UPDATE: With 93% of the vote in, Hillary is giving Barack an unprecedented ass whupping–She has 67% to his 26%. That is a gap of 41%.

JERALYN AT TALKLEFT: “There is No Nominee: On To The Five Remaining Primaries.”

With 57% of precincts reporting: Clinton 66%, Obama 27%. Get latest totals here.

anntaintor.jpgVery Important UPDATE: WEST VIRGINIA: WE LOVE YOU! THANK YOU! YOU REALLY DID IT! WE OWE YOU! Help us keep fighting so that loser Obama doesn’t get the nomination and carry us to an embarrassing, catastrophic defeat in November.

WE KNOW that HILLARY can WIN in November. He cannot.

And we ARE keeping score, and will not let the New York Times and NewsWEAK tell us who the nominee must be!

Wolfson v. Brazile!


Hillary Clinton delivered the following remarks at a victory celebration in Charleston, WV tonight:

Thank you, West Virginia.

You know, like the song says: “it’s almost heaven,” and I am so grateful for this overwhelming vote of confidence.

There are some who have wanted to cut this race short. They say “give up, it’s too hard, the mountain is too high,” but here in West Virginia, you know a thing or two about rough roads to the top of the mountain. We know from the Bible that faith can move mountains and, my friends, the faith of the Mountain State has moved me. I am more determined than ever to carry on this campaign until everyone has had a chance to make their voices heard.

I want to commend Senator Obama and his supporters. This continues to be a hard-fought race, from one end of our country to the other. And yes, we’ve had a few dust-ups along the way, but our commitment to bring America new leadership that will renew America’s promise means that we have always stood together on what is most important.

Now, tonight I need your help to continue this journey. We are in the homestretch. There are only three weeks left in the final contests, and your support can make the difference between winning and losing. So I hope you’ll go to HillaryClinton.com and support our campaign.

You’ve heard this before – there are many who wanted to declare a nominee before the ballots were counted or even cast. Some said our campaign was over after Iowa, but then we won New Hampshire. Then we had big victories on Super Tuesday and in Ohio and Texas and Pennsylvania, and of course, we came from behind to win in Indiana.

So, this race isn’t over yet. Neither of us has the total delegates it takes to win and both Senator Obama and I believe that the delegates from Florida and Michigan should be seated. I believe we should honor the votes cast by 2.3 million people in those states and seat all of their delegates. Under the rules of our party, when you include all 50 states, the number of delegates needed to win is 2,209, and neither of us has reached that threshold yet. This win in West Virginia will help me move even closer.

Now, in a campaign, it can be easy to get lost in the political spin and the polls or the punditry, but we must never lose sight of what really counts, of why all of us care so much about who wins and who loses in our political system. An enormous decision falls on the shoulders of Democratic voters in these final contests and those Democrats empowered to vote at our convention. And tonight, in light of our overwhelming victory here in West Virginia, I want to send a message to everyone still making up their mind.

I am in this race because I believe I am the strongest candidate – the strongest candidate to lead our party in November of 2008 and the strongest president to lead our nation starting in January of 2009. I can win this nomination if you decide I should, and I can lead this party to victory in the general election if you lead me to victory now.

The choice falls to all of you, and I don’t envy you. I deeply admire Senator Obama, but I believe our case, a case West Virginia has helped to make, our case is stronger. Together, we have won millions and millions of votes – by the time tonight is over, probably 17 million, close to it. We’ve won them in states that we must be prepared and ready to win in November – Pennsylvania and Ohio, Arkansas and New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Michigan, Florida, and now West Virginia. It is a fact that no Democrat has won the White House since 1916 without winning West Virginia.

The bottom line is this – the White House is one in the swing states and I am winning the swing states. And we have done it by standing up for the deepest principles of our party with a vision for an America that rewards hard work again, that values the middle class and helps to make it stronger.

With your help, I am ready to go head-to-head with John McCain to put our vision for America up against the one he shares with President Bush. Now, I believe our party is strong enough for this challenge. I am strong enough for it. You know I never give up. I’ll keep coming back, and I’ll stand with you as long as you stand with me.

Together, we will draw the stark distinctions that will determine the future direction of our nation, the difference between ending the war in Iraq responsibly or continuing it indefinitely, between health care for everyone and more uninsured Americans, between standing up for the middle-class families that you represent or standing up for the corporate special interests.

So, I ask you, Democrats, to choose who you believe will make the strongest candidate in the fall and who is ready to execute the office of the presidency of the United States.

People ask me all the time, why am I in this race. Well, I’m in it because of the people that I have worked for my entire life and the people I meet along the campaign trail, people who need someone who fights for them because they’re fighting so hard every single day, the people who drive for miles to show their support, who come with the home-made sign, who raise money by skipping those dinners out, who have stood fast and stood strong. I’m in this race for the millions of Americans who know that we can do better in our country, for the nurse on her second shift, for the worker on the line, for the waitress on her feet, for the small business owner, the farmer, the teacher, the coal miner, the trucker, the soldier, the veteran, the college student.

All of the hardworking men and women who defy the odds to build a better life for themselves and their children. You will never be counted out, and I won’t either. You will never quit, and I won’t, either.

The question is, why do so many people keep voting? Why did 64% of Democrats say in a recent poll they wanted this race to continue? Because in the face of the pundits and the naysayers, they know what is at stake. They know that we have two wars, an economy in crisis on the brink of a recession, $9 trillion of debt, oil prices shooting through the roof, gas prices and grocery prices hurting people who desperately are looking for a way to just keep going day to day. They know they need a champion. They need someone who’s going to never stop fighting for health care that covers everyone, no exceptions, for an economy that lifts everyone up, for good jobs that won’t be shipped overseas, for college affordability, for all that you can do to own a home and then to keep it.

This election is fundamentally about whether or not the American dream remains alive and well, for our children and our grandchildren. This is the core of my life and my political beliefs: that we owe so much to future generations, that we do not want to see that dream recede, that we know people have to work hard, and we expect you to do just that and to take responsibility, but at the very least, you should have a President who is on your side again.

And I believe that this campaign has been good for the Democratic Party and good for our country. People are discussing and debating issues. They are turning out in record numbers to register and to vote. There is an excitement about politics that is the lifeblood of our democracy.

For me, this election isn’t about who’s in or who’s out or who’s up or who’s down. It’s about the common threads that tie us together – rich and poor, young and old, black and white, Latino and Asian, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. We are united by common values. We all want a better world for our children, and we want the best for our country. And we are committed to putting a Democrat back in the White House.

And our nominee – our nominee will be stronger for having campaigned long and hard, building enthusiasm and excitement, hearing your stories and answering your questions. And I will work my heart out for the nominee of the Democratic Party to make sure we have a Democratic President.

As we look at the stakes in this election, I think we can all agree it’s been unprecedented. We haven’t had an election like it for as long as anyone can remember. It is still so close and it really does depend upon those who will vote in these next contests and those who have the awesome responsibility as delegates of our great Democratic Party.

I’m asking that people think hard about where we are in this election, about how we will win in November, because this is not an abstract exercise. This is for a solemn, crucial purpose: to elect a president to turn our country around, to meet the challenges we face and seize the opportunities. It has been a long campaign, but it is just an instant in time when compared with the lasting consequences of the choice we will make in November. That is why I am carrying on, and if you give me a chance, Democrats, I’ll come back to West Virginia in the general election and we’ll win this state and we’ll win the White House.

I am honored and grateful for the support and hospitality of the people of West Virginia. I spent a few minutes with your wonderful national treasure, Senator Byrd, this morning and we talked about his beloved West Virginia. I told him where I’d gone and what I’d seen. I talked about the people I had met. And he just broke into the biggest smile. I don’t know that any man has ever loved a state more than Robert C. Byrd loves West Virginia.

I am grateful for the graciousness of Governor and Mrs. Manchin. Governor Manchin is winning a great victory himself tonight, and I want to thank Joe and Gayle for welcoming me to Governor Manchin’s hometown as we went to Fairmont for a great election last night. I want to thank Senate Majority Leader Truman Chafin, former Governor Hulett Smith, Brigadier General Jack Yeager, all of the West Virginia veterans who honored me by their support and I honor their service.

Thanks to my friends in the labor unions who stood with us every step of the way, we wouldn’t be here without you. And a special thanks to my outstanding staff, volunteers and supporters here in West Virginia and across America.

At least once, usually a half a dozen times a day, Bill and Chelsea and I check in with each other and I wish every West Virginian could have heard our calls as we compared our experiences here in this state. We’ve had the best time.

And I will be back. As we move on now to the next contests, in Kentucky and Oregon, in Puerto Rico, in Montana and South Dakota, tonight I’m thinking about Florence Steen from South Dakota, eighty-eight years old and in failing health when she asked that her daughter bring an absentee ballot to her hospice bedside. Florence was born before women had the right to vote, and she was determined to exercise that right, to cast a ballot for her candidate who just happened to be a woman running for president. Florence passed on a few days ago, but I am eternally grateful to her and her family for making this such an important and incredible milestone in her life that means so much to me. I’m also thinking of Dalton Hatfield, an 11-year-old boy from Kentucky, who sold his bike and sold his video games to raise money to support my campaign.

This is a great and good nation because of people like Florence Steen, Dalton Hatfield, and their families. Her memory and his future are worth fighting for. As long as we remember that there is no challenge we cannot meet, no barrier we cannot break, no dream we cannot realize. So, let’s finish the job we started. America is worth fighting for.

Thank you and God bless you and God bless America. Thank you all so very much.


  • her win was great, but the wads at the DNC are a bunch of WOMAN HATERS, and will go to no end to sink her candascy.

    the ferrate howard dean was on J Leno to night and he is a ego maniac.i was simpathetic at the time when they said he was crazy, but how he acted on leno, confurmed the sad fact that he might be crazy.and a woman hater obsessed with his own power and importance.

  • No Fraudz

    Re: Two Important Points on Florida (if Factual)

    1st… Don’t let Donna have that kind of power over your heart strings..… ain’t worth it!

    There is an aspect of the discussion re the real trigger behind the change in FL’s primary date to Jan 29th, that’s rarely highlighted.

    Plus the rules to be applied in these cases were not properly followed by the DNC?

    Apparently (if the reports in the ‘Nation’ and ‘HuffPost’ are factual) the Dem pols in FL found themselves in a real ‘catch 22’ situation, engineered by the Reps.

    If true, this fact is usually suppressed everywhere (Media included) in the irrational statements of those who keep pushing the line that “they broke the rules.” Or, maybe lots of folks really don’t know enough of the details..

    Secondly, seems that two states (South Carolina and Nevada) were awarded earlier slots this year. Twelve had applied. Full details here:

    At http://www.thenation.com/doc/20071217/moser
    they pointed out that


    “This strange saga began innocuously enough. Fearing likely attempts by big states like Michigan and Florida to disrupt the parties’ primary calendars with early dates in 2008, Republicans and Democrats ruled at their 2004 conventions that states trying to butt in before Iowa and New Hampshire would lose half their delegates.

    The Republicans left it there. The Democrats decided to try and fix things. The Democratic National Committee’s rules committee was tasked with bringing order to the chaotic primaries.

    Twelve states applied for two additional early primary slots, which were awarded earlier this year to South Carolina and Nevada. Democrats in other states could not vote before February 5.”

    “That created a sticky situation for Florida Democrats when, to nobody’s surprise, the Republican-controlled state legislature passed a law in May scheduling the state’s primary for January 29. (In most states, primary dates are set by the parties.)”

    [[And this is the critical part…….]]

    “ The primary date was wrapped up in a bill mandating a paper trail for the 2008 election–a popular measure the minority Democrats could not afford to oppose”.

    “ Besides, the loss of delegates was largely a toothless penalty, since according to precedent the Democrats’ eventual presidential nominee controls the seating of delegates–and surely wouldn’t alienate folks from the nation’s largest swing state by turning them away.” [my emphasis]

    My Question:
    [[Is it possible that this may be the motive for delaying the decision for soooo long? Why stall to this late in the ‘game’ ’if not to give the psychological edge and the illusion of the early advantage to a favoured candidate? Very few, (I imagine) keep track of the excluded votes and delegates, state after state, after state.]]

    (Quote continued)

    “But the DNC did not leave it there.

    In August the rules committee voted to strip all the state’s delegates unless Florida came up with an alternative to the January 29 voting. “I understand Florida’s dilemma,” DNC rules committee member Donna Brazile told me later. “But this is not about states’ rights; this is about a process we’re trying to keep some control over.”

    “ Two weeks after the DNC vote, Democratic chairs in the “First Four” primary states jacked up the ante with their notorious “four-state pledge” demanding the candidates focus exclusively on them. The signees–including John Edwards, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton–agreed to do no campaigning in Florida or any other state that might try to jump the gun.”

    [ Recently, someone shared with us, what that pledge looked like.]

    “And under party rules, “campaigning” means just about everything: e-mail messages; calls to voters; TV, radio or newspaper ads; rallies; hiring campaign workers; holding press conferences. The only thing Democrats are allowed to do in Florida–where folks have been complaining for years, with some justification, about being used as an ATM for the party–is fundraise.“

    [And we learnt that BO had ads running in FL state]

    “As Florida Democrats bayed in protest, DNC chair Howard Dean salted their wounds by opining that their votes “essentially won’t count.” Almost overnight, the unsavory reputation Florida Republicans had earned during the riotous Gore v. Bush 2000 recount battle was relegated to ancient history, and the Republicans’ sagging hopes of carrying Florida–where Democrats scored big in the 2006 midterms–were suddenly sky-high.”

    ***** End Quote*****

    It seems this situation prompted even Wayne Barret, (Huff Post) to explore the fiasco looking at the roles of the main protagonists and to ask:

    “Could the Republicans Pick the Democratic Nominee? — The Untold Story of How the GOP Rigged Florida and Michigan?”


    If he got his facts right, then the following comments on the apparent abdication of responsibility by the DNC to investigate whether there was indeed “misbehaviour’ on the part of the Dem leaders in FL is instructive:


    Dems Take the Hit for the GOP

    “The Republican role is not some irrelevant anecdote. The DNC is charged, under its rules, to determine whether the Democrats in a noncompliant state made a “good faith” effort to abide by the party’s electoral calendar, and to impose the full weight of its available penalties, namely a 100 percent takedown of a state’s delegation, only if Democratic leaders in that state misbehaved.

    So the fact that it was Republicans who fomented the move-up of primaries in both these states to dates out-of-line with the DNC calendar is at the heart of the matter.

    The rules also demand that the DNC’s 30-member Rules and Bylaws Committee conduct “an investigation, including hearings if necessary” into these matters.

    The purpose of such a probe is to figure out if Democratic leaders in a state that did move up “took all provable, positive steps and acted in good faith” to either “achieve legislative changes” to bring a state into compliance or to “prevent legislative changes” that took a state out of compliance.”

    “A DNC spokesman could not point to any real “investigation” the party conducted of the actions of “relevant Democratic party leaders or elected officials,” as the rules put it. All that happened with Florida, for example, was that two representatives of the state party made a pitch for leniency immediately before the Rules Committee voted for sanctions.”

    “What a probe might have discovered was a rationale for doing, at worst, what the RNC did to its own overeager primary schedulers in the same two states — cutting the delegations by half. That’s precisely the penalty specified in DNC rules, but the committee, exercising powers it certainly had the legal discretion to exercise, upped the ante as far as it could.

    In a bizarre reversal of public policy, the RNC, surely aware that the principal miscreants in both states were Republicans, applied a sane yet severe sanction. The Democrats opted for decapitation.”

    ***END QUOTE****

    [And recently we got access to info on how Team BHO deliberately orchestrated a campaign for their supporters to vote “uncommitted” in MI.]

    Perhaps the fundamental question is:


    And perhaps this, among the host of other mini-atrocities, explains why HRC picks up her knapsack, every time she’s kicked off the edge of the canyon, scrambles back to the trail and keeps pressing on. Seems to me her mission was expanded for her, not BY her.

    The battle morphed into perhaps a MORAL WAR, one that goes to the heart of the fundamental principles and values that this country, in it’s finest hours, has embraced and defended.

    Many of her supporters may not know it yet, but they are perhaps defending a CAUSE that may well be beyond mere physical stuff.

    Makes me wonder,


    When you have courageous leaders who risk friends, health, finances, colleagues, sponsors, life’s comforts and everything they have, to defend their country, be it woman or man, the people have a responsibility

    to understand the mission,





    stay focused

    and soldier on to the deadly (dare I say ‘bitter’?)

    For the youths, a more powerful lifelong lesson could not be gained from reading the history books, as from experiencing firsthand this unfolding modern day quiet revolution!

    Pse forgive the length….

    • llilytoo

      The battle morphed into perhaps a MORAL WAR, one that goes to the heart of the fundamental principles and values that this country, in it’s finest hours, has embraced and defended.

      Exactly .That’s what keeps her going 18 hrs a day for months….there is a knife point at the throat of Democracy and all that’s keeping it from going in is HRC. At this point,Hillary is like freaking Washington and Lincoln combined. And you know what? The impeachment mess taught her invaluable lessons in dealing with these bastards…number one is : never give up….and certainly NEVER QUIT!
      Some of the same people that told Bill to quit are now telling her to stop.

      HELL NO.

  • Obama’s trading range has narrowed. I venture that if the primaries were run again that the delegate count would be in Clinton’s favor. I suspect many are now feeling buyers remorse with a vengeance.

    This is a train wreck.

    Were we to characterize the party leadership by Howard Dean, they would not dare to push Obama under the bus in favor of a more electable candidate. They lack the spine.

    It’s a goddamn shame that Hillary Clinton has the biggest balls in the party.

    Now for our bitter moment of the day.
    The leadoff without comment in Mo Dowd’s latest nastygram to the Clintons:

    In grim times, a bitter Hillary clings to bitter voters who in grim times supposedly cling to guns, religion and antipathy to people who aren’t like them.

    • The very idea that Dowd would call anyone else grim is the height of irony. 🙂

  • DancingOpossum

    Olbermann was completely unhinged. Really naked fury at Hillary, it was disturbing to watch. He is spending too much time at Great Orange. And…Didn’t you love it when Terry McAuliffe threw Ted Kennedy going to the convention 900 delegates behind in their faces? Haw haw haw…

    I saw that interview with Greta and Rove and it was the single most important analysis of this election so far. The SDs really should look at it. Say what you will about Rove–and I yield to noone in my dislike of him–the man knows how to win elections. And remember, he too had to sell a candidate that was weak, arrogant, inexperienced, and fraudulent. But he did it successfully. Twice.

  • JP

    My local cable network (New England Cable News) cut off Hillary’s speech before she was done! I immediately phoned them and said I was upset, that they were sexist, and I wasn’t going to watch them anymore.

  • BabyMia

    Hey I just wanted to say that I’m not some Obamabot Troll. My comment was removed. I don’t know why. Anyway, I just want vent like everyone else. Ok!

  • Alien

    Donna Brazile looked very unprofessional in that interview.

    When Condi Rice lies her eyes sort of wander (she does have to tell big porkies)-but Donna has the expression of a 12 year old – a sulking disrespectful one at that.

    Sure weve all seen even been one!

  • WOW. Lot of comments. I don’t know if this will be read.

    Thanks folks for getting the word out about our Internt outage earlier today.

    Thanks for being more aggressive than any site on the net in calling out for the truth.

    Larry and Sue. Don’t stop.


    Hey. Please ask those who like the above to put this on their site too. My site is dying. But.. yes get it out.

    It is how I ( we ? ) feel.

  • Watching that video of Donna Brazile and Howard Wolfson talking about Florida and Michigan made me so angry. And, Wolf and Campbell? Ughh! I’ve had my fill of CNN for the week now!!!! I don’t understand how the point that Wolfson was making, that so many of us have been making, about the fact that it was a Republican controlled leadership that changed the rules in Florida and that the PEOPLE shouldn’t have to pay for that misdeed, can keep being overlooked! It makes it crystal clear that the DNC is dead set against Hillary and it’s disgusting. Donna sat her fat behind up there grimacing and smiling snidely as Howard was talking and she couldn’t have looked more unprofessional.

  • Petrus

    I called some people in West Virginia. I got a person that once she heard I was calling from the Hillary Clinton campaign, she stopped me. She told me that “If I hear the name Hillary Clinton again, I’m going to throw myself from a bridge!”. Then she hung up, I started laughing uncontrollably for a few minutes. But seriously, people should call on Hillary’s behalf. Got to http://tools.hillaryclinton.com/calling/, and sign up to call.

  • Brought to you from the same talented people who gave us “Hillary: Mad as Hell,” please help this video go viral.


  • beachnan

    Class and dignity. The Clinton campaign embodies those two qualities. Unfortunately, the Obama campaign has no idea what those two qualities are. Hillary is going to win this.

  • Mel

    Obama is acting like he has won the nomination, because Axelrod say so, he are Axelrods forecasts from his leaked Feb spreadsheet for the final contests in Kentucky, Oregon, Montana, S. Dakota and Puerto Rico!

    Clinton 96 delegates
    Obama 70 delegates

    But aside from NC, Axelrod has been off by about 15% since the Rev Wright occurred. Example tonight he forcasted Clinton 55% Obama 43%, off by 15% average. So redo the numbers in the remaining states will show:

    Clinton 111 delegates
    Obama 55 delegates

    Based on a 2209 count a total including Fla and Mich:

    Clinton 2193
    Obama 1940

    Clinton short 16 delegates
    Obama short 269 delegates

    • Won the nomination? He’s acting like he won the election!

      • Mel

        Sort of like being a product of the Kennedy airlift and a product of Semla huh…..lol

  • typical.white.person
    • scott

      I love that, did you find that at rezko watch, And is TWP the same name you use at liberalrapture.com

    • typical.white.person

      No and no.

      I found it in google images.

    • Oh I so stole that.

  • 93% of the vote counted and she is up 41 points. Simply frickin amazing. That is what I would call a decisive win.

  • Zee

    Not only did Donna lie but she kept sneering and rolling her eyes like some adolescent brat.

    Oh, but they are all so snide, those LOVELY Obama Unity-corn Rainbow-sniffers who don’t want to interrupt Santy-Claus for dirty stinkin’ democracy.

    Ubermann was snidest of all, after Hillary’s fantastic speech. He said it had to be the speech of the century and then added “so there it was, folks, the Sermon on the Mount.”

    What a dick. According to internet reports a very inept one, as well.

    If this is NEW politics and UNITY..uh…

  • Hillary CRUSHES Obama in WV and the media whore media act like she just hoiked a lougie. Puh-leese.