As Larry Johnson pointed out last night in “Obama, The Fulfillment of Black Liberation,” Barack Obama is considered — by the extremist, racist proponents of “Black Liberation Theology” and “Black Nationalism” — to be their TICKET to taking over the United States of America. Here is more proof:


To this day, Barack Obama continues to insist he was shocked and surprised to discover that Reverend Jeremiah Wright had bizarre racist views.

Now Tom Blumer has discovered images of Wright’s radical newsmagazine Trumpet—and look who was featured on the cover of that magazine at least three times: BizzyBlog – Attention Stanley Kurtz, Re Obama, Wright, Trumpet: I’ve Got You Covered.

Here’s one of the images, featuring pictures of Barack Obama, Rev. Wright — and Louis Farrakhan. Isn’t that cozy?

And if you think Barack Obama didn’t know he was featured on this cover, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you. — Via LGF blog

BELOW: THE NAMES OF ALL in that montage:


LGF readers have identified several of the other people on this cover:

Adam Clayton Powell — 1st row, 1st from left
Dick Gregory — 1st row, 2nd from left
Shirley Chisholm — 1st row, 4th from left
O. J. Simpson attorney Johnny Cochran — 1st row, 5th from left
Rosa Parks — 1st row, 6th from left
Rapper “Common” — 2nd row, 1st from left
Is that Robert Mugabe? 2nd row, 2nd from left
Luther Vandross — 4th row, 1st from left
Ozzie Davis — 4th row, 2nd from left
Lou Rawls — 4th row, 3rd from left
Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad — 4th row, 5th from left

Notice who’s missing? Martin Luther King, Jr.

Readers, who else?

NOW, more work must be done. We have that audio from last night — about which we are writing much more (and should have for you later today).

With this above in mind, listen again to this audio:

Obama, The Fulfillment of Black Liberation

Not my words or title. Those are the words of Malik Shabazz, head of the New Black Panther Party. Barack’s election will be the fulfillment of Nation of Islam theology. “As it was in the begining so it will be in the end.” So when a black man becomes President it is the sign that Africa will rise. Don’t take my word, hear the words for yourself.


LISTEN ESPECIALLY FROM 7:45 to end. To his description of the “Nation of Islam Theology.” THEY PLAN TO RULE ALL — and Obama’s faith and his spiritual advisers believe he is the new leader they have been expecting! …


Barack, at least while he was living in Indonesia, was raised as a muslim. But he left Islam behind. He was at best an agnostic during his teenage and young adult years. It was only after Harvard that he joined the church of Reverend Wright. But Barack did not join a Christian Church. He joined a church founded on the principle of black liberation. A theology that is the anti-thesis of mainstream Christianity. He was not taught, “in Christ there is no east or west, in Him no north or south.” To the contrary, he was taught and believed that there is a north/south split–a division between the white haves and the black have nots.

There is no denying Barack Obama is eager to put distance between himself and the likes of Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, and Malik Shabazz. But those gentlemen now know that they must hide their true feelings and understandings. They know that most Americans would not support the Barack Obama they know. But their rhetoric goes beyond seeking justice and equal rights for all black Americans. They embrace a theology that puts blacks above whites.

This is the disaster of Barack. Instead of transcending race, he has embraced and lived in the heart of a radical theology that preaches racial division and black dominance. I’ll stick with Martin Luther King. I want to be judged by the content of my character, not the color of my skin. Malik Shabazz certainly does not believe that. ..

ALSO in “Obama, The Fulfillment of Black Liberation” you will find links to previous stories we have done on the New Black Panther Party.

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  • all of yall are pathetic. american history has never really comandering to black americans. white supremist still exist and will all ways exist. their whole goal is to stop any and all black messianic figures and keep the racial divide alive among fellow americans. yall ppl are exactly what the government want… as long as yall keep talking about miscellaneous (black stuff) u never see the real agenda… Obama won because the ppl voting him in, but y did the ppl vote him in needs to be addressed. Who pulled the strings and got the whole country roused up, discontent, financially wrecked… those are the ppl u should be investigating. because they held all the keys that were used to get Obama in office- but they your little pion minds caught up in race. The Zeitgeist is what they are about- Obama aint really in charge (only on the surface) but Rockerfeller, JP morgan, Paul Walburg, and Rothschild control this country and their accessories from prescott bush to jeb (dont be surprised if he run b4 2017) Revelation 13:16-18 taking flight. The spell of Willie Lynch coming to and end soon 1712 -2012. american historonics in action reliving the war of 1812 (they burned the white house and the capitol) Burned the white house-black man president-thats a burnt white house… the capitol burnt-bailout-fraud-war-recession-making it hard for the common man to capitolize-so they burning the capitol again. Ppl need to look outside the box, who cares that our president is black, blk folks started the first from of government known to man anyway-(So shut the fuck up)(know yourself and know your history) and he isnt the first blk president of this country. Benjamin Banneker a.k.a Jonh Hanson was the first black president of the Americas, at the same time George washington was fighting the british. He created the first military budget (they were out there fighting with no shoes on)Black Pride and Black Power too black aint too strong- u just too weak to carry on….

  • tj

    who says that wright,fartingkan, and shablahs are ‘gentlemen’…they are slime.

  • LOL

    u guys are really reaching. so the new rule affiliates u with anyone on a magazine??? u gotta do better than that.

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  • Acanthus

    “He’s done more to hurt race relations than anyone else has in decades.”

    What do you mean by “race relations”, exactly?

  • Kevin

    In his biography of Barack Obama, David Mendell writes about Obama’s life as a “secret smoker” and how he “went to great lengths to conceal the habit.” But what about Obama’s secret political life? It turns out that Obama’s childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a communist.

    In his books, Obama admits attending “socialist conferences” and coming into contact with Marxist literature. But he ridicules the charge of being a “hard-core academic Marxist,” which was made by his colorful and outspoken 2004 U.S. Senate opponent, Republican Alan Keyes.

    However, through Frank Marshall Davis, Obama had an admitted relationship with someone who was publicly identified as a member of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA). The record shows that Obama was in Hawaii from 1971-1979, where, at some point in time, he developed a close relationship, almost like a son, with Davis, listening to his “poetry” and getting advice on his career path. But Obama, in his book, Dreams From My Father, refers to him repeatedly as just “Frank.”

    The reason is apparent: Davis was a known communist who belonged to a party subservient to the Soviet Union. In fact, the 1951 report of the Commission on Subversive Activities to the Legislature of the Territory of Hawaii identified him as a CPUSA member. What’s more, anti-communist congressional committees, including the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), accused Davis of involvement in several communist-front organizations.

  • How can we get the main-stream media the least bit interested in who Obama is? Oh, yeah, they are afraid of being called racists.

    Well, I have spoken out (facts, not gossip or name-calling) and yes, I have been called a racist by Obama supporters. You know, it’s uncomfortable because I know how unfair it is, but the trade-off is well worth it. I want the truth out there. Go for it. You will be in good company among the growing number of non-racist “racists.”

  • anna shane

    I’m a Hillary supporter, and this stuff makes me like him more, but it also makes him completely unelectable, I’m an old lefty, not enough of me, and I’m for her, i’d rather get stuff done then lose with my own far left ideas. And clearly after his humiliating defeat last night he’s more vulnerable than ever. It’s not just that we can see the swift boats coming for him, (McCain hired that swift-boat firm like five or six months ago), we can see him getting frustrated and sarcastic. If he thinks he’s a better human being than HIllary Clinton, how does he view the rest of us? Making Kerry younger and smarter and darker and handsomer doesn’t make a kerry clone any harder to beat. He’ll be swifted into the tides of history and take our dreams with him.

  • prayerwarrior2008

    This will go over well in Southern Baptist churches.

  • alibe

    Has anyone seen the Drudge Report today and the Obama appeal from Christian Broadcasting Network to let Obama do the Lord’s work. You got to see it! Makes Huckabee’s window with the cross theme look like amateur hour. You got to know Obama is a right wing nutcase.

  • american sawbuck

    Another day and Dean Brazile Kerry etc. are closer than ever to having their own little Democratic Party..We the people are leaving in droves..they and their loosing Messiah are the real ones destroying the democratic party. It would be sad if it wasn’t so stupid here they had a free ride to the presidency and they are so small minded they will blow it big don’t blame HRC supporters for the loss, blame your Kool Aid drinking ghouls. And Oh Yes we will not vote for him read the polls we are not coming home, not for this election..

    • bamaoil

      Speaking of those sawbucks, I got two brand new fives, yesterday.

      They look like English money, all they need is a picture of the queen, but Dick Morris won’t be making the cover of any five, unless Ondinga decides to put him on one. Which could be really funny.


      I thought they were cool, and I liked the color, too, Lincoln looked good.

  • Talktruth

    I think there might be Obama propaganda out there right now that it is bad to write the superdelegates to encourage them to support Hillary. Nothing could be further from the truth, so don’t fall for it. A respectful, informed email or phone call will do wonders towards getting our girl Hill in the White House, and that is the goal. So please remember: “Of the people, by the people, and for the people,” and write the superDs! 🙂

    The link to SD names:


    My superD for the day is: Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords. Her email is

    I also called both her AZ and DC offices. The guy at the DC office laughed when I mentioned the WV blowout. Those numbers are:

    Tucson, AZ: (520) 881-3588
    Washington DC: (202) 225-2542

    Your input can make all the difference to these undecideds, especially now!

    • bamaoil

      At a certain point, is it better for the American people to KNOW what Obama is, exactly?

      That’s a legitimate question, if the guy is say, funnelling money to terrorist groups, or say Rezko funnelled US tax payer money to Hezbollah, Americans have a right to know.

      • bamaoil

        Or Ondinga, did, say…

  • Kefa

    The FBI has a mole and tapes and film. They are trying to hold it for the GE.

  • When I look at Obama I see him taking fistfuls of cash from Rezko and in the background, poor/black seniors living in the rundown buildings of Obama’s district in Chicago, without heat in the middle of winter. I see Obama smiling and shaking Rezko’s hand, and seniors shaking…and shivering. I see a man without a heart.

    • workingclass artist

      WHEN I LOOK AT OBAMA….I SEE A FASCIST…Who sat in a church for over 20 years listening to Wright and Farrakhan….Who are BLACK SUPREMACISTS.

      ” There will be no peace in America until Whites begin to hate their whiteness….Asking from the depths of their being…How can we become Black…” Jeremiah Wright. Pastor of TUCC…
      If these words came out of a white mans mouth he would be called a racist.

  • Kefa

    I think this is what she told Edwards after in NY at his fund raiser spoken about in The Observer Mag. about more scandal about the trial in Chicago. The other shoe is gonna drop. Fitz will get him.

  • Kefa

    I see a 2nd Chicago trial coming with Obama indicted.
    With info from the 1st trial.

    • Mr.Murder

      Merry f’n Fitzmas!

      When will Obama have a Nixon momet:
      “I’m not a crook.”

  • Emily Pickett

    I’ve been emailing a lot of these blog/posts to FOX and DRUDGE and STEVE QUAYLE and even SpiritDaily. I have even posted it at Above Top Secret.

    I encourage ya’ll to email this info out as much as possible and to post it at chat forums.

    I’m going to hit up the Oprah Chat site next ….

  • Mr.Murder

    Page one of the thousand page dossier.

    Will someone ask Sen.Kerry if he would be pictured with Farrakhan for a magazine cover like this?

    His convoluted answer and that picture would be enough to drive off droves of voters.

  • Mr.Murder

    By the way, LGF or the Free Republic will hack your stuff and scrub your posts if you appear there and speak Truth to Power that opposes their world view.

    Thank them for my nickname, I had to change yahoo ID over it.

  • Mr.Murder

    LGF is basically a hate speech site in lowest common denominator terms.

    That Barry O’Bama has stooped to levels low enough that even their criticism gets warranted, is alarming.

    Barry Bonds struck out for court, Barry Obama struck out for the election last night.

    In fact, Obama is fund raising in Michigan with the hope of trying to turn around the image there and perhaps campaign anew there. Not even McCain could steer his GOP in WestVa. to Obama off the staggered dates these contests ran.

    Absolute trouncing.

    Almost a TKO.

  • it’s not me

    Well, well, well…isn’t this interesting?! I wonder if this has anything to do with what Bob Novak said this morning on Fox? Did anyone else hear what he said about the Clintons having “some deep, dark secret from BO’s past that they want to get out, but are afraid of releasing?”

    Do you think they know he is connected, in a big way, to Farrakhan or The Nation of Islam or the Black Panthers??? He said it’s something that would stop the BO campaign in its tracks.

    Does anyone here know what Novak could be referring to? I keep hearing things like this, but in a more subtle way. The pundits keep alluding to “something could come out that will hurt Obama.” I’ve heard Hannity say there IS more damaging stuff on the guy, but he hasn’t said what it is yet. I suspect the republicans are saving whatever THEY know for the GE, but what could the Clinton campaign be waiting for? More evidence? Better timing? I dunno, but Novak surely perked my ears up this morning!

    • LBJ’s Love Child

      There may be something there, but Hillary can’t release it, and the GOP WON’T until after Obama’s the nominee. Don’t forget, Wright came to the surface AFTER the MSM declared Obama the winner. It was simply a matter of premature release by the GOP.

    • Donald from Hawaii

      Bob Novak is the asshole who undermined the NOC status of Larry Johnson’s CIA colleague, Valerie Plame, thoroughly compromising our intelligence gathering capabilities in the Middle East and thus our national security. While he might be a reliable source when talking about his Republican friends, he’s a pretty much a pariah in Democratic circles.

      Therefore, I wouldn’t put too much credence into what Novak says about the Clintons. Odds are that he’s rumor-mongering, and nothing more.

  • Talktruth


    SOB (Senator Obama) was at an auto plant in Detroit, and a worker asked him how he was going to secure workers’ futures.

    Hold on one second, Sweetie,” SOB said, putting his hand up. She asked again, “Senator, what are you going to do for workers?” He never spoke about the workers’ biggest concern, their futures

    Sexist pig.

    • Talktruth

      I should have noted that the link has several videos, very short, one after the other. The “Sweetie” video is about the fourth or fifth one, at least when I looked.

      • bamaoil

        I thought you were going to say his cell phone was ringing, and really, he wasn’t getting fresh.


    • Ellen Tenn

      I can’t believe he gets away with this stuff. If I was the “sweetie ” he was talking to I would have been pissed.

    • typicalbubba

      Every day in every way Barack reminds me more and more of George Bush. Earlier while doing serious reading on his links to criminals, I was coming across Obama’s use of permeations on “I don’t recall meeting that man.” Now, as he continues to channel GWB, he’s starting to give his pet journalists names. I think his media said this wasn’t a substantive story, but I’m sure if she’d called him “bro'” it would be. Its not as if the sweet thing was asking him about anything important. Run along now, girlie.

      • mahaska

        At least bush is probably fun at a party

  • sandyR

    I can pretty much say with conviction that at least two people would have preferred to have been left off that cover.

    Shirley Chisholm who was the first African American woman to be elected to Congress and who also ran for President of U.S.
    Rosa Parks.

    Rosa says, “we encourage youth to reach their highest potential through the Rosa Parks philosophy Quite Strength. Quiet strength incorporates life skills which demonstrate dignity with pride. (uh, yeah, I don’t see a lot of “Quiet Strength” happening over at Trinity.

    Shirley Chisholm said that being a woman had been harder for her in her political journey than being an African American. And she was actually a thoughtful person (a thing which Owhatever, is so so not).

    And what would Billie Holiday (thankfully left off the Trumpet cover) have had to say about this empty suit and his creepy band? I think she would have had some dazzling words to send their way.

    • workingclass artist

      According to the thinking of the architect of Black Liberation Theology…
      James Cone….Martin Luther King was a liberation Theologist avant la lettere….I am sure that his wife ( now deceased ) and his children would disagree….These folks will use anyone to help their politheology gain legitimacy…

    • Northwest rain

      Shirley Chisholm would have been insulted to have her face on that cover. She wasn’t a hater. I loved to hear her talk. And I voted for her when she ran for President!!!!! Just because I liked what she said and what she stood for.

      Poor people come in all colors — but especially the Native Americans on or off the reservation.

      Are we to believe that ALL blacks are poor? What does that make Rev Wright or Mr&Mrs Obama? All whites are rich — oh really?

    • mahaska

      I’m offended that Shirley Chisholm is on this piece of crap mag.

  • sonia


    • Donald from Hawaii

      I think most of us got it the first time around.

  • Jay

    “this is why we MUST do away with NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND!!”

    You simply vomiting would add to the population.

    • Dawnelle

      jAY z IS THAT YOU? What the frig are you talkin about?

      u makin no sense – best turn OFF the stereo and open up your HISTORY book!

      • Jay

        ..this coming from a person who just said “u makin” – jesus.. lol

        • Dawnelle

          I tend to take on the slang of the state to which I am living at the time. I’ve lived in over 20 states. For the last 2 yrs it’s been NC.

          They are a fun accent. I’m sorry you don’t recognize playful chat. I’m done being nice to you.

          (yes and that was nice considering your insane decrepit foul ramblings

          I meet you are smart enough to type obviously so one would think you had enough SENSE to try to act adult. I guess it’s harder for someone like you huh? what ever the hell that is (I shudder to even think) yuck

          • Dawnelle

            see not meet

    • bamaoil

      Too fucking stupid…


      hey buddy, wanna invest?


  • Jay

    Johnnie Cochran is on there too, along with a few other random black folks.. Is this honestly the best you inbred group of cocksuckers can do? Jesus, you people couldn’t find tits in a strip joint – no wonder, Larry Johnson resembles a nut juggling pedophile anyway.

    • Dawnelle

      this is why we MUST do away with NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND!!

      what mastery of the typed word

      roflol – NOT!

      (shaking my head) punks

    • “inbred group of cocksuckers”
      “tits in a strip joint”

      Wow. You really have a way with words, Jay. You’re chewing a wad of tobacco right now, aren’t you?

      Hope you have your spit-cup handy.

      • bamaoil

        If he’s this stupid he’s being trolled.

        Some people never really understand how they’re used.

        You know, it’s like COINTELPRO for right wing, or left wing, morons: as opposed to inciting them to violence, you incite them to make a deal with big oil.

        And by god, THEY DO!

    • mahaska


  • I almost want to read this issue in it’s entirety. Except I get the awful feeling that it would burn my eyes out, rot my brain and force me to take continuous showers trying desperately to get clean again.

    • Dawnelle

      ROFLOL jez then you best NOT read it!!

      Merry Meet Pagan Power! 🙂

  • Dawnelle

    Yea the West Virginians were FIRED UP on stage last night for HILLARY’s big WIN!!!

    Wow, it was so exciting! I was watching it on TV while streaming it on cnn live blog! A Stereo Happy Hillary Fest! 😉

    Maybe these boys like John Aragrossis have Mommy issues? Perhaps their Mommies couldn’t accept them? Didn’t want them? Or reminded them of their faults one time too often?

    I know women that do that. It’s borderline criminal actually. There should be a TEST or LICENSE to become a Mother! Look how some of these boys turn out? Pitiful.

  • ronnykmarshall

    More and more stuff is going to come out.

    I’m tellin’ ya, if Obie gets the nomination the flood gates are going to open.

    McCain/Bush 3 will win in a landslide.

  • Talktruth

    Just heard that Hillary picked up another superdelegate – not sure who.

    Yippee!!!! She is moving on up!

    • Dawnelle

      I heard it too. She was from Tennessee.

      • Talktruth

        Thanks, Dawnelle. I was hoping it was one of the superD’s I wrote, dang it :-J.

        • Dawnelle

          Yea since Tenn. went for Hillary – y ou would THINK this one would have followed suit earlier.

          I’m not bugging any of them by mail. It’s just my personal belief. I won’t pester people because I don’t like it myself.

          Are we even supposed to do that? And these people must be holding out for either money or time fearing their choice by now otherwise they are all so dense they should resign their seats!!

          OH I forgot one – not just money or time but also FAME (as witnessed by that pasty faced Andrews dude) YUCK! He is so obviously media hungry.

          • Talktruth

            Are we even supposed to do that?

            I believe it’s our responsibility to do that, if an issue is important. I mean, this country is “of the people, by the people, for the people,” right? So if I just sat on my hands, I’d feel guilty. I understand if other people do it, though. It’s not everyone’s thing.

  • AF catfish

    Susan I just returned from Oregon and women were streaming into the office saying we’ve got to do something! Obama must not win this state!

    Also there were many more undecideds and people who like Obama do not hate Hillary there. The undecideds are waiting for us to call them to give them a reason to vote Hillary.

    Please donate to make Oregon a Hillary state – this will shock the pundits on May 20 just before the rules committee meets May 31.

  • Talktruth

    Ssssshhhhhh! Susan, if you just stop talking about it, maybe Rat Boat can pull it off! That’s what they were planning from the beginning, and just figured we’d be too…what?…to notice.

    How can anyone not notice what this guy is about???

    Anyhoo, just for shits and grins, here’s a video of BO’s speech in MO last night. Keep the sound off, for sanity’s sake, but notice how bored people are. And check out the girl behind his right shoulder. She captures the mood perfectly with her disinterested gum chewing. 🙂

    • Catriley

      Okay.. did he accidentally wander into a republican party meeting? Those people couldn’t care less what he’s saying. Are they temps hired to sit there? One woman looks like she’s interested, everyone else looks bored to death.

      And he’s saying things that normally would get cheers in a Hillary crowd, and it’s total silence… he’s reading (badly) from notes the entire time.

      We’ve been hoodwinked… if he isn’t at some giant venue with lighting and sound and effects and teleprompters, he’s just so boring and lackluster. His speech is damn boring, too… (and most of it is ripped off from Hillary like that “works for the healthy and wealthy” part.)

      Now.. he’s inspring… because of what exactly????????

      I just don’t see it.

      • kathleen

        It was an invitation-only audience, apparently made up of Obama supporters, in Cape Girardeau, MO.
        That is Rush Limbaugh’s hometown.

      • Nag

        I don’t know, his cadence is kind of sing song and boring. ACtually, his voice drives me nuts. When he has to read notes, he’s stiff. When he talks off the top of his head, he’s stuttering and makes a lot of mistakes. His style is BORING, so no wonder folks around him in the video are looking bored.

        The only time his style is ok is when he has a pre-written, well practiced speech. Other than that, zilch.

    • KJMontana

      I particularly like the kid whining and crying in the background while he was speaking. Must be Michelle….

  • J in Mn

    Look at this:

    Uck Gag me: Check it out:


    Is She..Praying for a devastating Anti-Obama Story? Convinced She’s finally hit her stride..physicaly unable to accept defeat..

    • These folks actually make me physically ill.

      • jocelyn

        she didn’t need a devastating anti-obama story to get her a 41 point win yesterday. i mean really, wtf is wrong with people?

    • workingclass artist


  • owl06

    Obama will be decimated if he’s the nominee.

    • jwrjr

      He will be roadkill. All the repubs will need to do is tell the truth about him.

  • blobert

    I usually shun Andrea Mitchell, but she did a damned good job grilling an Obama staffer just now.

    Fired the hard questions. LIke how does he expect to win the GE if he can’t pull the swing states.

    If she stays objective as she did just now, she could actually build a following.

  • blobert

    He lived in the black equivalent of James Dicky country, an enclave shut off from the rest of the country.
    Obama needs time to acclimate, to understand people, and know that they aren’t reacting to him because they are racists, but because there is much in his associations to indicate that he is not on their side.

    The democrats should give him time to build a record, instead of sending him out to be killed off.

  • Sj

    Good work expose this man to the fullest its time America finds out exactly who and what Obama is really about, I hope FOX gets some of this info because it seem like they are the only network willing to investigate anything on Obama

  • Emily Pickett

    ‘They plan to rule all’.

    These are the people Obama, and his wife, have been hanging with for 20 years. This is what they REALLY believe. Perpetual victimhood and make whitey pay.

    Why the hell would ANY non-black vote for Obama?

    I SERIOUSLY believe he could be the anti-christ. And yes, I’m registered republican, so I think that way.

    He’s done more to hurt race relations than anyone else has in decades.

    Vote for Hillary before it’s too late!
    It’s TEOTWAWKI if Obama gets in. I do believe that.

    • JKFriz

      Why the hell would ANY non-black vote for Obama?

      I dunno. Ask the folks in Vermont, Maine, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Idaho, Alaska, North Dakota, Utah, Kansas, Iowa, Colorado, Minnesota, and Nebraska. I’m sure they’ll be happy to explain.

      • jocelyn

        I would love to ask them now that all of this is out in the open. it wasn’t when they voted.

        • JKFriz

          I’m sure when Hillary receives a shellacking in Oregon, with its 2.5% African-American population, this will accord nicely with your theory.

          • Uppity Woman

            Well you just confirmed something didn’t you now?

      • workingclass artist


      • haypops

        Obama is the prefered candidate of white supremist groups! They do so because they think Hillary and mcCain are tools of us Jews. Obama they feel can be conrolled. These groups are more predominate in some of the western States listed above.

      • Uppity Woman

        Before or after they figured out what he is? Lucky for Barry they can’t do a redo just like Florida and Michigan couldn’t.

        And…has anyone told you that the Republicans in red states will be voting in November too?

    • Nag

      Those contemporary field slaves who live vicariously through would-be President Obama, will be well advised to, like their ancestors, continue their journey toward 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with open eyes, and a frank realization that the presidency is not a political panacea – and possibly not even a palliative pill for the ills of America’s African population. If we are to achieve genuine liberation, all political options, including revolution must not only remain open, but be pursued as though the world had never heard of Barack Obama.

      This is from story entitled “House Slaves, Field Slaves and the Obama Predicament”

  • sonia

    what do people see in this guy

    all i see is

    pastor wright

    well i like his dtrs ,they are so cute ,,and thats why i hate obamaeven more ,he took those innocent kids to that hateful church ,,what was michelle thinking ,,

    • Emily Pickett

      I fully agree. When I look at Obama that’s what I see as well (and my own vile hitting the floor). He makes me sick. And those poor kids … OMG .. those poor kids being subjected to that kind of indoctrination!!! You are so right sonia.

      • sonia


        have u seen his dtrs

        they r so cute and always smiling ,i would love to see them to grow up to be like chelsea

        may be michelle does need hillary for parental advice ,,,like obama neede hillary for senator advice

      • workingclass artist has a good article…The Marxist Roots of Black Liberation Theology…
        The Catholic Encyclopedia… has extensive writing on Lberation Theology and the criticisms of the RCC in instruction to this theology….

        ” The Goal of Black Intellectuals is to aid in the destruction of America as he knows it…such destruction requires both Black Anger and White Guilt….The goal of the Black Theologian is to tell the story of Amercan Oppression so powerfully and precisely that White Men will tremble…curse…and go mad because they will be drenched in the filth of their evil….” James Cone…Founder of Black Liberation Theology
        ** Cone sees violent rebellion as transformative expression of te humanity of the oppressed….Looting and Rioting are expressions of being…**

    • TeakWoodKite

      Elijah Muhammad’s son is sueing Rezko for “putting his house in a trust” and using it as collateral…

      Rezko is the conduit for Obama,Wright,and those wackjobs. Obama and Rezko’s house/land deal was also put in trust.

      One more Ad; Mel and Uppity….Anuoncer; “Obama owes his political career to this man…(Showing Rezko in hand cuffs on a perp walk). What else does does Obama owe besides an explination…?”

      McCain can sit back and “howl” all he wants to about the negitive 527’s against Obama and take the “high road” and the choice will be a no brainer.

      Mcain POW war hero or Obama terrorist sympatizer.
      Next. It doesn’t get any more “black and white” than that.

    • sonia

      (((((((((((((( we love hillary))))))))))))))))))))
      (((((((((((((((we love bill)))))))))))))))))))))))
      (((((((((((((((we love chelsea))))))))))))))))))))
      (((((((((((((((we love WEST VIRGINIA))))))))))))))
      (((((((((((((((we love AMERICA )))))))))))))))))))

      ((((((((((we love all Hillary’s supporters)))))))))

    • I’m not anti-Obama. Really, I think his clinging to Wright was all about getting a foothold in the AA community. Ayers held his first real fund-raiser.

      That’s what AA candidates must do.

      I do think race plays a huge role in this election. I do think a lot of people cut him slack on this stuff, for a reason.

      However, that’s still not my chief complaint. MY complaint is that to avoid being accountable for his record, he CHOSE to run on a platform of no experience.

      I do not think that’s smart. Maybe political, given his race, but not what we really need.

      I am not anti-Obama. I am, at this point, against Democrats. Wierd, given I’m a life-long true straight-ticket Dem voter.

      But….hey…….change is the only constant in life.

      I can give that up.

      I think I’m going to focus on the down-ticket. I think I’ll definitely not vote for Obama, because it’s against my own self-interests (tax stuff) and his campaign has seemed like a hijacking of my party ideals.

      So that’s that for me.

      I do know this much, because I’m not stupid. The notion that there will be healing?


      Brazile and Dean and Kennedy and Kerry can kiss it good-bye.

      Even an endorsement from Edwards makes no difference now.

      It is what it is. The Democrats may win, but it won’t be resounding or a sure vote of the will of people. It will be meaningless. No real legislation will get passed.

      I predict, if Obama is president, it will be a bit like watching ET Tonight. He’ll have endless photo ops with dignataries from foreign nations.

      And his real record will be as dismal as his record as editor of the Harvard Review: He wrote not one word.

      He’ll make his mark. The first AA president in history.

      And the first AA president in history may be remembered as a do-nothing.

      This legacy will be devasting to the AA community.

      It reinforces all bad stereotypes.

      But….I predict…that is what will happen.

      If he even wins.

      • workingclass artist

        AnninCa….At best according to your reasoning Obama is simply another AA politician who cynically poses at adopting the beliefs of his Church in order to launch a political career….
        If this is true….Why does Black America need to Wake Up ! accordig to Michelle Obama…..
        The common thread in these groups is a political theology that is Fascist.
        Dwight Hopkins is another leader in the Black Liberation Theological Movement….He teaches at The University of Chicago and TUCC….
        What do all these folks have in common…MARXISM….
        ** Check into the recent history of Nicaragua and El Salvador and you can get a glimpse of LIBERATION THEOLOGY IN ACTION…**


        • Uppity Woman

          Why does Black America need to Wake Up ! accordig to Michelle Obama…..

          She’ll find out they aren’t sleeping the day after the General Election.

    • susan

      PLEASE, everyone, email this to and Send it to the DNC and all the politicians in your individual states, and tell them you will not support Obama in November and you will not support any down-party Dems who do support him! Thanks, and send Hillary a donation, even if it’s $5.00. She can’t go on without financial support.