If Barack can’t handle the stress of campaigning, how in the world will he cope with being President? During the past week we have seen a series of troubling gaffes by Barack Obama that strongly suggest he lacks the intellect and toughness to hold up under pressure. How else to explain his claim to have visited “57” states, his repeated confusion in referring to NBC’s Matt Lauer as “Tim,” and waxing nostalgic about his father’s flag draped coffin.

When Dan Quayle performed in this fashion, the media was swift to label him a moron. And the media was relentless going after Hillary for her Bosnia sniper blooper. And you can be sure that if John “McCranky” McCain makes these kinds of verbal blunders the media would replay these as evidence he’s too old, too senile, or too addled to handle the job of being President. But the press is giving poor, tired Barack a pass. Are they afraid to focus on these failings for fear of being labeled “rascist’s?” The double standard is astonishing.

It is time to acknowledge that Obama lacks the stamina and mental toughness to endure the pressures he would face if elected President.

Check out the video evidence:

Here you can listen to Barack repeatedly call Matt Lauer “Tim” (as in Tim Russert). Perhaps, by being tired, he is simply affirming that Matt is just a typical white person and that all white people look alike.

Then there is the flagged draped coffin.

Howard Kurtz noted the oddity of Barack referring to his “father’s” flag draped coffin. Only problem, Barack’s dad died a Kenyan. He was not entitled to having the U.S. flag swaddling his coffin. Barack really meant to say “grandfather.” (If you have a video of his speech on Tuesday night talking about this let me know.)

Nit picking you say? Really? Well then why criticize Hillary for one comment about taking sniper fire in Bosnia. Let’s ignore Dan Quayle’s spelling errors. And let’s give McCain a preemptive pass for seeming confused, when it happens. It if is good for one it is good for all.

For Republicans there is a bright side. They can now rebut any attack on McCain’s alleged non compos mentis. Just roll tape. There are 58 states in America and Barack has visited 57 of them.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
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  • Bren

    Obama is a deciever. All he wants is to change the America to Islam nation ways. Islam wants christianity, jews out. He is invold with the OIC. Obama visit all the 57 states members of OIC

    Allah they call god is satan. The true god does not say turn to muslim and kill your self and take others with you. God does not say take away free speech. I know you see the point here.

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  • annagain

    Lies have short legs, Sen. Obama — after a while it’s hard to keep all the b.s. straight. Let’s go to the videotape!

    No wonder he’s tired.

  • “I can no more disown him (Jeremiah Wright) than I can disown my white grandmother.”
    — Barack Obama, Philadelphia, March 18

    Guess it’s time to disown Granny, if Obama’s famous Philadelphia “race” speech is to be believed. Of course, the speech was not just believed. It was hailed, celebrated, canonized as the greatest pronouncement on race in America since Lincoln at Cooper Union. A New York Times columnist said it “should be required reading in classrooms across the country.” College seniors and first-graders, suggested the excitable Chris Matthews.


    — Leland Milton Goldblatt


  • Mr.Murder

    One can imagine the back channel talk by Camp Obama:

    “Change that mailer, we are no longer the 48 State Strategy…”

    “…57 State Strategy is what will win.”

    Obama can’t count it right from the low or high end.
    Maybe it’s 57 State Strategery.
    A Bushism phrase?

  • Larry points out something important – If Barack can’t handle the stress of campaigning, how in the world will he cope with being President? Good question. Who knows, hopefully, he won’t be President.

  • Today I have heard several radio commentators/hosts remark on how tired Obama is getting, of course, being sympathetic [it’s all her fault it’s gone on so long],but I wonder.

    One even mentioned BO saying he’d been in 57 states and then, repeating 57 states again. Now that’s tired! And there is that habit he has of running home to rest even before the ballots are counted in states he lost.

    Why is this seemingly strong, young male exhausted? Does it indicate a latent health problem? Stress may be making him tired but think of the stress in the Oval office or facing up to McCain in debates or enduring the firestorm of negativity from the right.

    On the other hand, there’s the Energizer bunny in a pants suit, a good 10 years his senior, looking and acting like the first day of the campaign. This is an amazing feat as she has been running with the msmedia, AARadio, poisoned blogs and the DNC on her back throughout.

    Not a peep from the cables about his seemingly weak constitution but just wait if he officially wins the primary and has old guy McCain dancing circles around him.

  • Clinton Fan

    The guy has WAY less stamina than McCain–who is an ENERGIZER BUNNY who does not quit. Despite his years and his obvious war injuries, he’s incredibly fit, at least aerobically–he hikes like crazy and keeps that heart pumping. And we KNOW Clinton doesn’t quit–she’s got more stamina than anyone on the national scene.

    Obama, on the other hand, is probably still looking for a place to duck in, sit his bony ass down, and have a smoke. Or three.

    On top of being, ummmmm, errrr, unnnnh, hmmmmm, uhhhhhh….hesistant… in debates, Obama is easily confused as well, as these examples above demonstrate.

    Further, he’s perpetually “techy.” Irritated, snippy, aggrieved, annoyed–like he can’t be bothered to actually respond openly and sincerely to queries from prospective voters or the press. That chip on his shoulder looks like the biggest log in the sporting lodge fireplace. Why he’s like this, who knows? Nicotine withdrawal? Or maybe he’s just naturally a pompous jerk who is unused to being challenged?

    So, there ya have it. He’s a pissed off, easily annoyed weakling who can’t debate.

    Aren’t we finishing up an eight year sentence dealing with an asshole EXACTLY like that?

    So why would we want ANOTHER?

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  • IndayHill


    HE CALLED MATT,TIM,THEN TIM, MATT, THE WHITE MALES IN THE SAME TV STATION!!(delirious? in “high” state or “moron?” as the media called Dan Quayle)

  • carrienae

    Isn’t it tiring to mask all the lies and deceit? Obama is sure obviously getting caught up with HIS lies and deceit. It must be hard for Obama to sleep at night.

  • Winghunter

    SO, Obama has lost his bearings??

    His wife wears his balls so, without bearings he’s pretty much lost everything, eh??

  • The question of “stamina” was raised by my local superdelegate her in NM….and I’ve also raised it a couple of times. It is very evident that this guy CANNOT TAKE THE HEAT!

  • pm317

    Well, he was not mentally fatigued enough to distort Hillary’s gas tax plan in that video. His answer made it sound like that is all she is proposing — which of course is false and his campaign has repeatedly done that. Notice how Matt does not correct him. I guess he is good at repeating memorized lines/answers. I have actually noticed and written in posts that he can not think on his feet — that is why he is so bad in debates. He always seems to get in trouble when he is ad libbing.

  • hammeringspammers
  • secularhumanizinevoluter

    I think a better question is, are obamalamadingdong and allllllll his lil obamazoids mental.

  • I read the title and kept wondering if it was a trick question. Methinks Obama has been huffing on the Hope Bong a bit too much. He has made even Dan Quayle seem like an intelligent being.

  • hammeringspammers

    When the material gets tough, REAL, poor thing just shuts down, reverting back to where he felt secure, forced deeper into a psychologically unreal arena, depending on the same old tricks to combat the INTELLIGENT people as asecurity item, tricks which were ineffective in the first place.

    Argumentum verbosium is no way to fight a war, or run a country, mkay?

    • Sharon

      I love your Argumentum verbosium. So right on!

      • Sharon

        Hammer, I’ve been lurking on blogs all day…OK, I have no life, I admit it…and I saw something somewhere that dovetails perfectly with the point you’re making. If I can find it again, I’ll post a link.

    • Sharon

      That new strange pastor from Harlem calls Obama a long-legged mack daddy. I believe the definition of a mack daddy is one uncommonly skilled in Argumentum verbosium. LOL

  • Sharon

    HammeringSpammers, don’t know if you meant it that way but I take it as a compliment.

    • hammeringspammers

      Oh, it was a reflection on your comment to Donald.

      I’m sorry, I’m tired, long weekend, I should have quoted.

      Your comments strike me as very elegant.

  • Patrick Henry

    I’ve missed you too, Scarlet….

    • Sharon

      Patrick, I just read your comment at Obabies and I wet my pants! LOL!

  • Sharon

    Donald, so good to read your calm, reasoned words again. I’ve missed you.

    • hammeringspammers

      Well, Sharon, you two seem to have a lot in common, it’s very apparent.

  • Cajun

    Renegade: Actually, according to a statement made by Obama, he’s the father of three:-)

  • Anyone watch that skit on SNL last night? It eas disgraceful! I sent an e-mail to Lorne Micheals speelinh out my displeasure and that I would never again watch his show…anyone else wanting to let him know how they feel…..


  • MessyMarcy

    I don’t believe that he’s ever really been challenged politically at his own intellectual level by someone of equal or even greater capabilities.

    I’m not sure I would agree with that. He seems to have a propensity for disposing of opponents by methods that, while technically legal, smell of opportunistic back-stabbing. That makes him, like Bush, sneakier and more cunning, but not necessarily more intellectual. Probably the true intellectual would forego such tactics in favor of an honest and direct campaign.

    And I also question whether it is misplaced overconfidence or just lack of work ethic that has led to his dearth of accomplishments in the positions which he has held.

    • Well he ran against Alan Keyes. A cockroach could beat Alan Keyes.

      • hammeringspammers

        A cockroach DID beat Alan Keyes.


          • yttik

            ROFL! Okay, that was hilarious.

        • MessyMarcy

          All right now. Obviously I concede all of that re the Keyes race. But if the argument is that no one he has faced has measured up to his intellect, what I’m saying is that who can tell because he always pulls some kind of underhanded stunt to get them out of the race before campaigning ever begins. The only real race he had to run, he lost.

  • LilRod

    His problem is that he has NEVER spoken from his heart as Hillary does.

    His brain is exhausted from repeating what he needs to say..NOT what he believes.

    The man is so not ready…could he ever be? NOT

    • jwrjr

      Wherever he goes he seems to be reciting a pre-written, canned speech. Sorta like bush. When either is forced to adlib they get into trouble. Campaign tactic = whenever possible force Obama to adlib.

    • Clara Barton

      What heart? He’s a programmed and robotic candidate who is stuck on the replay button.

  • jwrjr

    Clinton must win as every time McCain opens his mouth it gets harder to vote for him and voting for the morally and ethically-challenged Obama is, of course, impossible.

  • renegade

    I hear Obama has fathered two black children. Y’all need to jump on that, PDQ.

    • Mary

      I hear Obama’s gonna declare himself the winner before he even gets to 2025.

      Kinda like Napoleon declared himself Emperor.

      November will be his Waterloo, eh?

      • hammeringspammers

        No, actually, June…


    • Oh now that’s funny.

    • Samantha

      Are you sure?

      • hammeringspammers

        Are you?

  • Donald from Hawaii

    Barack Obama may very well lack the fortitude and stamina necessary to see this campaign through to conclusion, and that’s a big issue here.

    However, I won’t doubt his intellect, Larry — and really, you shouldn’t either.

    I’ve had the privilege of meeting Mr. Obama personally through our mutual membership in the Nat’l Conference of State Legislatures, long before he got into the U.S. Senate. Believe me, he’s nobody’s fool. He was editor of the Harvard Law Review, graduated cum laude from both Punahou School and Columbia University. Intellectually, he’s gifted, so let’s please not foolishly go there.

    That said, I’d offer that his keen intellect instills in him a precarious and potentially self-destructive overconfidence, in that he could honestly believe that he doesn’t have to work as hard and / or prepare as much intellectually as the average individual to get to the exact same place.

    Now, that might work at lower levels of business and government, but as you rise to the top, the competition naturally can get fiercer and more challenging, and I’m surprised he hasn’t quite grasped that concept. But then again, I don’t believe that he’s ever really been challenged politically at his own intellectual level by someone of equal or even greater capabilities.

    And that’s another big issue, albeit one he could overcome if he resolutely applied himself the way Hillary Clinton does. But at present, he obviously does not while Mrs. Clinton does, and that’s why I support her candidacy.

    • Strawberrybitch

      Very nice argument. Thank you.

    • Samantha

      No offense Donald, but I know a speech monkey when I see (and hear) one. His precise grammar vanishes the second he’s off Axelrod’s script and I’m not saying he’s a dummy, but George Bush got into Yale.

      Ivy League really is Bush league especially when it comes to “African Studies”, which was a major of both Oblamers. The academic mindset there is if you can get in, you deserve A’s.

      I think the whiney prick thinks he’s brilliant because the blow jobs around him have always told him so.

      I’ve been around brilliant people and their grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure doesn’t come and go. It’s a by-product of how much you’ve read and retained.

      BO is just a self-righteous speech monkey. Even his posture is affected.

      If HC or JM wore as much make-up as BO has on in the Matt Lauer/ Mr. Potato Head video, the BO zombies would accuse them of some racist Al Jolson routine.

      I mean we’ve seen that BO likes to play dress-up, but how gay is he in all that make-up? As a huge homophobe, does he hate the gay part of him or the black part of him more?!!

      • hammeringspammers

        I agree with you Sam, though of course, I’d never refer to Obama as gay, some might take your usage as a slur.

        I hear verbosity, but no content.

        And how the ideas are expressed is just turkey stuffing, when there is no there, there.

        The accomplishments are suspect, given all we’ve seen here.

        Argumentum Verbousium…

        Obama, republican jet set, both, but not a thought between em all…

        Argumentum verbosium
        Proof by verbosity is also used colloquially in forensic debate to describe a logical fallacy (sometimes called “argumentum verbosium”) that tries to persuade by overwhelming those considering an argument with such a volume of material that the argument sounds plausible, superficially appears to be well-researched, and that is so laborious to untangle and check supporting facts that the argument is allowed to slide by unchallenged. It is the fallacy epitomized by the familiar quote: “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, then baffle them with your bullshit.”

        Is that Bill Kroistol, Jonah Goldberg, Obama, or WHAT?

        • hammeringspammers

          the info is from wiki, sorry I was having trouble with the link….

      • Of off-script or off-chant, he can’t put two words together without separating them with uhhhhhhhhh……ahhhhhhh.

        • Donald from Hawaii

          Well, so do a lot of intelligent people. What’s your point?

          His verbal hesitancy is reflective of someone who’s overly cautious and tries to choose his words carefully, probably to avoid any real commitment.

          Frankly, on a tactical level Obama’s campaign has been brilliant, in that it allowed the Illinois senator to successfully project himself as a blank slate, of whom people can see exactly what they want to see, and from whom they will hear only what they want to hear.

          It’s certainly not what I want in a presidential candidate, but as I said, from a purely logistical standpoint, he’s been on the mark, and that’s why he’s the front-runner.

          Now, whether he can hold that status as he comes under increasing public scrutiny is a whole ‘nother matter.

          But if Hillary Clinton is going to succeed in overtaking him, her campaign staff better not be making the same mistaken argument that a lot of people here seem to be making, that he’s somehow bereft of an innate intelligence, because that’s simply just not true.


      • It’s true! I’ve picked up on his poor grammar as well!

        What a FRAUD!

      • Donald from Hawaii

        “I’ve been around brilliant people …”

        And quite obviously, such people had no real influence upon you. Your screed is at once ignorant, spiteful and offensive, and your purposeful delusions only place you in the same pantheon as the most mindless of Obamabots, -trons, and -droids.

  • Obamer The Looser

    Obama is awful.

  • TeakWoodKite

    So much for a Harvard education.

    I told ya’ll he is constitutionally challenged. He calls revoking the AUMF “convoluted” when it is suggested by Senator Hillary Clinton…then sends hia “advisors” to pow-wow with Hamas.

    McCain calls him on it, after Hamas endorses BO and Obama sacks the folks involved. What did BO do to cover his ass?..called Mccain senile.

    He thinks there are more states to pillage. I would think it subconcious burping, if the number 57 meant he was told early that day he was going to loose by 57 delegates or 57 electoral college votes.

    He wants to steal the “goal posts”, but can’t write one artical for the prestigious Harvard Law review…about them.

    Do they study the electoral college in Harvard?

    Or was it the Harvard School of Affirmitative Marxism he spent his time at?

    After one night he would be twice as parinoid as Nixon and thinking everyone he meets with has a bigger ego than he does. When he is forced into the realization that many people interacting with the Office of the POTUS, do have bigger ego’s and are national champions of the “Potomic Twostep”.

    • TeakWoodKite

      We are all going to be doing the Mombo.

    • He wants to steal the “goal posts”, but can’t write one artical for the prestigious Harvard Law review…about them.

      That’s what gets me. He was the editor of the HLR, but even after he left, he didn’t write anything concerning Law itself.

      Is he expecting to lose the GE, so he could get a SCOTUS nomination later? You know, not having a paper trail and all????

      Remember they like to tout he was a Constitutional lawyer, much like John Roberts (but Roberts earned his stripes by actually being a Constitutional lawyer, and working for SCOTUS from the beginning).


  • Samantha

    So the speech monkey can’t remember how many states there are like an average 1st grader; and he can’t tell his white (thrown under the bus grandfather) apart from his alcoholic bigamist Muslim father who went to Harvard, thus making him a legacy.

    And he doesn’t say “life’s work” instead of “life work” and uses her and she incorrectly like a … well not a law review type person.

    But confusing his butt boy Mr. Potato Head for just a random blow job guy like Matt Lauer?! Now that’s unforgiveable!

    What will the bundlers pulling BO’s strings from Goldman Sachs, Exelon, Maytag, etc. say about his confusing his ass kissers?!! What if he forgets about them!!!

    Oblamer should thank his lucky (paid-off) stars and super delegates for the lazy asses in MI & FL who don’t give a shit if he disenfranchises them.

    • John

      “But Superdelegates are EVIL and should play NO ROLE in determining who our nominee is! Superdelegates MUST obey the wishes of their constituents! The popular vote is all that matters, and all the votes must be counted!”

      –Obamabot standing next to me, after I’ve traveled in my time machine back to February.

      • Samantha

        And BO the lying thieving bastard who speech monkeys about “truth to the American people” has spent over $2 Million of his Wall Street bundlers ill-gotten gains buying off super delegates!!

        • UncleSam

          And BO the lying thieving bastard who speech monkeys about “truth to the American people” has spent over $2 Million of his Wall Street bundlers ill-gotten gains buying off super delegates!!

          And the SD’s are pissed, the Saudis will spend at least 10,000,000 to buy their votes, PLUS give them a free weekend in Vegas.

      • Superdelegates came to be to help the country avoid the disaster they are creating.

  • yttik

    Ahh, his 57 state strategy. That must include Odinga’s Kenya, Iran, and Palestine. He also got that Hamas endorsement so he must be thinking they’re now a part of his voting constituency.

    • We know Hamas is donating to him. And we know Rezko used Auchi cash to help Obama purchase his Rezko mansion.

    • Perhaps he was confused and thinking of the 57 states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC).


      • Patrick Henry

        The Bloggers here are So SMART….

      • Holy Chit.

      • Sara, blog that.

        • You can take it.

          I have had my share of hate attacks this week. hahaha

      • The Organization of Islamic Conference Member States
        Currently, the OIC has 57 member and 3 observer states

        527s here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beachnan

    Unbelievable. Every time this empty suit makes a mistake, the press gives him a pass, or they prop him back up, or better yet, they don’t report it. We know of all the stupid things he keeps doing, but it is not getting mentioned in MSM. We have got to find people, who will be willing to speak up–for the good of this country. I can’t watch him or hear him anymore, without getting a horrible, visceral, gut wrenching visceral feeling. I don’t think I could take 4 years of this feeling. MSM has to start calling him out on this bullshit.

  • scott

    Why does barky constantly say things need to change in washington, does he forget he works there too and is partof the problem? He talks about change but I don’t see him fighting for change as a senator.

  • John

    I think the Obamabots plan on staking out every voting booth in the United States on election day and bullying people to vote for The Chosen One. And if people show up with McCain bumper stickers on their cars, the Obamabrats will chant “racist!” at them as they walk in and out of the polling place. Because that will really win over hearts and minds.

    I frankly think that by Halloween, the martyr complex will be in full bloom, and the Latte-swilling elites will be warming up their tongue-clucking skills so they can wax poetic about how horribly racist America is and isn’t a shame and they are sure that all THEIR neighbors voted for Obama blah blah blah.

    • what a thought. but that’s exactly how they will handle this campaign–by intimidation!

      • We are already aware of Obama supporters’ propensity for violence and for other forms of voter intimidation.

        • I mean, is the “fix” in for Obama? Do the supers, DNC know about this, will consider it? It seems so obvious to me that Clinton is our best choice, but it seems either they are all too afraid NOT to jump on the o-train (who likes being called a racist?), or is there something else going on?

          • TeakWoodKite

            Smell the Money Drkate?

          • UncleSam

            The fix might be in, in eliteville, that doesn’t mean every single Democrat in congress is a part of the coup attempt.

            And that’s why the idea of a third party or a democrat defection is anathema, to me.

            Why don’t we help the real democrats, or republicans, even, give them some support against the Cheney’s, and Axelrods?

    • Oh I wouldn’t be using bumper stickers if I were you. I was afraid to put a Hillary one on my car.
      Sugar tells a story at her blog about that. SHe’s an AA for Hillary and she had a few close calls.

      They can stake out things all they want. The voting booth is you and the lever. But this is one year I DEFINITELY would NOT use a bumper sticker. Look at how many people they intimidated online. Imagine in real life.

      Frankly I can’t wait till this is all over so Barky can land in the political graveyard and that will be that.

  • Since Obama has plans for 58 states to vote – Am I right in assuming South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, Maryland, Viriginia, Hawaii, Illinois, and DC (not a state but “state” is just a word) get to vote twice or at least get counted twice (e.g. mishaps in NC)? That’s how it is done in Chicago – right?

  • The man is a lightweight. A 60 year old woman ran him ragged. He looked like ten miles of bad road for awhile there. And I suspect she’s not done with him either.

    • yttik

      Yeehaw! Let’s have a toast to 60 yr old women that can run ’em ragged.

      • CEO material just keeps on trucking. Non CEO material takes vacations in the middle of the project.

  • Mike in NOLA

    Only a racist would write such an article 🙂

    • Patrick Henry

      Only a Racist would Listen to Minister Wright..

      Howdy Uppity..I think He is beginning to see Those Shadows..and has foun d out someone has been in His Underweare drawer…All that talk of 10,000
      pages of files and all..

      He will find out what a “Snoopy Dog” really is I think…

      Yep…Our Champ, Hillary is making him look like a lighweight Cump..

      God…Michelle must bee ragging on him Day and Night…

      He probably has nighmares of a SQUAWKING PARROT..


      Bla Bla Bla…No wonder He is losing His Mind..

      • Time just isn’t Barky’s friend.

  • sjl106

    obama would like to think he won the nomination and the mind game only works if you allow it. Hillary needs people to make phone calls, she will have the Popular vote after this is all done and if people don’t buy into the media hype and obama annointing himself king. MI & FL will have their day May 31st and if it isn’t resolved then (delegate count goes up to 2209) then on to the convention.

  • Pat Babb

    Actually, I think he said he wasn’t counting Alaska or Hawaii, which his aides were not allowing him to visit — so I think that brings the tally to 59 states. Although, who am I criticize — I live in a Revolutionary War era house, so I fly the first 13 (colonies).

    • scott

      And he says he didn’t campaign in FL or MI so that would make 61.

      • pm317

        Actually he said, his staff did not justify him going to Hawaii and Alaska. So it is 57 + 1 + 2 + 2

    • TeakWoodKite

      I live in a Revolutionary War era house,

      and have you researched it’s history?

      How cool is that!

      • wry

        I live in a house built in 1964. Now that was a revolution!

        • I live in a house that was build in 1924. Ever seen the movie, Money Pit?

          • TeakWoodKite

            Yes LOL. My Junior High school was built in that year.

  • sonia




    • s. hall

      If any of you older people remember the TV Series Mr. Ed — have you noticed how much BO sounds like Mr. Ed the talking horse?

      • hummingbirdv

        good one! The talking horse was more interesting.

  • Mel

    One more gaft of Obama’s is if he announces he won on May 20th, and here is why, the most plausable of explanations!

    Before Florida, Obama felt it important enough to campaign there in two forms, airwaves and press conference. Obama felt Florida important enought to break the rules!

    Before Michigan, Obama again broke the rules, campaigning there with surrogates and fliers, so Obama felt it important enough there to again break the rules!

    Obama’s case of declaring before the rules commitee decided the outcome, an outcome that will involve or should involve two things, a formitable and useable punishment to Fla and Mich, like possible 50% seating and a punishment for Obama for breaking the rules as well!

    Obama is attempting to pull off caucus strategy and the DNP should publically tell Camp Obama to stop and not knowingly attempt to railroad an agreed to hearing regarding Fla and Mich, by holding prior to declarations, failure to do so is simply another Dean bias in this election campaign season!

  • Comment by sarainitaly | 2008-05-08 13:31:32


    He said father. 3:04

    • Patrick Henry

      It took him 40 years to find out he didn’t believe anything anyone ever taught him or told him..now that he likes Waffles and found out that “White Men Can Jump”‘…and even Market you so well..you become the next Best selling FastFood in America..

      Give Me a Chump Burger and some of those LIEFRIES..

      Oh, you only sell KoolAid…make Mine RED…

      Wow…You even get a sermon from Minister Wright at the Drive Up Window…and you can get a BAMMABABY…with your STEALMEAL…and a new CD for the Kids..the latest RAP Song..

      God damn…God Damn…God damn..Ka Boom Ka Boom
      The USA….Just get an AK…and make them Pay..
      Ka Boom Ka Boom..The KKK..Will Have to Pay..Comrad Ayers will Lead the way..

      Ka Boom Ka Boom..

  • ROFL! It took him 29 years to find out Wright “wasn’t the person I thought he was”. Doh. Ok.

    • Make that 20.

      • sonia

        NO body knows

        he is a liar

        we will only now after usa willhave paid a big price

        how sad

    • Mr.Murder

      By the time he’s known Rev. 29 years, he’ll have pardoned him on his last day in office?