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Obama Supporter Sorry for “Underestimating” Hillary – Never mind the Sexism

The Left-Wing Whitewash begins.

Back during the depressing primary season, HRC became a lightning rod for all that is terrible in a candidate. Accusations of racism, lack of morals, and just about anything else you could think of were thrown at her. Remarkably similar to the loathsome work of hardcore right wing ideologues of the Clinton presidency, some of whom even accused the Clintons of murder, 2008′s Democrats and media “personalities” just recycled the old Republican canards.

So, seeing all that crap AGAIN during 2008 was really depressing – even more so because the left wing picked up where 90′s era Republicans left off and recycled some of the worst anti-Hillary scuz. It was hard to believe. Worse, even though politicians can be expected to treat each other like used toilet paper, the media jumped on in unprecedented ways. (Well, since WR Hearst, anyway.)

Just a refresher [and tip of the iceberg], in case you forgot what it was like or have since decided that not THAT many “reputable” people were involved in Hillary hate:

Carl Bernstein interview where he says Hillary is a “celebrity”

Video of “journalists” showing how misogyny should be done on tv.

A list from last May of some media “opinions” about Hillary (special nod to Keith Olbermann), her motives and her candidacy (warning: evil stuff here)

Interview with Newsweek’s editor Evan Thomas, who says his intrepid reporters could find no sexism in the campaign

Today at the Daily Beast, Michelle Goldberg has an epiphany about Hillary. Apparently Hillary isn’t so bad now!!! WoooooHooooo!!!

One year ago today, Hillary Clinton ended her presidential campaign, much to the relief of millions of ardent Barack Obama supporters like me. Throughout the primaries, I had been irritated and then outraged by those who argued feminism obliged women to back her. The possibility that our first female president would be a former first lady promising to continue her husband’s legacy struck me as profoundly dispiriting. During the campaign, her hardball tactics horrified me. So when she made her rousing and gracious speech in the National Building Museum, conceding defeat but celebrating “18 million cracks” in “that highest, hardest glass ceiling,” I was too furious to really hear her.

Goldberg was “horrified” by Hillary’s “hardball tactics” during the campaign, but seems to like them now.

Listening to [Hillary's concession speech] now, though, I can’t help but tear up. I’m still glad I supported Obama, who I think is proving to be a better, defter president than Clinton would have been. Nevertheless, I was wrong to mistake her political ruthlessness for a lack of principle. Just as Clinton proved her skeptics wrong upon entering the Senate in 2001 with hard and diligent work, she is now quietly remaking the State Department. That’s especially true when it comes to women’s rights. As secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has been the feminist hero of this administration.


Clinton made it clear during her confirmation hearing that women’s rights would be at the center of her approach to foreign policy. “[O]f particular concern to me is the plight of women and girls, who comprise the majority of the world’s unhealthy, unschooled, unfed, and unpaid,” she said. “If half of the world’s population remains vulnerable to economic, political, legal, and social marginalization, our hope of advancing democracy and prosperity will remain in serious jeopardy. We still have a long way to go, and the United States must remain an unambiguous and unequivocal voice in support of women’s rights in every country, every region, on every continent.”

Bully for Goldberg. If she was horrified by Clinton during the campaign, why does she laud Clinton now? Well, now she feels Clinton is doing “good work.” Fine, I suppose. But for Goldberg to just now realize that Hillary’s tough stances could actually benefit her and other women is breathtaking in its opportunism and condescension. What Goldberg didn’t like against a candidate with no history on women’s issues she now likes against others. While Goldberg didn’t concern herself with sexism during the campaign, she’s obviously back in the “agin it” column.

This was the same unyielding pugilism Clinton had shown against Obama in the primaries, but it was a lot more fun to watch her aim it at the right. It was a reminder that the inexorable sense of righteousness that made Clinton so infuriating as an opponent makes her tremendously valuable as an ally.

What Goldberg didn’t value during the campaign, she values now – even compliments. Goldberg must never have actually listened to Hillary, who promised this kind of work on behalf of women. Goldberg also must have ignored Hillary’s extensive record on women’s issues, believing all that mattered was Hillary’s support of her husband. And if Goldberg bought into the “racism” charge against Hillary, she was even more idiotic. There was never anything in Clinton’s record of nearly 40 years of public involvement to support that charge.

As I write in an upcoming issue of The American Prospect, there are plenty of forces working against the creation of a feminist foreign policy. It may be beyond the scope of any American government to significantly improve the lives of women in anti-American countries on the other side of the world. But Clinton’s commitment has proven fierce and enduring.

“Forces working against the creation of a feminist foreign policy” would have to include Goldberg herself. Outside of appointing Hillary herself, Obama’s record to date on women’s issues is scant. Except for using the whole “she’s on the rag” argument during the primary anyway. See Obama use that argument for Hillary’s being a tough opponent at about time 1:15. (BTW, this was definitely a sexist comment. In her 60s, Hillary is likely past menopause. So,this dog whistle is also against women in general. Replay whole video for tasty reminders of last year’s Hillary hate-a-thon.)

And during his much lauded Cairo speech, Obama’s weak defense of women in general was limited to issues of wearing the hijab. Others will say that was a symbol for all feminist issues, but Obama certainly didn’t drive the point home by mentioning, oh, honor killing, acid attacks, unequal pay, or anything like that. He deliberately chose a weaker issue rather than one of life and death.

Goldberg seems to realize she might have been off the mark on Hillary from the jump.

To her supporters, no doubt, this has been obvious all along. After all, she electrified feminists across the world in 1995, when she spoke at the U.N.’s Beijing Women’s Conference and declared, “[W]omen’s rights are human rights, once and for all.”

But she excuses her lack of imagination by saying “but Hillary stood by Bill Clinton,” implying that Hillary should have made another choice when it came to her own family. And Hillary, according to Goldberg, threw people under the bus.

After all, she put her own ambitions aside for decades to be a political wife, and when her husband’s mistresses threatened his ascent, she took part in trying to silence or discredit them. As first lady and later as the first serious female presidential candidate, she put on and discarded so many personas that it was hard to figure out who she really was.

Nice of Goldberg to completely disrespect Hillary’s choices for her life when empowering women is supposed to be about giving them choices. And she must not know Hillary spoke on women’s issues long ago as the first student commencement speaker at Wellsley. (Goldberg does not disclose she has written for “traditional” women’s publications like Glamour as well as more “meaty” ones like The New Republic.) Also interesting to remember there are very few old friends of Obama to even interview. He’s thrown so many under the bus that even his grandmother was called, by implication, a racist. Still, Goldberg thinks everything has worked out for the best.

. . . I underestimated her. Freed from the pressure of campaigning, her best self has emerged. I’m still happy that she pulled out of the race a year ago. But I’m even happier that she’s become a leader anyway.

This article is the same half apology one sees frequently about any topic. You know, “I’m sorry I called you a bitch, but you made me do it. I know I shouldn’t have done that, but. . . ” Not really an apology at all, the writer both congratulates herself for supporting Obama against a “hardball” female candidate and for recognizing those very traits she deplored in Hillary are now proving quite useful.

I expect we’ll see more of this. As Clinton continues her SoS work, it is likely that many pundits who excoriated her earlier will now say something along the lines of “I was right to hate on her earlier, but look how she’s grown into SoS! Way to go girl!!” Or how about “you know, I always knew Hillary wasn’t ready for the presidency, [too tough, too female, too something] but isn’t the lady crackerjack in a lesser job!”

What could be more condescending or fake? Hillary’s record was there to be read all along. Goldberg just didn’t want to vote for her regardless of it. Now she wants to jump on the bandwagon and claim support for Hillary as she makes a strong push for women’s rights from the position of SoS. Too bad Goldberg didn’t bother to make that connection earlier.

Goldberg was not objective earlier, but now she wants it both ways. She wants to feel smart for making “the right choice” in Obama, but she also wants absolution for her half mea culpa on Hillary. It’s just a little too late.

Watch for this to continue. Democrats will continue to “come around” on Hillary and expect happiness and light for their condescension. Pundits will continue to “reassess” Hillary and decide she “has what it takes.” Worse, pundits may say Hillary has “changed” and claim she now represents what they wanted her to all along. A metaphorical pat on the head for the chick. Well, she had “what it takes” all along, fools. You just didn’t want to see it. That’s sexism.

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  • SecyClintonBlog

    Many in the media have already started this lame mea culpa of sorts and it’s pretty disingenuous. I truly believe that they thought (and hoped) that Hillary would somehow fail to be a good Secretary of State or somehow not get along with other members of the administration so that they could continue to trash her.

  • SueBee

    I watched sadly as some of my favorite commentators — including John Stewart and Keith Olbermann — made lame, sexist statements about Hillary that they probably never would make about a progressive or Democratic male politician running for office, and in some ways her treatment was worse than that of Sen. Blagojevich.

    The most pathetic part of all of this came after she conceded to Obama. Only AFTER her concession did Olbermann, Stewart and others of their ilk come around and commend Hillary for her forthrightness, her toughness, and her humanity. I was grateful to Wendy Schaal and her Wonder Woman bit on The Daily Show, but seriously, it was too little, too late for my tastes.

    Regardless of whether Obama or Clinton was the best person for the job, I think millions of intelligent, thoughtful people could have done without the overtly negative, sexist commentary of those who are supposedly in favor of Democratic and progressive causes.

  • OMG

    think Obama’s got 3-6 months left before his political house of cards caves in

    That’s why they are trying to rush through all the garbage they are doing. He seized the banks, car makers, insurance companies, some small businessess and are taxing small business so they collapse as well as nationalizing health care. This is a manufactured recession in order to complete the coup take over.
    Hillary can resigned before he collapses.
    We are in the slow drip right now. Don’t forget to stock up on goods for when they create a food shortage. I feel so ripped off.

  • Ladydawnelle

    But, I have to wonder Annie, for a Hillary come back? It may be too late but my question is -

    had Hillary been a Gov. of NY instead of SEN. would SHE have been as OPEN about appointing her LT GOV and Attorney General as say GOV. PALIN? (I NEED bi-partisanship PROOF before I ever vote for another dirty politician)

    Her newest appointment (or relatively new) IS a PRO choice N.O.W member (or x- director) and she’s also appointed a Libertarian (I believe) in her cabinet as well. I wonder if HILLARY would have appointed a PRO-Life Member of some Pro-life/women’s group?

    Right now, I don’t know. But Sarah continues to prove she’s worthy, bi-partisan and willing to listen and learn! Not near as narcissistic as MOST other POLS I’ve watched.

    She’d get my vote if she ran. As of right now. Probably OVER Hillary. Actually Sarah could do something even MORE generous and GRAND by asking Hill to be her VP.

    Senators are grand but not as experienced, imho, as MOST Governors (spoiled elitest like W, etc, excluded of course)

    just my pondering, wandering opinion

  • AnneinPa

    Patience, my friends, he will be proven to be what we
    know he is,”an empty suit”. Karma will out.

    It’s only 5 months into this long and tedious journey, but I think we will be vindicated.

    I only hope that HRC sees the light and gets the hell out of this failing administration before she gets tainted.

    • Thinker

      It’s only 5 months into this long and tedious journey, but I think we will be vindicated.

      - …you know, my intuition makes me feel the exact same way!!!

  • Ferd Berfle

    After suffering though the last election cycle and its aftermath, all I can ultimately glean from the entire affair is that what we got in a president was an affirmative action POTUS with no credentials, no history as far as can be ascertained, no qualifications, and no scruples. He won his position as many win–by claiming race was the issue (even though he was the only one to bring it up and no one else) and went on to win. That he claims to represent us all is, to me, a cynical and a self-evident lie. He no more represents me than the last man to occupy the WH. Let’s not kid ourselves here, That One used a lie, guilt, and subterfuge to win. At least Jesse Jackson and Farrakhan are honest about their beliefs and I can understand their frustration. That One is nothing more than a polished liar who used the system to climb over not only his fellow AAs but also over more qualified individuals of other color.

  • wbboei

    I see no practical difference between Holocaust deniers and Sexism deniers in the context of the 2008 primary. Here is an indictment I prepared against big media on that subject one year ago.

    1. Nature of Proceeding: This is a pro-forma civil complaint filed in the Court of American Public Opinion against Big Media as hereinafter defined for i) breach of fiduciary duty, ii) fraud on the American people, iii) discrimination on the basis of gender, and iv) conspiracy to hijack an election. The parties have waived their objections under the First Amendment and mutually agree that this action will proceed in the Court of American Public Opinion with all deliberate speed and without precedent.

    2. The Parties: The charging party is the American People (past, present and future). The defendant is the major television networks, newspapers and blogs hereinafter referred to as Big Media. The major newspapers are the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. The major television networks are ABC (Disney), NBC (GE), CBS (Westinghouse) and the cable networks CNN (Time Warner), MSNBC (GE), FOX (Murdock). The blogs are Politico and Huffington Report. (Note: the television network coverage of the primary can be rated in terms of fairness from best to worst as follows: ABC, FOX, CBS, CNN, NBC/MSNBC).

    3. Stipulation: The following facts are not in dispute: a free society cannot endure without an honest press. Citizen journalists lack the professionalism, training and resources to fill that vital role. At one time, the small town newspaper did so. Thousands of them existed across the United States. Some were primitive, others were sophisticated but the one thing they had in common was a commitment to the well being of the community they served and a dedication to the truth. If now and then they fell short of that standard they would hear about it directly from their friends and neighbors. Thus, they were accountable to their audience.

    Today the small town newspaper is gone. We have a different kind of institution in its stead and place, i.e. Big Media. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of multi-national corporations. Big Media is in the entertainment business, it survives by ratings, and it has no direct contact with its audience. The modern reporter is under severe pressure to meet deadlines. When the subject matter is complex Big Media cannot deal with it. Solid investigative journalism is a thing of the past. Thus, Big Media is unable to provide voters with the information they need to make wise decisions.

    4. Breach of Fiduciary Duty: The First Amendment prohibits government from abridging freedom of the press. In return, the press has a fiduciary duty to provide the public with a fair sense of the pros and cons of each candidate so the American People can make an informed decision at the ballot box. No function is more critical to our democracy.

    a. the standard: Big Media has a fiduciary duty to the American People to conduct a due diligence investigation into all candidates seeking high public office, to treat them with a decent respect, to provide fair and balanced coverage, and to act as an honest broker in the process. It must hold that duty inviolate from the personal opinions of pundits, editors and producers, and the business interests of its owners if it wishes to be taken seriously.

    b. the breach: Big Media breached its fiduciary duty when it failed to investigate: i) Obama’s toxic association with political fixer Rezko until Hillary mentioned it in a debate, ii) Obama’s 20 year association with his racist spiritual advisor Reverend Wright until FOX News broke the story, iii) allegations that Obama does not eligibility requirements to be president, iv) allegations that Obama has a illegitimate child by a white woman who he lived with for a year when he was attending Columbia University who he has failed to provide for, v) allegations that John Edwards had a love child until National Enquirer broke the story, vi) massive fraud in the caucuses which they refused to acknowledge and report on. (Note: if Big Media had done its job, investigated the Edwards story a year ago, and uncovered the massive fraud in the caucuses then Hillary Clinton would be the nominee.) Moreover, Big Media breached its fiduciary duty when it failed to act as an honest broker. Instead, it managed to present all the pros of Obama and all the cons of Hillary. Fortunately, many voters had a chance to meet the candidates as they traversed the country and make up their minds on that basis. Others had access to the internet where the truth could be learned if you found the right blogs. But at some point it became obvious to everyone that that Big Media is a dishonest broker. For many the moment of truth arrived when Saturday Night Live presented a skit showing how the late Tim Russert would attack Hillary and lob soft balls to Obama in the debates.

    c. damages: A democracy is most vulnerable at election time when there is a transfer of power. That is particularly true today. Big Media knows that Hillary is qualified for the job but they have demonized her to ensure she is not elected. Meanwhile Big Media knows that Obama is unqualified for the job but has deified him to the point that if he elected the country will have poor leadership whereas if he is rejected then there may be riots. This is not what Jefferson had in mind when he drafted the First Amendment. But how could he have ever known that the free press he believed in so earnestly would one day become Big Media– the wholly owned subsidiary and indentured servant of multi-national corporations?

    5. Fraud On The American People: During the 2008 Democratic Primary Big Media set out to destroy Hillary Clinton both as a candidate and as a person. The first step in their strategy was to perpetrate a fraud on the American People by playing the race card against her, swiftboating her and engaging in character assassination against Hillary and her supporters. They conspired with the Obama campaign and the DNC every step of the way.

    a. race card: To paraphrase Baltimore Sun writer H.L. Mencken, false claims of racism are the last bastion of scoundrels. Clearly, at MSNBC there is no shortage of scoundrels. When Hillary scored an upset victory in New Hampshire pundit Chuck Todd of Politico presented the Obama campaign spin that this was due to the “Bradley Effect” which is to say latent racism of white voters. Of course he had no hard evidence to support this destructive accusation. Never one to miss a hand-off pundit Eugene Robinson echoed the same sentiment, then backed off and then wrote a column affirming it. Meanwhile, CNN pundit and DNC member Donna Brazille twisted Bill Clinton’s comparison of the Jesse Jackson Sr. candidacy and his characterization of Obama’s Iraq position into a racial slur. In effect, she accused the most pro-African American President in history of being a racist. And they provided a forum for Jesse Jackson Jr. and Doug Wilder to make racist allegations and predict violence in Denver if Obama is not the nominee. This is the moral equivalent of yelling fire in a crowded theater.

    b. swift boating: Is defined as an ad hominem attack or smear campaign which is untrue and is intended to destroy the political credibility of a candidate. That is precisely what Big Media did to Hillary Clinton when she met with the editorial board of the Argus Leader in South Dakota, and cited the date of the assassination of Robert Kennedy in response to a question on why Big Media was trying to drive her out of the race. Whereupon MSNBC pundit Keith Olberman pounced on the statement, accused Hillary of wanting Obama assassinated and thereby swift boated her. Obama people then circulated the Olberman tape to journalists across the country. Michael Goodwin of the New York Daily News accused Hillary of evil reasons for staying in the race and wrote articles with hysterical headlines which screamed “Killer Gaff” and “Get Out!” Hillary issued an immediate apology for any misinterpretation, Robert Kennedy’s son stated no one should take offense and the Argus Leader editorial board defended it as well. Nevertheless, MSNBC and CNN harped on it for three days. This was a staged media event designed to force Hillary out of the race. The further motive was to prove she is a bad person—which she most certainly is not. On the morning of the South Dakota primary Hillary was swift boated again. In this case, the culprit was Associated Press reporter Beth Fouhey, who published a false report that Hillary would drop out that evening. The transparent motive was to suppress voter turn-out since the polls in South Dakota were moving in Hillary’s favor. The final irony is that after Hillary suspended her candidacy Fouhey wrote a piece claiming that the presidential race had grown dull and she wished Hillary were back in it.

    c. character assassination: Big Media parsed every word that Hillary spoke for some obscure negative connotation. When she made a speech about Bosnia and stated that she landed in a war zone (which was true), there was small arms fire (which was true in the surrounding Hills), and they had to run for cover (which was not accurate). So she embellished on a story to make a point. Political speeches are full of this kind of thing. It is done to make the stories interesting. It is only a lie when it relates to a material issue in the campaign and here it did not. By contrast, Obama changed his story nine times on whether he heard his spiritual advisor utter racist statements. That statement related directly to a material issue in the campaign, it was not true, therefore it was a lie, or rather nine of them.

    How did Big Media respond? They called Hillary a liar for three solid days, whereas they ignored his multiple deceptions. Previously, they demanded that Hillary apologize for voting in favor of the Iraq Resolution even though many of them had supported it themselves at the time. When Hillary finally suspended her campaign an MSNBC cartoonist produced a cartoon of Hillary as an ugly dragon eyes closed tongue hanging out slain by Obama who is depicted as a smiling St. Christopher. Another media outlet produced a cartoon of Hillary kneeling before Obama with both arms cut off and him standing over her with a sword at parade rest again smiling with caption just a flesh wound. Big Media is pathological.

    6. Discrimination Based On Gender: During the 2008 Democratic Primary Big Media set out to destroy Hillary Clinton both as a candidate and as a person. The second step in their strategy was to dismiss the historic nature of her candidacy and engage in a pattern and practice of sexism against her. They conspired with the Obama campaign and DNC to do so.

    a. sexist attacks: From 2007 to early 2008 MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews launched a steady barrage of sexist attacks against presidential candidate and US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. The record is replete with examples, but in one series of tirades he called her a witch, a castrator, and a she-devil. When he finally got the vaudeville hook they assigned the role of attacking Hillary to another pundit Keith Olberman, a known degenerate. Thus, it wasn’t long before Olberman was saying naughty things like someone should take Hillary into a room and only one come out, i.e. physically beat her into quitting the race. Not to be outdone, the village idiot David Shuster accused Hillary and Bill of pimping out Chelsie. When Hillary wrote a letter to MSNBC protesting this attack on her daughter, he received a two week suspension and network staffers expressed sympathy for him. What this shows is that MSNBC has a culture of misogyny.

    b. ratification: there is no question that this pattern of sexism was known, condoned and promoted by MSNBC as a business strategy. They cannot deny knowledge of the problem because thousands of protest letters were sent to their designated flack catchers Steve Capus (Sr. Vice President, MSNBC) and Phil Griffin (Senior Vice President, NBC). I myself wrote 5 letters on the subject, one of them to the General Counsel. The National Organization for Women organized a protest against MSNBC to no particular avail. Nor can they deny this was a business strategy, because it is their job to know what is being said on their network, yet pundits continued to attack Hillary despite the public outcry. Thus, it is amazing that Griffin would deny that there was a problem with sexism at MSNBC as he did recently. Like Adolph Eichman he was merely following orders.

    c. evidence: Chris Matthews has a bad memory and so do others. As he prepares to launch a run for the Senate he seeks to rewrite history by claiming that the charges of sexism against him are overblown. Also of late, actress Susan Sarandon (idiot wind) has taken to criticizing Hillary for speaking out on the issue of sexism and how it affected the campaign. Lest we forget here is a short summary of some of Matthews’ sexist comments:

    • I hate her. I hate her. All that she stands for.“ “She Devil“ • “Nurse Ratched“ • “Madame Defarge“ • “Witchy“ • “Anti-male“ • “[U]ppity“ • “She’s going to tell us what to do.“ • “Her scolding manner in terms of her public speaking“ • “[L]et’s talk about the troops …Will they take the orders?“ • [D]oesn’t she know she looks like a fraud?“• Look at those eyes. Look at the cold eyes that she’s giving him. Look at that cold look.“ • [L]ike a strip-teaser saying she’s flattered by the all the attention“• On Sen. Clinton’s endorsers: “castratos in the eunuch chorus“ • “Let me tell you how short Hillary’s leash is.“ • “Is she a convincing mom?“ • On Sen. Clinton’s laugh: “What do you make of the cackle?“ • [S]he’s clapping, like she’s Chinese. I know the Chinese clap at each other, but what is she clapping at? I mean, it’s like one of these wind-up things.“ • “[S]he was giving a campaign barn-burner speech, which is harder to give for a woman; it can grate on some men when they listen to it — fingernails on a blackboard, perhaps.“ • “Is there, out there in the country or out in the Atlantic Ocean, some gigantic monster — big, green, horny-headed, all kinds of horns coming out, big, aggressive monster of anti-Hillaryism that hasn’t shown itself: it’s based upon gender …“ • “[B]eing surrounded by women, does that make a case for commander in chief — or does it make a case against it?“• “Is she hemmed in by the fact that she’s a woman and can’t admit a mistake, or else the Republicans will say, ‘Oh, that’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind,’ or ‘another fickle woman’? Is her gender a problem in her ability to change her mind?“ • “[T]he reason she’s a U.S. senator, the reason she’s a candidate for president, the reason she may be a front-runner is her husband messed around.“ • “She may have gotten The Des Moines Register’s endorsement the other day, thanks to her husband’s lobbying with its female editors

    7. Conspiracy To Hijack An Election: During the 2008 Democratic Primary Big Media set out to destroy Hillary Clinton both as a candidate and as a person. The third step in their strategy was to hijack the process by stamping Hillary with a negative brand, applying a double standard, depriving her of equal time and applying intense pressure to terminate her campaign. Once again, they conspired with the Obama campaign and the DNC every step of the way to do so.

    a. negative branding: on the eve of the primary season, CNN retained strategists developed a marketing strategy to brand Hillary Clinton as someone who is “divisive”, “polarizing”, “dishonest”, “untrustworthy”, “calculating”. Then they proceeded to repeat those adjectives again and again in the same manner that “biological warfare” and “weapons of mass destruction” were pounded across the air waves in the lead-up to the Iraq War. ABC resident lightweight Jake Tapper (aka Snark) compared Hillary to “Tanya Harding” implying that she would break Obama’s knees to steal his crown. And another pundit compared her to the deranged villainess in “Fatal Attraction” who continued to pursue the hero. Terry McAuliffe observed no candidate in history has received so much disrespect from Big Media.

    b. double standard: Big Media treated Obama with great respect and deference compared to Hillary. According to the Wall Street Journal they provided generous explanations for Obama and put the best possible gloss on his serial gaffs. For example, they characterized his dramatic reversals on issues like campaign finance reform, government surveillance, withdrawal timetable as a “shift his position”, “moving to the center as every candidate does in the general election” or “expanding his horizons”. When constituents criticized him for selling them out on an issue involving radioactive leakage NBC pundit Brian Williams sought to minimize its significance by calling it as “something of a political lesson”. And when he gave us nine different stories on whether he was present at Trinity Church on those days when Reverend Wright delivered his unpatriotic and racist sermons Big Media minimized the topic (with the obvious exception of FOX). In the debates Hillary showed an encyclopedic knowledge of the issues and her answers were clear, cogent and convincing. His were not. Yet Big MSNBC and CNN pundits called the debates a draw. Since his performance was poor they sought to dilute hers.

    c. unequal time: Big Media gave far more time to Obama than they did to Hillary during the latter half of the race. This was strange because her margins of victory were far greater in important states, i.e. West Virginia (41%) and Kentucky (35%). CNN would present a brief clip on her and then break away for extensive coverage of an Obama event or speech. They would cover his speech in its entirety without interruption. When it was concluded they would never come back and finish the piece on her. MSNBC would not allow pro-Clinton pundits on their panels, whereas CNN allowed pro-Clinton pundits Carville and Begala to appear but would not permit them to advocate whereas they did allow pro-Obama pundit Donna Brazille to advocate on his behalf without limitation. The Rassmussen polling service which was believed to be for Obama stopped tracking her numbers.

    d. terminate campaign: What Mark Twain said about himself could just a easily be said about Hillary: “rumors of my untimely (campaign) death have been greatly exaggerated”. From the night she lost Iowa, Big Media began predicting the imminent demise of her campaign. By February the New York Times publishing headlines like “With Skies Darkening Hillary Soldiers On”. Meanwhile the blogs were howling at the moon that her prospects were “fading fast”. When she debated Obama in Texas, MSNBC interpreted her closing remarks about party unity as a veiled concession speech. They used phony delegate math to convince the public that it was impossible for her to win the nomination and misrepresented the role of superdelegates. When Hillary suspended her candidacy Associated Press misrepresented her status by calling her the “defeated” candidate, the “vanquished” candidate and the “losing” candidate. They failed to report that she won the popular vote, the electoral math and was therefore the most electable candidate.

    8. Quid Pro Quo: MSNBC led the attack on Hillary. They did this because they wanted Obama to be President and she stood in his way. What did they expect to get in return? The obvious answer would be access to the pinnacle of government like FOX has had with the Bush Administration these past eight years. Also, they saw him as an exciting new product that would increase their viewing audience and drive ratings. For better or worse, they tied their credibility to his. In the case of MSNBC it may well be the latter.

    But the real reason may go deeper. The parent company of MSNBC and NBC is General Electric. They are a large contributor to Obama and so are their individual employees. Why? Barack is a big supporter of nuclear energy. In fact, Illinois has more nuclear plants than any other state. Those nuclear plants use cores produced by GE. But the biggest reason why GE supports Obama, is because General Electric along with Westinghouse and three consortiums plans to build 29 nuclear plants in the near term. A company that wants to build 29 nuclear plants needs a federal loan guarantee in order to proceed because private banks regard it as too speculative and indeed the Congressional Budget Office rated the risk of default as higher than 50 percent. Nevertheless, Obama voted in favor of it. GE stands to get a lot of money if Obama becomes President.

    If this is the ultimate explanation then it points to a serious threat to our democracy. If business interests can take over the media and the government, then they can control our thinking much as a dictatorship would. This is not a case of first impression. When my dad was at University of Southern California Law School in the late 1930s there was talk about this. The Dean of Harvard Roscoe Pound published an article entitled “Corporations: The New Serfdom”. During the 1950’s President Eisenhower warned us of the perils of the so-called military-industrial complex. Today, the business interests are global and the concern is real and palpable. Ideally, there would be a wall of separation between business and government as there is with religion.

    9. An Equitable Remedy: The Court of American Public Opinion is a figment of our imagination. It is an equitable court therefore its mandate is “to do justice and that not by halves”. To that end, the moving party beseeches this Court to do the following:

    a. declaratory judgment: that Big Media as it exists today is neither an accurate source of relevant information nor a credible one relative to the political process. Sadly, time and again it has failed to tell the American People the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Therefore the American people are advised to ignore its edicts and to accept nothing it says as true unless supported by testimony of 2 sworn witnesses.

    b. divestiture: there is an inherent conflict of interest between the role of a news organization which is to provide objective reporting for the public good, and the countervailing role of a multi-national corporation to promote its business interests regardless of anything else. This conflict is exposed by the comments of former Chairman of General Electric Jack Welch in his acclaimed book Winning. He describes how after GE acquired NBC a hostage situation developed at NBC’s News Division where the leaders “openly and brazenly questioned GE’s ability to manage a journalistic enterprise . . . and put together a budget which made money.” As you can see from these comments, when a multi-national company owns a news organization and the firewalls are removed it will ultimately reflect the business interests of the parent company. When that happens it is no longer a legitimate news organization. Therefore, we pray that General Electric be ordered to divest itself of its holdings in NBC and MSNBC in their entirety within a period not to exceed 180 days, and that this Court retain jurisdiction until such time as that order has been fully and effectively complied with.

    c. just compensation: we pray that the Big Media whores and headliners who participated in this psychodrama be awarded the compensation they rightfully deserve for their contributions to human misunderstanding, to wit: a padded cell for Olberman; a year supply of time release Prozac for Matthews; a dunce cap for Schuster; a week in the wooden stocks for MSNBC and NBC executives who denied there was a problem when they knew there was one; a copy of story of Faust for Brazille; a rat suit for Todd; a clown suit for Robinson; a broomstick for Modo; a Dudley Do Right RCMP uniform for Brian Williams. And because Russert is now before St. Peter we ask this Court to defer to his judgment– which should not take long

    • Palm Tree

      A good compilation of some of the foulness that emanated from BIG MEDIA.

      Obama began hand-feeding a compliant media this filth early on in the primary: recycled right-wing attacks laced with the left’s virulent brand of sexism/misogyny.

      As the compilation states, “character assassination”; and this, paired with the quasi-messianic movement that swirled about Obama. Nice to know that many see right through such a charlatan.

    • mary


      THANKS for a great post that should be read faithfully by all democratic folk lest history repeat its sexist self again…amazing grasp of details and the forest comes right through without being hidden by the trees. Excellent!!!

    • Thinker


      I’m going to print this.!!


  • Lisa

    Why don’t some or all of you get on the Daily Beast and make your comments to Michelle Goldberg’s article and let her know how you feel.

    I agree with one of the posts that stipulates that they would have preferred Hillary to stay a Senator. I also, don’t like the Obama position that Hillary seems to have taken.

    Lisa B, I agree with you that Michelle Goldberg never listned to Hillary’s speeches, nor did she aquaint herself with Hillary. She might not have voted for Obama if she had paid attention. Just and ignorant 34 year old b—-.

    • Ferd Berfle

      Why don’t some or all of you get on the Daily Beast and make your comments to Michelle Goldberg’s article and let her know how you feel.

      If it would make any difference, I would. I am afraid, however, this country is far beyond mere comments or words that would ever make a difference as the political catering to the lowest-common denominator is cast in stone. And just in case I’m asked, I only comment here because other commenters are, for the most part, politically and culturally savvy, and I like the discussions.

      • allimom99

        Many of the commenters there took her to task as we are, so even if it doesn’t make any difference to Ms. Goldberg, it shows how many of us are out there.

  • trixta

    Thank you, LisaB for an excellent analysis!

    Even though Golberg admits begrudgingly to view HRC in a new (i.e. more positive) light, her entire article is still insulting! Since they now see HRC as a team player (i.e. HRC knows her place), it appears that Goldberg and her ilk now like her — but, of course, still not as much as The One. I find this all very insulting, and it just shows that the sexism of 2008 continues. Golberg’s commentary, infuriates me and renews my resolve to remain an Independent voter.

    Also, I, too, believe that the Bots are scared sh#@#$tless about the 2010 & 2012 elections. PUMAs have not gone back to the Dem Party as the Obots had hoped. In fact, the rise in defection from both Parties is a sign that the political ground is shifting and that people are fed up with both Parties. They say that the political pendulum shifts from Left to Right, but I think it is shifting with a vengeance toward the Center.

  • Ferd Berfle

    I don’t give a tinker’s cuss what any supporter of That One thinks as they are part of an ongoing problem in this country. They are nothing more than two-faced, many-tongued serpents of the left, which are just as bad as the same serpents from the right. It is a little late and over a trillion dollars short for any sort of apology from those weeping pustules. I’ll exact my revenge during the next election cycle as I will volunteer my own time to work against any Obamacrat running for office in my state of Tennessee.

    I thought, still think, and will continue to think that HRC was the best of the entire field, irrespective of party. That we shall never know is a shame for her but more so for us. We could have had the real thing but settled for a phony.


  • LesleeE

    Thank you LisaB for another terrific article and thank you to all the posters who have said everything I wanted to say and said it better than I could.
    All I can add is – I am still so effing furious over how Hillary was treated. Just FURIOUS and I will never, ever forget.

  • Dee

    Don’t trust anything Goldberg says. She is amoral.

    I was in the street at the RBC meeting a little over a year ago. She came up and spoke with me and two of my friends. She “interviewed” many of the protesters. She was pretending to be a reporter.

    She started arguing with points we were making about the Dem party rules, etc. Our points were about the process – her argument was for Obama. She was unable or unwilling to grasp our position. I commented that she was the strangest “reporter” I had ever spoken to – she then said she was a writer. I then said – then you are a liar.

    I walked away – she is a snake and unprincipled. She just chases money.

  • mountainaires

    First I want to thank you, LisaB, for a brutally honest, and genuinely accurate look at Michelle Goldberg’s rank hypocrisy.

    Second, I want to try to articulate my feelings and thoughts about Goldberg and others like her. So, here goes:


    There. I said it. That’s about all I could say to Goldberg’s screeching nails across the blackboard “opinion.” Worst of all, Goldberg clearly thinks this will somehow impress us! She’s “seeing the light!” She’s doesn’t puke as much when she sees Clinton anymore. HALLELUJAH.

    Well, pardon me, but Goldberg is enough to make me want to vomit.

    My God. I don’t think I could have more contempt for anyone than I do right now for Michelle Goldberg–and all the other stupid, ignorant dumb-friggin’ twits who call themselves “feminists” but don’t even know the meaning of the word.

    We all know, of course, that Brian Williams is just an authoritarian follower, awed by the MEN he perceives to be his superiors. NBC–nothing but crap indeed–is a sad, pathetic shadow of its former self, but these palace courtiers are the shifty, desperate, obsequious ones who populated the courts throughout history, hoping to benefit from the King’s favors. A pox on all their houses.

    Hillary Clinton should have been President–not because she’s a woman, you sad, pathetic pieces of dog waste. She should have been President because she was the one person who had the credentials to BE PRESIDENT, who had the experience, the principles, the courage to do what is best for this country.

    • Dee

      Michell is a “Third Waver”. That means she spent her academic career and “intellectual” energy trashing “Second Wavers”. The Third Wave was noithing more than a bunch of academic/student elites without a political agenda – other than to continue to carry the message of the right.

      They make me sick. And, frankly, I didn’t understand how insular and selfish they were until the primary last year.

      • Ferd Berfle

        Michell is a “Third Waver”.

        I wouldn’t even give her or her rubbish even that much credit. Me-Chelle’s “dissertation” was gobbledegook of the most pedestrian and sophomoric sort. It was no-wave as it wasn’t worth the trees which gave up their essence in its printing. She has a chip on her shoulder the size of Montana, which is amply demonstrated in her claptrap. Better she work on that particular emotional disfigurement than ever write again.

        • arran

          If I’m reading Dee’s comments correctly, she’s referring to Michelle Goldberg.

          My understanding of Michelle 0bama’s position is that she is not a feminist, never worked for, joined, or supported, the movement, but supports the black civil rights movement, like Donna Brazile. A woman can have a strong personality and not be a feminist, like my mother.

          • Ferd Berfle

            Then I stand corrected. However, either way, I abhor chips on shoulders being pandered into logical thought processes claimed to be intellectual. I guess I’m just an anachronism.

            • arran

              Ferd, my comment may have come across rather sober. I actually was amused reading your comments about Michelle 0bama, and I agree with you. She is “No-wave 0bama.”

        • Craig Della Penna

          Yes, during the campaign my wife got curious about Michelle’s ‘dissertation’. We found a copy and read it – it was so badly reasoned as to be embarrassing – not to speak of the hilarious presentation: 3 inch margins all around and large type with a minimum number of lines per page, obviously designed to inflate the page count of a sub-par document to minimally acceptable numbers. Shame on Princeton for giving her a passing grade.

          • bart

            Got a link? I’d like to read it.

          • Ferd Berfle


            Notwithstanding the presentation, it was utter drivel and dreck. I mean every offense to the one who wrote the crap and to those who passed it. I can write better on the fly on a website, as in right now, than she ever could with all the help available. I am incensed that allegedly educated people could give such malodorous prose a passing mark. It deserved a good ritual burning and subsequent burial. Crap is crap and that was it.

          • arran

            Michelle also misspelled 4 words where in my high school 3 misspelled words earned you an “F”.

            I found sentences were too personal as when one has an hypothesis it is expected that the writer/student would demonstrate more distance from the question or subject being investigated. She also wrote in her letter to the alumni selected for this study that she was a black woman. Yes, it could be surmised that she was black, but it raises questions as to how much objectivity there was.

            She also put one of her professor’s books that he had co-authored in her bibliography. Obviously she chose a topic and books that he would approve of. Apple-polishing, maybe.

            • Ferd Berfle

              I agree . She should have received a “D”, but only for the “effort” and not the content. My God, I could write better as a junior, 28 years ago.

          • mary

            Craig de la Pena

            Michele’s “disseration” is spelled:
            Action goes to Harvard….same as Obummer

  • Ani

    LisaB, excellent article. And your last three paragraphs sum it up perfectly. Anyone half awake could see Hillary was always a fierce advocate on all these issues. Goldberg’s behavior is condescending, and as for Hillary’s “aggressive” campaign “horrifying” anyone -this is sexist in the extreme. If she were a male candidate she would have done this and much more.

    Goldberg and others were looking for excuses not to vote for Hillary — they wanted to vote for the cool, trendy guy. Simple as that.

    Further it is insulting to say that feminists insisted on voting for Hillary simply because she was a woman. I voted for her because I thought she was the best candidate. Period. The presidency is bigger than gender, race or age. We need leadership, not symbols.

    But it is far too optimistic for me to assume a woman like Goldberg now realizes that, once again, she settled for crumbs rather than getting the whole cake.

    • socalannie

      Exactly! Goldberg’s article is ridiculous… condescending and hypocritical.

      LisaB nails it! Great article!

  • arran

    Michelle is too young at 34 to understand Hillary. She talks about her as a “political wife” when Hillary was an attorney at Rose Law firm and was the (higher) bread-winner for the Clinton family in Arkansas. Goldberg would have you believe she was only a first lady who dared to run for the presidency. She skips over much of Hillary’s other achievements. And is she ever so relieved that Hillary was put in her place by “losing” the primary to the man 0bama.

    I’d like to know *how* 0bama is the better and defter president.

    They’re elated that 0bama is doing well on the popular stage. They’re also holding their breath that this rookie president can keep it up for 3.5 long years.

    • pm317

      At 44.

      • arran

        pm317 — I was referring to Michelle Goldberg when I gave her age of 34.

        She reminds me of the young woman I was discussing the ERA passage in my state in 1981. She said she’d never needed any of that.

        • NomNomNom

          there is little more detestable than the willfully ignorant and ungrateful.

        • pm317

          oops! Sorry.

    • sandi78

      You are so right about Hillary and this is one (of the many) things that infuriates me when the media describe Meechelle as a “new kind of First Lady” who is a lawyer and had a career. Duh!

      • FLDemFem

        They forget to mention that Meechelle hasn’t practiced law in quite some time, and that her last job involved denying health care to the poor of Chicago. And that during that career, she made more money than her husband did. Even before the earmark that got her that huge raise. That part about making more money than her husband bit is the only thing she has in common with Hillary.

        • mary


          MICHELE OBAMA has been DISBARRED from the Illinois bar since 1993 according to the official site I was directed to. She has ceased practising since then. Why? To become chief Administrator at the Chicago University Hospital. I doubt it. Better check some background on this one! Apparently, they now have removed her name!!
          I believe link was thru “Checkfinders

          • OMG

            And there are claims that she took the bar exam under Barack Obama in 1991..not sure of the date. These people make me sick.

  • http://noquarterusa No-nonsense-Nancy

    It makes me sick when I hear these people now praise Hillary for her work as SOS when she looks and acts so presdential. It’s much too little too late. They act like they admire in her position now but they would never admitt that she is more presidential than the fraud. WHEN CAN WE GET HIM OUT?

  • SWPAnnA

    I often wheezed “Bitch!” or “I HATE HER!” to my classmates sweating through our abs and final floor exercises about our gorgeously fit Aerobics Instructor, Kim…We all moaned with the utmost respect and appreciation for the ass-kicking athlete who was pushing us to our limit in every class. Because of her full tilt boogie, I could leave the gym with pure satisfaction gleaned from the work-out I paid for.

  • smitty

    Hillary Clinton should never have accepted the job of Secretary of State. She would have had a more powerful voice as Senator from NY. Unfortunately, I see her starting to voice the Obama rhetoric instead of her own and it saddens me. Of course, she is required to do that as his representative as Secretary of State.

    • Rob G in Chicago

      Hillary indicated in an interview this weekend that she had, at first, turned down the Secretary of State offer. Then Obama turned up the heat, and Teddy Turncoat Kennedy then made it clear that he would do what he could to keep Hillary out of her preferred committee leaderships and assignments, so that her continued career as a US Senator would be an embarassing and degrading nightmare. Then Hillary saw the writing on the wall and accepted the Secretary of State offer, after negotiating the best (most independence) deal she could make, under the circumstances.

      • mary

        Rob G of Chicago

        You meant to say “Teddy the Rapist-Murderer” I had read about (never had the dishonor of meeting this unconvicted felon) who lied to the cops and allowed a young girl, Mary Jo Kopechne, his brother Bobby K’s worker, to go to her drowing death without so much as a whisper of ‘h e l p’

        Teddy K. the disgusting lecherous murderous rapist of a playboy……where are the Wahhabi saudis when you need some quick beheadedness as punishment to fit the crimes….

  • Tricia Spiegel

    Gheesh–talk about left-handed compliments. Great analysis of Goldberg’s statement Lisa B!

  • Miss Malevolent

    This woman is delusional and is trying to cleanse herself of the lies that she and others like her perpetrated during the campaign, because feels guilty.

    Eh so what…however, Clinton is FULLY behind Obama, which is why these liars and race baiters are suddenly so supportive of her.

    Let’s not forget that. The Hillary Clinton I was for during the campaign…is not the Hillary Clinton that was carrying Obama’s water.

    I continue to enjoy her speeches, but it just isn’t the same anymore.

    • nan

      Recall that during her confirmation hearing HRC said
      that “serving her country was her bottom line”. She could not sit on the sidelines as we approach the abyss. The primaries were already history and there is still too much at stake for her to not get busy and try to help in some real way.

      She is a much bigger and better person than anyone else in DC, IMHO

  • JoeCHI

    Ms. Goldberg should save her tripe for her psychoanalyst.


    • Dee

      I doubt she has one – but she should discuss it with the person who does her nails.

  • Rozanna

    After 21 months of unemployment, I just got a job starting in July.

    But the best unpaid work I ever did was work on the Hillary campain here in Texas. I also assisted in filming a documentary with Gigi Gaston. “We will not be Silenced” regarding voter fraud.

    I am still outraged. I’m glad there are others that do NOT forget the barbaric treatment Hillary received.

    Goldberg and the other media cowards once and for all just need to shut the F up about Hillary and their F-N pseudo epiphanies.

    • Ladydawnelle

      Congrats on finding a job Rozanna!
      My daughter just found one – but she wasn’t looking long (thankfully)

    • beebop

      All the best to you! It is tough, but good people still can find the positions with the same skills and personal fortitude that once guided this nation. I wish you many years in your new role!

    • mary


      “Pseudo-epiphanies” indeed! They’re just rubbing salt on our wounds with their ‘apocalypse now, Hillary!’ scenarios…ugh

  • sandi78

    I’m hearing similar things from some friends…”still glad I voted for Obama…”. I think they do realise that they screwed us all by supporting Obama, but they’re never going to admit it.

    Hillary fought a tough campaign and Obama didn’t? He didn’t aim very nasty lying barbs at her? At least everything Hillary said about him was true. Doesn’t this just show how so many Obama followers were, and still are, totally caught up in the marketing blitz. They didn’t listen to anything.

    I started to watch that NBC White House program, but I couldn’t take it for more than 15 minutes. I usually love those behind the scenes things, regardless of who is the President, but I just can’t stand either Obama. I will never “get over” the primaries.

    I would say that “defter” = “better liar”

  • JRD

    Neither the media nor the democrat party give a damn about Hillary. They are still sexists and behind Dr. Utopia all the way. The problem is they need her now.

    The Democrats need those 18 million Hillary supporters to come back into the fold. Polls show that only 33% of the people identify themselves as democrat, 33% as republicans and 34% as independants. Millions of people are disgusted with both parties and have registered as independants. The democrats told us they didn`t need us. Well now it turns out that they do. Paybacks are a bitch, SCREW YOU! No more promises, show me.

    Not only do they need the PUMA`s they also need the gays. The democrats have been dangling gay marriage and gays in the military over our head for too long now. The latest polls show that 58% of conservatives don`t have a problem with gay marriage or gays in the military.

    We have the democrats right where we want them now. It`s put up or shut up time. To quote UK`s MP Hannon, “We know, you know and, you know that we know that you know” that it is the democrat party that is in trouble right now. Even Cheney has called your bluff.

    It`s time to have a female president, no more bull. It`s time to stop being sexist, allow gay marriage and, allow gays in the military. Your number is up.

    • Ladydawnelle

      Gooooooooo Sarah!

    • Heather

      Brilliantly put.

    • NomNomNom

      there are about 16-20 million illegal aliens in the country. all he has to do is give them the vote.

  • pm317

    Painful as it is read it all again, great article, Lisa.

  • Craig Della Penna

    Thanks for this article. I think the cracks in the Obama facade are beginning to show (as Heather notes above). The usual reaction of a cult-of-personality dictatorship to this kind of problem is to crank up the propaganda machine – and that’s exactly what we’re seeing here.

    Goldberg’s perp walk mea culpa acts in two ways: first, and most important to the MSM Pravda machine, it seeks to weld in HRC’s imprimatur and support for Obama, i.e., she has shown intelligence, experience and gravitas and she’s part of his administration; therefore he must have intelligence, experience and gravitas. This is a classic example of using the strong to prop up the weak.

    Secondly, it gives Goldberg career cover (again as Heather notes) to start looking for the exit on Obama. Even the most faithful Obamabots can’t help but see what is becoming more obvious every day: he’s not up to the job. Despite her protestations to the contrary it’s pretty clear that Goldberg sees this train coming down the track.

    I think Obama’s got 3-6 months left before his political house of cards caves in. Look for a spiking levels of hysterically fervant paeans of praise for “The One” over the next few months (see Evan Thomas from Newsweek talking to Tweety as an example). Then watch out: when reality finally crowds in we’ll be in for really bumpy ride.

    • mary

      Evan Thomas, the media whore-slimeball went so far as to publicly announce on TV that “Obama is God-like…” Incredible!
      So now we have Salon’s Sarah Hepola and Michele Goldberg congratulate each other’s work on the “Hilllary Apocalypse”?

      OBAMYOPIA was the affliction that prevented these two posterior-lickin’ media broads from stating the obvious during the primaries:


      Too little..too late..go cry me a river, Michele! And perchance drown in it…

  • Joanie in Brooklyn

    NBC now stands for Nothing But Crap, even Tom Brokaw has betrayed his legacy. I don’t watch ANYTHING on there(or MSNBC) not even if the promo says HRC will be part of the show; but thanks for the link.

    • Mary

      Did you see the part of the show where Obama and Williams are in the presidential limousine on the way to the burger joint?

      Obama, with a disgusted look on his face, told Williams that the pundits on MSNBC reminded him of WWF wrestling: lotta noise, “rigged” teams, but nothing to learn. Obama literally mentioned Buchanan, Tweety, and Olbermann as people he just can’t watch.

      Williams’ face looked like he was gonna throw up.

      I found it quite amusing.

      Not even Obama watches them.

      It’s why O’Reilly’s numbers have tripled, and MSNBC has become a laughing stock, coming in last on all the evening shows.

      WWF Wrestling. LOL

      • candymarl

        Obama mentioned Buchanan which is understandable as he’s never been a fan.

        But Tweety and Keef? There they go under the bus leg tingles, worst person in the world, and all.

        Too funny and well deserved.

      • Heather

        Mary, was that the first night? I only saw the second night in full. The first night, I caught a moment of Barack Obama ordering a hamburger for a grateful Brian Williams. I wish I had seen that.

      • Thinker

        Obama, with a disgusted look on his face, told Williams that the pundits on MSNBC reminded him of WWF wrestling: lotta noise, “rigged” teams, but nothing to learn. Obama literally mentioned Buchanan, Tweety, and Olbermann as people he just can’t watch.

        - WOW!


        They kissed Obama’s ass and this is how he repays them, of course.

        omg, they HAVE to feel stupid.

  • Ladydawnelle

    and apparently in most of those that so blindly follow him

  • Dutch

    I have no patience for the women that are now beginning to “see” what many of us saw during the primaries. Who cares what this woman thinks or feels now. As Al Pacino in the Godfather would say…you are dead to me. When they can stand up and take responsiblity for backing a sexist, muslim following narcisist, and apologize for that – maybe I’ll listen. Obama can’t hold a candle to anyone at this point and Michelle and her kind helped inflict his madness upon us all. The sad part is that he would push her under the bus as quickly as he could say her name and she does not get it. Why is it so hard to see the evil that exists in this man?

  • Heather

    Michelle Goldberg knows the stink coming off the White House. This is the start of her slow walk away, if you ask me. Did anyone catch the NBC propaganda last week? I only saw the second episode but I was so angry I was shaking as they portrayed Hillary as desperate to discover secrets and shifty. I found this that mentions it and I’m taking out the word that rhymes with “bore” in case anyone’s afraid of language:

    We waited for someone — anyone — to call out NBC and Brian Williams’ non-stop efforts to demonize Hillary Clinton. We waited in vain. On the second night of the broadcast, the Secretary of State was shown in the Oval Office. She was speaking casually and looking around. The desk had a report in a red cover with a notation across the front that it was for the president’s eyes only. NBC deliberately edited the footage to make it appear as if Hillary was desperate to read the report. They also included Williams in a sad voice noting that she had thought, a year ago, she might be president. The segment immediately following was about Vice President Joe Biden. NBC forgot to note that Biden also wanted to be president. In fact, he’s tried to be president several times now. But Hillary was sad and pathetic, according to the NBC special.

    What NBC News [deleted] failed to air was their request to Hillary, as she breezed through the Oval Office, if she could come over to the desk and give them a few minutes of footage to help them out, TO HELP THEM OUT? Hillary agreed to do that and didn’t think anything of it. She had no idea that a news team was going to get ‘creative’ or that they were setting her up to make her look bad. She stood where she was asked to stand by NBC and gave them the footage she thought they needed. She was instructed to stand in front of that desk and make small talk and when you see her looking off she’s looking over at the film crew for the sign from them that they’ve gotten enough footage.

    What she didn’t grasp was that, in NBC’s eyes, all men are groovy and cool but only some women can be. And they couldn’t build up Michelle Obama, First Lady, without tearing down a woman. Hillary got tossed on the fire.

    • Ladydawnelle




      • NomNomNom

        No. You’re a Lady.
        I will do it for you:
        What in the freaking f#ck*ng h#ll took you so long you miserable stupid f#ck*ng b&tch? So you’ve now come around to the fact that you backed a sorry misogynistic POS candidate. And I’m supposed to forget all the idiotic tripe you were pushing during the election?? I don’t think so, you moronic stinking sh*t-for-brains bot. H#ll will freeze solid before I forget about you msm goons in general and you in specific. So you’ve had an epiphany? Well-hosanna-whoopty freaking do, you can just f$cking well BITE ME, trash.

        I remember your article “Clinton Dead-enders” phrase of “political nihilism” for the Clinton supporters who would not roll over and support BHO.
        I don’t forget your phrase “political pugilist” or your much more recent accusations that she had Dybul fired either.

        Go crawl back to your selected master and lick his a$$. I know you love it because you proved it over and over and over again.

        • mary

          Was it you, who posted this wonderfully bitchy, wonderfully funny, wonderfully incisive and ohhhhh how “journalism-as-it-should-be” link..

          “THIRD ESTATE” bloggers are a bunch of young Journalism students! How refreshing for these guys and gals to write such great stuff! If only MSNbC CNN and the rest of the sexist fratboy clows would be as talented as the Third Estate bloggers!!! dynamite blog on Hhillary’s NBC interview and how she was tricked into this….but I rolled over with laughter after reading Third Estate’s “fashion” critique of Michele Obummer coming out of the limo and her bulgies….funny as hell…bravo!!!

    • tek

      Apparently, they couldn’t build up Obama without tearing down Bill and Obama was more than happy to do it. Little Punk. I will never have a good opinion of that man.

    • jbjd

      I, too, saw Ms. Goldberg’s ‘shift’ toward HRC as a sign, she was shifting away from BO. Especially given that she lauds HRC for her work on women’s rights as human rights, surely she noticed in his Cairo speech, BO could not care less about gender equality. Her too-quick reminder, she is “still” glad she supported BO, sealed the deal.

      • the gal from cal

        Just wait til the MSM start to slowly turn on “The One” becuase you know they will. They’re bitchy little schoolgirls. When Bambi does something particularly boneheaded then they will pine for Hillary and be wistful wondering if maybe she WAS the better candidate afterall…sheeesh.

  • Ladydawnelle

    omg THANK YOU for reminding us (not that I needed reminding) of all the garbage thrown at Hillary during the primaries!

    I’ll NEVER FORGET and I’m still MAD AS HAIL!!!!

    I don’t care if those koolaid laced MOE-RONs (now appearing nightly from the LEFT) or the consistent MOE-RONs from the wretched right BEG on their cloven hooves – I’ll NOT GET OVER IT or EVER give them credit for having ANYTHING worth reading.

    They lost me a year ago. The hooves are still there. I can see their tracks in the MUD!!! and it’s a BAMBI hoof their following – STILL!! MOE-RONS!!

    (sorry it’s early and their may be typos) ;-)

  • Diana L. C.

    I’m still glad I supported Obama, who I think is proving to be a better, defter president than Clinton would have been.

    She can praise Hillary all she wants because Hillary derserves praise. But this statement above turned me off to Michelle Goldberg (again). She still is under the influence of Kool Aid. Put her in detox and after a few months, I may try to read her.

    • HC123

      Yep, that sentence bugged me too. Better and defter? Come on.

      • tek

        Yes, and what is all that crap about being furious over Hillary’s 18 million cracks speech? I think these Obama people are huge babies who get furious when they see that Hillary is actually the superior candidate. Especially women who get reminded that they have betrayed their own party and their own sex.

        • mary

          And in SALON today read Sarah Hepola’s post on

          Salon’s writer offers the same type of lukewarm acceptance of Hillary’s resolve and leadership qualities.

          Periodically, when Hillary-haters are feeling down, launch their praise for her to boost Obummer’s appeal….


          Remember CNN’s jerk resident McCafferty who called Hillary ‘a SCOLDING MOTHER’? Did the jerk mean this as an insult? Hardly! Just that the obamabots don’t like any one telling them the harsh realities of Life….Whoever appreciates the wisdom of Hillary appreciated their mother’s scolding wisdom…however many decades (as in my case) this may have taken!

          Thank you Hillary and Susan…

      • Screw-the-DNC

        Maybe she meant to say “dafter” …

        • HC123

          Oh, bitter and dafter. Yeah, that works.

          • NomNomNom

            bottier and dafter

    • wbboei

      I concur with this caveat: detox wont work. Goldberg aint salvageable. At the moment of truth she failed the test of political wisdom. That is all we need to remember. She may change her opinion on the fraud she voted for as well, in the fulsomeness of time. But that wont matter either. Time and tide wait for no one.

      • Northwest rain

        So many of the jerks failed — and they failed the truth or consequences game.

        Perhaps one day these media whores will figure out that they were used.

        Good thing Lisa reads their crap — because I don’t and won’t ever again — the media whores are useless and they can go to hell.

      • socalannie


      • FLDemFem

        Interesting that she prefers slimeball to hardball. One may hurt when it hits, but the other leaves slime and sleaze where it lands. The candidate who used slimeballs is now in the White House. Well, when he isn’t flying around at our expense signing bills and making speeches apologizing for everything America has ever done. And isn’t it nice that Meechelle and the girls, grandma and a cousin or two got to go to Paris and shop? I sure hope the cost of their flights is being reimbursed. I can’t afford to fly to Paris, thanks to the lousy economy, and I see no reason why my tax dollars should fund the Obama family’s fashion outings.

        • mary

          Fla Dem

          Love it! these media whores


          How true….superslime Obambi who’s flip=flopped more than anyone before him on Human Rights…why not women’s rights which are the one and same. The jerk does not appreciate Hillary as he does not understand the value of Human Rights…obvious, aint’ it?

          Michele should be let by Obamantoinette to eat cake all by herself…better late than never

    • Peggy Sue

      I read another article over the weekend with a similar meme on Bill Clinton: Obama is proving to be so much better and effective.

      Pure bullshit!

      As for the lame apology concerning Hillary? These toe-sucking Progressives can forget it. There is nothing, absolutely nothing they can say to whitewash what they did to an extraordinary candidate and 18 million loyal Democrats.

      They may try to rewrite history but those of us who watched and heard what they did have long, long memories. I even read a blog where the writer tried to suggest that [former] Dems who couldn’t forgive or forget were only hurting themselves.

      The BS just never ends. Guess that’s why it’s called the Big Lie.

      Goldberg can stick it where the sun don’t shine!

      • Ferd Berfle

        Pure bullshit!

        Amen. More effective than Bill? LMAO. If they actually put in the money to investigating That One that they put into investigating WJC and HRC (~60M), then we’d have the goods on Barky’s pedigree and the nature of his lies.

        Bill was effective in spite of years of investigation. That One is only as effective as his minions, Pelosi, et al., in spite of his claims to brilliance.

        Please, any comparison is only in party affiliation.

    • Senneth

      I couldn’t make it through the article because of that statement. What happened in this election cycle will continue to impact women and women’s rights for decades to come.

    • Joe

      Amen to that

    • mary

      EVAN THOMAS in on the Obama payroll! He called OBAMA A GOD!! Great objective Journalism….SHAME on these jerks who brought us The Puppet President-Warmonger with the $665 B War budget to create bloodshed and 3 million refugees in north Pakistan!