Obamatons are making not so subtle threats against the Super Delegates–elect Obama or there will be blood in the streets. Leading supporters of Obama are the messengers of doom. Consider Tom Hayden, one of the mainstays of a group called “Progressives for Obama.” He was on NPR this week and said:

“If there were the theft of a nomination, if that was the perception of the Obama supporters, then probably there would be a ’68 scenario.”

Theft. How in the hell is it theft? Neither Barack nor Hillary have won enough delegates to win the election. Barack has 1661 and Hillary has 1499. CNN maintains you need 2026 to win the nomination. So, you don’t have to be real smart to realize that both candidates do not yet have enough votes and will require the support of the Super Delegates in order to win. In other words, it is in the hands of Super Delegates.

Leave it to Barack’s folks to threaten race riots. Intimidation through the threat of violence, even race violence, is one of Obama’s insidious weapons in stampeding super delegates like a herd. Here’s a radical alternative. Let’s use reason and intelligence. Is that feasible?

For starters, Super Delegates should take a look at the terrific analysis presented by Peniel Cronin. Cronin uses cold hard facts to demonstrate that Hillary, not Barack, is most deserving of the support of the Super Delegates. She has won more votes and won more in states that will count for Democrats come the fall. I challenge any Obamaton to refute these facts. Please download and read: 2008caucusreport.pdf

But the Obama fantasy train wants passengers to believe that Hillary is behind. That Hillary cannot win. It is a damn lie.

Having decisively won the most votes and crushed Obama in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky–as well as racking up victories in Florida, Texas, and California–the notion that Barack is most competitive for the fall campaign is laughable.

Unlike the Barack bulllies, Hillary and her followers are not threatening to set the streets of Denver on fire. They are not threatening to beat the crap out of police. Nope, we will argue facts. And thanks to folks like Peniel Cronin, there is hope that reason may prevail.

Update: And who can forget these golden nuggets from Barack and Donna:

Obama this week warned Super-delegates to vote the way their states have voted, “if this contest comes down to super-delegates, we are going to be able to say we have more pledged delegates, which means the Democratic voters have spoken. Those super-delegates, those party insiders would have to think long and hard how they would approach the nomination.” Obama suggested “the argument we would be making to super-delegates is, if we come into the convention with more pledged delegates then I think we can make a very strong argument that our constituencies have spoken and I think that’s going to be pretty important when it comes to the general election.”

Does that mean his super-delegates in Massachusetts — Sens. Kerry and Kennedy, Gov Patrick — should defect to Clinton?

Said Super-delegate Donna Brazile to CNN, “If 795 of my colleagues decide this election, I will quit the Democratic Party. I feel very strongly about this.”

First, EARTH TO DONNA. When are you going to quit? The Super Delegates will make the decision. Be a woman of your word. Make our day. Please!!

Second, Barack, we agree with you. And if these rules are followed Hillary also has the majority. But I hold out little hope that you, Barack, will change.

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
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  • Jessi

    Thank you for this article, though I fear too little too late. Why? Why would the media and the Democratic Party want to do this to our best chance at regaining what we have lost over the past [8] years? It sickens me and I feel helpless to do anything (we can’t very well threaten race riots) although I have not yet lost hope.

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  • Robert M.

    I heard BO hired a bunch of Blackwater goons to serve as his security guards ’cause he doesn’t trust the white guys in the Secret Service. He said Hillary’s got it in for him and plans to have him assassinated if she doesn’t get her way.

    And then he made a veiled threat: “But turn-about is fair play.”

    No, we’ve got to convince all the Super Delegates to vote for BO so he doesn’t do Hillary in, and so that mcCain becomes our next glorious leader.

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  • Deep Truths

    Hillary’s Party or Democrats Impervious to Kool-Aid Party.

  • Sue

    Hayden’s threat isn’t surprising considering he was a big part of that “68 scenario.”

  • Mark

    Also fairly new to site. Anyone have viewpoints on the news that Obama’s campaign tells the supporters NOT to come to Washington this weekend? http://www.politico.com/blogs/bensmith/0508/Plouffe_Creating_chaos_not_helpful.html

    Sounds a bit hollow, no?

  • The race riot narrative was written 4 years ago by Karl Rove and the neocons when they set this divide-and-conquer strategy in motion (They almost literally handed Obama his U.S. senate seat.) I used to work for Tom Hayden in the 1980s and am not surprised at all that he’s resurfacing now to get some on-air face time. Like so many of our tired progressive icons, he hasn’t bothered to do his homework on Obama – just like Obama himself has no interest in issues, world history, etc. You know, it’s all about them.

    For more on Obama’s vetted background and Karl Rove’s manipulation of the primaries, Tom and his friends should check out the following article and several others at thecityedition.com which compiles all the documentation that’s currently available.


    • bigkitty

      Like so many of our tired progressive icons, he hasn’t bothered to do his homework on Obama – just like Obama himself has no interest in issues, world history, etc. You know, it’s all about them.

      Yeah, I was wondering about this, too, while watching Jimmy Carter mindlessly pimp for the crook.

      I really wonder what Jimmy Carter knows about Obama, if he feels he can support him.

      Looked at IL, it’s a mess, someone said almost bankrupt due to the criminality of the combine.

      And what, we should promote one of it’s main players to the presidency?

      WTF is the matter with those people, did they lose all common sense?

      The whole country can see, but not Washington elite?

  • And the Winner Is: Hillary Clinton

    Regardless of the barrage of media attention Barack Obama has received calling him “the inevitable nominee” for the Democratic Party… here are ten reasons why I believe Hillary Clinton will actually come out on top, despite what you hear.

    1. The call for Hillary Clinton to drop out: If Obama were the inevitable nominee, there would be no calls for Hillary to drop out. Remember Huckabee? The Republicans and the media allowed his continued “fight” for the nomination for one reason: He had no chance of winning. Only when the opposition fears you, do they pressure you to exit. Bill Clinton nailed it recently in South Dakota when he suggested Hillary had been treated worse than any other candidate in presidential history. Why Bill? They know she can win…..

  • Steve

    Ladies and gents…First time posting on site. May I suggest please take your sons, husbands, boyfriends with you. I believe the Hispanic and Asian Americans have gone 60-75% Clinton. Please take male friends with you at all DNC functions. Obama thugs are not to be trusted.

  • Larry, I don’t know whether to laugh or get mad but can I ping you? OMG. For those who want a brief romp through Hayden’s world o’ the 60s I found a great read….


    where has their activism been of late? Sell outs.

    Costcoliberals? Homedespotliberals? Lining up behind a brand. Read Lin here for O & labor & lobbyists:


  • It honestly see a riot in Denver, I do live within a few hours of Denver, but will be staying home the durning the convention. I do not see how Obama supporters and Clinton supporters can end up in a peacful situation. I do beleive that the “peaceful” protests will grow into something ugly. The 1960’s protests in Chicago, turned ugly, and now it seems the Obama supporters want to recreate or do it agian! I will not be voting for him, or any SD that voted for Obama.

    • jdona

      If enough people are sufficiently scared to go to the convention in Denver, then Obama wins. But I honestly don’t know what the answer is. If you go, and they riot, you may get hurt, if you don’t, Obama and his supporters get away with it.

  • Gee, Tom Hayden was around for some pretty big anti-war protests in my youth — but? Is this ’68? Or 73? Where the F has he been in terms of the corporate takeover of our country? Give me a break. Threats like this? Do we still have elections here? Or not?

    Read up on O, a little. Here or at Savage Politics. He’s not anti-war, Green, or anti-corporate. Tom Hayden falling for a logo? A sorry day indeed. If they keep this up? Threats don’t make a beloved President. Swallow the fact feminists have voted for Hillary. Maybe they see she has some plans, after the last 8 years. To get out of this war. She’s his generation, keep that in mind.

    • Tom is busy reliving his youth. 🙂

  • DixieChkn

    There is NO mention of a superdelegate switch on cnn.com. Wonder why? 😉

  • terri

    Oh, and the one bright spot if they give BO the nomination? We don’t have to vote for him.

  • terri

    I think Obama threatening race is one thing pushing the Super Ds, but I also think the DNC is using Rove’s trick: threaten their seats and other positions if they don’t do what the comintern dictates. If the Party says, vote Hillary and we’ll see that you lose your seat, these goons are going to support Oblahma.

  • Patjon

    FROM RCP :

    May 28, 2008
    Let the Race Play Out
    By Ed Koch

    When opponents want to bring down a political candidate – as many Democrats and Republicans would like to do with Hillary Clinton – they examine every word he/she utters, knowing there is always the possibility of finding a quote that will embarrass the candidate and add fuel to the fire.

    Many Obama supporters and other political operatives want Hillary to drop out of the Democratic primaries so that Senator Obama can be anointed the Democratic candidate who will face the Republican, John McCain, in November.

    During an interview with the editorial board of the Sioux Falls Argus Leader newspaper in South Dakota, Hillary discussed the calls for her to drop out of the race. She said, “My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don’t understand it.”

    There you have it, precisely stated. The clear meaning of her reference is that primary campaigns have often lasted into June, and many unforeseen events – or statements – can happen in any political race before the Party settles on its final choice.

    The statement by Robert Kennedy, Jr. regarding Hillary’s comments is probably the most meaningful of all those expressed. The New York Times of May 24 quoted Kennedy as saying, “I’ve heard her make that argument before. It sounds like she was invoking a familiar historical circumstance in support of her argument for continuing her campaign.” The same day, the New York Post quoted him as follows: “I’ve heard her make this reference before.I understand that the atmosphere is supercharged right now but I think it’s a mistake for people to take offense.”

    Hillary’s sole chance of becoming the Democratic candidate for president is in the hands of the super-delegates. If no candidate wins the required majority of delegates in the primary and caucus elections, the super-delegates should cast their votes for the candidate they deem to be the stronger of the two and the person they believe is most likely to win in the general election.

    Clearly, a majority of them have either not made up their minds or prefer to wait and decide that issue closer to or at the Democratic convention. Why else have they not publicly announced their preference? If Obama were the clear choice, as his supporters believe he is, why haven’t they convinced enough super-delegates to announce their support of him and end the ongoing series of primaries? Why shouldn’t the last states to vote have a chance to affect the result? The reason is obvious. Many super-delegates are not convinced he can win in November, and they are correct to have that concern based on the outcome in key states a Democrat needs to win.

    Hillary’s supporters, including Bill Clinton, have complained that sexism has played a role in the way she has been treated by many in the media. In my opinion, they are correct.

    That view is supported by the way the media treated former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee for a truly egregious remark he recently made. During a speech before the National Rifle Association this month, after hearing a loud, unexpected noise offstage, he said, “That was Barack Obama. He just tripped off a chair. He’s getting ready to speak. Somebody aimed a gun at him and he dove for the floor.”

    The criticism directed at Huckabee for his remark was far less than that hurled against Hillary. Is it paranoid to suggest sexism played a role? Some may say, “He is not running for president.” True, but he is still a candidate for vice president on the McCain ticket. Clearly, special standards are being created for Hillary by her opponents in the hope she will say something they can use to force her out of the race before all the voters have spoken.

    Why are Hillary’s opponents so afraid of a fair fight? Let the voters decide this campaign, not the spin doctors in the back room.

    • Dawnelle

      Someone up thread mentioned this!!!
      Yesterday, DNC member Kevin Rodriguez of the Virgin Islands switched back to Clinton. He had previously switched to Obama from Clinton on May 10.
      I say, what BETTER place for the WAVE to start but in the Virgin Islands?



      please God let there be a BIG wave!

      • yo mama

        Yes, this is confirmed on Hillary’s website today!

        Woo Hoo! Let the tidal wave of SD’s switching to Hillary begin.

      • That’s how it goes with SDs. Pledged delegates have to stay put until the first round of voting happens. THEN, they, too, can switch.

        SDs? They can switch back and forth.

  • there will be no riots.

    there will, however, be: President Hillary Rodham Clinton

    see it in your mind’s eye.
    believe that it is so.

    nothing more powerful than that.

  • “If there were the theft of a nomination, if that was the perception of the Obama supporters, then probably there would be a ‘68 scenario.”

    Has Tom Hayden re-written his own history? The people who rioted in Chicago in 1968 were thrown in jail, and Nixon ended up winning the election in November. Why? Because the average, middle-American Democrat was so turned off by what had happened at the convention, they either stayed home or voted Republican that year. Does Mr. Hayden really want to repeat that?
    I’ve never been a name-caller on this forum or anywhere else, but this time I can’t stop myself. Tom Hayden is an idiot.

  • D.W

    I’ve been lurking here for some time now. Thankful sites like these have sprung up.
    I agree with the if not Hillary then McCain crowd. Brazille stated a depressed base works for Obama, THEY WANT US TO STAY HOME –It is all part of the “new coalition” please do not do that. Not voting IS a vote for Obama- writing in Hillary is also voting for Obama. The ONLY way to send a message is to vote McCain if Obamanation becomes the nominee. Until there is a viable independent party we must not waste our votes. LBJ Love, Percy etc state it well. Venting and expressing anger is great but if we do not follow up with actions then Obama and his scary cult will have their way. I am with Hillary to the end, EVEN if she were to say “let us all unite”- she has no choice, BUT WE DO! We can’t give our blessing to the racist, sexist, disgusting tactics of the Obama and his thugs. The DNC condoning and remaing silent is enough. I know come November I WILL be voting and my vote WILL count!

  • Larry,

    Hat Tip to you and all your crew. You folks have been splendid in supporting Senator Clinton.

    I’m a Chicago Democrat and I threw in with John McCain last Spring. I think that he is most like my neighbors in most things and that McCain can unite a great but goofy and often self-interested country.

    I hope more of you folks wil see your way into backing Senator John McCain – support McCain and fix our Party later.


    • Gary McGowan

      How about you folks support Senator Clinton and fix our party now?

      No offense intended. 🙂

      • I didn’t understand your question. Care to restate?

        • Gary McGowan

          As an alternative to your suggestion that more people here back McCain, I offered that McCain supporters switch to backing Hillary. Those that choose to do so would be a great force in cleansing the Democratic Party of fascist pretenders such as Donna Brazile and Lieberman, I believe, because they would good judges of character and of principled vs unprincipled people and be disinclined to put up with such traitorous slime.

          Hope I’m making sense. Past 2:00 a.m. here and I’m fading fast.

  • Ellen Tenn

    I thought George Bush liked to instill fear in the American people. Now we have Obama and his thugs threatening violence. Boy, that sure is a good way to get my vote. Never will I vote for that pompous, arrogant, self absorbed, not very intelligent man.

  • maddhatter01

    Dona Brazil pretends that she is impartial but its very easy to see her bias towards Obama

  • NewOrleans

    Neither candidate can get to the magic number (whatever it may be between now and the final primaries on June 3rd. Therefore, the SuperDs will get to decide who will be our nominee.

    The vote of the SuperD isn’t ‘official’ and doesn’t count until the convention, especially since they can switch their vote at any time.

    Yesterday, DNC member Kevin Rodriguez of the Virgin Islands switched back to Clinton. He had previously switched to Obama from Clinton on May 10.

    There’s no telling how many Obama supporters might wise up between now and the end of August. And it is perfectly within THE ROOLZ for them to do so.

    For our sake, Hillary must go all the way to the convention.

    • LBJ’s Love Child

      For our sake, Hillary must go all the way to the convention.

      For ALL our sake, Hillary MUST take this to the convention.

      • Gary McGowan

        That’s why she’s doing this. For the general welfare, for the common good, for all our sakes.

        It’s a little ironic that she’s calmer about it than most of us.