For those of you tired of the political back-and-forth of the Clinton/Obama slugfest, here is a diversion. Sexscapades and the CIA.

Our story starts with Kyle “Dusty” Foggo. The former Executive Director of the CIA, who was fired and indicted more than a year ago, was hit last week with a super-ceding indictment accusing him of influence peddling at the CIA. Boy, is it juicy. If this was a movie it would be rated R. The question is not, “Who did Dusty tick off?” Nope. The real question, “Who didn’t he anger?” The line to smack him upside the head stretches around the block.

I first wrote about this back in January 2006. Looks like I was right (note to those of you doubting the Michelle Obama tape, here’s another case where some doubted what I was being told).

So what is going on now?
Friends tell me that the source of this new indictment is none other than Stephanie Danes-Smith, who they say was Dusty’s former mistress (she preceded the lady identified in the indictment as “E.R.” — see attached indicment (PDF). Dusty dumped Danes-Smith in Feb 2005 for E.R. but threw her a sop by naming her as the Director of the newly re-established Directorate of Support (the former DA). And who said, “Money can’t buy you love?” The DA was dissolved in mid-2001 by Dusty’s predecessor as Executive Director, Buzzy Krongard. Krongard, I am told, did this to to spite a bitter enemy, former DDA Dick Calder, who created the “working capital fund” concept, which Buzzy, an investment banker, thought was complete horseshit. (Still with me kids? Internal CIA politics can be pretty byzantine.)

Dusty and Calder were quite close, and it was Buzzy who exiled Dusty to Frankfurt, Germany, with the idea that Dusty would retire in 2004 under the CIA retirement system (CIARDS) when he turned 50.

Dusty and Stephanie had been going hot and heavy since they met in DS&T in the mid 1990s. This continued when Dusty was Chief of FRANSUPT (i.e., Frankfurt Support) and Stephanie was head of Printing and Photography Group (P&PG) in 2003/2004. Despite being a GS-15/SIS “DA” group chief, Stephanie was constantly TDYing out to Frankfurt, supposedly at Dusty’s personal request, to “help out” when Afghanistan and Iraq were cranking up (the heavy logs support to Afghanistan and Iraq was mounted out of FRANSUPT).

You will be shocked to learn that Stephanie’s TDY’s always seemed to correspond to frequent visits by Dusty’s wife, Brigitte, to Vienna to visit her parents. Brigitte was a Viennese Foreign Service National that Dusty met when he was stationed in Vienna. I am told that their “tradecraft” was pretty sloppy–Stephanie’s “TDY’s” became so obvious that she was finally called in by her and Dusty’s nominal joint boss, then Director of Global Support Jeanette Moore, and told that future trips to Frankfurt would have to be on “her own time” (i.e., on annual leave).

Dusty was also reprimanded by Jeanette in a cable in the fall of 2004. When Dusty was named Executive Director, he told Jeanette to “pack her bags” and she retired and went to work for Raytheon shortly thereafter. Ever heard the term, “payback is a bitch?”

It was not uncommon for Dusty to order up a limo from the motor pool and pick up Stephanie after work to cruise the night life of Washington, DC. My friends tell me that rumors about these “sightseeing tours” were rampant at Headqquarters and among circles of retired CIA officers. Dusty’s friends warned him to lower his profile. Apparently his response to that was to take up with “ER” and try to force her into a job at Hqs. She had polygraph problems, and Dusty tried to force the issue with Security. Enter the Inspector General. Dimes were dropping in every payphone in McLean, and pretty soon the FBI entered the picture courtesy of Duke Cunningham and Brent Wilkes. And the rest, as they say, is history currently being written.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
  • The Washington Post story on it said that he was a onetime Senior CIA ethics officer.

    Beware gods with a sense of humor.

  • otherlisa

    Oh, my.

    I know this all ties into Randy Cunningham somehow but am fuzzy as to how.

    I really enjoyed this!

  • Amalia

    thanks for this diversion. excellent fun.

  • justsomeone

    GregA, Did you or anyone catch that snippet in the newz about 2 wks ago (UN? WTO? Some overlord group) saying we could NOT use Iraqi oil $$$$$$ for reconstruction etc? (The story never grew legs) I thought US companies were managing 3 of the 5 main Iraqi oil wells…how is this working? What is goin’ on??? T Boone Pickens & the vast majority of talkin’ heads claim it’s all supply & demand, however I read David Weidner’s “Writing on the Wall: Is Wall Strett to Blame for Runaway Prices?” Dow Jones News 5/15/08 “This isn’t complicated finance. The way traders push up prices is suprisingly simple. They buy in European futures markets, which don’t have the limits that US markets do. That drives up US prices where they may already have positions. It’s a move to think about next time one of these exchange chiefs talks about all of the benefits of “market globalization.” Tonight 8pm CNBC will do an hr on the price topic. With Congress voting to stop fillin up the SPR all it wd take is an embargo & we fold.

    • GregA

      Actually the price looks so volatile right now that all it would take is the threat of an embargo and we would fold…

      So the good news would be, commodity traders are manipulating the price of oil. The bad news would be supply is not keeping up with demand. The end of the world type news would be, overall world production of oil is in decline.

      So neither of those scenarios really makes me feel any better…

      • Centrocitta

        Start walking — like we do over here.

  • Centrocitta

    WOW so much information coming out — except what I want to hear. When is THAT story going to be told? Huh? I still need an answer. The TRUTH will set you free!!

  • Mr.Murder

    Krongard, I am told, did this to to spite a bitter enemy, former DDA Dick Calder, who created the “working capital fund” concept, which Buzzy, an investment banker, thought was complete horseshit.

    Venture Partners, anyone?

    Pelfrey got shut up, it doesn’t seem like he’s in that much of a worry. “He’s” is in reference to Dusty.

    If you really wanted to put some people in charge of appropriations between a rock and a hard place, imagine settting up an over the top agency that deals in providing company. Then as things get disclosed to a level people get uncomfortable the most visible one meets an untimely end.

    Suddenly the whole town is doing its best to play nice with the people they know you should always play nice to….

    Were those of us fortunate enough to be scriptwriters able to do it, the story line might plot along those points.

    • Mr.Murder


      The best sources agree upon that spelling for her last name.

  • GregA


    What would a CIA analyst think about a large country with nuclear weapns that had shown irrational aggressive tendencies in the past that was heading towards a fuel crisis… And no one was talking about it.

    Its seems like no one is having the discussion about oil prices, and we are a natural disaster or terrorist attack away from $200 a barrel. And implications there of…

  • Nag

    Great story, Larry. It’s amazing that we don’t invade small countries by mistake more often. DOH! With this kind of talent at the helm, it’s a wonder the CIA was functional at all.

  • hey blue state girl…why are you here?????

    and psssssssss Larry doesn’t need you to back up a dang thing..

    He has my trust 100%…and not many people in the world have that from me!

    SO MOVE will get the memo when the story slimes your guy and hopefully it will not be too late for our nation and the national security of this nation of ours..and if it is to late..i will be sure to look you up and hold you responsible!!




  • what does TDY mean?…sorry it is before coffee time for me..thanks..

    this story should have been out long ago , had the prosecution and prosecutor not been the bush cabal..

    Thanks Larry..great story!

    Foggo is a scum bag..


    • TDY:
      Temporary Duty ( US Military )
      I did a 3 year TDY at Pearl Harbor…It was supposed to last 6 months.. But things kept going wrong and we kept getting extended…And new issues kept cropping up..hahahaha
      And no.. I don’t feel the least amount of guilt.
      And if you are going to scream like an wronged american taxpayer.. let me assure you that I did learn how to surf pretty good.. If that helps any..

  • Clinton Fan

    Jesus! What’s funniest is that, if you tried to write that up as plot points within a spy novel, your editor would have your ass and tell you that it’s too preposterous!

    Amazing how many adults just can’t stop thinking with the Little Head. No wonder the Russkies and others run those sex ops so often–they WORK!

  • Blue State Girl

    Looks like I was right (note to those of you doubting the Michelle Obama tape, here’s another case where some doubted what I was being told).

    You’re only as good as your last memo. Besides, I got my Foggo information from another well-placed source.

    When you cough up more solid information about the tape, I’ll be happy to back you up.

  • Taters

    Wow. Too rich. Thanks Larry. The music business is over-rated…

    • Taters!!!
      How is the tour going? How was Vegas (oh yea..what happens in Vegas..)
      It’s a pretty sad day when the CIA has better stories than the rockers, so I’ll tell you what..
      Break up a few more hotel rooms..hire a bunch of hookers..crash the limo..oh yea extra points if you toss the TV out the window..above 10 stories is preferable..Drink a fifth before going on-stage..
      set your guitar on fire..and last but not least..have your entourage beat up some unruly fans
      after the Show at a Denny’s.
      Kind of makes CIA sex stories seem so tame now doesn’t it..

      I’m just playing with ya Taters! hope the tour is going great..log in and keep us up to date.
      The Hoopster

  • I’m thinkin the secret identity of E.R. is Lorena Bobbit.

  • karen for Clinton

    Larry, I’m sure glad you are on OUR side!

    Justice is sometimes slow but it does win in the end.

  • TeakWoodKite

    Kyle “Dusty” Foggo…

    there were several comments a thread or two back regarding the CIA and the need for POTUS to have the unvanished intel and the confidence of those providing it…, as I was working my way up from the from the cab section of the NQ wine celler, I was thinking about this Dusty cat and the Blackwater testimony which you wrote about…

    and what do ya know? it gets better and better just for thinking about it…Glad I bought a bottle up with me…Cheers Mr.Johnson…

    • Tom Plumb

      Well, those people are fucked, aren’t they?

      Who would behave in that manner, it’s petty, and unprofessional.

      And from the sound of it, corrupt.

  • na

    The DNC superdelagates need to think about the fall campaign, see this map from RealClearPolitics data. Also they need to consider who “won” the primary using standard metrics (i.e. not the proportional congressional district delegate-based fuzzy math that has no bearing on the winner-take-all electoral college in the fall)

    Clinton vs. Obama map of vote totals based on relative vote totals for each state:

  • yttik

    What I want to know is why is everybody named “Scooter” or “Dusty”? Why can’t they just use their big boy names?

    The funniest thing I read was from back during the Abramoff investigation. Some comment claiming Abramoff was no big deal because “Big Tony” and “Pudgy” had vouched for him.

    What do they call Tom DeLay? “The Hammer”?

    • Retired

      no mystery. “Dusty” is the dimunitive for his middle name, Dustin. Just like Larry is short for Lawrence.

      • Xeno

        Okay, I get Dusty and Larry, of course. But Buzzy? What grown man (and an investment banker, to boot) has people calling him Buzzy well into his dotage? That’s just weird.

        • Tom Plumb

          That’s Ivy League.

          And you’re right.

        • Retired

          Weirder still was a prank idea circulating to put CIA seals on, ahem, battery powered intimate appliances, put them in boxes marked “Your own personal Buzzy!” and slip them onto a shelf at the bookstore in CIA Hqs. The idea never materialized–too bad!

  • Whatever, Larry. Your word is golden as far as I am concerned. I don’t post much, but I’ve been reading for awhile and everything you’ve put out there has been 100% on the money.

  • Retired

    Sex in the Agency Hqs building has always been a factor, historically. After all, what could be hotter than working off the frustration and tension of the espionage business?

    For the ’70s generation, it was stairwells. I was overseas for most of the ’80s and the early ’90s, but I don’t think that spicy activity was suspended much during my absence. In the ’90s, it was West Parking, much to the amusement of low light camera equipped Security Protective Officers (SPO) watching (and sometimes taping) from the duty office.

    Perhaps the most amusing story is that of a well thought of senior officer who had the priviledge of parking underground in the DCI’s reserved spaces. A duty office camera monitoring the area caught him sitting in the driver’s seat of his car with his head jerking back, apparently in the midst of a heart attack. The SPO quick reaction force was scrambled, complete with portable Robertshaw Resucitator. They were going to save the Big Guy’s life and be legends. The driver’s side door of his car was ripped open. And then it was discovered that there were two people in the car and that the senior officer’s heart, while definitely under unusual stress, was in no danger. The team (and the driver, for that matter) withdrew; the Robertshaw put back on alert for another day.

    Any wonder why the Agency is consistently voted one of the best places to work?

    • so saddened

      wow, i would never have retired if i could have such fun on the job!

      • Retired

        I had to report to the Office of Medical Services after I had a boner lasting more than four hours. The legendary “Dr. Dave” himself banned me from taking Cialis, Viagra, and purpls wonders until I turned in my walking papers.

  • Ellen D

    What happened to the whole limo/hooker/hotel rooms thing that seemed to connect the Duke to Dusty?

    • Retired

      Looks like he didn’t need Brent’s limos and hookers. He just ordered his own from the motor pool. Why pay?

  • Steve Judd

    Why do I have this vision of young Obamatrons everywhere becoming sudden NQ fans and sitting around with their WH floor plans and complete series sets of “The West Wing” saying “Wow…D.C. is going to be so cool! Maybe I can even become an Arabic speaker in Frankfort!”

  • Terrific details there, Larry. It gives a completely different meaning to meaning to “getting dusted.” And it sounds like there are more than a handful of intelligence professionals enjoying the comeuppance dished out by what Bill Murray once called the “great big universal Lazy Susan of karma.”

  • Dawnelle

    Whoaaaaaaaaaaa! This gives a WHOLE New meaning to Temporary Duty!

    Damn and and she was a 15? That’s the civvy side of salute-able. Big salary and TDY pay to boot? All for some sex?


    all I got to do was go to Wisconsin. LOL

  • Northwest rain

    What is it about limos???

    Big backseat 0r something?

    • Beats toliet stall. *haha I thought I’d never see the end of that poor man’s tale of woe.

  • When do they find the time for all these escapades. 🙂

    • Time….Time! Shit dude they gots all the time in the world. They’re doin’ all this most likely on the Federal Gov’s ‘Black’ budget. You know the one that doesn’t exist.

      They got all the damn time in the world courtesy of you the U.S. citizen and your U.S. Treasury!

  • Great idea, people need a diversion!