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Now, I used to be a Deaniac. What in the hell was I thinking? What a huge relief he didn’t get nominated. John Kerry was a piss poor candidate too with a nutjob wife. Dick Gephardt had the charisma of dry toast.

But NOW we do have a real candidate with REAL experience who KNOWS the score, knows how the games are played, knows how to fight, and NEVER GIVES UP.

And most of Obama’s supporters do NOT count as REAL supporters. Most of them are so young they’re still having temper tantrums unless mommy and daddy vote the way they want them to. And if the Democratic party think that those young uns are gonna stick around and do the hard work of running a party, they’re idiots.

Unless Donna and Howard decide no. And apparently they get to choose, and the millions of the rest of us can just go screw ourselves.

  • All I can say is thank God he didn’t get elected President.

  • Funny, a conservative republican white guy gets the last word on this post, HAAAA. I am going to enjoy y’all’s convention this August.

  • Stephen

    If any one is interested a way that I have voted my disapproval is that I went to the DNC internet site and went down to the site where it says to remove your name from the e-mail list. I have done that. When you do it it gives you an opportunity to say why you are removing your name. I wrote in that I would not vote for Obama and do not want any more requests for support coming my way. I got on the list because I donated to Hillary. I told them that I thought it was disgraceful how the party heirarcy treated and participated in the vitriol against Hillary.

    This is the site if your want to make this statement:

  • Thanks for the link Sweetie, and for using my blog post as a comment here. As to the questions of the Clintons’ corruption, doesn’t anybody remember Whitewater, cattle futures, illegal fundraisers, etc? I am not a fan of the Clintons but they are far better than the Obamas and their extremely negative view of America. I am an unbitter, gun toting, Bible loving, American patriot whose family has been here for almost 400 years and proud of my country. I will be voting for McCain in November if the terrorist loving Obama is on the ticket. I won’t be voting for Hillary either since I am a proud member of the vast right wing conspiracy, grin.

  • sandyR

    excellent video! Thank you shut-the-freud-up!
    Favorite part was Bugs saying, “you know this means war” I always knew Bugs was on our side.

    • workingclass artist


  • ginaswo



    WAY TO GO!!!




    Hillary or McCant for this lifelong Dem!!!!!

  • bert

    Kind of, sort of, maybe a bit off topic, but Hillary’s Rapid Responders just sent out an email with an editorial from the Baltinmore Sun that is EXCELLENT.It deals with sexism in this campaign. I have been saying for months that sexism is a bigger problem in this campaign (and in America in general) than racism. This is one conclusion I have drawn from this year’s primary elections. And evidently, the Baltimore Sun agrees. You might want to consider linking to it here. Their basic findings are these:

    •People are more sensitive to racism than sexism.

    •Most people aren’t aware of the insidious sexism in this campaign.

    •Women voters are not factored into the decision making of the Democratic National Committee.

    •The rules for women candidates are not the same as the rules for male candidates.

    •In the world of presidential politics, race trumps gender.

    •Politics is a mathematical business.

    •Political commentary and election coverage is biased.

    • Tom Plumb

      Interesting article about Obama and Dean on Rezkowatch this morning, everyone should read it.

      Remember at the 2004 democratic convention, women were left of the main dais, the main keynote speeches were delegated to men, until the women spoke up?

      Given they intended to run Obama since Dean’s loss, it was a message to Clinton, wasn’t it — you dont have our support, is what they said..

      They’re so inept, it’s a joke, stupid white democratic boys gone rappin, those suburban billionaires going to the hood…

      “pretty fly for a white guy”


      Given Rezko, and the IL combine, and Dean, it should be looked at even more closely, the connection with Kerry, et al…

      And seeing this now, I admire Clinton even more, anticipating and gaming how they were setting her up.

      Yeah, tell me again why those dumb white men are superior?

      Pretty fly for a fat white moron who can’t win wars…


      DUMB poofs, no wonder they can’t win.

  • yttik

    About that rally, the sun came out, LOL. Let me tell you, we’re so deprived of sunshine around here all it takes is break in the cloud cover and thousands will pour out of their homes. Especially on a spring weekend with record breaking temps.

    But also I remember John Kerry managed to gather a crowd of 85,000. Apparently the size of your crowd doesn’t have anything to do with your electability.

    • President Hillary Clinton will defeat Obama and his troll army!

      Great point.

  • rjj

    He would show up at the World Series and have people believe the crowd was there to see him.

    • Tom Plumb

      It’s hard for someone of normal psychology to imagine, but there are people who think that way.

      And they’re devastated when they find they aren’t important after all.

      Every little sight steps on their toes ” don’t you know who I am? I deserve special treatment!”

      Why, bama?

      You’re an incompetent shithead.

    • workingclass artist

      RFLOL….Obama is a self made man…and worships his creator…