Those of us who recognize Moose Poop when we see it, already know that Barack Obama is a media creation and a con. Everything he says and everything he does is part of the special effects and The Show – including his “packed” rallies.

“Reynolds Coliseum on N.C. State’s campus seats 12,400 people. It did not seat that many tonight.”

Behold, the power of political staging:

As Seen On TV:
This is the Coliseum, all crowded with hooting and hollering Yes We Can-Can!!

Barack Obama packs ’em in again!

People kill to get into an Obama Rally!

Not As Seen On TV:

This is what the other side of the Coliseum looked like.

“Those tables in between my position and the rally you saw on TV are about a quarter full of milling, bored, tired reporters.

The rally took up maybe a quarter of the floor space in the arena.

Part of running a decent campaign is knowing how big a crowd you might have and planning accordingly so as not to embarrass yourselves with a woefully understuffed venue.”

Any questions?

Oh, and no sense of forgetting the Bumper Sticker on the Obama supporter’s car.

  • Charlie Peters

    Who is Ron Paul?

    • ChrisXP

      Who is Ron Paul?

      He’s not Ross Perot — who would’ve been great in politics, considering he was right on the money about NAFTA (let alone the GOP).

  • David

    Wow – now I know why Hillary is staying in the race – so she can pay off some of her debts with cash from chumps like you guys. More power to you, though perhaps you can use the cash more than someone who with her husband has made over 1/10th of a billion dollars over the last eight years. We Oregonians are proudly going to put Obama over the top, as the real work begins of taking back the White House so that the economy and our security can get back on track.

  • RedDragon62

    “Yes we can”. what bull****! All those rallys are staged. By the way. Did anyone watch CNN last night and if so, did you hear Anderson Pooper Scooper say to Lanny Davis when Lanny asked Pooper Scooper,” Can I replie” and the Pooper Scooper replied…”Do you have too”.

  • malcolm

    Look at the stage? There’s no one on it.

    I love how this entire page is full of people hating on Obama for… misjudging turnout? His supporters having a dumb bumper sticker, or some of them making nasty comments to Hillary supporters?

    Hillary continues to widen her appeal amongst people who are irrationally afraid of Barack Obama and people with persecution complexes. Sweet.

    If your choices for President go 1. Clinton 2. McCain 3. Obama then you must not care (or know about) about policy, at all. You guys are going to be grieving so hard for Hillary’s loss you’ll be helping her goals of universal health care, peace in Iraq, sound energy policy etc etc to go unrealized.

  • the empty rallies have been hapening for quite a wile when the camera accedentlaly pans to the wrong aria. and then the republican controled news media sais there were 1200 people. mabe at the last 3 ralies

    any thing to get rid of universal health care.

  • ModDem

    Wasn’t it the same at the Hillary speech? Isn’t it always this way? Who cares?
    Join the Obama team. Let’s win in November.

    • Stupidobama

      In your dreams heffa.

    • so saddened

      moddem’s so funny. he actually thinks we’ll vote for his guy. guess he doesn’t understand the concept of democracy that his guy has trampled all over. but we do. obama has the votes he has. that’s it. look forward to the shock on his face when he gets a handful of states and a handful of electoral votes and becomes the new mcgovern. couldn’t happen to a more deserving asshole.

  • John


    • Catriley

      No, but nice try. Any intelligent person with decent skills of discernment, can see that the area where the people are packed, is set up already — it’s not a matter of people not arriving yet. But you keep on telling yourself that, John.

      I think you’re running low on hopejuice.

  • HillaryIsDone

    Yeah, he doesn’t get very many people to show up where he has a scheduled event. Just like when he came to Assembly Hall in April at Bloomington, IN. I believe they said the head count was only 13-14,000 in the 17,592+ Hall.

    Chelsea, Bill & Hillary’s visits to Bloomington totals were approx. (600 not at Assembly Hall), (Bill & Hillary at Assembly Hall 4,200 & 3,100) = 7,900.

  • victim.of.violence.of.obama.supporters

    Notice all the African-American 17 year olds bussed to the polls by their school principles were not at the rally.

    • so saddened

      maybe there was a game that night? or they were out trying to get lucky?

  • bwana

    she’s worth — what? — $100 million? so far she’s only blown $11 mil. let her stay in and spend the balance. bill can always make more.

    • Now don’t be upset just because his time is worth more than Obama’s. Maybe after Obama gets past puberty in the real world and actually achieves something and doesn’t have to make achievements up, he will be worth more too.

  • Kathryn

    they are censoring me at Hufpo and won’t let me post the link. heh. little FACISTS

    • Don’t waste your time at Huffpo. they are still pining for Karl Marx. They can’t believe he’s dead.

  • Kathryn

    hey magic, it’s a link. Thank you internet gods

  • Kathryn

    WHOA. Check this out! Have you seen this before? I just found it on Hillaryis44. I don’t know how to make links, sorry. Maybe someone here does and they can make one to pass around.
    It’s a chart showing Barack and his connections and associates.

    • That’s quite an organizational chart.

  • Jan, NC

    I found your articles about Obama’s relationship with Ayers quite interesting. Why hasn’t this been breaking into the media and newspapers?

    • Because Chris Matthews has that tingling up his leg. FOX has covered Ayers plenty of times though. Probably explains why all those “bitter” blue collar people would rather vote for a cockroach than Barack Obama. But don’t look to CNN or MSNBC. They are seasoning Obama for McCain’s roast.

  • Catriley

    We are being hoodwinked and bamboozled. I can’t understand exactly why the media is doing this to us — but perhaps it’s not ONE thing that’s causing it. On the ground, we have the elitist journalists who think they are far too good for the working class voters. And add to that the corporate media machine that KNOWS it will continue to rule unabated with republicans in the White House. So you have the uber-hipsters pushing Obama cuz it’s just soooo cool, and the corporate bosses who want him because he’s so damn easy to beat in November.

    All I know is that the fucking journalists there KNOW that this shit is staged, and yet… they say nothing. Dean & The Elites (which is going to be the name for a band I may put together) have stacked the deck against Hillary and her supporters. Brazille spilled the beans last night — the NEW Democratic Party does not need us, they say that the Party is NOW for the young, the urban, the blacks, and the suburban hipsters. They and their minions have made it clear that women over the age of 26, latinos, blue collar (unless you’re black) workers, are no longer welcome. They gave North Carolina more delegates for a reason, they gave Indiana more delegates for a reason (tho they expected Obama to win that one handily), and they refused to punish South Carolina for holding an early primary, while disenfranchsing Florida and Michigan.

    Stop fucking with us! We’re not stupid… we’re just trying to avoid a disaster of McGovern proportions in November. It’s the electability, stupid.

    • Dawnelle

      ROFLOL @ Dean and the Elites!


      • Yeah they are going to win an election with a couple of old hippies longing for the 60s organizing Recreate68, left cliff professors, AAs and college kids pretending to be upscale on their parents’ money. What a blast. Too bad all those Pakistanis who are floating him can’t vote.

        You know this could be even worse than McGovern. Adlai Stevenson comes to mind.

      • Catriley

        Yeah.. I think the first song I’ll write…

        50 Ways to Lose Your Voters… can ya just hear it??

    • Lou

      The media is owned by the Republicans and this is part of theri strategy to win. Oboy is just a pawn who thinks he’ll stick it to them.

  • JoeySky

    Old school propaganda. Works in every century because human are naive and easily to be manipulated.

  • Tim

    I have been a loyal Democrat since I cast my first vote for JFK. In this election if Obama is the candidate on the ballot, I will leave that line blank and vote for all the down ticket Democrats. If enough of us do this it will send a powerful message to the DNC and give us the congressional power to keep a President McCain in check.

    • Catriley

      Tim– That’s exactly my tact, as well. I won’t punish the downticket Dems, but I’ll never vote for Obama. He won’t win anyway, even if we did vote for him. Let Dean and Brazille stand there with egg on their faces and deal with the ruins of the Party when their Trippi-style strategy turns to shit in November.

      The sad thing is, and something the DNC has not addressed in their scheme, is that Obama voters have been found to be continually NOT voting down the ticket for Dems. They leave the rest of the ballot blank. Can’t be bothered to learn about the other Dem candidates, or support them.

      • bert

        Part of the reason Obama voters do not vote down ticket is that they are Repubs or Independents. They don’t know who the down ticket candidates are amd/or they are only Dems for a day to vote only for Obama.

        • Catriley

          I do think a lot of them are one “issue” voters, as well.. that one “issue” being Obama. They haven’t bothered to educate themselves on the other canidates, and couldn’t care less if they win or not. (well, unless the other candidates gave them free Dave Mathews tix.) Is it legal to give things away for votes?

      • so saddened

        agree, with one exception. if the downticket dem supported obama, i vote for his or her opponent.

    • Tim please don’t leave it blank.It’s important that you vote so as many as possible do not give their vote to Barky. If you can’t vote McCain then WRITE IN HILLARY.

      • Lou

        Hillary WILL be the nominee.

        • Dawnelle

          who R U? I’d like to give you a great big cyber hug!!!

          4 positive thinking ๐Ÿ˜€

  • flyarm

    am i the only one who hates..just hates Jack Cafferty?????????

    gosh i just want to gangster slap that fucker!

    sorry but that is how i feel..i took child block off CNN last night to watch the returns..but have to shut it off again now..because that ass makes me feel like i could bust some walls in!!

    That hypocrite was the biggest damn cheerleader for this war..he is a total whore!..and again i don’t like that word but i can’t think of a better one for him!


    • Dawnelle

      You’re right! He is the BIGGEST HO I know!

      and I agree with Tim below as well.

      Do the down ticket DEMS

      I will write in Hillary since it’s allowed in NC.

      Then, immediately after that vote in Nov. I will change my registration to Indie again. I had a short affair with the Indies a few decades ago. It’s looking pretty good again. Maybe it’s nostalgia. LOL Hey my 83yr old MOM suggested it as she has NEVER changed and knew I had. Bye Bye not-so-DEMOCRATIC party that has a country of only 48 states! YOU SUCK!!

    • Caferty is a very wrinkled ugly man who has penis issues. I can tell. I bet 95% of the memories that live longest in his mind never really happened. I never watch him. He reminds me of mortality. Besides, he always looks like he has a gas pocket.

      • Patrick Henry

        I think its Massive Hemroids..He keeps using his preperation H for Mouth wash..

    • so saddened

      i watched on fox, even though they’re vile. refuse to watch msnbc or cnn – ever! has been almost three months now and has done wonders for my mental health.

  • scott

    Limbaugh comes out for Obama…CNN

    Well no shit.

  • Betty

    So if Obama wins we can all have the dirty Chicago machine spying on us. Think Axelrod won’t use tool, Nancy, Ted?

  • Kathryn

    I love how the Obamabots have this attitude that Obama even has a chance to win the GE. Clearly for most of them it’s their first rodeo. If they can’t see that the enormous mountain of negatives he has known and unknown will sink him against McCain, they are blinded by the koolaid.
    They fail to understand that the exit polls showing 40% of us bailing if he is the nominee as a problem. LOL

    Wake up bots, we are TRUE Americans AND Liberal Democrats but that does not mean we would vote for a racist who hangs out with the likes of Ayers and Dohrn, I have nothing but disdain for them. They destroyed the SDS and chose violence and for that I can NEVER forgive them. Obama seems enamored with them, it’s sickening. For him to say that their crimes are in any way diminished by time proves he is unfit for the Presidency, unfit to represent us.Ever.

    • You have to excuse them. They forgot that Repubicans get to vote in November.

  • sonia



    have ur neighbors ,,and relatives sign ,,

    have ur co-workers and anybody u know

  • hillarysmygirl

    I’m so mad at CNN! It’s nonstop coverage of the Obama supporters urging Hillary to drop out, it’s so FRUSTRATING! I just wrote to the Situation Room and told them to cut it out. And I quoted something I found on

    โ€ข In 1988, Jesse Jackson took his hopeless campaign against winner Michael Dukakis all the way to the convention, often to great media praise.

    โ€ข In 1980, Ted Kennedy carried his run against Jimmy Carter all the way to the convention, even though it was clear he had been routed.

    โ€ข In 1976, Ronald Reagan contested the “inevitability” of Gerald Ford all the way to the convention. Few, then or since, have ever thought to criticize Reagan’s failure to step aside and let Ford assume the mantle.

    โ€ข Also in 1976, three candidates — Mo Udall, Jerry Brown, and Frank Church — ran against Jimmy Carter all the way through the final primaries, even though Carter seemed more than likely to be the eventual nominee.

    โ€ข Even in 1960, Lyndon Johnson and Adlai Stevenson fought the “certain” nomination of John F. Kennedy all the way to the convention floor.

    I told them it was blatant sexism on their part to encourage the naysayers and that I was appalled that they didn’t notice it…or maybe they did?

    I also said that she has a good chance to actually BE our President, so they should be more respectful. Jerks!

    • IndayHill

      hillarysmygirl, You r not the only one who is disgusted watching this “do as I say eggheads”. I use my power:Change the channel or watch the Comedy Channel, for laughs, “George Lopez” is my fav.
      I wonder, where this pundits will be if Hillary is a quitter.

      • so saddened

        i tune to the nba playoffs. guess i’ll have to watch baseball – ugh – after that. sure as hell won’t watch pundits promoting their guy.

        food channel’s pretty good, but always makes me hungry.

    • Dawnelle

      Awesome little bit of history to possess at a moments notice! Thanks! I’ll put that in my notebook list of TRUES.

    • Ted Lard Butt took it all the way to the convention while he was 970 delegates short!

      • so saddened

        but, uppity, he’s a guy!!! we gals just can’t expect to act like we’re guys.

        maybe we’ll need burkas soon? or at least have to have our husbands interview our prospective bosses to make sure they’re acceptable.

        sometimes i think it’s good that i’m old – won’t be around for the world the koolaiders create.

  • Emily PIckett

    LMAO … I REALLY wish the MSM would pick up on this picture! ha ha ha ha …. OMG it’s funny!!

  • emilyR

    Uppity, you rock!

  • requiemforadancer

    Great picture, uppity, great essay.

    • Agreed! And I’m noticing some “clever” trolls trying to fuck with our morale. That pig won’t fly, we have every reason to be totally positive: Hill has brought us to the endgame, and checkmate is within reach. She knows she has to win. She knows what’s at stake.

      Keep donating, and busting your ass for her!

      Just think how far we have come. Now is not the time to give in to the evil minions of Obama.

      • requiemforadancer


        I see a bunch of old guys, pot bellies, bellicose, middle aged losers struggling for some validity in their lives.

        Well, they won’t find it here.

        • I use the term loosely. I got tired of putting in quotes or adding “in the metaphorical sense.” ๐Ÿ™‚

          Evil = negative intent, slightly more than bad intent but not to the level of actual demonic non-corporeal entity intent. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • requiemforadancer

            ah, they get off on thinking themselves evil, and to people who don’t understand what they’re doing, it adds to the fear.

            I despise Bill Kristol, and his politics of fear, which are being used against him.

          • Dawnelle


            Ok I’ll agree with that definition.

  • emilyR

    Hey,OT but great article. Check out RezkoWatch.
    Info gallore today about Dean and strategy formed in 2004 to trumpet the batshit to the white house.
    Oh, in this case “batshit” is Obama.
    Dean is also batshit.

    I noticed Dean likes to do entrance like the shitbag.
    Walk down aisle to adoring idiot-minions. When I saw him do that at a lecture in D.C. I started thinking that Obama took a page.

    This article on RezkoWatch seems to pretty much
    make it official.

    • requiemforadancer

      Obama, trippi, kos, dean, that whole crew, really really inept posers.

      Honeslty, though, out of them all, they are the DUMBEST.

      I mean, they make Rove look smart, and look, I think an MI ^(that’s a six, in disguise) agent just burped Rove up.

      Lunch must be over.

    • emilyR

      From the RezkoWatch article my favorite line
      (re Dean/Obama strategy):

      “create a mainstream press echo chamber”


      • requiemforadancer

        rezkowatch is wonderful, he, or they do a great job, both in terms of analysis, and as a portal.

        I have found so many relevant links, there…

        I dreamt once about a portal, it was a Macy’s, at the mall, somehow walking into home furnishings provided a gateway to another dimension of space, and time, sort of like Eliot described in “burnt norton.”

        Or maybe that was an episode of Dr Who.

        never mind…

        • requiemforadancer

          I swear, Donna Brazile sounds like she’s channeling rumsfeld with this “new democratic coalition.”

          Remember “old/new Europe” when Rummy couldn’t get the sane people on the banana express to hell?

          When you need to resort to RUMSFLED thinking to justify your terrors of losing, your desperation, you’re fucked, sorry, you’re desperate, looking for a life preserver.

          Maybe valium would help, Donna, and Howard.

          That little group looks frightened, lost and trolled.

          Rumsfeld did not think China and Russia would be a factor in Iraq.

          This is how Dean, and Brazille, and Pelosi think, too, in terms of selective choice of fact in making their scenarios work.

          As bad as Rumsfeld is to the Republicans, that’s what Dean and co are to the democrats.

          I hope they can get rid of them.

          • Catriley

            She’s channeling Russel Simmons who recently said it’s time for the “hip hop generation” to choose the president, and the rest of us have to “step aside” for them. I plan on being here another 50 years or so… I’ll be damned if I’m going to step aside for someone that registered to vote last week.

          • so saddened

            isn’t it funny to watch the ones who dismantled the “old” democratic coalition say it’s ok we’ll just build a new one, with shiny new people who like us.

            yeah, good luck with that.

  • Troll advisory, and I am just making this up so nothing to be concerned about:

    All the nefarious tactics by the Obama campaign have been compiled into a briefing document and dossier. Obama is being held responsible. Plausible deniability may protect Obama from legal sanctions, but the information has the power where it is needed: to convince the delegates Obama is a threat to national security and our very way of life.

    The delegates have this document and it is being updated continually.

    By the way, all those votes in Michigan and Florida do count where it counts: the delegates (and not you trolls) who will nominate Hillary.

    Since Hillary is actually electable against McCain the nefarious stuff makes her case ab easy sell to the delegates. The delegates posturing you see in public is just that: delegates posturing.

    I hope you sleep well tonight knowing that knucklehead you adore and idealize is being walked patiently out the door by a master politician: Hillary Clinton. Hillary still is in the race and pout all you want, she’s going the distance.

    Worry for not though, I just made all of this up.

    By the way, McGovern telling Hillary to bow out is laughable, considering how successful a “President” he turned out to be. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not to mention the D party nominating him.

    • requiemforadancer

      Since Hillary is actually electable against McCain

      But the simple fake contained truth, and boy, it stings.

      • The trolls must be wondering if I have any inside information.

        I don’t have any inside information nor do I seek any but they may not believe me. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Ask me if I care. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Seriously, what I am stating should be an obvious scenario and the trolls should really be very worried. After all, when one invests in snake-oil they do expect at least the chance of a cure.

        But am I really saying all of this to cover my soopa-secret-squirrel guvmint agent spy status?

        Ask “The Shadow” as only he knows…




    have ur neighbors ,,and relatives sign ,,

    have ur co-workers and anybody u know to sign this

    we need to do it people ,,

    • it’snotme

      I signed it. I hope they get enough signatures to turn some heads, but I doubt anyone in DC gives a hoot what we think at this point in time.

    • IndayHill

      I just did, Sonia. Thanks for the info.



    • Northwest rain

      Here is the link to

      Go here — give them traffic. There’s a multi part review of Obama’s book. This gang of three hard working writers are trying to STOP OBAMA!

    • kubla000

      why are you yelling?

      • requiemforadancer

        Perhaps he’s hoping the trolls will understand, personally, I’ve found it helps to speak slowly, and use simple analogies.

        • kubla000

          links are cute too

          • requiemforadancer

            Sometimes a simple picture helps, they are dumb, without a greater understanding of the dynamic.

            So easy to troll, just can’t tell the difference between what’s real, and what’s not.

            Imagine going to war, say, with people that easy to ops.

            • Jason

              Imagine going to war, say, with people that easy to ops.

              Your candidate is the one who voted for the war.

              You may not want to keep bringing that up, its not a very popular war.

              • kubla000

                sssshhhhh…. hillary forgot to read the NIE and these people chose to ignore that

                • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that one has legs….

              • beebop

                You can’t find 100 people who were at the original “historic” anti war Obama speech …

                Now forgive me, but I do not recall the help (or the voice) of any Barack Obama from Illinois. Indeed, I cannot recall hearing or feeling the impact of any one speech from the Illinois Senator. Did he attend the rally on the mall in Washington? The marches and protests in NYC? Did he conduct national press interviews? Did he write any editorials? Organize any protest rallies? Mobilize the people? Did he write any petitions? If he did, I never saw any of them.
                Yet according to Barack Obama, because he spoke out in 2002 against the war in Iraq, he is better qualified to be president.

                Strong words from Kristen Breitweiser, 911 widow and REAL anti-war voice.

                • Jason

                  Strong words? She concedes at the end he was against the war.

                  Want to guess which candidate voted for it?

                  • beebop

                    Don’t be an ass.

                    He had no vote because he wasn’t in the Senate. How did Kerry vote? How did Dodd vote? Daschle? Rockefeller? All of the “smart” people behind the Obama throne? They ALL FUCKING VOTED FOR IT YOU MORON! And he didn’t …. he wasn’t in the Senate. He was a two bit Illinois senator who can’t find his records.

                    John McCain ain’t going to listen to it. Someone has those records. Maybe they sold them. I pray to God they did. He has shit on so many people fast tracking his way to the top that he pissed someone off.

                    • Jason

                      So you acknowledge that she voted for it. Thanks.

                    • beebop

                      You know she voted for it. When are you going to wake up and realize that its the economy stupid?

                      Your next set of idiotic comments is going to be that McCain knows nothing about the economy, right? Let me tell you this: by time Karl Rove is finished with Obama and his unsavory connections, half of this country will be looking for bombs under their cars.

                    • Jason

                      No, I don’t think she knows very much about the economy.

                      Remember, she isn’t going to throw her lot in with those economists!

                      Maybe before the next primary she’ll promise to cancel all taxes. Think of all the money people would save!

                  • Why to guess which candidate would have voted “present” like he did on every other controversial issue?—IF he was even there to make a judgment? After all, we know how good his judgment is.

                • Bill Ayers made the speech and then told Barack to say he made it or else. Connections, you know. Very important. Especially in Chicago.

              • Lou

                Obama supports the Iraq war aand will not get us out of it.

                • …just wants to reverse the direction of the fire for all his friends.

      • Hope

        LOL He’s yelling because he’s a racehorse for Hillary! LOL. I’ll go there Quarterhorse! LOL

    • IndayHill

      quarterhorse,careful what u say, Obama & his supporters might flipped you off!
      Obama’s wife, Michelle, has not denounce the foul mouth pastor of hers.Since the Obamas’ relationship with Wright is like their “uncle”, I bet, Wright still has a spot in their hearts.Did you read somewhere that one of the changes Obama is telling the “eggheads” & AA, is the name of the White House. It will be replaced to “Black House”, as ordered by Michelle, who likes to say, Black America,most often.Their uncle will be very pleased.

      • Odinga too. He lost HIS election so he decided to kill all the people who didn’t vote for him. Boy is he a bad loser or what? I hope Barry doesn’t take after him.

    • That photo had me rolling. Absolutely hilarious. Their expressions are perfect.

  • John

    How about some cheese to go with that whine?

    Hey. I read that Hillary bused union people in to fill up one of her rallies. Obama hasn’t had to do that.

    • beebop

      Can’t just look at the picture and keep quiet? Instead you have to open your mouth and show people how f’ing stupid you really are? No way to play with photos short of photo shop really … they are what they are.

    • beebop

      The photos and their “significance” kind of remind me of Bush and his “mission accomplished” bull shit. It smells just the same!

      • requiemforadancer

        Yeah, I agree, imagine photo shopping a war?

        This is a significant issue, the rezkowatch link is significant in understanding why Dean can’t make a good choice.

        And he’d rather sink the democratic party than be made to look the fool.

        But he already looks the fool, so too late.

    • kubla000
      • beebop

        Don’t touch troll links … no known cure. This election will be over, McCain will be sworn in but troll disease? One never knows.

    • requiemforadancer

      Lies create internal chaos, that lead to internal destruction, no bullets necessary.

      Seems to be working.

    • No he just bussed them to caucuses. Some from out of state.

      I don’t whine. I will continue to do my part to make sure that Barack Obama will never be president. Not that they will even need my help.

      Win without us.

      • beebop

        The CAN’T win without us. You wait till someone shows them the math. I can’t wait to see the reactions!

        • Jason

          Without the 30 of you that post over and over on here? I suspect they can.

          If you mean the supposed 30-40% of HRC supporters who will never, ever, ever vote for Obama? Thats just not going to materialize. Wait until HRC drops out and endorses Obama. That will drop to about 5-10% and those are people that would have voted for McCain over either candidate anyway.

          Obama will win pretty handily. I can’t wait, I’ll swing by in November to console you.

          • beebop

            You’re wrong. You’ve been saying what racists they all are. What huge, hulking knuckle dragging biggots and morons voting against their own interests. No amount further complimenting them is going to change their minds. They heard what he said in San Francisco. He’s sour dough toast.

            • Jason

              Actually I haven’t said that at all. My only comment so far on race was that the title of the Spade article was racist.

              You can keep saying that but somehow the polls keep showing otherwise.

              • beebop

                How do you explain her winning Indiana? That was so “up” for him in February that he was supposed to win it going away? The comments came in early April — maybe reported around the 11th — and between that and Wright the wheels came off the bus. He has managed all of the working class votes he’s going to see. Factor in those who hadn’t caught a glimpse of Reverend Wright prior to their primaries who now wonder WTF? and it spells John Sidney McCain III.

                • Jason

                  How do I explain it? 20,000 people preferred her to him. The way you talk, no one in the entire country could possibly support him other than AAs. Except other people keep voting for him, like 40% of the women in IN.

                  Its pretty incredible it was that close w/ all the stuff you point out. Obviously people have started to get over it.

                  If you look at the latest polls in Indiana (Zogby, from May 1), both candidates actually are in a tie w/ McCain in Indiana, which is incredible in a state that has been red for 10 straight elections.

                  All this nonsense about her beating him in a state meaning he can’t win that state against McCain is just nonsense.

                  Take a look at the latest poll data in PA. Obama is up by 4 points. HRC is up by 9 points. Granted she would win by more than him (right now), but they both beat McCain.

                  I actually think either candidate (HRC/BO) wins in the fall.

                  • beebop

                    Nicey nicey … It’s a new day … we’re all Democrats … his policies are hers ….

                    I am sure that you will cling to that just as firmly as those Pennsylvanians and us here in Ohio cling to our guns and bibles and will be rejecting Obama in November. Same old same old looks a lot better than what he is selling.

                    Has anyone ever been elected without winning Ohio? I intend to work very hard to ensure he loses here.

                    • Lou

                      “weโ€™re all Democrats โ€ฆ his policies are hers โ€ฆ.”

                      Yeah he did a bad cut and paste job too. His policies ARE hers. You finally admit it.

                      “Obama policies you can zerox“-Hillary Clinton.

                  • flyarm

                    not when ww women sit home..all the talk about AA sitting home won’t compare to we women sitting home!!

                    ask Kerry about that!!


                  • so saddened

                    did the troll actually say zogby? many negative points, troll. some for believing zogby. some for not knowing better.

                    one day trolls will grow up and learn that information is only as good as its source. in the meantime, they quote zogby. lol.

          • TLE

            You might be right. 30 odd years ago, before you were sentient, Proctor and Gamble had a massive product recall for Rely tampons, which were causing toxic shock syndrome and killing women. The company was sued over the deaths, and during one trial, they combed the backwoods of Canada (couldn’t find anyone in this country to do it) to get a doctor who would testify that TSS was caused by promiscuity. I started boycotting P&G products, and I’m SURE that one day I will end my boycott and start buying Tide. Right after I vote for Barack Obama.

        • I know. Isn’t it wonderful?

      • flyarm

        and gave them all matching ipods..why i call them the ipod kids!!

  • raymo

    No, for we will continue to focus our energies on derailing Barack Obama.

    Should be a pretty entertaining train wreck.

    • requiemforadancer

      At least something will be funny, given the lack of wit in the republican trolls.

      “it’s a game, goddammit, have fun.”

      Or not.

      • Dawnelle

        (chuckling) yes that’s the way to sway

        LOL – my game needs a reboot

        how about yours? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • requiemforadancer

          I love the movie Bull Durham, one of my favorites…

          Tim Robbins character is priceless, pre Kevin Costner.

          He nailed it, perfectly.

    • You know I will do my part. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kubla000

    will this blog go out of business when hillary drops out of the race?

    • victim.of.violence.of.obama.supporters

      No, for we will continue to focus our energies on derailing Barack Obama.

      • Ditto.

        • emilyR

          and just so-s ya know it, Hillary’s gonna eat Obama’s lunch, dinner, breakfast, appetizer, and the little snack pack you get on the airline. Don’t get any Barack on your shoe as you walk over him, Hillary. I’ve heard it’s nasty.

          • kubla000

            are you sane? obama has drank hillary’s milkshake. for you, i have pie

      • kubla000

        wouldn’t sitting home and disengaging be easier? barack isn’t the anti christ. newsflash, he’s a liberal democrat… and it’s quite possible he’ll become president. why bother to try and derail him. jack cafferty just labeled this as CNN as “denial”

        i’m less worried now about hillary’s future and more worried about the sanity of people like ya’ll

        • sjc-tx

          Denial???!!! Oh THAT is RICH coming from a obamabrat!

          • kubla000

            an obamabrat? really? that’s what you want to call me. if that makes you feel better, more power too you.

            • it’snotme

              I prefer Obamarhoid myself. You’re all about as pleasant as a Hemorrhoid. Obamabrat is so, so, so …..NICE compared to how I view Obamarhoids. I have better adjectives for you rhoids, but I can’t repeat them in polite company.

              • kubla000

                we’re americans. never forget that.

                • beebop

                  Americans? Spare me!

                  Proud for the first time are you?

                • ces

                  is that spelled with one K or three?

        • He has a two decade relationship with a church that preaches that Jesus was black and all white people, Jews and Italians are to blame for all the evil in the world. And he calls that being a Christian. He is the Anti something.

        • beebop

          When Jack Cafferty amounts to anything other than a talking head, you run right back here and tell us, ya’ hear?

          I thought I’d remind you (courtesy of Wikipedia) of how smart Jack was when it came to pushing for the Iraq war on TeeVee …

          Cafferty initially supported the U.S. government’s decision to go to war with Iraq in 2003. He says he “bought the whole song and dance about WMDs. I was caught up in the national hysteria that followed 9/11, and was captive to the political manipulation, if you will, that took place in all of us.”

          We were sold a sack of shit by the meia once and got the Iraq war. I don’t need to get close enough to Barack Obama to see whether he passes the smell test … you get my drift, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Fringe Democrats. Gotta love em. I enjoy watching them go down every time.

      • sjc-tx

        ditttoooooblama *spit*

    • IndayHill

      kublaoo, this blog is as strong as Hillary. It will follow Hillary to the WH, where she is the rightful, qualified Commander-in-chief.

      • kubla000

        I agree, hillary is definitely strong, definitely qualified. but this year, the vote just isn’t there for her. the automatic delegates will not cross the media and the pledged delegates. she can win kentucky by 65%-35% and W. Virginia 70-30%, but if obama holds for a 10% win in Oregon, he’ll eclipse her in pledged delegates. If you add in the Fl, MI delegates, he’ll cross that line down the road in Puerto Rico, where he’ll have the resources to fight.

        It just won’t happen.

        • You haven’t even begun to see what fight means.

        • Lou

          Oregon is NOT for Obama..No one here in Or. is for him except the anarchists. Try again. Looks like the media is trying to bamboozle again.
          We have too many luch buckets here and informed voters.

          • Lou

            I predict a 61% win in Puerto Rico and 55% win or better in Oregon for Hillary. Oregon is a moderate Dem state.

        • Nicey Nicey.

    • Northwest rain

      SHE is NOT going to drop out! She will get FLORIDA and MICHIGAN Seated.

      Go away troll kubla000. And go to hell. Leave your moose poop elsewhere.

      And yes I’ll donate to Hillary for responding to the troll.

      • kubla000

        go ahead, donate. if you think it helps. i just had a legitimate question. larry johnson was once a respected blogger that i’d read pre-primary. the point of my question is to ask when does the idolatry end and the reality begin. i’ve read where jake tapper accused obama’s clan of being a cult. what would you call this place?

        • beebop

          Obama’s nightmare.

          • kubla000
            • beebop

              I don’t touch troll links. It’s a strict policy of mine. So far as I know, no known cure.

            • Jeff

              thanks kubla–I’ll be showcasing that on my blog tonight!

              • beebop

                I think I speak for a number of us when I wish you Godspeed to spending more time there and less here.

          • Great response. And I agree.

        • Dawnelle


          this place is

          refreshingly diverse

          but ruggedly homey!

          nothing you’d probably be interested in so have a nice day and Seeeeeeeeeeeya!

          • kubla000

            why do you think i’m going away?

            • requiemforadancer

              Even when you’re here, you’re not.

              It’s your mind, spike.

              Don’t get that one either, do you?

              You know how the republicans, used “hate” to troll?

              Me, I would have used “brilliant,” but I guess that’s hard ot find in a traitor, huh?

              • flyarm

                Brilliant requiemforadancer ..absolutely brilliant..but it will be totally lost on the ignut trolls!!…


            • Only if we want you to.

        • IndayHill

          Answer to ur legitimate question:
          “What would you call this place?”


          Hillary’s Army for Truth

          To expose Barrack “Barry” Obama & stop him from destroying America !This is the 20’s & not the 60’s, where he wants us to be.
          God Save America! God Bless America!!!

    • requiemforadancer

      ah, cheney and bush, and oh, gosh darn it, the world, made the mistake of believing American intelligence went out of business.

      Would appear that wasn’t the case.

    • No. But maybe you will stop coming around.

  • pm317

    All that glitters is not gold..
    If it is too good to be true, …
    Appearances are deceptive..
    Fool me once, shame on you ..

    Maybe I should stop. They may cry racist at any moment now.

  • By the way, get this inevitability of Obama vs. McCain out of your heads. That’s what Obama and his propaganda arm the MSM wants us to think. It’s all smoke, misdirection and noise like that fake Nuremberg rally bullshit Uppity found.

    Hillary is gonna make it, send her cash and work your heart out for her, she is doing the same for us!

    • kubla000

      do you realize nazi references are incredibly offensive to jewish people?

      • I am a Jewish person, my mother was, rest in peace.

        In order to stop the reincarnation of Adoolph Hitler, Obama, I feel I have to bring up the real deceased Hitler and his evil regime.

        If you are offended, I am sorry, but I will not stop using the references when I deem fit.

        Consider not reading my comments if I offend you.

        By the way, other Jews use Hitler and the NAZIs in sarcasm, Mel Brooks comes to mind.


      • it’snotme

        I’m Jewish. I’m never offended by TRUTH. I know Obamarhoids aren’t accustom to being exposed to TRUTH, but AxelRove does look like Adolf. Why would that be offensive to me? I just asked my Jewish husband if he was offended, and he said NO. I guess we can add another LIE you Obamarhoids have told to the list.

        AND, did you knowing sitting in a church for 20 years listening to a man that supports Hamas and Hezbollah is offensive to Jewish people? Did you know that sitting in a church and listening to a preacher who adores Louis Farrakhan is offensive to Jewish people?

        Don’t even go there with me.

        • Obamarhoids


          That made my day.

        • it’snotme, thank you for standing up for my right to freely express my views.

          I also share your views and those of your husband.

          Obama and his trolls try to flip everything they are doing and Obama really stands for and blame us. The blame card, the fear card, the race card — this is pure insanity and totally reminiscent of Hitler and his rise to power.

          I did not realize that was a troll — I normal do not answer them nor do I care what they think.

  • Ros in Wa

    I have been lurking `a while, first time posting…..I sent Hillary $25.00 last night and am so happy to see her hanging in there.

    • Way to go and welcome aboard!

    • Post more often!

    • Talktruth

      Thanks, Ros, and welcome! I’m glad she’s hanging in there, too, and that won’t go unnoticed by some undecideds. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This is an amazing and powerful post!

    And here I had visions of Hitler’s Nuremberg rallies, but its all a sham! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Uppity, you are too cool.

    Obama is still the reincarnation of Adolph Hitler, its just he is the “light” version now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nag

    I had a chance to go see the Precious when he was in town. Even could have had special tickets. I said no, no, no! Just like Amy Winehouse. He’s such a poser. He’s already bought and paid for.

    I can’t stand the sight of him. I can’t stand his voice. If I had to sit in on one of his staged events, I’d go stark raving mad.

    • Lou


  • Thanks, I needed that.

    What a scam. Fraud. weasle. I feel like I have been bamboozled.

    • Hi Sara. How’s the land of my ancesters treating you?

      • Lou

        Obama is looking down at the garlic noses too!LOL

        • Lou

          Maybe I should start calling myself Italian American instead of just American.

        • Ah what the hell, there are only six or seven million of us dagos. Obama doesn’t need them, he’s got AAs and college kids. Reverend Jerry hates the Irish people’s asses too!

          It is a riot though. I don’t know a single Italian who would vote for him. He’s running out of people’s votes to lose.

  • Ellen Tenn

    I don’t think I will ever be able to vote for Obama after I read all the information here. He and a large part of his supporters are thugs.

  • DCDemocrat

    It seems to me that with the possibility of either Obama or McCain, the only thing we’re guaranteed is one version of George Bush (vacuity) or the other (disastrous policies.)

    • He’s not bush. He will put us in a coma for four is all. We can wait. As for the war, I see no difference because I don’t believe for a minute that Obama wants to do anything but reverse the direction of the fire. he is far far far too tied to the middle east. Hamas doesn’t love him for nothing.

      • CAE

        Right you are. I look at Obama-McCain this way: two very weak candidates with nothing remotely resembling a mandate. Neither has any kind of grip on their respective base (in fact Obama has decided crapping on his base is a good idea). So the question is: which party do you want to give a four year vacation to? Which party do you want to have four years to re-energize their base, groom a great presidential candidate, and re-organize their party structure to strip out the dead wood?

        I don’t see anything getting any worse under McCain and obviously the Democratic Party needs a lot of internal work.

    • Dawnelle

      ok if the down ticket race is going so smoothly in favor of DEMs….. is it possible we could win a HUGE majority (finally) WORKING majority in both houses and off set that with a McKook and a DECENT VP like say Hagel (god that would get my vote) compared to voting for Obama

      with both a majority in both houses would be scary indeed if Obama controls it.

      and I’ve always considered myself a progressive with moderate purse strings

      Or how about a REAL flip dream

      McKook/Clinton PAHAHAH ok kidding

  • ChrisXP

    The more I read about Obama and his supporters…I better stay away from the TV, as I may beat mom at destroying it!

    Godless, terrorist loving, USA destroyers equals the sum of his base. >:(

    • Talktruth

      I better stay away from the TV

      Good idea, Chris. I’ve been doing that today, and it’s worked wonders! I know they’re just going to be talking &%^$ trying to peddle their corporate puppet.

  • contributed 20.00 this morning at 7:00am just contributed another 10.00

    I’m stickin’ with Hillary.

    • SensibleWoman

      contributed 20.00 this morning at 7:00am just contributed another 10.00

      Iโ€™m stickinโ€™ with Hillary.

      Me, too, but contributed last night and I will continue to do so. And calling friends that don’t have the benefit of time due to work and family schedules to find out the TRUTH on the net. They are willing to contribute and are doing so, too.

      She has put her money where her mouth is and I will do the same.

      Hillary 09!

      • SensibleWoman

        Hillary 09!

        Oops, fingers running furiously across the keyboard with determination.

        Hillary 08!

        • 09 is cool! self-fulfilling “Freudian slip” prophecy. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • SensibleWoman

            ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m happy to go with it.

    • it’snotme

      ME TOO! I just donated 5 minutes ago. If she is promising to continue the fight, she deserves my help.

      • emilyR

        Me too. Absolutely. Just donated.

    • ginaswo

      all the way to Denver and the White House
      I sent in another $150.44 this morning

      • flyarm

        i sent $250 last night..i may be done max now..


  • mark

    Not enough Obama shuttles and buses–they were held up taxiing North Carolinians to and fro from voting stations.

    • Lou

      Yes they do this in every state. Serial voters are what they are. voting in every precinct.

  • Absolutely incredible post. We need SO much more of this.

    • Thanks Pagan. And we need more of YOU.

  • Yeah but he got the press to say he had his rally in a COLISEUM.

    • beebop

      yeah and well, lots of pregnant girls get married in white and the point is ???????

      • emilyR

        that was funny beebop

        • Dawnelle

          LOL yea funny!

          AND Uppity I always LOL when I read you – especially at “moose poop”

          lmao – I swear before I die I need to see a big old pile of MOOSE poop and see if there are real similarities! LOL I bet there are! And I bet it’s HUGE and Stinky!

          hmm much like the BO campaign

          n’est pas?

    • Hey uppity, add a picture of a pre-WWII period Hitler rally? ๐Ÿ™‚

      I think that’s what Axeldouche wants us to think.

      • alibe

        reminds me of the toppling of the Saddam statue by the “people”. Of course I saw it live and knew the whole thing was staged by the U.S. and there was no one there except a few soldiers and many photographers and a few bystanders. Nothing like the portrayal the the media gave us. Or the so called iconic scenes they keep using to manipulate us.

  • Linda

    lol I guess he didn’t pay for this audience.

    • bert

      Press tech set up fee – $60,000
      Reynolds Coliseum rental fee – $32,000
      Picture of teeny-weenie Obama supporter turnout – PRICELESS!!!!

  • politicsIsdirty

    The media keeps saying he is the real deal – He is a big FAKE.

    • Shainzona

      Remember, also, that because his big Ira

      • Shainzona

        Whoops, sorry….

        …because his big Iraq speech wasn’t recorded he had to re-stage it – complete with canned applause – in order to make it available now. One has to wonder how much of the speech was new and what he really said.

        God, this guy sucks!

        • Northwest rain

          Also questions — WHEN exactly was this “great” anti war speech given? I believe that there are at least 3 dates for when it really happened. WHY three dates?

          So I’m saying — we don’t know WHEN the speech was given and we don’t know WHAT he really said. No recordings and are there any unbiased witnesses to this speech?

          Obama is a fraud and a liar. I need three reliable, unbiased sources before I can believe ANYTHING he says.

          • From what I have read, there isn’t even a mention of his speech in any newspaper. The “video” is a re-make of that speech.

            VEry strange that there isn’t a metnion in the papers.

          • PugetSoundIsForRetards

            Hmm.. this author must be a lesbian.

    • fooj

      Yep. The same MSM that helped launch an illegal and immoral war. Oh goodie.

  • victim.of.violence.of.obama.supporters

    Notice how Axelrod only allowed white supporters to be placed within the frames of the cameras.