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Vote Obama or Else? Guess Again!


DNC & SUPERDELEGATES, PAY ATTENTION — WE WILL NOT FOLLOW ALONG LIKE SHEEP — as both this video, and Linda Starr’s exceptional letter below, with its call to action, make very, very clear to you. Not this time. Not with this unqualified candidate and with the sexism you have permitted to go on, unchecked, throughout this campaign — and most stunningly, your lack of support for the very most qualified, most knowledgeable, most energetic, most ALERT candidate, HILLARY CLINTON! — Preface by SusanUnPC


Dear Larry,

I am working with women’s groups who are contacting their delegate representatives where HRC overwhelmingly carried the districts and the Democratic representatives are leaning towards Obama. We are contacting these representatives to inform them if they defy their constituents wishes, they will be unseated by the Republican nominee in the General election. I can site two specific examples, Charles Gonzales and Nick Lampson who are in jeopardy in Texas.

I’ve been contacting the HRC supporters and contributors, all of whom previously supported Nick Lampson in his bid to take Tom Delay’s old seat. These women are so incensed because they say Lampson could never have won without their volunteer help and financial assistance and they will vote Republican, if Obama is made the nominee because their own representative defied them. I’m getting similar reactions from women in Charles Gonzales district who are equally surprised and angry.

I recommend other women supporters of HRC do the same with their own representatives in their districts. My whole point, if the superdelegates are willing to defy their constituents and vote for Obama for whatever reason, they are no longer representing their constituents interests (women’s suffrage), their constituents primary votes, or their will. These superdelegates are also ignoring the best interests of the country and the Democratic Party in selecting a nominee who has virtually no chance to win.

DNC Leaders have grossly underestimated the personal offense to the women of the party (and more men than we knew) by the misogynistic methods and hate speech to help Obama steal this nomination away from the people’s choice. The DNC leaders and Democratic members of Congress have sat silently by while Obama’s surrogate attack dog, Jeremiah Wright, (and others, particularly at MSNBC) were deployed against HRC to use inflammatory, derogatory, personally vicious hate speech. There have been no words of reproach, or criticism against either Obama, his campaign staff, his supporters, or directed at members of the msm while HRC is vilified hourly.

Women are appalled and we are threatening a walkout at the national convention if Obama is forced on us as the nominee and we will work to unseat every Representative who defied our choice of HRC. It defies all common sense and logic why the DNC leaders are so hell bent to make Obama the nominee when it is patently obvious he cannot win in the General Election. Check out and see how in every scenario, HRC beats McCain hands down and in nearly every possible scenario, McCain beats Obama in a landslide except in one particular scenario, if everything goes perfectly for Obama, then he squeaks by. This site does not factor in the mass exodus of pissed off women who won’t vote for him. If those figures are factored in, there is no possible way Obama can win and the Democrats down ticket candidates will lose as well.

Women are so incensed, we are starting a new national women’s party for the specific purpose of electing women, anti-war activists and others who have not enjoyed equal civil rights such as gays and lesbians. Larry please help me get the word out. To join our new group, send an email to with their name, a brief description, and location. We are also going to merge with other groups in the near future, by state, to better prepare for the future.

Thank you, especially if you can help us get word out – we aren’t accepting Obama and will not support him if he’s the nominee. We’ll boycott the presidential race, write in a candidate of our choosing, or vote for a candidate of another party. Obama is not acceptable and he must not be allowed to win the nomination by using misogynistic hate speech!


  • Clinton Fan

    I’m offended by YOU. Why don’t you go to one of the Worship Sites, of which there are many, to express your untruths.

    Obama did NOT “play by the rules.” He broke them. And the fucking DNC didn’t even follow their OWN rules.

    You say there MUST be consequences? There WILL be consequences….and the consequence is President McCain. So you go on liking Obama all you want, and we’ll thank you, your cohorts of blind fools worshipping an empty suit, those stoners who don’t know their asses from their elbows, and fools who are a lot like you who have crushes on pretty faces and don’t even notice how shitty the guy’s record really is on issues important to women.

    Your stupid comic analogy shows us where you’re at. See, that shit isn’t ACCEPTABLE. But right out of the gate, you use that as an EXCUSE. As a REASON.

    Fuck that. Move on, why doncha? Oh, and go iron someone’s shirt–because apparently, that’s all you think you’re worth.

    Keep swooning…idiot. He has no respect for YOU, either.

  • vidiii

    Whatever happens we should be united to organize the THIRD PARTY. I am not sure what happens this Saturday and I hope Hillary will leave the party. She has already suffered enough. The party has been so brutal to her and Bill. It’s time to leave from the radical left. Lieberman did and he was successful. They should have decided in March or February to redo a vote in both MI and FL, now I don’t know what will happen. Let us all urge Hillary to be Independent.

  • cj

    Bam, victory is mine. President McCain here we come. And, in fact, most of the people here agree with me that John McCain will be President.

    Some other things I like about John McCain, he and his wife adopted a Bangledeshi daughter, and in 2000 had to deal with smears saying his adopted daughter was a black bastard. He maintained his dignity in the face of such ignorance, and even today it is generally not known he has an adopted daughter. His son also served in Iraq, risking his own life for a just cause.
    And unlike Hillary and Bill, who donate to their own foundation (so Bill can fly first class to Davos) they donate to a wide variety of charities (like the health care for Micronesians, which no one here knows about but which should prove I am legitimate)

    So thank you again, but I must be off. Thank you for making President McCain a reality.

    Oh, and I think Roe Vs. Wade is an abomination. I am a Catholic (and John McCains children went to Catholic school too). So goodbye Roe Vs. Wade.

  • cj

    Why do I like McCain, I support the war and have always done so. I believe Saddam Hussein was a cancer on the Middle east who needed to be removed. I agree with McCain Feingold, and McCain Kennedy, I am a deficit hawk who hates earmarks. In addition, John McCain’s brother lives in my own brother-in-laws neighborhood in Va. and they know each other well. John McCain is a war hero beyond what most people can understand. Beyond that, it is not known but Cindy McCain has done tremendous work toward bringing health care to Pacific islanders in Micronesia. Shall I go on and on why I like McCain. Shall I list the literally hundreds of pieces of legislation I agree with. By the way, can anyone name any legislation Hillary has sponsored? Her work as First Lady is irrelevant, I am talking about her as a Senator. What piece of Clinton-(other Senator) is mentioned.

    So not only can I deny it, I can prove why I am absolutely right.

    • Linda Starr

      I knew you were never for HRC. I spotted you a mile off. Y

      ou should be dancing in the aisles at the prospect of disgruntled Democrats defecting to vote for McCain if Obama is the nominee.

  • cj

    I would like to thank all of the people here who refuse to vote for Obama because your candidate lost. I am looking forward to a McCain Presidency. And since Hillary has now effectively alienated nearly every black person in America, she stands zero chance of winning in 2012. Hell hath no fury like a woman spurned. How true it is. You can now rant and rave like the hysterical lunatics you are, of course, because in the end you will still be voting for my candidate. Hillary ignored the caucus states, lost 11 contests in a row in February, all because of her arrogant presumption that because she married a man who would become President, she would be one too. Oh, wait, she ran up the popular vote in Kentucky and West Virginia, after the game was already over. Too late.

    • Linda Starr

      CJ, a true Republican not only wouldn’t be here, but woulnd’t post what you just did.

      You’ve proven you are either a dyed in the wool Kool Aid drunken Obaminator, or you are one of his 400 paid Internet hacks to post against HRC supporters. I can spot you a mile away. Don’t even bother to try to deny it.

  • Hilbats

    Actually, I haven’t “been an Obama supporter all along.” Initially, I was for Edwards, but he took care of that decision. As far as a being a “paid blogger,” you’re wrong again, I prefer to be an informed voter & like to look at ALL aspects of a candidate, supporters included. If you wish to find fault with that, not my problem.

    One thing I DO understand, is that I’m not inclined to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with people who make vicious attacks on not only my character & those who are in similiar circumstances, but who are willing to divide the Democratic party at such a dangerous point in time. I’m a Democrat, up until now, I have been willing to support whomever wins the nomination. If you are willing to lose this election over bruised egos, that’s on you. Again, thank you for helping me come to a decision.

    • Jillie

      ‘hilbats’..your name says it all.

      i am an american first. i WAS a democrat. i have crossed party lines once before, to vote for ronald reagan because jimmy carter, another smooth-talking, inexperienced, ‘change’ candidate, was the most inept, dangerous, and unbelievably bad president we had had at the time.

      if obama is the nominee, i will be voting republican once again. i will do it for my country. and make no mistake, there will be millions more like me.

    • Linda Starr

      It’s not about bruised egos. It’s about Obama can not possibly win and I want to win. If they are determiend to force a loser on us, I won’t support the Democratic Party again for another loser crammed down our throats by “our betters” who think they know everything, which apparenty they don’t.

      You give yourself away by claiming you were neutral and refusing to see we are left with no other option. They have not only allowed misogynsitic hate speech to be used as a weapon to win, they have encouraged it. They need us and he can’t win, but without us, he’s definitely toast. How much clearer a message do you think that sends to the DNC? He doesn’t have a chance in hell and tried to play the race card, but it backfired. people remember OJ using it to get away with murder. Bill Clinton did so much for Blacks and poor, they used to claim him as the first black president. They showed their true colors. Blacks are voting 90+% for Obama. THEY made it about race. I could have cared less about color.

      • Hilbats

        How on earth can you be so certain Obama couldn’t win? Hello, Iowa? He won the State of Illinois’ U.S. Senate seat by 73%. The republicans have dug themselves so deep in a hole (much the same scenario in Illinois), that either candidate should be a shoe-in. And, once again, you choose to insult my intelligence with a snarky “you give yourself away” retort.

        Look, he’s not perfect, but neither is Hillary. Do you think for one moment the republicans are going to sit silently by & watch Bill Clinton grace the halls of the WH again? That’s my only real fear about Hillary being the nominee, I’m certain she’s quite capable of fulfilling the role of the Presidency, however, I do not relish the idea of the republicans spending millions of our tax dollars investigating Bill’s zipper–again.

        As far as African-Americans supporting Obama, why not? This is an important threshold for them & I wouldn’t dream of denying them the opportunity to cast their vote for Obama, anymore than I would criticize you for voting for a female candidate of your choice. To somehow justify comparing Obama’s supporters to someone who was accused of murdering his wife is despicable & says much about you, sorry.

        So, when this party implodes because “you have no other option,” & McCain wins, I’ll be sure to inform my 2 nephews who will then be destined to deploy for their 4th ToD’s over in that clusterf*ck of Iraq, then onto Iran, why, & whom to blame.

        *To Jillie: I chose that name as a cute spin on what republicans call us, “moonbats,” however, after having my intelligence insulted on more than one occasion at this site, I’ll be changing that.

        • Linda Starr

          Geezuz. Don’t you understand how he won in Illinois when just a few years before he couldn’t even get elected to the House? The GOP nominee had to withdraw over a sex scandal in his divorce, and the GOP brought in Alan Keyes to run against Obama. My 14 year old son could have beaten Alan Keyes!

          My heart aches and truly goes out to you and all our military families that any of our troops have to go to Iraq. NO ONE has worked harder to prevent it from starting and no one has worked harder to end it than I. I am well experienced at political campaigns. I suggest you don’t take my wrod for it, go and see the breakdowns. Obama can’t even close the deal among Democrats and you think with all this racist stuff coming out America will vote for him? There are other scandals brushing at him with the Rezko criminal trials and now it is revealed there are 3 gay friends of Obama who were victims of murders – execution style. What would happen to the Dem chances if he were indicted once he became teh nominee? NO DEMOCRAT could possibly win by having to take his place. We can’t risk it all on him. More than that, I really can’t support him and there are far too many others who can’t either. He pretends to be anti-war and it’s a sham. He’s admitted he’d have voted to go to war based on the same intelligence at the time.

          If there were any other way to get the DNC to listen to us, we’d jump on it.

          Besides that, did you know in his speech to the Chicago Urban League he said as a state senator and a us senator he had been putting the black businesses first and would continue that practice if elected president. is that what you want? a president who admits he’s been violating federal anti-discrimination laws based on race? I feel so badly for you and everyone who has family going to these stupid wars. I truly do. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it go away and bring back all our wonderful troops.

  • Hilbats

    Excuse me, Ms. Starr, I have spent a considerable amount of time reading this site today, previously, I merely expressed concern over the tone of many of the posts I read here & was called an “Obaminator,” (whatever the hell that is), by YOU. While I don’t condone the insensitive nature of that post by HSAR, similarily, I don’t appreciate the condescending tone & demeanor of being referred to as an “Obaminator.” After reading the contents of this site, I’ve definitely come to a conclusion, you’ve lost me. I’ll no longer consider supporting Mrs. Clinton. Congratulations, I’ll make sure to direct others who haven’t yet made up their minds to this site.

    • Linda Starr


      I believe you are an Obama supporter and were all along. Either that or you’re one of his 400 paid bloggers to spin things his way.

      Obama can’t win with these types of racists videos coming out and there is one they are holding back, of Michelle standing in fornt of that church ranting against whitey and ovana sits right there in the audience.

      don’t you understand, Hillary Clinton is the only chance this party has to win n November while the DNC keeps forcing loser candidates down our throat to support. We aren’t doing it again. We want a winner or there is no point in supporting the Democratic party anymore. They’ve stolen our voices, stolen our votes (Mi and FL) and now they want to steal our election chances. NOT AGAIN! We are going to change the outcome of this election or shut down the DNC. PERIOD, end of discussion.

      Join us everyone:

  • Nos

    Speaking of surrogates… how about that former-President Clinton?? A real stanch defender of the ladies, right?

    And I’m sure the vast majority of the women supporting Senator Clinton were just as appalled when the “sexist media” was vilifying women like Monica Lewinsky, Jennifer Flowers, Linda Tripp and Paula Jones. What were their crimes again?? And I’m absolutely certain that feed up women all over America were writing to NBC news and boycotting late-night talk shows because of the horrendous treatment these women incurred during all of those infamous affairs.

    Come on ladies, we can still stand up against misogyny. Let’s tell women-hating misogynists, and those who supported/enabled/married them, we will not allow them into the White House, and will campaign against their supporters.

    We can do it!!

  • Linda Starr

    A minority candidate uses surrogates to employ misogynistic hate speech as a method of winning the nomination against another minority candidate and you think he’s a gentleman?

    Look everyone, it doesn’t matter what form of protest you use, whether boycott, writing in a candidates name, voting for a third party or voting for McCain. It all helps, but a vote for McCain is a doube edged sword cuz if we make Obama lose to McCain, everyone will suffer. They are leaving us no other choice. The day after the last priamry next Tuesday they are hosting a big fundraiser featuring Obama. The DNC leadership are crowning him and telling us to get f*ked. They are daring us to use the nuclear option. The only real method to make them sit up and take real notice is nuclear options. I’m a precinct chair. I’m resigning and telling the TDP why.

    Come join us in building a new grassroots party to first oppose this election mess and then to have a palce to pick up the pieces when Obama drives the party to hell.

  • devilspeak

    “dried up old cunts”……how typical of obama’s trolls. i guess you have no idea how many dried up old cunts there are in the country today. woman will rule this country, they only have to organize, and people like you better get out of the way……this election may be the real turning point in history, i mean herstory. go hillary from now on, we have your back !

    • Linda Starr

      I wonder if this fool calls his mother a “dried up old cunt”?

      See what I mean? Unless we punish these men by using the nuclear option on the party, they will never get the message.

  • Magginkat

    I have been attacked left, right & sideways by the Hate Hillary gang and the Obama TV Evangalist Cult for simply saying from day one that I do not like or trust Obama.

    I had intended to vote for Obama in spite of all that if he was the nominee. Lately though the vile hatred is going to make it very hard for me to vote for someone who has played the race card to the hilt and seems to encourage all those around him to do likewise.

    Beside Obama walks around with that stupid smirk on his face that reminds me so much of george bu$h. Who the sam hill wants to be reminded of that nasty excuse for a human being?

    However I detest John McCain almost as much as bu$h, maybe more so since he has already aided and abetted in so much that is wrong with this country and has shown in no uncertain terms that he plans to continue the bu$h insanity.

    So I have this suggestion. Take the votes away from McSame by voting for good old Bob Barr who is running as the Libertarian candidate.

    As for the super delegates I think they should be dropped instead of Florida & Michigan voters. Let the nominating convention decide on the nominee instead of the Nazi like SD’s.

    • Wen

      I agree with Maggincat. Turn the tables on this miscreants and don’t screw up the Dems. VOTE FOR BOB BARR!!!!!!! Who needs McBush?

  • American Woman

    I will support Hillary Clinton..I will never vote for Obama..America needs to wake up…He is not even qualified in my opinion to be a Senator…SuperD’s need to think long and hard. The democratic party has left us…Like Begal said in response to Donna Brazil…”The New Democratic Party will be made up of Eggheads and AA..a Dukakis coalition” Let your voices be heard…write your Senators and Reps in your district..It’s not too late for them to switch thier vote to Hillary!!!All the way to Denver

  • Contra

    Ever notice how Zionist media and Nazi Rove chooses the candidates? Yea, first Nazis empty their war chest for Obama then media has Obama Girl on for weeks at the time then Rove directs his nazi followers to cross vote giving the Democrats the worst candidates jew money can buy! For decades we have witnesses this same technique used in Pre WWII Germany giving us the very same consequences witnessed in a different time and place but,our turn has arrived a failing economy,inflated prices on every item purchased,and three candidates handed us on the Jew Trojan Horse………TV!!Just Google any of the talking heads that appear on sundays political AIPAC presentations and you will surely realize how we arrived in this place in time!

  • Annagain


    Great job. I am with you, so is my husband and many friends of ours — both male and female. One suggestion — change the name to include progressive men!! They have been with us every step of the way and are also incensed at the vile treatment of Hillary in this campaign.

    I have emailed you to be included.

    I also have sent letters and called by own congressman (among many others) who went against our choice and I made an impassioned please and good argument for him to change his endorsement — I’ll report back with results.

    • Linda Starr

      The reason I selected this particular name, “New Women’s Party”, it’s a takeoff from the old women’s suffrage movement. This is about stopping misogynistic hate speech and misogyny in general. HRC has become the living symbol as a target of misogyny to hold women down, keep women down, force her out, and prevent us from electing a woman president.

      We absolutely want and welcome our new progressive brothers, husbands, fathers, boyfriends, and cousins, who stand shoulder to shoulder with us. Those men who truly believe in equality will be supported by us on whatever party ballot they run. This is truly an inclusive, equal rights party.

      Our name is a message to our mothers, daughters, sisters, and granddaughters and all women who come behind us in the future, we will have equal rights and opportunities as men. We outnumber men in this country. Why should our voices be ignored? And will women allow Obama to use surrogates to make misogynistic hate speeches to successfully defeat a woman. We don’t allow racial or sexual orientation slurs, nor should we.

      The DNC leadership and members of congress sat silent while the hourly hate speeches targeting HRC were ongoing. Not a peep out of any of them, but when Bush called Obama a Nazi appeasor, which he is, Speaker Pelosi comes out foaming at the mouth! And as of today, not one call for tv commentators to be fired for this ritualistic hate speech. What will it take to wake America up?

      Women are putting our foot down and saying “NO MORE!” Join us Aemrica, we want a new kind of politics that includes everyone. where elected representatives hear us and take actions on our mandates. Where elected representatives can not pick and choose what parts of the constitution to enforce or what parts of their oaths of offices they obey or keep. We’ve had enough!

      Join us at:

  • Cindy

    Check out It’s the electoral vote predictor for May 28, 2004 showing Kerry at 327 electoral votes and Bush 211. We all know how that election turned out!

    This letter is bizarre to say the least. Obama has been nothing but a gentleman to Clinton, taking her at her word on the Bosnia sniper lie and “assassination”. Oh, but there was that time he pulled her chair out for her at a debate. What a jerk!

    She is not losing because of sexism/misogynism. She’s losing because she assumed she’d have the nomination wrapped up by Feb. 5th and did not plan for races after that date. That’s why Obama won 11 in a row after that date. Now her campaign is in “street fight” mode, trying to get “uncommitted” delegates from Michigan that clearly did not vote for her because she was already on the ballot. Talk about bullying!

  • JP

    We are American citizens first. I won’t vote for Obama because is not qualified even to be a Senator. I cannot stand the sexism and racism that has been thrown into this race. To ever label the Clintons as racist is absurd. When CNN told James Carville and Paul Begala that they wouldn’t be on anymore as political commentators until after the primaries were over, I knew then the fix was in. I don’t turn on television except for Lou Dobbs and occasionally O’Reilly or Hannity. If it isn’t Hillary then it will be McCain. Down ticket dems need to worry because those who supported Obama will never get my vote. No Obama on any ticket in any way ever. And Oh by the way I am a true Democrat it is you idiots supporting Obama that your head up your ass.

  • fran

    Where do I sign up?! I will not stand by and watch them hijack our democracy. Think of it as a great opportunity to claim the essence of our democracy, as our Founding Fathers did. Did they whine about the English rules or did they fight? Our country was born from this spirit, and it is now ours to claim.

    Another point that is rarely made: misogyny leads to violence, as all hate speech does. I had an old friend who was killed by her husband. This is not benign–it creates a climate that encourages abuse of women on every scale. We cannot allow it. If they don’t respect someone of Hillary’s stature and accomplishment, what does that say of their value of average women? We have to protect ourselves and use whatever leverage we have. It is now time to organize and make them listen, because they obviously are not accessible with all the calling, writing, and protesting we have done thus far. We have financial clout and voting power–wake up call DNC!

    • Linda Starr

      We have the power to hold the DNC leaders accountable. They refuse to listen to reason and we MUST NOT allow Obama to use misogynistic hate speech to defeat HRC, nor against any other minority either. HRC is our Democratic former First Lady. One of only two living today. I don’t think i’ve seen this kind of strength in one woman since Eleanor Roosevelt. She cried and showed some emotion once and they crucified her for it. I’d never be able to stand up to so much and not falter or crack. We can’t let them do this to our first serious and viable Democratic woman candidate! We can’t allow them to succeed in doing this to win and push down women everywhere. Hate speech must be stopped now, once and for all!

      We welcome you to have a voice and a part of establishing the new women’s party so we can hold both parties accountable. We can create a new and better way, instead of politics as usual on both sides of the aisle, if we will all just stand up and say “NO!”

  • candy

    Ms. Tripp, what’s wrong with this picture?

    Snip: ‘The Woman Behind Obama’

    “Putting it on the table”
    By then, Michelle had grown restless with corporate law. In 1991, before her marriage, she had joined the crew of energetic young people surrounding Mayor Daley in his early years in office. Jarrett, then deputy chief of staff, remembers interviewing Michelle for an assistant’s job in the chief of staff’s office.

    “The moment I met her I knew immediately we would be lucky to have her,” said Jarrett, who has since vacationed with the Obamas in Martha’s Vineyard. “I was instantly impressed. I think I offered her a job at the end of the first meeting.”

    Before she signed up, Michelle told Jarrett her fiance wanted to meet her “so he could figure out if he was comfortable with her going to work for Mayor Daley.”

    Obama had “some trepidation” about Michelle working in politics, Jarrett said. (Michelle later was not thrilled with the idea of Obama running for state senator.)

    “I can remember sitting in [a restaurant] booth, with Barack on the other side, interrogating me in the nicest possible way,” Jarrett said.

    “I can’t think of many people you hire who say, `I’d like you to meet my fiancé,’ but I would have done just about anything to get Michelle.”

    At City Hall, Michelle confronted issues head-on.

    “I’ve been in so many settings or meetings with Michelle where people are talking all around an issue and she has a way of succinctly getting to the issue and putting it on the table. She’s willing to say what other people dance around,” said Jarrett.

    – Is it me? Malignant narcissist alert re: hubby.

    What an actress.

    Just as the oxymoronic poverty speeches as well…

  • Sugar

    VERY well done Linda AND Susan’s preface is great too. We will not be good little women and get in line this time. Dean and Obama can kiss it and they can forget his golden dreams of becoming King.

  • norma

    Voters in MI & FL should not be punished for the arrogance of the DNC party leaders. The principle of universal representation (YES, every vote must count) is just as important as following the party rules. Perhaps Ms. Pelosi does not understand that those rules have not been applied equally to everyone.