In our ongoing efforts to represent ALL of Hillary’s core constituency, we are including some particularly sharp commentary from two well known political analysts in Tennessee.

These gentlemen represent what is considered to be the best of Hillary’s coalition of voters. Well, unless you think the old bitter white women contingent is actually the best. The point is arguable, we know.

Still, if you like the Colbert Report, you’ll like Red State Update.

In the first video the gentlemen are discussing the West Virginia vote, with some some scintillating commentary on the twitchy superdelegate problem. We like to call this one RATBOAT.

In the second video, the analysts discuss the different “class” of voters in Oregon and Kentucky. Apparently clover and patchoulli are regional preferences. . . .

  • karen for Clinton

    The most profound description that instantly sums up billions of comments on superdelegates in the media:


  • Urban Hillbilly

    Hysterical! Thanks for posting this.

  • kat in your hat


    (so damn true)

    • After this year, I think the DNC should change its name to The Rat Boat Party.

  • no waffles


    ratboat especially! What a picture–obama in a lifeboat and all the rats going with him. Why?

    Cuz rats are stupid!

    I bet Donna Brazile was the first one off the ship and already in Obama’s dinky raft!

  • Arius

    sorry but that just didn’t work for me… was that pro Clinton? !

  • Jonna

    Excellent. Thanks for sharing these.

  • HillaryMadamePresident

    Have the Flu, can’t breathe, have fever & chills, hurts to laugh, but did anyway. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • those guys are so funny. i seen them on youtube a while back.

  • sinking rat boat

    LOVE these guys!

    I got my name from them.

    The one with the beard’s really Carville isn’t he? Sounds just like him!

    • Michelle

      Oh my gosh…it does sound like Carville! Too funny!

  • Peter

    I don’t see an open thread… was over at TL. There’s a new post…..

    Obama Says He Will Be the Nominee Tuesday

    Voters need not bother. Obama has crowned himself (again).

    • Michelle

      He probably will – but then all of the Democrats will desert the Party and then, come July, the Superdelegates just may have to reconsider their decisions…nothing is done until the delegates cast their ballots in Denver.

      • Peter is right, he will crown himself AGAIN. And for a day the MSM will pretend it is so. Then Hillary will say not so fast buster! And on to Denver we go!

        • Peter

          Aren’t Obama supporters going to have tantrums when this continues. I guess I shouldn’t laugh. I hardly ever comment here, but when other sites start hand-wringing, I come here for a some sanity. You guys are fired up.

          • Strawberry

            Stick around, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

            • wry

              That piece of garbage is trying to suppress the vote in PR, telling young voters that the election is over and their vote won’t count.

              His flunkies are saying it on a popular TV show that EVERYBODY watches.

              The MSM isn’t reporting this.

              • Wouldn’t telling young voters it’s over actually suppress the Obama vote more than the Clinton vote?

                • Kinky Ogremann

                  No – Obama lost young voters to Hillary in Kentucky and West Virgina, as well as upper class and educated voters too. Seems his own demographic groups are waking up and realizing that Obama’s not the messiah he claimed – more like a corrupt politician with no experience and a long list of terrorist connections and backers.

      • Ai1een

        Exactly – and I hope with everything in me she doesn’t lift one finger to campaign for Obama but stays in through to the convention. I wish to God she would have pulled out 2-3 months ago and run as an Independent – screw the Democratic Party – they’re a complete and utter joke – they DESERVE Barack Obama – who’s the biggest joke of all. I wish she’d pull out tomorrow and let them crown him and shortly thereafter another scandal will break which will leave the Dems high and dry.

        • Well, I don’t agree. I think we have some lousy leadership right now. Makes sense. We have been the beaten party for 8 years.

          It’s just time to clean house.

          This congress, along with these particular leaders pushing him, are rated the lowest ever in history by the public.

          So I’m optimistic. That means, that real people don’t approve of this power move, either. They don’t approve of these people.

          So I say, hang in. Kick his butt to the curb. Let the pundits rake over the loss for years to come.

          And let’s focus on the downticket. Let’s get these idiots out of office. All this energy?

          This IS the Democratic party energy. Let the Obama folks plump up and call everyone racist.

          I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I work the polls in my area. I am the gal who makes the calls.

          So I have no problem with just redirecting my energy to candidates who agree with me.

          That is how it should be.

          The SDs who jumped for Obama are on my list for non-reelection due to bad judgement. Not because I”m mad at them. They just don’t exhibit the kind of judgment I want in office. That’s all.

          I’m sure they are nice people. Just not suited to make political decisions on my behalf.

          • Dawnelle

            Definitely NOT suitable!

    • Did he sign a royal decree abolishing the convention? I must have missed that.

    • “Obama Says He Will Be the Nominee Tuesday.

      Voters need not bother. Obama has crowned himself (again).”

      Really? How 19th century Napoleonic France of him, or maybe he’s modeling himself after Castro circa 1959 Cuba.

  • Michelle

    LOVE IT!

    • Dawnelle

      I love those guys!!! LOL!! Rat Boat for sure!