Anderson Cooper on CNN Tuesday night falsely claimed the public must not view Reverend Wright negatively, as a Democrat named Travis Childers in Mississippi’s third Congressional district managed to win a special election in which he was tied by the Republicans to Barack Obama’s radical mentor and pastor.

Cooper referred to this advertisement:

The commercial is vacuous, for it fails to establish a viable connection between Travis Childers and Barack Obama. Moreover, the opposition researchers of the Republican opponent neglected to cite specific actions or statements of Childers that may bespeak a commitment to the values Barack Obama upholds.

The advertisement did have an effect, however. Indeed, it elicited a response from Childers, who most probably cut the commercial as a result of polling data that revealed Obama was a liability in his northern Mississippi Congressional district.

Notice how Childers speaks directly into a camera that slowly zooms in to capture a frontal portrait of his bust. Also notice the setting: his kitchen, which affords a view of a barn. Authenticity and credibility had to be established with voters in the wake of the connection to Obama and Wright, and this would only be achieved with a narrative articulated within the confessional mode in a sequence that is unedited and captured in one long take. Obama and Wright, in other words, created a problem of trust for this candidate, who had to spend precious funds on a commercial in which he separated himself from the cause of his slip in the polls.

But notice how Childers does not mention the cause; he only mentions “politicians I do not know and have never met.” He had to separate himself from Obama, but he did not want to remind his constituents of any relation he may have with the man to which he was tied. He certainly did not want to remind them of Wright, who he avoided altogether in this commercial. Wright must have been too controversial a topic to broach in a region where the Southern Baptist Convention reigns supreme.

Also notice how he had to reiterate his pro-life and pro-gun stance. His political affiliation with Obama, who disparaged rural voters as so many xenophobes who “cling” to guns and religion, required him to assure voters that he did indeed share their rural values. This may also explain the setting of the commercial. But again, his affiliation with Obama and with Reverend Wright’s God Damn America Church compelled voters to question his commitment to rural Mississippi values: hence why he and his operatives cut this commercial.

Yes, Childers did win, but he only won by separating himself from Obama and Reverend Wright. One should also keep in mind that the DCCC outspent their Republican counterparts almost 2 to 1 during this special election. Will Childers and other Democrats in conservative districts have such lavish funding in November? Can they rely on low turnout during a Presidential year? Will they survive the large number of Republicans and conservative Democrats who will arrive to the polls in order to vote against a Presidential candidate who not only made derisive comments about guns and religion but also attended the God Damn America church for twenty years?

Childers had to distance himself from Barack Obama in order to win the special election in northern Mississippi. And Republicans knew they could complicate his bid for Congress with a commercial that highlighted his shared Party affiliation with Obama and Reverend Wright. Campaigns that are funded conduct polls, and they cut their advertisements accordingly.

But do candidates running for the US House and the Senate desire to confess to the camera that they are the people they claim to be? Do Democrats running for the House and the Senate desire to reiterate again and again their commitment to guns and religion and other aspects of rural life during a competitive reelection bid? Do Democrats running for Congress desire to spend precious funds on commercials that ultimately remind voters that their political Party has embraced an inner city elitist who is woefully out of touch with voters in rural and suburban America?

Barack Obama is a liability for Democrats. Everyone can cite the victories in recent special elections as evidence to the contrary, but candidates for Congress do not cut advertisements wherein they are confessing to the camera unless the standard bearer of the party is someone who throws their credibility into question.

Did I mention that Clinton won West Virginia by a 41 point margin? And did I mention that more than half of West Virginia Democrats view Obama as untrustworthy? 52% of West Virginia Democrats also believe Obama shares the views of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, the controversial pastor whose God Damn America Church Obama attended for 20 years. Clinton wins these voters; Obama cannot and did not. And he certainly will not win the votes of rural Independents and Republicans if rural Democrats find him radical and untrustworthy.

Clinton can provide coattails to Democrats running in rural and conservative districts. Obama, on the other hand, will force these candidates to spend money on advertisements and mailers that establish their credibility with voters who own guns and practice religion. If superdelegates hope win the White House and increase Democratic majorities in the House and the Senate, they will cast their votes for Hillary Clinton, not Barack Obama, who is yet to win a primary in one of the swing state states we must win in November.

  • To those who have vented their anger. I believe its what I deserve.

    Keep on venting about how trolls should never exist. I want future and current trolls to understand how moronic I have been. And its time we stop playing stupid games and vote Hillary!

  • sonia

    (05-15-2008) “AP Standards: Obama’s Top Contributors Linked to Investments in Sudan” (


    According to Barack Obama received $544,000 from people associated with or employed by Goldman Sachs. Not good. In 1998 China was set to make its first public offering on the New York Stock exchange via a company called the China National Petroleum Company (CNPC). The deal quickly came under fire because China was financing arms sales to the Sudan and allegedly used Chinese prison laborers to build oil pipelines in the region. (Src. Human Rights Watch)

    • Dawnelle

      rut roh BO – you gots to go go!


      I used to think the LEFTY blogs were the only HONEST truth telling places to read. I now know they are as BAD as the far Right blogs …… believing what they WANT that suits their comfort level and disregarding the rest!

      Like MANY religious zealots I know.

      conveniently disregard facts that make you uncomfortable and label them as fear mongering or racist or just ignore them until someone else brings it up then cry and whine and hollar!! wussie babies!

      (and gee I figured all this out with only 2 yrs of college)


    He will have problems in southern Oregon, where we are too busy clinging to our guns to vote for an elitist who thinks we are bitter.

  • Ren Vs Stimpy

    The Apostate Presidency

    Obama’s father was a Muslim.

    According to Shari’a law the son is always considered a Muslim.

    Obama studied the Muslim religion (at least) between ’67-’71.

    Obama’s announcement that he is a “Christian” renders him a murtaad (apostate) to all Muslims.

    According to Shari’a law no Muslim is to be prevented from assasinating a murtaad nor are they to be prosecuted for doing so.

    So the question is. How is Obama expected to arrange unity with a religion that regards him as fair game? Who will protect him when he visits a Muslim country?

    Lastly: Is he engaged in “pious fraud”? Similar to that of the 911 hijackers? A practice condoned by Shari’a law in which a Muslim renounces his religion in order to carry out an act of martyrdom?

    • Dawnelle

      whoa! I didn’t know that. “Automatically” the Son of a Muslim is also considered a Muslim.

      They don’t have some form of baptizing?

      I guess I should study more but I’ve really not been much interested. It’s been very low on my priority list, dont cha know? LOL 😉

    • Beelzebud

      It’s nutball conspiracy minded racist crap like this, and the fact that it goes unchallenged here, that I know this site is just a right-wing blog pretending to be a pro-Hillary blog. Much like Rush Limbaugh and Fox News telling their viewers to vote for her.

  • Talktruth

    Thanks so much for this, Truthteller. Yours is material we can use to write to superdelegates.

    A simple plan: First, say why to vote for Hillary. Then, say why not to vote for BO, including Dems having to defend themselves against him. Be concise. Include a link to the Childers defense video, (I personally wouldn’t include the one with Wright; the other one should be enough). Reiterate a polite request to vote for Senator Hillary Clinton. End of story.

    Here is a link to the superdelegates:

    Have fun, and remember: Hillary needs your help now!

  • Dawnelle

    Good Morning! Just jumping in I’m so EFFING mad at MSNBC and that bimbo Mica. She keeps bringing in commentators that will back up her views. This AHOLE just said “west virginia is nothing”

    just like that!!!!!!

    she was wanting to understand why whites are all of a sudden not voting for BO like they did in freaking IOWA!!!!! HOW DENSE COULD SHE BE???

    It’s just disgusting. THey are trying sooooooooooo hard to make it sound like WVA is an enigma from the past! FK MSNBC! I’m not even from WVA (but I did live there for a short time a while back) and I tell you if that made ME SO MAD I can’t EVEN imagine how PISSED the Mountaineers will be!!! I think it will spread to KY also. I hope OREGON is aware of how they will be DESTROYED VIA THE PRESS as soon as they go against their BOY WONDER!!! BE PREPARED TO KISS OBAMA VOTERS ASSES OR BE LABELED AS BACK WOODS LOSERS!

    just a warning!!

    • Dawnelle

      and btw

      FK being a good soldier!!

      I did that for Gen. Clark in 04.
      He BEST NOT ask me to do it again for BO!
      It aint happening Sir.

      If REV WRIGHT and his umbrella of sick talent is not enough to scare off these wussies from the far left of the party they will deserve what they get – namely MCKOOK!

      as dumb as fleas with half the bite!

    • Talktruth

      “west virginia is nothing”

      What a clueless bitch. She only has her job because of connections, like Elizabeth on “The View.”

      The MSM will continue their shit, Dawnelle. I suggest you do to them what SOB did to Hill – give them the finger by not watching.

  • Jane

    The endorsment by NARAL is another blow to women. How could women in NARAL trust a man over a woman on this issue? What is Mrs. Obama’s history of support for NARAL?
    I am now quitting NARAL.

  • Salty

    the way I read this is divided grievance is back in fashion Congress will go to Dems but not the White House.

  • FloridaDem

    Don’t worry about the people of Florida (except blacks) supporting Obama, that will NOT happen. He is like poison down here. If he were to somehow become the nominee all of us Hillary supporters are going Independent the day he does and we are rallying behind McCain. 4 years of McCain is by far better than 30 minutes of Obama. Besides we like his wife, she has class something which Obama’s wife truly lacks. Edwards endorsement, who cares? He is just another smuck who Obama will toss under the bus when not needed. Right now he needs him to go into Kentucky and try to get the white vote there as Obama avoids the state like plague. They don’t like Obama much in Kentucky:) He went running around Michigan yesterday and my family members there were furious he was in the state. The Dem party keeps saying we will unite and when we are in the voting place we WILL push the button for Obama for the GE. Are they delusional? Apparently they are out of touch and do not know their ex party members to well. There will NOT be a unified party if he is the nominee, there will however be a very large Independent party with voting him out on our minds.

  • blobert

    Pardon the OT, but I wanted to tell you guys a John Edwards story:

    Back when I blogged on Big Orange Urinal, the lead Edwards supporter (went by TomP kept spelling Clinton’s name “Clitnon” in his posts.

    A number of people pointed it out, and he kept claiming it was a typo. Even though he always spelled it correctly when referring to Bill.

    My friend finally made a huge issue of it. She was told privately by TomP and others on Kos that if she didn’t shut up she would be sorry.

    She assumed that would mean she would be “outted”
    that is have her real name revealed. Even though it was unspoken.

    She refused to stop complaining about it, and was thrown out of Daily Kos.

    TomP did stop making those typos though!

    DailyKos made all of his posts invisible. But my friend took computer snapshots.

    • bamaoil

      You know, having your real name revealed is nothing, it’s a tactic to cause fear.

      Bring the light in, really, but make sure you aren’t exposed, either, it works both ways.

      Those 100 iq cretins and their lil dicked attempts to intimidate are hysterical.

      They’ve never really HIT anything, and they really dont understand who, or what they’re dealing with, ever.

      I mean, what do you think the worst “Tom P” has ever had to face, Kos?


  • cc

    Taylor Marsh is telling her posters that the Obama UNKNOWN is better than voting for McCain.

    What a LOAD of CRAP! I hope the ABO folks find a safe refuge somewhere else. I would hate to read that crap from the publisher of noquarter or savagepolitics.

    • wac for hillary

      TM, Hillary, or God could tell me to vote for Obama, and I wouldn’t. TM needs to get a grip and really take a good look at who Obama’s backers are (at least the ones we know of). I have been a loyal Democrat for a while; not as long as some of you guys, but long enough to know when I have been betrayed by my party. I will never vote to inflict Obama and his goons on America. And, if it means voting for McCain to stop him, I will do it without thinking twice.

    • workingclass artist

      Well half the time Taylor calls us nutjobs….Who cares…I aint’ goin to vote for OBAMA just because a DJ with an inflated sense of self importance tells me to be the good soldier…..This site is the only site I have found where there is Free Speech…The Good …..The Bad…..The Ugly….
      Taylor has a right to her own opinion….and she has done some worthy things….but She and noone else can convince me to Vote for a FASCIST…
      And If she wants to vote in denial….So Be It….I don’t go there much anymore anyway….Her reasoning is ILLOGICAL…AND WITHOUT ETHICAL FOUNDATION….
      IMHO….John McCain is the lesser danger…. OBAMA is the greater danger and the evidence supports it….

      • bamaoil

        I agree, I mean, despite the lil tricks they are so desperately trying to pull, Obama, and the republicans, big oil, Clinton is STILL right there, really, winning this thing.

        My god, you’ve pulled out everything your little 100 Iqs are capable of, and you can’t close the deal, why?

      • beebop

        I am here to tell you that there is NOT freedom of speech over there. I tried to defend the use of the word “boy” and got blasted. When I tried to articulate that I objected to the English language usage being hijacked, I was odd man out, so to speak.

    • onmomnaturesside

      The Democratic party will get a super majority in Senate and the house will pick up huge margins this Fall. It won’t really matter if it is McCain in the WH. The Dems will be able to push reforms through.
      So, I won’t bend to TM or even Hillary when they tell me I need to vote DEM ticket.
      IN the darkest of the Bu$h war days, as he unraveled his power and freedom takeover, I was in despair. There were a few moments of shining light. When Spector stood up to Bu$h..when John McCain stood up to Bu$h. The flickers of hope were brief, but they were there
      Now, we see that neither of them stood strong, but at least it lifted my hopes…
      So, I can see voting for McCain if Obama steals this nomination. Better the dog we know than the one we don’t.

  • Can former trolls be forgiven?

    • Five Thirty

      Since you’re petitioning, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself….

      Are you an Obama supporter -Big Blog People Power Person? A Freeper? Non-political just trolling?

      • bamaoil

        He’s a non creative bore with no understanding of the greater troll mechanisms, in a narcissistic rage because he cannot understand the troll, at the same time, enraged and hurt the smart people wont include him, have rejected him again.

        Reminds him of his greater failure, when American intelligence rejected him for not being um, “smart enough.”

        It’s a childhood trigger.

    • Uppity Woman

      Hey Carrie, isn’t it amazing how crowds change in just two short months?

    • John

      Hey Carrie, do you have anything to SAY? Because yes, being a troll is a forgiveable offense, but being boring really isn’t.

      Can you stop with the faux hand-wringing “please forgive me” crap and give us some actual THOUGHTS now? Because really, your “please forgive me” schtick got old a long, long time ago.

      Anytime you want to wipe your eyes, blow your nose, and get into the conversation, feel free. But give it a rest. We got the “joke” the first time. When people don’t laugh, it means the joke wasn’t funny, not that they want to hear it again. Get it?

    • Karma


      I’m new to this board too, so I don’t speak for anyone here.

      However, all people are asking is that you do the research for yourself and come to your own conclusions after reading it.

      That isn’t so bad is it? They are just asking you to make an informed choice.

      If after reading about Obama from various sources you still support him, that is to be respected.

      All candidates running or in office are subjected to my critical eye and investigative research, I was raised that is was your civic duty as an American and steward of the Contitution for future generations. When Clinton was in office, I was livid he gave some of our National Parks to the UN. It was a real policy reason to be upset at him, not the media’s version of what should upset me….a bj.

      Good luck with your research and any questions or theories you might have, is always interesting so please share what you run across.

      • Karma


  • llamajockey


    I agree with you 100%

    Another factor in the victories Democrats have enjoyed in these 3 very sort term 5-8 month special election congressional seats is that conservative Republicans have been staying home inorder to send a message to McCain and the RNC.

    John McCain is not in their eyes a true conservative. His support for the McCain/Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill is an insult to any true conservative.

    If McCain should move more to the center on immigration or select a credible immigration restriction as VP, then this will be an additional boost towards working and middle class conservative turnout.

    I lived in Chicagoland for 20 years, Democrats who gloated that Foster’s defeat of Oberweiss for Hastert’s old seat in March signalled that Obama will help down ticket Democrats in Novembers are nuts. Most likely Obersweiss will win in November if Obama tops the ticket.

  • The DNC and the rest of the fools can believe whatever nonsense they like. They can join with the Cultists and spread their lies that everything will be ok. Let them.

    Some people, and parties never learn.

  • justsomeone

    Mr M, you say Clinton “He helped miniority loans…” Yes, there was his tweeking of the Community Reinvestment Act & the bankers & financiers created some bizarre finicial instruments & there was no over sight (except for J Reno threaghtening the loan officers) it was a nightmare & we’re all paying for it in depreciating real estate values etc. Typical example of the road to hell being paved with good intentions. Earlier on this thread a couple of astute mutterings = the NRA won’t like Obama, no kidding & they’re not going to like Hillary either. They know there’s never been a registration without a confiscation, not in England, Australia, Canada, Germany, NOWHERE. Unless McCain picks a conservative as a running mate, cause he’s not one, the 2nd Amendment won’t really figure into the ratio. I predict the general election will be about the economy, taxes & Iraq & the unwinable black hole/Afghanistan. We’ll see.

    • secularhumanizinevoluter

      And I predict folks who babble like you will be shown to have your heads so far up your obamazoid asses you can’t find it with BOTH hands. If ya think Rev. Wright will play well down south, how bout the adds with his good buddy, neighbor, employer and political mentor Ayers dancing on the American flag? YEAH, obamamalamdingdong BETTER HOPE for somw CHANGE so those adds never air. obamalamadingdong has slightly less chance then ME to win the general election!

      • Flo

        In that case, how do you propose we address the sub-prime mortgage crisis?

        • bamaoil

          We should elect Obama, and then allow Wall street to tell us what to do.

          And we should let Shell, and Boeing run the wars, they’ve done a bang up job, doncha think?

    • Oh so the housing bust is Clinton’s fault too. Not your own greed or Obama’s subprime lender friend Penny, who folded the Superior Bank and stiffed people. She’s his “finance chair” now. Looking to get her half a billion dollar FDIC debt erased probably. I am shocked that you haven’t blamed the Clintons for cavities and world hunger yet.

    • beebop

      You are right on one score: Voters who are looking for a pro-gun agenda typically vote for the Republican. Then why has Obama pandered to the pro gun constituency in places like Wyoming? For him to claim that he is NOT opposed to guns is just bull shit. Unless of course, he is for it again. It is just too confusing for us to keep up with his shifting positions. I think they need to keep these things on 3 by 5 cards for him ….

      • wac for hillary

        I don’t think Obama has a real position on anything. Whatever it takes to “win” is his agenda. He and Michelle want to be king and queen whatever the cost. Lying is not a problem; it is a strategy. Unfortunately for him, he hasn’t been able to hide his arrogance and his utter contempt for basically everyone not in his circle of crooks and greedy bastards. If Obama gets the nomination, I hope McCain prints up enough bumperstickers and yard signs for all of us. I live right on the highway, so I will need a lot of signs.

    • Karma

      Uh no, Greenspan repeatedly raised interest rates to slow down the Clinton economy.

      Which still provided record low interest rates for buying homes within the normal application process. We were first time home buyers with 10% down in 92, had to write out answers why we were late on THREE bills, and were offered a standard fixed rate loan. All my neighbors still possess those houses and those standard loans.


      Greenspan repeatedly lowering interest rates with Dubya. Which created all that cheap money and banking schemes on top of banking scheme designed to steal from people their American dream. Many of those loans given without down payments or proper documentation on income or late bills like we had to provide. As a result, the glut of brand new housing in our town is filled with foreclosed and abandoned properties.

      Blaming the Clintons proves you haven’t been paying attention.

  • kat in your hat

    I do not listen to Rush Limbaugh, I saw this on Expose Obama, Rush said this on his radio show: that there are 57 Islamic states….

    Here. Read.

    • There goes Barky, forgetting which country he is in again. America, or one of his real countries.

  • Mr.Murder

    Oh, my comment for the prior thread was mentioning the same item this one did, that the candidate positioned self contrapositive to any disclosure for Obama support.

    The same for West Virginia, that was where I wanted to reference. Thanks for the thread topic, Truthteller.

    For all of you Obama stooges that come here trying to credit creeps like Limbaugh for sending votes Hillary’s way, you’re smoking something, the same thing Rush is smoking. He knows his listeners will see Clinton on the verge of elimination and move to go after her.

    He’s just playing plausible non deniability on Obama after being burned over his own national fiasco regarding race when he sullied an athlete.

    You really think one of the guys who went so far as to mock Chelsea on a daily basis had some kind of sympathy for Hillary all of the sudden?

    McCain fears Hillary far more than he would Obama, she can get the votes he wants. Obama himself narrowed his campaign choices when he went to certain states and established a frame of reference that President Clinton pointed out. He’d have to run the same references in the larger race, and McCain would love that because he’s already made some inroads with Hispanic votes because he saw how strong the Clinton numbers were there.

    McCain vs. Clinton, would struggle to keep his own ground. Obama alienated white voters enough that some fundie like Huckabee might lock the bible belt his way. Clinton would own Huckabee head to head. She’d force McCain to pick someone else.

    McCain has his share of western support also, and Obama doesn’t poll well with latino voting.
    She’d force McCain to spend tremendous capital in trying to expand the future voting majority of latin American voters as well. That is a strategic point every bit as crucial as winning this election is. This is about more than winning now, it is about securing the confidence of the voting future and helping everyone to better their circumstances.

    She has the confidence of Mexican American, Latin American voters. It’s because the Clinton years were strong for worker equity, education, personal savings. The best results of the past three decades were the Clinton years in terms of having something to show for your labor and schooling. Those form the core of true family values, for a wide band of American families in blue collar, urban and rural settings.

    Hillary’s greatest support comes from this working class majority. It extends across ethnic divides as a measure of how deep that support registers.

    That is why Hillary has such loyal support there, Bill Clinton tried to see his years in office develop better opportunity for everyone. He helped minority loans and assimilation become items for many Americans. Much of Obama’s best financial backing is coming from market sectors Bill Clinton helped strengthen through such programs as well. Many of Hillary’s most loyal supporters remember that and respect it with their vote.

    • If I even wanted to waste my time, I could pull up plenty of proof of the times Limbaugh called for Republicans to vote for the Baby Jesus too.This is all nonsense. When they vote for Barky it’s because they are “crossing over”. If they vote for Hillary its a setup. Don’t waste your time on these people friends. It only gives credence to their obvious self-absorbed double standard.

    • Flo

      I was especially moved when he gave Monica Lewinsky’s vagina an opportunity to serve as a humidor.

      “Mmm… tastes good!”

      • bamaoil

        And you a gay man, so opened minded to women, and heterosexuality.

        I’m impressed, Flo,

  • Mel

    Anyone really think that the Ayers/dohrn story has been exposed, wake up, there is plenty more!

    Just because a crooked mayor Daley says Ayers is an outstanding citizen is like bin Ladin saying the hijackers on 9/11 were incredible martyrs!

    • rwc

      Heh, a crook that oozes slime praising a murderous, unrepentant terrorist, now thats a endorsement!!!

      My how birds of a feather flock together.

      IMO Rove, Luntz, Limbaugh and most of TalkRadio is just trying decide what to run with.

      There’s veritable buffet of scandals and sordid associations from which to choose from.

      Anyone for Michelle Obama flambe’ served with a large heap of racism and black separatism?

      Its going to be entertaining as hell as they take down one the most dangerous sociopath’s to grace our country’s political scene.

      BTW here’s Spengler’s analysis of Barky, its chilling.

      • Five Thirty

        Rove has his own baggage.

        • beebop

          He’s not running for office though, is he?

          • bamaoil

            He was a part of the republican machine, still is.

            Very important.

  • hit_escape

    Sounds like another Blue Dog Democrat. I guess its an improvement. At the very least, its a strong condemnation of the Republican Party.

    The Repubs main point was that Childers didn’t denounce Obama. Childers never did denounce him and he won by 20 in a +10 Republican district.

    Frankly, you could run the dog catcher for Prez and he’she’d win agains McSame. Stop worrying about Obama.

    • bamaoil

      Disagree, wow, I think you project on it what you want.

      And given the garbage analysis we see out of Washington, it’s really hard to take anyone seriously, anymore.

  • Mr.Murder

    Had a comment for the other thread, was away on business and the spellcheck function scrolled back too far and reset it on my return.

    When Larry said 47% in West Virginia it was because Edwards didn’t campaign for Obama there, otherwise he would not have gotten 7%, it would be more like six percent more for Hillary.

    Hillary had 41%, plus six per cent, equals forty seven percent. He’s got THE MATH ‘wright’ all this time. That’s being generous to give Barack the moe as a difference from that seven per cent as well since a good bit of those votes came from places Obama didn’t register support from. Super Delegates will certainly keep that fact in mind. The curve correction will show at Kentucky polls.

    Hillary is the best major candidate running, that currently holds office (something Edwards could not do).

    Her husband won more National Campaigns than the Kennedy dynasty combined. That hurts to say so for reasons that denied wins by John and Bobby had they lived, but it remains true.

    This has to be plausible, the only way to overcome the media narratives long cemented vs. Clinton was to distance from the favorite at the outset to try and mitigate the negative items coming later, or it could far more simple an explanation.

    It is what it is. This is as dirty as Rev.Wrong gyrating at the pulpit.

    As for the notion experience doesn’t matter, this is a President in the new model, not some tech bubble company that verged on expediency. This means someone able to command equal measures of respect and confidence with international peers. Try applying the facebook approach to existing models like say, beer, automobiles,lending agencies(that just failed big time,heh). You would not get sure results. This is government, not the latest p2p game server.

    The bubble on Barack has burst, the loan is coming due, the truth deficit is increasing in volume.

    • Dawnelle

      Please tell me you believe EACH superdelegate is actually going to places like this and actually LOOKING and STUDYING the counties and districts and not just being bamboozled into thinking a caucus means SQUAT to a General Election!!

      Please tell me!! 🙂
      I need to believe that. Otherwise they would all just be labeled as Inept and Incompetent by MOST of us.

  • MikeC

    Please forgive this bit of off subject commentary.

    I feel we all need to be periodically reinforced and reminded that we are still the key to this election regardless of any endorsements or media proclamations.

    The media has had the power to denigrate HRC while at the same time elevating and apologizing for Obama. The same is true of the ego-tripping, power seeking endorsers.

    However, all of their power, all the pernicious HRC attacks, all of their glorification and annointing of Obama, and all of their pontifications regarding the race being over, have failed in one critical area.

    They have failed to persuade, neutralize, or nullify us. We long time Clinton supporters and astute new HRC supporters have refused to be moved, despite all of their machinations.

    Now, we actually have the power. We are inured. We are determined. We are angry and insulted, and we have the power to thwart their efforts.

    If we stick together, continuing to refuse to give in to the media, the DNC, or the Obama campaign , we still hold this election in our control. Either in the remainder of the primary or most defininately the GE.

    Our numbers and the steadfastness of our support for HRC is driving the media, the DNC, and Obama’s minions nuts. None of them ever expected such loyalty to HRC to exist because none of them have loyalty to anything but egos, profit, and ambition.

    Stay strong, determined, dedicated, proud, and confident. As I stated earlier, we actually do now hold the power over all of the other factions.

    We are indispensable, we are relevant, we are now the ultimate deciders. We are the key to the outcome of the 2008 Presidential election.

    • Northwest rain

      Our numbers and the steadfastness of our support for HRC is driving the media, the DNC, and Obama’s minions nuts. None of them ever expected such loyalty to HRC to exist because none of them have loyalty to anything but egos, profit, and ambition.

      This is a worthwhile OT — I’ve copied your message and put it in a file to re-read when needed.

    • kenoshaMarge

      What a wonderful comment!

      Our numbers and the steadfastness of our support for HRC is driving the media, the DNC, and Obama’s minions nuts. None of them ever expected such loyalty to HRC to exist because none of them have loyalty to anything but egos, profit, and ambition.

      And I think you are right on target. The media the DNC, the Democratic Leadership and all the corporate shills had expected that all the good little libs/Dems would scurry into line and Hillary Clinton would be yesterday’s news by now.

      They control all the media, do constant P.R. spots for the “One” and spew the talking points 24/7. This massive campaign to convince us what we must do has only worked with the portion of the citizenry that believe it’s quite all right for the media to choose our candidates and then to choose which of those candidates we get to vote for in a general election.

      I believe you are right; we are driving them nuts. That alone is enough reason to keep on keepin on. If we don’t, we are in danger of becoming Bots and that is a fate worse than death. At least to thinking human beings.

    • Flo

      I see.

      That’s nice.

      • bamaoil

        You’re too dumb to see anything.

    • Dawnelle

      I like the speech but there is one event you have neglected to consider, imho.

      What do we do if Hillary comes out tomorrow (or the day after Oregon) and asks us all to get behind NoBama?

      This is why I guess I will always be a Democrat at heart because I am NO ONES LEMMING!!!
      I admire her, I respect her, I admire and respect Wes Clark, etc but if they CAVE in to this BS on a STICK called Obama I will NOT follow them off that cliff.

  • Karma

    Growing up my brother and I always knew our ‘rural’ and ‘gun clinging’ relatives were vastly smarter than us.

    They grew and canned their own food, they hunted for deer meat, would constant prep us city kids in vital survival skills, and they were also in law enforcement, or other public service jobs, as well as coaches or players on several sports teams, while entering flowers and vegetables in the fair, and going to games to support kids with no parents in the stands. They’ve had baseball fields named after them and a even a small town sports dynasty going…lol.

    We were always so proud to be with them when we were visiting or going to store with our relatives.

    Long story short….I have more faith in the people Obama insults than him.

  • Cindy

    You call this “crap”?
    Honey, have you been paying attention?

    • Sorry Cindy, I am an idiot and won’t be a troll ever again. Edwards and Snobami are idiots and I now see that

      • Five Thirty

        Walk into the light children….

        No, do *not* walk into the light!

      • bamaoil

        Good, can we depend on you to leave the building?



  • bamaoil

    IS it fair to say down ticket politicians are disassociating themselves from Obama?

    As much as the elite would try to sell this lemon cookie of a candidate, the voters see through it, jeopardizing the elections of those in down ticket races, who know they cannot win unless they separate themselves from the DNC, the Pelosis, and the K**?

    Is this a trend?

    So, this has implications for the superdelegates, too, doesn’t it, as it’s not just the voters getting screwed here, local races will be lost, as the downticket races can’t be fixed as easily..


    Dean thinks of everything, doesn’t he.

    What a bunch of rocket scientists in that group…

    • beebop

      Makes it essential to raise and spend money to distinguish yourself from the “presumptive” nominee? How sane is that? No wonder the DNC is looking for more and more and more money ….. And if you are a SD who is also an elected official, it makes your decision that much tougher.

      • bamaoil

        I think it speaks to something they refuse to understand or acknowledge, the complete alienation and loss of the “children’s” support. The children aren’t children.

        (As Rumsfeld referred to the American people).

        And look at it in terms of the larger inability to understand why the top down management doesn’t work, whether it’s here, or even in Iraq. Why are they losing? Imagine one American feeling so elite, he refers to his fellow citizens as “immature.” He’s better than the rest, a meritocracy, and you don’t belong, you’re not “special.” It’s Cheney, and it’s San Francisco, too.

        They’re the stupidest of the bunch, and it certainly explains Kristol’s comment to use the politics of fear.

        Rumsfeld’s inability to grasp or respect the American people, the voter, I mean, the guy insisted on a policy of torture to terrify, to bring about forced cooperation so he could implement his plans, led to this, triggering a kill switch, when men who think like Rumsfeld plan for Iraq, or the middle east, they lose, certainly explaining WHY they can’t even begin to win. Only a small group is childish, the ones who think like you, Don, the real voters, they’re smarter than you, best to see it, and plan accordingly.

        Back to the DNC, they’re functioning on a plane of unreality, same thing, and it’s having genuine fall out, but they can’t counter it, because they can’t see it. They’re superior, typical narcissistic crap.

        So now what?


        And Washington is THAT unconnected.

        Oh, yeah Rumsfeld running out of Paris in the middle of the night, due to his superiority.

        Maybe you’re wrong, Don.

        • Jason

          Imagine one American feeling so elite, he refers to his fellow citizens as “immature.”

          it’s San Francisco, too

          Back to the DNC, they’re functioning on a plane of unreality,

          And Washington is THAT unconnected.

          Oh, I get it, when one American denigrates his fellow citizens, he’s an elitist. But when you denigrate whole other groups of people, it just makes sense.

          You may want to look in the mirror before throwing too many stones, hypocrite.

          Now complete your program and tell me I’m stupid or too stupid to understand and I’m trying to prove a negative.

          • Karma


            So essentially you are saying that when Dubya’s Admin called us unpatriotic and Obama called us racists….we have no right to forcefully object (denigrate) and explain why we reject those divisive lies.

            OK….whatever….but they are both pandering to the same sickness.

            ‘You are either with us or against us’……and complaining about torture or race baiting as tactics is wrong and you are not towing the line……


            I was raised if you see an injustice being committed you don’t stand there and accept the abuse. You speak out, you stand up, you do something.

            Not cower in the corner letting bullies stomp all over the weak, scared, unwitting victims, while defining them with offensive labels meant to shut them up.

            Just because Dubya made uninformed people feel good is no reason to support him, and the same applies to Obama.

            If you can come up with reasons that make you all warm and fuzzy great, but the guy is the Democratic Dubya, in my opinion.

  • Has all the crap you have been spewing on this blog helped Hillary win?

    • Pete

      If you wish an answer rephrase your question please. I will do it for you:

      Has all the writing on this blog helped Hillary win?

      Yes! Hillary won WV by a landslide 41%.

      • bamaoil

        Don’t worry, Carrie can’t see much in terms of reality.

        We depend on it.

      • She’s also doing great with the super delegates.

        • street_parade

          But the PEOPLE seem to like her…and in the general election the PEOPLE get to vote. Even those you don’t like, they get to vote too. Even Florida and Michigan – they get to vote in November. Damn, must find a way to get those states to secede before November…put that on the to do list.

          • Five Thirty

            good one.

            • Dawnelle

              heeheehee! (chuckle) I agree!

        • Nicole

          Carrie, you should know that Obama’s campaign have been buying superdelegates. If you don’t know that, then you need to do some reading up before coming here and making uninformed observations.

          • Jason

            Both candidates are making donations to the superdelegates.


            Hillary’s campaign is doing it too, they just don’t have the financial resources that Obama’s does.

            The whole SD process is crap, they should scrap it next time around.

            • beebop

              The “next time aroun” I don’t care what they do. I’ll be an independent and if I want to support a Democrat, I will. Otherwise, I just might find a centrist Republican and to hell with fighting “the good fight.” I’ll do what the Democratic party is essentially doing — it’ll be all about me.

      • Flo

        President Obama wishes her a successful term as Governor of West Virginia.

        • bamaoil

          Oh, look Ondinga has come to support Obama.

          Nothing like hamas and a genocidal murdering dictator in your corner to attest to your soundness of mind. All he needs is Samantha Power, and he’s got the equivalent of a big oil loony tune consortium, but for the left. Does this make Zbig Obama’s Rumsfeld? Is this too confusing for you?

          You bet it is.

          Yeah, one thing to feel dangerous when you associate with an Odinga ( oh, man I’m finally cool!) another when you see what he actually does, those sheltered white boys, republican and democratic , can’t cope with what they see.


          Or wait, is the genocidal murder of Africans tin foil, too?

          MY cliches are overlapping here, hmm, maybe I need a new file system.

          And Edwards meant to be the “bomb” on the democratic ticket for Obama, meant to upset, and no one giving a shit, failing like that, poor things…

          Old guys run a war like Rumsfeld, too.


        • beebop

          You are as detached from reality as a retina is to a healthy eye.

    • Karma

      Yes it probably has won her votes….like it or not.

      This blog comes up in Google searches on topics concerning Obama’s friends and associates. That is how I found it a couple of times.

      It always has a wealth of information and links to work through.

      Why would someone not support researching all the candidates? Even the assumed Republican, Jenna Bush, supports such a thought. 😉

      • Dawnelle

        I thought that was really MEAN and quite disturbing what KOS did with Jenna’s wedding pictures!

        I mean I don’t like the girl much but she’s allowed to be HAPPY about her own wedding and people should leave candidates kids special events alone!

        It’s just undignified and immature!

        Like most of BO’s punk followers.

    • Sorry, I have learnt my lesson and will never be a troll for HIllary ever again!

      • bamaoil

        You’re nto smart enough to be a troll for anyone..

        First one must understand the troll.

        You’re stupid.

    • kenoshaMarge

      Do you think coming to a pro-Hillary blog and spewing you crap will make anyone here vote for Obama?

      Trolls are a a totally useless lifeform.

      • I know. Please forgive me. I’m now pro-Hillary and won’t be a troll. And I mean this!

        • bamaoil


          You too dumb.

    • I hadn’t gotten around to checking out NARAL’s post. I see that “Nancy” has a terse little update, perhaps because of 2756 enraged replies:

      “UPDATE: Check out my blog post over at The Huffington Post where I talk more about why we endorsed Sen. Obama, and why now.”

      Well that explains it all, the HuffPoo! Oh yes women are going to fall all over themselves clawing and scratching like the doors just opened on a midnight blue special sale to run over to the HuffPoo and their friendly rabid sexist Obot pets. If she’s trying to deflect the outrage of her own blog just wait till the wimmens get a load of what’s awaiting them over there. Heckava job Nancie!

  • sandyR

    excellent analysis. And the line referencing,
    “politicans that I do not know and that I have never met” is great. Usually politicans don’t have to bring out that kind of talk unless they are in big, big trouble. Having to do it while running for office, is one heck of a nasty burden to have to be carrying. Also I think I saw (perhaps here at NoQuarter) that there were two special elections that were much closer than the dems had hoped for. It seemed the Barack-effect was already at work.

    • I also found that line telling, and notice he skirted the Reverend Wright problem entirely.

  • Prabhata

    The Democratic Party delegates have their head in the sand. Obama lost 60 percent of the white vote in OH, PA, IN, NC, WV. He lost the Latino vote in CA, NV, NM,and TX. BO used the Republican talking points and hatred against HRC; he never showed regret about Wright’s abusive and crude words against HRC and BC; he used misogynistic attacks, “she throws kitchen sink”. I empathized with Hillary every time she’s been abused, and I believe many women feel as I do. If the Democratic delegates believe for a moment that Obama can throw some words into the wind and everything is forgotten, they are in for a rude awakening.

    • Dawnelle

      If he ever DID throw some decent words to the wind to try to woo me back in to voting for him? I would never know it unless I read it here because I refuse to even listen to him speak anymore.

      NOTHING! I don’t want to hear a flippen word from him again ever.

      I do the same thing with him that I do with W when ever I see them on TV. mute ON, channel FLIP

  • sandyR

    I’m sorry. completely OT, and I will read this article in a minute (alhtough I personally don’t give a shi-ite what that dink media personality has to say), but does anyone know what’s up with Evelyn Pringle’s Curtain Time For Obama Part III? It was supposed to be out today.. and still nothing.

    • Karen

      It’s there, just read it. So far it is still
      pretty much what we have known….waiting for where she thinks the indictment will come from.

  • Mel

    Well Truthteller, you know the NRA will attack Obama totally as he sat on the Joyce Foundation for years and the NRA calls the Joyce Foundation:
    Gun rights groups including the National Rifle Association call the Joyce Foundation an activist foundation whose “shadowy web of huge donations” leads “straight to puppet strings that control the agenda of gun ban groups”.

    Obama was replaced as a director of the Joyce Foundation by Val Jerret, both Obama’s confident and a lot more!

    • I am sure the NRA will have a field day with Obama and with any Congressional candidate the Republicans hope to oust. This is why hillary must be the nominee.

      And just imagine busloads of white Baptists arriving in cities in the South in order to protest Obama campaign events. Southern Democrats will have a difficult time retaining their seats if Obama is the nominee. He may win a southern primary, but general elections in the South are a whole different ball game.

      • Mel

        Obama hasn’t a hope in the South and what is becoming really strange is that a lot of information on people is disappearing off the net right now, Axelrod must have his hackers out in force big time!

        • There is always microfiche, and Google cache may still have some information.

          This explains why some diaries at MyDD disappeared.

          • Flo

            With inflation a problem again, remember that you can save money on tinfoil by buying in bulk.

            • bamaoil

              Boy, Flo, are you that naive?

              Wow, Obama IS low information…

        • a lot of information on people is disappearing off the net right now, Axelrod must have his hackers out in force big time!

          That’s why God created screen shots and the Wayback Archives.

          • And this little proggie…


            Set it up and suck not only onsite links, even offsite links to have the whole shebang offline.

            I use it on game sites that tend to be gone in less than 2 years now. Last site took about 60MB worth of disk space for pics alone. For political sites, an entire blog may take maybe 20MB.

    • MikeC

      Re the special Ms. election.

      What I do not see or hear mentioned by the media is that this was an open, non-partisan election.

      Childers did not have a D by his name on the ballot. No party designations were involved.

      His name was at the top on the ballot.

      Did these cicumstances help him? Don’t know, but surely suspect such worked in his favor.

      • Mel

        Add to it that Childers opponent is a David Duke guy, and that in his home town, there are 5000 displaced Blacks from New Orleans there.

        Add that the Rep guy has always lost in national elections, 5 times now, he has lost by more than 20 points each time and this time, by less than 3 points and 3000 votes!

        Do the math….lol

        • Mel

          opps, wrong one, tired ….lol

    • rwc


      During the Penn campaign Barky said in a Pittsburgh Tribune article he supported the banning of the CCW permits.

      It didn’t raise much ire here, but Malkin and others ran with it.

      Don’t have the link handy but a google will turn it up.

      The NRA is going to stick him with the gun grabber label and make it stick. He forget about Florida and Arizona.