[Oh, I don’t know what we should do … maybe we should all write to Jason, and tell him we’re showing his e-mail to our bosses? UPDATE: Via our brilliant cartoonist PatRacimora, “There is a report abuse link on the Obama NC page, but you have to provide a bunch of info…I thought it would be funny to report abuse from Obama’s own campaign!”]

UPDATE #2: Potter has written a diary at MyDD on this: “Obama Staff: Call in Sick for Us!” (If you have a MyDD account, recommend this!)

From the Charlotte, N.C. Field Director Jason Green:

From: Obama Voice [mailto:obamavoice@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, May 05, 2008 10:37 PM
To: obamavoice@gmail.com
Subject: Time for Change. Time for Action

When I arrived in Charlotte I was immediately impressed by the grassroots organization that had already been established here. Then, I could not have imagined the blood, sweat and tears that would be shed in the name of hope, to produce change. In just a few short minutes, your incredible field organizers and I will gather to review our game plan one final time. In so doing, we will undoubtedly marvel in the growth and remarkable journey of this campaign here in North Carolina. It is upon your shoulders that we have arrived at this critical point, and it is – once again – upon your shoulders that we will bring it home.

Ready to go?

But please remember that the forces against which we are waging do not go quickly or quietly into the night. We cannot wait passively and idly hope for change to come. Heed the words of Senator Obama, recognize the fierce urgency of now, and be the change you hope to see. We are in a unique position to actually influence the outcome of this presidential primary, and in so doing, have an incredible influence on the future trajectory of this country.

And to do that we need your help. We need more of your blood, your sweat, and your tears. This weekend our Charlotte organization knocked on an incredible number of doors – but there are still many doors to knock, more stories to hear, more voters to inspire. So please join us as we knock on your neighbors doors and bring Senator Obama’s message of hope, unity and change. There is nothing more effective than connecting with another voter and expressing your story. Only you can do that. You know how important this is! I know I don’t have to ask, but I will one last time – please join us tomorrow. Call in sick if you have to and help us all day by canvassing or offering rides to the polls.

Tomorrow we will be canvassing at 9am, 1pm and 4pm (and whenever else you can join us)! There are offices all over Charlotte but our greatest priorities are at 1520 West Blvd and 7935 N. Tryon St. People need to hear your story – hear why you know Barack will make a great president and how his message has touched your life. Join us tomorrow in making history!

Between now and 8pm tomorrow evening, when polls close, we each have to do all in our power to ensure that Barack Obama is victorious. Now is our opportunity to not only change politics, but how Americans view and respect one another. The responsibility is ours.

Jason G. Green

Regional Field Director, Charlotte

1523 Elizabeth Avenue

Charlotte, NC 28204

  • splashy

    Call in sick? That right there shows how elitist they can be. What jobs can you call in sick on? Only the better, higher paying jobs that have benefits. The average minimum wage worker doesn’t have that luxury. They don’t work: they don’t get paid or even lose their job.

    That says it all about not being in touch with those that have to work more than one job, or that are just getting by. No wonder they don’t think that universal health care is worth trying to get!

  • Simon

    Wow. Most of you people really have your heads so far up your collective asses that I’m surprised you can still breathe.

    1. Experience. (From the comments) Both Obama and Hillary have next to none. do you honestly think being First Lady for Arkansas and the US is experience? That’s saying Bill Gates wife should be the next CEO of Microsoft. I don’t have any references but I’m sure Mrs. Gates held a fund raiser or two for some charities or causes that she believed in. The position of First Lady does NOT automatically give you experience.

    2. Lying. (Article) First stone. Please. I’m not saying it’s very ethical to ask someone to call off work, but come on. Really? Everyone is getting into frenzy because someone asked you to call off work?
    Also, dodging snipers in Bosnia? What about the Womens Voices Womens Vote trickery?

    3. Promises. (Comments) This one is for the Hillary crowd. Gas tax holiday. If I have to say more than that, I would be shocked that you even know how to use the internet. Nuking Iran. … Yes. Genocide of a whole fucking country. Great. What the fuck is she thinking? Does anyone really think that nuking Iran will stop the terrorists? That just gives them a larger pedestal to spout their garbage and more people will listen. War mongering anyone?

    4. Revered Wright. Ok. How many of you have friends that have said something stupid? I know I’m guilty of being the one spraying stupid things, and yes, I’m not in a position where I have hundreds of people listening to me, but how is Obama in any way resposible for the stupid shit his ‘former’ reverend has said. What about Hillary? Wasn’t she in some Communist party or some such? Hm.

    5. Politicians. All of them are it. I distrust all of them. I have only checked Obama’s record, but I will be checking on Hillary’s and McCain’s shortly. From what I’ve seen, I agree with most of his voting (when he did). Again, Hillary voted for the war. Has she been complaining about Bush so long that she’s picked up on this bad habit? Let me just mention NAFTA.

    6. Spouses. Both camps have spouses that need to shut up. Bill has been a bit off the wall lately. Not the man he once was. I haven’t seen a lot of Michelle, so other than the link from a comment, I don’t know. Although the Clinton camp just raised the bar from 2,025 to 2,209. So in that respect they did.

    Discuss. (And the earlier insult is retracted. I just get angry when one side bashes the other side with no rebuttals)

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  • Margaret

    Thank you for this post.

    “The forces against which we are waging do not go quickly or quietly into the night.”, clearly implying forces of evil (what is this, Star Wars?)must be conquered. And who, pray tell, do they think represents the forces that will not die, oops, I mean will not go quickly and quietly into the night. Oh, I guess they mean Hillary and her supporters. This is serious, genocidal hate speech. Just when I think I can’t get more creeped out and scared by Obama and his cult, I find out that I can, because their depravity knows no bottom.
    Smells like the insanity of the witch burnings and other organized violence against women. So this just confirms, I will give money to McCain if Obama is the nominee.

  • karen for Clinton

    Who thought they could hold onto the H word and the C word this long? Repeating it adnauseum is nuts.

    Remember the removal of the W on the keyboards?

    I wish there was a burglar who would sneak into all the obama offices and remove all the H and C keys.

    It would shut his entire campaign down instantly, they’d have nothing left to say!

  • Untilthelastdogdies

    recognize the fierce urgency of now

    More of that Carpe Diem bullshit!

    (Apologies to Latinists)

    Nothing I ever did with the fierce urgency of now seemed worth all that angst.

    It reminds me of a self-centered child who wants what they want when they want it.

    OT, but now the price of oil is over $123.00 a barrel (maybe I should say a gallon!).


  • There is something creepy about these “directives” — last night there was a huge documentary on about President Bush’s father (I prefer Dems) but he worked his way up in the system for YEARS, before he got to be the President. Years. O came out of nowhere, used Axelrod’s marketing techniques to propel himself. Ethics? Hard work? No. Notice how his book was launched to coincide with all this. It isn’t like Presidents past. He doesn’t have the years of service Hillary has, or McCain has. For me, experience counts most. I have my fingers crossed for Hillary today!

    Also, Americans vote for who we want. This whole thing is like a corporate takeover. Sickening to watch that Donna Brazille…I have no respect for Axelrod, or her.

  • Inky

    My vote for Hillary Clinton in NC is a vote to restore the rule of law and what is best about America. She shares my values , has solid plans for addressing our crises and is an exceptional,
    determined ,accomplished woman. Obama claims to share my values but I don’t believe him. Rev. Wright is 1 degree away from Louis Farrakhan –a man who openly despises my white skin and British heritage, and who seeks to dominate my country with a radical extremist agenda. Obama, the “uniter” has not demonstrated that he can unite his own party,much less a divided country.

    The NC race is tightening. Hillary will take Indiana. Some white voters are feeling that they’ve been “had” by Obama & Wright and are peeling away.
    Nevertheless, many still have an overpowering psychological need for a “hero”, a male hero, more than they are conflicted by the disturbing beliefs
    and values exposed by Obama’s mentor. NC has had a huge early voting turnout of African Americans. Whole church congregations showed up at the
    early voting polls. NC primary voter rates are historically very low. Clinton’s success here depends on how motivated NC non African American
    voters are. As of right this minute at noon EST, the turnout is low and disappointing. The pro-Obama crowd dominated the early voting.

    It should go to the convention. Let the superdelegates vote their conscience. This NC primary is rife with intimidating threats of
    violence if Obama “is denied” the nomination. Is that the shape of an Obama Administration? Those are not my values. To lie to my employer also belongs to a values system that I abhor. They didn’t think twice about sending this out last night. The level of dirty tricks by the Obama supporters in Charlotte is truly nasty. They are taking all the yardsigns of their competitors and throwing them in the woods. I just found a bunch at 10 different polling sites. In the woods. Lots of Hillary signs and also the signs of candidates who support her. My car was vandalized around my Hillary bumper sticker. This is simply more evidence that Obama and his supporters hold a value system that is not mine. I don’t want that stinking Dream if it ain’t clean.

    And another thing. Rev Wright was NOT an outlier. He is the mainstream. We Dems are just too busy holding our hands over our eyes and ears and singing “I Need A Hero” like a mob of 5 year olds. The Millions More Movement is mainstream and enormously influential. Wright said nothing that was inconsistent with their belief system. This won’t be George W. but it may well turn out to be something worse. When will someone ask Obama about his stance on reparations?

    Send every Obama supporter you know a link to the Millions More Movement website. It is time to wise up.

  • workingclass artist

    OT : Al Gore is on NPR : Fresh Air…Terry Gross
    He is discussing his book The Assault On Reason…..Enjoy the fresh air of the Voice of Reason…..chuckle…..

  • Caught this- Obama folks INSIDE a polling place! Signs clearly state “No Polling beyond this point.” Check it out.


  • Jeff

    “Call in sick if you have to and help us all day by canvassing or offering rides to the polls.”

    My lord, the nerve. A volunteer so committed should be taken out back and shot.

    • Catriley

      You first, Jeff, you first.

    • Yeah. Screw those employers who have to pay people for calling in sick when they aren’t. Working is soooooooooo 1990s.

      • workingclass artist

        Many southern states are right to work states….There is no Union Protection…..

      • Jeff

        “Screw those employers who have to pay people for calling in sick when they aren’t. Working is soooooooooo 1990s.”

        Guess what: people are allotted sick days at the beginning of the year. That’s budgeted in. No one’s losing anything. Quit picking on the little guy who has to use his sick days to improve his country.

        If anyone here thinks that Hillary activists aren’t calling out sick today too, I have a bridge you’d be interested in.

        • Inky

          Lying is lying is lying. No ifs and or buts. If you think lying to your employer is a good thing to “save your country” then you should run for President of the Something For Nothing Club. Anyone who wants to “save their country” can do it on their own time and with ample notice to their employer. Yours is a totally bogus argument. Obama will no more save this country than did W. Grow up. No one person can save the country. Just as it took an entire nation more concerned with video games and sports and celebrity to look aside as atrocities were committed in our name, it will take an entire nation of activist citizens to turn it around by beginning that change with even the smallest of activities. LIKE BEING HONEST. All the Clinton activists I know legitimately took the day off. I have a suggestion for you about that bridge however…

          • Jeff

            I rarely, if ever, engage in the personal attacks on this site, but after that unbelievably intellectually dishonest rant, so full of it on every level, it must be said.

            You’re a complete fucking moron.

  • maxim

    I tried reporting voter abuse on the Obama website once. My report was, “one of the contestants, a Mr. Obama, is completely incompetent. What do I do?”

    They put me on their mailing list. sigh.

  • Catriley

    The thing that strikes me about all of the communications I read from the Obama people, is the very violent and physical tone of what the write. Reread the letter with that thought — and see how many very aggressive statements and words he uses. It’s creepy.

  • kenoshaMarge

    So much of this schmaltzy rhetoric is right out of the far lefty movement back in the day.

    I’m not talking about those that fought for, marched for and believed in peace and civil rights. I’m talking about the cretins like Ayers and Dorn who ruined that movement for people that actually believed that there could be a better world.

    That is also not to say that the Obamacrats are far left. Some of, I suspect many of, his followers may be, but he isn’t. He’s just a slick-talkin opportunist that is using them for his own benefit and then will cheerfully toss them under the bus with all the others that once helped and/or supported him and now sit stunned with tread-marks going up their backs.

    Every time I hear some cretin say “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” a little voice in the back of my head hears “if you ain’t part of the solution you’re part of the problem.” And being part of the solutions of course, even back in them “olden” days, meant agreeing with the loudest mouths and the shallowest souls.

  • Judith

    What can be done about Jason Green telling North Carolinians to “Call in sick, if you have to”? I imagine he just helped a lot of people lose their jobs.

  • John

    Christ, you’d think these people were off to crusade in the Middle East, the way they write. You’d think that they were on some sacred mission to change the course of human history.

    WAY too invested in a shallow charlatan who does not deserve one-tenth of their devotion.

    Is this what we want in American politics, a fervent Cult of Personality which turns every primary or caucus into a grim Battle against the Forces of Evil?

    These people desperately need to get a hold of themselves. The sun will come out the day after Hillary wins the nomination. The way they talk, you’d think that a mass suicide is being organized if the Great Struggle is a failure.

    • Catriley

      John- that was exactly my take on reading that. He makes it sound like some Jedi battle, life or death. They have really pushed that over and over, and I think it speaks to the threats of violence and the level of anger and hate from his followers.

      They think the nomination is the Ring, and almost as if his followers don’t realize there is that JOB thing in the White House that comes later. Scary stuff.

  • jmk

    Oops- CORRECTION on above link; look, listen, get inspired! Here comes the Sun:


  • jmk

    See most posts so far are about the lie- understandable..but what about “We need more of your BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS”.

    The bo camp have come out of their Vampire cave with this one: give us your blood, more blood. we want your tears, cry, cry, cry.

    i had a dream last night in which bo was on stage at a rally with black fumes coming out of his arms like tenacles, clutching and squeezing the hearts of his audience, hooking them into his camp, so he could suck out their energy (blood, sweat and tears.) The verbiage of the Axelrod (look at his name even) letter matches this.

    Then, in the dream, The a dazzling Sun Came Out, shining brightly around the circumference of the crowd (not on obama). Listeners turned away from him to see the light, It filled the hearts of those who stepped away of the crowd and they were set free from his clutches. There were so few left listening to him that the noxious fumes turned on him and choked off his ability to seduce the innocent.

    Today I am puting this video on auto-repeat while Hillary’s vote comes out in IND and NC. Go back to your cave, obama, until you are more evolved. Animated video version of HERE COMES THE SUN includes images of Woman with Wings uplifting the land. Hear this and help hold the vision – GO HILLARY GO:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4…h? v=4E7chv0fcpU

  • politicsIsdirty

    Yeah. Lie to your boss just to get him elected. After which he throws you under the bus.

  • reallyproudofmycountry

    Contact HR of the following Charlotte corporations:

    Wachovia Bank
    Bank of America

    I am sure there are others. Just send this email to their HR departments.

    • Catriley

      Of course what his followers don’t realize, is the moment you call in sick to do that…. inevitably the local media will happen to be filming at the campaign center you’re standing in “sick”, and in lots of smaller towns, everyone knows everyone and you’re going to get busted. And your boss probably isn’t an Obama fan.

      Murphy’s law.

  • It’s the fierce urgency of NOW! We must lie to our bosses to turn back the evil forces into the night..

  • secularhumanizinevoluter

    Is anyone with three funtioning braincells surprised that a man whose biography is nothing but lies from how his father got here to how his family met, going on to his entire resume, Lies upon lies upon halftruths upon more lies. So it is only natural and to be expected that the cult followers would emulate the grand poobah, with a HEAVEY inflection on the POO. He and his followers are liars. Pure and simple. They take as their model of how to conduct politics a certain group of folks in Germany in the twenties and early thirties. If they can’r accomplish their goals by lying, intimidation, bullying and threats of violence are just fine. I wonder if folks felt like this in Germany when the election in which Herr Hitler was running for Chanciler was down to the wire? This election IS about the very soul of the Democratic Party. In true Orwellian fashion obamalamadingdong and his cult represent the very WORST of old style politics. THE VERY WORST! It would be FAR preferable to have a President McCain and a Veto proof majority in the Senate then an obamalamadingdong preznit and a Prlosi, Reid lickspittle congree. Go forth, VOTE!

  • Talktruth

    If the writing is any indication, they’re being led by a 5th grader, so I would’t be too hard on him.

    BTW, I would love “to hear your story – hear why you know Barack will make a great president and how his message has touched your life.” None of the charming little trolls that make this blog so hospitable ever tells us that. Hmmm…

  • Lying to your employer is automatic grounds for dismissal (for most Americans).

    Asking volunteers to jeopardize their employment, especially in this pitiful economy, shows just how little Obama’s campaign staff cares about the wellbeing of citizens.

    Imagine one or more of these volunteers being reported to the boss: Never mind; maybe “Hope” will keep them from losing their jobs. [/sarcasm]

    Truly heavy sigh.

  • llilytoo

    Of course the worse part is they are so stupid they put it in writing…LOL!

  • american sawbuck

    Michelle is a mega bitch with one nasty attitude . The bar should be raised high enough that she will go away…………and her little barry too.
    And I think the Tasmanian Devil is much nicer than that witch.

    • Talktruth

      I was talking about the real ones, which are supposed to be very mean, not the cute cartoon one.

      Here’s a super short, but scary, video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jIvGSu-jG4

      And from wikipedia.org:

      “The size of a small dog, but stocky and muscular, the Tasmanian Devil is now the largest carnivorous marsupial in the world after the extinction of the Thylacine in 1936`. It is characterised by its black fur, offensive odor when stressed, extremely loud and disturbing screech, and viciousness when feeding. It is known to both hunt prey and scavenge carrion and although it is usually solitary, it sometimes eats with other devils.”

  • Remember the two kids who cut school and told him? Did he tell them to get their asses back to school?

    What kind of work/school ethic can you expect from a campaign who thinks that mimicking a rapper during a speech and tossing the bird is cool?

    This man is another manchild like George Bush.

    • jmk

      Right on..more should be noticing. obama is not the opposite of bush – he is his mirror image!

      • Talktruth

        It’s kind of amazing how alike they are – is there a corporate puppet factory somewhere?

    • beebop

      Ferris Beuller Obama

  • Yeah! Call in sick! Work is soooooooo 1990s!

    • bert

      Yes, Uppity. Especially to those educated, rich elitists who support Obama and run his campaign and can afford to take a year’s leave to absence to do so. But those poor bitter people who make hourly wages, who cares if they have a job after today?

  • Vimes

    I love this quoted from the bottom of the e-mail:

    “Now is our opportunity to not only change politics, but how Americans view and respect one another. The responsibility is ours.” Yes, indeed it is.

    • PMS

      This is what stood out to me. Truly Orwellian in tone.

      “But please remember that the forces against which we are waging do not go quickly or quietly into the night. We cannot wait passively and idly hope for change to come. Heed the words of Senator Obama, recognize the fierce urgency of now, and be the change you hope to see.”

      …or perhaps Maoist in tone. Do his minions carry around copies of “The Audacity of Hope” with them?

      • workingclass artist

        Pms….And those forces would be the forces of COMMON SENSIBILITY….

        Logica Falsa OBAMA’S Philosophiam Totam Suffodiant…..
        ( Faulty Logic Undermines Obamas’ entire Philosophy )
        Intelligent People Support Sen. Clinton……No ?

      • Talktruth

        Jason sounds mesmerized…

    • Catriley

      No kidding.. “respect” your boss and coworkers by calling in sick when you’re perfectly well. Do those people even think about that stuff when they read it?

  • Mel

    Condoning worker fraud, in fact supporting and instigating employee fraud. Someone needs to get this to the Charlotte papers and all national papers along with the DNC to show what sort of SOB Obama is asking people to commit fraud for his own benefit!!

    • workingclass artist

      Why Does this not surprise me…..His OBAMATRONS field Internet Warfare on the company dollar…..Why not GRASSROOT BULLY on company time….

  • barbh

    Geez forget your responsiblity to your employer and fellow employees because it’s all about Obama! How old is the person who wrote that letter 16? He needs his head examined. I’m sure all the employers in Charlotte would be thrilled to know that the BO campaign is advocating their employees to call in sick so that they can work for him.

    • bert

      I am pretty sure that NC is an “at will” state which basically means any hiring is presumed to be “at will”; that is, the employer is free to discharge individuals “for good cause, or bad cause, or no case at all. Unless there is a collective bargaining agreement in place most states are “at will.”

      Jason Green may not be aware of this. If so, he may be responsible, should an employer discover an employee actually calling in sick to work for Obama and not like that, terminate said employee.

      Obama’s campaign is so reckless and stupid.

  • reallyproudofmycountry

    Michelle Obama plays the race card in Charlotte, NC.

    “Her husband has been doing just that, Obama explains — raising money, building an organization, winning caucuses, winning primaries, and amassing a large number of delegates. And yet he still hasn’t won, because nothing is ever enough for those unnamed adversaries.

    “‘You start working hard and sacrificing, and you think you’re getting closer to the bar, you’re working and you’re struggling, you get right to that bar, you’re reaching out for the bar, and then what happens?’

    “‘They raise the bar. Raise the bar. Shift it to the side. Keep it just out of reach.’

    “‘And that’s just what’s been happening in this race.’

    Even Michelle Obama herself. “I’m not supposed to be here,” she tells the crowd. “I am a statistical oddity. As a black girl raised on the south side of Chicago, I’m not supposed to be here. I wasn’t supposed to go to Princeton. They said my test scores were too high” — surely a verbal slip, because in the past she has said she was told her test scores were too low — “I wasn’t supposed to go to Harvard Law School, because they said it might be a little too hard for me. And I certainly am not supposed to be standing here with a chance to become the next first lady of the United States of America.”

    “But here she is, in just that position — only to find that they, as always, are trying to raise the bar a little higher, just out of her and her husband’s reach. Still, she asks the crowd ‘to close your eyes and do some dreaming…to dream of the day that a man like Barack Obama is standing in front of the Capitol with his hand on the Bible.’ With that, the audience erupts into shouting and applause. They’re fired up and ready to go, and all those who love the Lord and will vote for Obama say ‘Amen.’
    Read the entire article:


    • Talktruth

      Even Michelle Obama herself. “I’m not supposed to be here,” she tells the crowd. “I am a statistical oddity. As a black girl raised on the south side of Chicago, I’m not supposed to be here.

      No, as a major-league bitch with the personal appeal of a Tasmanian devil, you’re not supposed to be here.

      • workingclass artist

        Meeeeeeechelle Obama is a VIOLENT ASSAULT ON THE INTELLECT…..
        I have diligently sought to limit my EXPOSURE….Out of SELF PRESERVATION…..

      • jmk

        Most succinct description of mobama yet, thanks!
        Think you’ll like this piece on her:

        The Brains behind Barama”


        • Talktruth

          That is a great article, jmk. My favorite quote from it:

          Wondered, that is, until follow-up disclosures have revealed that Attorney Andrews law firm is retained by the same major Chicago hospital where Michelle Obama holds a seat on the board. Small world. Smacks of the same sleazy politic style that helped Obama climb the political ladder all along. And we can’t help but picture Michelle right behind him, digging a heel in the face of any competitor who dares to come near. Who can blame her? It’s not easy turning for one seemly couple (with a little help from their friends) to turn the integrated American middle class into separationist camps.

          One scary couple.

      • Kourian

        No, as a major-league bitch with the personal appeal of a Tasmanian devil, you’re not supposed to be here.

        Yo! Hear hear!

    • bert

      Raise the bar? RAISE the bar? The bar is 2025 delegates and has been from the beginning. Nobody has raised that bar! He just can’t quite reach that magic number. Yet he has tried to finagle it every step of the way. MI and FL don’t count. Caucus votes are gotten by shady deals and brute force. He tries to force candidates to quit. He has much of the MSM media behind him. But he still can’t reach the bar.

      And all he and Michelle do is whine and belly-ache all the time that he is not being treated fairly by the bitch and nut cracker. They both act as if the nomination is their automatic right without having to fight for it or prove themselves to the American people. Just hand it over. It’s mine. I deserve it because I am black.

      Raise the bar? Seems like he is the one who keeps trying to lower the bar.

      Both Obama and his wife have so turned me off and even angered me during this campaign I could never ever vote for him for any office.

      • Kourian

        Both Obama and his wife have so turned me off and even angered me during this campaign I could never ever vote for him for any office.

        No shit. And great post.

      • Talktruth

        They both act as if the nomination is their automatic right without having to fight for it or prove themselves to the American people. Just hand it over. It’s mine.

        Oh, man, Bert, you nailed it! And I don’t even know if they’re thinking it’s because he’s black. I think they’re just narcissists who delusionally think they’re just that good. Somebody posted the clinical characteristics of Narcissistic Personality Disorder here before, and they fit him to a “T.”

    • kenoshaMarge

      Does the “Oh poor picked on me” rhetoric resonate with people? Really? I find it maudlin and as usual all about the Obamas. How about telling people about what you are going to do for them and their families instead of continually telling everyone how hard things are for Senator and Mrs. Obama. What with the price of summer camp and arugula and all.

      People that will tell you to lie to your boss so that you can help them have shown what they are made of. Swapped hope and change for honesty and integrity evidently.

    • Judith

      I’m going to borrow my husband’s word for poor form…”Michelle Obama is a puke”. Not very elegant, I know, but it fits. She is more appalling than her husband. She has pitted Blacks against Whites from day one. I wish she would take her (and Barack’s) delusional situations and go home.

      • Kourian

        I wish she would take her (and Barack’s) delusional situations and go home.

        I’m all for that. But home where? To the Rezko mansion? 😉

        • workingclass artist

          LOL…..I expect the REZKO Manse in Chicago will go on the block soon.
          The Weather is fine in GAZA….Perhaps they will seek refuge there….

    • John

      This is just gross and the main reason I will NOT vote for Barack Obama if he is my party’s nominee.

      I will not be coerced into voting for a candidate because he’s black and OTHER black people were given a raw deal on this continent for four centuries. I will not vote for a man who along with his wife enjoys wallowing in the cult of Victimhood, when they aren’t reflecting on their scholarship-provided education or multimillion-dollar estate.

      I will not be GUILTED into voting for a shallow fraud because of the color of his skin.

      I am ashamed that so many people out there seem determined to use this election to prove to themselves that they aren’t racist by casting a vote for this idiot. This isn’t a game, this is serious business. This isn’t a therepy session designed to rid America of it’s White Guilt, it’s a contest to determine who may best lead us through the troubled waters that lie ahead.

      This is NOT AMERICAN IDOL.

      Michelle- if you are a “victim,” I sure as hell wish I was. Victims like you and your husband seem to have done just fine by yourselves- oh, but of course that’s because you had the audacity of hope, or something. Kiss off.

    • Catriley

      I thought I couldn’t dislike Michelle “where’s my mink?” Obama, until I read that. What a race-baiting elitist. Suddenly her test scores were “too high”? Hey, she’s succussful, fabulous for her, but how dare she make this all about race.

      The point is… if her husband is qualified and decent (which he is not) then AMericans would have no problem electing him on his own merits. But.. the Obamas and their followers KNOW that he cannot win on his own merits, so they try to force a win on his skin color. Harold Ford, Jr., or Mayor Nutter, could be exactly where Obama is RIGHT NOW had they been given the millions that Obama received from his shadowy power brokers, or the blessing of the MSM and the DNC. Hell… Ford or Nutter could be where Obama is now WITHOUT the influence of those people. But they’d do it on their own merits, they would not be using race to get there.

      The Obamas play the victim card so well. Doesn’t it seem that all they do anymore is talk about how downtrodden they are? and how bad Hillary is? Yet.. I hear little about how they will change anyone’s life. Do the people that vote for him to see a black many being sworn in actually realize that he will do nothing for them?

      Yeah.. they could elect Laura Bush or Condi Rice, too, but just because they are women doesn’t mean that they’ll improve my life or the lives of other women.

  • JoeySky

    No morale awareness from the campaign that tout new politic. they have reached a new low.

    • workingclass artist

      Translation : Always in the shit , just the depth that varies….No ?

      Obama is destined for eventual political obscurity…..

    • Kourian

      But Barky’s already made it clear we have to lie and cheat to achieve hope and change. ‘Don’t only do as I say’, said Barky recently at a fundraiser for subprime predators. ‘Do as I do too!’

      • workingclass artist

        How True…..Afterall Sen. Obama has avoided his JOB and it’s attendant responsibilities to run for POTUS…..