[At the end, I’ve included UPDATES from another great MyDD diary on the Obama campaign’s pathetic error.]


Senator Obama is at it again, taking credit for things someone else is doing and trying to craft an image of himself as an innovator and a leader. The only problem is that he is getting caught with his pants down making an ass of himself for all to see.

As almost everyone knows, Hillary crafted an Oregon Compact that specified how she would promote issues specific to Oregon to help the people of the state. And as usual Senator Obama was forced to come up with his own plan for Oregon. But he made just a slight mistake. A 1,700-mile mistake, you might say. Because in his CHANGE OREGON CAN BELIEVE IN plan he promised:

Barack Obama will reinvigorate the drinking water standards that have been weakened under the Bush administration and update them to address new threats. He will help communities by restoring better federal financing for water and wastewater treatment infrastructure, and he will continue his leadership in protecting national treasures like the Great Lakes from threats such as industrial pollution, water diversion, and invasive species. Obama will establish policies to help high-growth regions with the challenges of managing their water supplies.

Of course, this glaring mistake didn’t phase Senator Obama. I guess he figures that a bunch a hicks like us wouldn’t know that the Great Lakes are in the northern Midwest portion of our country, not in the Pacific Northwest. And when confronted by this obvious whopper, the elite Obama campaign answered in the manner that we have come to expect from them. They said something equally as stupid:

Democratic rivals vie for Oregon votes

Obama spokesman Nick Shapiro said his campaign wasn’t trying to match Clinton’s Oregon compact. “The last thing Oregon needs is another plan,” he said, arguing that the important thing is that Obama would be more successful in breaking through Washington gridlock to get things done.

A snappy comeback don’t you think? But if what Shapiro said is true then WHY did Obama feel the need to produce a plan to begin with?

It sounds to me like he is saying that since Obama screwed up basic geography plans are irrelevant anyway. And what are we to make of Shapiro’s claim that Obama would be more successful in breaking through Washington gridlock to get things done? Does he cite any evidence or experience to back up this claim?

And yes, dear reader, you have caught me. Because the question is rhetorical. We ALL know that Obama has ZERO experience doing what his campaign tries to convince people his is best qualified to do. None. Zip. Nada. Not a frickin bit of experience doing what he and his campaign claim is his biggest selling point. I guess that is where the “hope” comes in. Because you sure as hell can’t trust that Obama is what he says he is. It’s all smoke and mirrors, deceptions and lies.

Despite the obvious arrogance when confronted with mistakes, what are we to make of Obama’s great plan to reinvigorate Oregon? Hillary’s Oregon spokesperson, Julie Edwards gives it a big thumbs down.

Obama issues ‘Oregon’ plan

“Ninety percent of the document is not Oregon specific, Edwards said. “What remains is a rehash of what was in the Oregon Compact released by Sen. Clinton last week.”

But never to be outdone or without a righteous excuse when caught looking stupid, Obama’s campaign responded in yet another foolish way. They attempted to make Obama’s nonspecific plan seem like it is what Oregon actually needs.

“Oregonians appreciate the fact that issues that matter to them matter to other people all across the country,” Shapiro said.

I’ve seen some hoodwinking in my day but trying to cover up a lack of specificity with a praise for generality is without a doubt the worst I have seen. Ever. It is the political equivalent of “The dog ate my homework.”

Yes, I am sure that Oregonians go to bed at night feeling all safe and protected because the Great Lakes are finally getting some attention. Their jobs feel much more secure, their health care accessibility is widened and all kinds of nice warm fuzzy things. And all because Senator Obama reminded them that they are just like the people in Illinois. I’m sure that goes over real well.

Don’t know about the rest of you but I fully expect that Obama’s plan for Kentucky will somehow confuse the Daniel Boone Natural Forest with the Black Forest. And I can’t wait to hear the WORMs spin that one.

UPDATE: bobbank points out in his excellent diary Change Oregon Can Believe In? that Obama isn’t just confused which state he is trying to help, he also neglects to mention that one of the centerpieces to his Energy Plan for Oregon is something that Oregon already passed into law last year.

Powering Oregon’s Future SB 838

In it’s 2007 session, the Oregon Legislature passed the Oregon Renewable Energy Act ( SB 838 ) and the bill was signed into law on June 6th, 2007.

The Act establishes a Renewable Energy Standard that requires Oregon’s largest utilities to acquire 25% of their electricity from new, homegrown renewable energy sources by 2025. Smaller Oregon utilities must meet smaller renewable energy targets of 5% or 10% of their electricity by 2025.

Compare this with Obama’s CHANGE OREGON CAN BELIEVE IN where he proposes a plan for Oregon that they have already have.

That’s Not Leadership Oregon Can Believe In.

Barack Obama will establish a 25 percent federal Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) to require that 25 percent of electricity consumed in the U.S. is derived from clean, sustainable energy sources, like solar, wind and geothermal by 2025. This requirement will spur significant private sector investment in renewable sources of energy and create thousands of new American jobs, especially in rural areas.

This is kinda like the leadership it took for Obama to go to Detroit and tell the Automotive Execs that they were going to have to achieve higher fuel efficiency standards. And it just so happened that Obama used the same efficiency standards that were being adopted by the Senate at the time. Yep, bold leadership.

And if all of this hasn’t demonstrated how completely out of touch Obama is just take a look at what his plan is for helping Oregon’s Veterans.

Care for America’s Veterans: There are more than 380,000 veterans in Oregon, and the Department of Veterans Affairs that was built to care for World War II veterans is not ready to handle the influx of veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. As a member of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, Barack Obama has fought to end benefit disparities, bring homeless veterans in off the streets, strengthen mental health care, add billions of dollars in additional Department of Veterans Affairs funding, and reform a system that often places barriers between veterans and the benefits they have earned. As president, Obama will ensure we honor the sacred trust to care for Pennsylvania’s 1.1 million veterans.

Uh… Earth to the Obama Campaign. I think you need a compass. Or a brain.


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  • Linda C.

    Well you know this is Hillary’s fault. She managed to move the Great Lakes when Obama wasn’t looking.

  • Eddie Bryan

    That’s right! Who needs a plan, baby?
    Why don’t we all just lay back and get HIGH?

  • SeaMBA

    All I have to say is that America can not afford to elect Senator Obama or Senator McCain.

    America needs President Hillary Clinton.

  • Mr X

    I have a question for Obama. Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

    • Patti

      NO he is not..

  • The problem is, Obama’s people don’t know there’s a difference between words and reality. Obama’s new politics are either old liberal cliches or Clinton retreads. He adopts Clinton bipartisanship and claims that he can do better than anyone. He then insults rural lifestyles and religion and has a close friend with far left beliefs that also offend the red States. He says he takes the high road while implying nonstop that the Clintons are racists and throwing his friend under a bus.
    And his supporters don’t see the disconnect between rhetoric and reality. Yeah, They’re real educated.

  • Northwest rain

    Being currently from Washington it always irks me when I say Washington non-Washingtonians always assume I’m talking about D.C.

    As I’ve mentioned one of the things that really impressed me about Sen. Clinton’s stump speech in Seattle, Washington is that she KNEW the area — and mentioned topics that were very specific to Washington. She bothered to learn the details and include them in her stump speech. I’ve come to expect that sort of attention to detail from Clinton.

    And any more we just expect Obama to screw up the details — just like bushie does. Both are lazy ass, rich frat boys — and it is a culture/class war NOT a race war that these two dopes are engaged in.

  • karen for Clinton

    His plans made way more sense when he stole them outright word for word from her plans and Edward’s plans.

    When it comes to Oregon they’d better take a long look at his Exelon and GE dealings and his lobby money that he says he doesn’t get.

  • Not your fault—I have my blog linked right here. Besides, I have enough out there that anyone can figure it out!!!

    Go Hillary and come on OREGON—You and your great lakes (Crater and Oswego — two I know) can do this!!!

  • Ooops. . . I meant to hid behind my Puget mask!

    • pm317


  • I found a great visual to go with this post. I posted it on my blog along with my Oregon Post about dorky Obama.

    • Amanda

      This one was my favorite:

      “Hey, MI. First he blocked your vote, now he wants to take your lake!”



    • pm317

      Went to your blog (you’re puget from TM). good one. Liked your pictures from Bill Clinton rally too.

  • John

    Even before Oregon became a state, during the Articles of Confederation Period, Barack Obama has cared about it’s natural treasures- Mount Rushmore, Glacier National Monument, the Everglades, and most important, it’s literally dozens of hard-working people.

    You can rest assured, Oregonters, that Barack Obama shares your values and your vision for a better Oregon.


    Annonymous Spokesman for the Obama Campaign (I’m a Spokesman, and I’ve met people who’ve met Barack! Isn’t that like the coolest think EVAH??)

    • beebop

      Too good …. I was in Arizona once and the guy in the car with me was from Colorado and kept getting the mountains confused. You can understand when that happens …. but this kind of thing … sloppy, lazy, not interested, disengaged and full of themselves. Did I miss anything?

    • Hahahahaha!

  • honestlawyer mostly

    I am afraid that I too am geographically challenged. A few minutes ago, I visited Huffington Post and Politico.com to look at the comments concerning the youtube video that was doctored. Even after Sam Stein conceded that it was doctored, the anti-Hillary comments based on the video keep pouring in, that together with posting after posting praising Obama for sticking to the high road. I thought I was in Texas but I think one of those tornados last night may have transported me to Alice’s Wonderland.

    • rjj

      At this point both camps are in Emmanuel Goldstein mode.

    • Amanda

      Yeap, I went through Huffpost (what a torture) and the comments were really nasty.
      Karl Rove must be getting some great ideas from what the Democrats are doing to each other. I bet you every day he says: damn, I can’t even come up with this shitt. (Excuse my language, but I’m bitter today, not Obama “bitter” but bitter for real.)

    • No not Wonderland- we’s in OZ- pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! Beware the flying monkeys!

  • rjj

    High-flown rhetoric + low-road tactics + piss poor policy lost the Republicans their moderates, and the servile Dems have adopted the formula.

    • rjj

      That was a response to Comment by slowday | 2008-05-02 15:57:07.

      Do people here absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the nested comment format?

      • beebop

        I don’t think it impresses the trolls. It doesn’t seem to have any impact on responsiveness or staying on topic that I notice …. 😉

  • John

    I also heard repeatedly today that “Wright has freedom of speech, doesn’t he?” and “Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech?”

    The dumbing down of American thought continues unabated, and Air Obama Radio is in the vanguard. Who the HELL has questioned the Rev. Wright’s right to say what he wants to say? Who has threatened to throw him in jail for expressing himself? NOBODY!!

    Here’s another right: My right to judge candidates based on associations freely made and maintained. And to vote accordingly.

    • jwrjr

      Clinton supporters are not the ones calling for Wright to shut up.

  • John

    On Air America Radio, Rosanne Barr and Johnny Argent (sp?) are interviewing a black minister critical of Obama. Argent is trying to get this guy to admit that the important thing is to beat McCain in November.

    “Come on, Reverend…are you for McCain?”

    Rev: “Of course not, I actually prefer Cynthia McKinney..”

    Barr: “Me too, I love her!”

    Argent: “We love her here!”

    So there you have it- the state of Progressive Talk Radio today. Argent and Barr “love” Cynthia McKinney. What do they love about her? The Anti-Semitism? The sleazy campaign tactics?

    Maybe it’s her hair.

    Or maybe “Progressive” talk radio has just gone off the deep end. Disgusting.

  • slowday

    At this point, I can’t decide if I dislike Obama as a person or simply his campaign as an entity…is there a difference? Gaffes like this make me really nervous about November, how did America do it again? I’ve never been so desperate for a political upset in my life. Is there any possible way Hillary Clinton can beat out this poseur? I hope so.

  • (To Susan and/or Larry: If you find this message useful for your readers, please feel free to make it a post as/if you see fit)

    We are in ‘Cruch Time’ my friends. Now is the time to mobilize. To that end, I want to express my thoughts on this subject:

    A Call to Action

    The next 5 days are THE most important days left in this campaign (at least for now). Anybody who cares about Hillary and her chances to win, this is the time to act. Donations and calls to SuperD’s are great, but it’s really time to work the heck out of North Carolina and Indiana newspaper sites, blogs, media outlets and phone banks. This is it; this is our last best chance to make sure that this contest gets to Denver (or else Barack is forced to quit the contest after being humiliated in the Black Belt state of North Carolina).

    If you lurk on this site and you have been waiting for an opportunity to contribute here or in some other way to Hillary’s efforts, now is your time. There is no time to waste, and no way of overstating the criticalness of the next five days to the outcome of this Democratic nomination race.

    The DNC and Obama’s campaign knows this as well. That is why they had Ofraudma and Michelle go on the in-the-tank NBC Networks’ Today show and why BaCrock will be appearing on Meet the Punk with “Lil Rus” Tim Stoop Russert.

    This is also why Pelosi, Dean and the DNC is trying like hell to push SD’s to come out and back BaCrock now. You can be assured that more of this will continue in the next few days as they try to influence the voters in NC and IN to vote for their Golden Calf Candidate. Similarly, it is why Mr. “I kicked Alice Palmer off the ballot in 1996, that’s right, the same Alice Palmer who once had groomed me to be her successor and is now campaigning for Hillary Clinton”) Ofraudma (AKA the guy who brags he is “an election lawyer”) is trying to take down the 527 who is opposing him in NC and IN.

    In summary: This is now an all-out sprint to the finish for the 2 Tuesday elections. Anything anyone who is for Hillary and/or against Barack can do now, this is the time to fire your volley, so to speak. There is no more time for holding back or else it will be too late.

    We have ALL the momentum; every SINGLE poll (even the BS NBC “let’s try to influence and not record public opinion” poll shows the straight-up flight away from BaCrock) reflects this [Chuck Todd, you are a farce]. Travis Childers, Dem Congressional candidate in MS, is running ads SPECIFICALLY to distance himself from the toxic Ofraudma. The NC, MS and LA state GOP parties are either running or preparing to run ads against Obama as we speak (and these efforts are drawing tons of media coverage as well as HUGE $$$ from GOP donors in support of the ads).

    Sites which have totally sold-out to Obama like Obama, to paraphrase Al Sharpton, sold-out to ‘The Man’ over Sean Bell are freaking the *blank* out: Daily Kos is in panic; Josh “LIEberman” Marshall and his TPM is flustered; Jonathan Singer of MyDD is trying to hide behind Chaz Todd’s stilted poll. Honestly, I would not be surprised if NBC and Todd released a new poll bi-daily each diem between now and Tuesday. They are freaking out.

    This is where we stand, overall:

    The elites of the Dem. Party (Kerry, Kennedy, Dean, Pelosi) and the elites of the mainstream media and blogosphere (Matthews, Russert, Cooper, C. Brown, Larry King, Markos, Marshall, …) are going to throw every last kitchen sink, compact automobile, boxcar and small building at the Clintons in the next 5 days that they can. Anyone who is suspected of not being on-board with Obama will be directly or indirectly referred to as a racist or racist-to-be. Prepare for this, because it has already started and will be heightening by the moment through the close of Tuesday’s polls closing in the two key states.

    This is the MSM and DNC elites vs us, the average Americans who stand for taking back our country from the Bush Administration and who don’t want to give it to a pliable, and suspect, political neophyte like BaCrock, who the Axelrods and Exelons think they can play like the proverbial marionette on the strings if and when they are able to snow the public and get Ofraudma into the Oval Office. America does not want this, particularly after 8 years of Shrub.

    Now is the time to wreck the elites’ plans. But we can only accomplish this with all hands on deck. We have 120+ hours to go, and if we execute properly we will have taken a Godzilla-sized bite out of the to-do list necessary to get Hillary Clinton into the White House.

    The Obama internet astroturfers are weakening. Their attrition is evident to anyone working the ‘net the last few days. Now is the time to land the decisive blow and drive them back into their troll dens like the Russian Army did to the Axis at Stalingrad. As a historian, the first thought that springs to my mind is that it is time to funnel Obama and his media and DNC elites into their own version of the Korsun-Cherkassy Pocket.

    Now is OUR time. If you ever wanted to write one post, pen one letter to the editor or let MSNBC know how furious you are with David Shuster calling Chelsea a whore (in effect) or Chris Matthews telling a female anchorperson to come closer to the camera, this is your call to action. It has to happen now.

    My brother and I have our own plans to actualize this weekend in order to help defeat the Obamaian/DNC/MSM Axis. Most will be taking place on our site but we will be working other sources and channels as well. You all know I am in 100%.

    So let’s do this!

    If we are able to take North Carolina and win Indiana by double digits, the Axis’ metaphorical walls of Jericho will come crashing down faster than you can say “Pennsylvania.”

    The Axis is hoping you will be complacent, counting on your letting them carry-out their clandestine plot to subvert the good of this country so that they can oligarchically choose ‘our’ nominee. They think you are going to sit back and let them trample all over you whether you like it or not.

    Prove them wrong.

    For you, for her, for us.

    For America.

    Paul F. Villarreal

    • I have noticed a troll morale meltdown. Excellent.

    • I will absolutely be phone banking Sunday! (Sorry- tomorrow is pick up child’s stuff from college day-and then work tomorrow night.) I have Monday off and will phone bank then as well!
      Rise, Hillary!



    Agenda for black voters: Hoodwink ya
    Agenda for women voters: will kiss ya
    Agenda for children: will give ya sex education early
    Agenda for Iraq: will re-assess and may not end in 2010.
    Agenda for Iran: will talk with ya without any agenda/demands = we are friends
    Agenda for Hamas: most favored status, in preference over Israel
    Agenda for healthcare: coverage for children mandated; rest left to market or welfare (no change) and perhaps MO continues to keep her U. of Chicago Med center job.
    Agenda for economy: 28% capital gains tax; no tax subsidies on gas; more income taxes; The Global Poverty Act.

    Oh, yes, high school kids can sleep in the Lincoln chamber.

    Did we miss any other change?

    • According to Rev Wright “blacks learn differently”, so you have to create a separate category for just them.

      Have they made a political GPS yet? If so, BO really needs one Wright about now.

  • Untilthelastdogdies

    I think perhaps we should show some mercy and give them the benefit of the doubt on this one…I believe it’s probably more an error of syntax (common among the English 1A crowd and one which I was guilty of myself).

    Better proof-reading would have caught such an error. It seems they meant to compare his water policy for the Great Lakes Region (if indeed he has one) with
    a similar one for Oregon; however, they omitted the compare/contrast sentence.

    Of course they could just be dumb.

    • Of course they could just be dumb.

      I was hoping a punch line.

      • Untilthelastdogdies

        That’s my pay-back for being accused of having a 5th grade education! 🙂

    • jd

      just wondering if the left brain was working when they wrote that piece. or was it the right brain ?

    • MessyMarcy

      Nah. I think he just got Oregon the state mixed up with Oregon the city in northwest Ohio (Lake Erie). And when he says he’ll end Washington gridlock, he means traffic in Spokane.

      • pm317

        good one! 🙂

  • UPDATE: bobbank points out in his excellent diary Change Oregon Can Believe In? that Obama isn’t just confused which state he is trying to help, he also neglects to mention that one of the centerpieces to his Energy Plan for Oregon is something that Oregon already passed into law last year.

    Will this plan become another plan that is not a plan since Oregon does not need a plan – plan? 🙂 Sounds like the refrain from “Old Macdonald…” “Here a plan, there a plan, everywhere a plan – plan.” 🙂

  • Talktruth

    Oh, and you’ve probably heard that the Indianapolis Star endorsed Hillary. Yaaaay!!

  • WMCB

    The “veterans of Pennsylvania” part just cracks me up.

    That’s kind of like calling out “Oh, Cheryl!” in the sack…..when her name is Donna.

  • katmandu

    LOL. I just read the Obama statement to my 11 year old (okay, she’s real smart) and when I got to the part about the Great Lakes she said this loud “Uhhhhh?” We both had a nice little laugh.

    Good work, Larry.

  • Talktruth

    People, they are bored! How can you expect them to do a good job when they’re bored, seriously?

    As any good writer knows, one of the tedious things you have to do is look over what you’ve written several times, searching for the tiniest little typo. BO’s people can’t even be bothered to find the big honking ones. I think it shows how little they really care about what they’re doing. Most of us see this highest office as a sacred trust. Camp BO obviously doesn’t put that kind of worth on it.

    Anyhoo, good news! There’s an article over at CNN about Obama losing support (you know it’s bad when CNN recognizes and reports the obvious). Here’s the link: http://tinyurl.com/58on4g

    Good quote from article: “Obama has lost his edge,” said Bill Schneider, CNN senior political analyst. “Is it because of the controversy over his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright? While most Democrats have an unfavorable opinion of Wright, only 19 percent say Wright’s statements have made them less favorable to Obama. More than two thirds say they’ve had no effect at all.”
    Also, they were actually talking, on CNN, about how good it was when Bill Clinton came out of office. Only 19% of people thought things were bad. Today, I think they said it was somewhere in the 60s or higher. Nice to hear the truth for a change! 🙂

    • fooj

      Really. He’s bored. Who needs to pay attention to such trivial details such as this?

      Give me a break.

  • jwrjr

    I bet that the Oregon voters are real impressed by Shapiro” comment (about what they need). How can Obama know what the Oregon voters need when he isn’t clear about where Oregon is?

    • jwrjr

      Shapiro’s, not Shapiro”

    • It’s right next to Pennsylvania isn’t it?

  • J.Foreman

    Everybody, Ben Smith at politico.com just put up an article from past DNC chairs supporting Hillary. Not too many of the comments are coming from Hillary supporters. Please go there and post your comments as fast as possible to give Hillary the backup in comments. Obama’s crazies are trashing her and past DNC chairmen’ letter.


    • Obama’s crazies are trashing her and past DNC chairmen’ letter.

      Oh boy that means their panties are quite ruffled. Excellent! 🙂

      Thanks for the tip.

      • beebop

        Do you suppose that any of them realize that “late” doesn’t mean tardy? ;(

    • pm317

      Oh not to worry. All Clinton rejects/failures have ended up at Obama camp, the recent one being Joe Andrew. Bill Clinton gave this then young guy an opportunity to excel but he did not. His announcement yesterday was so lame and he did not look like a winner.

      • workingclass artist

        It’s amazing to me how many folks are envious of both Clintons…..
        Hence these betrayals by mediochre folks……

  • Hope

    Simply scary, ridiculous and utterly astounding. A Harvard graduate huh?

    • beebop

      Harvard LAW REVIEW, darlin’

      • Yeah, he’s special. Touched in the head if ya asked me.

      • workingclass artist

        Well from what I read he did’nt write anything at the Law Review….Tis strange for an editor…..No ?…….Empty suit in law school…..Empty suit today……Barack Obama non gadus anus rodentum !
        ( Barack Obama not worth a rat’s ass ! )

  • blobert

    My previous post isn’t visible. Hope I haven’t been banned as a Troll!

    • Hope

      It probably happens to everyone here.

  • jd

    Hillary needs to call a presser on this one. Destroy the little man already. Run as indy if needed.

  • sister of ye

    Obama had to use that Great Lakes info somewhere, since 4 of the 5 lakes touch on Michigan – one of the states he’s pretending doesn’t exist.

  • This is so typical of the type of work I used to get out of my employees when I was still working in Seattle (in advertsing). Obama is so typical of this current generation of kids in the workforce that want it all NOW, they don’t want to work and gain experience and work their way to the top, they just want the title, and the money. (and the funny thing is, Obama is older than I am).

    When I was working, all the younger kids coming out of college did shoddy work, always complained, never worked hard, and wanted promotions every other week.

    This sounds exactly like the type of people that are working on his campaign, and sounds exactly like Obama.

    (And I do not think ALL 20-30 year olds are like that, but I do think it is a wide problem of this younger work force.)

    He copies from everyone, always steals from Hillary, and they never proof their work.

    • He copies from everyone,

      Unoriginal, unimaginative, lazy and an unabashed thief.

      always steals from Hillary,

      Unoriginal, unimaginative, lazy, an unabashed thief and proves Hillary is the better mind and candidate.

      and they never proof their work.

      Just lazy and a sign they are “bored” on that “march” (I won’t mention by name out of respect for the dead) or maybe too busy eating a waffle.

      • pm317

        He steals from others too. Don’t forget all those bills others had worked on in the IL senate ended up on his lap in his final year, after Jones played the kingmaker. Recently he tried to claim credit for Dodd’s bill, he showed up asking questions at some committee when he was rebuked by Kennedy and Specter for his lateness. These are things we know. But enough to say he is a thief and (liar)!

  • Patti

    How does Oregon like the Lafe Effect snow? I know I love living east of Lake Ontario..

  • JoeySky

    Obama’s Oregon plan is way of the map, literally.

    • Ah a Hick’s a Hick!

    • jwrjr

      Yes, but when was the map drawn? 1850?

      • JoeySky

        Is that the best counter argument that you can come up with? LOL. TRY Again.

      • JoeySky

        jwrjr, my apology. i thought you were a troll.

        • jwrjr


  • Ellen Tenn

    If this wasn’t true it would be funny. Sadly it is true and it makes me sick. The only HOPE I have for Obama is that he goes away.


    barack hussien obama is like a bad dream. Go obama, please go away!!!!!!!!

  • secularhumanizinevoluter

    Would somebody PUUUUHLEAZE splain ta lil ol me how anyone with more then three funtioning braincells is supporting this clown for dogcatcher let alone President of the United States?

    • JoeySky

      wow!. ROFL.

  • As president, Obama will ensure we honor the sacred trust to care for Pennsylvania’s 1.1 million veterans.

    OMG ROFL! It’s Dan Quayle!

    • beebop

      But … no 20 cent savings on your gas because that and only that apparently would be pandering ….

      • beebop

        Found this on a website dealing with Oregon’s thinking on the 2005 Energy bill … doesn’t look like they think much of Obama’s “vote:”

        Clinton, Obama, and the Bush-Cheney energy bill that allows LNG to threaten Oregon
        guest column
        By Paddy McGuire of Portland, Oregon. Paddy is a former executive director of the Democratic Party of Oregon, a former Clinton Administration appointee, and a former deputy Oregon Secretary of State. Last week, he contributed “The Red Sox Should Have Dropped Out”.

        Critics of Hillary Clinton repeatedly point to her 2002 vote to authorize going to war with Iraq (if Saddam Hussein continued to stymie U.N. weapons inspectors, a resolution supported by U.N. weapons inspector, Hans Blix) as the primary evidence that she should not be President. Many cite this vote as a reason to oppose Hillary, despite many of those same people having earlier supported John Kerry and John Edwards for President, who voted exactly the same way.

        Fast forward to 2005.

        Vice-President Cheney crafted an energy bill with corporate energy pals in Congress that stripped authority from the states on the siting of

        Today, the Cheney-Bush Energy bill is responsible for no fewer than 3 LNG facilities threatening Oregon coastline, rivers, forests, fish, fishermen, farmers, and neighborhoods up and down western Oregon, and most of that natural gas will ultimately go to California.

        Let’s see who was for this mess and who was against it:

        Opposed the Cheney-Bush Energy Bill
        Hillary Clinton
        Ron Wyden
        Earl Blumenauer
        Peter DeFazio
        Darlene Hooley
        David Wu

        For the Cheney-Bush Energy Bill
        Barack Obama
        Gordon Smith
        Greg Walden

      • pm317

        It is pandering when you don’t come up with it first.

    • pm317

      Bush (the son this time) and Quayle together again in Obama.

      What a joke that he has his big following. They are supposed to be the more educated and wealthier ones. It is laughable. I guess if you give anyone big money and the media to hide incriminating stuff and all he has to do is pretend he knows a few things and read off of teleprompters, you have a popular presidential candidate. People supporting him ought to be ashamed — it is not even that they are wrong, they are a danger to the society.

    • workingclass artist

      Dan Quayle without the hair and in a bad suit…..