    No he isn’t, he’s a just another poverty pimp and professional race baiter like Sharpton and Farrakhan.

    He couldn’t make a pimple on the asses of any top 100 religious scholars in the country, let alone the top 10.

    Pfleger himself comes like one of those soft headed liberation theology types who went over the deep end and now identifies with those any sane person would condemn on the spot.

  • english teacher

    jeremiah wright is one of the greatest biblical scholars in america? fuck me. i thought he was a bigoted shit bag.

    • Well there’s that too..

  • I’ve written extensively about Phleger, another one of the Obama-nuts and was surprised to hear Obama mention him in his presser, because he is opening himself up for more criticism. So, as with Wright, if we all keep writing about Phleger and the others, sooner but probably later the MSM will hook onto the stories. Oh, the MSM, so slsow to get it.

    Halli Casser-Jayne
    Guilt By Association

    • Well I think he thinks it will court the catholics. If the catholics see this guy, they will run so fast they will dig a hole in the ground on their way out the door. Man, there has to be something in Chicago’s water. I’d have to go on a hunt where I am to find a pastor as nuts as these guys are.

      • workingclass artist

        The guy is listed on Obama’s website…..This is so weird….

      • workingclass artist

        It has….. but what’s really weird is all these testimonials at Obama’s site.
        It’s like the coalition of cafeteria religion…Like the Ark of religious variety….Curiouser and curioser….
        All I know is that this priest is doing latin american style politicking….
        I have’nt been there for a while…afaid of hives….I always get creeped out when I go there….Oops….how very rational of me…..

    • workingclass artist

      Is he a liberation theology kind of priest ? That would be a big No- NO

  • I can’t believe that Meeks is a senator. He must be a blast to work with.

  • So what do these jokers think of Obama cutting bait with Wright?

    I’ve been reading reports that the whole Wright outrage tour was a setup so that Obama could do a more thorough job of disowning him. On TM’s site someone reported the Ferraro stated so on Fox News.

    I’m not sure what to think–I don’t put anything past them but it’s hard to believe that Wright’s Press Club rant would bring anything positive to BO, even after Obama claimed it ended their relationship.

    What do we know about these allegations?

    • If it is a setup it was a stupid one at a time so close to two important primaries. I could see this kind of setup at the onset of a GENERAL election but CERTAINLY not now. AP IPSOS has him down and FOX News polls have him hurting in all kinds of directions among democrats and independents. Besides that, it has him locked in to the subject wherever he goes. I just don’t see it as a setup, really. Wright implied he’s a politician and saying what he has to say. It just wasn’t a good thing. But hey, who knows with these people?

      • DCDemocrat

        Maybe it was a setup, but Obama’s camp couldn’t get the correct modulation of Rev. Wright’s message. Alternatively, maybe it was a setup, and Obama’s camp just miscalculated. I must confess that I like Rev. Wright a lot more since he started working for Hillary’s election.

      • workingclass artist

        I don’t think it was a setup….I think it was a clash of egos….

      • mimi

        The jury still out. Like any strategic plan. It could backfire. But if you take in to account the MSM support of Obama along with their Hillary-hatred, if they decide to push the narrative that the Wright flap is over and we should move on and they don’t report anything but their own polls and that Obama is still winnning SDs in spite of this, – well we’ve seen this before. It sends a message to a weak-minded public who may just surrender to his candidacy.

        And if there’s an insistence from Hillary’s camp and her supporters then they’ll make us the problem.

        Of course, it could backfire and hopefully the American public is not this gullible and will continue to ask the most important questions, who’s better qualified, who can beat McCain, etc.

        But there’s no way to be sure what the truth is. I certainly believe it’s a dog and pony show. If only I could prove it.

    • Talktruth

      I don’t know how you could prove it definitively one way or the other, absent hiring a private detective. But I just thought of one way you might know.

      If this was a set-up that Wright was in on, then I’m sure part of the plan would be for him to bow out at this point. If the Wright Rev “stays the course” and keeps making embarrassing public appearances, we’ll know this isn’t a clever marketing ploy by Camp BO, just further proof of his bad judgment in picking his “friends.”

  • workingclass artist

    The RCC has taken a fairly firm stance on priests lately…..Hmmmm I wonder who his Bishop is…..Of course he was preaching in Obam’s church in the style so to speak…..But if this priest is a proponent of Liberation Theology he could be sanctioned by his bishop.
    I must say that Roman Catholic Priests are not good preachers….That was a tad embarrassing….

    • Actually, I believe it is Cardinal George. Google the Archdiocese of Chicago. The RCC is not in the mood for negative publicity, so enough complaints might generate some action by the Cardinal. (Which would of course, generate notice by the media)

      • workingclass artist

        Yeah…I just went down a strange catholic trip….It was almost as strange as doing the tango with Mel Gibson’s crowd or Opus Dei….
        Goingforth.org is the official site for the dioceses of Chicago.
        The Cardinal of Chicago ( top dog ) is Cardinal Frances Eugene George
        The dioceses has auxillary bishops listed at the site ( there are 6 )
        I found out that the good Fr. Pfleger adopted a son ( never heard of that before )
        His church site is oldst.sabina.org…
        Axelrod is listed as a prominent parishoner….Hmmmmm
        Curioser and curiouser…….No ?

        • mimi

          I’ve heard that the Archdiocese in Chicago marches to its own drummer. Anybody else heard that?

          • workingclass artist

            That’s what I’m tryin to figure out…..Like all catholic parishes no matter what country they fall under the authority of the Vatican. There is some lee way EXCEPT IN THE CATECHISM……Hmmmmmm
            This is the trouble that happened with Liberation Theology in Latin America….Priests got all wrapped up in local politics and generally the vatican disciplines when a bishop or a priest steps outta line…

      • workingclass artist

        Agree with you Melissa…..The RCC usually does not want this kinda political heat…..The record on this guy is thick. He is an activist priest and all over Chicago Politics……

  • Karen

    This is off topic, but here is a stand up and cheer article at Media Matters. Good factual information
    at the end too……

    • mimi

      Thanks Karen for the article. I pretty much understood this if only subliminally. The more these journalists do this, the deeper I dig my heels in. This is why I’m watching baseball as I type, don’t buy print media and listen only to financial reports. I think I may be able to ditch my bp meds soon.

      As far as I’m concerned they can keep sailing on the good ship SS Obama Titanic into oblivion.

      Bon Voyage!

      • workingclass artist

        Mimi…what baseball teams do you like….Just curious….

      • AmyinSC

        Good catch, Karen. I failed to check in at Media Matters this week (even though I signed up for the alerts, I think AOL has decided I don’t need them). Excellent piece!

        And yes – I think it is something many of us KNEW – it is just nice to have a real journalist type acknowledge it, with links, no less! Thanks!

  • Please, not another “spiritual adviser” that when confronted now “was never a spiritual adviser!” 🙂

    This nightmare, when will it end? Obama is an embarrassment to our nation and MLK who must be turning in his grave.

    • jwrjr

      And Wright as a Biblical scholar? Has Pfleger completely lost his mind?

      • stodghie

        well wright appears to be well educated but that doesn’t make him sensible.

        • workingclass artist

          Ehemmmmm…….Anyone can appear to be well educated if they wright their own history book and invent their own religion….eh ?
          That would make them the supreme expert in a world of one….

  • JoeySky

    MSM should be sued for corruption charge.

    • I agree with you in the metaphorical sense: They should be put out of business by we the people not financing their propaganda anymore.

      We need to have the right to only pay for cable networks that we want delivered. This a la carte system would give the people of America the ability to tell the propagandists to fuck off, once and for all.

      If the legislature won’t do this, the courts could as this propaganda issue is a threat to our very freedoms and liberties.

      • Now THAT is an outstanding idea!!!

        • Yes it is, and I might champion it, after we make sure Hill is all set. 🙂

          The end result of what I am proposing would force the MSM news networks to really be fair and balanced. We can vote with our pocketbooks. I am sure the capitalists will applaud my free-market answer. How ironic!!!!!!!!