And any Democrat dumb enough to vote for this loser will be rewarded with a John McCain presidency anyway because — fortunately — the majority of Americans aren’t as gullible.

  • ChrisXP

    Well, I would’ve had fun posting tonight, but having another post ate by now flood control — nope. Takes time to post and to have it disappear without a trace (between sending and page refresh even), it’s time to post at other venues.

    Have fun guys and gals.

  • DancingOpossum

    I have voted in every election at every level of local, state and federal government that I could since I turned 18, proudly marking D all the way down the ticket every time.

    No more. I’ve already been over to the McCain folks, where I received a very gracious welcome along with many, many other Hillary supporters. I know who I’ll be voting for in November.

    I mean, if I’m in a party that is using GOP tactics, like vote suppression, intimidation, and racist dogwhistles, I may as well be in the GOP. Besides, have Republican friends so I know they’re not all evil troglodytes. I don’t think McCain is evil (although I do think Bush is). Stealing votes and disenfranchising voters, to me that is evil.

    Here’s another benefit to voting McCain. For the first time in many, many, many, many years (actually not since I voted for that hood-wearing KKK member Bill Clinton), I’ll be voting on the winning side. It’ll be a nice change.

  • Count Florida

    Please count Florida, why is Guam counted and not Florida? Did Guam become a State? Hey everyone Florida is a State! Count our vote!

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  • concernvoter

    I cancelled everything: MoveOn, Democracy for America(DFA), Michael Moore, TureMajority and oh, DNC too. I totally stopped my monthly contribution. As to DNC, I told them no more money or any form of support until all delegates of MI and FL are seated.

    • Good for you!!!!!!

    • StatBabe

      The DNC definitely has felt the effect of people pissed off over Michigan and Florida. 2-3 weeks ago I gave a DNC fundraiser who called me an earful. I told her that I was NOT contributing a red cent to the DNC until they figured out an equitable remedy to the situation with Michigan and Florida. I went on to say that I could understand that Michigan was a problem since all the candidates were not on the ballot. HOWEVER, I went on to explain that I could see no reason whatsoever for not seating the Florida delegation “as is” and allowing them full voting rights.

      Anyway, that gal spent 20-30 minutes talking to me about this problem. She expressed her own frustration and said that she was talking to more and more people just like me–people who do not want to donate a red cent until they figure out an equitable solution to Florida and Michigan. She also told me that Howard Dean had held a conference call that morning to discuss the situation with Florida and Michigan and possible remedies. I doubt that this woman would have wasted so much time talking to me about this problem if the DNC were not suffering as a result.

      For what it’s worth, I’ve looked at the numbers for Florida and Michigan, and even with those delegates, Hillary still trails Obama, although the difference is much smaller. I honestly do not see how Hillary can catch up with Obama at this point, which certainly saddens me because Obama is a complete train wreck. In the end, these “Super Delegates” will make the ultimate decision about who will be the Democratic nominee for POTUS. I do not really expect these people, practically all of whom are pols themselves, to buck the popular vote or the pledged delegate count. Hence, we should all be preparing ourselves for the likelihood that Obama will be the Democratic nominee for POTUS.

      If Obama had a grain of sense (and given his gaffe about 59 states, that seems like a stretch), he would be magnanimous and accept seating Florida “as is” and allow a re-vote for a Michigan PRIMARY. Obama’s resistance to seating Florida and a new primary in Michigan tells me that the Obama campaign is afraid that he is actually LOSING GROUND with white voters. Otherwise, he would accept whatever “ground rules” that the Clinton people want to impose because, as I said above, the numbers are just not there for Hillary. It’s things like this that make this Democrat want to bolt from Obama–i.e., in his pursuit of the nomination, Obama seems to be just as willing to bend and distort the election process as the Republicans were in 2000 and 2004.

      I cannot agree with others here that McBush is an alternative to Hillary Clinton. I may ultimately write someone in, if Obama does not show me more than he has shown me thus far, but I honestly cannot understand ANY Democrat who would support McBush, given his positions on the various issues. I will also be looking at the person that Obama chooses to be his running mate. While it seems like a long shot for Obama to even ask Hillary to be on his ticket (particularly with Obama’s bitch wife calling the shots), stranger things have happened–just look at Kennedy and LBJ back in 1960. Would people here who have vowed to vote for McBush if Obama is the Democratic nominee still feel that way if Hillary Clinton were in the VP slot on his ticket? I know that no one here really wants to see Obama at the top of the ticket, but wouldn’t Hillary in the second slot give you a reason to reconsider the Democratic ticket this year? It certainly would give me a reason to support Obama in the general, which I currently do NOT have–I only have a desire to avoid another Republican who can put corporatists on the SCOTUS and other federal court appointments.

  • StatBabe

    I keep reading Obama trolls promoting his candidacy against McBush and many Hillary supporters who emphatically state that they will vote for McBush rather than support Obama. On issues, I actually AGREE that voting for McBush makes little sense. HOWEVER, whoever becomes POTUS in January, 2009, will inherit a gigantic shit sandwich so it’s not as though we would be doing the GOP ANY favors if McBush somehow manages to squeak past Obama.

    Frankly, there is NO WAY IN HELL that I am voting for McBush, but thus far, I have not seen a good reason to support Obama either. It took Obama a LONG time to finally commit himself to support Hillary Clinton, if she were to win the nomination–and to my knowledge, Michelle Obama’s last comment on supporting Hillary Clinton, if she were to somehow become the Democratic presidential nominee, was that she “would have to think about it”, which doesn’t exactly fit my definition of a “loyal Democrat”.

    With the various gaffes that have come out of the Obama campaign (e.g., “first time” that Michelle was really “proud” of her country, Barack’s comment about invading Pakistan, the “bitter” remark, “the claws come out” remark, etc.), I cannot help but wonder if an Obama presidency would not be more destructive than a McBush presidency with a strong Democratic Congress that McBush will have to work through to get ANYTHING accomplished.

    Having said that, I still currently plan to vote for the Democratic ticket in November (yes, even Obama), unless, of course, Obama becomes the nominee and manages to pick a really bad running mate. I am NOT “happy” about the prospect of voting for Obama because I honestly believe that this man is a VERY weak candidate for POTUS, not only because he has never really been truly vetted (i.e., the media have given Obama a “free pass” for most of the campaign) but also because he lacks the experience and intellectual depth to handle the job. And worst of all, Obama is too damned arrogant to recognize just how inexperienced and ill-equipped he is to handle the job! When Obama commented that he would be looking for a running mate that “knew about a lot of stuff” that he was weak on, the question was asked if that meant that he would be looking for foreign policy expertise in a running mate, to which Obama responded that foreign policy was the one area where he felt like he knew MORE than just about anyone else! All I can say is, God help us if this arrogant fool actually believes such crap! As I recall, the moron (BUSH!) that we have now also seemed to believe that he, too, knew so much MORE about foreign policy than Al Gore or Bill Clinton–that his foreign policy would be so much “better” than that of Bill Clinton’s because he would NEVER engage in “nation building” or invading countries without good reason. And then, we get Iraq! Need I say more?

    After 8 years of unparalleled arrogant incompetence, the ONE trait that many of us want above all else is COMPETENCE! From what I have seen of Obama thus far, I am not convinced that he would provide competence. I particularly worry about Obama’s arrogance–that’s what got this country in the giant hole it currently occupies–having a president who is too damned arrogant and self-assured to even ponder another viewpoint on ANY issue. If that’s what Obama has to offer, then I will write someone in, and I will NOT shed a tear if McBush prevails in the process–at least, McBush is not a completely incompetent fool!

  • sas

    I sent for my voter re-registration form yesterday. I will switch from Democrat to Independent.

    How can I continue to support a party whose leaders say thing like the following? This is Ted Kennedy on why Obama probably won’t or shouldn’t pick Clinton as his VP.

    ‘Kennedy, 76, without naming names, said Obama should pick someone who “is in tune with his appeal for the nobler aspirations of the American people. If we had real leadership — as we do with Barack Obama — in the No. 2 spot as well, it’d be enormously helpful,” Kennedy said.’

    I am really beginning to hate the Demnocratic leadership – Dean, Brazile, Pelosi, Kennedy, Kerry….

    I hope McCain kicks Obama’s ass in the fall……

  • JP

    This is awesome! I love that ad, it so beautifully calls out baby Barack for refusing to answer questions. LOL! Can’t WAIT to see what the 527s do. It’ll work in Hillary’s favor that Obamalamadingdong has declared himself the presumptive Democratic nominee (he’s a lot of things, but Democratic sure isn’t one of them!). Now the weakling will confront real attacks from Republicans. Bring it on!! Yahoo!

    You know the “Democratic” party has completely self-destructed when they push a candidate SO NEFARIOUS that lifelong Democrats agree with the Republicans. And no, if Hillary is not the nominee we will not be ‘good little girls’ and vote for the boy. We’ll vote for the €€man, John McCain!

  • karen for Clinton

    Thanks for the video. I am certain this is the first time that I have seen a republican video in my 51 years of life and entirely agreed with it.

    I just had my first of many “they’re right” moments.

    Round one of: republicans vs obamacans.

    Hillary will watch from the sidelines and step in just after they beat the crap out of him.

  • typicalbubba

    Nice use of the WECAN refrain. It’s a reheated acronym for Woodlawn East Community And Neighbors. Let’s hope his policies aren’t rewrites from his Rezko and other assorted cronies days.

  • Mr.Murder

    Will Obama make his campaign more inclusive with orations about the bitter white Christian gunowners?
    What’s next, speaking critically of pickups on gravel roads?

    • Fred C. Dobbs

      My Jewish, turkey- and deer-hunting, pickup-driving, gun-toting cousins (they won’t kill anything after sundown on Friday) already feel excluded from the discussion and ‘scriminated against, according to Stan and Howie, or, Junior and Bubba, as the Cracker side of the clan calls them.

  • elizabeth

    Pure and simple. The Democratic party has been hijacked by the extreme left wing, just as the Republican party was hijacked by the extreme right wing. Most Americans do not support extremists in this country anymore than they do in other parts of the world. They will vote for the candidate who is seen as the more moderate regardless of party affiliation. The Republicans know this, that is why McCain ended up with the nomination. It was their only chance in hell, after these last 8 years, of keeping the presidency. That is why Hillary is staying in this race. She is able to capture those votes for the Democratic party. If Obama gets the nomination, enough of those votes will go to McCain, mine included, and he will win in November.

    • fey

      you bet!

  • D Johnson

    As dense as I am, I’m beginning to realize many Obatians don’t have the faintest idea of what his policies are – or what he has supported in the past. For instance, some support O because of his “energy policy,” not even knowing that O voted for Cheney and Oil buddies so-called energy policy. I doubt if they have bothered to examine how ideas/policies, etc. stack up in comparison. If they do, they will find O is relatively close to many repub policies, i.e. the privatization of social security; a health care plan that leaves out millions of people, push for school vouchers and charter schools, and a continuation of bush/reagan economic policies which advocate PRIVATIZATION or elimination of many government programs – just as the Chicago Boys from Milton Friedman’s Chicago School advocate. Getting rid of Roosevelt’s New Deal is one of their prime battles. It’s a recipe for disaster for millions of low income people – which this type of economics policy accepts as part of doing business.

    I think part of the gasoline “crises,” created by the futures market, is also invented to create the “economic disaster” which fosters so much change. All this is outlined in Naomi Klein’s the Shock Doctrine, and if you haven’t read it, you must. Also “splains a lot.”

    Obama is a dangerous, dangerous, unknown and shadowy figure to be installing in the WH. America will live to regret it if we should be so unfortunate as to elect him.

    This is what this election is all about. It’s not between personalities, but the continuation of policies that insist on reaming the lower and middle classes into oblivion.

    • Thrasyboulos

      They don’t call Obamatians “the faithful” for nothing, you know. It’s the way of the cult, and cults have a bad end. The Obama Cult, if Howie/Brazile/the goo goo left have their way, has a date with reality in October/November.

      We, of course, will have told them so. Over and over and over. But, like all faithful, they’ve come to The Truth.

    • Dave

      The gasoline crisis is not just created by the futures market, but that is a part of it. If we were to restore the previous capital gains tax, it would make reckless speculation less attractive to investors, and thus avoid the wild swings in prices we’ve been seeing.

      But another major reason for the rising costs in gasoline is the crumbling value of the Dollar. And I haven’t heard ANY of the remaining candidates address that issue.

      have you?

      • Fred C. Dobbs

        Dollar vs Euro is down about 14% in the same time period that Brent, West Texas Intermediate and Kuwaiti crude (the three that I follow) are up in excess of 35%.

        It’s a “basket” (old 80’s buzzword) of causes.

        The solution is to find something else to run these damned cars on, take the bus once in a while, and start Swelling Remdiation up to and including solar collectors for DHW and PV cells.

        THE wake-Up Call was in 1973, but America has had its national thumb up its collective ass for 35 years. Expect it to be an expensive lesson.

        • Fred C. Dobbs

          For “Swelling Remediation,” read, “Dwelling Remediation.”

          Fat Freddie’s Feckless Fingers strike again.

  • Thrasyboulos

    I wonder what the Rasmussen poll will say in October, after Obama’s media leghumpers have turned on him (you know they will, don’t you? Mrs. Greenspan?, Timmy?, CNN? General Electric? Lol!). I’d hate to be one of the Obama Faithful in the trenches then.

    The “I Told You Sos” post November will be deafening. Howie, and Donna, and John, and Teddy, and Nancy…You betcha!

  • i still think he is a double agent for the republican party. and the republican owned news media.

    they want him to win so that they can distroy him…wink wink,they cant distroy a democrat that realy wasnt a democrat… PERSONAL WOUNDERINGS NOT BASED ON FACTS.

    i wounlnt dought some day i will hear[ i was a republican all the time and i screwd the democrats. na na na na na]

  • Griff

    IS HILLARY DONE? seems like polling firm stuck the fork in her…

    ‘Race Is Over’: Polling Firm to Quit Asking Clinton Questions

    National polling firm Rasmussen Reports announced on Friday that it will stop polling people about the presidential campaign of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton because her opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, will win the Democratic nomination.

    The company’s vice president of finance and operations, Michael Boniello, distributed an e-mail stating that after 19 months of tracking the Democratic race, it is now clear that Clinton will remain a close second.

    The following is an excerpt from Boniello’s e-mail:

    “The most remarkable feature of the race has been its consistency and stability. Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are both running historic campaigns and both have captured the votes and hearts of distinct and important constituencies within the Democratic Party. Obama has won Primaries in states where the demographics favor his campaign and Clinton has won in the states that favor her campaign.

    However, while Senator Clinton has remained close and competitive in every meaningful measure, she is a close second and the race is over. It has become clear that Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee.

    At the moment, Senator Clinton’s team is busily trying to convince Superdelegates and pundits that she is more electable than Barack Obama …Even if every single Superdelegate was convinced that the former First Lady is somewhat more electable than Obama, that is not enough of a reason to deny him the nomination.

    With this in mind, Rasmussen Reports will soon end our daily tracking of the Democratic race and focus exclusively on the general election competition between Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama.”

    The e-mail also stated that the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday showed Barack Obama attracting 47 percent of the vote, while John McCain earned 44 percent.

    Rasmussen Reports conducts daily tracking results via nightly telephone surveys.

    • it’snotme

      Rasmussen isn’t the ONLY polling firm. Hillary’s not going anywhere…polling or no polling. SUSA is much better anyway…

    • Mary

      Rasmussen is owned and run by a Republican group that consistently appears on Fox News.

      They WANT Obama to win so McCain can destroy him in November.

      EVERYBODY knows that, darlin.

  • Talktruth

    I could have sworn I’d already posted this here, but I didn’t see it. Enjoy – this is fantastic, and very encouraging!

    by J. Gold

    We are a Month Away from Victory day, we We Will Win – and the Media know it. The enemy knows it. Their collaborators know it. All are desperately trying to save Obama from the inevitable confrontation which will see him reduced to rubble. Pundits and journalists are going all out to bail-out his behind – before they see their chances of Unholy Redemption, evaporate.

    Not this time. You picked the wrong Senator to tussle with! The wrong voters to disenfranchise, and the wrong people to mock!


    It’s being chronicled at noquarter and taylormarsh, and it doesn’t really need further documenting. Recent attempts by the punditocracy to nominate our Party’s Presidential Candidate, are instances of the “grassroots” Fat-Cats in the Media and Political elite, to destroy Clinton once and for all.

    Obama doesn’t stand a chance of winning the nomination, and as the Primary rolls to a close, this becomes too painfully apparent to Messrs. Axelrod, Plouff, and Penny Pritzker. He can’t get the delegates, or popular vote. Upcoming primaries will vindicate Clinton, and the Obama scoundrels last resort, is to apply overwhelming Media pressure to our morale, to beat us into submission and take us out of the voter calculus.

    They’ve done this incessantly throughout the Race, and now it appears, they are reaching Critical Mass.

    Critical Mass means making the contest a foregone conclusion, and minimizing Clinton turnout in the next six contests. Clinton supporters are supposedly to be licking our wounds, instead of showing up in West Virginia, Oregon, Kentucky, and Puerto Rico.

    Optimally, this demoralization is best accomplished by henceforth altogether ignoring Clinton. To take her out of the media circuit, and marginalize her to the degree of a Mike Gravel and Ron Paul, the level of court jesters, or gadflies. For this media strategy to succeed, however, Clinton supporters must buy into the “we have lost” logic.

    Don’t count on it. We wont. It’s what the Axis Powers tried on us during the War, and its what brought them endless humiliation, when Democracy stood towering over their defeated cause.

    The Critical Mass in the media, has been reached. There is consensus, unanimous and monolithic to a truly debilitating degree, that Clinton has been taken out. Our counterstrategy- don’t buy into it. Don’t buy into it and redouble your efforts for phoning, donating, blogging, and whatever it takes to reach out to voters in the five and a half states.

    Your efforts will not go to waste. Victory is around the corner. The reason we are seeing Critical Mass, is precisely because Obama is about to be destroyed. They are attacking your morale, because their own resolve and morale, are dissipating. Critical Mass, is the counteroffensive to our D-Day.

    Obama is too tired, too exhausted, too reluctant, to carry on the fight beyond July 8th. He knows he will be devastated by Puerto Rico. For all their yapping, the Obama camp cannot afford to disenfranchise Florida and Michigan, and once the Primary is over, this will become painfully clear to his supporters, who are in for a giant let down.

    Obama feels the same. Repeatedly, he has expressed dismay at having to continue the struggle against our Roosevelt. Its pure fear on Obama’s part. The fear of being humiliated in front of voters, having to backtrack on Florida and Michigan, being exposed as divisive, arrogant, and self-serving. Obama knows too well, that he lacks the gamesmanship, the skill, or discipline and resolve, to take this all the way to Denver. Obviously, all of Obama’s supporter’s enthusiasm, is not reflecting on his own flagging morale.

    Only Clinton, can overcome and vanquish. Only Clintonites know how to carry on the good fight. But with this last Critical Mass offensive by the Obama forces, naturally moral will be hit. As casualties mount, we cannot lose sight of the objective.

    We must be realistic. By surviving we win, the enemy loses. Survive this to Puerto Rico, and you are home free. Its only if you take yourself out of the game, that we will lose. Obama has absolutely no way, mathematical or otherwise, of securing the Nomination if we are in the game. Past July 8th, all odds favor Clinton.

    In our media environment, it will take a leap of faith to take this message to heart and continue the fight. Our mental reliance on the media, is not a proverbial joke or exaggeration. What do we do, tune out? As Jamal recommended some time ago, righteous anger and conviction, and iron resolve to take this to Denver, are what we are made of. Clinton is our Presidential Choice, because those are the character traits which earn our loyalty. Media or no media, trudge on, prepared to slug it out to the last man.

    Clinton’s victory does present a Historically unprecedented opportunity, for the American people to defeat the Media Leviathan suffocating our Democracy.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Americas Greatest President, did it in 1932 and 1936, when all the newspapers, and all the journals were as prejudiced against him, as the media are today against Senator Clinton. Roosevelt was even threatened by a Fascist march on the Capital – and yet, contrary to the hype and vicious propaganda of his day, he Overcame, he Vanquished, he Won.

    And what a great Victory it was for the American People! What a Champion of the Common Man and Socialism, Roosevelt turned out to be. Four terms, was not enough for such a man, as two terms will no doubt not suffice for Clinton!

    In 2008, we no longer have the McCormicks and Pulitzer media-barons who once tore into Roosevelt’s stride, but we are still stuck with bloodsuckers like the Hearts, Scripps, Chandlers, and countless new piranha stoking ignorance in the Populace for their Fat-Cat political gains. A Clinton victory, is a Historic opportunity to defeat these Fascists, once and for all!

    For as the Media fall, humiliated by a Clinton Presidential Nominee, with it the American people will rise, emboldened by our new found sense of individual power. All we need is our resolve, and our vote – Our Victory, is around the corner!

    Remember those days Franklin Delano Roosevelt struggled for the Welfare of the American people and the World, and remember whose legacy your Vote commemorates, and calls back to Life. Remember, only your resolve made Roosevelt possible, and only Roosevelt’s resolve made the America of Social Security, of Solvency, of Equality, of Dignity, Freedom, and Democracy, possible.Senator Clinton, she is Roosevelt, she is America, she is Victory, she is You!

    Don’t let anyone steal your vote, by telling you it has already been thrown in the rubbish. Victory is ours for the taking. Hold on to June 8th – and you will see.

    Dear Lord, those people can write!

    • it’snotme

      That is AWESOME! Talk about a pick me up! I feel so much better after reading that. 🙂

    • Dave

      Umm, regarding Michigan, you might want to take a look at this Hillary quote about the Michigan election:

      “It’s clear, this election they’re having is not going to count for anything,” Clinton said Thursday during an interview on New Hampshire Public Radio’s call-in program, “The Exchange.”

      source: Washington Post

    • Judith

      Outstanding commentary!

  • Here’s MY QUESTION (s) on FOREIGN POLICY!!!!

    Today’s Foreign News that Obama Probably Doesn’t Know a Thing About…”

    Who can forget that interview way back in 2000 when George W. Bush was asked who was heading Pakistan? Bush dismissively answered that it was some general and that it didn’t matter if he couldn’t recall the name, because he would be surrounded by advisers who knew all this stuff.

    Were you impressed then? I sure wasn’t and I’m not impressed with Obama’s “expertise” on foreign policy either. His policies speeches may come chapter and verse straight from the party platform and he can buddy all he wants with Jimmy Carter…but that sort of “foreign policy by association” doesn’t cut it with me, especially after seeing Bush and Cheney in action. Spending a few years in Indonesia as a kid, having a dubious relationship with Odinga in Africa, and never having the curiosity to explore Europe doesn’t count either.

    So, when I ask if Obama knows the name of the current Japanese prime minister it’s because I want to see his ATTITUDE when he answers. Is he going to act like Bush?

    I wake up to the BBC World Service news every morning via shortwave radio and in about 5 minutes I learn more than I could ever learn from the American media. Today was a BIG NEWS DAY on at least 3 fronts–Russia, Lebanon, and, yes, Japan. Having followed a lot of the related news while churning out the World Media Watch for Buzzflash for quite a few years, the stories I heard really woke me up, fast! Because the spectre of Obama (or McCain) reacting to some of the situations reported gave me a kick in the gut.

    MORE MORE MORE at my blog post….

    • Northwest rain

      I hope that you are no longer with Buzzflash — the traitors have gone full out push for snObama. I’ve not been there in ages.

      Thank you for your work of reporting the world news. And yes the BBC is a fantastic resource.

  • ned bulous

    Is EVERYONE around here a Republican? Do you HONESTLY think that the GOP would NOT run negative, misleading ads against ANY Democrat?

    Obama is going to kick McCain’s ASS in the fall, with or without you!

    And if you EVER believed in what Hillary stands for, you would vote for Obama in A SECOND over 100-years of war, more Scalia’s on the bench McCain! I know Hillary will be voting for and supporting Obama in the fall (and may even, to his chagrin, be his running mate). . .

    • carrienae

      I guess it is your turn to fight for your civil rights since you and alliance of Barack are not appreciative of all the fight real DNC members fought for many years to provide you all of a better America. Disenfranchising, bullying, race-bating and sexism are not the practices of the real democrat. This 2008, not 1968. We’ve come a long way and you chose to go backwards???? WTF!

    • carrienae

      I guess it is your turn to fight for your civil rights since you and alliance of Barack are not appreciative of all the fight real DNC members fought for many years to provide you all of a better America. Disenfranchising, bullying, race-bating and sexism are not the practices of the real democrat. This is 2008, not 1968. We’ve come a long way and you chose to go backwards???? WTF!

    • catherine

      No we’re all REAL Democrats. Something you would’nt understand. And I would’nt vote for that joke of a candidate your trying to force on us even if my own mother was running as his vp. And guess what? Most Hillary supporters feel exactly the same way which is another reason Hillary would not accept being his vp.

    • Catriley

      If Obama can “kick McCain’s ass” “without” me.. then have at it. WTF are you people even here? If you don’t need us, go away. Good luck with that new Democratic Party thing — hope that Donna Brazille’s vision of nothing but: “AAs, urban and suburbanites” and Russell Simmons “hip hop generation” is enough votes to overtake a moderate Repubican in the fall… yeah. Don’t need us? then don’t bother us.

    • Amanda

      I know Hillary will be voting for and supporting Obama in the fall (and may even, to his chagrin, be his running mate). . .

      To his chagrin?! Pardon-moi?! Uppps, I think I’ll leave the French out of this, as a bubba I’m not supposed to know the English language well enough let alone another (in fact six) language. Anyway, yes, if it makes you feel better, I’m republican for a day, hell, if Obama got them to be dems for a day, McCain will get me to be republican for a day too. (In November though.)

      As far as your chagrin, here is the memo:

      Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama isn’t likely to pick rival Hillary Clinton as a running mate, according to one of his most prominent supporters. “I don’t think it’s possible,” Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy said in an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “Political Capital With Al Hunt,” airing this weekend.

      Kennedy, 76, without naming names, said Obama should pick someone who “is in tune with his appeal for the nobler aspirations of the American people. If we had real leadership — as we do with Barack Obama — in the No. 2 spot as well, it’d be enormously helpful,” Kennedy said.

      The noble 1980, zillion delegates away from Carter, all the way to the convention, not shaking hands Kennedy pretty much said Hillary is not noble, or noble enough for the Messiah. Hell, with their criteria it’s going to be damn hard to find one.

      • Dora Ratquila

        The high priests and priestesses of the Obama cult – and we know who they are – should be commended for excluding HRC in Team McGovern Redux. We don’t want her tarred. Besides, The One is bound to realize he has clay feet when he concedes defeat to a geriatric senator whom he had dismissed as someone who had lost his bearings. After all, it is entirely illogical for an Obaman to suddenly accept HRC as a president-in-waiting (like all Vice-Presidents are) after vilifying her repeatedly as humanity’s greatest enemy since the bird flu virus. Better the devil you know. Vote McCain if Obama is the Democrat nominee!

    • Ga6thDem

      Get some new talking points. Obama hasn’t said that he will appoint pro choice judges.

    • street_parade

      ned bulous — you said Hillary “may even, to his chagrin, be his running mate. . .”

      Way to bring it home sweetie. Are you being paid to come to Hillary supporting sites and get us on board? If so, you need to go back and get some more training.

      Bless your heart…you just don’t get it do you? Americans will not vote for an unpatriotic, anti-American (perception is everything, kid) candidate for President. Given the choice of a (perceived) anti-American, unpatriotic candidate and a former POW…they’ll vote for the former POW — every time.

    • Mary

      THIS from stupid Ned.

      The same Ned who posts things about Hillary, carpet burns, and Muslims.

      Clearly, Ned has a very very very low IQ.

      He is his own worst enemy.

      Fuck off, Ned. I have already raised an adolescent boy.

  • it’snotme

    OMG! You ALL must go watch this wonderful Mother’s Day video emailed to me by Chelsea! It’s so beautiful! Send Hillary a Mother’s Day wish!

    • Talktruth

      Thanks so much, INM. I told her about us here at NQ:

      We are fighting so hard for you at NoQuarter, because we know you have, and are, and will continue to fight for us. Happy Mother’s Day! We Love You!

      O.K., so the grammar isn’t perfect – I was caught up in the moment! 🙂

      • it’snotme

        That’s PERFECT! She’ll love it.

    • StatBabe

      I saw that and wrote a note about how much my late mother loved and respected Hillary Clinton for her tireless work to improve public education in Arkansas. Neither of my parents cared that much for Bill Clinton, but my mother absolutely LOVED HIllary! Unfortunately, both my parents were killed in an auto accident in 1993 so it brought tears to my eyes to write that to Hillary.