The hardest-hitting anti-Obama blog on the internet is published by a Democrat… Larry Johnson’s blog is raising eyebrows:

You will find some hard-hitting stuff about Obama over at No Quarters blog. No Quarters is operated by Democrat Larry Johnson, who has worked with the CIA and State Department on terrorism and money laundering issues. Recent posts: …

Larry is pleased. So are we all! We CAN make a difference. Now let’s roll up our sleeves and GET OUT OUR FINGERNAILS — we’ve got some dirt-diggin’ to do, folks! HERE’s HOW:

The prissy, “Oh I love Hillary” blogs ain’t gettin’ it done. The posts about Hillary on Mother’s Day are sweet, but don’t give her another single vote.

Let’s hit Obama Inc. where it hurts.

Ideas welcome! EXPRESS THEM BELOW!


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A SUGGESTION: Some of the material out there against Obama tends to be arcane and complex. Do not get caught up in the minutae — keep it really simple! Dumb it down so it’s easy for all to understand!

  • superb! i’ve made my own blog

  • Ryan

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    Senator Obama,

    You state that you are for change and not old politics, but in the midst of a very tight race you are pressuring your opponent to drop out. Your victories have not been a landslide by any means. Especially, considering voters in two states are being disenfranchised because you do not want to collaborate with your opponent’s campaign and allow a reelection. Proposals to allow a mail-in-ballot and fire house polling have been pushed aside while you claim you want to be the leader of all Americans. Even President Bush allowed for all the votes to be counted during the chad scandal. He didn’t demand votes be ignored.

    Your claim that you were not aware of Reverend Wright’s beliefs as you sat in his church pews for twenty years. You either lack good judgment, or where taking advantage of Wright’s clout in the African-American community in order to be elected to the Illinois” Senate and later as the Senator for Chicago. You stated he was “like family” and even used the title of one of his sermons as the title for your book, yet you instantly disowned him after he became a liability to your campaign.

    You have made elitist statements regarding the working middle class by stating, “They cling to their guns and their religions,” and that you do not need the “typical” democratic voters to win the White House because you appeal to the wealthy, higher educated, and African-American voters. How can you write off such large majority of voters? Your single working mother may have been on food stamps, but that does not mean you identify with those struggling today, or even remember where you came from.

    Your wife, Michelle, claims we pass negative energy from one generation to the next, yet her comments are so enflamed with hate. During a speech she said, in a recent rally in a North Carolina, that while at a local beauty shop a little 10-year-old girl broke down in tears and began sobbing uncontrollably after stating that she thought she could grow up to be anything she imagined since Michelle’s husband was Barack was running for President of the United States of America. Michelle then went on to say, “She was crying big huge tears and I had to think, why is this little girl crying so hard? I thought, you know, what’s going on? This little girl gets it. That’s what’s going on. The little 10-year-old girl knows what’s at stake. She knows that she’s already five steps behind. She knows that her hopes for college are already dwindling. She knows that if she gets sick, maybe she has an asthma attack. Instead of going to a doctor and being treated, she’s going to be sitting in an emergency room for hours… She knows that the bar has been moved far, far away from her. She feels the veil of impossibility and it’s suffocating her.”

    Michelle then stated, “I’m not supposed to be here. That was a statistical oddity. As a black girl raised on the south side of Chicago I wasn’t supposed to be here. I wasn’t supposed to go to Princeton. They said my test scores were too low.” How does she equate getting into Princeton, an Ivy League University, with test scores that were “too low” for admittance as being a disadvantage? She didn’t even meet the proverbially “moving bar” she keeps referencing, yet she regales the experience as if it was a form of oppression.

    Why does she think that little girl is five steps behind? Is Michelle suggesting that the little girl’s race is a big disadvantage? How can she suggest that not meeting required test scores for admittance, yet being admitted anyways, as her being oppressed? How will we, as a nation ever move forward if even our public figures are trying to create such a divide?

    I will not refute that race, at times, can play a factor in an American’s overall opportunities, but race does not affect an American more than coming from an impoverished, uneducated, or broken household. There are vast opportunities in our nation to succeed and defy the odds. As a nation we have taken drastic measures over the last few decades to ensure all Americans are treated equally and that they have the same opportunities to achieve greatness.

    You cannot claim you are for change if you spout the same rhetoric as other politicians or support un-American ideals. You cannot say that we as a nation need to move past race if your wife keeps making race the topic of her speeches. Especially, when she twists her own legitimate short falls, such as poor test scores, into being racial oppression fodder. You cannot say you are for the working poor and middle class and then dismiss a $30 gas tax savings as not enough to make a difference. $30 can mean a lot to a family struggling to buy food or pay bills. Only an elitist would right off what some consider a day’s pay as being insignificant. Some relief is better than no relief.


    A True American for Change

  • ed

    Wow! Did all of the Kennedy assassination and 9/11 conspiracy enthusiasts give up those interests and start “investigating” Sen. Obama? The level of paranoia expressed by some here is genuinely frightening. Let’s use Occam’s razor and view the unfortunate fact that the Clinton campaign was simply poorly conceived and poorly executed (running as an incumbent would and starting her run in the center as though the general election was her first concern. When this plan failed, there was never a coherent replanning, just rapid runs to various positions, reinforcing the notion that the Clinton’s will do or say anything for power). Please delete if you are offended by the rather obvious truth.

  • I think this is a good project, and we should catalogue his tricks for threat and intimidation…like fundraising for supers; calling people racist; threating riots and break up of the party; and his field thuggery. There are lots of stories out there.

  • The Crown family also owns Material Service Corp. it’s a Sand and Gravel Empire. They have their hands into ALL the road projects here in Illinois and the surrouding States. Think about this for a minute. Besides owing General Dynamics, Raythoen and a few others…I’ll be blogging on that soon..They Have been supporting Barky for years!!!!! WHY?

  • Amalia

    list of multiple answers for one question.
    he does not give a straight answer
    1) Rezko….sooooo many answers to cloud the

    2) Wright same thing

    3) Safe Neighborhoods vote, at least
    three different answers for why he was
    not there to vote, maybe more

    I think the multiple answer thing is related
    to the “cave in” issue. he has to lie creatively,
    by omitting things, covering later. he often
    commits the error by omission.

    The Chicago Tribune had a great article on his
    personal finances. It disputed that his student
    loans were larger than his mortgage, said his
    credit card was turned down for a purchase in 2000
    for a car rental at the DNConvention. A simple
    list of what he made and when he made it shows
    how he lies about his own personal ability to
    purchase. article on web on a sunday a few weeks
    ago. don’t believe it was in print.

  • bc

    What about the 57 states slip? Perhaps it was just a matter of his being tired, but the USA has 50 states – it’s the OIC (Organisation of the Islamic Conference)that has 57.

    • yheitman

      Yeah, what about the Great Lakes comment in Oregon. He doesn’t even know where the Great Lakes are located let alone know how many states the are in the Good Ol’ USA.

  • yheitman

    Sorry, guys but you’re going to have to hold your nose and vote for McCain or he will not win against Barky. If the Abomination gets the nomination all the write-in votes for Hillary, Nader, or whoever are all one less vote for McCain and then there’s a good chance that Barky will take it all. Remember, there is a very powerful force behind him that is propelling him to the White House and we cannot discount it. So as distasteful as it is, vote for McCain. We can take another 4 years of a Republican because at least the devil you know than the devil that you don’t know. I think McCain is lot more moderate than he’s letting on and I think some of the things he’s saying right now about torture and more conservative judges are all words to swing the Republican vote his way. Remember the “Evil O” will destroy this nation and I see McCain as the lesser of the two evils. McCain is old and he’ll only be in for one term and then our girl can run again. By the way, have some faith! Somehow I think Hillary will pull it out but just in case remember what I’ve said.

    Our slogan can be: No to the Abomination for the Nomination!

  • Sammie

    Okay, Most items have been mentioned already, but there could be some benefit to simplifying or outlining the available information (one master outline that could cite various other references for additional/back-up information). There’s so much stuff it’s hard to fully understand it and/or keep track of it all.

    Key issues such as:

    *Unsavory Associations: could possibly be split into various categories (questionable religious figures/radicals/anti-Americans, Hamas/PLO connections and associates tied to corruption/Tony Rezko — although it does appear some ties overlap)

    *Political Favors: chicago associates who Obama exchanged favors with

    *Contributions: where are his campaign contributions coming from and is any coming from overseas

    *Questionable activities by Advisors: summary of advisers who’ve been let go or involved in controversies

    *Superdelegates: names and $ amounts for superdelegates he has bought (oops, contributed to)

    *Lies, misstatements of facts, exaggerations and ommissions: summary of actual lies and answers which were misleading (like Ayers is a guy in my neigborhood — Mr. Rogers he’s not)

    *Questionable Get Out the Vote Tactics for both caucuses and primaries: a summary of any questionable behavior

    *Misleading Advertising: summary of misleading advertising claims

    *Attack Line: could cite existing attack line against Clinton

    *Accomplishments: a realistic list of accomplishments (resume) versus what he claims to have done

    *Lobbyists: summarize lobbyist ties

    *Cave ins (couldn’t think of a better term): any legislative actions (votes or redrafting) which seem attributable to pressure from outside sources

    *Books: summary of any information from his books which might be used against him

    So much information is out there, it’s important to pull it all together, verify it’s accuracy and start pushing it out into the main stream media.