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Africa Triumph.  
Excellent wordless video of the arrival of the Obama family for the first state visit to continental Africa, this time in Ghana, with clear excitement, passion, fascination and revelation. Here is the pay-off for the US, when POTUS, the Kenyan-Kansan, shows the flag in a part of the world that was left out of the 20th century’s successes. Here is the moment when the African-American First Family can sweep the headlines in the Sub-Saharan Africa. There will be no finer moment of theater and ideology for the Obama team and the US in this adminsitration than this video.

Russia Nightmare:


Behind POTUS’s journey to Ghana was the POTUS embassy in Moscow, and I mention that there are large, unattractive, compelling questions about the three days in Moscow.

The word from Russian sources, via my sources, is that POTUS and his team were ineffective, presumptive, hasty, evasive, unprepared, unappreciative, aimless, superficial. There will be much more on this subject. The Russians are astonished at what they learned. There were no agreements of any significance, nor were any attempted.

One Russian commentator, who is no friend of Medvedev or Putin, but who is a Russian patriot, commented that the POTUS team made the Medvedev adminstration look sharp and timely.

I am describing a diplomatic disaster. The Russians offered the gift of overflights to Afghanistan, of energy pacts, of nuclear weapons disarmament. The POTUS team offered nothing in return. There is mention of the Obama administration’s petulance and of an American demanding of concessions in ignorance of the consequences.

Nightmare in Moscow.

The second night, POTUS stayed in the hotel while all official Moscow puzzled what could there be to this behavior. Three days in Moscow, which is a sizable commitment of official time, and the POTUS skipped the second evening.  At breakfast the third day, Putin lectured POTUS for two hours.  Putin usually does all the talking, however he is usually dominating Russians, not a president.  Am I ringing an alarm bell?

  • warehouse553

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet but does anyone know why the Russians refused to shake Obama’s hand? Here’s the link

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  • Dude
  • Tonybinca

    2010 can’t come soon enough? You must be joking. As long as you hold onto the false left/right democrat/republican paradigm/lie, there will never be change in this country. Face it, the entire system is completely corrupted and no honest candidate can ever hold the presidency. Massive civil disobedience and refusal to vote in a rigged system may avoid a full fledged revolution, but that’s doubtful, sorry to say.

  • IndieDogg

    I get the Moscow Meltdown (POTUS melting though it is unseasonably cold at the moment in Moscow), but African Triumph?!

    Aside from the “excitement, passion….” of the dancers, what were there, 20-30 people there?

    And who was recording the audio? As the POTUS party moved, the drum beat remained crystal clear, abnormally loud and never changed in tenor or volume. But I did see dancers, who appeared to be dancing so that apparently happened. But a TRIUMPH?!

    Looked more like the local bowling team being met at the bus station on their return from the semi-half-state roll off in Pratt, Kansas, a few bells past last call in the bus station lounge.

  • USA Finito

    Obama goes around lecturing the world about corrupt government and holding elected representative responsible for their actions while at the very same time he protects Bush and Cheney from any kind of investigation into their countless (and very public) crimes.

    The latest I’m hearing is that Cheney instructed the CIA to lie to congress to cover up the fact he was running death squads abroad (just like those nice folks, the Israelis). A very serious crime indeed but one that is totally unacceptable for a self-declared democratic nation’s vice-president.

    The US will never stand tall in the world until it puts Bush and Cheney and all the other enablers of their crimes behind bars.

    Even Putin’s Russia occupies a higher moral ground than the US in the eyes of the world. The only people that seem truley enthusiastic about Obama these days are those living in sub-Saharan Africa (and that’s only because he is black!).

  • Wasta

    Barry/Obama was an empty media concoction from the word GO. He never did have anything to offer other than vague demagoguery on ‘positive’ thoughts. Where was his plan? Zilch from the start. His endorsement of the bailout in 2008 should have told the public all they needed to know, but alas we are even denser than our leaders. At least they get something for nothing. we just settle for nothing.

  • smiley

    They are royalty. Not to worry. A state visit by the anointed need only have form and no content. As tourists, they travel to show by example the munificence of America. Whatever their tastes, or predilections, by the fact the Divine has raised them up, they must be accommodated. Mortals must realize etiquette and protocol hold no sway for the Duke and Duchess. He is a Duke, right? Or, is it a Dude? No matter, they’re just two impostors in one of the greatest con schemes ever. I shrivel at the thought of what other nations think, after seeing them traipse around like carnies on the hustle. And, yes, there will be hell to pay, as more and more of the world realizes our Dear Leader is a wimp of the first water, and his better half a grasper and a grifter.

    • oowawa

      He is a Duke, right? Or, is it a Dude? No matter


      Yeah smiley, He’s the Dude of Earl.

    • Wasta

      If you mean the Empress & Emporor With No Clothes, you are correct.

    • Wasta

      If you mean the Empress & Emperor With No Clothes, you are correct.

  • I’m a Linda too

    Africa Triumph.
    Excellent wordless video of the arrival of the Obama family for the first state visit to continental Africa, this time in Ghana, with clear excitement, passion, fascination and revelation. Here is the pay-off for the US, when POTUS, the Kenyan-Kansan, shows the flag in a part of the world that was left out of the 20th century’s successes. Here is the moment when the African-American First Family can sweep the headlines in the Sub-Saharan Africa. There will be no finer moment of theater and ideology for the Obama team and the US in this adminsitration than this video.

    roflmaooaoa And that pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it? Nothing, “you got no-thing”. The hired entertainment and some officials. Yep. From what I’ve read, Ghanians weren’t that thrilled. Why, what does it do for them? NOTHING. It affords Obama political grand standing and photo ops, but really, does it? Does he think this is something America has been clamoring for? A photo op in Africa? But no surprise the empty shallow one would have mexed missages.

    • oowawa

      Yes, what is it without the African drums and the African pom-pom girls? Triumph? I don’t think so.

  • Andy

    I am frankly fed up of all of these meaningless overseas trips by the Obama family (it is almost as if they are using this to show themselves the world).
    Hillary should do all the foreign affairs (besides PBO is a disaster on NK and Iran which are the most dangerous).

    How about PBO stays home and DO SOME WORK on our very pressing domestic issues: I don’t know if you noticed but the economy is a DISASTER!!!!

    • Ken in IL

      The more he stays out of the country, the less of our money he gives away here. He should spend a month each with Castro and Chavez !

    • politicalidentitycrisis

      I am frankly fed up of all of these meaningless overseas trips by the Obama family

      You and me both, Andy! Everytime I hear about one of these trips, it reminds me of how disgusted I was by Bush 41. He was never in our country. Never. I was very glad because I dispised the man, but I cannot think of anything the man did for our country, other tham travel the world on our dime. Granted, I was somewhat young, but it pissed me off that our President worried more about what other countries thought of him and wanted of us, than he spent working on our problems here. Obama is Bush 41 to the 100th power on that front. He wants to be popular to the world. He doesn’t give a damn what happens to America. I do think he wants to destroy us to be more popular with his middle eastern buddies/America haters. He is an America hater, too.

      Obama, I am unimpressed with you, your wife or little girls, who are only a prop for you anyway!

  • Andy

    The second night, POTUS stayed in the hotel while all official Moscow puzzled what could there be to this behavior. Three days in Moscow, which is a sizable commitment of official time, and the POTUS skipped the second evening.

    Do you mean there was an official function and PBO blew it off?

  • Andy

    The Russians are astonished at what they learned

    What did they learn? (besides that PBO really has no depth nor clue outside the prepared speeches)

  • TeakWoodKite

    If I where in on this meeting (picture above), I would notice BO’s body launguage, right off the bat.

    Slumped over shoulders, leaning forward in a manner that looks wimpy, with his hands in an empty void… tie waving like a and yes fear.

    Putin munching on Patte, sitting as a blackbelt would, sensing fear.

    BO has no “second attention” what so ever.

    On a real basic level, BO’s interpersonal skills are very much lacking a key awareness. I get the feeling that just because BO thinks Putin has a foot in “two different worlds”, Putin can be treated like some Chicago pay to play mark.

    • helenk

      The picture looks like a person going to the boss’s office and trying to get a raise.
      They have to explain what they have done to deserve it.
      The boss is not buying it and there will be no raise.

      I do not know if backtrack does more damage to the country on the road or staying at home.



    • Ken in IL

      Where is BHO’s puppeteer when you need him??

  • oowawa

    My fantasy: after the meeting, Putin challenges Obama to 1) a staring contest; 2) arm wrestling; 3) a little friendly martial-arts match-up. Mr. O declines, but says he might consider some bowling. Putin agrees, and beats O 250 to 110. Then O suggests some one-on-one hoops. Putin agrees, and in the match-up Putin is all elbows and fouls and wins 48-36. O is distressed, but notes that all of the referees are from Russia.

    I’m just trying to express my feeling that O is really outmatched against Putin.

    • lorac

      Given O’s history of winning by cheating or getting people off the ballot, maybe the scenario would be that BO would get there a minute early, declare that Putin isn’t showing up, and insist that he has won by forfeit….

  • candymarl

    This is what happens when you ignore your professional diplomats. Looks like Hillary will have to rescue Russia as well as Honduras.

    Ghana? Well, based on PBS specials I’ve seen some people in Ghana still don’t see what the big deal is about American slavery. Wonder if Obama will mention that subject?

  • mikeyboy

    BO is so arrogant he thinks that the whole world is his oyster. The people in Europe may be fawning all over him, but I’d bet their leaders are laughing up a storm over his ignorance. I know he is intelligent in his own way, but he is ignorant of what it takes to be POTUS. And I thought Bush was an embarassment!
    Silly me.

  • mikeyboy

    All of the posts are so on target. The Obamas act like poor people who have won the lottery. Spend, spend, spend! The problem is that when the money is gone, it will be OUR money that is gone. BO acts like a rogue leader of a poor country. He gets all the favors and the people can go hungry.

  • Smartazz

    When the European honeymoon with Obama is over, our media will have to pick up on it.

    The Obama’s elitist attitude will make the “ulgy American tourists” look like welcomed guests.

    Putin now knows what a wuss we have in office…not a good thing, not good at all.

    • http://! stodgie

      smart, he alread knew! putin is well informed. that obamabi acted the fool was no surprise to him i am sure. however the blowback will be down the road to our detriment.

  • http://noquarter foxyladi14

    they are living high on the hog.the rest of us peaons get what the hogs eat slop.

  • mel

    Anyone catch any part of Obama’s speech in Ghana?

    His own words in amongst his usual campaign crap that idiots fell for, he said: It is every persons duty to hold EVERY elected official accountable

    Good enough for Ghana and sub-Africa, isn’t it good enough here at home, by first demanding this pathetic excuse wanna be POTUS resign and admit to the world he is a fraud and a total inexperienced egotistical wannabe?

  • elizabethrc

    How long before the main stream media can’t ignore this crass behaviour from both of the Obamas? They’re like children playing ‘grownup’ and are packing in as many freebees as they can before they get called into the principal’s office. And that’s taxpayer money they are wasting.
    Bush may have been naive about Putin, but Obama is absolutely clueless when it comes to adult confrontations and has so weakened America in the eyes of the world that he has endangered us all.
    Come 2010, let us all pray (or whatever you do) that the Republicans take enough seats to put the brakes on because the Dems certainly aren’t going to do it. For the first time in my adult life, I wonder if Democrats are truly patriots.

    • lorac

      I agree about their behavior with money and perks – particularly at this time in our history. Even if it wasn’t our taxpayer dollars, even if they were privately wealthy (I understand they have always lived way beyond their means), IMO it’s so wrong to be buying $600 sneakers and $5000 handbags, treating official visits more like vacations, and acting like they’re doing the world a favor by giving them a moment of “the Obama effect (TM)”.

      With the crumbling economic situation in this country, it’s incredibly insensitive to be flaunting what they have. Especially after having said that everyone has to sacrifice right now.

      Their behavior keeps striking me as very classless and nouveau riche. An excellent pair of sneakers costs around $150 – excellent in that they’re designed well for running. To buy a pair of sneakers that costs more and that you’re not even going to use for running, is just wanting to flaunt that you’re wasting money simply for a label. Regardless of how much money someone has, I’ve just never had any sympathy for such ostentatious, pretentious, and superficial behavior.

      • Chris

        He’s causing the economic disaster and he could care less. He will take all the perks he can while he occupies the position so illegally given to him. They do it because they can, until someone steps up and stops them. 2010 can’t come soon enough.

  • Ellen D

    I have gone on business trips with my children. Any business dinner came first and the kids got room service. I can’t imagine being President and blowing off the Russians. Do any foreign leaders do that when they come to Washington?

    • mel

      No Obama does it to them when they visit, remember Obama ignoring the British PM Brown when he visited and they ran and got gifts from the WH gift shop and Obama cancelled a joint press conference?

      Obama going without Hillary was America just sending a live Live Pause Button in the form of POTUS!

  • Elliott

    They act like goobers on vacation and actual work is a afterthought. I would not want Putin chewing me out for two hours or even making cracks of which I was the butt. Apparently Moscow is miffed for the road team wasting their time.

  • tillthen

    I like the way they position Meeshell, so you can’t get a full frontal of her figure. My, there’ a lot of latitude there…or longitude, which is it.

  • Diana

    What I find funny is Obama isn’t going to Kenya. They need to straighten up their house. You don’t say…Hmm. Yet he had no problem in going to campaign for his cousin Odinga. When he lost the election how many people died? Which Odinga refused to condemn. He encouraged it. Which Obama refused to both comment on or condemn.

    • tillthen

      Yeah, Diana, that whole thing was so smelly, and another perfect example of the dire consequences of the sins of omission by the MSM – he got away with it. These things should have been turned into screaming headlines, and first up on the nightly news. They did murder in Kenya and nobody here gave a squat. Those principal players in the MSM will forever be my enemy. No amnesty, ever.

      • Ken in IL

        The MSM doesn’t read the foreign press !!

  • jangles

    Jet lag and vodka shooters in Moscow’s premiere hotel at $13,000/night is surely worthy of a family night en suite.

  • tango

    Kinda goes to how he went to France on his last trip but him and Michelle went out for a romantic dinner by themselves one night. He’s on a foreign trip, representing America, meeting with people who want input and attention from the American President. He shouldn’t be hiding in his room having a family dinner or going on date night with his wife. He can do that home in Washington DC.

    If the trip was a month long, I could understand wanting some down time. But a week long trip? Man up Obama and tell Michelle to order room service because you have American business to attend to.

    • Andy

      Agree; kind of tells you where their priorities are: and then he has the nerve to tell us to sacrifice some more? Why? He’s not even pretending to work hard…
      What a scam…

  • Diana L. C.

    What!! The Russians weren’t overwhelmed and grateful that The One deigned to be in their presence?

    I can’t believe they didn’t come prepared. Why go at all?

    • Sonic Ninja Kitty

      Axelrod forgot to send over the Kool-aid beforehand.

      • tzada

        Also the teleprompter.

        • http://noquarter foxyladi14

          lol.koolaid and wonder he bombed.

          • Al


        • barry bums a ciggie

          that why he didn’t talk much, didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag that he sounds like porky pig when he has to speak and think.

          • Obama: Dubya 2 Electric Boogaloo

            Apparently there’s no words for “uuuuhhhhh…..errrrrr….aaahhhhh…..ummmmmm……a.a.a.a…eeeerrrrrrr…..
            ” in the Russian language.

      • Al

        lol–thank you

  • Craig Della Penna

    Next time, leave the children at home, no matter how old they are…

    • jwrjr

      Including the one in the Oval Office?

  • jangles

    Guess the Obama team was missing the Hillster.

    • Ani

      No kidding — she should have been there.

    • sandi78

      Maybe she knew how disatrous it would be and that’s why she stayed home.

      • http://noquarter foxyladi14

        i think you are right,

    • mary


      PUTIN’S THE ADULT, clearly. Isn’t this what happened to JFK when he went to Europe cocky and sure of himself only to have Krutcheve make him look like the neophyte he was? Not pretty. But JFK learned from it, even though painfully…

      Obummer embarrasses himself and his country wherever he goes, even the AFrican journalists can see through him..They know he’s after their oil and establishing bases andhe doesn’t give astool about the poor people. AS long as Michele’s got her old job at the Chicago U.Hospital where she can dump the poor out of the system with Axelrod’s expert PR skills…She’ll need them skills, cause Obummer is not going back for Seocnd Term.
      And HIllary and McCain tried to tellthe ignorumses that this is a FAIRY TALE–not really qualified presidential material…never can be. Too full of Himself and not practical enough.