Roger Stone, respected, hated, and always controversial Republican political knife fighter and commentator for Fox News, has given new credence to Larry Johnson’s reporting of a video of Michelle Obama making racist comments against whites.

Is Roger Stone to be believed?

Obamabots, bewildered by their devastating streak of losses but hopeful of the delegate stealing yesterday, will no doubt label any reporting by Stone as more “Faux News.”

It should be noted, by the way, that although Stone is quixotic and hated by many, he was once partners with Lee Atwater, not a bad resume builder in the real world of Washington brawling.

It may have been Stone who broke the Eliot Spitzer prostitution story. In the June 2, 2008, issue of The New Yorker, Jeffrey Toobin goes into depth on how Stone first became privy that Spitzer was involved with a prostitute:

A sign inside the front door of Miami Velvet, a night club of sorts in a warehouse-style building a few minutes from the airport, states, “If sexual activity offends you in any way, do not enter the premises.”

It was at the Miami Velvet where Stone met a woman who hinted at liaisons with powerful men. Although this woman didn’t actually have a date with Spitzer herself, Stone’s political antenna knew instantly that he had hit pay-dirt:

“She told me she had a very high-end clientele—she kept using the word ‘high-end’—athletes, international businessmen, politicians,” Stone said.

“ ‘Like who?’ I asked her,” Stone went on. “She named a couple of sports guys… According to Stone, the woman told him that Spitzer had reached her through her escort service, which listed her as a brunette, but she had dyed her hair blond. So the agency referred the governor to a dark-haired colleague, the woman said, who met up with Spitzer in Miami.”

It may seem strange for Stone to be using a flame thrower against Obama; he is known to detest Hillary. However, in describing his political views and affinity for Nixon, Stone told Toobin:

“He never quit. His whole career was all built around his personal resentment of élitism. It was the poor-me syndrome. John F. Kennedy’s father bought him his House seat, his Senate seat, and the Presidency. No one bought Nixon anything. Nixon resented that. He was very class-conscious. He identified with the people who ate TV dinners, watched Lawrence Welk, and loved their country.”

Like many people, Stone has come to respect Hillary for her grit against the liberal media establishment:

Stone detests Hillary Clinton’s politics but admires her pugnacity. He wrote recently on his Web site, an erratically updated collection of observations called, “I must admit she has demonstrated true grit and Nixonian-like tenacity in the face of adversity.” Stone particularly admires Clinton’s attempt to hang the “élitist” tag on Barack Obama. “It’s a good idea,” he said.

That hate for elitists might just be why this political insider is going after Obama. Although it’s unclear how much involvement Stone had in outing Spitzer, he clearly is corroborating what Larry Johnson has been reporting on for weeks:

This has little to do with the general election and a lot to do with why Hillary Clinton is staying in the race. Look, there is already a buzz in Washington at least seven news organizations have contacted me, wanting to know how to get their hands on this tape, giving me more information than I had after I had spoken to each one of them. I now believe the tape exists and I believe a network has it. If this pans to out to be true based on Michelle Obama’s previous comment that this is the first time she had been proud of her country which I think shows an attitude it is problematic.

And the corroboration for the “whitey” story continues…

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  • Eric

    Where’s your tape?

  • Ramjal

    He would have to undergo a Michael Jackson transformation or use some of those skin whitening lotion or something. He must also have a Christian baptism and change his name to Barry Stanley Dunham to give credit to the side of heritage most responsible for his upbringing not that of that scumbag father of his who abandoned him.

  • Shazam

    Ok, I am waiting for the tape. I hope it is posted by 9 am as promised. Or atleast I think that comments were promised. Thanks

  • LBJ’s Love Child

    T minus 1:11.

    • LBJ’s Love Child

      Make that T minus 2:10 and counting.

  • Dmitriy

    I think this is what will be posted in the morning:

    Here is the link:

    Here is the text:

    Well this is total rumor and I have no idea if this is accurate or not, but I was sent an email with part of the alleged speech of the reported Michelle Obama words where she mentioned Whitey. Take this at face value and I have no data what so ever if this is accurate or not, but since there has been so many comments on this topic then I will share what I was sent. Normally I would ignore this content, but since I’ve seen several Obama supporters on this site and other sites tell part of the exact phrase it may have some merit. You can make up your own mind. Me I’m still waiting for the entire tape before I make up my mind on what this really means.

    Reported verbiage from Michelle Obama’s tape

    “Once again, the white man keeps us down, what’s up with Whitey, Why’d he attack Iraq, Why’d he let Katrina happen, Why’d he leave millions of children behind. This is the legacy the white man gives us”

    • Donald from Hawaii

      Boy, I sure hope Larry does a lot better than that at 0900 tomorrow morning. That’s nothing but tertiary hearsay, and as such is hardly worth the bandwidth taken up by all this attendant discussion.

  • Kevin

    “bewildered by their devastating streak of losses”

    ROFLMAO… you’ve officially gone off the deep end Larry

  • Tigger12

    If they all weren’t so scared….they wouldn’t be in here. :)~

    I don’t have anything to be frightened of, because I know I am standing in the light…..minus those 4 pesky delegates…damn, where did I put them? :)

  • Waxy

    is this an unlikely statement by a member of the Trinity Church ?

    • marle

      yepper sure sounds like the same ignorance doesn’t it?
      another uniter like dubya…
      but, as far as McCain and Roe vs Wade I guess if we want to even have a morsel of faith in democratic party then with having majorities in both houses we should have a big sway over judges don’t be scared by John McCain being able to just ramrod judges etc thru..I believe also, that John would be more like Bush 1 he would confer with dems on his choices so if they allow more Allitos and Roberts to go thru then what difference would it make if Barack was there in WH as he seems to agree with and wants to work with Repubs on this issue like he did in Illinois legislature *PRESENT* yes a real stand up guy..depend on him to protect our rights..
      Well, I guess I trust Hillary would protect our rights and the senate might put up a fight against McCain if he tried to ramrod more right wing judeges thru and just shut the process down if he doesn’t come around..
      So yeah right out of Trinity and whatever the Catholic churhes name is and also include the churches of Rev Meeks another of these firebrand
      Black theology..
      concerned citizen woman vet GO HILLARY

  • SJ

    Why’d he left his church
    Why’d he say people bitter
    Why’d he now wearing a flag pin
    Why’d he thinks USA has 60 state

    Right that sounds really educated.

    • v1cious

      SJ: and what does even one of those things have to do with the issues? Hillary’s no more experienced than Obama. sitting next to Bill while he’s doing stuff doesn’t make them her accomplishment. also if she’s so strong on national security, then why did she pad her entire foreign policy resume?

      this whole entitlement bit is getting really sad. and what happens when she loses? Mccain has been proven to be a racist (i hate the gooks) and a sexist (you know why Chelsea’s so ugly? cause Janet Reno is her father).

      but hey, if you want a third term of Bush economic policies, an expensive war, and the dissolution of Roe V Wade, then feel free to carry on… just remember that when he wins, Hillary will be called the new Nader, and her 2012 chances will be dashed.

      • Donkey Brazziere

        Stop! You’re scaring me! ;p

  • RL

    By 9AM (EST?) tomorrow right? That’s the deadline right?

  • SJ

    Now who the hell would say why’d ?? Michelle is suppose to be a educated woman so am sure she would not use why’d, it would be more like why did he?

    Who is the he in this case whitey??

    • Zephyr

      that’s like saying “why would an educated person say “isn’t” or “weren’t” or “wasn’t”?”

      • Fred C. Dobbs

        I just axed myself that yesterday.

    • beebop

      You are confusing a first class education with being educated. Her stump speeches SOUND south side to me.

  • yuppi

    I think this a clever hoax by Axlrod to keep the theme of “hope” and “change” against “dirty GOP tricks.” I cant imagine such a tape exists and nobody has seen it.

    • Donald from Hawaii

      We’ll see. People who’ve seen my posts here on this subject obviously know that I’m deeply skeptical about this tape, and a number of have labeled me a troll, etc. I really don’t give a rat’s ass about what they think, any more than I do about Obama, and I’ll continue to speak my mind whenever I please.

      And quite frankly, I think Roger Stone’s a fucking snake and a GOP whore. When his name popped up in connection with this story, my bullshit antennae were immediately on alert status. But Larry’s been a good guy, and he deserves a chance to make the case for the tape’s existence and authenticity.

      Besides, it’s Larry’s ass on the line here, not mine. Personally, I’d like nothing better than to be proven wrong about my doubts. But like everyone else, I’ll just have to wait and see.

      Now, please pass the popcorn.

  • Hill4evahhh
    • Andy

      We laughed at you alreday for that stupidity.

      People won’t click at your link here.

      Beat it Troll.

  • champ

    Roger Stone – Fox


    Def. could be a setup.

  • Zephyr

    Why’d he cut folks off medicaid?
    Why’d he let New Orleans drown?
    Why’d he do nothing about Jena?
    Why’d he put us in Iraq for no reason?

    “he” being president bush

    “Whitey he do nothing about Jena?” isn’t even a sentence

  • Regency

    I sincerely don’t care about this tape one way or another.

    This thing was rigged. I just hope we can fix it.

  • Tigger12

    And for all those obamazoids lurking in here….when are you going to wise up? I’ve been wondering how long and what lengths it was going to have to go to before you realized that your idol worship is being wasted on one who is not deserving?

    Hele on!!!

    • **== President & Commander-in-Chief Hillary Clinton **==

      Maybe in 20 years if ever.

  • Tigger12

    I have read the posts and know about Stone. I personally think that Stone is talking about this right now because it is going to be so good that he wants to be FIRST. He wants everybody to know he knew about it first….Right up there with Hannity…he’s been hinting about it for a week. I think it’s going to be better than anybody imagines.

    Hele on!!

  • Gob Bluth

    Ah yes, Roger Stone. Who earlier this year started an anti-Clinton PAC called Citizens United Not Timid, the vile acronym for which he had emblazoned across t-shirts and various other items.

    But now he suddenly admires Mrs. Clinton for her grit.


    • Nicole

      Yes, he’s a very conflicted man, like many Republicans who–after years of harboring irrational hatred for Hillary–have come to reluctantly admire her brilliance at debating, at policy, at fighting back against enormous bias and manufactured charges of racism.

    • Andy

      But now he suddenly admires Mrs. Clinton for her grit.

      Are you hearing impaired? Where did you hear this guy admiring HRC for anything?

      We are fully aware of who Roger Stone is and what is he capable of. But a tape is a tape and if he knows it is out there and it is; who cares about him? We don’t. We care about people opening their eyes and seeing who Obama really is. You should know already given Pfleger, Wright and Farrakhan. That you don’t indicates you are as much as a hateful bigot as these people are. TWENTY YEARS WITH THEM, TIGHT, THAT IS ALL OF OBAMA’S ADULT LIFE.

      • RL

        Yep. They have helped many impoverished and disadvantaged people and have no problem taking on the man. I know that scares Republicans but why does it scare you?

  • spamccensor

    I’m just teasing here, but is there some sort of fantasy operative camp, like the fantasy baseball camps run by ex ball players, for middle aged republicans?

    • stodghie

      i am not kidding. you are acting like a jerk.

    • Mrs. Butterworth

      It’s called a caucus, and it gives delegates to empty suits in primary elections.

  • Bud Spence

    What a pathetic bunch of morons you people are. Is this how you were brought up? Spreading rumours for attention like the village idiot?

    • **== President & Commander-in-Chief Hillary Clinton **==

      I stopped reading after “pathetic bunch of morons.”

      If you wish to make a point and actually want to sway us, don’t start with an insult.

      • Nicole

        I bet Bud Spence is the kind of bully who would taunt and mock the poor village idiot.

    • stodghie

      that name calling you indulge in actually is about you. go look in a mirror.

    • Andy

      BudSpence: take your patronizing and sanctimonious ass back to whoever brought you up.

      Beat it troll.

    • wry

      In America the word is rumor. If you’re spelling it like a Brit to be pretentious, that speaks for itself.
      If you’re spelling it that way because you are from the UK, well, your opinion matters little to me.

    • Donkey Brazziere

      Here in America it is spelled “rumors”.

    • Donald from Hawaii

      Blow it out your ass, clown.

  • Jeremiah “God Damn AmeriKKKA” Wright

    The candidate of Hope and Change is about to get the vetting he so richly deserves.

    I am willing to bet that the elections is going to be so lopsided McCain is going to think that he is the Messiah.

    • spamccensor

      Why do you assume Clinton is out?

    • Fred C. Dobbs

      McCain thinks he’s God’s Gift to America now.

  • Dawnelle

    Bernstein seems to play both ends against the middle

    I don’t trust him

    • so saddened

      he hates the clintons. and shows it in his every word.

  • Lorelynn

    Let us remember that Roger Stone is the GOP operative who ran and funded Al Sharpton’s campaign for the presidency in 2004. Now, why would a GOP operative like Stone go to work for Sharpton? I don’t know, but I wonder if it was a trail run in preparation for this year’s campaign against Clinton. Obama’s race gives a lot of dickless misogynists and erstwhile progressives like Meteor For-The-Sake-Of-The-Children Blades a place to hide their bigotry. Republicans are cynical enough to understand this would happen.

    I have no idea what is going on here. Why is Stone, of all people, pushing this story now?

    Well, I’m as eager as everyone else. Several weeks ago, Carl Bernstein said that the Clinton campaign is peddling some story but that no one had picked up on it yet. Perhaps this is it finally.

    • marle

      No one really has to peddle any story all the MSM would have to do is a google search and all the names come up..dirty politics..destroying his opponents then after they are down and OUT he tells what good people they are..well hopefully he doesn’t and can’t do the same to Hillary that the country and SD’s will wake up before Tuesday..
      But, anyway anyhow Hillary must only suspend her campaign if she does shut down some after he gets his delegates out of his pocket if that is their tactic as being said to claim victory Tuesday night in Twin Cities so we got to stop those supers in their tracks and then enmasse they can endorse HILLARY… Wouldn’t that be a kicker to the Obama campaign..he certainly deserves it after dissing Hillary for weeks and the dirty campaigning his people have done..Won’t get this vets vote for sure..even if he would somehow talk HIllary into running with him..she would take the burnt for anything going wrong in his administration..I don’t want her second fiddle to be blamed..hey we goin get the blame then put her in the DRIVERS SEAT..
      not to shore his ASS up..\\\
      People would vote for him just knowing the Clinton’s were there to help him … I think his arrogance etc..would prevent him from asking anything from them so mistakes made would be shifted to their fault and can you see him speaking up saying HEY THAT WAS ME…hell no I can’t..
      concerned woman vet GO HILLARY

  • Jeremiah “God Damn AmeriKKKA” Wright

    Wow the Bac*ckmuncher Obamarxists are out in force about these story aren’t they?

    They say its “Why did he” not “Whitey”

    They say it Doesnt exist

    They say if it exists its doctored like the One they put out on the clinton war room to stry to hurt the indiana vote.

    I am so going to enjoy the long summer and fall as Bacrack Haysoos Oblahblah gets annihilated by the true masters of shitty politics…carl rove et al.

    Poor Adolf Axelrod. I almost feel bad for whats about to happen to him and his sock puppet.

    no actually i dont.

  • Elizabeth

    Ok so I’ve only been at this site for a couple of months and love it.

    But the reason I believe what is being reported about this tape existing is….

    Larry….after what he did for Valerie and Joe I just plain trust him.

    • marle

      That is my sentiments exactly Larry has shown me that he is a person one could put their trust in .. I have followed him and when I heard about this site have been lurking and reading also, once in a while commenting..Have written to Larry a couple times asking him to help this vet stay sane and get the stuff out as much as he can about Obama..
      Funny when he could be of help to MSM he was asked on TV all the time..but, now that their candidate might get hurt by his honest investigations of this person running for president..they don’t want to talk to him anymore..strange to me..the fix is in .. this is why so important that if this tape exist and I believe Larry that it does and now Roger Stone coming out with breaking news on it..hey getting closer to President Hillary..
      but, this kind of stuff has to come out before it is TOO LATE..these people are taking us down a suicide route..with this man..
      I also, had some of same feelings as one other post person earlier..that I feel the sabotage is in with Obama but, got a feeling they are doing it themselves that maybe they found they can’t hide their past lives and will be found out..will lose their mansion and all they had gained..One knows the Rezko trial will be heating up again when they start chasing the money again and Obama and wife are right in the middle of the money things..they sure can’t account for the money for home land and what a nice raise Mrs. gets after hubby elected..and hospital gets money .. Father Flegher gets money..Rev Wright gets money..Rezko gets money for his projects..Auchi gets his money for friends and then the guy that is behind putting up money for their mnasion..quite a nice taking for such a short time in politcs..funny how the money just flows to them..
      Nice time to resign from church…I think just a political ploy as what disturbs me are the people clapping and yippee jumping up and down thinking this just fine to say in church or anywhere for that matter but, FROM THE PULPIT..
      Thinks by resigning this puts behind him or that is just another way of getting out of race then blaming Clintons for their demise when they did it to themselves as they knew they were in way over their heads..
      If he loses the bid for president then he just might lose his senate seat also, when up for reelection as he will have showed who he really was a politcal animal taking advantage of FAST TRACK
      Go Larry keep up the good work for us out here that need to know that someone is trying to wake these SD up and look at the candidate that would make the best president we ever have been given us but, no we got to MSM turn on our candidate and their family like I have never seen in my lifetime and I am getting up there a bit..
      concerned woman vet GO HILLARY
      we still believe IN MIRACLES
      It should be BO stepping down and apologizing to the country for the divisiness that his campaign has caused the country and hope that he can spend time trying to heal..
      He and his wife need to have a real reflection as to how they are going to raise their children in that hate based rheteric of the church they sat in for 20+ years listening to also others coming in saying the same crap..Please Please Larry you and your team have got to get this out along with other background that have turned up…we HAVE NO IDEA WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE OR WHAT THEY BELIEVE..
      HMMMMM Just too damn much Black Liberation Theology tucked into the sayings etc..from him and wifey..
      okay I guess I have said enough for now will be waiting like all others for later this morn and hope it is really something that people will wake up and ask themselves WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE

    • **== President & Commander-in-Chief Hillary Clinton **==

      I agree he has credibility and I trust him as well.

    • Bud White

      Cheers to that!

      • TeakWoodKIte aka Tonka Toy

        Thanks for the post Bud White.

        Mr Johnson puts his name on it. I am not going to believe anything just because he said so… :)

        I will be because he does his homework with more skill than a lot of people that live on crazy planet are capable of, and as he said he deals in facts.

        Intel can come from the strangest places.

  • Bill Dupray

    The ghost of 2000 will haunt Barack Obama.

  • wtf

    He’s known to be a political trickster. He just wants to put it out for public consumption. Also, there was rumors for years that Spitzer was sleeping with prostitutes. He’s not the first person to bring this to light

  • LauraInCali

    I’m setting my alarm for 6:00am. I can’t wait! I hope the site doesn’t crash.

    • Dawnelle

      last hour the site stats were up at the top of the chart!! They’ll need to create a new chart for tomorrow!

      LOL right ON Larry!

  • **== President & Commander-in-Chief Hillary Clinton **==

    Tuning my tinfoil hat to 45.65 Mhz:

    Its possible that Obama welcomes this video coming out. It gives him an excuse to leave the race. He could be facing far worse troubles than this video like some yet to be publicly known scandal.

    I will now remove my tinfoil hat.

    • kanaughty

      i never thought of it this way, but i do like your thinking. i like this observation a lot, that is why it would come out here at the end of the season. i love it, please let it be true :)

    • LBJ’s Love Child

      Its possible that Obama welcomes this video coming out. It gives him an excuse to leave the race.

      More likely he would change his race I.D. “I am a whitey! My mother was a whitey! My grandparents who raised me were whities! Whitey is GOOD!”

  • LauraInCali

    Hmmm…Obamabots Worried? I HOPE it exists and it will CHANGE everything.

  • LauraInCali

    Hmmm…Obamabots Worried? I HOPE it exits and it will CHANGE everything.

  • Mandelay

    Agreed. A hoax would hurt everyone.

  • Shonester

    “Obama and Iran: The Motion Picture”

    America can not afford someone like Barack. He is naive and weak on national security. I believe in peace – but I also am also realistic. SEE THE VIDEO!

  • PaganPower

    This is worth waiting for. What is important is that people are talking about it. And I will go out on a limb and say that Obama has offered more than 1 million dollars for this video hoping to scrub it.

  • Donkey Brazziere

    I know people out here in White-aho won’t vote for a white hater in the G.E. .

  • white gold


    Roger Stone indeed hawks bullshit. He is known in Dem circles as the king of “dirty tricks”.

    • Medusa

      Dirty tricks and bullshit are different things.
      Stone is famous for the three corollaries:

      Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack.”

      That constitutes dirty tricks. If it’s done on bullshit, you might get away with it once, maybe twice, but you’d never build a career on it.

      Stone is Machiavellian (as is Obama) and he plays dirty (as does Obama). But he doesn’t prevail by making shit up.

      • **== President & Commander-in-Chief Hillary Clinton **==

        I love watching the trolls squirm. If this video was nothing they would not be here sweating bullets.

        • Bud White

          Well said.

      • spamccensor

        And you think this works?

        What fucking year is this, ever see the bigger picture?

        Apparently not.

        Just wow.

        I am surprised for your admiration of this man, one who perverts the political process, in fact as much of a danger to our government as those stupid “reds” or “oranges” or “pinks” who support Obama.

        This leads to government by cheating, and dirty trick, as opposed to government by smart people, and in teh end, it got us Bush, and Cheney, and Obama.

        No thanks.

        It’s not a football game, it’s our future.

    • stodghie

      ask spitzer! he isn’t governor anymore is he!

  • Medusa

    Well, you know how the kool aid works: if Michelle Obama called an Obama devotee “whitey,” they’d probably take it as a compliment.

    Stone is a badass, as everyone knows. He doesn’t hawk bullshit. If he’s reporting it, it’s real.

  • KimberlyStarr

    I have a legitimate question about this story if the tape does exist… Lets say it does, I believe it does I have seen alot of MO’s speeches I wouldn’t put this past her, however what will happen when it comes out?? Seems like the kool aid drinkers always give obama a pass when things like this pop up…So if it comes out before the convenion honestly what will happen???Will Obama still be the nominee?? From what I have witnessed so far everyone just keeps smoking the hopium and making excuses for golden boy obama….Will this tape really help Hillary???

    • cc

      exactly – excellent question. we could have video of Obama killing sweet innocent kittens and they wouldn’t care.

    • Lucinda

      This is what I said in another thread. I think it could be discovered tomorrow that Barack Obama is a serial killer and no one would care. Dean and the SDs would still support him and the media would find some kind of valid excuse for why he killed people. Says Olberman, “It’s not his fault. He had a bad childhood.”

      • speaktruth

        And Hillary made him do it.

        • so saddened

          and the roolz!!!

      • stodghie

        we may or may not be able to derail obama’s coronation by the dems, but i can assure you this will end his presidential ambitions.

    • It’s Not Me

      The Super Delegates will care. As we know, the DC elites don’t give a hoot what the voters think. The SDs decide who the nominee will be. This will destroy the Obamarhoid campaign.

      • HillaryMadamePresident

        Yeah, and maybe before the convention. But it would be awesome if they chose such a public platform to give his delegates to Clinton.

        • kanaughty

          it seems to me that the only thing that derails a career in politics is a sex scandal, so i hope that is what the tape is about, they won’t seen to care anything about michelle or obama himself saying whitey. and believe me i want them to care about it, but i have doubts because he does always get a pass. and if this is the tape with whitey, then i can imagine i will have another wow what a stupid bunch of kool aid drinkers to let them get away with that. and again i will think, i better move to canada because otherwise i will probably be in an internment camp by january… since i wouldn’t vote for barack.

  • white gold

    If Roger Stone hasn’t seen the tape than it doesn’t exist. If ANYBODY in Republican circles besides Karl Rove had seen such a tape if it indeed existed it would be Roger Stone.

    Roger Stone is the king of Republican “dirty tricks”.

    I am actually getting more and more skeptical that a true tape indeed exists. It is probably a doctored one similar to what happened with the doctored “white nigger” videotape from a Hillary supporter that was on the internet.

    • Dawnelle

      MY Luck! *#&#^#^ I have to miss this tomorrow morning???? (if you wait until 9amEST)

      WaHHHHHHHHH! long sigh, I already canceled once, can’t do it twice.

      I guess I’ll be one of the LAST to know. sniff (kicking the flamingo)

      why would anyone watch the msm when they have No Quarter? anyone? anyone? Bueller?


      that’s what I thought


    • stodghie

      you did your required posts. you can go home now.

    • Nicole

      WHITE GOLD, you’re a lying ASS. The doctored “white nigger” tape was put out by Obama-nerds bent on trying to sabotage Hillary’s campaign. Why do you think we all detest and loathe you lot? It’s because of your dishonesty and dirty tricks during this primary season.

  • CB

    The fact that Stone said someone high up in the Clinton campaign is involved is a big red flag. I don’t believe that at all.

    Remember what happened to Dan Rather?

    Editing of digital video is easy to do. If such exists, it needs to have come from a reputable source, be tested frame-by-frame by experts, and then revealed by someone with real news credentials who isn’t biased.

    • TJ

      Where did you read that about “someone high up in the Clinton campaign”? I didn’t see it.

    • Benjamin


      What people who rejoice about this on this site forget is that this is a way to smear both Obama AND Clinton.
      That’s why Roger Stone is peddling this (and by the way “I believe the tape exists” is hardly proof he knows anything). Because he knows that if Obama is the nominee he will need Hillary supporters and if Hillary is the nominee, she will need Obama supporters. They are trying to turn this into a civil war even more bitter than it already is.

      • Agent mike


        And larry is part of it.

        Susan will be devastated when she figures it out.

        • Benjamin

          Larry does not say the Clinton campaign is trying to get it.
          Roger Stone does.

        • spamccensor

          You’re stupid, if you think this way.

          Susan’s a grown up, why aren’t you? Or is that some of your superior judgement kicking in, again, old troll of the dentures?


          Did it ever occur to you you’re focused on the wrong thing?

          Mind blowing here, how you Obama troll people think.

          Just wow.

          The whole thing is about you, right, no one gives a DSHIT about national security issues and ramaont congressional corruption, right?

          • spamccensor

            Not “Ramon” congressional corruption, rampant congressional corruption, sorry, “agent mike.”

            • Billo

              Yea I got that much.

              But fail to see how Obama is involved in congressional corruption that clinton is somehow clean of.

              • ginaswo

                havent you read any of Evelyn Pringles pieces? The Chicago Combine is the dirtiest operation in the country and corrupts GOP and DEM equally..I dont remember hearing any stories of the Greek mob and Iraqui money laundering in upstate NY in Hillary’s fact the opposite al attempts to discredit her failed..

                but please dont be as naive as to say Obama isnt tied to corrup people doing corrupt deals..Auchi Almassari Rezko – the Gov. the Mayor. the Treasurer Nick G….

                • fly

                  and her work is published where?

                  New Zealand?


    • street_parade

      Where does he say someone high-up in the Clinton campaign is involved?

      • Genevieve LeFevre

        He doesn’t. Typical Obama verbal jujitsu. Deflect the argument to an irrelevant point that was never part of the initial argument.

        Clinton would ruin her career if she brought up the tape. She’s known about it for months. She knew Rev. Wright would pose problem for Obama, but she made no mention of it when asked if Obama was a Muslim. She could have brought it up, if she truly wanted to inflame racial tensions after SC as many Obama fans have suggested. This has nothing to do with Hillary, but the Obama campaign would love to hang it on her along with everything else including losing the nom or the GE in the fall.

    • stodghie

      he said that high up in the clinton campaign is looking for it. they think it exists. so?

      • TeakWoodKIte aka Tonka Toy

        Don’t think the sd’s want to see it before they all look like fools?

        Right about now a number of people are running around like it’s an easter egg hunt.

        Or put another way…or on the planet Arakis;
        Paul: He who can destroy a thing, controls a thing.

        Baron Harkonnen: He who controls the Spice, controls the universe!

    • Dmitriy

      “news” and “isn’t biased”? That might be a problem.

  • Chris

    Maybe there’s a tape and maybe the pubbies bring it out in October. But there’s yet to be anyone who will say they’ve seen it themselves. I think the hype right now is just to scare off any supers who are ready to drink the O Kool-Aid before Tuesday night. This hype is just oppo-oppo work to keep Barry from hitting his del number right now.

  • spiro

    If the tape exists and is everything that almost everyone here hopes it is, the superdelegates will wait for the polls to show a significant drop in O’s support. Most of them are elected officials who don’t want to go down the drain with him. If you see a 10 point drop, say into the mid-30s in the Rasmussen poll which today had him at 45%, then the SDs should “do the right thing by the Democratic party” (and the country) and go with Hillary. But don’t look for any courage out of these so-called “leaders.” They won’t switch to Hillary until the people push them.

    • so saddened

      agree there. might take a drop to the 20s. they take chickenshit to new lows.

      • kanaughty

        yeah i think at this point it would take obama saying whitey himself or hailing hitler for the sd’s to change their mind, and even then i think they may still be blind enough to say that can’t be him, must be doctored. this whole situation wreaks that this is happening against hillary and i still can’t get my head wrapped around how obviously fixed it all is.

        • http://deleted AnninCa

          I’m no pundit, but I think something that is really “stunning,” as it’s been called, would dominate the news and set off a deeper vetting process than we’ve seen. Right now, we know of several other stories that are allowed to float away. They would be brought up.

          It would be one bad news cycle after another.

          No, the SDs might not change back right away, but they would start to talk. Just as they did with Hillary, they’d start to “worry out loud.”

          Then the pollsters would start taking the temperature. If the news is bad, then that would start to show up in questions.

          If Hillary does NOT concede and keeps campaigning while this is going on, then…

          You’re right. I just talked myself right out of this. LOL*

  • Tyrone

    Ok, guys. There is just too much speculation going on here. Let’s just wait to see what Larry says tomorrow, then everyone will know if the tape is coming out or not.

    To be honest with you, it probably won’t matter. The Dems are on this suicide path and won’t take this nomination away from Obama. He is the first potential black candidate you know. Taking it away from him would confirm to the majority of black democrats that this country is still racist. You see, this hasn’t been about beating John McCain for a very long time. This is all about Barak Obama.

    • stodghie

      in less than six months it will be “oh yeah, him”

    • http://deleted AnninCa

      It’s a long time to August. She has the popular vote. The SDs can fly right back to her any day they wish. They are not pledged.

      You bet it matters.

      He’s not doing well NOW in head-to-head polls. Exit polls tell the story. Wright definitely hurt him. This latest has hurt him more. Just because it may not hit him in time for the last 2 races, there’s no question that his credibility is dropping fast. Look at his disapproval ratings.

      One more? I don’t think he’ll withstand it.

      America is simply not ready for a militant AA president.

      An AA president, yes. Not someone like him.

      Frankly, it’s starting to seem like he was a real house of cards anyway. Lots of lies. Lots of pretense. Nobody can keep that up forever at this level of politics.

      • Fred C. Dobbs

        I dunno. Look at the crap we’ve been shovelling for 7 and a half years.

  • DefundAbortionGuy

    “Whitey Monday” begins in 39 minutes. Grab the popcorn!

  • Agent mike

    Hey Bud, did it ever occur to you Stone’s source is larry?

    Buncha retreads you folks are.

    • Strawberry

      Here goes. Bloody WordPress. Mikey, as we all know, Larry was waaaaaaay off on that Plame/Iraq/ Bush thingy…get real.

    • Bud White

      That could be true if weren’t SEVEN news stations asking for it. I think it’s probably real.

    • stodghie

      mike, stfu!

      • ChrisXP

        All I like to know is how that roadkill can post twice, when all I’m getting are WP flood control errors.

    • TeakWoodKIte aka Tonka Toy

      That is what some thought before they were dumping helicopters of the side of the deck.
      Or as a Vet I know who was in the gulf that day said …”Bullshit.”

      So I guess you’ll have to wait until the LIRR to Montauk comes flying down the tracks.
      Even those of us who played “chicken on the tracks” as kids know when to get the hell out of the way.

      As was once said in a certian period of American history “Don’t Tread On Me”.

      What DC is not just as bad as Deadwood on a springday?

  • Masslib

    Well, I hope it isn’t a hoax. i hope it has been well vetted. A hoax would hurt everyone.

    • jen

      Exactly right. And a set up hoax would be right in line with O! and Axelturf’s Chicago Way.

  • Strawberry

    Links, please. Who is leopold? Typical Obamabot, no links. I’ve been coming here for a few years. He’s been right about everything Bush. That’s why you’re here. If he was so discredited, you trolls wouldn’t be so concerned. Bite me, little man.

  • Fred C. Dobbs

    Actually, Larry pointed the finger at Scooter Libby right out of the gate, on network TV.

  • Strawberry

    Suck me. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t worried.

  • **== President & Commander-in-Chief Hillary Clinton **==


  • Donald from Hawaii

    Absolutely right. I don’t see a militant anything in Barack Obama. I see a subversive corporate lapdog who used leftists for his own ends. And now that he doesn’t need them …

  • 85YOTA

    Uh, yeah sure Suave. He sat in the James Cone Church of Black Liberation Theology for 20Years with his fingers in his ears and never talked to anybody. Keep telling yourself that Suave. LMFAO

  • Mrs. Butterworth

    Oh, right. Republicans have been crossing over to vote for Obama, because they were inspired by an antiwar speech he gave at the Democratic National Convention in 2004.