This idiot by the name of Andrew Sullivan is of the opinion that it is wrong for Hillary to work her heart out to get the delegates of Florida and Michigan seated at the convention. In his myopic opinion Hillary is a Clinton and everyone knows about the Clintons. They Are Legend.


The Clintons know no respect for rules or propriety or restraint in the pursuit of power.

Let’s start with the obvious. Sullivan is a lunatic. He groups Bill and Hillary together into this nice neat little bundle that he can blaspheme with impunity. I wonder if he has actually even heard that women are known to have a mind of their own and are separate creatures from men. According to Sullivan, Hillary is just an extension of Bill. Are Cavemen making a comeback that I haven’t heard about yet?

In my not so humble opinion Hillary has nailed this Florida and Michigan thing BIG TIME.

Now, I know that Senator Obama chose to remove his name from the ballot in Michigan, and that was his right. But his choice does not negate the votes of all those who turned out to cast their ballots, and we should not let our process rob them and all of you of your voices. To do so would undermine the very purpose of the nominating process. To ensure that as many Democrats as possible can cast their votes. To ensure that the party selects a nominee who truly represents the will of the voters and to ensure that the Democrats take back the White House to rebuild America.

Now, I’ve heard some say that counting Florida and Michigan would be changing the rules.

I say that not counting Florida and Michigan is changing a central governing rule of this country – that whenever we can understand the clear intent of the voters, their votes should be counted. I remember very well back in 2000, there were those who argued that people’s votes should be discounted over technicalities. For the people of Florida who voted in this primary, the notion of discounting their votes sounds way too much of the same.

Damn right sister. Because the heart of the Democratic Party has always been voter enfranchisement.

But facts like this matter little to Obama Cultists like Sullivan.

She agreed that Michigan and Florida should be punished for moving up their primaries. Obama took his name off the ballot in deference to their agreement and the rules of the party. That he should now be punished for playing by the rules and she should be rewarded for skirting them is unconscionable.

Earth to Andrew Sullivan. Not that it matters because you are clearly too stupid to understand something so simple as a fact or two. But for your followers and all the rest of the Cult-Aide addicts, here is a little refresher course in reality.

First of all, Hillary had no say whatsoever in the decision of the DNC to disenfranchise Florida and Michigan. None. Whatsoever. Did you get that Andrew? Or am I speaking too fast for you?

The next thing an idiot like you needs to understand is that the DNC threatened sanctions against ANY candidate that did not honor their decision. I realize it is a little difficult for a dumb ass like you to comprehend but do you at least get this part Andrew? The candidates were threatened if they would have campaigned so they agreed not to do so. Hillary honored the pledge. Obama did not.

Obama is the one that violated the rules Andrew. I realize he is your Great Black Hope. And I get that he gives you wood. More power to ya bucko. But he is the one that violated the rules he agreed to abide by. Not Hillary. Get a frickin grip.

Sullivan ends his little tirade with a whopper of idiocy. He lets his true colors show. In another lifetime he would have been a very good Republican or bedmate of Arianna Huffington. Or am I speaking oxymoron?

I think she has now made it very important that Obama not ask her to be the veep. The way she is losing is so ugly, so feckless, so riddled with narcissism and pathology that this kind of person should never be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Most of us realize that Cultists like you don’t have the ability to think rationally. So we walk a tightrope responding to the stupid things that you can’t help come out of your mouth. But since I have never been one to offer any mercy to complete idiots I won’t bother pretending to be nice to you. Besides, you don’t deserve civility.

You are an idiot Sullivan. I have watched videos of you and it is so blatantly apparent that it should be embarrassing. I have come to the conclusion that the only way a person such as yourself can achieve any relevance at all is to drink the Cult-Aide every day. Because dude, you haven’t a clue. And it isn’t a big secret.

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  • hmm. informative.

  • Walter Disney

    Mr. Sullivan has often been accused of being “excitable” but he’s never been guilty of such a childish rant as your post. The quality and tone of his writing, even when he’s wrong, is in another league than this drivel. Can I suggest that as a start you try referring to the tens of millions of people who have voted for our party’s likely nominee as something other than schoolyard names?

    • Gary McGowan

      “Fact-deprived,” at best.

  • Prem

    I’ve often thought that Sullivan has a “thing” for Obama, that’s why he’s so over the top for him. But knowing that he is a former Republican makes a lot of sense. I’m getting tired of all the “former” Republicans (Arianna Huffington, Josh Marshall, Markos Moulitsas) ranting and raving against the Clintons. It’s now all so clear!

  • ????

    You guys are totally right. There has been a vast conspiracy to deny Hillary Clinton the nomination, as she was never the establishment candidate, and never had a huge lead in super-delegates, and never signed a pledge that her name wouldnt be on the michigan ballot, and didnt lose 12 primaries in a row in february. No, this is all part of a secret plan to destroy Hillary.

  • Of all the threads going today the conference call one is the most important! I urge my friends here to focus extra attention to it! I just posted this there:

    Susan you might want to make this the top thread for the rest of the night. It is very important!

    The absence of troll poop in this thread proves it scares them. They know Hillary will do fine in the rules committee so they won’t want to point attention too much to this topic. “Mission accomplished” indeed.

    Please participate heavily by clicking here.

    And listen to the conference call. You will find great solace and strength after listening! I guarantee!

  • roger_fromNJ

    Aside from FL/MI, it was pointed out that SC, NH, and Iowa jumped too. Someone from Big Pink said there was another, NV.