Which is to say irresponsibly.

Some people think that the personal lives of politicians do not matter – that if they can discharge their duties satisfactorily while in office, then “trifling” matters in their private lives are of little account.


Insights into the hidden lives of politicians give the electorate a far more accurate impression of the person than anything else. The public image of politicians is so heavily stage-managed and contrived that it carries little real worth.

Indeed, if we are only to rely on their projected personas, then politicians all come from an assembly line of people who extol public virtue and private restraint, attend places of worship regularly, are married with children and have worked hard to achieve their position in life.

Politicians need to get with the now – this old cover has been well and truly blown.

Personal character defects can be manifested in moral failings, such as John Edwards cheating on his terminally ill wife. If he could treat the person closest to him like that, then how would he govern the rest of us from afar?

And they can also be seen in a dearth of financial probity, as with the Obamas.

As this article in the Daily News states:

“In 1999, the Obamas purchased a Chicago condo and obtained a mortgage for $159,250. In May 1999, they took out a line of credit for $20,750. Then, in 2002, they refinanced the condo with a $210,000 mortgage, which means they took out about $50,000 in equity. Finally, in 2004, they took out another line of credit for $100,000 on top of the mortgage.

“If we assume an effective interest rate of 6%, then they owed about $240,000 on a home they purchased for about $159,250.”

All that saved the Obamas from financial oblivion was blind luck.

Michelle Obama’s salary mysteriously nearly tripled just before hubby was elected to the Senate in 2005. That, combined with the start of the media infatuation with then Senator Obama, resulted in soaring book sales and a concomitant avalanche of royalties.

Their extreme financial good fortune continues to this day. Less than a week before entering the Oval Office, the president agreed a new $500,000 book deal to adapt “Dreams From My Father” for middle-school-aged children. Michelle has not missed out, either: she collected $63,000 in 2007 for her no-show sinecure.

And this is without even mentioning the (millions of) pennies that the Obamas saved through purchasing their house in Chicago with the involvement of convicted fraudster Tony Rezko.

The moral of the story is clear – when faced with financial difficulties, the Obamas’ personal solution was to simply borrow more money (or luck out). Every time. That same sophisticated belief is now federal policy. The Obamas did not exercise any self-restraint in their spending as private citizens and they are certainly not adhering to any limitations today.

This will be all too familiar to many of us who are currently besmirched by debt, the accumulation of which is sometimes sadly necessary. We all need to start living more within our means. But can we not expect better from the president?

  • leo

    Obama was hand-picked by the DNC, Pelosi, Reid, and others. There is no CHANGE. I didn’t vote for him, but it didn’t make any difference. The “fix” was already in.

  • shannon

    He makes that money clip look so ominous (and creepy): “Fast Barry’s gots to get paid!”

  • dazey

    The reason I saw right through him from the beginning is because he is a hollow man.

  • Seriously, would you pick Obama to be your financial advisor knowing what you know about him?

  • Babs

    What I found telling about the Obamas was their very small contributions to charity for the years preceding his presidential run. That tells me a heck of a lot more about them than the present media hype, about Michelle Obama especially. True selfless people give anonymously to others because it’s the right thing to do, the Obamas started giving because it was politically correct, and her “charity work” is nothing but photo ops.

  • ritamary

    That picture is from the day Obama realized arugula is getting more and more expensive.

  • jas

    I agree with the 1st comment. O is in Over his head.

  • he is constantly changing his mind about things,one day it.s up,next day it.s down.

  • alibe

    You forgot one little way Obama has gotten money over the years. He played poker with lobbyists and other Illinois politicians. Obama said he was a very good poker player and very lucky. (And if you believe that, I will sell you a famous bridge.) This ia a way for questionable people to funnel money to a politician who will vote the way they want. No paper trail, no questions, Nobama. He might be lucky, but he ain’t no poker player. My hunch is that they gifted him some big pots. they folded before the call. So easy, no questions. Heads he wins and tails we lose.

    • alibe,

      Thank you! This will make its way into a future post for sure…

  • J_Gocht


    I like the set of both your jib and yer hat…!

  • John Smith

    I guess he is showing us how much money it will take to buy a few items at the grocery story when he is done with the economy.

    • reb

      It looks like a couple of “special lettuce” salads.

  • James Guglielmino

    1. Pelosi is not going down. While I do not like her much, it is most certainly sounding like the CIA may be who is trying to sink her. Time will tell.
    2. Elsewhere on No quarter, we have another blogger writing how Bill Clinton is the “smartest President ever.” Here, we have *this*, the damning of the present President for his habits and the effect a president’s habits have on his effectiveness. Gosh, is it that he wears briefs instead of jockys or the other way around…?
    Tell ya what dudes and dudettes, I’d hell of a lot rather a President who may have spent a bit more than he should have once upon a time, than one who destroys his whole second administration because of his need for a foreign BJ, the result being shrub Bush and his odious minions. Give it a break, will ya?

    • Donna “Abigail Adams” Brazile


      Glad to see you and the faux black man are still obsessed with BC’s equipment. Seems like you and the faux black man share that same stalker quality.

      I see the dogs let you out early today to begin your second job as agitator.

      Stop the obsession with BCfest!

    • James,

      If you want to overlook what we know about the president’s past (aside, that is, from everything that’s so expertly concealed), then by all means, go ahead.

      When you have a man, such as President Obama, who does all that he can to obfuscate his core beliefs, we are forced to rely on other insights to assess the person.

      Hence this post.

      Hopefully, I’ll be proven entirely wrong about the president.

      But I doubt it.

      And no one mentioned the previous president! Leave him out of it for once! Not everything has to be a comparison!

    • Problem is Obama is not only imprudent with HIS money, he is horrendously imprudent with OURS! He either sucks at math or is robbing us. Either way, he’s doing a terrible job as president.

      • Jon

        Because two working adult professionals were unable to afford a $250k loan in the mid-2000s? They were irresponsible for having a relatively modest amount of debt?

        It’s not like they were clearly living above their means with that size of a loan.

  • KmX

    President Obama is very quiet while Nancy Pelosi is going down. SHe did everything to make sure Hillary Clinton lost the primaries. Now Hillary is keeping rather quiet while Nancy keeps putting her foot in her mouth about the CIA stories.

    • clare bee

      You call it KARMA!!

      KARMA is a bitch, Nancy!!!!!!

    • KmX, very astute.

      Turning into quite the cluster****, isn’t it?

      I wonder how many more of Pelosi’s “colleagues” would love to watch her crash and burn…

  • Doc99

    It’s increasingly apparent that the Presidency is above Ozero’s pay grade.

  • gianni

    Also in 1999 in Chicago, Obama had a little run in with Larry Sinclair. Sinclair has been victimized by the Obama smear machine and silenced by a compliant mainstream media, and even arrested for an alleged felony theft complaint by Joe Biden’s son in Delaware, which was later dropped only after bleeding Sinclair of over $10,000 in legal fees. Yeah, that’s how Obama operates. And when Sinclair tried to write up his story in book form, guess what? He was blackballed by all the major book publishers. So guess what he did? He started his own publishing company, Sinclair Publishing. This is a great American success story, overcoming impossible odds to bring this story to light. Be looking for Sinclair’s book sometime in June. Early reviews are that it is sensational.

    • Johnny Smithfield

      Or the fact that Larry Sinclair can’t prove one single allegation he has made against Obama. Not one. Yeah, I can’t believe the MSM weren’t all over that. LMAO!

      From my recollection all Sinclair could prove was he took a trip to Chicago sometime in 1999. Maybe he gave Michael Jordan or Harry Carey blow jobs too?

      Look there are plenty of reasons to critisize Obama. Frankly I’m a little peeved right now he reversed his decision on the torture photos.

      But Larry Sinclair? Please!

    • FrankleeMiDeer

      Reviewers: Hannity, Limbaugh, Beck, et. al.

  • The Obama’s are the lowest point for WH occupants we’ve had in a long time, if not in the history of the country.

    First Ladies, each in their own era, who have made a difference are the one’s we remember. MicHELLe’s arms are the lowest of media hyped footnotes in history. Her claim to fame is so shallow, she makes Plastic Pat Nixon look like a deeply intellectual humanitarian.

    The information in this article is just appalling. Please, can the wheel in the sky align itself to finally expose the absolute truth about the Obamas?!

  • Diana L. C.

    Yes, I totally agree!

    –I see this article just after having watched a video of an ABC Now interview of Cindy McCain in regard to her charity work in Africa. WOW!

    Put that woman next to MO and there is no comparison. It would have been so great to have her example as First Lady ranther than the example we got in MEchelle. How politicians have lived their lives and how they’re living it does matter.

    I was a staunch supporter of Hillary and still am. My support came from my feeling about how she has lived her life all these years. I truly trusted her life to be a great example for the country.

    Then when the DNC selected O, as a person who lived through the turmoil in our country about Viet Nam–a person who knows one H.S. classmate who has a purple heart from service there, another who died a little over twenty years later from the effects of agent orange, another who adopted five kids from over that way, others who sincerely and non-violently protested the war, etc.–I could not believe that we as a country did not honor McCain by giving him victory during the GE. He is a man who feels it is a privilege to serve; he is not a man who feels we “owed” him the office.

    I am still totally confused about how people made their decisions to put the X next to O’s name.

    • Eastan

      I am still totally confused about how people made their decisions to put the X next to O’s name.

      They didn’t. Remember.. the primary was stolen. Hillary was the choice of the primary voters. Or, was that a dream of my mother too?

      • Eastan


      • Patrick Walker

        That’s true. Obama wouldn’t have won if the financial crisis didn’t happen. On election day, Obama just got 53% of the vote … in a two horse race with all the serious institutional negativity reserved for McCain/Palin.

        In the end, it didn’t matter which of the two got the nod. Obama is behaving just like a regular Republican.

        Q: What’s a Republican without the gay bashing?
        A: Barack Obama

  • Where did the picture come from?

    Is Obama doing commercials now?


  • CrazySam

    I hate Obama too!

  • sandi78

    When he adapts Dreams of My Father for middle school children, will it begin with “Once upon a time…..”?

    • Good one!

      I am still waiting for the truth books to come out about Obama. Talk about a best seller!

      What the heck is stacked behind Obama? It sure looks like it could fall and hurt someone. Safety first people!

  • Mandelay

    Wha? He had no help from the Broadway Bank in Chicago?

  • olivia1998

    Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s in over his head

    • ame

      Agree, especially when it comes to managing finances. I was raised to live within my means; my house is paid off and I pay my credit cards in full when they come in. Most people that live like the Obama family lived prior to his presidency are now in trouble and are either living pay check to pay check or are in the process of losing everything. Obama is a gifted professional speaker and that’s what saved him from the same destitute lifestyle financially irresponsible people usually have. He’s very fortunate to have the gift of gab. That being said, his attitude toward money has not change post-presidency. Therefore, he’s going to pull us all down.

      • he reminds me of a snake oil salesman.