Which is it Barack? Are you a moron or a liar? Or both? On Monday you claimed your Uncle (not further identified) help liberate Auschwitz. Since it was the Soviets who liberated Auschwitz, that left people wondering who your communist uncle was? So your campaign scrambled to get out the word–No, he meant his great uncle and he meant Buchenwald rather than Auschwitz. There, that settled it.

So I have one question–how in the hell did your uncle get to Buchenwald. Was he in a row boat? Looks like Great Uncle Charlie was in the Navy. Service records for Charles Payne show

Charles W. Payne, born 1924, enlisted 10Nov42, Navy, 6293977 Registered, order #12019, Kansas City, Wyandotte Co., Board #4

UPDATE 3 Here’s what we know for sure:

1. No Charles W. Payne enlisted in or was drafted into the Army from Kansas according to extant Kansas records 1941-43.

2. Obama’s grandmother Payne family has not C.T. Payne. Her brother was Charles W. Payne.

3. The C.T. Payne in the 89th who is said by the Kitchell 89th website to have been at the liberation of Buchenwald is not listed joining Army from Kansas 1941-43.

4. Two C.W. Paynes are listed joining Navy in 1942 frm Kansas. Charles .W. Payne born Kansas City Jan 4 1924 and died 2000 is not Obama relative.

4. Charles W. Payne who joined Navy Reno County is the likely suspect.

Still working to get final confirmation. (Is it asking for too much to get a straight, accurate answer from the Obama campaign? I guess so.)

UPDATED: Looks like initial reports on the History Channel blog are wrong on this point. Charles W. Payne was not Barack’s Uncle Charlie:

UPDATE II: Well, the initial claim that Charles T. Payne was in the Army may not be true appears to be more bullshit. An Obama supporter is claiming that there is a Charles T. Payne who was in the Army. First problem, a review of records for Kansas shows no such person. Second, this unit was not part of any liberation of Buchenwald. Records indicate:

“Concerning the service of Mr. Charles Payne: C.T. Payne was a soldier in the 89th Infantry Division. He served in the 355th Infantry Regiment, Company K. The 355th Infantry Regiment was the unit to liberate Ohrdruf.”

This should not be so complicated. Obama’s campaign simply needs to come clean. What was your Great Uncle’s name? When was he born and when did he die? Let’s start there.

So here we have Barack apparently inventing more bullshit family history. Charles T. Payne’s unit did not liberate Buchenwald. Ohrdruf was a work camp–not a pleasant place–but not a death camp. You know what Barack, I suspect you did not have a family member anywhere near a Nazi death camp. I believe you are making this up. Rather than tell the truth straight up you embellish. Why do I think this? Because you have a record of inventing false history. How about this?

Over at Talk Left we learn that you can’t even tell the truth about your Gramps:

In West Virginia a few weeks ago, Obama said his grandfather enlisted the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed, which was December, 1941. [Charleston Gazette (West Virginia) April 8, 2008, Tuesday, available on Lexis.com]

“My grandfather signed up for a war the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed, fought in Patton’s army. He saw the dead and dying across the fields of Europe; he heard the stories of fellow troops who first entered Auschwitz and Treblinka. He fought in the name of a larger freedom, part of that arsenal of democracy that triumphed over evil, and he did not fight in vain.”

Here is the WWII Kansas Veterans Index. His grandfather, Stanley A. Dunham, enlisted in the Army on June 18 1942, six months after Pearl Harbor. [Hat tip Baldilocks.)

We could start down the list of other falsehoods–e.g., your mom and dad met in Selma during a March. You keep doing this. Why?

Barack, how can someone who is supposedly so smart, can be so wrong about family history. These are not mistakes about inconsequential details. What else are you lying about?

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Larry C. Johnson is a former analyst at the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, who moved subsequently in 1989 to the U.S. Department of State, where he served four years as the deputy director for transportation security, antiterrorism assistance training, and special operations in the State Department's Office of Counterterrorism. He left government service in October 1993 and set up a consulting business. He currently is the co-owner and CEO of BERG Associates, LLC (Business Exposure Reduction Group) and is an expert in the fields of terrorism, aviation security, and crisis and risk management, and money laundering investigations. Johnson is the founder and main author of No Quarter, a weblog that addresses issues of terrorism and intelligence and politics. NoQuarterUSA was nominated as Best Political Blog of 2008.
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  • Barrayaran

    I don’t have a strong preference between Clinton and Obama (though I have been outraged at the sexist treatment Clinton’s received). But the tone of posts on this topic play into every negative trope I’ve heard about Clinton and about Dems/lefties/progressives generally.

    I believe we ought to be above this sort of behavior in any event. But even in practical terms, isn’t this kind of attack politics just doing McCain’s work for him? Does anyone here really prefer McCain and his policies to Obama and his? If Clinton has strengths that make her the better candidate (I prefer her health plan, for instance), then by all means her supporters should push them. But calling the other candidate names (particularly over something so unrelated to policy) — I just don’t see that it accomplishes anything positive.

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  • POdVet

    By this point you have to figure even the Obamatons realize he flat out lied, but they continue to rehash the proven lie he tried to cover the first proven lie. I honestly belive, God could open up the heavens and come floating down with a herald of 100,000 angels trumpeting and say Obama is a liar. And these Obamatons would say NO! You are the liar he is the Anointed one, the Obamessiah and can do no wrong!

  • Dread_Lord

    I don’t think so slick. No Charles T. Payne enlisted out of Kansas where Charlie Payne lived.

    • John

      Although we were not able to reach Payne directly, Payne’s son, Richard Payne, said his father “definitely served in the 89th Infantry Division” and confirmed that Obama’s account was substantially accurate, except for identifying the wrong concentration camp. Richard Payne declined to say anything further.

      Researchers confirmed to PolitiFact that Army personnel records for Payne would have been destroyed in a 1973 fire that consumed many such archives, but they dug up a “Morning Report” dated April 11, 1945, showing Pfc. Charles T. Payne was assigned to the 355th Regiment Infantry, Company K. The Records Center provided a copy of the report. A faxed copy provided to PolitiFact was legible enough for us to make out Payne’s information, but the faxed photocopy of the record is too grainy to be of use if posted here.


      You can post your apology below. Assuming you have any honor at all.

  • T Jefferson

    Straight from the mouth of a vet who was there, the man who maintains the website honoring the service of the 89th Infantry Division during the WWII:


    Concerning the service of Mr. Charles Payne: C.T. Payne was a soldier in the 89th Infantry Division. He served in the 355th Infantry Regiment, Company K. The 355th Infantry Regiment was the unit to liberate Ohrdruf. Mr. Payne was there.

    For those who seek to minimize the horrors of Ohrdruf since it was a ‘work’ camp and not a ‘death’ camp, we have but one word: shame. Ironically, this argument has been made to us time and time again by various Holocaust-deniers and other pro-Nazi groups. We will let the testimony of survivors and veterans speak for themselves.

    So I guess you all owe Obama, Uncle Charlie and the vets of WWII an apology. You can start below.

    In the meantime, Hillary continues to duck from sniper fire in Bosnia…

  • Spawn

    I didn’t know this was a Republican blog.

  • Gus

    Given how close Obama and Clinton are on most of the issues, I can only conclude that Clinton supporters who won’t vote for Obama in the general don’t want a n***er to hold the presidency. Most of the people in this comment thread are batshit loons. Hope your daughters don’t die in back alley abortions ’cause that’s what we’ll be getting if you help McCain get elected. Douchebags. sorry is that sexist? I meant cobags.

    • beebop


      I’m thinking you’re maybe 23 tops and this is the first election you have ever paid attention to. Here are some answers not in any order:

      1. I hope that any young lady who meets you is on birth control, regardless of what happens to roe v. wade … which Senator McCain is not threatening. When Senator Obama used the expression “punished with a baby,” he pretty much lost me.

      2. Larry edits out people as vulgar as you usually. That is why this site is now going to registration.

      3. The only “closeness” of their platforms is when he sits next to her and repeats what she says. Since you aren’t a Democrat of any long standing, I’m going to bet that you don’t know that lots of people marched to guarantee the right to vote. People died. Democrats don’t advocate disenfranchising voters. That is the “no go” as far as I am concerned with Senator Obama.

      I have been polite and considerably more sane with you than you have been. Why don’t you take your arguments back to the “usual” places you frequent and complain about Senator Clinton’s supporters there where everyone will use the crude language with which you are comfortable and pat you on the back?


      • borehole

        1. I hope that any young lady who meets you is on birth control, regardless of what happens to roe v. wade … which Senator McCain is not threatening.

        Are 2 and 3 blatant lies also? I stopped reading after you opened with that big honkin’ whopper.

  • Judy

    Here is the deal – the polls are showing Mr. Sociopath winning over McCain – who are the people who are closet voters for him. Why are the polls showing this???????

    This is serious stuff – a bigger movement needs to be initiated before it is too late.

    • borehole

      I’m sorry, I thought the problem with Obama was that he couldn’t beat McCain.

      Thanks for your candor, Judy. You ratfuckers really do want to give Bush a third term, don’tcha?

      As a relatively soft Obama supporter, denying you that wish is what’ll really put a spring in my step come November.

  • Judy

    What is happening here? OMG – Why is anyone voting for this sociopath?

    How can we get the word at better? The media is protecting this guy.

    This is frightening, and no one is doing a damn thing – DNC, Howard Dean, Pelosi, Democratic Party you are co-conspirators against the United States Government to push this guy off on us. YOU ALL KNOW AND ARE A PARTY TO THIS.

  • POdVet

    borehole get a clue…the man who served with the 89th was NOT Baracks uncle! Thats what the continuing investigation is about, trying to find out just who this uncle actually is. But if you prefer to continue being lied to by all means help yourself to all the Kool Aid you want…we don’t want any.

  • borehole

    Yeah, that guy who provided you with a link to the actual infantry reg’s website would be considered a troll here, wouldn’t he?

    Y’know, in spite of all the weird dark alleys she’s allowed her campaign to go down, I still like Hillary, and think she’d do a great job as president.

    But that would make people like you happy and that can’t happen.

  • usedmeat

    Trolls, late to the party but Trolls none the less.

  • Denise

    I think it’s quite fitting that Tom Hanks has endorsed Obama Gump. Perhaps Hanks can help Obama Gump make a movie with all of his relative historical (pun intended) associations.

    Maybe they could win an Oscar and really show up Al Gore.

  • borehole

    Tom, just the comments?

    Ohrdruf was a work camp–not a pleasant place–but not a death camp

    You can turn in your human race membership card now, Larry.

  • Tom

    My gosh… I honestly would think that rightwing nuts are the most despicable people on this planet… until I read the comments here.

    Hillary supporters, why do you hate America so much? When I read your comments, I actually thought I was reading Freepers’ comments at their site. I also had to check the url twice in the IE’s url box to make sure that I’m not at Freerepublic.

    I hope… I SINCERELY hope that my kids will NEVER come around near to you people.

    • I am pretty sure once you enroll in camp koolaid your kids become the proprte of reverend obama.

      they will be too busy being forced into a life of public low paying service to afford the gas to put in their second hand Suvs to come visit people like us.

      I am sur you don’t get what i am saying so let me put it in language you will get.

      you fucktard race baiting hatemongering mysoginistic oblabla ass-kissers are all the same.

  • Dread_Lord

    Hey POdvet, yeah I know thats what they say but from what I checked about Obama the uncle he is talking about is simply Charles Payne and no middle initial is givent. The only other Charles Payne in that family would be Charles t. Payne who would be 80 by the time they were liberating camps. The only military record I could find out of Kansas was Charles W. Payne born around the same time as Charles Payne (Around 1925) and thats what I posted above. That guy is dead.

    It was Charles’ uncle Richard that said he was still alive or the media that simply indicated that Charles was still alive but if there is only one Charles W. Payne that entered the military from Kansas (Or any charles payne for that matter) then that would have to be him.

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  • POdVet

    Dread_Lord No that is not him, the one Obama is supposedly referring to is supposed to be alive still.

  • The Real Hope

    Absolutely astonishing. We have yet another pathological liar in our midst. Wasn’t it enough that we’ve had to endure Bush/Iraq War and now this nonsensical, storyteller/fabricator. Sickening.


    So, my question is simple: who is in his damn family served in WWII and did that person took part in the liberation of any camp?

  • Retired

    Obama has more faulty memory implants than an Arnold sci-fi movie. But that could be a good thing. Maybe one morning he’ll wake up with the Obama Girl instead of married to…aw, you get it.

  • jangles

    Has he dropped out yet?

  • militarytracy

    It’s getting really really disgusting now.

  • usedmeat

    I have it on good authority that Barky’s uncle was an Admiral in the Swiss Navy and was responsible for sinking the entire German navy at Matterhorn.




  • Dread_Lord


    WWII Vet named Charles W. Payne from the Navy out of Kansas. Is this his uncle?

  • Andy

    I bet that if we create an entry in Wikepedia with some fake info about Obambi’s family we well hear about it back from Barack himself in a few days.
    That’s an idea: let feed his campaign some more family history !!

  • Ijane

    Can somebody just call up Madelyn Dunham and ask her?

    Besides, I’m worried about granny Madelyn. I couldn’t imagine having such an ungrateful man as my grandson. If obama were my grandson, I’d deny it. I don’t care if he is running for President. I’d deny deny deny!!

    • Lyn

      Maybe someone laying next to her under the bus can find out.

  • Dread_Lord

    This is his white family tree, Rev Wright is black.

  • SJ

    I see the name Wright on Obama’s family tree is that any relation the Rev Wright??

    That would be funny indeed to find out Rev Wright is some kind of cousin or maybe another Uncle to Obama

  • calling all toasters


    • calling all koolaid drinkers, you incredible jackass, looks like great uncle was enlisted in the NAVY not the army.

      I didn;t know the death camps had seaports.

      Your messiah knows no restraint. Your messiah is as fake as his war stories.

  • Dread_Lord

    I have an Ancestory.com account and Obama does have a family record in there. Apparently it is Charles T. Payne and the guy was born in 1861. That would make him about 80 years old around 1940. A little old for WWII no?

    So anyways I have proof as well. Here are some screenies.


    And then this one shows the tree


  • C. S.

    Well, that takes care of three uncles….NEXT!

    Anyone check out the Obama clan in Kenya and where they were during World War II because, although Rommel was in Egypt, Kenya was British territory and kept German POWs there. So it is likely that if one of the Obama clan was in the British military they would remain in Africa… unless they somehow got into Rommel’s army which makes it even less likely that they would have been involved in the liberation of any concentration camps.

    • Nicole

      Well, yeah, but I don’t think it was a Kenyan uncle. They don’t have attics in Kenya.

      • C. S.

        Since they are out of American uncles, the only ones left to investigate are the Obama uncles and they are never mentioned. Nothing about Obama’s past makes sense; it’s like he invented himself and his family history.

  • Room 101

    What else are you lying about?

    EVERYTHING… if his lips are moving, he’s lying.

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    I urge everyone here to pick up the phone and call the DNC and ask for the Chairman office and tell them point blank: If you do not accept the results of the Florida primary, you are just simply going to vote for the Republican ticket (from the presidential candidate to the county commissioner).

    If you do not make your voice heard, you do not excite.

    Please call the DNC before May 31th. Here is the phone #:

    Democratic National Committee
    430 S. Capitol St. SE
    Washington, DC 20003

    Main Phone Number:

    • ginaswo


      May I repost your excellent suggestion elsewhere please?

      • CHRIS

        Of course. Please do.

        • Cynicor

          “Hello, DNC? I am ready to cede my big principles over a meaningless squabble over little principles.”