Would we expect any less? Hillary Clinton’s major foreign policy speech Wednesday, delivered to the Council on Foreign Relations, outlined her highly specific aspirations for the conduct of foreign policy — and global development work — by the United States as well as firm, but reasonable, expectations regarding Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as interesting distinctions about the Taliban groups in different areas.

To its credit, MSNBC was the one news channel to post her entire speech (video below), but I posted the State Dept.’s video first because it includes the Q&A session following Secretary Clinton’s speech.

If you didn’t hear about Hillary’s speech, you can blame both the overtime hearing for Judge Sotomayor’s confirmation as well as President Obama’s health care press conference which was held during Secretary Clinton’s speech — which is typically “verboten” and exposed either a lack of coordination in the White House or a lack of knowledge of administrative “etiquette.” (See “Hillary Loses Air War to Obama,” NY Daily News. Their server is down, so I’ll quote from the story at the end of this post.)

Personally, I was thrilled that essential objectives for helping women and girls were highlighted in Secretary of State Clinton’s speech — their issues too often get short shrift in foreign policy development.

Here is the MSNBC video of Secretary Clinton’s speech. (MSNBC also aired a significant portion of her speech live, which the the other news channels didn’t do, best I know.)

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You can read the transcript in full, both of the speech and of the Q&A session. Here are some key sections:

On the effects of the global recession on women and girls:

Our development agenda will also focus on women as drivers of economic growth and social stability. Women have long comprised the majority of the world’s unhealthy, unschooled, and underfed. They are also the bulk of the world’s poor. The global recession has had a disproportionate effect on women and girls, which in turn has repercussions for families, communities, and even regions. Until women around the world are accorded their rights – and afforded the opportunities of education, health care, and gainful employment – global progress and prosperity will have its own glass ceiling.

On Iran — a sensible approach, I believe:

Exhausting the option for dialogue is also more likely to make our partners more willing to exert pressure should persuasion fail.

With this in mind, I want to say a few words about Iran. We watched the energy of Iran’s election with great admiration, only to be appalled by the manner in which the government used violence to quell the voices of the Iranian people, and then tried to hide its actions by arresting foreign journalists and nationals, and expelling them, and cutting off access to technology. As we and our G-8 partners have made clear, these actions are deplorable and unacceptable.

We know very well what we inherited with Iran, because we deal with that inheritance every day. We know that refusing to deal with the Islamic Republic has not succeeded in altering the Iranian march toward a nuclear weapon, reducing Iranian support for terror, or improving Iran’s treatment of its citizens.

Neither the President nor I have any illusions that dialogue with the Islamic Republic will guarantee success of any kind, and the prospects have certainly shifted in the weeks following the election. But we also understand the importance of offering to engage Iran and giving its leaders a clear choice: whether to join the international community as a responsible member or to continue down a path to further isolation.

Direct talks provide the best vehicle for presenting and explaining that choice. That is why we offered Iran’s leaders an unmistakable opportunity: Iran does not have a right to nuclear military capacity, and we’re determined to prevent that. But it does have a right to civil nuclear power if it reestablishes the confidence of the international community that it will use its programs exclusively for peaceful purposes.

Iran can become a constructive actor in the region if it stops threatening its neighbors and supporting terrorism. It can assume a responsible position in the international community if it fulfills its obligations on human rights. The choice is clear. We remain ready to engage with Iran, but the time for action is now. The opportunity will not remain open indefinitely.

On Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as differentiating the various sects within the term “Taliban”:

Our fourth approach is to ensure that our civilian and military efforts operate in a coordinated and complementary fashion where we are engaged in conflict. This is the core of our strategy in Afghanistan and Iraq, where we are integrating our efforts with international partners.

In Afghanistan and Pakistan, our goal is to disrupt, dismantle, and ultimately defeat al-Qaida and its extremist allies, and to prevent their return to either country. Yet Americans often ask, why do we ask our young men and women to risk their lives in Afghanistan when al-Qaida’s leadership is in neighboring Pakistan? And that question deserves a good answer: We and our allies fight in Afghanistan because the Taliban protects al-Qaida and depends on it for support, sometimes coordinating activities. In other words, to eliminate al-Qaida, we must also fight the Taliban.

Now, we understand that not all those who fight with the Taliban support al-Qaida, or believe in the extremist policies the Taliban pursued when in power. And today we and our Afghan allies stand ready to welcome anyone supporting the Taliban who renounces al-Qaida, lays down their arms, and is willing to participate in the free and open society that is enshrined in the Afghan Constitution.

To achieve our goals, President Obama is sending an additional 17,000 troops and 4,000 military trainers to Afghanistan. Equally important, we are sending hundreds of direct hire American civilians to lead a new effort to strengthen the Afghan Government, help rebuild the once-vibrant agricultural sector, create jobs, encourage the rule of law, expand opportunities for women, and train the Afghan police. No one should doubt our commitment to Afghanistan and its people. But it is the Afghan people themselves who will determine their own future.

As we proceed, we must not forget that success in Afghanistan also requires close cooperation from neighboring Pakistan, which I will visit this fall. Pakistan is itself under intense pressure from extremist groups. Trilateral cooperation among Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the United States has built confidence and yielded progress on a number of policy fronts. Our national security, as well as the future of Afghanistan, depends on a stable, democratic, and economically viable Pakistan. And we applaud the new Pakistani determination to deal with the militants who threaten their democracy and our shared security. …


Here’s a snippet from “Hillary Loses Air War to Obama,” NY Daily News. Although I want Hillary’s speech to be the focus of this post, since the newspaper’s site is temporarily down, I’ll quote from the blog post yesterday afternoon so you have the full story on why Hillary’s speech didn’t get the press that it deserved:


The upbeat advance press for Clinton’s speech was breathtaking and it appeared she would be the story of the day. But then President Obama scheduled an event at the same hour in the Rose Garden, appearing with nurses to attack insurance companies over what he sees as lousy health care coverage.

Not surprisingly, the cable news networks carried Obama’s remarks live as Clinton began to speak. Fortunately for Clinton, at least one cable network eventually flashed to Clinton, but not until after the President stopped speaking.

Naturally, the White House said it was sheer coincidence and there was no intention to play dueling speeches. …

But one veteran of the Clinton White House tells The Mouth, “In other administrations when the President was speaking no one else in the administration was allowed to speak. Alternatively, if another administration official was already scheduled to speak at an event, the White House press office made sure the President spoke either before or after and not during.”

Our source puts the blame mostly on the White House. “At the very least it’s complete non-coordination between the White House communications and press operation and Cabinet agencies — in this case a high profile department and Cabinet secretary giving a major address outlining the President’s agenda,” the source said. “It does not make sense for the President to drown out his secretary of state when she is trying to line up influential and public support for his foreign policy. Scheduling matters.”

Last, but not least, here is a section of the Q&A following Secretary Clinton’s speech that goes to the primary focus of her address — requiring a hard-focused review of agencies involved in foreign policy:

MR. HAASS: Hattie Babbitt.


QUESTION: Hi. I wanted to ask you to talk a little bit more about the Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review. It’s – I understand from your speech on Saturday – modeled in – a little bit after the Defense QDR, but in many ways more complicated because of the numbers of departments and agencies that have a stake or are stakeholders in the process. And could you talk more about how you envision that happening?

SECRETARY CLINTON: Thanks, Hattie. I served on the Armed Services Committee for six years. And the Quadrennial Defense Review, it seemed to me, was a very important discipline and tool for the Defense Department. It forced the Defense Department to take a hard look at itself, put forward priorities and the means to achieve them. And I thought it was one of the many reasons why Defense had increasingly taken a paramount position in our foreign policy. So among the many steps we’re taking, I decided we would do the first-ever Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review, because I think it requires us to think hard about what it is we’re trying to achieve, to be as specific as possible, to match our mission with the resources we need, to justify what we believe we are doing and to demonstrate results.

Especially in a global economic downturn, I feel a real responsibility to be able to explain to people who are not currently employed or hanging on by their fingernails, why am I asking for more money for something called diplomacy and development? I’m not asking for the money to build tanks or airplanes. I’m asking to send people to represent the United States, to engage in important negotiations, to be early warning signals. I’m asking to send experts into the field who can work with other nations, achieve sustainable results for the investment we make, lift the standard of living, which we believe then helps to sow the seeds of stability and, hopefully, democracy. And we have to make that case.

So we have embarked upon this. I think it is extremely complicated. I have no illusions about that. It is also, as Hattie said, something where we have to coordinate with a number of other agencies. Defense does work that you could call diplomacy and development. Treasury and the multilateral financial institutions are certainly engaged, at least in development. You’ve got USDA. You’ve got the U.S. Trade Rep. You can go down the list. And we want to try to explain the whole-of-government approach. And so in addition to what we will be doing internally, we will be working with the White House to bring together all the other stakeholders in diplomacy and development.

Now, it won’t surprise you to learn that I am also deep into discussions both with the Pentagon and with the Congress about bringing back some of the authorities and some of the money that went with them that has been used by the military for diplomacy and development. And the migration of those authorities and those resources is one of the many reasons why the State Department and USAID have had a challenging – a more challenging time than usual in the last years.

So this is both a policy tool as well as an attempt to explain and justify what it is we believe we can accomplish. And I want it institutionalized. I think Howard Berman may put it into legislation, so it’s not just a one-shot deal, it’s not just because I’m Secretary of State, but it will require the same level of rigor and analysis every four years by State and USAID.

I urge you all to watch the videos above, and to read the transcripts of the speech and of the Q&A session.

For more details, you can visit the Web sites for the State Department or her hosts yesterday, the Council on Foreign Relations.

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  • mary

    HILLARY’S ABOVE PARAGRAPH ON GIRLS AND WOMEN on “GLOBAL CEILING” is pure Hillary– classic rhetorically delicious sum-up of what anyone else less knowledgeable and nuasanced would have taken dozen pages to say!

    Classic paragraph! Bravo, HIllary. I’m making copy of her exerpt on girls and women and ‘global ceiling’!! In a couple of sentences she sums up centuries of historical discrimination!

  • mary

    Hillary’s Speech was absolutey strategic in its intent and execution; however, she did not abdicate her decades-old commitment to that unsung constituency of hers that comprises the “majority of the world’s underfed, unhealthy and uneducated”—Women!

    I just watched also her Indian stay at the Taj Palace (where the terrorists had struck) in Mumbai and she was literally EMBRACED by the Indian officials and women as SEWA (self-employed women’s association). She took out the time to visit the place she last visited as First Lady in l995 at SEWA to talk to ordinary Indian women there.

    I was not surprised to learn that the National Security detail had to whisk her away, when she heard yelling from two American women who had gone to College with her, and she rushed over to have a brief chat when she recognized them…

    Humility, intelligence, commitment = HIllary….

  • Regina

    It infuriates me to see what has happened to our country. I thought Hillary made a big mistake accepting the secretary of state post and now when we need her voice most in the senate she is being diminished by the great pretender. I would like to see more americans stand up and show that the emperor has no clothes….where’s the beef….whose his ventriloquest…..make him reveal the folloing records which he is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees concealing: those include his kindergarten records, his Punahou school records, his Occidental College records, his Columbia University records, his Columbia thesis, his Harvard Law School records, his Harvard Law Review articles, his scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, his passport, his medical records, his files from his years as an Illinois state senator, his Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records, and his adoption records. I am not a far right or a far right idealogue. I just want answers to troubling questions. Those of us in the middle should pressure the authorities to get the answers. I am sure that there are millions like me who were not conned by Elmer Gantry. I can’t think of a better use of this blog than to reveal the truth. That will vindicate the damage he and his storm troopers have done to our constitution.

    • mary

      I am trying to decide whether she made a mistake by leaving the Senate behind. Only time will tell. I don’t think that her ability to carve a niche in foreign policy can ever be diminished by Jeremiah Wright’s disciple–the Teleprompter-Carrying Baritone Voice with the anorexic resume.

      Her single-payer universal health plan was misrepresented by the Obummer back at the primary and that was the one time HIllary lost her us ual coolness and held up in her hands the Harry/Louise fraud ads passed around by Obummer’s campaign, saying “Shame on you, Barack Omama, shame on you!”
      Of course the venomous idiot at CNN, McCafferty, called her ‘A SCOLDING MOTHER’ for calling out Obunker’s distortions and slander….

      I think Hillary’s being at the State and the Top Diplomat role offers women in north america and throughout the World something they wouldn’t have had otherwise: A champion…for that majority of ‘underfed, unhealthy and uneducated” people of the Visible Minority Gender, women and girls.

      so I am grateful Hillary’s the SoS….andGod bless her always for her courage.

  • standard

    Obama never fails to exceed our expectations of idiocy:
    “The White House has also asserted its privilege in naming ambassadors, passing over Mrs. Clinton’s preferred candidate for Japan — Joseph S. Nye Jr., a Harvard expert on foreign policy — in favor of John V. Roos, a Silicon Valley lawyer who is close to Mr. Obama.”

  • elise

    Bronwyn, Thank you for the post. I just saw a few clips from her speech and went to the link you provided to read all plus Q&A.

    There was so much substance, but what struck me was the consistency of her theme. She didn’t make this speech for the American people, but for leaders in other countries IMO. Particularly those rogue states which present the greatest challenges. She spoke of working with allies to achieve the desired goals, but made it clear the offer to come to the table with Iran has an expiration date somewhere down the line.

    When she stressed the US cannot go it alone, it put me in mind of the Bush policies of threats and Obama’s arrogant attitude. We have a serious presidential problem here and I haven’t heard anyone with a solution. Obama wants to do everything on his own so he can reap the credit for his legacy. Every trip he makes and every speech he gives, affirms my belief he is a man with “issues”. I think he believes he can walk on water.

    She made no promises to meet unreasonable goals, but she sent signals to North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and others she was offering the carrot with one hand while holding a stick in the other. It was so much more effective than threats from Bush and apologies from Obama.

    She never makes a big speech without emphasizing the need for full equality for women and girls and never fails to point out how a stable family grows out of a society and benefits a society in which women have equal opportunities.

    Hillary will rise out of the ashes of 2008. She is following her destiny. I wish she were president, but she will take the State Department and use the tools available to make a difference.

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  • Retired

    Intercepted email from Axe to Obama:

    “No problem, Chief. We’ll just do an unscheduled press conference and I’ll call up the MSM and tell them that if they don’t cover us, they can kiss their access to you goodbye for a year. No one will even know the bitch is on the same planet after we get done neutralizing her.”

  • fif

    Classic Hillary:

    Hillary Clinton rejects notion of diminished role

    “I really stay focused on the work that I do. I broke my elbow, not my larynx. I have been deeply involved in the shaping and implementation of our foreign policy,” she told reporters.


    • Peggy Sue

      Classic and classy, fif. And that’s why people admire her. She was her most excellent self in this foreign policy speech. And that is why the Obamatrons and the press seek to minimize her. Side by side to the Annoited One, there really is/was no comparison.

      Don’t trust your lying eyes or ears? Well, I still trust mine.

      • mary

        I wish I could illuminate, frame and hang the above paragraph of Hillary’s historical sumup of girls and women’s “global ceiling” confrontation…
        Amazing paragraph and so….presidential!

  • fif

    Did you all see this? Classic Hillary. She transcends the idiots of the mainstream media who are trying to create drama and division:

    Hillary Clinton rejects notion of diminished role

    “I really stay focused on the work that I do. I broke my elbow, not my larynx. I have been deeply involved in the shaping and implementation of our foreign policy,” she told reporters.


  • Clara

    I read yesterday that Hillary is in a great deal of pain much of the time and she does some form of physical therapy 5 times per day. Yet, she soldiers on and does the job, literally with one hand. I was in Philadelphia this week and all I could think about were those goons with night sticks standing guard at polling places to intimidate “white” Hillary voters.

    Obama and his team are dispicable. He couldn’t stand for her to give her address unimpeded by his big ego.

  • Hillary is doing a great job!

    Thanks for featuring this story.

    Hillary said today that reports of her “demise” are indeed “premature”!


  • Ani

    I just had an opportunity to watch her entire speech and the Q&A. Go Hillary Go!

    This lady is just spot on fabulous.

    Bronwyn, thanks so much for posting this.

    • mary

      Please, can someone try to see if we can frame and laminate to treasure forever that short paragraph above where Hillary gives in one short paragraph what would take dozen Obummer speeches to articulate badly…on “girls and women” that majority of ‘underfed, uneducated, unhealthy’ who confront the “Global ceiling”–BRILLIAN synopsis!
      Hillary’s rhetorical flourishes are so…understated! Simply classic!

  • Hillary the hero.
    bo just a zero.

  • trixta

    She should have asked those in charge of the Council on Foreign Relations why they backed Obama in the primary?

  • xax

    which is typically “verboten” and exposed either a lack of coordination in the White House or a lack of knowledge of administrative “etiquette.”

    Or Clinton got tired of putting up with BS and did it on her own.

  • rose

    when Hillary spoke this weekend she took questions from people randomly chosen and she spoke at length and instead of avoiding questions she took more on . I didn’t notice one umm uhh in her answers because she knows what she is talking about.

  • rose

    nothing to do with Hillary but on CNN,they just asked the question “are you smarter than Millea” stay turned and see if you are…………so now CNN has to ask stupid questions like that but bypass Hillary and other important information. they are truly the tabloid cable networks!

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  • Masha

    Obama is still afraid of her. She’s the real thing. What a narcissist he is!

    • Thinker


  • CentralMass

    Thank you for posting the videos and analysis Of Hillary speech. It was very impressive.

    On the other hand, every time I catch an O sppeech, before I can hit the remote that is, I am reminded that his words are coming from the pen of this guy on the left..

  • texaslatina

    amen helenk and the peeps at the foreign council are totally aware who the bright shinin star is. everyone in the world knows it. hillary is just an amazin and brilliant woman. oh how i wish she were our President. (sigh)

  • helenk

    There is no question that Hilary Clinton would have been one of the best presidents in the history of this country.
    Corporate owned whores and media, jealous democrats kept our country from having the best and instead stuck us with the worst.
    Maybe there is a lesson to be learned here. We the people have a job to investigate and speak out before we pull a lever.
    This is our country and we have obligations to her. We want to keep the freedoms than take the responsibility.



  • Seymour

    Hillary was absolutely superb. She is more Presidential and has the aura of leader of the free world. More so than Obama by factors of 10 yet Obama who is careening around the globe giving away all and taking none has dispatched this unbelievably talented, experienced and assertive Stateswoman to the waiting room all the while she supports Obama’s policies with a straight face.

    It must be painful for Hillary to keep watching over and over Obama hitting the curb even with training wheels when Hillary herself could give Lance Armstrong and run for his money in the bike race of politics.

    C’est la Vie

    • Thinker

      Great post.

      She is has some patience!!!

      Obama just seems so juvenile. We saw it with his speechwriter groping a cutout of Hillary and now the RIDICULOUS timing of his speech.

      Typical Obama though. She beat him during their debates, heck, she even got more votes than him in the primary and now he’s on a mission to outshine her, which is pathetic because Hillary outshines him naturally.

  • Diana L. C.

    Does anyone think Obaby could have given a speech like that with so much thought and detail? And then take unscripted questions and anwer them so well?

    Why do I feel far more hope and change in her speeches than I do in That One’s?

    What could have been……sigh!

    Again, I am thankful there is one mature, intelligent, knowledgeable person working on our behalf.

  • gianni

    My Goodness, Hillary has so much more on the ball than Obama that it’s embarrassing. It is still unbelievable that an empty suit Chicago thug like Obama talked enough Democrats into believing he was a better candidate than Clinton. Freaking unbelievable. And now we are dealing with the devastating consequences.

    I have nothing but disdain for Obama, the Democratic party, and everyone in his admistration save for Hillary.

  • kat in your hat

    Oh no, “CFR” Council on Foreign Relations. gawd, I remember back during the primaries how some people would scream about Hillary being in the Illuminati, etc.

    Well, anyway, I always like listening to Hillary. I just love the clarity and meaning of her words.

    Not like Oblow who says a whole lot of nuttin.

  • Carol W

    What we a seeing is HC has been successfully neutralized by Obama.
    It appears there are 2 camps in the State Dept., and Samatha Power is running the show, Hillary is better on Iran, NK, and Honduras and Power is incompetant.
    We all lose, she should have stayed in the senate.

  • standard

    Of course, the NYT diminished her by harping on the primaries.

  • pm317

    “It does not make sense for the President to drown out his secretary of state when she is trying to line up influential and public support for his foreign policy. Scheduling matters.”

    The teenagers running the WH are shooting themselves in the foot. But why would 0bama go along with such juvenile tricks? (don’t answer it!)

  • Peggy Sue

    Browyn, thank you so much for including the entire address and the Q&A. I had not seen this, and frankly didn’t see much coverage. But I thought Hillary was her excellent self both in delivering the speech and fielding the questions. In fact, everytime I’ve become truly despondent or asked myself: why am I a Democrat, I hear Hillary speak and say, oh, that’s right. This is why.

    I think the only maor disagreement I have with Secretary Clinton is her comment that we have the “right” President in place. In my heart, I know that’s simply not true. I just listened to the single “right” person in this video.

    As for her comments about women and girls, both here and throughout the world, I would have been surprised if she had not included the importance of raising female opportunities in education, health and job-related issues. She’s been a tireless champion in this arena throughout her professional career.

    Again, thank you.

    • Ellen D

      In fact, everytime I’ve become truly despondent or asked myself: why am I a Democrat, I hear Hillary speak and say, oh, that’s right. This is why.

      Well, Peggy Sue, that’s why I became an independent – I hear her and asked myself “If the Dems can treat Hillary like that – why am I a Democrat?”

      Wrote that on yesterday’s funding appeal from Al Gore which I mailed back on their dime.

      • Peggy Sue

        Oh trust me, Ellen. I’m not sending this Administration any money. Nor can the Dems count on my vote in the future. From now on, I plan to pick and choose from both sides of the aisle. Up until last year, I usually voted straight party ticket.But those days are over for good.

        And if I cannot find decent candidates to support, I’ll vote third party. I have the advantage of living in an area where I’m not required to declare party affiliation. So right now, I feel I’m an Independent by default. But if I were to move back to the northeast, then yes, I would officially declare and have the “I” put on my voting card.

      • Thinker

        It’s the reason why I became an independent as well.

        I don’t recognize this “Democratic” party anymore.

        Invasion of the party snatchers I tell ya.

        • Peggy Sue

          Invasion of the body snatchers is a good way to put it, Thinker. The Pod people have definitely taken over the Democratic Party, a party that not only was I faithful to but generations of my blood family.

      • politicalidentitycrisis

        Yesterday, the DSCC called me asking for donations. I told them that I quit supporting them more than a year ago because if this fraud they selected is their best of them then they all suck bigtime! I told her I will be voting straight republian ticket from now on and in their honor I will send my donation to the GOP. She laughed. I said well, laugh all you want, but you get no money out of me and you can kiss my A$$!

      • Wisewoman

        Ellen D. Its fun to get the mailings (I got one from Gore too) but it is more fun to get the phone calls asking for donations (received about 8 since the election). It affords me the opportunity to let the caller know the following:
        1. I am an AA female democrat who supported Hillary and one who who did not and will not ever support or vote for Obama. I voted for McCain/Palin.
        2. I list the reasons ( caucaus fraud, stolen delegates, no roll vote, etc.) why I no longer support the democratic party. I let them know that if they can not follow democratic principles they should not call themselves Democrats.
        3. When they imply that I should look at the big picture and still support dems I gladly tell them I am a PUMA and exactly what PUMA stands for.
        They are speechless when I finish with them.

  • Obabble probably did that because his RCP average has fallen into the 50s and he has a -7 favorability on Rassmussen Reports which has been consistant for days now.

    The purple haze of the hopium has definitely disappeared for a lot of Americans.

    Hillary still stays strong and Obabble’s people know that, so march out the TOTUS reader to grab the limelight is the political strategy du jour.

    • jbjd

      Speaking of TOTUS… I cannot recall seeing in past speeches that HRC was flanked by 2 (two) standing teleprompters. I immediately wondered whether BO insisted these be placed in clear view. And I did not instantly check myself, as being paranoid…

      • LOL! i had the same thought! haha

        She didn’t really seem like she was using them though.

  • Scranton4Hillary

    The Boy Who Would Be King–perhaps if he went back to the land of his birth he could become the King of Kenya. And wouldn’t we all be well rid of him!
    I cannot look at him much less listen to him. He’s a disgrace to our great nation.

    Rise Hillary Rise!

  • DefiantOne

    Shameful and embarrassing that camera-hog Obama deliberately upstaged Hillary’s speech. Scheduled a “surprise” health care press conference during her speech. What a jerk.

    • Ani

      Naturally, if asked, his answer will be “I didn’t know.”

      • tango

        Well if his office can’t even coordinate to make sure the President and SOS aren’t giving speeches at the same time, can they be trusted to direct health care legislation affecting millions of Americans?

        Also, I read an opinion piece today where Obama was chastised for giving so many speeches where he basically said nothing. He’s boring us!

        • Ani


          • Boring and disgusting with the juvenile grand standing tactics is correct. America deserves better.

        • politicalidentitycrisis

          Do you have a link?

          • tango

            I don’t know if this got caught in the spam filter or didn’t post because my screen locked up on me. Sorry if it ultimately posts twice:

            Here you go politicalidentiycrisis:


            “Here’s the problem: Mr. Obama is not the nation’s Speaker in Chief. He’s not a senator, and he’s no longer a candidate. He’s the president. A president’s major speeches are different than those of anyone else. That high office imposes demands beyond the power of a podium. Inspiration matters, but the office also requires acts of leadership. A U.S. president’s words must be connected to something beyond sentiment and eloquence. Too much of the time, Barack Obama’s big speeches don’t seem to be connected to anything other than his own interesting thoughts on some subject.”

    • sandi78

      Maybe one day he’ll schedule a press conference and none of the press will show up.

      • trixta

        Or perhaps the stenographic media will just give BO’s speech for him.

        • tango

          Or a sock puppet could give it. Hey, Obama is a puppet and I figure a sock could deliver a speech with about as much substance as Obama does.

    • tzada

      He is also hiring “grassroots” people at between
      $11-16 per hour. They will be hired to promote his health care scheme scam agenda.


      Imagine my “surprise” to click on the link and find this.

      This posting has been removed.
      (The title on the listings page will be removed in just a few minutes.)

      hmmmmmmmmmmmmm mama jeans man strikes again?

      • Docelder

        The rest of the world must be loving this… the ones who aren’t scared to death of what will happen when the worlds remaining superpower implodes on itself.

  • politicalidentitycrisis

    It would have been nice to have a leader like Hillary in charge of America’s economic recovery! I miss her! I am thankful that Hillary is out representing us. She does a much better job than whatshisname, Poser in chief.

    Having elected an unqualified boob to sit in the Whitehouse over a true patriot and leader like H.R. Clinton will be America’s worst mistake ever and most likely the end of our country. I hope Hillary can find a nice place for the patriots to take refuge.

  • Tricia Spiegel

    Oh, if only some things could be different…

    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to hear her speech, since I missed it. Hey, maybe I will watch MSNBC once and a while again!

    I wonder if the overlap was purposeful. She commands so much more than our Commander.

    • trixta

      BO’s timing of his Rose Garden speech was not an innocent mistake. It was rude and obnoxious. This all goes to show how insecure BO and his handlers are of SOS Clinton. The WH’s eclipsing of Clinton’s speech reveal just how petty and catty Obama and his circle of boyfriends are. What jerks!

      • Thinker

        I agree. He is beyond pathetic.

        The timing of his speech was far from being a mistake. To say that he is intimidated by Hillary is an understatement. Even HE knows she should be President, lol and ugh.